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Tianma - Gastrodia elata (Latin name) 天麻 Tianma is a very precious Chinese herb growing in the valleys and is classified into single group Tianma.天麻是一种珍贵的中药材,生长在深山峡谷之中,一株只长一个天麻的,叫独麻;一株长一窝天麻的,叫窝麻。The major function of Tianma is to cure liver wind, dizziness and infantile convulsions of children, etc. with distinct effect. In China, Tianma grows in many remote mountain areas but the best are in Baokang county of northwest region of Hubei province. Legend has it that there lived a clan of hundreds of families deep in Jingshan mountain living and laboring in peace and contentment. But somehow in a year, the clan was shocked by a queer disease. Patients would have splitting headache, serious limb twitch, or even paralysis. People resorted to medicine and divine but all efforts turned out in vain.天麻主治肝风头痛、眩晕、小儿惊风等症,功效显著。中国不少深山都产天麻,但保康出的药效最好,这里还有个传说故事。在很古的时候,荆山深处有一个部落,住着百十户人家,过着安居乐业的生活。这一年,部落里突然流行起一种奇怪的疾病。这种病一旦缠身,头痛得像裂开似的,严重的会四肢抽搐,半身瘫痪。部落里的人们占卜求医,但都不见效果。The tribe leader was baffled by his people’s sufferings and was resolved to pay a visit to a renowned doctor in the hope of finding the cure.部落首领平时弄点草药给人们治治头痛脑热。他见人们被病魔折磨而自己又束手无策,心中十分难受,就决心去访求名医,寻找治愈这种病的药物和方法。Having heard of a skilled doctor in Wudao Valley who was able to cure this disease, he started for the doctor immediately with enough food. Wudao Valley was situated among deep and sparsely populated mountains. Could he get to the skilled doctor?这位首领听说五道峡有一个神医能治疗这种病,于是带了干粮披星戴月,向五道峡进发。五道峡是山中蜿蜒曲折的大峡谷,四周崇山峻岭环绕,人迹稀少,到哪里去寻找神医呢?Having tramped over hills and dales, the chief finally met an old man gathering firewood in a forest. He asked about the skilled doctor and was told the doctor was in a village called Shuangti.这位首领翻越了一座座山峰,走遍了每道山坡终于在一片树林里遇到了一位打柴的老汉。他想从老汉那里打听神医住在什么地方,老汉打量了部落首领一下,说神医这几天到双梯寨去了,让他到那里找一找。The chief bid farewell to the old man and continued his way to Shuangti village which was actually a natural stone village built on precipitous cliffs. He climbed up arduously and reached at last. The moment he entered the village gate, he felt dizzy and fell down. But in a few moments, he awoke and stopped twitching finding himself in a cave. Looking up and down his eyes fell on some plant roots on a stone table.这位首领辞别了老汉,又急急忙忙地向双梯寨赶去。这双梯寨,实为耸立在万仞绝壁上的天然石寨。一路上山道崎岖,奇峰插云,这位首领吃尽千万苦,终于攀上了双梯寨。没想到他刚进寨门就感到头晕目眩,一头栽进一洞中,没过多久,四肢也不再抽搐了。他起身打量洞内的东西,发现石桌上堆着一些植物块茎。At that time, an old man came inside with a bow of medicine in his hands y for him to drink. The tribe leader recognized the old man as the one who he had previously met in the mountains. He was about to say something but was stopped by the old man. “You were infected with the same disease that had been haunting your people and the herb you need is on the stone table over there.” said the old man “and they should be preserved in the shadow buried under decayed leaves.” The tribe leader took deep bows to express his profound gratitude to the old man, but when he looked up the old man was aly gone. The chief knew clearly that encountered a miracle doctor as well as miracle herb.正在这时,洞外走进来一位老汉,手中端着一碗药,让部落首领喝下去。这位首领一看,眼前的老汉正是在五道峡树林里遇到的那位打柴人。他刚要说话,老汉笑哈哈地拦住他,告诉他生的病和总落的人们生的病一样,要靠一种药材医治。药材已准备好,就放在石桌,让他病好后带回部落里去。这位首领躬身下拜,感谢老汉的救命大恩。老汉告诉他说,这种;药材; 如果吃完,就把它藏在背阴的烂树叶里,它就会永远用不完。这位首领低身拜,待他抬起头时,老汉已不见踪影了。这位首领知道自己遇到的老汉是神医,他的药材是天赐之物。就把老汉备好的药材放进口袋里,背回到部落里去了。Back home, the chief stewed the herb for all patients to drink. Shortly after, patients all recovered gradually. He hid the rest of herb under shady and rotten leafs as the old man advised. Since then, this herb grew prosperously year in year out.回到部落,这道领把神医赐的药材熬了一大锅,让生病的人喝下,几锅药水一喝,部落里生病的人逐渐好了。他把剩下的药材,依照神医所嘱,藏在背阴处的烂树叶里,从此,这药材就一年年地繁殖下来。.Everybody believed the herb to be panacea from the heaven to cure dizziness and hemiplegia . So people called it “Tianma”.人们说这药材是神医所赐的上天之物,又专治头晕目眩,半身麻痹瘫痪,就把这种药材叫做天麻了。 /201504/372198;On the other hand,you need to know when to let go of a bad idea!;(墙上的标语)坚韧不拔!不屈不挠!刚韧果敢!---另一方面,你需要知道在恰当的时候放弃坏的想法。 /201506/379823

With a motto like “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, it is no surprise that Sin City has it fair share of secrets, especially when it comes to winning on the casino floor. That said, a few savvy travellers on question-and-answer site Quora.com were brave enough to break the code of silence and share a few things that casinos will not tell you about gambling in Las Vegas.有句格言说“发生的一切会留在。”人们一点儿都不惊讶于这座罪恶之城有它自己的秘密,特别是当谈到赢在业这个方面。即便如此,一些经验丰富的旅行者仍然敢于在Quora.com网站的问答板块打破沉默,分享出一些关于,不会告诉你的事情。Drinking alcohol is a sure way to lose酒后必输Though many travellers might count the free booze as a perk of gambling in Vegas, plying players with drinks is clear house strategy. “Unless you’re some kind of alcoholic prodigy, your alcohol intake is going to impair your judgement and perceptions,” said Jon Mixon, who grew up in Nevada. “If you want to win, you’ll need to be a teetotaller.”许多玩家把提供的免费酒水当做时的额外优待,然而给玩家们供应酒水是的一个策略。生长在内华达州的乔恩#8226;米克森说:“除非你是个喝酒奇才,否则摄入的酒精会影响你的判断能力和观察能力。如果想要赢,需要做到滴酒不沾。”Every game has a house edge, save one每场赌局都存在庄家优势,玩家需小心下手Quora answerers reiterated over and over again that the house has an edge on every game – but they vary by type. Users Ilya Veygman, a software engineer in Menlo Park, California, and Jenn Tseng, a hotel operations professional in Las Vegas, agreed that roulette has by far the worst odds of the popular table games. While the generally accepted house edge is 5% for a double-zero roulette wheel, 1.4 % for the pass line in craps (the game’s standard bet) and only 0.28% for blackjack, Mixon mentioned that the smaller casinos in Vegas might have slightly better odds, as they cannot afford to retain the best dealers.Quora网站上回答问题的网民一次又一次地重申庄家在每场赌局中都有优势,但是这种优势会根据游戏的类型而变化。加州门洛帕克市的软件工程师伊利亚#8226;维哲曼和的酒店运营专家詹#8226;茨奥一致认为迄今为止轮盘赌是大众桌游中获胜几率最低的游戏。大众普遍可以接受的庄家优势在2:0的轮盘赌中占5%,在双骰儿的“过线区”(即赌局的标准赌注)中占1.4%,在21点纸牌中仅占0.28%。米克森曾提到在越小的玩,获得胜算的几率越大,因为这些雇佣不起手气最好的庄家。As for the game with the best odds, Don Dawson, a Las Vegas resident, suggested live poker. “All other games favour the house. It’s the only game where the casino does not take money directly from the player,” he said. “It is strictly up to you and your skill on how much you win or lose.”说到胜算最大的游戏,市的市民唐#8226;道森的建议是现场扑克。他说:“其他所有的游戏都会偏袒庄家,这是唯一一个玩家的钱不会被直接拿走的游戏。不过严格的讲,能赢多少还是会输多少完全取决于你自己以及你的玩牌技巧。”You must play “max bet” on slots to win big玩要想赢得多,必须下最大赌注“If you play slots, there’s no point playing the lowest bet,” said Tseng. “Max bet max win.” The maximum bet is usually two or three times the advertised price; for example, the maximum bet on a 25 cent machine will usually be 50 or 75 cents.茨奥说:“压最低赌注玩没什么意义。”事实上,“最大赌注=最大胜算”。而最大赌注通常是游戏广告价格的2到3倍,例如:25美分游戏机的最大赌注通常为50或75美分。Casinos are built to disorient的布局易使人失去方向感It can be a challenge to find your way out of a casino once you find your way in. “Casino floors are labyrinthine by design,” said Veygman. “You get lost because you’re supposed to, then you grab a seat at a slot machine or blackjack, and voila! You drop some cash gambling.”进容易,出难。“的楼层设计如迷宫般错综复杂,”维哲曼称,“你会在内迷路,因为你必须迷路才会在或21点纸牌桌旁坐下,瞧,你这就开始花钱了。”For the same reason, you will never see a clock in a casino. “They don’t want you to say, ‘It’s getting late. Time to turn in,’” said Garrick Saito, a Los Angeles resident. “The longer you play, the more likely it is you’ll lose.”同理可得,在从来看不到钟表。洛杉矶市的市民加里克#8226;萨伊托说:“不想听到你说‘太晚了,该回家睡觉了。’只有你玩的时间越长,输的可能性才会越大。”Win, then walk away赢钱后请起身走人According to every respondent, the only real way to take home cold hard cash from Vegas is by stopping while you are ahead. “You are only going to win once or twice during your entire stay,” said Mixon. “When you do, stand up and leave. If you don’t, you’ll end up losing it all back – with interest.”根据网民的回答,能把钱从带回家的唯一可行方式就是在占上风时停手。“在的整个过程中,你只会赢一到两次,”米克森说,“当你赢钱之后请立马起身走人,否则最后你将连本带利一起输掉。” /201501/355245

Writing is valuable. It doesn’t just transfer insights, it creates them. And since “good words are worth much and cost little,” choosing the right words is worth the price you pay in time (and sanity).会写作能给你增值。它并非简单地将你的见解从内心转移到纸面,同时也是新想法产生的过程。所谓“好话不花钱,一句值千金”,你值得在遣词造句上费心推敲。At Help Scout we look at the quality of writing through the same demanding lens we use to evaluate the quality of code.在我的公司Help Scout,我们会用评估编码质量的严苛标准,来评价商业写作的质量。I certainly don’t have this writing thing figured out—not even close—but thanks to the gracious feedback from ers, here are a few common signs that your writing is heading in the right direction:虽然我本人离写作高手还有一定距离,但基于无数热心读者的反馈所赐,在此我们总结出了一些要诀,可以指引你的写作走向正确的方向:1. Brevity. Soul. Wit.1. 简洁、言之有物、措辞巧妙。Few things drag down writing more than sping good ideas over too many words.用长篇大论展现好的想法,最容易毁掉一篇文章。2. Writing is not flaunting your vocabulary.2. 写作不是炫耀你的词汇量。“When you write you should pretend that you, the writer, see something in the world that’s interesting, that you are directing the attention of your er to that thing in the world, and that you are doing so by means of conversation,” says Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker. Writing is not meant to prove ownership of a thesaurus—it is the selective transcribing of thoughts.哈佛大学心理学家史蒂芬o平克表示:“你在写作时应该设想自己看到了一些有趣的事情,你要通过对话的方式,引导读者关注这些事情。”写作不是明你拥有丰富的词汇,而是选择性地把你的思想记录下来。3. On having your cake and eating it, too.3.既要让文章好看,也要让读者有所得The best writing is that which pleases at a glance but further rewards careful study. “A thoughtful list post” may seem like an oxymoron , but like a movie you can re-watch a dozen times, good writing hooks easily yet hides gifts for a discerning mind.最好的文章既能让人一见钟情,更能让读者在细心研读之后有所收获。就像一部百看不厌的电影一样,好的写作可以轻松抓住有辨识力的读者,并且能不断给他们带来意外的收获。4. Don’t bury the lede.4. 不要浪费导语的作用。Before pen to page or fingers to keyboard, you must begin with knowing what you are trying to say. Every piece of writing should have the thesis, the value proposition, be entirely clear from the outset. The journey to the end of your essay should be rewarding for reasons other than figuring out what point you’re trying to make.下笔之前,你首先要清楚自己想要说什么。每一篇文章都应该有一个主题,有一个从一开始就明确阐述的价值主张。 读完你的文章,应该是对你缜密推理的回报,而不是想搞清楚你究竟想表达什么观点。5. To write more ‘Damn Good Sentences,’ them.5. 要想写出更多“佳句”,多多阅读。In the book How To Write a Sentence, New York Times columnist Stanley Fish laments that “many educators approach teaching the craft of writing a memorable sentence the wrong way — by relying on rules rather than examples.” Garbage in, garbage out; you’ll produce better sentences if you dedicate time to ing them.在《如何写出好句子》一书中,《纽约时报》专栏作家斯坦利o菲什不无惋惜地表示,“在教人们如何写出令人难忘的句子时,许多教育工作者都使用了错误的方式——依靠规则而不是例子。”所谓进来的是垃圾,出去的也是垃圾;只要你能花时间读一些佳句,你肯定也能写出更好的句子来。6. “In other words,” you should have used other words.6. “换言之,”你应该用其他的词。Insight is memorable when it can be embraced directly—don’t pad it with “essentially,” “basically,” or “in other words.” Use the right words the first time.只有能被人直接领悟的见解,才会令人记忆深刻——不要通篇都是“本质上”、“基本上”或“换言之”这样的词。在初次写作时就要使用正确的词汇。7. Don’t tell people how to travel; show them your vacation photos.7. 不要告诉人们如何旅行;让他们看你的度假照片。Grandstanding on topics you know little about makes you disingenuous—your deception oozes from every paragraph to an informed er. Instead, hop off your soap box and don’t preach, be the Sherpa; share what you’ve learned in an honest way. People love following a journey.在自己知之甚少的话题上哗众取宠,会让读者感觉你不诚实——在有见地的读者眼中,你的每一段文字都透露着欺骗。相反,离开你的临时讲台,停止说教,像夏尔巴人一样;用诚实的方式告诉读者你所知道的。人们喜欢效仿别人的旅程。8. An idea is nothing without a reaction.8. 得不到反馈的想法一无是处。Reactions are oxygen for writing. Until you get feedback on what you’ve said, your analysis can only reveal so much. Be prepared for critiques and criticism; great work is contingent on a willingness to be judged.反馈是决定一篇文章成败的关键。在你所写的内容得到任何反馈之前,你的分析并不会带来更多启示。做好面对批评的准备;一篇文章成功与否,取决于作者愿意接受评判的程度。9. “Just write” is tired advice, but still needed.9. “坚持写下去就行”虽是一条老套的建议,但依旧很有必要。If you’re looking for a way to make hard work easy, you won’t find it in writing. You’ll struggle with the blank page until your butt falls off the chair—but until that day, keep sitting down and do the work.如果你想找一种化繁为简的方式,别考虑写作。你会在空白页面前苦苦挣扎,直到从椅子上摔下去——一定要坚持下去,完成写作。10. Meandering endings can sour good writing; approach them quickly.10. 曲折的结尾会让一篇好文章失分;结尾要干脆利落。I’ll let Paul Graham handle this one: “Learn to recognize the approach of an ending, and when one appears, grab it.”我将用保罗o格拉汉姆的话作为本文的结尾:“学会辨认结尾的方法。遇到好的结尾,把它记下来。”(财富中文网) /201502/358746

You#39;d think the carefree days of childhood would rank as most people#39;s happiest.你可能还一直觉得无忧无虑的童年时代是大多数人的人生中最快乐的光阴。But in fact men are happiest at 40 while women are most content at 38 when they are fit and healthy and have good friends.但实际上,男人在40岁、女人在38岁时感到最快乐,因为此时的他们不仅拥有健康的身体,还拥有更多的朋友。A survey revealed that the best moments in life are the birth of a first child, your wedding day and the birth of grandchildren.调查显示人生中最快乐的时刻有:第一个孩子出生的时候、结婚典礼的时候以及孙子或孙女出生的时候。The findings, from a poll of 1,000 people aged 70 and over by the insurance firm Beagle Street, show that loving relationships are more important than money or material gain.英国保险公司比格街对1000名70岁以上的老人进行的调查显示,爱情比金钱和物质更重要。The most common regrets were choosing the wrong career and not pursuing lifelong dreams.而人生中最令人后悔的事情有:选错行业、未能追求毕生的梦想。The research involved quizzing 1,000 #39;life experts#39; aged 70 or older who have the benefit of life experience and hindsight. They were asked about their happiest moments and their biggest regrets in life.该项调查对1000名70岁以上、生活经验丰富、人生感悟深刻的老人进行提问,问题包括人生中最快乐的时刻和最后悔的事情。Other happiest moments to make the top ten included the day you retire, moving into a new home, seeing your child#39;s first steps and meeting the man or woman of your dreams.十个人生最快乐的时刻还包括:退休那天、搬新家的时候、看到自己孩子迈出第一步的那一刻以及见到自己梦中情人的时候。The research was carried out by online insurance company Beagle Street to mark the release of a new short film called Happiest Moment, featuring some of the UK#39;s oldest couples passing on advice to the younger generation.比格街公司进行这项调查是为了配合电影短片《幸福时刻》的上映,该片讲述的是英国一些年迈夫妇给年轻一代的人生建议。More than half the people questioned said they had no regrets in life, but for those that did the most common regret was choosing the wrong career and not pursuing lifelong dreams.有一半的受调查老人表示他们的人生中没有遗憾,但另一半老人表示他们最后悔的事情是选错行业和未能追求毕生梦想。One in ten of those with regrets wished they had worked harder in school and seven per cent regretted not travelling the world more.人生存在遗憾的老人中有10%表示他们希望在学校学习时能更用功一些,7%的人后悔未能去更多的地方旅游。The other two to make the top five were getting divorced and getting married too soon.另外,最让人后悔的事情还包括离婚和闪婚。The top piece if advice the pensioners could pass on to younger generations was to never take the people you love for granted.在老人们给年轻人的建议中排第一位的是:不要视爱人为理所当然的。Other top pearls of wisdom were #39;believe in yourself#39;, #39;nothing worth having comes easy#39; and #39;don#39;t hold grudges#39;.另外一些人生箴言还包括“相信自己”“获得有价值的东西从来都不是易事”“不要心怀妒忌”。Matthew Gledhill, managing director of Beagle Street, said: #39;The overwhelming message from those with the most life experience is that the key to happiness is to worry less and live in the moment with the people you care about most.比格街的总经理马修·格莱德希尔说:“所有这些生活经验和人生感悟都表明,幸福最关键的在于减少忧虑和担心、同你最爱的人一起活好生命中的每一刻。”#39;We commissioned Happiest Moment because we want our customers to be happy as it is scientifically proven that happier people live longer.“制作短片《幸福时刻》的目的也是希望我们的客户都能够快乐,因为科学研究表明,快乐的人更长寿。”#39;As much as people look to the future and try to climb career ladders, the film and our research clearly show that happiness is linked much more heavily to relationships, friends and family than societal or monetary status.#39;“虽然很多人都在展望未来且不断地努力攀向事业巅峰,但这部短片以及我们的调查都清晰地表明,比起财富和社会地位,爱情、朋友和家庭更能令人幸福。” /201501/356306

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