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金华丽都医院是最好的泉州妇科医院金华妇保医院诊疗中心Start Of School Delayed In Burma缅灾区学校推迟开学众多儿童失学   School begins in Burma on Monday. But, few children from the cyclone struck Irrawaddy Delta will be going. The government has delayed the opening for at least one month in the hardest hit places.The ed Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, is helping the government reopen damaged schools by distributing repair materials, and providing school supplies and learning material. 缅甸学校星期一开学。但是在伊洛瓦底江三角洲强热带风暴灾区,很少有儿童会去上学。受灾最严重地区的学校已经被政府推迟开学至少一个月。联合国儿童基金会正在当地分发维修材料、提供学习用品和学习材料,帮助缅甸政府让受损的学校重新开学。Burma's schools were due to reopen on June 2, one month after Cyclone Nargis struck, killing tens of thousands of people and rendering more than one million homeless. 纳尔吉斯强热带风暴袭击一个月后,缅甸学校计划6月2号开学,这场风暴夺去数万人的生命,让一百多万人无家可归。The ed Nations Children's Fund reports 80 to 90 percent of schools were destroyed in the hardest hit areas. Given the extent of the damage, the Ministry of Education has delayed the opening of schools in seven townships in the Irrawaddy Delta and one township in Rangoon. 联合国儿童基金会报告说,缅甸受灾最严重地区的学校有80%到90%被毁坏。鉴于学校受损的严重程度,缅甸教育部推迟伊洛瓦底江三角洲七个城镇和仰光地区一个城镇的学校开学。UNICEF Spokesman, Michael Klaus, says he does not know how many children actually will be going to school. But, he says regrettably it will not be very many. 联合国儿童基金会发言人克劳斯说,他不知道有多少学生真的会去上学。但是他遗憾地说,去上学的学生不会很多。"One-point-one million is the overall school age population in the affected areas. So, that was the whole number and ideally all of them would have gone back to school next Monday. Due to the damages this is not possible. Only some of the schools which are lesser affected can go back to school."  克劳斯说:“受灾地区学龄儿童一共一百一十万。这是个总数,最好所有学生下星期一都能返校。鉴于学校受损,这就不可能了。只有一些受损不太严重的学校能够开学。”UNICEF believes it is important that children affected by disaster go back to school as soon as possible. It says school helps them recover from the trauma of loss, from the trauma of having been uprooted. It says school helps to give children whose lives have been completely disrupted a sense of normalcy and security. 联合国儿童基金会相信,重要的是让受到风灾影响的孩子们尽快返回学校。该基金会说,学校可以帮助他们从损失的伤、以及丧失家园的伤痛中得以恢复。基金会表示,学校能够帮助那些生活变得离破碎的孩子们得到正常和安全的感觉。Klaus says UNICEF is working with Burma's Ministry of Education to help reopen damaged schools by distributing repair materials as well as essential school supplies and learning matter. 克劳斯说,联合国儿童基金会正在协同缅甸教育部,为遭到损坏的学校发放维修材料、基本的教学用具和教材,使它们得以复课。He says over the next six months, UNICEF plans to support the repair and renovation of around 1,000 primary schools and 400 pre-school facilities. 他表示,在接下来的6个月里,联合国儿童基金会计划为大约1千所小学和400所学前设施提供修复帮助。"It is estimated that more than 4,000 basic education schools have been damaged or completely destroyed, which affects a school population of around 1.1 million children. So, what is planned over the next six months is to provide tents, tarpaulins and support the establishment of at least 1,000 temporary safe learning spaces, very simple spaces made of bamboo and tarpaulins to make sure that education can restart there."  克劳斯说:“据估计,有超过4千所基础教育学校受损或者完全被毁。这影响到大约一百一十万名学龄儿童。所以,现在的计划是在今后6个月提供帐篷、油布,并且帮助建立起至少1千所临时性的安全学习场所,用竹子和油布搭建的简单场所,以保从那里重新开始教学活动。”UNICEF estimates a third of all those killed by Cyclone Nargis are children. More than 130,000 people are either dead or missing from the storm. 联合国儿童基金会估计,死于纳尔吉斯强热带风暴的人当中,有三分之一是儿童。有超过13万人在这场风暴中死亡或失踪。Klaus says many of the children who survived have lost or been separated from their parents. He says they will need special care. He says they will need to be protected from exploitation and abuse.  克劳斯说,许多幸存的儿童失去了家长,或者与他们失散。他说,他们需要特别的照顾。他表示,这些儿童需要保护,免受剥削和虐待。Klaus says UNICEF is planning to create at least 100 so-called child friendly spaces, which will offer a secure environment for orphaned or unaccompanied children.  克劳斯说,联合国儿童基金会正在计划建立至少100个所谓的儿童友善场所,为孤儿和无助的儿童提供一个安全的环境。 200806/40805金华永久性脱毛要多少钱 Do you mind not slurping Denise?丹尼斯,可以不要咂着嘴喝茶吗?This is thirsty work.我说这么多话很渴。Now is everyone clear about what to do if there is a fire alarm?现在大家都清楚听见火警后该怎么做了吧?Its usually a false alarm anyway.一般都是假警报罢了。Thats not the point. Now Anna, what about smoking?那个不是重点。安娜,关于吸烟呢?No smoking on company premises. But it wasnt me, it was Mr Ingle.办公场所禁止吸烟。但那不是我,是英格尔先生。Mr Ingle!英格尔先生。I see, so it was Mr Ingle smoking in the warehouse. You should have told me Anna. Sorry!我知道了,所以是英格尔先生在库房吸烟。你应该早点告诉我,安娜。 对不起。Right, Im going to have to look into this.好了,我会调查一下这件事的。Back to work everyone… oh and take a biscuit with you.大家可以回去工作了……拿点儿点心吧。So Annas let the cat out of the bag – Mr Ingle wont be pleased – but at least she now knows what do if a fire breaks out.安娜把秘密说出来了——英格尔先生会不高兴的——但是至少现在她知道了火灾发生的时候自己该做什么了。 /201702/491071We will certainly consider your company.我们肯定会考虑贵公司的。Well we hope to hear from you soon. Goodbye.我们希望尽快接到您的来电,再见。Tom, Tom, how are you getting on?汤姆,汤姆,你进行的怎么样了?…well if that’s what you think then you can shove your kumquats… hello? Hello?如果你这么认为的话,你可以推走那些金橘……你好?你好?What’s wrong?怎么了?They’ve hung up on me. Really!他们挂我电话。真是的!He said the plastic fruit industry is in meltdown.他说塑料水果产业正在衰落。Anna, if I don’t get any contracts soon I’ll be fired.安娜,如果我签不到任何合同的话,我会被解雇的。Well, this calls for teamwork Tom – tomorrow, Tuesday, we’re going to tackle this task – together!汤姆,这需要团队协作。明天,周二,我们一起来解决问题。Hooray for Anna.安娜万岁。Now she’s sounding like a leader.现在她听起来像是一个领导。And she’s mastered cold calling by using some simple phrases, like these.她通过使用这些简单的表达方式已经掌握了如何打调查电话了,像是这样。My name is Anna. Can you spare a few minutes of your time?我是安娜,可以占用你一点时间吗?I’d like to tell you about our great new laser-curved fruit.我想向你介绍我们最新的激光曲线水果。How much plastic fruit do you buy?你想买多少塑料水果?Thank you for your time.感谢您的宝贵时间。We hope to hear from you soon.我们希望今早接到您的来电。Anna. There’s a call for you, from someone in France, they want to talk to you about lemons.安娜,有你的电话,来自法国的人,他们想跟你谈谈柠檬的事。Sounds promising.听起来很有希望。Find out what happens next time on English at Work. Bye.下次再来English at Work看看发生了什么事。再见。 /201703/497213金华美容医院排名

浙江金华妇幼保健去痘多少钱Trade Ministers Aim for Agreement as Doha Development Round Begins世贸部长级会议开幕推动多哈谈判  The Head of the World Trade Organization, Pascal Lamy, says a successful outcome of the Doha Development Round will help blunt many of the economic threats in the world. Lamy made his remarks at the opening of a ministerial summit aimed at wrapping up world trade talks. 世界贸易组织的部长级会议星期一在日内瓦开幕。这次会议的目的是完成多哈回合谈判。世贸组织总干事拉米说,旨在扩大全球自由贸易的多哈回合取得成功将有助于抵挡世界面临的很多经济威胁。About 30 trade ministers are in Geneva for what is seen as a make-or-break meeting. After seven years of negotiations, the ministers hope to conclude an agreement, which will make trade fairer and boost economic growth. 世界贸易组织大约30个主要成员的贸易部长们在日内瓦开始了这次被看作是成败攸关的高峰会。经过长达七年的艰苦谈判,这些部长们都希望最后达成协议,促进公平贸易,推动经济增长。WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy says there has been enough foot-dragging. He says now it is time for action. 世贸组织总干事拉米表示,多哈回合已经拖延得太久了。现在已经到了采取行动的时候了。"The time has come to move from discussions to negotiations," Lamy said. "We have talked the talk. We now have to walk the walk to finish the round." 他说:“事到如今,我们应该从讨论转向谈判了。我们已经说得够多了。我们现在必须拿出行动来完成多哈回合。”Lamy says the WTO's 153 member states are within reach of achieving an agreement. He says with patience and determination this can happen. He says he can think of no stronger spur for action than the threats facing the world economy. 拉米指出,对于世界贸易组织的153个成员来说,达成协议其实已经指日可待。只要我们有耐心、有决心,我们就能胜利完成谈判。他表示,世界经济目前正面临严重威胁,还有什么比这一点更使我们感到刻不容缓呢? He says the rising cost of food, the high energy prices and turbulence in the financial markets should be reason enough for governments to conclude a trade deal. 拉米说,食品价格暴涨、能源价格飙升、金融市场动荡,这些原因应该足以促使各国政府达成一项自由贸易协议。"There is widesp recognition that a balanced outcome of the Doha Round could in these circumstances provide a strong push to stimulate economic growth, " Lamy noted, "providing better prospects for development and ensuring a stable and more predictable trading system."  他说:“广泛的共识是:多哈回合取得一个平衡的结果,会在目前这种状况下,强有力地推动和刺激经济增长,为经济发展提供一个更好的前景,确保我们建立一个更加稳定可靠的贸易系统。”Some economists say a Doha deal could boost the world economy by nearly billion a year. But before that point can be reached, key issues remain to be resolved.  有些经济学家认为,多哈回合取得成功可以使世界经济每年增加差不多500亿美元。但是要想达到这一点,还有不少关键的问题需要解决。Developing countries are pushing for rich countries to make deep cuts in farm subsidies and tariffs. The rich nations want the developing countries to cut tariffs on industrial goods and services. 发展中国家要求富裕国家大幅度削减农业补贴和农产品关税。富裕国家则要求发展中国家减少针对工业产品和务的关税。U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab says Washington is committed to the outcome of this round and will continue to be a leader. But, she adds, other countries also must be willing to contribute more. 美国贸易代表施瓦布表示,华盛顿有决心促使这次谈判取得预期的成果,而且会继续发挥领导作用。但是她补充说,其他国家也应当做出更多的贡献。"To have a meaningful development outcome to this round ... we know that we have to secure meaningful new market access in agriculture, in manufacturing and in services," Schwab said. "And, that is particularly true when it comes to the interests of the developing countries involved and of the rapidly emerging markets that are so key to this negotiation in terms of their involvement and in terms of the contribution that they can make to a successful outcome."  施瓦布说:“我们知道,要使这次谈判取得有意义的成果,我们就必须在农业、制造业和务业方面确保有意义的新的市场准入。不言而喻,这对于那些相关的发展中国家和快速发展的新兴市场来说,更是利益攸关,因为不论是从它们的参与来看,还是从它们的贡献来看,它们都是这次谈判的关键,它们能够使多哈回合取得一个成功的结果。”But many analysts say they are not sure U.S. negotiators can deliver on a trade deal in the final months of the Bush administration. They note the so-called fast-track authority that allowed the White House to call for a straight up-or-down vote on trade pacts expired more than a year ago. 然而很多分析人士表示,在布什政府任期的最后几个月,美国谈判人员在一套新的贸易协议上能够有多少作为,实在很难说。专家指出,所谓的快速审批权,也就是白宫可以要求国会对贸易协议直截了当地批准或否决而不进行任何修改的权力,已经在一年多之前就过期了。200807/44568浙江金华丽都美容医院几级 tortuous ------ 扭曲的(形容词)英文释义(adjective) Describing a twisted path, road or tunnel; full of intricate turns. 例句We must drive slowly and cautiously on the tortuous road through the mountains.我们必须在山间曲折的公路上缓慢小心地驾车。 /201610/471188浙江妇幼保健打美白针多少钱

金华永久脱毛哪家医院好gash ------ 切口(名词) 英文释义(noun) A large, open cut in a surface. 例句The iceberg made a long, irreparable gash in the side of the great ship.冰山给这艘大船的一侧制造了一个长长的、无法修复的切口。 /201610/466536 7第七单元 日程报告Conversation 1会话1A: What is my schedule for today,Miss Liu?A:刘,我今天的日程表是什么?B:Yes,you are supposed to meet the president at ten fifteen this morning. Then, you have a lunch appointment with Mr. Clark. And this afternoon at three you are scheduled to speak before a group of seminar participants.B:好的,你今天早上十点十五分要见总经理。然后,午餐 时和克拉克先生有约。下午三点钟要在讨论会上演讲。A:Do you have the meeting report y?A:那份会议报告你准备好了吗?B: Certainly.B:好了。Conversation 2会话2A: Good morning, Mr. Chu. Would you like me to brief your schedule for today?A:早晨好,处先生,要我对您今天的日程安排做个简短的 报告吗?B: Yes.B:好的。A: You are scheduled to meet Mr.Thompson of A Company at eleven this morning. Then,you have a lunch appointment with Mr. Li. And this afternoon at four you will attend a press conference.A:今天上午十一点你要与A公司的汤姆森先生会面。 然后,午餐时间与李先生有约。下午四点出席一个新 闻发布会。B: I am afraid I cant attend the press conference due to an urgent conference with the Board of Directors at half past four.B:我恐怕不能出席新闻发布会,因为在四点半我要与董 事局开一个紧急会议。A: All right. Do you want me to cancel the reservation for you?A:好的。您要我为你取消预约吗?B: Yes,thank you very much. In addition,do you have the mar-keting proposal y?B:是的,谢谢。另外,那份市场建议书准备好了吗?A: The proposal is being repaired right now and I think It will be y by tomorrow morning.A:那份建议书正在修改,我想明早便可准备好。 /201604/436972金华中心医院是几甲衢州市人民医院是不是正规医院



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