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  • Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, my fellow Americans:议长先生、副总统先生、各位国会议员和美国同胞们:Tonight marks the eighth year Ive come here to report on the State of the Union. And for this final one, Im going to try to make it shorter.今晚是我在这里做国情咨文的第八个年头,也是最后一次。我将尽量简而言之。I know some of you are antsy to get back to Iowa.我知道你们中有些人急着回爱荷华州(译者注:两党党内预选进行地)。Ive been there. Ill be shaking hands afterwards, if you want some tips.我去过那里。如果你们需要些建议的话,我稍后会同你们握手。I understand that because its an election season, expectations for what well achieve this year are low.我理解此时正当大选之季,因此公众对我们今年成就的期望并不高。But, Mr. Speaker, I appreciate the constructive approach you and the other leaders took at the end of last year to pass a budget and make tax cuts permanent for working families.但是,议长先生,您以及其他领导人去年年末通过了建设性的预算决议,使得工薪家庭减税计划能够长久实施下去,我对此深表感激。So I hope we can work together this year on some bipartisan priorities like criminal justice reform and helping people who are battling prescription drug abuse, and heroin abuse.因此我衷心希望今年两党能够在一些重要事务上同心协作,比如,推行刑事司法改革,帮助那些与处方药和海洛因滥用行为抗争的人们。So, who knows. We might surprise the cynics again.我们很可能会让质疑者们再次大吃一惊。But tonight, I want to go easy on the traditional list of proposals for the year ahead.但在今晚,我打算少谈些像往年那样的发展计划。Dont worry, Ive got plenty, from helping students learn to write computer code to personalizing medical treatments for patients.别担心,我还是有很多计划要谈,比如,帮助学生学习编写计算机代码,以及对病人进行个性化治疗。And Ill keep pushing for progress on the work that I believe still needs to be done.我将继续推动这些未竟事业的进步。Fixing a broken immigration system, Protecting our kids from gun violence.完善有漏洞的移民体系。保护我们的孩子们免遭械暴力。Equal pay for equal work, paid leave, raising the minimum wage.继续推行同工同酬及带薪休假,并提高最低工资水平。All these things, all these things still matter to hardworking families; they are still the right thing to do; and I wont let up until they get done.所有的这一切对于努力工作的家庭们来说依然至关重要;这些仍是我们要做的对的事情;我绝不会放松这些工作,直至他们完成为止。But for my final address to this chamber, I dont want to just talk about next year.但这是我最后一次在此发表讲话,我不想只谈论来年的事宜。I want to focus on the next five years, the next ten years, and beyond. I want to focus on our future.我想关注今后的五年、十年,甚至更久远的事情。我更关注我们的未来。We live in a time of extraordinary change. Change thats reshaping the way we live, the way we work, our planet and our place in the world.我们生活在一个充满巨变的时代,这场巨变改变了我们的生活、工作方式,改变了我们的星球和我们在世界上的地位。Its change that promises amazing medical breakthroughs, but also economic disruptions that strain working families.这种巨变预示着医学将出现重大突破,也会带来困扰着工薪家庭的经济动荡。It promises education for girls in the most remote villages, but also connects terrorists plotting an ocean away.它为生活在边远山区的女孩们带去教育的希望,却也使远距重洋的恐怖分子得以串通一气策划阴谋。201601/423516。
  • If I hadnt owned to my mistake and confronted failure fast 如果我没有快速承认和改正错误instead of ignoring it, I would not be here today 如果我忽略了这个错误 就不会有今天的我So maybe another possible thing for you guys to remember 也许你们可以记住另外一点see, Im trying to help you guys 看到了吗 我是想帮助大家when you fail 在你失败时face your failure, face it head on, admit it, grow from it 直面失败 承认失败 并从它获得成长When the world spins so fast, it means no one knows what the right answer is 世界发展日新月异 没人知道正确是什么and everyone will face failure 所有人都会遭遇失败Ideas that were once cant miss missed 一度认为不可能失败的想法可能会失败Companies that were surefire 觉得肯定能成的公司went down in flames 也可能会轰然崩塌Its what you do when that happens that determinates 在遭遇失败时怎么做决定了who ultimately succeeds and who does not 你最终是否能够取得成功Failure is part of the process 失败只是过程中的一部分Its where we learn the most 失败能够让人得到最大进步And its what makes us who we are 是成就我们的必经之路Now as I look out at all of you, Im reminded of my own graduation 看到你们 让我想到了我自己的毕业I remember there were an awful lot of question marks for me 我记得 当时我心中有很多疑问Graduating meant leaving behind my friends, my college life 毕业意味着我要离开朋友 离开大学生活It meant Id have to figure out what to do with my real, my ;real; life 意味着我需要去面对;真正的;生活And I had no idea what I was going to do 我对自己要做什么 心里没底I had no job lined up, no prospects 我没有太多工作计划和展望My big plan was to go home 我只想回家live with my parents, and share the family car with my little sister 同父母住在一起 同共用家里的车Now to some of you, that might sound like a strange fear 我的这种恐惧或许会让你们觉得有些陌生Hopkins is a unique place 霍普金斯是一个独特的地方and that some of you have known exactly what youve wanted to do 从踏上这所学校的那一天起since you set foot on this campus 有些人就很明确自己想做什么Many of you have useful degrees 你们很多人都拿到了有用的学位biomedical engineering 生物医学工程public health 公共卫生economics 经济学applied math 应用数学computer science 计算机科学201512/414387。
  • I was really moved by these experiences,我被这些真实的故事深深打动了and I decided that I wanted to write about them我之前计划只是写一本书来记录not only in a book I was working on, but also in an article,但是现在我觉得远远不够,我还要写一篇文章and so I got a commission from The New York Times Magazine to write about depression among the indigent.所以我跟纽约时报杂志说好,写一篇有关低收入群里中抑郁症的报告And I turned in my story, and my editor called me and said,当我写好之后,我的编辑打电话给我说;We really cant publish this.;我们真的没办法发表这个And I said, ;Why not?;然后我问, ;为什么?;And she said, ;It just is too far-fetched.她说, ;故事太牵强了;These people who are sort of at the very bottom rung of society这些人生活在接近社会底层的地方and then they get a few months of treatment and theyre virtually y to run Morgan Stanley?然后他们经过了六个月的治疗,然后他们就可以去管理根史坦利了?Its just too implausible.;太没有说力了She said, Ive never even heard of anything like it.;她说, ;我从来没有听过这样的事情;And I said, ;The fact that youve never heard of it is an indication that it is news.;然后我说, ;你从没有听说过;恰恰说明这个是一个新闻;And you are a news magazine.;而且你们是一家新闻媒体啊So after a certain amount of negotiation, they agreed to it.来回协商了几次之后,他们同意发表了But I think a lot of what they said was connected in some strange way但是他们说的话让我想了很多,他们这种态度跟另外一个观点多少有点关系to this distaste that people still have for the idea of treatment,即很多人还是反感抑郁症需要治疗这个观点the notion that somehow if we went out and treated a lot of people in indigent communities,好像这就意味着我们会开始大规模的开始治疗低收入者that would be an exploitative thing to do, because we would be changing them.这将是一件带有剥削性质的事情,因为我们是在改造他们There is this false moral imperative that seems to be all around us看起来我们所有的人都受到一种教条的影响that treatment of depression, the medications and so on, are an artifice,即治疗抑郁的疗法也好,药物也好,都是人造的产物and that its not natural.并不是自然的结果And I think thats very misguided.我觉得这完全是使入歧途了It would be natural for peoples teeth to fall out,虽然人老了掉牙是很自然的时候but there is nobody militating against toothpaste, at least not in my circles.但是这并不影响任何人使用牙膏,至少我的周围没有And people then say, ;Well, but isnt depression part of what people are supposed to experience?人们可能会接着问, ;那么, 抑郁本身不应该是我们注定需要经历的一个过程么Didnt we evolve to have depression?难道抑郁不是我们的演化的结果么Isnt it part of your personality?;难道这不是你个性的一部分么To which I would say, mood is adaptive.对此我的看法是,情绪是有适应性的Being able to have sadness and fear and joy and pleasure对于我们而言,能够感受喜怒哀乐and all of the other moods that we have, thats incredibly valuable.以及其它丰富的情感意义重大And major depression is something that happens when that system gets broken.而当一个人总是抑郁的时候,那一定是他的情绪系统出问题了Its maladaptive.不再能够适应环境了People will come to me and say,有些人会跟我这样说,;I think, though, if I just stick it out for another year, I think I can just get through this.;;即便如此,我想如果我自己再多熬一年,我就可以走出抑郁了And I always say to them, ;You may get through it, but youll never be 37 again.对此我总是这样回答, ;或许你能够自己走出来,但是失去的青春你再也找不回了Life is short, and thats a whole year youre talking about giving up. Think it through.;人生苦短,你现在却在跟我说要浪费一年的时间,你再想想Its a strange poverty of the English language, and indeed of many other languages,关于抑郁这种情感,英语中用来形容的词出奇地少,当然别的语言也多不到哪里去that we use this same word, depression,我们用depression这一个单词to describe how a kid feels when it rains on his birthday,即用来描述一个小孩子生日那天下大雨的心情and to describe how somebody feels the minute before they commit suicide.也用来描述一个自杀者自杀前一分钟的感觉People say to me, ;Well, is it continuous with normal sadness?;人们会问, ;这是不是就是长时间的悲伤?;And I say, in a way its continuous with normal sadness.某种意义上可以这么理解There is a certain amount of continuity,悲伤和抑郁之间有一定的连续性but its the same way theres continuity但是他们之间的连续性就像是between having an iron fence outside your house that gets a little rust spot悲伤可以看成是你房子周围的铁栅栏有一点生锈了that you have to sand off and do a little repainting,你需要用沙纸打磨一下重新喷漆and what happens if you leave the house for 100 years但是如果你的房子100年没有人住了and it rusts through until its only a pile of orange dust.那么铁栅栏会锈蚀到只剩下一堆黄锈And its that orange dust spot, that orange dust problem,悲伤和抑郁的差别就好比生了一点锈和锈蚀到什么都没有了thats the one were setting out to address.后者是我们要解决的问题201602/427515。
  • I am a vicar in the Church of England.我是一名英国圣公会的牧师。Ive been a priest in the Church for 20 years.我做牧师已经有20年了。For most of that time, Ive been struggling and grappling with questions about the nature of God. Who is God?在这20年的大部分时间里,我一直在努力解决和回答关于上帝本质的问题:上帝是谁?And Im very aware that when you say the word ;God,;many people will turn off immediately.我很清楚,当你一说起“上帝”这个词,很多人会立即走开。And most people, both within and outside the organized church,still have a picture of a celestial controller,a rule maker, a policeman in the sky who orders everything,and causes everything to happen. 并且大多数人,无论是信教还是不信教的,心中还是认为上帝是这样一个形像:一个天上的主宰者,规则制定者,掌管一切的太空警察,万事万物发生的根源。He will protect his own people,and answer the prayers of the faithful.他会保护他创造的人类,并回应信徒们的祷告。And in the worship of my church,the most frequently used adjective about God is ;almighty.; 在教堂里做礼拜,对上帝最常用的形容词是“全能”。But I have a problem with that.但我觉得这个观念是不对的。I have become more and more uncomfortable with this perception of God over the years.多年以来,我已经越来越对这个观念感到不舒。Do we really believe that God is the kind of male boss that weve been presenting in our worship and in our liturgies over all these years?难道我们真的相信上帝是一个这么多年来我们在礼拜仪式和祷告中描述的那么一位男性的老板形像?Of course, there have been thinkers who have suggested different ways of looking at God.当然,曾经也有一些思想家建议用不同的方式来看待上帝。Exploring the feminine, nurturing side of divinity.比如:探索神的女性和育养的一面,Suggesting that God expresses Himself or Herself through powerlessness,rather than power.主张上帝是通过阴柔无力,而不是阳刚和力量,来呈现自己,不管是作为男性或者女性形像;Acknowledging that God is unknown and unknowable by definition.接受上帝本来就是未知的,也不可知的,这个定义,Finding deep resonances with other religions and philosophies and ways of looking at life as part of what is a universal and global search for meaning.寻找与其他宗教和哲学之间共同的内涵,以及作为全世界人类探索人生意义过程中看待生命的不同方式。These ideas are well known in liberal academic circles,but clergy like myself have been reluctant to air them,for fear of creating tension and division in our church communities,for fear of upsetting the simple faith of more traditional believers. 这些想法在自由学术界是众所周知的,但像我自己这样的神职人员却不愿意公开宣扬它们,因为害怕在教会中会产生紧张气氛甚至分裂,害怕打破传统信徒的纯朴信仰。I have chosen not to rock the boat.我选择了不去惹麻烦。Then, on December 26th last year, just two months ago,that underwater earthquake triggered the tsunami. 然而,去年12月26日,仅仅两个月前,海底地震引发了海啸。And two weeks later, Sunday morning, 9th of January,I found myself standing in front of my congregation intelligent, well meaning, mostly thoughtful Christian people,and I needed to express, on their behalf, our feelings and our questions. 于是两个星期后,星期日上午, 1月9日,我站在我的会众面前,他们是一群智慧的、善良的、有思想的基督徒,我需要代表他们表达我们的感情和我们的疑问。I had my own personal responses, but I also have a public role,and something needed to be said. 虽然我有自己的个人感受,但我还有一个公共角色,这时需要说点儿什么。And this is what I said.下面是我当时所说的话。Shortly after the tsunami I a newspaper article written by the Archbishop of Canterbury-fine title,about the tragedy in Southern Asia.海啸发生后不久,我读了坎特伯雷大主教发表在报纸上的一篇文章,标题是:关于发生在南亚的悲剧。The essence of what he said was this:他所讲的精髓是这样的:the people most affected by the devastation and loss of life do not want intellectual theories about how God let this happen.因这场灾难和生命的逝去而饱受磨难的人们并不需要一个理论来解释上帝为何让这种事情发生。201505/374942。
  • Thank you for your warm welcome.It is a privilege and honour to be invited to address this prestigious academicinstitution. I would also like to thank the other co-hosts, the City of Leidenand the Leiden University Medical Center.Leiden University is aninternationally renowned hub of learning and research with a history thatstretches back many centuries.Indeed, one of the pioneers ofinternational law and the principles that guide the ed Nations began hisstudies here more than 400 years ago, the legendary jurist Hugo Grotius.Many distinguished scholars havefollowed. Today, each of you is carrying forward that proud tradition.I thank you for your commitmentand want to single out for special praise your University’s global focus andapproach to education.Ladies and gentlemen,We are here to talk aboutfreedom. I can think of no better time or place.Leiden is synonymous with freedom.Leiden University’s credo is“Bastion of Liberty”, and the city itself carries the motto “for the sake offreedom”.This is also a very special day.Earlier today, I took part in events marking the 100th anniversary of the PeacePalace in The Hague. And on this date fifty years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr. delivered his monumental “I Have a Dream” speech.Dr. King spoke of the “riches offreedom and the security of justice”. He reminded the world that the rights ofany minority should be the cause of all.As he said, “their freedom isinextricably bound to our freedom”.In other words, we share a commonfuture with shared responsibilities.That understanding is even truertoday.Our freedom … our possibilities…. our perils … are linked like never before.The ed Nations Charter speaksto our shared fate – and highlights the need “to promote social progress andbetter standards of life in larger freedom”.The word “freedom” suffuses theUniversal Declaration of Human Rights.Our work to deepen the meaning offreedom is built on three pillars: development -- or freedom from want; peaceand security -- or freedom from fear; and human rights -- or simply the freedomto enjoy and exercise the full body of human rights.These pillars are interdependentand mutually reinforcing.There can be no peace withoutdevelopment … no development without peace …and neither can be achieved withoutfull respect for human rights and the rule of law.Today I would like to addressthose three dimensions of freedom.Let me begin with freedom fromwant.At the dawn of this newmillennium, the international community set out on an unprecedented journey totackle freedom from want around the world.The Millennium Development Goalsare our touchstone for this effort. The eight goals and associated targets makeup our blueprint to fight poverty and hunger, expand education and health,empower women and girls, and ensure environmental sustainability.Thanks to combined efforts fromgovernments to the grassroots, we have made important progress.The proportion of people livingin extreme poverty has been halved. Fewer children are losing their lives tomalaria and tuberculosis. And more than 2.1 billion people gained access toimproved sources of drinking water – a challenge on which the Netherlands andKing Willem-Alexander have been global leaders.But there is much unfinishedbusiness.Nineteen thousand children underage five still die each day, most from preventable diseases.Two and a half billion peoplestill lack access to sanitation.201412/349671。
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