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Ladies and Gentlemen,女士们、先生们!When we met here six years ago at the FOCAC Beijing Summit, China and Africa decided to establish a new type of strategic partnership. Since then, important progress has been made in realizing this vision thanks to the joint efforts of both sides. China and Africa have enhanced all-round friendly political relations featuring mutual respect and mutual trust. We have conducted more frequent high-level exchange of visits and more in-depth dialogue and exchanges, and provided stronger support to each other. China#39;s relations with all African countries, the African Union (AU) and other regional organizations have grown in strength. China has formed strategic partnerships and launched strategic dialogue mechanisms with many African countries. And China has supported African countries in independently resolving hotspot issues in the region and advancing the process of African integration. China and Africa have deepened practical economic cooperation featuring mutual benefit. We have joined hands to fight the international financial crisis, effectively implemented the eight measures for practical cooperation announced at the Beijing Summit and eight additional measures announced at the Fourth Ministerial Conference, and made steady progress in building a framework of all-round cooperation. China#39;s trade with and investment in Africa have been expanding. In 2011, our two-way trade reached 166.3 billion U.S. dollars, three times the figure in 2006. Cumulative Chinese direct investment in Africa has exceeded 15 billion U.S. dollars, with investment projects covering 50 countries. The AU Conference Center and Office Complex built by China was handed over to the African side. China#39;s assistance to Africa has been growing steadily. China has built over 100 schools, 30 hospitals, 30 anti-malaria centers and 20 agricultural technology demonstration centers in Africa. It has met the pledge of providing 15 billion U.S. dollars of lending of a preferential nature to Africa. China and Africa have conducted increasing people-to-people and cultural exchanges featuring mutual learning. A number of activities have been carried out, including the Chinese/African Cultures in Focus, Joint Research and Exchange Plan, Think Tanks Forum, People#39;s Forum and Young Leaders Forum. China has trained close to 40,000 African personnel in various sectors and provided over 20,000 government scholarships to African countries. China and Africa have set up 29 Confucius Institutes or Classrooms in 22 African countries. Twenty pairs of leading Chinese and African universities have entered into cooperation under the 20+20 Cooperation Plan for Chinese and African Institutions of Higher Education. China and African have enjoyed closer ties of solidarity and coordination featuring mutual help and mutual support in international affairs. Our two sides have worked closely on UN reform, countering climate change, sustainable development, WTO Doha Round negotiations and other major issues. In so doing, we have upheld the common interests of developing countries, promoted democracy in international relations, and we are working to make the international order more just and equitable.6年前,我们在这里召开了中非合作论坛北京峰会,中非双方一致同意建立中非新型战略伙伴关系。6年来,在中非双方共同努力下,中非新型战略伙伴关系取得了重大进展。中非在政治上互尊互信、友好关系全面发展,双方高层交往更加密切,对话交流更加深入,相互持更加坚定,中国同非洲各国和非盟等地区组织关系深入发展,中国同多个非洲国家建立战略伙伴关系和战略对话机制,持非洲国家自主解决地区热点问题,持非洲一体化建设。中非在经济上互利互惠、务实合作不断深化,双方携手应对国际金融危机冲击,论坛北京峰会和第四届部长级会议推出的两组务实合作“八项举措”得到有效落实,中非全方位立体式合作体系稳步构筑。中国对非贸易和投资规模不断扩大。2011年中非贸易额达到1663亿美元,比2006年增加2倍。中国累计对非直接投资金额已达150多亿美元,项目遍及非洲50个国家。中国援建的非盟会议中心落成移交。中国对非援助稳步增长,为非洲国家援建了100多所学校、30所医院、30个抗疟中心和20个农业技术示范中心。中国兑现了向非洲提供150亿美元优惠性质贷款的承诺。中非在文化上互学互鉴、人文交流日趋活跃,中非文化聚焦、联合研究交流计划、智库论坛、民间论坛、青年领导人论坛等一系列交流活动相继启动。中国为非洲国家培训各类人员近4万名,向非洲国家提供2万多个政府奖学金名额。中非双方合作在22个非洲国家设立了29所孔子学院或孔子课堂。中非20对知名高校在“中非高校20+20合作计划”框架下结为“一对一”合作关系。中非在国际事务中互帮互助、团结协作更加紧密,双方在联合国改革、应对气候变化、可持续发展、世贸组织多哈回合谈判等重大问题上密切配合,维护发展中国家共同利益,促进国际关系民主化,推动国际秩序朝着更加公正合理的方向发展。Facts have shown that the new type of China-Africa strategic partnership is the result of continuous growth of the traditional friendship between the two sides. It meets the fundamental interests of China and Africa and conforms to the global trend of peace, development and cooperation. The forging of this partnership has inaugurated a new historical process in growing China-Africa relations and added new momentum to China-Africa exchanges and cooperation. I am confident that, with our joint efforts, the new type of China-Africa strategic partnership will embrace an even brighter future.事实明,中非新型战略伙伴关系是中非传统友谊薪火相传的结果,符合中非双方根本利益,顺应和平、发展、合作的时代潮流。这一关系的建立,开启了中非关系新的历史征程,给双方交流合作注入了新的生机活力。我坚信,在双方共同努力下,中非新型战略伙伴关系必将迎来更加美好的未来。 /201207/191453

中式早點烧饼     Clay oven rolls油条     Fried b stick韭菜盒    Fried leek dumplings水饺     Boiled dumplings蒸饺     Steamed dumplings馒头     Steamed buns割包     Steamed sandwich饭团     Rice and vegetable roll蛋饼     Egg cakes皮蛋     100-year egg咸鸭蛋    Salted duck egg豆浆     Soybean milk      饭 类 稀饭     Rice porridge白饭     Plain white rice油饭     Glutinous oil rice糯米饭    Glutinous rice卤肉饭    Braised pork rice蛋炒饭    Fried rice with egg地瓜粥    Sweet potato congee面 类 馄饨面    Wonton amp; noodles刀削面    Sliced noodles麻辣面    Spicy hot noodles麻酱面    Sesame paste noodles鴨肉面    Duck with noodles鱔魚面    Eel noodles乌龙面    Seafood noodles榨菜肉丝面  Pork , pickled mustard green noodles牡蛎细面   Oyster thin noodles板条     Flat noodles米粉     Rice noodles炒米粉    Fried rice noodles冬粉     Green bean noodle /201001/95434



  美军阿富汗境内大动作来源:Economist 编辑:Vicki上周美军 终于开始了从2001年进入阿富汗以来的最大行动,这也是奥巴马总统上任后的第一次阿富汗行动。长期的目标是要清楚阿富汗境内的恐怖分子。此次行动与美军此前的“山地挺进”、“山狮”等计划有很大的不同,派出了4000名美军海军陆战队,560名阿富汗军人,及180架飞机做掩护。War in Afghanistan : A surge (高涨)in HelmandWestern soldiers are engaged in one of the biggest anti-Taliban offensives in yearsWILL a thrust of the sword(推力剑) bring results? The launch last week of Operation Khanjar by American forces marked the start of one of the largest military offensives in Afghanistan since Western forces invaded the country in 2001. It is also the first big military push by America’s president, Barack Obama.The longer term ambition is to reduce counter-insurgency activity (反叛乱活动)in Afghanistan over the course of the next year to 18 months. More immediately the goal is to drive Taliban insurgents(起义者) from their strongholds in southern districts of Helmand province, where they have been ensconced since 2006. Western commanders hope to end a stalemate that has beset 8,000 British troops in the province for the past three years. What separates Operation Khanjar from other offensives in recent years—“Mountain Thrust(山地挺进)”, “Medusa(梅杜莎)”, “Mountain Lion(山狮)” to name a few—is that some 4,000 American marines and 650 Afghan soldiers have been deployed, supported by more than 180 aircraft. The operation is also being co-ordinated with British and Danish military pushes in central and northern areas of the province.It is the Marine Corps’ biggest operation since the taking of Fallujah from Iraqi insurgents in November 2004, although that precedent offers a cautionary(告诫的,注意的) point. The battle of Fallujah demonstrated how American armed forces are supremely capable of dislodging (撞出)enemies who attempt to stand and fight, but it did little to tackle the insurgency in Iraq that tied down 150,000 American soldiers and cost of tens of thousands of Iraqi and American lives.The Taliban may have learned that lesson. Last week Afghan government spies inside the Taliban reported that the movement’s “provincial governor” in Helmand, Mullah Naim Barech, had told his fighters to be y to hide their weapons if the military pressure became too great. He added that they should prepare instead to wage an insurgents’ war on Western military supply lines.American commanders argue that they have learnt a great deal about counter-insurgency tactics since Fallujah. “Our focus is now and will remain the Afghan people,” said Marine commander Brigadier Larry Nicholson, before the operation. He argues that the size of the offensive and plans to stay on after it is completed mean that insurgents can be kept at bay. “Where we go, we will stay, and where we stay, we will hold, build, and work toward transition of all security responsibilities to Afghan forces”, he says. Early reports from the operation suggest that some American units met little resistance, but others were involved in heavy fighting.The overall NATO commander General Stanley McChrystal also promised restraint in the use of air power, a response to many incidents in the past two years in which civilians were killed by bombs, causing widesp anger among Afghans. “We must avoid the trap of winning tactical victories, but suffering strategic defeats, by causing civilian casualties or excessive damage and thus alienating the people,” he wrote in a tactical directive ahead of the operation. Officials claim that soldiers now call for air support far less frequently than they did in the past. Khanjar is likely to have several objectives. A first is to throw the Taliban off balance before presidential elections in August, and in this they support ongoing British operations in the central districts of the province. Second is to sever the Taliban’s supply lines. These are long and run across the porous border with Pakistan to the south of the province. They are vulnerable to attack in the desert areas along the border where there is no local population to conceal the insurgents.A third aim will is the hardest to achieve: giving the populace confidence that Afghan and Western troops are going to stay and have the capacity to bring improvements, for example by delivering clean and working government institutions and, above all, security. Helmand is Afghanistan’s largest province and even the current 12,000-13,000 troops on the ground do not represent a high concentration of forces. “People don’t trust NATO forces,” says Haji Mahboob Khan, an Afghan senator from the southern Helmand district of Garmser. Although he argues that there is little local support for the Taliban, many believe that the insurgents will outstay the foreign forces. “Many times British forces came to an area but left again and the Taliban came back.” Keke View:新总统,新行动。 /200907/77167





  'It's defying the law of gravity.'  “这违背了万有引力定律。”  - Gene Munster, a Piper Jaffray analyst, on the record 8.8 million iPhone sales in the three months that ended on March 27; the sales pushed Apple's net income up by 90% and sent shares of its stock rocketing to an all-time high  ——Piper Jaffray分析员杰尼?曼斯特这样形容iPhone的惊人销量。今年1月到3月27日,苹果在三个月不到的时间内卖出了创纪录的880万部iPhone,使得该公司的净利润猛增90%,并将其股价推到了历史最高点。  'The earthquake showed no mercy, but we have love.'  “地震无情,人间有爱。”  - Qiang Wei, the Communist Party secretary of China's Qinghai province, during a national day of mourning to mark the 7.1-magnitude temblor that claimed more than 2,000 lives and left thousands injured  ——青海省委书记强卫在为纪念地震遇难同胞而举行的全国悼念活动上这样说。青海玉树7.1级强烈地震导致2000多人遇难,上万人受伤。 /201007/109411


  Until a few years ago, Vietnam was one of the world#39;s hottest emerging markets. Now it faces an urgent task: fix a beleaguered banking system or watch its economy continue to slip behind faster-growing neighbors. 直到几年前,越南还一直是全球最热门的新兴市场之一。如今,越南面临着一个紧迫的任务:修复满目疮痍的体系,否则就只能眼睁睁看着经济继续下滑,落后于经济增长越来越快的邻国。 Piles of bad loans following the financial crisis have dragged down growth in Vietnam and left banks weakened and reluctant to lend. 金融危机过后堆积如山的坏账拖累了越南的经济增长,导致越南的体系被削弱,不愿意放贷。 The government recently acknowledged that nonperforming loans-many made to inefficient state-owned companies-could be as high as 10% of the banking system, substantially higher than reported by individual banks. Fitch Ratings analysts think the number is as high as 15%. 越南政府近期承认,体系当前的坏账水平可能高达10%(其中的大量坏账来自运营不善的国有企业欠下的贷款),这一比例远远高于个别录得的数据。惠誉国际评级(Fitch Ratings)的分析师认为,这一比例实际上可能高达15%。 A record number of firms are declaring bankruptcy, and in the sprawling urban areas encompassing Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the landscape is littered with stalled construction projects as builders run out of cash or put on the brakes as demand for condominiums and office space dries up. 宣布破产的公司数量创下新高。在包括河内和胡志明市在内的大片城市地区,到处都是已经停工的建筑工地,原因可能是建筑商缺少资金,或是对公寓楼和办公楼的需求枯竭让他们踩了急刹车。 Vietnam fought off rumors in recent days that it was seeking an International Monetary Fund bailout for its banking system. An IMF spokeswoman said no requests for aid had been made. State Bank of Vietnam Deputy Gov. Le Minh Hung said in a statement on the government#39;s website that the country had no intention of seeking a rescue. 越南最近驳斥了有关该国正在寻求国际货币基金组织(International Monetary Fund, 简称:IMF)救助其体系的传言。IMF的一名发言人说,越南没有提出援助请求。越南央行(State Bank of Vietnam)副行长黎明兴(Le Minh Hung)在政府网站上的一份声明中说,越南没有寻求救助的意向。 However, the IMF and others have been advising Vietnam on how to implement a domestically financed bailout that would restore its banks to health. In its latest economic review the fund said that #39;quick and comprehensive action#39; was needed to solidify weak banks and put the economy on more solid ground. 不过,IMF和其他组织过去一直在就如何实施一项国内出资的救助计划向越南提供建议,该救助计划旨在使恢复健康。IMF在最近的一份经济评估中说,越南需要采取快速和全面的行动加固脆弱的体系,巩固经济基础。 Fears over Vietnam#39;s banks intensified in August when one of the country#39;s most prominent tycoons, Nguyen Duc Kien, was arrested for allegedly improperly lending money to real-estate projects. Efforts to reach Mr. Kien, who now runs a number of private investment funds and owns Hanoi#39;s main professional soccer club, have been unsuccessful. Stocks dropped in the days following the arrest, and the Ho Chi Minh Stock Index is down 18% since the beginning of May. 今年8月,越南最赫赫有名的大亨阮德坚(Nguyen Duc Kien)由于被指通过不正当方式向房地产项目贷款而被逮捕,这加剧了外界对越南业的担忧。阮德坚目前经营着几只私人投资基金,拥有河内一家大型的职业足球俱乐部。记者试图联系阮德坚置评,但没有成功。在阮德坚被逮捕之后的几天,越南的股市出现下跌,自5月初以来,胡志明股指(Ho Chi Minh Stock Index)已经下跌18%。 Vietnam shares fell 2.2% Monday, led by selling in property-related stocks after state media reports suggested real-estate developers are trying to cut prices to boost sales of apartments. 越南股市周一下跌了2.2%,这主要是房地产股的抛售引发的。此前,越南国有媒体报道暗示说,房地产开发商正在试图降价以提振公寓销售。 Economists warn that Vietnam has entered a dangerous cycle where banks, saddled with bad debts, are unwilling to lend, making it harder for businesses to invest. That feeds into slower growth, which in turn makes it harder for companies to pay back loans, again harming the banks. 经济学家警告说,越南已经进入了一个危险的循环,被坏账拖累不愿放贷,导致企业投资更加困难,这助长了经济放缓的趋势,反过来让企业更加难以偿还贷款,从而又使收到伤害。 The result is that Vietnam#39;s economy is likely to grow below its potential for years to come, unless stronger steps are taken to clean up the banks, economists say. 经济学家说,结果是,未来几年越南的经济增长可能要在潜在趋势水平以下运行,除非采取更强有力的措施对进行清理。 #39;I don#39;t think there#39;s any quick fix to a problem like this, as you see in the West. It takes time to work through a solution#39; to a banking crisis, says Gareth Leather, an economist at Capital Economics. He figures Vietnam#39;s economy will grow at closer to a 5% rate in coming years than the 8% the country enjoyed through much of the previous decade. Although higher than growth rates in the West, 5% is considered slow for a developing Asian country like Vietnam and might not be fast enough to generate sufficient jobs to keep its growing population employed. 凯投宏观(Capital Economics)的经济学家莱瑟(Gareth Leather)说,我不认为解决这样的问题存在捷径,我们在西方的所见所闻已经明了这一点;找到解决危机的解决方案需要时间。他认为,越南经济未来几年将会以5%左右的速度增长,过去10年大部分时间里8%的经济增速已经一去不复返了。尽管仍然高于西方的经济增速,对于越南这样的亚洲发展中国家来说,5%是比较慢的,可能无法制造足够的就业机会来满足日益增长的人口的需求。 The government this month revised its forecast for 2012 growth down to 5.2% from 6% previously. 本月,越南政府把2012年的增长预期从之前的6%下调到了5.2%。 Vietnam#39;s leaders have acknowledged that a fix is needed. Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung in March approved a three-year restructuring plan for the banking sector designed to strengthen the country#39;s largest banks and encourage a series of mergers among smaller lenders, but officials appear uncertain about how to put the blueprint into effect. 越南领导人已经承认,需要找到一个解决办法。越南总理阮晋勇(Nguyen Tan Dung)今年3月通过了一项针对体系的三年重组计划,目的是增强越南大型的实力,鼓励小之间的并购,但是越南官员似乎并不清楚如何实施这一计划。 Plans to launch a #39;bad bank#39; to buy up distressed assets have been discussed, but a foreign investor familiar with government discussions say implementing such a solution is being delayed by Hanoi#39;s lack of expertise in managing a modern banking system. 越南已经讨论了推出一个“坏账”购买不良资产的方案,但是熟悉政府讨论的一名外国投资者说,由于越南政府缺乏管理现代体系的专业知识,实施这样一个解决方案的时机正在被延误。 /201209/199148

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