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Hi, everybody.嗨,大家好。For millions of Americans, this is a special and sacred time of year.对于数以百万计的美国人而言,这是一年中特别而神圣的时刻。。This week, Jewish families gathered around the Seder table, commemorating the Exodus from Egypt and the triumph of faith over oppression.在本周犹太家庭将团聚在逾越节餐桌前,一起纪念出埃及记及反抗压迫的信念取得的胜利。And this weekend, Michelle, Malia, Sasha and I will join Christians around the world to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the hopeful promise of Easter.而在本周末,米歇尔、米拉、萨莎和我将与全世界的基督徒一起庆祝耶稣基督的复活以及神赐予的复活节的美好承诺。In the midst of all of our busy and noisy lives,在我们忙碌而纷杂的生活中,these holy days afford us the precious opportunity to slow down and spend some quiet moments in prayer and reflection.这些神圣的日子给我们提供了放慢脚步,静静的花些时间去祷告和反思的难得机会。As Christians, my family and I remember the incredible sacrifice Jesus made for each and every one of us—how He took on the sins of the world and extended the gift of salvation.作为基督徒,我的家庭和我始终牢记耶稣为我们每一个人所做的毫无保留的牺牲,是他带走了全世界的罪恶救赎我们。And we recommit ourselves to following His example here on Earth.而我们也再次叮嘱自己永远以他为榜样。To loving our Lord and Savior.爱我们的主和救世主。To loving our neighbors.爱我们的邻里朋友。And to seeing in everyone, especially “the least of these, as a child of God.作为上帝的子民,将这种爱传递到每个人,尤其是“那些最卑微的人。Of course, those values are at the heart not just of the Christian faith; but of all faiths.当然,这些价值观不仅仅存在于基督徒的内心,还存在于所有信仰的人们心中。From Judaism to Islam; Hinduism to Sikhism; there echoes a powerful call to serve our brothers and sisters.从犹太教到伊斯兰教,从印度教到锡克教,都回响着为我们的兄弟务的庄重誓言。To keep in our hearts a deep and abiding compassion for all.对所有人的深深同情留在我们心底。And to treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves.希望别人怎么待我们,我们就应该如何去对待别人。That’s the common humanity that binds us together.这是将我们团结起来的基本的人性伦理。And as Americans, we’re united by something else, too:作为美国人,我们还因为别的事情团结在一起:faith in the ideals that lie at the heart of our founding; and the belief that,深深埋藏在我们心底的理想信念;as part of something bigger than ourselves, we have a shared responsibility to look out for our fellow citizens.而作为大家庭的一员,我们有着照顾同胞的共同责任信念。So this weekend, I hope were all able to take a moment to pause and reflect.所以本周末,我希望我们都能暂停一下反思一下,To embrace our loved ones.为了我们深爱的人们,To give thanks for our blessings.为了上天的恩赐,To rededicate ourselves to interests larger than our own.为了让我们再次献身于比自己更重要的事业。And to all the Christian families who are celebrating the Resurrection, Michelle and I wish you a blessed and joyful Easter.对所有正在欢庆基督复活的基督徒家庭,米切尔和我祝福大家复活节幸福快乐。God bless you.愿上帝保佑你们。And may God continue to bless the ed States of America.愿上帝继续庇佑美利坚合众国。201304/234732

And if you do all of this, then I am confident我坚信 只要能够做到所有这些that you will uphold that duty你们必将履行好职责and write your own chapter into the legacy of this great university并在这所伟大学校的历史上写下自己崭新的篇章And let me tell you something不得不说I cannot wait to see the world that your children will be born into我等不及想看你们的子女会生在一个怎样的世界Congratulations祝贺大家I love you all我爱你们所有人I am honored to be here我很荣幸能来到这里I am proud of you我为你们感到骄傲God bless you上帝保佑你们And thank your families还要感谢你们的家人Mr. President校长先生It is my privilege to present to you Mrs. Michelle Obama我很荣幸向你介绍米歇尔?奥巴马夫人candidate for the honorary degree of doctor of humane letters人文学荣誉士候选人It gives me a great deal of pleasure to present this award to someone我很高兴能够把这份荣誉授予给你who is demonstrative what it means to serve你用行动明了务精神no matter what station you hold in life无论身份地位 务永无止尽You have exemplified one of the tenets that we hold dear in our mission你为我校使命中珍视的原则提供了榜样That is to develop students也就是致力于who are culturally aware and concerned with the human condition培养具有文化自觉和人文关怀的学生201504/367871

Lets give it up a round of applause 让我们用热烈掌声感谢那些for those paying out-of-state tuition, shall we? 付高额州外学费的同学 好吗Because without those people 因为 没有这些人tomorrow instead of wearing gowns and mortarboards 今后你们将不再是穿着长袍和方帽毕业youd be graduating in ponchos made of hefty bags 而是穿着大麻袋制成的斗篷with used pizza boxes on your head 头顶旧批萨盒毕业But as has been stated before 不过就像我之前说的the most impressive ranking of all 最令人印象深刻的排名是has got to be Playboy once again naming you 杂志又一次将你们评为the number one party school in America 美国排名第一的派对学校Now to be clear, I only Playboy for the rankings 申明一点 我看 都是只读排名but Im not surprised by this honor 我对这个荣誉并不惊奇because I have seen you in action 因为我亲眼见过When I used to visit back in the day 我原来还总是回到这里I spent a fair amount of time at the Phi Kapp house 花不少时间到Phi Kapp屋which at that time had no doors 它当时没有门because apparently they kept getting partied off hinges 门显然是因为派对太疯狂 而从铰链上掉了下来and I wont go into more about those days 过去那些往事我就不多讲了because I do not remember them 因为 我记不得了and you know this is an impressive institution 你们知道 这是一所令人钦佩的大学because it rejected my application 因为它拒绝了我的申请Yes in the spring of 1984 I applied as a transfer student 对 1984年春 我作为转校生提出申请and at the time you could send your essay in after the rest of the application 而当时 你可以在申请过后再提交论文Well apparently the admissions board 显然 招生委员会took issue with the content of my essay 对我论文的内容产生了异议which was none because I never sent it 但是压根就没有 我根本就没有提交201603/429418

  If you told me that Id have to be depressed for the next month,如果你告诉我,我会在接下来的一个月里一直抑郁I would say, ;As long I know itll be over in November, I can do it.;我会说,“只要一个月之后不抑郁了我就可以接受。”But if you said to me, ;You have to have acute anxiety for the next month,;但如果你告诉我,“你会在接下来的一个月里严重焦虑。”I would rather slit my wrist than go through it.那么我宁可割腕也不愿意忍受It was the feeling all the time这是一种持续的感觉like that feeling you have if youre walking and you slip or trip就好像你走在路上滑倒了或者绊倒了and the ground is rushing up at you,地面猛冲向你的感觉but instead of lasting half a second, the way that does, it lasted for six months.但这种感觉不是半秒钟,而是持续6个月Its a sensation of being afraid all the time but not even knowing what it is that youre afraid of.这是一种时时刻刻感到惧怕,却不知道自己在惧怕什么的感觉And it was at that point that I began to think that it was just too painful to be alive,就在那时我开始想活着太痛苦了and that the only reason not to kill oneself was so as not to hurt other people.人不自杀的唯一原因是因为不想伤害身边的人And finally one day, I woke up and I thought perhaps Id had a stroke,终于有一天,我醒来的时候,我觉得我可能中风了because I lay in bed completely frozen, looking at the telephone, thinking,因为我躺在床上整个人是完全僵硬的,我看着电话,心想;Something is wrong and I should call for help,;“不好了,我该打电话求助。”and I couldnt reach out my arm and pick up the phone and dial.但我没办法伸出手去,没有办法拿到电话来拨号And finally, after four full hours of my lying and staring at it, the phone rang,终于,在我躺在那盯着电话整整四小时之后,电话铃响了and somehow I managed to pick it up, and it was my father,我不记得自己怎么拿到的电话,是我父亲打来的and I said, ;Im in serious trouble. We need to do something.;我说,“我现在遇到大麻烦了,我们必须做点什么。”The next day I started with the medications and the therapy.第二天我开始吃药,开始接受治疗And I also started reckoning with this terrible question:与此同时我开始思考一个可怕的问题If Im not the tough person如果我不是那种坚强到who could have made it through a concentration camp, then who am I?即使被送去集中营也可以存活下来的人,那么我是谁呢?And if I have to take medication,如果我需要吃药的话is that medication making me more fully myself, or is it making me someone else?那么药物是让我变得更像自己,还是让我更不像自己?And how do I feel about it if its making me someone else?如果会让我变得像别人,那么我又如何感觉到这点呢?I had two advantages as I went in to the fight.在这个抗争的过程中我有两个优势The first is that I knew that, objectively speaking,首先是我很清楚,客观地说I had a nice life, and that if I could only get well,我有一个不错的生活条件,如果我能好起来there was something at the other end that was worth living for.那么最终是会有一些东西值得我去为之而活的And the other was that I had access to good treatment.另外一点就是我能接受好的治疗But I nonetheless emerged and relapsed,但我却不知为何,好转了又复发and emerged and relapsed, and emerged and relapsed,又好转,又复发,再好转,再复发and finally understood I would have to be on medication and in therapy forever.最后我才意识到,我必须一辈子依赖药物以及治疗And I thought, ;But is it a chemical problem or a psychological problem?于是我想,“但这到底是一个化学问题还是一个心理问题?And does it need a chemical cure or a philosophical cure?;这到底需要化学疗法还是心理疗法呢?”And I couldnt figure out which it was.我无法找到问题的And then I understood that actually,然后我明白了we arent advanced enough in either area for it to explain things fully.事实上我们对这两个领域的了解都还不够,都还不足以完全弄清真相201602/425459

  Today, they live in this area,今天,他们生活在这片区域,approximately 50,000 to 70,000 people,大约5万到7万人,who live in this community of self-built multi-story houses where up to three generations live in one structure.住在自己建的多层房屋的社区里三代同堂。While these apartments that they built for themselves appear to lack any planning or formal grid,虽然这些他们建给自己的公寓看上去缺少规划或者正规的架构,each family specializing in a certain form of recycling means that the ground floor of each apartment is reserved for garbage-related activities and the upper floor is dedicated to living space.但每家都擅长收一种特殊的回收方式,这意味着每个公寓的底层被预留给进行垃圾处理相关的工作,上层是用于居住的空间。I find it incredible to see how these piles and piles of garbage are invisible to the people who live there,我很不可思议地看到,这些成堆成堆的垃圾是如何能被住在这里的人们所忽视,like this very distinguished man who is posing while all this garbage is sort of streaming out behind him,像这个正在端坐的有威望的长者,他的后面却仿佛有大量垃圾要溢出,or like these two young men who are sitting and chatting amongst these tons of garbage.或者像这两位年轻人正坐着聊天在他们之间却有着成吨的垃圾。While to most of us, living amongst these piles and piles of garbage may seem totally uninhabitable,虽然对我们大部分人,生活在这些成堆成堆的垃圾中间可能似乎无法适应,to those in the Zabbaleen, this is just a different type of normal.但对那些生活在扎巴林的人来说,这只是一种与众不同的平常。In all these places Ive talked about today,在所有我今天说到的地方,what I do find fascinating is that theres really no such thing as normal,我发现最有意思的是没有一种叫寻常的东西,and it proves that people are able to adapt to any kind of situation.这明人们有能力适应各种生存环境。Throughout the day, its quite common to come across a small party taking place in the streets, just like this engagement party.一天中,遇到一个正在街上进行的小型派对是非常正常的。就像这个订婚的派对。In this tradition, the bride-to-be displays all of their belongings,在这种传统中,准新娘展示出她们要带给未来新丈夫的,which they soon bring to their new husband.所有个人物品。A gathering like this one offers such a juxtaposition where all the new stuff is displayed and all the garbage is used as props to display all their new home accessories.像这样的物品的堆放展示出一种东西放在一起的情形,所有新的物品被展示出来,而所有的垃圾被用作展示他们新家所有小装饰的道具。201601/423918。

  Tomorrow, in a very real sense, your life--the life you author from scratch on your own--begins.明天,非常现实地说,你们的人生——你们从零塑造自己的人生——即将开启。How will you use your gifts? What choices will you make?你们将如何运用自己的天赋?你们又将做出怎样的抉择?Will inertia be your guide, or will you follow your passions?你们是被惯性所引导,还是追随自己内心的?Will you follow dogma, or will you be original?你们会墨守成规,还是勇于创新?Will you choose a life of ease, or a life of service and adventure?你们会选择安逸的生活,还是选择一个奉献与冒险的生活?Will you wilt under criticism, or will you follow your convictions?你们会屈从于批评,还是会坚守信念?Will you bluff it out when youre wrong, or will you apologize?你们会掩饰错误,还是会坦诚道歉?Will you guard your heart against rejection, or will you act when you fall in love?你们会因害怕被拒绝而掩饰内心,还是会在面对爱情时勇往直前?Will you play it safe, or will you be a little bit swashbuckling?你们想要波澜不惊,还是想要搏击风浪?When its tough, will you give up, or will you be relentless?你们会在严峻的现实之下选择放弃,还是会义无反顾地前行?Will you be a cynic, or will you be a builder?你们要做愤世嫉俗者,还是踏实的建设者?Will you be clever at the expense of others, or will you be kind?你们要不计一切代价地展示聪明,还是选择善良?I will hazard a prediction. When you are 80 years old, and in a quiet moment of reflection narrating for only yourself the most personal version of your life story, the telling that will be most compact and meaningful will be the series of choices you have made. In the end, we are our choices. Build yourself a great story. Thank you and good luck!我要冒险做一个预测。当你们在80岁时只有你一个人静静对内心诉说着自己的人生故事时,其中最为充实、最有意义的那段讲述,会被你们做出的一系列决定所填满。最终,是选择塑造了我们的人生。为你自己塑造一个伟大的人生故事。谢谢,祝你们好运! /201309/258654

  So lets connect all this together.那么让我们把我们的大脑都连起来。So if Im understanding correctly, one of the monkeys is actually getting a signal and the other monkey is reacting to that signal just because the first one is receiving it and transmitting the neurological impulse.那么,如果我理解正确的话,其中一只猴子得到信号,而另一只猴子接到信号做出反应是因为第一只猴子接收并传递神经脉冲。No, its a little different.不,这有一些不同。No monkey knows of the existence of the other two monkeys.没有一只猴子知道有另外两只猴子的存在。They are getting a visual feedback in 2D,它们接收到一个二维的视觉反馈,but the task they have to accomplish is 3D.但它们要完成的任务却是三维的。They have to move an arm in three dimensions.他们需要在三维空间里移动胳膊。But each monkey is only getting the two dimensions on the screen that the monkey controls.但是每只猴子在控制时只有二维图像。And to get that thing done,you need at least two monkeys to synchronize their brains,but the ideal is three. 而要完成这个任务,你需要至少两只猴子 去同步它们的大脑,但是在理想状态下是 同时同步三只猴子的大脑。So what we found out is that when one monkey starts slacking down,the other two monkeys enhance their performance to get the guy to come back,so this adjusts dynamically, but the global synchrony remains the same. 那么我们发现 当一只猴子开始松懈时,另外两只猴子提高他们的动作让松懈的那只猴子跟上节奏,那么这个只是动态上有调整,但是整体还是不变的。Now, if you flip without telling the monkey the dimensions that each brain has to control,like this guy is controlling x and y,but he should be controlling now y and z,instantaneously, that animals brain forgets about the old dimensions and it starts concentrating on the new dimensions. 现在,如果你改变每个大脑控制的维度但没有事先告知那些猴子,比如这只猴子控制X和Y,但是它本应该控制Y和Z,动物的大脑立即忘掉旧的指令并开始专注于新的指令。So what I need to say is that no Turing machine,no computer can predict what a brain net will do. 我需要说的是这里没有图灵机,没有计算机可以预言大脑能做什么。So we will absorb technology as part of us.那么我们将技术吸收成为我们的一部分。Technology will never absorb us.科技将不会控制我们。Its simply impossible.这是不可能的。How many times have you tested this?你们测试了多少次?And how many times have you succeeded versus failed?而在测试中成功和失败的比率是多少?Oh, tens of times.噢,几十倍With the three monkeys? Oh, several times.三只猴子在一起的时候? 哦,好几次。I wouldnt be able to talk about this here unless I had done it a few times.我不可能站在这如果我没有至少做几次测试。And I forgot to mention, because of time,that just three weeks ago, a European group just demonstrated the first man-to-man brain-to-brain connection. 而我忘记提了,因为时间关系,在三周前一群欧洲人刚演示了第一个人对人,脑对脑的连接。And how does that play?而那个又是如何运作的?There was one bit of information-big ideas start in a humble way but basically the brain activity of one subject was transmitted to a second object, all non-invasive technology.我知道一点信息 伟大的想法,总始于藏在不起眼的地方,但是基本上一个目标的大脑运动通过非入侵式科技传递到第二个目标。So the first subject got a message, like our rats, a visual message,and transmitted it to the second subject. 那么第一个目标得到一个信息 比如之前说的老鼠,得到一个视觉信号,并传递给第二个目标。The second subject received a magnetic pulse in the visual cortex,第二个目标在其视觉皮层接收到磁脉冲,or a different pulse, two different pulses.或是两种不同的脉冲。In one pulse, the subject saw something.在第一个脉冲中, 目标发现某些东西。On the other pulse, he saw something different.在另一个脉冲他发现不同的东西。And he was able to verbally indicate what was the message the first subject was sending through the Internet across continents.而它能够在口头上通过跨大洲的互联网指出第一个物体所发出的信息是什么。Moderator: Wow. Okay, thats where we are going.主持人:哇 那好,这就是我们的方向。Thats the next TED Talk at the next conference.这将在下一个TED Talk里为大家展示。Miguel Nicolelis, thank you. Thank you, Bruno. Thank you. Miguel Nicolelis,谢谢你。谢谢。谢谢大家。201503/365559He was attempting to repress and criminalize他试图压制和定罪those who sympathized with an economic system that was, even then, failing那些赞同哪怕在当时都已经很失败的经济体制的人McCarthys Red Scare destroyed thousands of lives麦卡锡的红色恐惧让数以千计的人失去了生命but what was he so afraid of?他害怕的是什么呢An idea in this case, communism是一种思想 也就是共产主义that he and others deemed dangerous他和一些人认为这种思想很危险But he was right about one thing不过他至少在一点上是正确的Ideas can be dangerous思想确实危险They can change society思想能够改变社会They can upend traditions思想能够颠覆传统They can start revolutions思想能够开启革命Thats why throughout history这就是为什么历史上those in authority have tried to repress ideas that threaten their那些权贵要抑制思想 避免这些思想威胁到power, their religion, their ideology, or their reelection chances他们的权力 宗教 意识形态以及地位That was true for Socrates and Galileo苏格拉底和伽利略是这样it was true for Nelson Mandela and Václav Havel纳尔逊?曼德拉和瓦茨拉夫?哈维尔是这样and it has been true for Ai Wei Wei, Pussy Riot艾未未 造反猫咪乐队and the kids who made the ;Happy; in Iran以及在伊朗制作;快乐;视频的孩子们也是这样Repressing free expression is a natural human weakness压抑自由言论表达是人类本性上的弱点and it is up to us to fight it at every turn每次出现时 我们都需要同它进行斗争Intolerance of ideas whether liberal or conservative对思想的不宽容 无论是自由还是保守派思想is antithetical to individual rights and free societies都是同个人权利和自由社会背道而驰的and it is no less antithetical to great universities and first-rate scholarships以上这些自然也适用于伟大大学和顶尖学者There is an idea floating around college campuses including here at Harvard I think大学校园正流传着一种观点 我想哈佛也不例外that scholars should be funded only if their work conforms to a认为学者只有在研究符合特定正义观念的前提下particular view of justice才应获得资助Theres a word for that idea: censorship这种观点可以用一个词来概括:审查And it is just a modern-day form of McCarthyism这是麦卡锡主义的当代表现Think about the irony想想这有多么讽刺In the 1950s, the right wing was attempting to repress left wing ideas40年代 右翼试图抑制左翼思想Today, on many college campuses而今天 在很多大学校园it is liberals trying to repress conservative ideas自由派则开始抑制保守派思想even as conservative faculty members are at risk of becoming an endangered species保守派教职员工甚至就快成为濒危物种And that is probably nowhere more true than here in the Ivy League这种情况尤其是在常春藤盟校最为突出201410/336671




  LXD(杰出舞蹈家组成的舞蹈团)照亮了TED2010年的舞台,向我们展现了正在全球通过网络而迅速发展起来的街舞艺术。在Jon Chu带来的一组网络上传播的舞蹈系列中,这个令人惊叹的舞蹈组合展示了他们超常的表现力。201505/374428


  Until he does so, he labors under a curse. He writes not of love but of lust, of defeats in which nobody loses anything of value, of victories without hope and, worst of all, without pity or compassion. His grief grieves on no universal bones, leaving no scars. He writes not of the heart but of the glands.他若是做不到这样,他的气力终归白费。他不是在写爱而是在写情欲,他写的失败是没有人失去可贵东西的失败,他写的胜利是没有希望的胜利,更糟的是,甚至是没有怜悯或同情的胜利。他不是为遍地白骨而悲伤,所以留不下痕迹。他不是在写心灵而是在写器官。Until he relearns these things, he will wirte as though he stood among and watched the end of man. I decline to accept the end of man. It is easy enough to say that man is immortal simply because he will endure: that when the last ding-dong of doom has clanged and faded from the last worthless rock hanging tideless in the last red and dying evening, that even then there will still be one more sound; that of his puny inexhaustible voice, still talking. I refuse to accept this. I believe that man will not merely endure: he will prevail. He is immortal, not because he alone among creatures has an inexhaustible voice, but because he has a soul, a spirit capable of compassion and sacrifice and endurance. The poets, the wirters duty is to write about these things. It is his privilege to help man endure by lifting his heart, by reminding him of the courage and honor and pride and compassion and pity and sacrifice which have been the glory of his past. The poets voice need not merely be the record of man; it can be one of the props, the pillars to help him endure and prevail.在他重新懂得这些之前,他写作时,就犹如站在处于世界末日的人类中去观察末日的来临。我不接受人类末日的说法。因人能传宗接代而说人是不朽的,这很容易。说即使最后一次钟声已经消失,消失在再也没有潮水冲刷的映在落日余晖里的海上的最后一块无用礁石旁时,还会有一个声音,人类微弱的,持续不断的话语声,这也很容易。但是我不能接受这种说法。我相信人类不仅能传宗接代,而且能战胜一切而永存。人之不朽不是因为在动物中唯独他永远能发言,而是因为他有灵魂,有同情、牺牲和忍耐的能力。诗人和作家的责任就是把这些写出来。诗文和作家的特权就是去鼓舞人的斗志,使人记住过去曾经有过的荣光——人类曾有过的勇气、荣誉、希望、自尊、同情、怜悯与牺牲精神。诗人的声音不应只是人类的记录,而应是使人类永存并得到胜利的柱和顶梁。 /201310/259220

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