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Meat for Horse Drivers腾冲马帮菜-赶马肉In winter, it is extremely chilly on the Ancient Tea Horse Road, a passage vital for business between China and South Asia. A group of businessmen, who ride on the horse, must press on even in the most unfavorable weather. Since their images are always associated with horse, they are also entitled “Horse Drivers”. Aside from commodities, the second important thing they must carry is cured meat, the food suitable for the journey. Being suitable means the food must be easily cooked in a short time for the extension of time dwelling on the Road is tantamount to the accumulation of danger. Traveling day and night, they wish they could finish the trade as soon as possible and head home staying with their family. Therefore, they are always having the meal in the simplest and quickest manner. They simply take out the cured meat, cut them into pieces and simmer them in the covered pot. Sometimes, if the fresh meat is available in the market, they will cook the fresh one instead. The dish is thus called “meat for Horse Drivers”. Being simple and convenient, it is the optimal choice for businessmen on the Road.腾冲作为茶马古道的要冲,民间自然有马帮菜传承。其中最负盛名的就是“赶马肉”。它实际就是焖肉块。当年的赶马人会随身携带干腊肉,吃饭时,取出来剁成大块,焖上一大锅,当然,如果遇上集市能买到鲜肉,他们就会用鲜的五花肉代替腊肉。 赶马人在路上的每一天都冒着生命危险,行程多一天就多一份不安全,因此日夜兼程,饭菜以简单、方便为原则。“赶马肉”就成了最佳选择。 /201505/377237“Three-miles” Seasoned Rice Vinegar“三公里”的丽江头醋Hundreds of vinegar jars were lining up in Zhang Sui#39;s backyard, a manifesto of his family#39;s devotion to vinegar making which lasts more than one hundred and fifty years. Among six generations, women instead of men were in charge of vinegar making. The name of the vinegar ;Three-mile; might seem confusing and irrelevant, but it embodied profound meanings.Above all, when Zhang Sui#39;s ancestors made the vinegar for the first time, they were told by the neighbors that the odor could be smelt beyond three miles. As a result, residents who were fascinated by the scent flocked to his ancestor#39;s house and enquired if they could take a bowl of vinegar home. In addition, virtually the name indicated Zhang Sui’s family’s long-lasting love for vinegar making which Zhang Sui#39;s mother, a lady of sixty years old, exemplified. “Those vinegar jars are part of my life. I cannot imagine a life without them. My mother#39;s mother can lift them up even when she was eighty years old.”She said with excitement. To the family, perhaps, making vinegar had aly become a way of life.“三公里”丽江头醋由玉米和大麦纯粮酿造的,但是“醋根”是张家的。当家的叫张岁,他家是制醋世家,男的行医,女的做醋,六代人150多年衣钵相传。张岁的母亲说舍不下那些酿醋的老坛子,它们釉厚胎薄,翻糟轻便,她说:“我婆婆的婆婆80多岁时还能搬动它们”。可见他们对酿醋的感情深厚。 /201505/375882Tianma - Gastrodia elata (Latin name) 天麻 Tianma is a very precious Chinese herb growing in the valleys and is classified into single group Tianma.天麻是一种珍贵的中药材,生长在深山峡谷之中,一株只长一个天麻的,叫独麻;一株长一窝天麻的,叫窝麻。The major function of Tianma is to cure liver wind, dizziness and infantile convulsions of children, etc. with distinct effect. In China, Tianma grows in many remote mountain areas but the best are in Baokang county of northwest region of Hubei province. Legend has it that there lived a clan of hundreds of families deep in Jingshan mountain living and laboring in peace and contentment. But somehow in a year, the clan was shocked by a queer disease. Patients would have splitting headache, serious limb twitch, or even paralysis. People resorted to medicine and divine but all efforts turned out in vain.天麻主治肝风头痛、眩晕、小儿惊风等症,功效显著。中国不少深山都产天麻,但保康出的药效最好,这里还有个传说故事。在很古的时候,荆山深处有一个部落,住着百十户人家,过着安居乐业的生活。这一年,部落里突然流行起一种奇怪的疾病。这种病一旦缠身,头痛得像裂开似的,严重的会四肢抽搐,半身瘫痪。部落里的人们占卜求医,但都不见效果。The tribe leader was baffled by his people’s sufferings and was resolved to pay a visit to a renowned doctor in the hope of finding the cure.部落首领平时弄点草药给人们治治头痛脑热。他见人们被病魔折磨而自己又束手无策,心中十分难受,就决心去访求名医,寻找治愈这种病的药物和方法。Having heard of a skilled doctor in Wudao Valley who was able to cure this disease, he started for the doctor immediately with enough food. Wudao Valley was situated among deep and sparsely populated mountains. Could he get to the skilled doctor?这位首领听说五道峡有一个神医能治疗这种病,于是带了干粮披星戴月,向五道峡进发。五道峡是山中蜿蜒曲折的大峡谷,四周崇山峻岭环绕,人迹稀少,到哪里去寻找神医呢?Having tramped over hills and dales, the chief finally met an old man gathering firewood in a forest. He asked about the skilled doctor and was told the doctor was in a village called Shuangti.这位首领翻越了一座座山峰,走遍了每道山坡终于在一片树林里遇到了一位打柴的老汉。他想从老汉那里打听神医住在什么地方,老汉打量了部落首领一下,说神医这几天到双梯寨去了,让他到那里找一找。The chief bid farewell to the old man and continued his way to Shuangti village which was actually a natural stone village built on precipitous cliffs. He climbed up arduously and reached at last. The moment he entered the village gate, he felt dizzy and fell down. But in a few moments, he awoke and stopped twitching finding himself in a cave. Looking up and down his eyes fell on some plant roots on a stone table.这位首领辞别了老汉,又急急忙忙地向双梯寨赶去。这双梯寨,实为耸立在万仞绝壁上的天然石寨。一路上山道崎岖,奇峰插云,这位首领吃尽千万苦,终于攀上了双梯寨。没想到他刚进寨门就感到头晕目眩,一头栽进一洞中,没过多久,四肢也不再抽搐了。他起身打量洞内的东西,发现石桌上堆着一些植物块茎。At that time, an old man came inside with a bow of medicine in his hands y for him to drink. The tribe leader recognized the old man as the one who he had previously met in the mountains. He was about to say something but was stopped by the old man. “You were infected with the same disease that had been haunting your people and the herb you need is on the stone table over there.” said the old man “and they should be preserved in the shadow buried under decayed leaves.” The tribe leader took deep bows to express his profound gratitude to the old man, but when he looked up the old man was aly gone. The chief knew clearly that encountered a miracle doctor as well as miracle herb.正在这时,洞外走进来一位老汉,手中端着一碗药,让部落首领喝下去。这位首领一看,眼前的老汉正是在五道峡树林里遇到的那位打柴人。他刚要说话,老汉笑哈哈地拦住他,告诉他生的病和总落的人们生的病一样,要靠一种药材医治。药材已准备好,就放在石桌,让他病好后带回部落里去。这位首领躬身下拜,感谢老汉的救命大恩。老汉告诉他说,这种;药材; 如果吃完,就把它藏在背阴的烂树叶里,它就会永远用不完。这位首领低身拜,待他抬起头时,老汉已不见踪影了。这位首领知道自己遇到的老汉是神医,他的药材是天赐之物。就把老汉备好的药材放进口袋里,背回到部落里去了。Back home, the chief stewed the herb for all patients to drink. Shortly after, patients all recovered gradually. He hid the rest of herb under shady and rotten leafs as the old man advised. Since then, this herb grew prosperously year in year out.回到部落,这道领把神医赐的药材熬了一大锅,让生病的人喝下,几锅药水一喝,部落里生病的人逐渐好了。他把剩下的药材,依照神医所嘱,藏在背阴处的烂树叶里,从此,这药材就一年年地繁殖下来。.Everybody believed the herb to be panacea from the heaven to cure dizziness and hemiplegia . So people called it “Tianma”.人们说这药材是神医所赐的上天之物,又专治头晕目眩,半身麻痹瘫痪,就把这种药材叫做天麻了。 /201504/372198

Of all the family-newspaper-appropriate socioeconomic slurs, one that was ubiquitous in the 1980s and ’90s is slowly on its way out in this millennium: yuppie.在所有适于刊登在家庭小报上的特殊社会经济学称谓当中,有一个曾风靡于二十世纪八九十年代的词在进入了二十一世纪之后逐渐没落了,那就是“雅皮士”(yuppie)。This moderately derogatory term for young urban professionals, or young upwardly mobile professionals (given more kick with the addendum of “scum”), is believed to have first appeared in print in a 1980 Chicago magazine article by Dan Rottenberg, though he does not take credit for coining it. A Google Ngram search reveals that the word’s usage in books began ascending steeply in 1983 and reached its apex a decade later.这个略带贬义的词曾被用于那些年轻的都市职业人,或那些年轻的还在往上爬的职业人(考虑到后面带个“渣”字会更带劲)。据人们通常的看法,这个词首次出现在1980年芝加哥的一本杂志中,用于丹·罗登伯格(Dan Rottenberg)的一篇文章里,虽然他并不承认自己生造了这样一个词。而谷歌的Ngram搜索显示,这个词在书籍中的使用频率从1983年起急剧上升,并在10年后达到了顶峰。It’s no surprise that the yuppie flourished after the gloomy ’70s had yielded to easy money in the stock market (until 1987, at least) for postcollegiate brokers and boomers eager to invest after their youthful fling with the counterculture. Television and movies amply reflected the proliferating demographic. The yuppie apotheosis on the small screen was “Thirtysomething” and “Seinfeld”; in the multiplex, there were too many to mention, but “The Big Chill” and “When Harry Met Sally” would be a good start, and, on the darker side, Michael Douglas’s 1987 filmography (“Wall Street” and “Fatal Attraction”).雅皮士的兴起不足为奇,在此之前,昏天黑地的70年代早已屈于股市中唾手可得的金钱(直到1987年,至少),因为那些曾在大学宣扬反主流文化的华尔街经纪人与婴儿潮一代人毕业之后都热衷于投资。那时候,有许多影视作品都充分反映了这个人数越来越多的群体。在小屏幕上,关于雅皮士的经典之作包括《三十而立》(Thirtysomething)和《宋飞正传》(Seinfeld);而在大荧幕上则数不胜数,但是《七个毕业生》(The Big Chill)和《当哈利碰上莎莉》(When Harry Met Sally)是不错的开始,主题比较黑暗的则有迈克尔·道格拉斯(Michael Douglas)的1987年影片集锦(例如《华尔街》[Wall Street]与《致命的诱惑》[Fatal Attraction])。We have plenty of equivalents today, such as “This Is 40” (and nearly every other romantic comedy) and TV’s “Togetherness” and the recently departed “Parenthood” and “How I Met Your Mother” (and most other dramedies and sitcoms). Their organic-buying, gym-going, homeowning characters, however, aren’t tagged as yuppies as ily as those from the previous era were. It’s not because they aren’t from the narcissistic upper middle class; they certainly are. But they look different now.如今,我们可以看到更多这样的作品,例如《四十而惑》(This Is 40)(和其他的几乎每部爱情喜剧片),还有电视《患难与共》(Togetherness),以及近几年出品的《为人父母》(Parenthood)与《老爸老妈的浪漫史》(How I Met Your Mother)(和其他大部分的电视小品与情景喜剧)。但如今电影电视中的这些买有机食品、上健身房、居有其屋的主人公们,并没有像以前那样被贴上雅皮士的标签。这倒不是因为他们已经不属于自我陶醉的中上阶层了;他们肯定还是中上阶层。但现在他们看起来已经大不相同了。The yuppie has shifted from standing on the prow of his yacht in an attitude of rapaciously aspirational entitlement to a defensive crouch of financial and existential insecurity. This instability has fragmented the yuppie’s previously coherent identity into a number of personae, each of which can trace its lineage to its ’80s paterfamilias.雅皮士的形象已经发生了变化,从曾经野心勃勃地站在游艇前端的姿态,变成了如今为财务与存在的不安感觉而采取了防御式蹲伏的姿态。这种不稳定性已经把雅皮士曾经一致的身份拆成了多个不同的面貌,而每种面貌都能回溯到那个80年代的源头。Collectively, these microyuppies are just as strong in their ranks as their progenitors, if not more so. Three decades ago, the yuppie was viewed as a self-interested alien invader in an America that had experienced a solid 20 years of radical activism and meaningful progress in civil rights and women’s liberation. A generation and a half later, we have so deeply internalized the values of the yuppie that we have ceased to notice when one is in our midst — or when we have become one ourselves.这些微雅皮们即便在等级上不能超过前人,但集中起来也几乎一样强大。三十前,雅皮士被视为一群入侵了美国的外来利己主义者,当时的美国已经历了整整20年的激进主义、在公民权利与女性自由方面都取得了实质性的进展。在经过了不到两代人的时间之后,我们已将雅皮士的价值深深地融入了我们的内在精神,以至于我们已察觉不到身边的雅皮士了——或察觉不到我们自己变成了雅皮士。(This generalization about those with ample economic and social capital doesn’t factor in, of course, the massive swath of Americans who lack the opportunity to become yuppies in the first place.)(这项对掌握着充足经济与社会资本的人的概括并不包括许许多多一开始就没有机会变成雅皮士的美国人。)The film critic Dominic Corry of The New Zealand Herald has described a genre of ’80s and ’90s films as “yuppies in peril” movies, and, since their affluent protagonists lack any real-world problems, their improbable crises revolve around murder and a preponderance of stalking. While Hollywood still likes a good crazed villain making life miserable for an upstanding protagonist, a fictional yuppie hero nowadays is more likely to be plagued by a layoff or the crash of his mutual fund.《新西兰先驱报》的电影家多米尼克·科里(Dominic Corry)将八、九年代的一类电影描述为“岌岌可危的雅皮士”电影,而且,由于这类电影中养尊处优的主人公人们都不会有什么现实生活中的问题,他们那些不太真实的危机都围绕着谋杀和绝大多数的跟踪情节展开。虽然好莱坞现在仍然喜欢让肆意张狂的恶棍为了某个正直的主人公而落得悲惨下场,但一位虚构的雅皮士英雄如今更有可能因为下岗或共同基金的一笔现金而痛苦不堪。And that may be the starkest difference. Unbridled acquisitiveness was the central trait of the ’80s yuppie; the d of losing one’s property and dropping down a tax bracket may define the contemporary one. Fiercely protecting one’s existing money seems less gauche than plotting ways to grab more, even if it’s just a circumstantial response. But we have fooled ourselves into thinking we aren’t as money-oriented as the ’80s yuppie by scapegoating a perennially convenient villain: bankers. Placing all the blame for the 2008 financial crisis on this easily scorned group allows us to overlook our own overreaching transactions.可能那就是最大的不同之处吧。八十年代雅皮士的一个重要特质就是他们肆意的占有欲;而定义当代雅皮士的一个重要特质,可能是他们对失去财产以及降低纳税等级的恐惧。相比不择手段地攫取财富,保护自己现有的财产则显得不那么突兀,即便这只是一种舍近求远的应对方式。不过,我们一直在自欺欺人,认为自己并不是八十年代那些崇尚拜金主义的雅皮士,而把这个黑锅推给了一个永远可以随意指责的恶人:家。把2008年金融危机的责任推给这样一个很容易指责的群体让我们可以忽略自己的僭越之过。If slicked-back, bespoke, Reaganite Wall Street was regarded as the economy’s savior after the ’70s, the correlation now, after George W. Bush, the financial crisis and years of the global war on terrorism, would be Barack Obama’s Silicon Valley, whose digital gold rush beckons creative young minds with bedhead under hoodies.如果人人梳着大背头、衣着光鲜得体的里根式华尔街被看成了七十年代后的经济救世主,那么在经过了乔治·W·布什、金融危机与多年的全球反恐战争之后,如今能与之对应的则是贝拉克·奥巴马(Barack Obama)治下的硅谷,那里的数码淘金热正在召唤着那些充满了创意想法、常常穿着卫衣、向往闲适生活的年轻人。The tech sector and 21st-century entrepreneurship serve as another cover and proxy for yuppiedom. When the Venn diagram intersects, we revere their leaders almost like movie stars (indeed, they are often portrayed by them — in the case of Steve Jobs, two times in three years). In a 2014 survey of 15,000 millennials by the firm Collegefeed, 11 of the top 12 companies they most wanted to work for were tech outfits.当今技术领域的发展与21世纪的企业家精神也为雅皮士身份做了另外的包装与诠释。当这群雅皮士在维恩图(Venn diagram)上出现重叠区域时,我们崇敬着其中那些领袖人物,犹如崇敬着一些电影明星(事实如此,他们常常被电影明星演绎——以史蒂夫·乔布斯为例,三年之中就有两次)。Collegefeed公司2014年对1.5万名千禧代年轻人所做的一项调查表明,在这一代人最希望为之工作的12家公司当中,有11家是技术型的公司。While there is certainly something more admirable, and typically less noxious, about those who innovate ideas and services than those who place bets and structure deals, let’s call it what it is. No matter how fervently techies and entrepreneurs claim they want to “change the world” (see any episode of “Shark Tank”), far fewer of them would be in the disruption game if the potential profits weren’t world-changing as well. The lovable millennial bumblers on “Silicon Valley” may be scruffy and genuinely passionate about coding, but their goal — making money and leveraging power — is quintessentially yuppie, even if their social skills aren’t.虽然那些革新理念和务的人比那些投入赌注并操纵交易的人肯定有更多值得崇敬而更少令人厌恶的地方,但是,我们还是还原一下真面目吧。无论这些技术人员和企业家们多么热衷于宣称他们希望“改变这个世界”(《创智赢家》[Shark Tank]的每一集都是这样),但如果潜在的利润不能同样改变世界的话,就很少有人会投身于这个打破规则的游戏了。在“硅谷”横冲直撞的那些千禧代萌娃们可能穿得土头土脑而对编码有天生的热情,但是,他们的目标——赚钱与掌权——是深得雅皮士精髓的,即便他们的社交技能尚有不足。As for millennials, they have inherited an economy too fragile, and student loans too insurmountable, to enable their full-fledged yuppification. But they still share their ancestors’ love for conspicuous consumption (Instagram pictures of meals, parties and vacations) and toys (in lieu of expensive cars, real estate and artwork, the sleekly technological and more affordable plunder of Apple products and apps).至于千禧年出生的这一代人,他们继承了极其脆弱的经济形势,又面对着难以还清的助学贷款,因而无法充分展现他们的雅皮士风采。但他们仍然和那些雅皮士前辈们一样,热衷于炫耀性的消费(所以有许多关于用餐、派对和度假的Instagram照片)和各种玩具(所以将有技术噱头又更容易买得起的苹果产品和应用软件代替了那些昂贵的汽车、房地产和艺术品)。Then there’s the yuppie’s extended family: all insatiable consumers, just of different products. We have the gentrifier (: typically white person), who has moved into an “up and coming” (: historically nonwhite) neighborhood now that it has a Whole Foods; the metrosexual (a term that’s aly become obsolete because it applies to such a broad spectrum), who tends to his appearance as obsessively as does Patrick Bateman in “American Psycho”; the “bro,” who has transitioned from the frat house to the sports bar, and his pumpkin-latte-sipping girlfriend; the foodie; the SoulCyclist or CrossFitter; and so on, until, finally and most confusingly, the hipster, which no one will admit being.然后还有雅皮士衍生家族的成员,他们都是永不知足的消费者,只不过消费的产品各有不同。有的是士绅族(读作:非典型白人),他们搬入一个“新兴”(读作:历史上非白人的)社区是为了那里有一家全食超市(Whole Foods);有的是都市美男族(由于应用范围太广,这个词已经过时),他们对自己颜值的迷恋程度堪比《美国杀人魔》(American Psycho)中的帕特里克·贝特曼(Patrick Bateman);有的属于“弟兄帮”,他们已经从当初的“兄弟会”过渡到了现在的“运动吧”(可一起观看体育赛事的酒吧——译注),还带着一个爱喝南瓜拿铁咖啡的女朋友;再就是吃货族;灵魂派骑行族(SoulCyclist)或综合式健身族(CrossFitter)等等,直到最后要提到的、也最令人迷惑的这个成员,也就是没有人愿意承认自己身在其中的嬉普士(hipster)。The hipster may seem to be the antithesis of the yuppie in his professional complacency, in his disdain for or ironic appropriation of everything mainstream. Yet all but the most bohemian of hipsters still relish the trappings of late capitalism, when he can get his hands on them: the designer jeans and Chuck Taylors, the small-batch bourbon and maple-marinated tempeh, the borrowed HBO Go password and cracked-screen iPhone. (All things I indulge in myself, although I’m certainly not a — whoops.) He’s simply less ambitious about obtaining them and more circumspect about signaling his desire for consumer goods: a yuppie in slacker’s thrift-store clothing.从嬉普士对工作的满意度、对一切主流事物的蔑视或讽刺性挪用这些方面来看,他们也许是雅皮士的对立面。只不过,最波西米亚的嬉普士仍然对晚期资本主义的各种噱头乐此不彼,只要他能弄得到,比如名牌牛仔裤和帆布鞋(Chuck Taylors),限量版的波本威士忌和枫蜜腌天贝(tempeh),借用的HBO Go应用软件密码和屏幕碎裂的iPhone手机。(这些我全都中了,虽然我肯定不是什么——呃)嬉普士不会那么野心勃勃地要得到这一切,但会更谨慎地表露出对消费品的欲望,可以说他是一个穿着懒汉旧衣的雅皮士。Perhaps the hipster’s rebellion from the yuppie’s careerism should be commended for its ingenuity. He has deduced how to work the minimal amount for maximal comforts. He’s seen that the yuppie lifestyle didn’t ultimately satisfy his (possibly divorced) boomer parents, has opted out of traditional adulthood and is cutting his losses now, because if the country is no longer ascendant, it probably means he can’t be, either.也许嬉普士反抗雅皮士追名逐利的行为是一种独创,应该受到赞扬。嬉普士已经推导出如何凭借最少的工作量来追求最舒适的生活。他已经明白,雅皮士的生活方式并没有最终满足自己出生于婴儿潮那一代的(或许已离婚的)父母,他已经决定回避传统上的成年期,从而立刻止损,因为,如果这个国家不再往上走的话,很有可能他也不会。The hipster’s laissez-faire dissent is not quite as subversive as the Weathermen’s bombing of the Pentagon. But it’s what passes for revolution in our yuppified time.嬉普士随心所欲持有的异议并不像气象员革命派(20世纪70年代活动于美国的一武装革命组织成员——译注)轰炸五角大楼(Weathermen’s bombing of the Pentagon)那么有颠覆性。但这就是我们在雅皮化时代为革新所经历的一切。 /201507/383687

London#39;s most romantic things to do在伦敦可做的最富有诗意的事情London is a huge, bustling, crowded city - yet thereare a surprising range of things to do for the romantically inclined.伦敦是一座繁华拥挤的大都市——但这里仍有一些意外的事物可以给你带来诗意的感觉。Browse the flowers and shops on Columbia Road在哥伦比亚路观赏鲜花和店铺Open on Sundays only, the Columbia RoadFlower Market in East London is the perfectspot to test out those daisy and peony bouquets.仅在周日开放,伦敦东部的哥伦比亚路花市是挑选雏菊和牡丹的理想之地。Ice-skate at Somerset House (November to early January)到萨默塞特府滑冰(11月份至1月初)Spend a lovely winter evening ice-skatingwith your best gal or guy in front of Somerset House#39;s 18th-century facade.Warm up afterward with mulled wine or hot chocolate at Tom#39;s Skate Loungeoverlooking the rink.选一个美好的冬夜与最好的伴侣到18世纪建成的萨默塞特府前滑冰。之后到汤姆滑冰酒吧间喝杯加香料的热葡萄酒或巧克力热饮热身,边俯瞰溜冰场。Picnic on Hampstead Heath到汉普斯特德荒野野餐Boasting some of the city#39;s finest views,Hampstead Heath—with nearly 800 acres (324 ha) of space to sp yourblanket—is a great spot for a quiet picnic.这里有伦敦市最值得夸耀的几处风景——将近800英亩的空间供你铺开毯子——这里是您享用宁静野餐的好地方。Row on Hyde Park#39;sSerpentine在海德公园的蛇形湖上划船Share a flute at the Champagne Bar到香槟酒吧里听长笛乐声The impressive 322-foot-long (98 m) barfeatures 17 varieties of bubbly by the glass. While you#39;re in the area, take agander at the recently renovated St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel, whichproclaims itself the city#39;s ;most romantic building.;这个给人印象深刻的酒吧长322英尺,有17种香槟酒。在此,你可顺便看看最近翻修的伦敦圣潘克拉斯万丽酒店,该酒店自称是伦敦市“最浪漫的建筑”Trot through Hyde Park骑马闲荡于海德公园Take the reins and lope through Hyde Park, including the famous Rotten Row bridle path.Hyde Park Stables offers year-round horseback riding.握住缰绳,骑马闲荡于海德公园,当然也会经过那条著名的国王路跑马道。海德公园全年提供骑马务。Sample chocolate for two情侣巧克力With the chocolate-lover lover in yourlife, stop at the flagship store of William Curley in Belgraviaand partake of all the sweet trimmings your heart could desire.带着你同样也喜爱巧克力的情侣到贝尔格莱维亚区的威廉克利旗舰店吃光所有你想吃的甜点,连碎屑也不剩下。Walk in Little Venice漫步于小Colourful houseboats moored on the charmingand tranquil waterways make the area a delight to stroll. Best spots are Blomfield Road andBrownings Pool.五颜六色的游艇停泊在迷人安静的水道上,让这里成为漫步的好地方。最佳去处是布洛姆菲尔德路(Blomfield Road)朗宁池(Brownings Pool)。 /201411/344985

Early Career Success Guide: What If You Don#39;t Know What to Do With Your Life?早期职业生涯成功指导:如果对生活感到迷茫应该怎么做?Only 53 percent of college graduates get a first job related to their major. Obviously, this is even less likely to be the case, if you studied for love and not for money or a clear career path. But does that mean that you#39;re doomed to wander the job market, searching fruitlessly for a good-paying job that you#39;ll actually enjoy? The simple answer is: of course not. 仅有53%的大学毕业生第一份工作与专业相关。显而易见,如果人们只是因为喜欢,而非挣钱或者明确的职业方向来选择大学专业,真实结果也许还会小于这个比率。If you don#39;t feel driven to dedicate the rest of your life to your exact college major or don#39;t know how it#39;s even possible to do that, evaluate your reasons for choosing your major and whether you feel a real affection for it.如果你并不打算余生都奉献给自己的大学专业,或者有兴趣却不知道如何去做,认真想想为什么要去选择这个专业以及自己是否真正心存热爱。There are a few things you can do to start heading in the right direction:下面有几条比较有帮助的建议:1. Think about what you liked about both your major and your college experience.1.想下在专业学习和大学生活中你喜欢的东西Even if you couldn#39;t wait to graduate and never want to think about your classes again, there#39;s likely something you enjoyed about your college experience. Don#39;t dismiss what comes to mind, even if it was the parties, or your involvement in your favorite sports team, or even living in a community of people doing the same thing.即便你着急毕业,再也不想见到大学同学,大学生活中仍然会有值得你留恋的事物。抓住大脑里闪过的一切,即使是聚会或者参加最爱的体育队,甚至与喜欢同一样事物的家伙们共度的时光。2. Don#39;t forget about the stuff you hated, too.2.也不要忘记自己讨厌的东西Make a list of all the aspects of your experience that didn#39;t work for you, whether it was making your own study schedule or doing group projects or even some core aspect of your major. Again, be honest. 给大学中自己讨厌的事物列个清单,不论是学习计划、做团队项目,还是你专业的某些核心方面。同样,要诚实。3. Talk to people who know you.3.与了解你的朋友聊聊Do you have a favorite professor, or a bunch of friends from your major who really get you? Now#39;s the time to look them up. Sometimes, an outside perspective can show us sides of ourselves we never contemplated. Maybe one of these people has a line on a job that could put your skills to use. Even if the job doesn#39;t turn out to be your dream gig, you#39;ll learn something. 你们专业是否有比较了解你,你又喜欢的教授或者朋友?现在就是需要他们的时候了。有时,旁观者清。也许这群人中的某个会指导你找到能发挥专业所长的工作。即使这份工作并不是你最理想的,你也会有所收获。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201507/380329The grannies could only dance free for so long before the crackdown came. Amid growing complaints about the noise and disruption caused by large-scale organized dancing in public places in China, the authorities have declared that some guidelines are in order.大妈们的广场舞想怎么跳就怎么跳,不过,这只是在受到打压之前的情况。由于中国公共场所大规模集体舞蹈活动伴随的噪音和干扰激起了越来越多的不满,有关部门宣布了一些规范措施。The General Administration of Sport of China and the Ministry of Culture announced on Monday that a joint study had concluded that the Chinese public wants “healthy, watchable, scientific and wide-ranging” dancing, state news media reported. To that end, an expert panel has developed 12 model routines that will be taught nationwide by instructors who have received official training.据官方媒体报道,国家体育总局和文化部周一宣布,通过联合调研发现,中国公众希望广场健身操舞能够具备“健身性、观赏性、科学性、广泛性”的特点。为了达到这个目的,一个专家小组开发了12套标准的广场健身操舞,将由经过官方培训的领操员在全国范围内进行指导推广。The phenomenon of public dancing can be found across China. Participants, typically older women but also some men and younger people, gather in public squares and parks and perform synchronized dances to blaring music. The early morning and evening gatherings are meant to be a way to exercise and socialize.在公共场所跳舞的现象在中国遍地开花。参与者一般是上了年纪的女性,但也有一些男性和年轻人。他们聚集在广场上和公园里,伴随着吵闹的音乐做着同步的舞蹈动作。清早和傍晚跳这种舞被认为是一种锻炼和社交的方式。But the dancing has also provoked a backlash, with neighbors complaining in particular about the noise. Sometimes the opposition has turned ugly. 不过,广场舞也引发了一些强烈的不满,附近的居民尤其会抱怨噪音太大。有时,广场舞的反对者甚至会大发雷霆。— China.org.cn (@chinaorgcn) 24 Mar 15In 2013, a man who had moved to a rural area of Beijing to escape the noise of the city fired a shotgun into the air and released three Tibetan mastiffs on dancers in his neighborhood. In the central city of Hankou, angry neighbors dumped feces from an apartment building on dancers in a public square. Last year, in Wenzhou, residents pooled together 260,000 renminbi, about ,350, to buy their own loudspeaker system to blast complaints when dancers gathered in a local plaza.2013年,一名为躲避城里的噪音而搬到北京郊区的男子朝天鸣,并放出三条藏獒去驱赶住所附近的跳舞者。在华中地区的汉口,愤怒的居民向广场上的跳舞者泼粪。去年在温州,居民们凑了26万元人民币,购买了自己的扩音器系统,用震天的响声向在当地广场聚集的跳舞者表达抗议。“Square-dancing represents the collective aspect of Chinese culture, but now it seems that the overenthusiasm of participants has dealt it a harmful blow with disputes over noise and venues,” Liu Guoyong, chief of the General Administration of Sport’s mass fitness department, told the state-run newspaper China Daily. “So we have to guide it with national standards and regulations.”“广场舞代表了中国文化的集体主义特点,但现在看来,参与者的过度热情似乎引发了噪音和场地方面的纠纷,带来了不好的影响,”国家体育总局群体司司长刘国永对官方媒体《中国日报》表示。“所以我们必须用国家标准和规定加以引导。”Guidelines on when and where activities should be held, and how loud the music should be — the source of most of the ire directed at dancing — have yet to be developed, China Daily reported. Preparations are underway for a national outdoor dancing association to “strengthen management and promote healthy development” of the activity, according to a report on the website of China Culture Daily, the official newspaper of the Ministry of Culture.《中国日报》的报道称,有关广场舞应在何时何地开展,以及乐曲音量应该多大——广场舞遭受诟病的主要原因——的指导方针尚未出台。文化部的官方出版物《中国文化报 》的网站报道,全国性广场健身操舞行业协会的建立正在筹划中,以“加强自我管理,促进广场健身操舞健康有序发展”。“All the negative comments on square-dancing are about reckless practicing without caring about the public benefits,” Wang Guangcheng, a fitness trainer who is part of the expert panel that developed the model dances, told the newspaper. “The unified drills will help keep the dancing on the right track where it can be performed in a socially responsible way.”“对广场舞的所有负面,都指向的是只顾跳舞不顾公共利益,”健身教练王广成对《中国日报》表示。他是编排标准广场舞的专家组成员。“统一编排的舞蹈有助于广场舞健康有序发展,从而以对社会负责任的方式进行。”According to officials, the Ministry of Culture and the General Administration of Sport “will soon jointly issue a policy document to guide, support and regulate outdoor exercise-dancing activities,” China Culture Daily said. The authorities will also establish an outdoor dancing association, and they will “guide the public in strengthening self-management and promote the orderly development of outdoor exercise dancing.”《中国文化报》的网站称,官员表示,文化部和体育总局“将于近期联合出台引导、扶持和规范广场健身操舞活动的政策性文件”。有关部门还计划成立一个户外广场健身操舞行业协会,并将“引导基层群众加强自我管理,促进广场健身操舞健康有序发展”。 /201503/366750Flowers花A new business was opening and one of the owner#39;s friends wanted to send him flowers for the occasion.有一家公司开幕,老板的其中一位朋友为了这件太事要送他花。They arrived at the new business site and the owner the card,他们到达了新的公司地点,老板读了卡片的 内容:;Rest in Place.;“安息吧”。The owner was angry and called the florist to complain.老板非常生气就打电话给花店抱怨。After he had told the florist of the obvious mitake就在他告诉花店这项明显的错误,and how angry he was ,以及他有多么生气之后,the florist replied,花庙却回答说:;Sir,I am really sorry for the mistake,“先生,我真的对于这项错误感到十分抱歉,but rather than getting angry,但是与其生气,you should imagine this :你还不如应当想象somewhere there is a funeral taking place today,以下这个情况:今天有一个地方在举行葬礼,and they have flowers with a note saying,他们收到了花,还附上一张纸条说:‘Congratulations on your new location#39; ;‘恭喜新居落成!”’ /201503/361452

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea said on Tuesday that it would investigate all hospitalized pneumonia patients to determine whether they had been exposed to Middle East respiratory syndrome, as it struggled to contain an outbreak of the virus that has infected 95 people in the country and killed seven.韩国首尔——韩国周二表示,将对所有入院治疗的肺炎患者进行排查,以确定他们是否曾接触中东呼吸综合征(Middle East Respiratory Syndrome,简称MERS)。目前,韩国正在艰难地控制MERS疫情,这里已有95人受到感染,7人丧生。The outbreak of the virus, known as MERS, in South Korea is the largest reported outside Saudi Arabia, where more than 440 people have died of the disease since it was discovered there in 2012. MERS symptoms are similar to those of pneumonia.据报道,除沙特阿拉伯以外,MERS疫情在韩国最为严重。自2012年在沙特发现这种疾病以来,该国已有逾440人死于MERS。这种疾病的症状与肺炎类似。Although a vast majority of MERS patients in South Korea were infected in two hospitals, cases have also been found in seven other hospitals in Seoul, the capital, and elsewhere.尽管韩国的绝大多数MERS患者是在两家医院受到感染的,但是首都首尔的另外七家医院及其他一些地方,也发现了MERS病例。Nearly 2,900 people who had been near any of the confirmed cases had been isolated as of Tuesday, to be monitored for symptoms by the government. More than 2,200 schools remained closed.截至周二,曾与确诊病例有过较密切接触的近2900人被隔离,接受政府对他们进行的观察,看是否会出现相关症状。有2200多所学校处于停课状态。The government said that on Wednesday it would interview all hospitalized pneumonia patients and also check their medical records to see if they had recently visited any of the hospitals where the infection had been found. South Korea’s first MERS case, a 68-year-old man who had traveled to Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries, was discovered to have the virus on May 20.韩国政府表示将于周三对所有入院治疗的肺炎患者进行询问,并检查他们的医疗记录,看是否曾于近期前往发现感染病例的医院。韩国的首名MERS患者是一名68岁的男子,曾去往沙特阿拉伯及多个邻国。5月20日,他被发现携带这种病毒。Interviewing pneumonia patients is intended “to find any suspected case we have missed and to prevent a further sp of the virus,” the Health Ministry said in a statement. “Once we find a suspected patient, we will move him into a one-bed room and run a DNA test to determine if he carries the MERS virus.”走访肺炎患者是为了“发现我们漏掉的任何疑似病例,阻止病毒进一步传播”,韩国卫生部发表声明称。“一旦发现疑似患者,我们会将他转移至单人病房,并通过DNA测试来判定他是否携带MERS病毒。”The government announced the plan after acknowledging it had failed to isolate some suspected cases soon enough. On Tuesday, four new MERS cases were found in three hospitals that had not been on the government list of infected hospitals.在宣布上述计划之前,政府承认自己没能尽快隔离一些疑似病患。周二,在三家并未列在政府之前公布的感染名单上的医院中,发现了四例新的MERS病例。On Tuesday, Hong Kong issued a “red alert” travel warning for South Korea, while the World Health Organization began work on a joint mission with South Korean doctors and officials to assess the outbreak in the country and review the government response.周二,香港发布了针对韩国的“红色”外游警示,世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)则开始与韩国医疗人员和官员一起开展联合行动,以评估该国的疫情,并审核政府的应对举措。The travel alert “advises Hong Kong residents to avoid nonessential travel to Korea, including leisure travel,” the Hong Kong government said in a statement. It advised those aly in South Korea to “avoid unnecessary visits to health care facilities.”香港政府的声明称,旅游警示“建议市民,如非必要,避免前赴韩国,包括前往当地旅游”。政府还建议身在当地的港人“尽量避免到访当地的医疗机构”。Hong Kong has been sensitive to infectious diseases since the outbreak of SARS in 2003, which killed hundreds of people.自2003年爆发严重急性呼吸综合征(SARS)疫情并导致数百人死亡以来,香港对传染性疾病一直比较敏感。Also on Tuesday, the airline Cathay Pacific, which is based in Hong Kong, and its subsidiary, Dragonair, said they would waive fees for people to rebook travel to South Korea from Hong Kong, given the travel alert.同样在周二,总部位于香港的国泰航空及其子公司港龙航空宣布,鉴于旅游警示,它们将免除乘客更改从香港到韩国的机票所需的费用。 /201506/380094Drinking coffee is associated with a slightly reduced risk for skin cancer, a new study has found.一项新研究发现,喝咖啡能轻微降低患皮肤癌的风险。Researchers used health and dietary data on 447,357 non-Hispanic whites ages 50 to 71 who were cancer free at the start of the study and followed them for an average of 10 years. Over the course of the study, the researchers identified 2,904 cases of melanoma, the most serious kind of skin cancer.研究者们分析了447357名50至71岁的非西班牙裔白人的健康和饮食数据。研究开始时,这些人没患任何癌症。在对他们进行跟踪的平均十年时间里,研究者们发现了2904个黑素瘤病例。黑素瘤是最严重的一种皮肤癌。The more coffee consumed, the lower the risk. Drinking four or more cups of coffee was associated with a 20 percent risk reduction compared with those who drank none. The association did not hold for decaffeinated coffee or for melanoma in situ, melanoma in its earliest stages that affects only the top layer of skin.咖啡喝得越多,患黑素瘤的风险就越低。与不喝咖啡相比,每天喝四杯以上(含四杯)咖啡能降低20%的风险。这种联系不适用于低因咖啡或原位黑素瘤,也就是最早期的黑素瘤,它只影响皮肤表层。While the results may be encouraging for coffee drinkers, “they do not indicate that anyone should change their coffee drinking preferences,” said the lead author, Erikka Loftfield, a graduate student at the Yale School of Public Health. “The most important thing a person can do to reduce risk is to reduce sun and ultraviolet light exposure.”这项研究的主要作者艾丽卡·洛夫特菲尔德(Erikka Loftfield)说,虽然这一研究结果对咖啡饮用者具有鼓舞作用,但“并不是说人们应该改变自己的咖啡饮用习惯”,“要想降低风险,最重要的还是减少日晒和紫外线照射”。The study, in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, controlled for age, sex, education, smoking, physical activity, alcohol consumption and other health, behavioral and genetic factors, but the authors acknowledge that other unknown variables might help explain the association.这项研究发表在美国《国家癌症研究所杂志》(Journal of the National Cancer Institute)上。它控制了年龄、性别、教育背景、吸烟、锻炼、饮酒等健康、行为和基因因素,但是作者们承认,其他未知的变量可能也能解释这种联系。 /201502/357418

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