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晋江妇幼保健院治疗好不好泉州新阳光医院营业时间Stevie and Tiger第单元 史提夫和老虎Steve Wonder and Tiger Woods are in a bar. Steve Wonder says:;How the golf?;史提夫·汪达和老虎·伍兹在酒吧里聊天史提夫·汪达说:“最近高尔夫打得怎么样啊?”Woods replies:;Not too bad, Ive had some problems with my swing, but Ive got that right now.;伍兹回答:“还可以,最近挥杆是有点不顺,但我想问题已经克了”Stevie Wonder says:;I always find that when my swing goes wrong, I need to stop playing a while and not think about it.史提夫说:“我发现每次我只要挥杆不顺,最好就是休息一阵子什么都不要想,Then, the next time I play, it seems to be all right.;等下回打球时,就什么问题都没了”Tiger Woods says:;You play golf?;老虎·伍兹说:“你也打高尔夫?”Stevie Wonder says:;Oh, yes, Ive been playing many years.;史提夫·汪达说:“是啊,我打了好多年了”And Woods says:;But, youre blind. How can you play golf if youre blind?;伍兹说:“可是你不是失明了吗?眼睛看不见怎么打高尔夫呢?”Wonder replies:;I get my caddy to stand in the middle of the fairway and call to me. I listen the sound of his voice and play towards him.;汪达回答:“我叫我的球童站在球道中央然后叫我,我便听着他嗓子传来的声音,把球朝他的方向打”;Then, when I get to where the ball lands, the caddy moves to the green or farther down the fairway and again I play the ball towards his voice.;“等球落地后,球童便移动到果岭或是球道更远的地方,我再把球朝他声音的方向打”Woods asks:;What your handicap?;伍兹问:“你什么方面差点?”Stevie says, ;Well, Im a scratch golfer. Weve got to paly a round sometime.;史提夫说:“我是零差点球员改天来打场球吧”Woods says,;Ok, Im game that, when would you like to play?;伍兹说:“好啊,我很乐意你觉得什么时间比较好”Stevie says, ;Pick a night!;史提夫说:“选一天晚上吧!” 187568泉州那家医院打胎好 泉州药流要多少钱

泉州看妇科哪个医院权威讲解Today’s key word is ChoiceChoice 选择 抉择If there is a choice of things, there are several of them and you can choose the one you want.Here is an exampleAt lunchtime, there a choice between Rice or Noodle.午餐可以在大米和面条之间选择今天我们要谈的选择,是千年以来人类难以解决的一个选择的难题女朋友和妈妈同时掉进河里,你先救谁?First of all, can I ask both of you guys if your mother and your girlfriends were both drowning in the water who will you save first? Brain, would you like to fill that?Given that I believe my mother knows how to swim and my girlfriend probably does~~~ This is a tricky one. Your mother is always your mother, isn’t she?You have a girlfriend; you might have a girl friend just maybe a couple of months or so.If it is a new relationship, it might be less difficult to cut the girl lose to save your mother.It seems that now the Chinese ministry of Justice has provided the answer----the mother! 55泉州药流比较好的医院 在泉州看妇科哪个医院好

泉州市区做无痛人流哪个医院比较好巴西世界杯开赛不到一周,就传来了球迷因看球猝死的悲剧消息.英国每日邮报的一篇报道说,一位中国球迷因为连续三晚熬夜观看世界杯比赛,在家中突发中风猝死.不得不提醒球迷们:;球赛诚可贵,生命价更高.;Daily Mail: A football fan in China has died of a stroke that doctors believe was brought on by him staying awake three successive nights to watch the World Cup.Zhou Meng, a 39-year-old from Shanghai, collapsed on his sofa after suffering a stroke while watching the Saturday night match between Uruguay and Costa Rica. 3 讲解Today’s key word is primary.([英][#7;pra#618;m#601;ri][美][#7;pra#618;meri] adj.首要的,主要的; (教育)初等的,小学的n.第一位; 最好者; 要素; 候选人提拔会;It means: A machine designed to convert one m of energy into mechanical energy.Eg: Primary education is given to pupils between the ages of 5 and .)Of chief importance首要的例句A matter of primary importance头等重要的事情延伸Earliest in time or order of development(Brit.)a primary school 小学or relating to education children between the ages of about five and elevenAll children in England will be expected to know up to their times table when they leave primary school.David Cameron Conservative Party(保守党) has won in the UK elections over the weekend.In his victory speech outside of number Downing Street, David Cameron has called the Conservative party policy a manifesto(宣言) the working people and mentioned some goals he hopes to achieve.(Soundbite David Cameron);Three million apprenticeships(学徒们,学生们), more help with childcare, helping 30m people cope with the cost of living by cutting their taxes(税收). Building homes that people are able to buy and own.Creating millions more jobs that give people the chance of a better future. It means giving the poorest people the chance of training, a job, and hope the future. It means that children who dont get the best start in life, there must be the nursery education(幼儿教育) and good schooling that can transm their life chances. ”That was his victory speech outside the house.UK Conservative party to announce re-sits(重考) pupils who fail at the end of primary school examinations.From September pupils deemed to have failed to reach the required levels will have two chances to sit retakes(补考).Education secretary Nicky Morgan talks about the tests students will take.(soundbite Nicky Morgan)Nicky Morgan is currently serving as Secretary of State Education(教育大臣) in the UK.Notes:---英国首相卡梅伦领导的保守党赢得议会超过半数席位,得以继续执政,卡梅伦成功连任首相他在首相官邸唐宁街号发表就职演说演说中提到了为了英国教育的发展--他表示如果他连任成功,就要修改教育体制任何小学生岁毕业考如果英语和数学不及格的话,就要在中学第一年补考,考到过关为止---此前英国教育大臣,也曾经提到将来在小学毕业考试中失利的学生可以获得重考的机会这些关于教育的新措施将有利于英国本土人才的成长,和教育公平性的实现 35泉州二院是公立医院么泉州玛珂迩妇产医院



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