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Imagine a future where your furniture flies, reacting and responding to your everyday needs. You could have an almost-sentient desk that jets off when it feels you’re over-working, or a remote control that floats over when you think you’ve lost it.想象一下,未来你的家具会飞,还能满足与回应日常需求。当你工作过量时,智能书桌会自动飞离;当你以为遥控器丢了,它会自动浮现在你眼前。In an interactive project dubbed ;L#39;evolved,; Harshit Agrawal and Sang-Won Leigh, two researchers from the MIT Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces Group, are exploring how to make everyday objects transform into “flying smart agents.”来自MIT媒介流界面小组的两位研究者哈什特·阿格拉瓦尔与桑王·利,正探究如何让日常用品转变为“会飞的智能物件”。;We really look at this as a way of making the objects around us kind of speak with us,; Agrawal said. “In the sense that they somehow know what they are doing, so they might prevent you from doing something wrong or light up your path in a dark environment.”阿格拉瓦尔说:“事实上,我们希望能让身边的物品与自己对话,即物品从某种程度上了解你的需求,因此它们能避免你做出不当举动,或者懂得在黑暗中为你亮起一盏灯。”So far, their project features drones acting as flying tables that adjust to your height, fly away once you’re done, or auto-eject if you start using the wrong pen on your homework. They also have a lampshade drone that hovers above you, focusing light on where you need it when you’re ing a book in the dark.到目前为止,这项以智能飞翔为特点的家具计划中,有会飞的桌子能自动适应你的身高,一旦工作完成,它会自动飞离;有当你做作业时拿错了会自动弹开的钢笔;还有悬浮在你身边的灯罩,它会自动在黑暗中为你提供光亮。To power their flying furniture, the pair used a motion capture system where a camera tracks everything in the room—including the person and the drone, which receives commands from the computer.为了快速推动飞翔家具,两位研究者使用了动态捕捉技术,让摄像机对房间的每一个角落进行追踪,包括主人和该家具,然后通过电脑接受指令。;The computer knows where the drone wants to go by tracking where the person is,; explained Leigh. “We are feeding that data from the computer to the drone so that it can move smoothly to the required position.”利解释道:“电脑通过追踪人的位置,就能知晓飞翔的家具应去往何处。我们将电脑中的数据传输给家具,使其准确移动到指定位置。”Currently, the duo faces two main challenges: stabilizing the drone, and feeding it a regular power supply (at the moment, it’s connected to a power socket).如今,两位研究者面临着两大挑战:增强飞翔家具的稳定型,并实现充电功能(现在它们仍依赖电源插座)。Drones can’t support much weight yet, so the team opted for a paper tabletop. They soon found, however, that if they placed the tabletop directly on top of the drone, it blocked airflow. To solve this problem, they made the distance between the drone base and its paper tabletop greater so it could keep flying.飞翔家具还无法承受过多的重量,因此研究团队选用了纸质台面。然而他们很快发现,如果直接将台面搁到飞翔家具上,会阻碍飞行。为了解决这个问题,他们加大了飞翔家具底座和纸质台面的距离,以保它能飞行。Agrawal said that in the future, they could optimize stability by replacing a hovering desk with one that parks in front of users when they need it, then clears off when the user has finished their task.阿格拉瓦尔认为,在未来,他们将优化飞翔家具的性能,用飞翔的桌子代替用户面前静态的桌子,当使用者工作完成后,桌子能自动离开。Ultimately, the researchers are set on enchanting everyday appliances so that they surpass their limitations as static objects, and have a more socially collaborative relationship with their human owners.最终,研究者将让日常家电也魔力四射,它们将超越传统静态物品的局限,与人类建立更好的协作关系。 /201510/403780Faraday Future, an electric car company backed by a Chinese entrepreneur, said on Thursday it would invest billion to build a 900-acre factory in a suburb of Las Vegas.得到了一位中国企业家持的电动车公司法拉第未来(Faraday Future)周四表示,将投资10亿美元,在郊区建一座占地900英亩的工厂。The company, which intends to compete with Tesla Motors but has not yet unveiled a product, said the plant in North Las Vegas would bring 4,500 jobs to the state.该公司打算与特斯拉汽车(Tesla Motors)竞争,但尚未推出任何产品,位于北的工厂将给所在州带来4500个就业岗位。“We plan to revolutionize the automobile industry by creating an integrated, intelligent mobility system that protects the earth and improves the living environment of mankind,” Jia Yueting, the billionaire founder and chief executive of Leshi TV, an Internet service, wrote in a letter to Nevada legislators.“我们计划通过创造一个完整、智能的汽车体系,一个能保护地球,改善人类生活环境的体系,使汽车行业发生革命性的改变,”中国互联网视频务供应商乐视的创始人兼首席执行官、亿万富翁贾跃亭在给内华达州议员的信中写道。Faraday has offered little detail on its plans, but the company intends to unveil a concept car on Jan. 4 at the Consumer Electronics Show, a technology trade show in Las Vegas, and it hopes to bring a car to market as early as 2017.法拉第没有给出多少细节,但公司计划1月4日在的的科技贸易展会消费者电子产品展(Consumer Electronics Show)上推出一款概念车,并希望最早在2017年上市一款车。The company had been also exploring sites in California, Georgia and Louisiana. Gov. Brian Sandoval of Nevada said on Thursday that Nevada had offered Faraday up to 5 million in incentives. State officials estimated the company would create 13,000 direct and indirect jobs and generate 0 million in tax revenue over 20 years, he said.公司还在考察加利福尼亚州、佐治亚洲和路易斯安那州的场地。内华达州州长布赖恩·桑多瓦尔(Brian Sandoval)周四表示,该州给法拉第提供了价值高达2.15亿美元的优惠。他说州官员估计,法拉第直接和间接创造的就业岗位将达1.3万个,并在20年里带来7.6亿美元的税收。Last year, Nevada was also able to woo Tesla to the state to build a billion battery production plant near Reno that it calls the Gigafactory. The state offered tax breaks worth about .25 billion over 20 years.去年,内华达州也争取到了特斯拉去该州,在里诺附近投资50亿美元,修建被其称作超级电池工厂(Gigafactory)的电池生产厂。该州为其提供了价值约12.5亿美元的税收优惠,时间跨度20年。Faraday, based in California, has more than 400 employees, including a leadership team with several former employees of Tesla and other automotive companies. In addition to making electric cars, the company intends to develop “other aspects of the automotive and technology industries, including unique ownership models, in-vehicle content and autonomous driving.”总部位于加利福尼亚州的法拉第公司包括领导团队在内有400多名员工。其多名领导成员曾在特斯拉和其他车企供职。除制造电动车外,公司还打算开发“汽车和科技行业的其他领域,包括独特的所有权模式、车载内容和自动驾驶”。Faraday could provide a shot in the arm to the electric car industry, which has fallen well short of President Obama’s 2008 goal of having one million cars on the road by 2015. There are about 330,000, and car dealers have shown little enthusiasm for electric cars.法拉第有望给电动车行业带来一些动力。奥巴马总统2008年提出的目标是,到2015年路上要有100万辆电动车。但该行业离这个目标相去甚远。目前已有的电动车数量约为33万辆,汽车经销商对电动车没有表现出多大的热情。Tesla said in November that it was on track to produce more than 50,000 cars this year, and it began shipping its second model, the Model X, in September.特斯拉曾在11月表示,自己今年的产量有望超过5万辆,并称其第二款车型Model X已于9月开始出货。In a profile in The Verge, Nick Sampson, a senior vice president for Faraday, said the company would seek to differentiate itself from Tesla, but gave few specifics.在The Verge的一篇专题文章中,法拉第高级副总裁尼克·桑普森(Nick Sampson)表示公司将争取有别于特斯拉,但未做详细说明。“Many people look at Tesla and think they’ve done it differently than the traditional auto industry — and they have,” he said. “But there’s other ways and other things we can capitalize on.”“看到特斯拉,很多人认为他们的做事方式不同于传统的汽车行业,确实如此,”他说。“但我们可以利用其他方式和其他东西。” /201512/415992

It is less than a quarter of an hour’s drive down Route 101 from the village-like campus of Stanford University to Mountain View, the Silicon Valley home of Udacity.从庄园般的斯坦福大学(Standford University)校园出发,沿着101号路,驾车来到Udacity所在的硅谷山景城(Mountain View),只需要不到一刻钟的时间。This was the journey Sebastian Thrun, the online education company’s chief executive and co-founder, made in 2012 when he cleared his desk at the computer science department to focus on a way of teaching business skills differently.这正是这家在线教育公司首席执行官兼共同创始人塞巴斯蒂安礠饲(Sebastian Thrun)在2012年走过的路。当时,他清空了在计算机系的办公桌,将精力集中于一种全新的传授商业技能的方式。His new life as a tech entrepreneur is about as different to his tenured faculty post as Udacity’s modern headquarters, in an office block next door to the sprawling car park of a Target hypermarket, is from the Spanish colonial architecture of Stanford.作为科技企业创业者的新生活,与他终身教职生活之间的区别,大约和Udacity的现代化总部大楼与斯坦福大学西班牙殖民时代建筑之间的区别差不多。Udacity的总部在一个办公大楼内,旁边是一家塔吉特(Target)超市的巨大停车场。While this new life among the tech industry’s elite may make some professors wince, the 48-year-old Mr Thrun, a German expat, looks every inch the Valley entrepreneur when we meet, with his shaved head, black T-shirt, jeans and flame red running shoes.这种在高科技产业精英中的新生活,可能会令某些大学教授望而却步。然而,在我们相见之时,现年48岁的德国人特龙,看起来却是一名十足的硅谷企业家。他剃着光头,身着黑色T恤、牛仔裤、以及一双火红色的跑鞋。“The beauty of Silicon Valley is that people are literally fearless,” Mr Thrun says, after we settle into one of the glass walled meeting rooms, named after characters in the Doctor Who and Transformers franchises.我们在一间玻璃墙面的会议室坐定之后,特龙说:“硅谷的美妙之处在于,这里的人们真正是无所畏惧。”这里的会议室都是以《神秘士》(Doctor Who)和《变形金刚》(Transformers)系列中的人物命名的。The belief that the education market is ripe for “disruption”, as it is put in the Silicon Valley vernacular, has led to a mushrooming in ed tech start-ups seeking to create new platforms for teaching. Downloadable s, known as Moocs (massive open online courses), for example, are now a tool for delivering learning to anyone with Internet access.用硅谷的流行语言来说,“颠覆”教育市场的时机已经成熟。在这种信念的影响下,一系列教育类科技创业型企业如雨后春笋般出现,试图建立新的教学平台。比如,被称为“大型网络公开课”(Massive Open Online Courses,简称“慕课”(Mooc))的可下载视频,如今已成为向所有互联网用户提供学习机会的工具。With Google X – a semi-secret facility dedicated to making technological advancements, including driverless cars and Internet-connected glasses -also on his CV, Mr Thrun is seen as the market’s most innovative thinker. He is credited with creating the first big Mooc hit, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, while he was still teaching at Stanford.曾在Google X工作的特龙,被视为这一市场中最具创新能力的思想家。Google X是一个处于半保密状态的部门,致力于开展包括无人驾驶汽车和互联网眼镜在内的高科技研发。特龙因开设了首门轰动性慕课——《人工智能导论》(Introduction to Artificial Intelligence)——而受到赞誉,当时他还在斯坦福大学教书。Udacity is one of the “big three” in the market, alongside neighbouring start-up Coursera and Boston-based EdX, which between them boast the largest collections of Moocs.Udacity是在线教育市场的“三巨头”之一。另外两大巨头分别是同为硅谷邻居的创业型企业Coursera,以及位于波士顿的EdX,这两家总共拥有的慕课数量是最多的。Although his presentations at the time were extremely low-tech, recorded on a digital camera in his living room, 160,000 people from 190 countries signed up to the course within days, including young men dodging attacks in Afghanistan.当时,他的课程使用的技术十分低级,是在他的起居室里用一台数码摄像机录制的。尽管如此,几天之内就有来自190个国家的16万人报名参加了这一课程,其中包括正在躲避袭击的阿富汗年轻人。The power of networks and sharing网络与分享的力量As Moocs evolved, however, it became apparent that as few as three per cent of students signing up to courses would complete them. So while others tried to copy Mr Thrun’s model, he was among the first to claim that Moocs were not actually the panacea to the market they had first appeared.不过,随着慕课的发展,人们发现,在报名参加慕课的学生中,似乎只有3%能完成课程学习。因此,虽然其他人也试图复制特龙的成功模式,特龙却较早提出,在线教育市场上最先出现的慕课,其实并不能一劳永逸地解决这个市场的所有问题。Instead, he created a model at Udacity based on supplying credentials, called nanodegrees, that cost a fraction of the cost of traditional programmes and are endorsed by employers.于是,他在Udacity创立了一种新模式,提供被称为微学位(nanodegree)的书。这种书所需成本只有传统教育项目成本的零头,并且得到雇主的认可。“We want to be the Uber of education,” Mr Thrun claims, following the start-up convention of comparing one’s business model to the current darling of the VC community.特龙声称:“我们想成为教育界的优步(Uber)。”这番言论沿袭了创业型企业将自己的商业模式与风投圈现在的宠儿相比拟的习惯。There is some justification for this metaphor given that both Udacity and Uber use a network of freelancers paid per piece of work they perform. In the case of Uber, this means taxi drivers, while Udacity uses the marking skills of academic staff, cross checking nanodegree students’ work through a process of peer review.这一比喻有一定道理,原因是Udacity和优步都使用了由自由职业者组成的网络,按照他们完成的每份工作付报酬。优步使用的是指出租车司机组成的网络,而Udacity使用的则是学术人员的打分技能,通过一种同行评议的过程,实现对微学位学员学习成果的交叉检查。The list of academics on Udacity’s books is now in triple figures, many of whom are retired computer science professors. “We have a guy in South Africa who makes ,000 a month,” says Mr Thrun.如今,Udacity账本上的学者名单有三位数之多,其中许多都是计算机科学领域的退休教授。特龙表示:“我们有一位老师在南非,每个月赚1.1万美元。”The selling points of such “sharing economy” models are not just that they provide work to professionals and enable companies to expand operations relatively easily, but that they create a network effect where the service gets better the more people get involved.这种“分享经济”模式的卖点,不仅仅是向专业人士提供了工作,令企业能够相对容易地扩大业务,还在于它产生了一种网络效应——参与的人越多,务越好。Mr Thrun’s premise is that the way people learn and the way companies are prepared to fund this has changed so dramatically that old models of teaching need to be replaced with more flexible techniques.特龙的假设是,人们学习的方式和企业准备为这一过程提供资金的方式已发生了极大改变,旧的教学模式必须由更加灵活的技术代替。Flexibility is key to competition灵活性是竞争力的关键The first of Udacity’s online courses, in web development and data analytics, was launched in September 2014 through a partnership with US telecoms provider ATamp;T. To date, some 5,000 people have enrolled on it with ATamp;T offering 100 paid internships to those completing the course. Some 20 other tech companies have since become Udacity partners, including Google, Salesforce and Cloudera.Udacity第一门在线课程是有关网络开发和数据分析的,该课程于2014年9月与美国电信务提供商ATamp;T合作推出。截至今天,已有约5000人注册了这一课程,ATamp;T面向完成这一课程的人提供100个带薪实习岗位。自那以来,包括谷歌(Google)、Salesforce、和Cloudera在内,已有另外约20家高科技企业成为Udacity的合作伙伴。“We get 90 per cent finishing rates on courses,” Mr Thrun boasts. However, he cannot afford to rest on his laurels as competition in the market is heating up (see sidebar). There is also a need to keep Udacity’s business model flexible, given that online teaching is still an evolving market, where the one certainty is that no one has yet gained a clear lead.特龙自豪地说:“我们的课程完成率达到了90%。”不过,在线教育市场竞争日益激烈,他也不敢躺在过往的成绩上睡大觉。此外,他还必须保持Udacity商业模式的灵活性,原因是在线教育是个仍在发展变化的市场,关于这个市场唯一确定的一点是还没有人明显领先。Rewards for educational innovation教育创新的回报Mr Thrun knows what he doesn’t want for his company; professors in tenure, which he claims limits the ability to react to market demands. “Android has over a billion users now, but you would be hard pressed to hear of a single college that provides courses in Android.”特龙知道他不希望他的企业有什么,那就是拥有终身教职的教授。他声称,终身教职会限制他们回应市场需求的能力。“目前,Android拥有逾10亿用户。但是,你很难听到任何一所大学提供有关Android的课程。”He is clearly keen to stimulate more blue sky thinking about solving the education challenge he has set himself.很明显,对于如何解决他自己提出的教育领域的挑战,他急于激发出一些更加天马行空的想法。“What I have done instead is hire some very young people. Almost 50 per cent female. Average age is 28.“我所做的是聘用一些非常年轻的人。其中将近一半是女性,平均年龄是28岁。“I want people with fresh ideas. People with a passion for it. What I do is just unleash their potential.”“我想要的是拥有新鲜观点的人,是对此充满热情的人。我所做的只是释放出他们的潜能。”Being in Silicon Valley’s heartlands, where working on a start-up is the norm, is vital for this reason, explains Mr Thrun. He claims it would be harder to develop such a business in another part of the world and certainly not in an existing academic institution. “People in education are risk averse,” he says. “They want to build Steinways. I like to think of us having the impact Ikea has.”特龙解释说,出于这个原因,把公司设在硅谷心脏地带至关重要,因为在这里为创业型企业工作是种常态。他声称,在世界其他地区发展这样的企业将更加困难,而在现有学术机构中发展这类企业则完全不可能。他说:“教育系统中的人都不喜欢冒险。他们想要打造的是像施坦威(Steinway)那样的百年老店。我则喜欢把我们视为与宜家(Ikea)有同样影响的企业。”One of Mr Thrun’s ideas to stimulate creative thinking in Udacity has been to reward suggestions with bottles of wine. In less than a month, he has given more than 12 away. “I want to make it almost mandatory what people can do without fear,” he says.在Udacity,特龙激励创造性思维的一个办法是,提建议就奖葡萄酒。在不到一个月的时间内,他已发放了不止12瓶葡萄酒。他说:“我想要把人们抛弃恐惧后可以做到的事情变成他们必须做到的事情。”Edtech competitors find partners to scale up教育科技业竞争者借合作伙伴扩大规模Down the road from Udacity, Coursera has been building partnerships with commercial organisations and the world’s top universities, including Stanford (photo of campus on left), to offer free courses online for the masses.在Udacity旁边不远处,Coursera已经和多家商业机构以及斯坦福等全球顶尖大学建立了合作关系,向公众提供免费的在线课程。NovoEd, also created by former Stanford professors, is building similar partnerships for online learning.同样由曾经的斯坦福大学教授创办的NovoEd,正在为在线学习建立类似的合作关系。These companies have considerable war chests to fund the competitive battle. Coursera has raised more than m for its effort, an increase on the m Udacity has raised since its launch three years ago.这些企业都坐拥大量资金,供他们开展激烈的竞争。Coursera已募集逾8500万美元用于竞争,超过了Udacity自三年前成立以来筹集的5500万美元。In his defence, Udacity co-founder and chief executive Sebastian Thrun says: “Taking on all of education is like boiling the ocean...My ambition is to make the experience of working at Udacity the best experience of people’s lives. But letting go of people [is] a liberation. I make them a task to find a new job. Many times I find people say thank you for firing me...It doesn’t always work but I think it works most of the time.这位Udacity的共同创始人兼首席执行官这样为自己辩护:“意图拿下全部教育市场无异于想要烧开整个海洋……我的志向是,令在Udacity的工作经历,成为人们生命中的最佳体验。不过,让人们离开是对他们的一种解放。我让他们把找到新工作当做一项任务。我曾多次遇到人们对我说,谢谢您解雇我……这种方式并不总是有效,但我认为多数情况下是奏效的。”“I have an ego but I don’t [say] I know everything. A lot of the decisions I have made were bad decisions,” he adds. “People in the Valley are both arrogant and extremely humble.”他还说:“我比较自信,不过我不会(说)我什么都知道。我所做的决策许多都很糟糕。硅谷人既自负,同时又极度谦卑。” /201509/399128

Baidu, China’s equivalent of Google, said Friday that it had received a nonbinding proposal to acquire its majority stake in the Chinese streaming website Qiyi.com, valuing the business at about .8 billion.百度在周五表示收到一份收购其流媒体视频网站爱奇艺(Qiyi.com)多数股份的非约束性提议,对公司估值约为28亿美元。百度在中国的地位相当于谷歌(Google)。Robin Yanhong Li, the Baidu chairman and chief executive, and Yu Gong, the chief executive of Qiyi, offered to acquire the 80.5 percent stake in Qiyi owned by Baidu.百度董事长兼首席执行官李彦宏和爱奇艺首席执行官龚宇提议,收购百度所持有的80.5%的爱奇艺股份。The consolidation of ownership by Mr. Li and Mr. Gong could be a first step toward an initial public offering of stock for iQiyi. In recent years, iQiyi’s executives have said repeatedly that they are planning to list the company in the ed States in the next few years. Listing the site, which Baidu acquired in 2012, allows it to retain talent by offering new stock incentives and greater independence to the company’s leaders.李彦宏和龚宇此次获取所有权的举措可能是推动爱奇艺首次公开募股的第一步。近些年来,爱奇艺高管曾多次表示,他们计划未来几年在美国上市。百度于2012年收购该视频网站,网站上市后可以提供新的股票激励,给予公司领导层更多独立空间,从而留住人才。Qiyi, now known as iQiyi, started in 2010 with investments from Baidu and Providence Equity Partners. Baidu bought out Providence’s stake for an undisclosed amount in 2012.百度与普罗维登斯投资(Providence Equity Partners)在2010年共同投资创办了视频网站奇艺,后更名为爱奇艺。百度于2012年收购了普罗维登斯所持股份,没有透露交易金额。Baidu competes with its Chinese rivals Alibaba and Tencent to invest in online-to-offline services, the sorts of businesses where the Chinese use smartphones to order things as diverse as meals and massages brought to their homes. This has been an expensive undertaking, with Baidu operating profit for the quarter ended Sept. 30 falling by more than a third from a year ago in part because of rising costs.百度与中国竞争对手阿里巴巴及腾讯争相投资在线-线下务领域,中国人通过智能手机订购各种商品,享受送货到家的务,比如送餐和务。这是一项成本高昂的业务,在截至9月30日的第三季度中,百度的运营利润同比下降超过三分之一,部分是因为成本增加。The buyers would expect that Qiyi would remain a strategic partner after the transaction and enter into cooperation agreements with Baidu if the deal were consummated, Baidu said.百度表示,如果交易达成,买主会希望此后爱奇艺仍然是百度的战略合作伙伴,与百度签订合作协议。“The board cautions Baidu’s shareholders and others considering trading in its securities that the board recently received the nonbinding proposal and no decisions have been made with respect to Baidu’s response to the proposal,” Baidu said in a news release.百度发布新闻稿称,“百度董事会提醒公司股东和其他考虑交易公司股票的投资者,公司目前只是接到了这份收购提议,尚未作出任何决定。”“There can be no assurance that any definitive offer will be made, that any legally binding agreement will be executed or that this or any other transaction will be approved or consummated,” Baidu added.百度还表示,“不能保买方会给出最终的正式报价,也不能确保会实施任何具有法律约束力的协议,将来会达成任何交易。”Such a transaction by a management-involved group for iQiyi would lighten Baidu’s burden in another expensive area: streaming . Baidu competes with Alibaba, Tencent and other Chinese companies to create or buy movies and television shows — both foreign and domestic, with iQiyi showing a range of programs from Chinese costume dramas to American shows like “Homeland” — that Chinese viewers stream through their smartphones, tablets and computers. Baidu has told investors it expects the costs of buying and producing content to continue to rise as a percentage of its income.这项由爱奇艺管理层开展的交易会减轻百度在另一个高成本领域的负担:流媒体视频。百度与阿里巴巴、腾讯及其他中国公司开展竞争,制作或购买国内外电影及电视节目,供中国观众通过智能手机、平板电脑及电脑观看。爱奇艺拥有很多节目,从中国古装剧到《国土安全》(Homeland)等美剧。百度告诉投资者,公司希望继续增加购买及制作节目的出在收入中所占的比重。Baidu said its board had formed a special committee of three independent directors to evaluate the transaction. The law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher amp; Flom has been hired to advise the committee.百度表示,董事会已经成立由三名独立董事组成的特别委员会,对该交易进行评估。该委员会已经聘请世达律师事务所(Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagheramp;Flom)提供顾问务。 /201602/425878

Allianz is to launch a joint venture with the Chinese search engine group Baidu and the investment group Hillhouse Capital in an attempt to set up an online insurer in China.德国保险公司安联(Allianz)将与中国搜索引擎百度(Baidu)及投资集团高瓴资本(Hillhouse Capital)共同组建一家合资公司,目的是在中国建立一家互联网保险公司。The joint venture will apply for a licence to sell insurance online throughout the country, and will target both individual customers and small and medium-sized businesses.该合资公司将申请在中国全国在线销售保险的牌照,目标客户既包括个人也包括中小企业。The trio behind the joint venture intend to offer a range of products including travel, health and internet finance insurance, according to people familiar with the situation.知情人士称,该合资公司背后的三家公司计划推出一系列产品,包括旅行险、健康险和互联网金融险。Allianz’s business in China only makes up a small share of its 122bn in overall annual revenues, but the company is hoping to tap into the rapid expansion of the local market, where premiums are expected to quadruple over the next five years.安联的在华业务仅占其1220亿欧元年度总收入的一小部分,但该公司希望从中国市场的迅猛增长中分一杯羹。未来5年里,中国市场的保费收入将增长3倍。Allianz declined to comment. The company is due to update investors on its strategy later on Tuesday at an event at its headquarters in Munich.安联拒绝置评。该公司将于周二晚些时候在其慕尼黑总部的一次活动上向投资者通报有关其战略的最新信息。The joint venture is one of the first big moves by Oliver Bate, the former McKinsey consultant who succeeded Michael Diekmann as the head of Germany’s largest insurance group in May.组建上述合资公司是这家德国最大保险公司的首席执行官奥利弗拜特(Oliver Bate)的首批重大举措之一。拜特曾在麦肯锡(McKinsey)担任咨询师,今年5月接替米夏埃尔狄克曼(Michael Diekmann)担任安联首席执行官。It highlights the pressures that insurers are under to adapt their business models to the changing habits of customers, who are increasingly purchasing insurance online, rather than through traditional channels such as insurance brokers and banks.此举突显出保险公司正面临压力,要求它们调整业务模式以适应不断变化的客户习惯。保险客户正越来越多地在网上购买保险,而不是通过保险经纪人和等传统渠道。Mr Bate said earlier this week that the move online was having a “big impact” on insurers, and argued that it was important to make Allianz more focused on customers’ changing demands in response.本周早些时候拜特表示,这种趋势正给保险公司带来“巨大影响”。他认为,安联为此应更加关注客户不断变化的需求。 /201511/412451

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