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Huge swarms of stinging jellyfish and similar slimy animals are ruining beaches in Hawaii, the Gulf of Mexico, the Mediterranean, Australia and elsewhere, U.S. researchers reported on Dec.12.研究人员12月12日报告,大群带刺的水母,以及同样黏滑的水生动物正在破坏夏威夷,墨西哥海湾,地中海、澳大利亚和美国沿岸的海滩。The report says 150 million people are exposed to jellyfish globally every year, with 500,000 people stung in the Chesapeake Bay, off the U.S. Atlantic Coast, alone.报告显示全球每年有1.5亿人会接触到水母,其中仅在美国大西洋沿岸的切萨皮克湾就有50万人被水母刺伤。The report says the Black Seas fishing and tourism industries have lost 0 million because of a proliferation of comb jelly fish.报告上还显示:由于冠状水母的大量繁殖,导致黑海的渔业和旅游业每年损失三亿五千万美金。The report says more than 1,000 fist-sized comb jellies can be found in a cubic yard (meter) of Black Sea water during a bloom.报道还涉及到在繁殖旺期,黑海每一立方米的水域中就有一千多拳头大小的栉水母。They eat the eggs of fish and compete with them for food, wiping out the livelihoods of fishermen, according to the report.此外水母吞食鱼卵,和鱼类抢夺食物,彻底断了渔民的生计。Human activities that could be making things nice for jellyfish include pollution, climate change, introductions of non-native species, overfishing and building artificial structures such as oil and gas rigs.人类的某些行为会让水母的生存条件更好,这些行为包括污染,气候变化、引进外来物种、过度以及搭建人工构造物,比如石油和天然气钻井。原文译文属!201206/188667Research shows that whether a person is an optimist or a pessimist is related to their quality of life, including their physical health. The subjects involved first took personality tests in the 1960′s and then thirty years later they completed a follow-up self-assessment of their health status. Researchers found that not only did the optimists from the 1960′s report better physical and mental functioning thirty years later, but that optimists also lived longer on average than pessimists.研究表明,不管一个人是乐观还是悲观,都和他的生活质量息息相关,包括身体健康。这个主题首次在二十世纪六十年代提出并做了人格测试,三十年后他们后续完成了健康状况的自我评价。研究人员发现60年代的乐观主义者不仅身心比30年后的人更健康,而且乐观主义者比悲观主义者更长寿。It’s hardly clear that there is a causal relationship between optimism and health; it could be that they are related to the same underlying gene complex or set of mechanisms. Still, it sure is tempting to surmise that it’s partly a positive attitude that keeps people alive for so long. It may actually be possible that a lot of what my parents have been telling me for years is true. If you think positively, good things may happen to you. If you think negatively, then you may doom yourself.很难理清乐观与健康之间的因果关系,也许是因为它们与相同的潜在基因或是一套机制有关。不过,可以肯定的是,一定程度上的积极心态能让人长寿。实际上可能多年来我父母告诉我的许多事情都是真的。如果你积极地看待这个世界,好的事情就可能发生在你身上。如果你总是消极地看待一切,那样只会让你自己更郁闷。 /201303/229389

He arrived at Victoria Station on the 19th of May 1873, and soon found some lodgings somewhere in Battersea.他于1873年5月19日来到维多利亚车站,很快就发现了巴特西某处一些住宿的地方。He spoke decent English.他讲得一口地道的英语。It quickly improved.而且提高的也很迅速。Within weeks, he was ing Keats.短短几周之内,他已经可以读济慈了。London came at him from all sides.伦敦从四面八方容纳着他。It was the largest city in the World, and 4 million people had somehow squeezed themselves into it.这是世界上最大的城市,在某种程度上400万人在这座城市里挤来挤去。Here is what it looked like.这就是它看起来的样子。This is Gustave Dores London, published just before Vincent got here.这里是古斯塔夫·多尔的伦敦,在文森特到达这里前刚刚出版。Look at the states of it.看看它。This is Ludgate Hill, looking up towards St. Pauls.这是卢德门山,抬头是圣保罗。Look at those crowds.看看那些人群。Ive got a pal.我有一个朋友。A regular out and outer.离我渐行渐远。Vincent had a copy and treasured it.文森特拷贝了一份,将其视为珍宝。You might recognize this image as well.你可能也会认出这张画作。Its Newgate Prison.它就是新门监狱。Two decades later, he still hadnt forgotten it.二十年后,他仍然没有忘记它。注:听力文本来源于普特201206/188379

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