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青岛第一医院电话青岛城阳区治疗妇科多少钱Sri Lanka on Tuesday began interviews for the post of hangman a year after two positions fell vacant, with at least 480 convicts on death row.自本周二起,斯里兰卡政府开始对应征刽子手的求职人员进行面试。斯里兰卡监狱两个刽子手职位空缺已长达一年之久,而监狱至少关押着480名死刑犯。But it was not quite clear how the two successful candidates would fill their days - the death penalty has not been used in Sri Lanka, a predominantly Buddhist country, since 1976.目前,尚不清楚两名受雇者将如何履行职责,因为自1976年以来,佛教盛行的斯里兰卡没有执行过死刑;About 176 applicants are there and interviews are going on today and tomorrow,; Gamini Kulatunga, commissioner operations at the Prisons Department, told the reporters. ;Only males will be eligible for the post.;斯里兰卡监狱部门行动专员加米尼·库拉顿加说:“现在大约有176名求职者,面试将在今明两天进行,只有男性有资格申请该职位。The two posts fell vacant after one hangman was promoted and the other retired.刽子手职位一直空缺,此前,一名刽子手获提升,另一名退休。At least 480 people convicted of murder and drugs offences could potentially be executed, Kulatunga said.库拉顿加说,至少480名犯有谋杀罪和贩毒罪的罪犯将被执行死刑。There has been an alarming rise in child abuse, rapes, murders, and drug trafficking since the 25-year war against Tamil Tiger separatists ended in May , prompting some lawyers and politicians to push for the death penalty to be reintroduced.月,斯里兰卡政府与泰米尔猛虎组织分离分子长达25年的内战结束之后,虐待儿童、强奸、谋杀和毒品走私等恶性犯罪案件大幅上升,一些律师和政治家要求重新引入死刑。来 /201208/197498青岛人流较好的医院 The light in this room is too dim.这房间里的灯光太暗了The room is too cold me.这房间太冷了You might at least have swept the floor.你们至少可以拖一下地板的Were fool enough to live in that house.我们真不该住在那种房子里面I was woken up several times by the noise the baggage elevator made.我被运送行李的电梯发出的嘈杂声弄醒了好几次I hate to disturb you,but I really cant stand it any more.我不想不打扰你,可我真的再也无法忍受了 3979青岛城阳人民医院妇科在线咨询和网上挂号电话

青岛医科大学附属医院妇科第一句:Where should I get off to go to the museum?去物馆的话我该在哪儿下车呢?A: Excuse me. Where should I get off to go to the museum?打扰下,请问去物馆的话我该在哪儿下车呢?B: You can get off at the fifth stop.在第五站下车就行第二句:Which bus should I take to go to the museum?乘哪辆车能去物馆呢?A: Excuse me. Which bus should I take to go to the museum?打扰了,乘哪辆车能去物馆呢?B: You can take No. 7 bus. It runs every 8 minutes.你可以乘7路公交车,它每隔8分钟来一趟提供一些相关的地名,如:美容院:beauty salon理发店:the barber shop, the barber, the hairdresser裁缝店:tailor shop, the tailor 等 0平度妇幼保健医院处女膜修复 青岛那家医院治疗宫颈糜烂比较好

青岛刮宫术多少钱 产品制作部Product新样式 new modelA: These are our new models.B: What are their strong points?A: There is a lot to be said them.In the first place,they are more durable than any similar ones on the market.B: It sounds great.样品 sampleA: The yarn is carefully selected quality and woven very tightly in this fabric.B: Can you leave the samples with us?A: Alright,but how long would you want to keep them?B: About two weeks.产品规格measurement of the productsA: How about the measurement of our products?B: We planned this to have 1.5 Kg per ten pack bag.A: How do you pack them?B: Ten pieces in a paper box; boxes in a wooden case.成品 finishedend productA: This is our latest product.B: The finished product is superb.How strong is it?A: It about Kgcm,twice as strong as the usual one.B: I think youve done a good job.A: Thank you!Im happy to hear that.你觉得哪种比较好?What is your preference?A: How many colors are available this item?B: We have two standard colors.What is your preference?A: I prefer the lighter one.It will cater more to teenagers.B: That a good point.试验产品 trial productsA: I know that our company markets 80 different items,but how about the trial products?B: Around 0 items.A: That impressive.B: There is something that I want to show you.This is still at the experimental stage.电源靠干电池提供It powered by dry cell batteries.A: What is the power source of this robot?B: It is powered by dry cell batteries.A: Could you show me some of its features?B: No problem.All the details are clearly stated in the project.我们还有很大的提高空间We still have much room improvement.A: I noticed you mentioned in the project that our plant has been phasing in robots.B: Yes,we began last spring.A: These machines seem to be the most modern ones of their kind.B: But we still have much room improvement.大批量生产massvolume productionA: Do you adopt the mass production now?B: Yes,textile industry is always a mass production industry. 733潍坊第一人民中医院是公立医院么山东青岛新阳光妇科医院等级



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