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Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin are to meet for the first time in two years during this week’s 70th session of ed Nations General Assembly.在本周联合国成立七十周年峰会上,奥巴马和普京进行了两年来的首次会面。It’s expected the two leaders will discuss the Syria conflict and Russia’s military buildup in the war torn country.两国领导人有望共同探讨叙利亚冲突,以及俄罗斯在这个备受战争蹂躏国家的军事建设。On Sunday Obama called on wealthy nations to act to help refugees.周日,奥巴马呼吁富裕国家采取行动来帮助难民。“Today some 60,000,000 men, women and children have been forced from their homes, many by conflicts in the Middle East and Africa,And those countries that can must do more to accommodate refugees but our efforts must be matched by the hard work of diplomacy and reconciliation to end conflicts that so often tear societies apart.”“今天约有六千万男子、妇女和儿童被迫离开家园,许多是因中东和非洲国家的冲突,那些国家应采取更多措施容纳难民,但我们的努力必须匹配外交与和解工作,以结束分裂社会的冲突。”Ahead of today’s meeting, in a recorded interview with US networks Vladimir Putin said Syria’s president deserved international support.今天会议之前,在一个美国网络采访纪录中,普京表示叙利亚总统应当得到国际社会的持。“There is only one legitimate army in Syria and it’s the army of President Bashar al-Assad. In my view, providing military support to illegitimate structures is not in keeping with the principles of modern international law or with the ed Nations charter. We (Russia) support only legal and governmental structures.”“在叙利亚只有一个合法的军队,就是巴沙尔·阿萨德总统的军队。在我看来,为不合法的组织提供军事持是不符合现代国际法或联合国宪章。我们(俄罗斯)只持具有合法和政府的组织。”President Putin is scheduled to address the ed Nations General Assembly today for the first time in a decade.普京总统计划今天在联合国大会上发表讲话,这是十年来的首次。译文属。 /201509/401427TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。201505/373009


  What makes Swartkrans really special斯瓦特克朗斯的特别之处在于is a unique collection of animal bones found in the same layer同一岩层里发现了一组独特的动物遗骨which Bob thinks are evidence that our ancestors could control fire.鲍勃认为那是我们祖先使用火的据We suddenly found numerous examples of bone that had been burnt,我们突然间发现了大量被灼烧过的遗骨suggesting that a very repetitive process had been going on there说明这是个重复发生的过程and that bones were being regularly burnt in fires还有在靠近山洞入口的地方close to the caves entrance.那些骨头是定期焚烧的In the process,在人类的发展进程中our ancestors had gone from being preyed on by animals我们祖先从被野兽捕食to using fire to frighten them away and even to hunt them.发展为用火驱赶野兽 甚至猎捕它们Once prey, they were now predators.曾经的猎物成为了猎人But for Travis,但对于特拉维斯the burnt bones represent an even more intriguing possibility.烧焦的遗骨代表一个更有趣的可能性Homo erectus might have used fire at Swartkrans in order to cook.斯瓦特克朗斯的直立人有可能用火烹煮If we could prove cooking at this site, it would be remarkable.如果能明这个遗址有烹煮现象 将是个了不起的发现This part of the site is a million years old,这部分遗址有一百万年的历史了so it would be the earliest evidence of cooking anywhere in the world.所以这将是全世界最早的烹煮据201505/375207

  But time is like a river in another way.不过时间似流水还有另一层含义It flows at different speeds in different places.其在不同地点有着不同速度And that is the key to traveling into the future.而这正是穿梭于时间的关键所在The idea was proposed by Albert Einstein这一概念在100多年前over 100 years ago.由阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦提出He realized that there should be places where time slows down他认为时间在一些地方会减慢and others where time speeds up.而在另一些地方则会增快He was absolutely right,这话可是千真万确and the prove is right above our heads, up in space.据就在我们头顶的那片太空中This is the Global Positioning System, or GPS.这是全球定位系统,又叫GPSA network of 31 satellites是由绕地球轨道运行的in orbit around the earth.31颗卫星形成的网络The satellites make satellite navigation possible.正是这些卫星使卫星导航变为可能But they also reveal that time runs faster up here但同时也表明than it does down on earth.在这里时间流逝得比地球上快Inside each spacecraft is a very precise clock.每个航天器内都有一个十分精确的时钟But despite being so accurate,尽管已经十分精确 they all gain around但他们每天都大约会走快a third of a billionth of a second every day.十亿分之一秒的三分之一The system has to correct for the drift.系统必须更正这一偏差Otherwise that tiny difference would upset the whole system,否则这细微的差异会扰乱整个系统causing every GPS device on earth致使地球上所有GPS设备to go out by about six miles a day.每天出现约6英里的误差You can just imagine the mayhem that would cause.其引起的混乱可想而知The problem doesnt lie with the clocks.问题并不在于时钟They run fast because time itself runs faster here than时钟走得快是因为在这里时间本身it does down below,就比在地球上快and the reason for this extraordinary effect产生这种奇异现象的原因is the mass of the earth.在于地球的巨大质量Einstein realized that matter drags on time,爱因斯坦意识到,物质滞延时间slows it down like the slow part of a river.像河流的缓流部分那样令时间减速The heavier the object, the more it drags on time,物体越重,滞延时间越长and this startling reality这一惊人的事实is what opens the door to the possibility of time travel to the future.打开了一扇穿越未来的希望之门I admit this is a difficult concept to understand,我承认这个概念很难理解so lets take a simple example.所以让我们来看一个简单的例子This is the Great Pyramid of Giza.这是吉萨的大金字塔It weighs over 40 million tons,重达4000多万吨and like all heavy things,与其他所有沉重的物体一样its actually slowing down time.它会减慢时间The effect is small,不过影响微弱billions of times smaller than that of the earth.只及地球影响力的几十亿分之一But if we exaggerate it drastically,但是如果大幅放大这种影响You can see the principle at work.就能看到这种原理在起作用201507/386415。


  Today, only the hardest outcrops are left behind.今天只剩下了最坚硬的岩层Theyre called sea stacks.这就是所谓的海蚀柱But even they will eventually be ground away.但是它们也将慢慢地被磨掉The oceans influence our planet海洋对我们星球的影响in many far more subtle and profound ways.更多的是以微妙深奥的方式进行They drive the climate.它们改变着气候They harbour creatures that deliver oxygen to our atmosphere.将氧气输送到大气层And below the oceans surface is an extraordinary network of currents在海洋表面以下是一片独一无二的洋流体系that are critical to the wellbeing of all life on Earth.这对地球上所有的生命良性发展起到关键作用But four and a half billion years ago, when our planet was born,但是450亿年前,地球刚刚诞生it was just a molten inferno.它不过是一个融化的地狱There was no place for any liquid water at all.根本没有液体存在的可能Yet the ingredients needed to create water were there,但是仓创造水的成分都存在locked away deep inside the Earth when the planet formed.在地球形成的时候被紧紧压在了地球里面As the first volcanoes erupted,第一次火山爆发的时候one of the gases that billowed out was steam.第一股爆发出来的气流中就有蒸汽And as the planet cooled, it formed clouds.等到星球冷却下来就形成了云201511/408448With the headteachers safely out of sight, normal service resumes in the classroom.当校长离开视线范围内后,教室里又恢复了平时的样子All in this together Everyone...大家一起嗨呀Excuse me!打扰一下We will see that Were all in this together.大家一起见自己Phoebe, listen to me! Listen to me - to teacher!菲比,听我讲课,听我讲课,听老师讲课We cannot be nice. We havent got time to be nice any more.我们不能对他们友好,我们再也没有时间对他们友好了Weve got to take action and we have to be tough, to be able to get this Chinese school back to track.我们得采取行动,而且我们必须得强硬,才能让这所中式学校正常运转起来Miss Yang is keeping some of the troublemakers behind,杨君老师把几个问题学生留了下来but its having precious little effect.但这并没起多大作用Miss, why are we here?老师,为什么留我们在这儿You, youre not concentrating at all. You just muck about.你,你上课一点也没专心,一直在闲游And you are singing. You were singing.而你还唱歌How can you be singing? Yes, I was.你怎么能在课上唱歌?是,我是在唱Thats it. End of story. Yeah, but...就是这样。对,可是OK? No ;But;, thats bad enough.好吗,别可是,已经够严重了Now, Im going to sit you down. Youre going to be quiet.现在我要你们坐下来,安安静静的Im going to sit you down.我会让你们坐下Oh, sorry. Didnt mean to do that.噢,对不起,我不是故意的Phoebe, for that one, you go one more minute.菲比,由于你刚刚的行为,你得多留一分钟Im going to face the wall. I cant take it.我还是面壁好了。我受不了了Oh, yeah, yeah.恩,对Now, you stand still, please. No talking.现在,你们都站好,别讲话Stand still. Kill me now.站好。杀了我吧The time starts now.计时开始When the students are not listening, misbehaving and talk to each other, its frustration当学生们不听讲,搞小动作,还讲话的时候,令人十分困扰and in my head, I start asking myself, am I going to manage it or not?在我脑海里,我开始问自己,我到底能不能做好Am I going to give up or not?我是不是应该放弃Its just in that edge, just...push me to the edge.已经到了这种地步,就一直逼我到这个地步Hey, guys. Come in back for self study, please.嘿,大家,请进来上自习课Discipline has almost completely broken down.纪律已经几乎完全崩塌了The self study class is half empty.自习课教室只有一半人数Hey, where are other people, please?嘿,请问其他人在哪儿Miss, theyre all late, skiving.老师,他们都迟到,溜号了;Skiving;? It means theyre bunking their lesson.溜号?就是说他们都逃课了Theyre not coming in, because they dont see the point.他们不打算来,因为他们觉得没必要The absent kids are now roaming across the school grounds.缺席的孩子们正在校园里打闹The science teacher, she keeps picking on me.那个科学老师,她老是找我麻烦I wasnt doing anything that no-one else was doing and then she keeps going ;Phoebe!;大家都这么做,她就一直在那儿叫我的名字And sometimes, I was actually working.而且有时候,我真的在做功课I did all the work. So, its just annoying.我做了所有功课,所以真的很烦人Its also because the Chinese teachers arent that fair.也因为中国老师不太公平Like, theyll pick out people that they dont like and theyll constantly tell them off,我是说,他们找那些他们不喜欢的学生的麻烦,然后总是责备他们which I dont think is very fair.我觉得这不太公平I think others feel it too, like Alex.我觉得其他学生也有同感,像亚历克斯Join the club. Yeah. Join the club.加入我们。对啊,加入我们I dont think Im, like, a bad student.我不觉得,那啥,我是个坏学生I think Im, like, average.我觉得,我是,普通学生But, like, she seems to think Im a horrible person.但是她好像觉得我是个很糟糕的人201604/43830910-year visa holders need to update data十年美签将更新个人信息Starting in November, the visa holders will be required to update their personal information on the US Embassys Electronic Visa Update System every two years. New US rules say 10-year visa holders will have to have a valid EVUS enrolment prior to traveling to the U.S.根据美国海关及边境保护局网站消息,自2016年11月起,凡持有十年有效期B1或B2签的中国公民必须完成“签更新电子系统”(EVUS)登记后才可以获得许可进入美国,否则旅行计划或被延迟。An EVUS enrolment is valid for two years or until the traveller obtains a new passport, whichever comes first.而一次EVUS登记的有效期为两年。译文属201603/431937

  A particle does not have just a single path through space and time.在时空中 一个粒子并不只有唯一的路径Instead, there is an uncertainty principle according to which both the exact position相反 有这么一个不确定原理 它表明 一个粒子的准确位置and velocity of a particle can never be known.和准确速度永不可能同时知道I began investigating the effect quantum mechanics might have on particles near a black hole.我开始研究 黑洞附近的粒子上 的量子力学效应I found that particles could escape from a black hole that black holes are not completely black.我发现 粒子实际上 是可以逃离黑洞的 因此 黑洞并不完全是黑的At first I didnt believe it.But when I redid the calculations I couldnt get the effect to go away.一开始连我自己都无法相信这一点 但当我又做了一遍计算之后 我发现量子力学的这种效果是无法摆脱的I met Martin Rees, and he was shaking with excitement and he said, Have you heard? Have you heard what Stephen has discovered?我见了马丁·李斯一面 他兴奋得都在颤抖 他说 你听说了没 那个 史蒂芬刚刚发现的东西Everything is different! Everything is changed!所有一切都不同了 都颠覆了I was still unsure of my discovery so I only told a few colleagues but word soon sp.我对自己的发现仍抱有怀疑 所以我只告诉了少数几个同事 不过消息传得飞快Roger Penrose phoned up on my birthday.罗杰·彭罗斯在我生日当天打来电话He was very excited and went on so long that my birthday dinner got quite cold.他兴奋之极 跟我聊得根本停不下来 于是我的生日晚宴就被冷落了It was a great pity, because it was goose which Im very fond of.真遗憾 晚宴上有鹅肉诶 我超喜欢的To me its a miracle,cause its a complicated and messy calculation.对我而言 那简直就是个奇迹 因为计算过程复杂又混乱We can now do these things very much better and its more transparent what happens.当今这个时代我们再做这事儿就会顺手得多 而且发生的事情看起来更加明晰But out of this messy calculation, he showed that black holes arent black with this quantum mechanical effect.从这些混乱的计算中 他得出的结论是 黑洞在量子力学效应下 并不是黑的There was a residual radiation.Stephen came to a meeting and people were flabbergasted.宇宙中存在一种背景辐射 史蒂芬参加一次会议 人群一阵骚动I remember someone saying, You must be wrong, Stephen.I dont believe a word of it.我记得有人说 史蒂芬你肯定错了 你的理论我一句话都不信201604/437147My very first drink was possibly at the age of six.我第一次喝酒是在6岁Sneaked one from my mum.从我妈那里偷了点来喝I was about 12 probably.我差不多是在12岁I drunk it in hiding.我是背着大人喝的But despite its widesp use by children但因为现在孩子们普遍都喝酒its very difficult to research its effects on the teenage brain.很难研究喝酒对他们大脑发育的影响Ethically no-one can justify giving alcohol to a child.也没有人对此做实验Only once back in 1984 did scientists conduct a study to directly look at this.只有一个1984年的研究项目涉及于此A group of children between 10-15 were brought together for an experiment.研究对象是平均10到15岁的孩子们Each of them had an intravenous needle inserted in their arms他们每人都在肩膀上打了一静脉针so their blood levels could be monitored.以便可以监测到血液情况Then a dose of ethanol pure alcohol然后再把乙醇 也就是纯酒精was added to a soft drink and given to them.混到汽水里给他们喝Then they had to stand on a vibrating platform再让他们站在一个振动的平台上so their steadiness and balance could be was tested.看看他们是否还能够保持平衡稳定201507/384270

  Its got a squashed nose, bulging eyes, small horns, and abundant whiskers. In fact, the face looks like a cross between a Chinese dragon and a Pekingese dog, and not friendly at all! It looks a bit like an oriental gargoyle, and that is pretty well what it was.It would have had a similar position to a gargoyle, high up on a temple or a grand house. The features of the face when you look at them closely are pretty rough, and its obvious that its been made by pushing the wet clay into a fairly simple mould. This is clearly a mass-produced object. But that is why its so interesting, because this is just one of tens of thousands designed to cover roofs that would once have been thatched, but in prosperous Silla Korea, were tiled with objects like this.阔鼻,鼓眼,细角,胡须很多,看起来像是中国龙与京巴的混合体。它十分类似同期产于中国唐朝的瓦片,但它绝非中国制造。中国龙通常有一张大嘴,而这个动物的嘴小且具有攻击性。整个瓦片的造型也颇为粗犷,一点儿也不中国。它看起来就像个东方的滴水兽,而这也正是它的用途。它曾被安放的位置与西方的滴水兽类似,高踞于庙宇或豪宅的屋顶。瓦片的面部细节极为粗糖,显然只是将湿土按压进一个简单的模具制成的。它很明显是大规模量产的瓦片之一,而这正是我们对它感兴趣的原因。人们的屋 顶曾经只用茅草覆盖,而今在繁华的新罗,人们制造出成千上万件类似的瓦片,覆盖在屋顶之上。Why did the Silla want to build such a grand capital, and why did they need so many new houses? The Korean specialist Jane Portal explains:朝鲜半岛专家白珍士解释了新罗为何要将庆州修建得如此繁华,又为什么需要如此多的新建筑:;The city of Kyongju was based on the Chinese capital Changan, which was at the time the biggest city in the world, and Kyongju developed hugely once Silla had unified the Korean peninsula, or most of it. A lot of the aristocrats from the kingdoms which were defeated by Silla had to come and live in Kyongju, and they had magnificent houses with tiled roofs. And this was a new thing, to have tiled roofs, so this tile would have been a sort of status symbol for them.;庆州是模仿中国的首都长安建造的。长安是当时世界上最大的城市之一。新罗征了朝鲜半岛的大部分地区之后,庆州立刻飞速发展起来。许多战败国的王公贵族来到庆州居住,他们需要覆瓦的豪宅。瓦顶建筑对当时的庆州来说是新鲜事物,因此这样的瓦片是某种地位的象征。201510/404001

  Chinese groups demand apology from Mitsubishi中国劳工团体要求三菱公司做出道歉Three organizations representing Chinese people forced into slave labor during World War Two by Japans Mitsubishi Material Corporation have issued a joint statement, demanding an apology.三家二战中国三菱受害劳工团体在北京发出联合声明,要求三菱公司做出道歉。 译文属201508/390646。


  Kenya campus attack: Injured victims transferred to Nairobi hospital肯尼亚校园袭击事件:伤者已经转移至内罗毕医院Following the end of the siege, the attention has now turned to saving those injured in the attack.围攻结束后,关注的焦点已经转向救助那些在袭击中受伤的伤者身上。Two women and three men injured were transferred to the Kenyatta National Hospital in capital Nairobi on Thursday afternoon.受伤的2个女人,3个男人周四下午都已被转移至首都内罗毕的肯雅塔国家医院。Four of them are College students and one is a policeman.其中4人是大学生,还有1名警官。A hospital official has said their condition is ;getting stable;, and that treatment for their injuries has aly begun.医院官员表示他们目前的状况已经稳定,而且他们的伤势治疗已经开始。The official also said the hospital was expecting to treat more victims of the attack shortly.官方还表示院方希望救治更多袭击的受害者。201504/368035

  In addition to the suggestions on the previous slide除了前一张幻灯片上的建议be sure your food choices and cooking methods are not going to sabotage your healthy diet.还要确保你的食物选择和烹饪方法不破坏健康饮食,Frying vegetables in oil will add saturated fat and calories.油炸蔬菜会增加饱和脂肪和热量Vegetables are most healthy when eaten raw, steamed,蔬菜最健康的吃法是生吃或者不加盐,糖或油,roasted or boiled for a very short period of time without the addition of salt, sugar and oil.稍微蒸,烤或者煮一下,Sauteing vegetables can also be a healthy cooking method煎蔬菜也可以是健康的烹饪方法,but limit the amount of oil you use and choose olive or canola oil.但是要少用油,并且使用橄榄油或菜油,Adding sugar and butter will also add saturated fat and calories to any cooked food.烹饪食物时加糖或者黄油也会增加其饱和脂肪和热量值Try microwaving your apples with cinnamon for a healthy treat.可以用微波炉烘烤苹果和肉桂,这是很健康的吃法,Be sure to choose beans that do not have added salt when making your choices in the grocery store.在杂货店买大豆时要选择没有加盐的Choose canned beans that are canned in water without any added salt.选那些浸在水中不加盐的罐装大豆,You should also limit the saturated fat such as butter as a topping to whole grain bs.吃全谷物面包时,少涂黄油等饱和脂肪A better choice is to dip whole grain b in balsamic vinegar for a tasty addition.更好的办法是用全谷物面包,蘸香油醋使其更美味Choose whole grain bs and cereals with lots of fiber and low in saturated fat.选择富含纤维素,饱和脂肪含量低的全谷物面包和燕麦,Be aware of nuts and seeds that are salted or coated in sugar.不要吃加盐或者有糖衣的坚果和种子,While nuts and seeds are a healthy choice choosing low salt or non-sugared varieties are your best choices.虽然坚果和种子是健康的选择,选择低盐的和没加糖的种类才是最健康的,While dairy products are also healthy food choices奶制品也是健康的食品,you should be sure to choose one percent or skim milk products along with low fat or non-fat yoghurts and low fat cheeses.但是要选择脂肪含量低于1%的或者脱脂奶制品,低脂或脱脂酸奶以及低脂起司Whole fat dairy products are both high in fat and high in calories.全脂奶制品和脂肪和热量值都很高While following a vegetarian diet can be a very healthy way to eat尽管素食者饮食是健康的饮食方式,you should be sure to eat a wide variety of foods to ensure you are meeting all your protein, vitamin and mineral needs.得确保吃各种种类的食物来满足身体对蛋白质,维生素和矿物质的需求Since a vegetarian diet excludes meat one of the most important considerations is to be sure you meet your protein needs.由于素食者饮食不包括肉,一个关键问题就是要满足身体对蛋白质的需求Eating bean, legumes, nuts, seeds, low-fat dairy products and eggs are all excellent sources of protein.大豆,豆类,坚果,种子,低脂奶制品和蛋都是优良的蛋白质来源We will talk more about protein needs in the next slide.下一张幻灯片会讲更多关于蛋白质需求的内容,201604/438248

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