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经典句型:And we learned scientific knowledge in the nature museum. 而且在自然物馆我学到了很多科学知识。A:I went to the nature museum yesterday.甲:我昨天去了自然物馆。B:Is it interesting?乙:有趣吗?A:And we learned scientific knowledge in the nature museum.甲:而且在自然物馆我学到了很多科学知识。经典句型:Lets go to the plants section. 我们去植物展厅看看吧。A:These insects are incredible.甲:这些昆虫太不可思议了!B:What shall we visit next?乙:接下来我们去参观什么呢?A:Lets go to the plants section.甲:我们去植物展厅看看吧。B:Look!It is a grasshopper.乙:看!这是一只蝗虫。A:It is said the ears of the grasshopper are under the stomach.甲:据说蝗虫的耳朵长在胃的下面。句型讲解:表示“不可思议”的词除了incredible之外,还有unbelievable,staggering。 /201502/357513

经典句型:Id like to take a tour of the White House. 我想去白宫看一看。A:Where shall we go next?甲:我们接下来去哪儿呢?B:Id like to take a tour of the White House.乙:我想去白宫看一看。A:Good idea.甲:好主意。B:Is it far from here?乙:离这远吗?A:Not really!甲:不远!经典句型:Have you ever been to the National Gallery of Arts? 你去过国家物馆吗?A:Have you ever been to the National Gallery of Arts?甲:你去过国家物馆吗?B:No.Do you like to guide me there?乙:没有。你愿意带我去吗?A:Id like to.甲:好的。B:Oh!Its very nice of you.乙:噢!你真是太好了。A:Youre welcome.甲:不用客气。句型讲解:Tour是“旅行,行程”的意思。 /201504/372793

Exercise 5-10:She lay on her linoleumand slid along the floor in anguish.A little later,she leapt up and laughed.She no longer longedfor a leaderto tell her how to live her life.Little Lola was finally all well.Dull versus dleRepeat after me.laidladlelay dullTo hear the difference between contrast the sentences,Dont lay dull tilesand Dont ladle tiles.lay dullladle /201510/403869


  unit 45邀请到家里做客dialogue英语情景对话A:Why dont you come round for a meal one evening next week?A:你下星期找个晚上过来吃顿饭好吗?B:Id love to.B:好啊,我乐意去。A:Which day would suit you?A:对你来说哪一天合适?B:Any day except Tuesday.B:除了星期二,哪一天都可以。A:How about Thursday?A:星期四怎么样?B:Yes, Thursday would be fine. What time shall I come?B:行,星期四很好。我要几点钟来?A:Oh, about 6:00. Will that be OK?A:哦,6点左右吧。这个时间行吗?B:Yes, of course. Thank you very much.B:行,当然可以,非常感谢你。A:See you on Thursday, then.A:那么星期四见。 /201505/372442。

  Mike: So were talking about ideal hotels. What do you think is an ideal hotel for you?迈克:我们继续来谈理想酒店。你认为的理想酒店是什么样的?Erina: Thats a tough question but when I choose a hotel I would look at where the hotels located.惠里奈:这是个很难回答的问题,不过我选择酒店时通常会关注的是酒店位置。Mike: Right.迈克:对。Erina: And also the food. So as long as the hotel is surrounded by nature, you know, preferably on the water.惠里奈:还有食物。只要酒店在自然环境中就可以,最好建在水上。Mike: OK.迈克:好。Erina: And maybe some mountains in the back and if the food, the breakfast and dinner and all the food that they have is amazing, Im good, Im set.惠里奈:酒店后面可以有一些山,如果食物,比如他们提供的早餐和晚餐和其他食物很不错,那我就会定下那家酒店。Mike: Now what about facilities? I mean, you know, hotels have various facilities whether its gyms or movie rooms or computer rooms that allow you to do, you know, internet and various things. You know some hotels have pools. Would those be things that you would want in your ideal hotel?迈克:那酒店设施呢?一般酒店提供各种设施,比如健身房、影视厅、电脑室等,你可以上网或进行其他活动。一些酒店还有游泳池。你希望你理想中的酒店提供这些设施吗?Erina: Oh, yeah. Gym, Im not so interested in because I can, you know, play sports outside when Im surrounded by nature. Why would I be, you know, inside working out?惠里奈:哦,是的。我对健身房不感兴趣,因为我住在自然环境中的话,我可以在户外活动。我为什么要在室内健身呢?Mike: Right.迈克:对。Erina: But in terms of swimming pool, Im actually interested because when I was looking at pictures, I dont know which country it was, but theres an outdoor pool, infinity pool, that looked like it was connected to the ocean.惠里奈:但是我喜欢游泳池,我之前看到过一些图片,虽然我不知道那是哪个国家,不过那里有室外游泳池,就是那种无边游泳池,看起来就像和大海连在一起一样。Mike: Oh, wow.迈克:哇哦。Erina: And it was just so beautiful and, you know, before I thought why would I swim in the swimming pool when I have an ocean in front of me but, you know, if there is a swimming pool like that at the hotel, I would definitely stay there for a long time.惠里奈:那真是太美了,以前我会想,为什么我面前有大海我却要在游泳池里游泳,但是如果酒店里有那种游泳池,那我肯定会在那家酒店住很长时间。Mike: Right. Now what about spa facilities? You know, massages and different spa treatments. Is that something that would interest you in your ideal hotel?迈克:好。那水疗设施呢?比如或其他的水疗设施。就理想酒店来说,你会对这些感兴趣吗?Erina: Oh, yes, yes, for sure. Im so into massages and yeah, I would definitely want massage room and spas in the hotel. That would be perfect.惠里奈:哦,对,会,当然了。我非常喜欢,我当然希望酒店里有室和水疗室了。那就太完美了。Mike: OK. And, you know, there are some really expensive hotels that offer the service of a personal butler. Do you think that would be necessary for you in your ideal hotel or would that be one amenity that you could do without?迈克:好。有一些非常昂贵的酒店会提供私人管家务。你认为作为理想酒店来说,这种务有必要吗?还是说你认为可以没有这种便利务?Erina: I think it depends but I dont really, when Im staying at the hotel I would usually, you know, want to be alone and want to enjoy my time with my family or my, you know, my husband or myself that I actually dont want anyone following me everywhere I go. So, you know, to a lot of people it might be thats a good idea, you know, its a nice treat to have but I am personally not up for that.惠里奈:我认为这要视情况而定,我入住酒店时通常希望能有让我和家人单独相处的时光,或者是享受和丈夫的二人世界,我并不希望我去任何地方都有人跟着我。对很多人来说,私人管家也许是个不错的主意,可以享受不错的款待,可是我并不感兴趣。Mike: OK, well it sounds like a pretty nice hotel youve just described.迈克:好,听起来你刚刚描述的也是非常不错的酒店。 译文属 /201612/483282

  Exercise 7-2:Targeting The TH SoundIn order to target the TH sound,first, hold a mirror in front of youand our familiar paragraph silently,moving only your tongue.It should be visible in the mirror each time you come to a TH.Second, find all of the THs,both voiced and unvoiced.Remember, a voiced sound makes your throat vibrate,and you can feel that vibration by placing your fingers on your throat.There are ten voiced and two unvoiced THs here.You can mark them by underscoring the former and drawing a circle around the latter.Or, if you prefer, use two of your color markers.Pause the CD to mark the TH sounds.Dont forget to check your answers against the Answer Key, beginning on page 193. /201511/409252Feifei and Neil have a programme to present but it hasnt run smoothly because everybody wants to thank Neil. Listen to the programme to find out why.菲菲和尼尔要录制节目,不过录制进行得并不顺利,因为所有人都想感谢尼尔。请收听本期节目并找出原因。Note: This is not a word-for-word transcript.注:音频与文本并不完全对应。Feifei: Hello, this is The English We Speak, with me Feifei…菲菲:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目,我是菲菲……Neil: … and me Neil. Hello!尼尔:我是尼尔,大家好!(Rob opens the studio door)(罗布打开了演播室的门)Rob: Hi Neil! Sorry to interrupt. I just want to confirm that youre coming to my party. Are you?罗布:嗨,尼尔!对不起,打扰一下。我就想确认一下你会参加今晚的派对,对吧?Neil: Yes, of course. Thanks, Rob. It will be a blast!尼尔:当然会了。谢谢,罗布。今晚一定会很尽兴的!Rob: Cool. Itll be great to have you there! Ill let you get back to your recording. See you!罗布:太好了。你能参加派对真是太好了!现在你们继续录节目吧。再见!Neil: No problem.尼尔:没问题。(Finn opens the studio door)(芬恩打开了演播室的门)Finn: Hi Neil! Just to tell you my presentation was a success. Your advice made all the difference!芬恩:嗨,尼尔!我是想告诉你我的展示成功了。你的建议起了重要作用!Neil: Oh thats great news, Finn. Always happy to help.尼尔:哦,芬恩,这真是个好消息。我很乐意帮助你。(Vera opens the studio door)(维拉打开了演播室的门)Vera: Hi Neil! I just wanted to say thanks for putting me in contact with Brian from the IT department. He sorted out my computer problems.维拉:嗨,尼尔!我想谢谢你帮我联系技术部门的布莱恩。他帮我解决了我电脑的问题。Neil: No problem, Vera. Any time you need a good contact, just ask.尼尔:不客气,维拉。无论何时你需要联系,尽管开口。Feifei: Wait a minute! We have a programme to do here!菲菲:等等!我们现在在录节目呢!Neil: Well, what can I do, Im a people person! In English, you say someone is a people person when they are good at dealing with other people. Theyre helpful and have the ability to motivate people. People like me, Feifei.尼尔:嗯,没办法,我人缘太好了!在英语中,如果你用people person来形容某个人,这说明他们很擅长和其他人打交道。他们乐于助人,有能力激励他人。菲菲,就是像我这样的人。Feifei: I know, I know. I appreciate your people skills too. Lets hear some examples of how this expression is used.菲菲:我知道,我知道。我也很欣赏你的人际交往能力。我们现在来听一些例句,看看这个表达方式如何应用。Examples例句Callum is a people person. He gets along with everybody and would make a great manager.卡勒姆擅长交际。他和所有人都相处的很好,他会成为伟大的管理者。You know, you should go to the party even if you dont know anybody there. Youre a people person and by the end of the night youll have made lots of new friends.你知道,即使你谁也不认识,你也应该去参加派对。你擅长交际,今晚结束前你会交到很多新朋友的。Feifei: So many people outside the studio… Neil, who are they?菲菲:演播室外有太多人了……尼尔,他们是谁啊?Neil: Oh, these are colleagues and friends Ive helped out a bit recently.尼尔:哦,这些是我最近帮助过的同事和朋友。Feifei: But this is… its a crowd!菲菲:可是这……这是一大群人啊!Neil: I told you: Im a people person! Hello everybody! Ill be there in a minute!尼尔:我告诉过你:我人缘很好!大家好!我马上就来!Both: Bye!二人:再见! 译文属 /201510/404767

  26. Shuttle Bus at the Airport 26.机场的穿梭巴士A: Where can I find the shuttle bus?A:我在哪里可以找到班车?B: Therere a number of shuttle buses you can take here at the airport.B:机场这里有很多穿梭巴士你可以乘坐。A: I am looking for the shuttle bus that will take me to the rental car location.A:我在找可以带我去租车地点的巴士。B: Those are out the doors and to the left.B:那些在门外左边。A: Are those shuttle buses free?A:那些巴士免费吗?B: If you have a reservation with the car rental company, they are.B:如果你和汽车租赁公司有预约,就是免费的。A: I forgot to make a reservation.A:我忘记预约了。B: The rental car companies have kiosks at the other end of the airport.B:汽车租赁公司在机场的另一端有电话亭。A: Maybe Ill just take the shuttle bus to the subway.A:或许我可以乘巴士去地铁站。B: That shuttle bus is free and is to the right when you exit.B:那个巴士是免费的,就在你出门后的右手边。A: Is there a shuttle bus to take me all the way home?A:有巴士可以全程把我送回家吗?B: There is a company that offers that for a fee. B:有公司可以收费提供这项务。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201603/429939Exercise 1-57: PhrasingRepeat after me.Dogs eat bones. Dogs eat bones,but cats eat fish,or As we all know,dogs eat bones. Dogs eat bones,kibbles, and meat.Do dogs eat bones? Do dogs eat bones?!!Dogs eat bones, dont they? Dogs eat bones, DONT they!He asked if dogs ate bones.;Do dogs eat bones?; he asked. /201507/388498


  Ruth: Now Akane!鲁斯:茜!Akane: Yeah.茜:好。Ruth: Ive noticed that you fall asleep everywhere.鲁斯:我发现你在哪里都能睡着。Akane: Oh, youve noticed. Oh, no, its actually a problem that I have.茜:哦,你注意到了啊。其实这是困扰我的一个问题。Ruth: Really?鲁斯:真的吗?Akane: Yeah, I do get sleepy.茜:对,我总是昏昏欲睡。Ruth: Well, its just that whenever we come back from work, or we go to work, you always fall asleep on the bus.鲁斯:嗯,我们下班回家或是上班的路上,你总是会在公交车上睡着。Akane: I do. Im so tired in the mornings.茜:的确是这样。我早上非常累。Ruth: So, youre tired in the mornings (Mm-hm) so dont you sleep at night?鲁斯:你早上很累(嗯),你晚上不睡觉吗?Akane: I do. I actually do go to bed quite early but I hate waking up really early so I think its the early mornings that really get to me.茜:睡觉。我晚上很早就上床睡觉了,可是我讨厌早起,所以我讨厌清晨。Ruth: So do you think lots of people in your family do this, because you know, you really do seem to sleep far more than anybody Ive ever met.鲁斯:你家人是不是也这样,你的睡觉时间真的比我认识的其他人要多得多。Akane: Actually, yeah, my father does say that he falls asleep at work.茜:实际上我爸爸说他上班时会睡着。Ruth: No!鲁斯:不是吧。Akane: Yeah. And my mom falls asleep at work as well when theres not costumers.茜:是的。我妈妈在没有客户的时候也会在上班期间睡着。Ruth: Oh, youre joking.鲁斯:开玩笑的吧。Akane: Yeah. Yeah. So it runs in the family.茜:真的。是真的。所以这是我们全家共有的问题。Ruth: So have you ever done that? Have you ever fallen asleep at work?鲁斯:那你有过吗?有在上班时间睡着过吗?Akane: Actually, well, I dont fall asleep when Im teaching, cause its such a busy job (Yeah) but when I was working in an office, when I was doing medical research, it was such a boring job that I did used to fall asleep in front of the computer sometimes. Its really embarrassing.茜:我在教学的时候不会睡着,因为工作太忙了,但是我在办公室做研究时,因为实在太枯燥了我有几次在电脑前面睡着了。这真的太尴尬了。Ruth: So have you ever had an embarrassing moment when youve fallen asleep?鲁斯:你有没有因为睡着而经历尴尬的时刻?Akane: Actually, yes. One time we went to watch the symphony orchestra and it was beautiful music and I was enjoying myself but I just fell asleep in between.茜:有。有一次我们去看交响乐团的演出,音乐非常美,我非常享受,不过我在演出中睡着了。Ruth: Oh, no, Akane.鲁斯:哦,不是吧,茜。Akane: Yeah.茜:是的。Ruth: So how many hours sleep do you normally get Akane?鲁斯:茜,你一般睡几个小时?Akane: Well, I try to get at least nine. Of course thats not always possible, so Id say on average about eight and a half hours.茜:嗯,我尽量保睡够九个小时。当然有时做不到,不过平均来说差不多八个半小时。Ruth: Eight and a half.鲁斯:八个半小时。Akane: Yeah.茜:对。Ruth: Well, I suppose if you add that to the five hours a day that you sleep thats quite a lot.鲁斯:我在想如果再加上那五个小时,你一天的睡觉时间可真够长的。Akane: If you put it that way.茜:如果你这么理解,是这样的。 译文属 /201501/352759。

  讲解文本:music to my ears 好消息,让人高兴的话,悦耳,顺耳When the manager told me I was promoted, it was music to my ears.当经理告诉我被升职了,我听着可是高兴死了。Thanks, doctor. What you said is music to my ears!医生,谢谢你。听到你这么说我太开心了。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201703/497935

  Todd: When I was in Thailand I had experiences with bribery, and we dont really have it with government officials in the U.S., but I have to admit I thought it was really convenient, because lets say you are driving and you get a speeding ticket, or you do something wrong, in Thailand you would just pay ten dollars, twenty dollars and the whole incident was forgot. In my culture were brought up to think that thats really bad but I have to admit, I liked the fact that you would pay a little money, and then it was not on your record, because in the ed States if you get a speeding ticket, or you do anything wrong then its on your record, and its permanent and that can affect your insurance payment and things like that, so it was this really weird feeling where I felt odd doing it, and I felt awkward doing it because it wasnt part of our culture, but at the same time I thought it was almost convenient. Have you ever had experiences like that?托德:我在泰国时经历过贿赂,美国政府官员一般不接受行贿,不过我要承认,我认为这种方法的确很方便,比如说你驾驶时被开了张超速罚单,或者是因为其他违规行为被开罚单,在泰国你只要付10美元或20美元就可以解决了,这件事就结束了。可是在美国,这种行为被看作是不好的行为,不过我承认,我喜欢这种付点儿小钱然后不做记录的做法,在美国,如果你收到超速罚单,或是有其他违规行为,那就要被记录在案,而且这一记录是永久存在的,可能会影响你的保险偿付,所以,我对贿赂有种奇怪的感觉,因为我接受的文化里没有这种行为,所以我觉得这样做很奇怪,不过同时我认为这种做法非常方便。你有这种经历吗?Aiman: Well, I have two different experiences. Because in Syria it is pretty different to Dubai, so in Syria for example, youd have to bribe the police officers even if you didnt do anything because thats how they live. But in Dubai they get really nice wages and they dont need your bribe. For example, once I was eating dates while I was driving. I was speaking on my phone, my mobile phone, and I was not wearing my seat belt, and I was not paying attention, and then the policeman asked me to pull over, and when I did, I didnt even know what was the problem, so when he came to me and said to me, ;Can I have the car registration and license?; I said, ;Yeah, sure. Please take one date, or a date, while I look for them.; And he said, ;No, sorry, I cant.; And I was so upset with that. I said, ;What do you mean you cant? Are you better than me? Is that what youre trying to say?; And he said, ;No, Its illegal. I cant. You know what, just go. I dont need anything from you. Please go.;艾曼:我有两种不同的经历。叙利亚的情况和迪拜的非常不同,在叙利亚,即使你没有违规行为,也要贿赂警察,这就是警察的生存方法。但是在迪拜,警察的收入相当不错,他们不需要你的贿赂。举个例子,有一次我一边开车一边吃枣。而且我还在打电话,我当时并没有系安全带,我没有注意,这时警察过来让我靠边停车,我把车停下来以后也不知道出了什么问题,他过来对我说:“请出示你的汽车登记和驾照”。我回答说:“好,我要找一下,我找的时候你吃个枣吧。”他说:“抱歉,我不能吃。”我当时对他的回答非常生气。我说:“你说不能吃是什么意思?你觉得你比我强吗?你就是要说这个吗?”他说:“不是,这样做是违法的。我不能这么做。你走吧。我不需要你的任何东西。请开走吧。”Todd: So the policeman in Dubai was very straight and honest. He cant accept anything from a driver, and so he turned you down.托德:迪拜警察正直又诚实。他不能接受司机给的任何东西,所以他拒绝了你。Aiman: Exactly. Because he turned me down, it is really bad in the Arab culture. He decided to just let me go. Please just go.艾曼:没错。他拒绝了我,拒绝在阿拉伯文化里是种不好的行为。所以他决定让我直接开走。他说请开走吧。Todd: Really, so if somebody offers you something in an Arab culture, and you decline thats not polite.托德:是吗?在阿拉伯文化里,如果有人提供你某样东西,拒绝就是不礼貌。Aiman: Not polite at all.艾曼:完全不礼貌。Todd: Well, thats very good to know. Well, thanks, Aiman.托德:知道这点非常好。谢谢你,艾曼。Aiman: Thank you.艾曼:谢谢。 译文属 /201607/456074


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