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under the aegis of 在…的持下英文释义Protected by; under the sponsorship of; with the friendly guidance of (NOTE: ;aegis; was the shield of the god Zeus in ancient Greek mythology)例句The free concert series featuring the music of modern composers was held under the aegis of fundraising for a worthwhile local charity.这场演奏当代作曲家音乐作品的免费系列音乐会,是在本地一项重要慈善筹款活动的持下举办的。 /201301/218310

王到美国使馆签,签官Bob Jones受理她的申请,Bob得知王是研究古迹的专家后,觉得这个行业很有意思。 B: Wow, that sounds like an interesting line of work. I see here you are a citizen of People's Republic of China. 哇,听起来是个有意思的行业。我知道你是中国人。W: That's correct. 对的。B: According to ed States law, I'm required to ask you some reasonably personal questions. Please understand that these are formalities and are required of everyone. 按照美国法律,我须要问你一些合理地个人问题。请理解这是惯例。W: No problem. Ask away. 没有问题,问吧。B: Do you have proof of your financial stability? I'll need to see a bank statement. 你有可以明你经济稳定性的明吗?我须要看下你的记录。W: Yes. I remembered to bring my bankbook. Here you are. 是的。我带了我的存折。给你。 签官Bob说,王从事的行业似乎很有意思,line of work,指的是工作,行业。签官Bob说,他要问王一些个人问题,these are formalities. Formalities,意思是必要的形式。首先,签申请人要明自己的 financial stability,经济实力。 B: Have you ever been involved with terrorism or groups that support terrorism? 你曾参与和恐怖主义有关或者持恐怖主义的活动吗?W: Absolutely not. 当然没有。B: Do you have a criminal record in China? 你在中国有犯罪记录吗?W: No. Not even a parking ticket. 没有,连停车罚单都没有。B: Ok...now I'm going to ask you sign a statement that affirms everything you just told me. If you sign this document, it's legally considered the same as swearing an oath in court. Do you affirm that everything you just told me is the truth? 好的……接下来你须要签署一份声明,声明上包括我刚才跟你确定过的问题。如果你签署了,则声明具有合法的法律效应。你确定你刚才说的都是事实吗?W: I do. 我确定。 签官问王是否参与过恐怖活动,be involved with,意思是参与,涉及。签官又问,do you have a criminal record in China? 在中国有没有犯罪记录。王回答说,她连违章停车的罚单都没吃过。违章停车的罚单在英语里叫parking ticket. 签官最后让王在一份文件上签字,保自己所说的一切属实。 B: Then please sign here. Thank you. Now I must inform you that anyone applying for a visa to the ed States is required to have their fingerprints taken. 那么现在在这里签字吧。谢谢。现在我还责任说,任何申请签的人都被要求留下指纹。W: That's not a problem. So...how long before I'll know if my visa is approved. 没有问题。所以……需要多久我才能拿到签呢?B: The processing time is usually about 5 days. If there is some problem, you'll get a call or an email. 签发过程大概须要5天。如果有什么问题,你会接到电话或者收到电子邮件。W: Excellent. Thank you for your assistance, Mr. Jones, you've been a great help. 非常好。琼斯先生,谢谢你的帮助。B: Not at all...just doing my job. Enjoy your trip to the ed States. 不客气……是我份内的事。祝你去美国旅途顺利。W: I certainly will! 一定会的! 王签好字,还要做指纹取样,按签官说的,anyone applying for a visa to the ed States is required to have fingerprints taken. 凡是申请入境美国签的人,都要提取指纹。 王问签申请几天才会有结果,签官回答说,The processing time is about 5 days,办理签大约要五天的时间,如果有问题,会电话或是电邮通知申请人,签官最后还预祝王去美国旅程顺利。 /201111/160993

to test the waters 试水,试行英文释义To experiment cautiously before proceeding (reference to touching hot water cautiously before bathing).例句No one was certain about the success of the clever new product, so it was introduced in a few stores just to test the waters before national distribution began.对于这款灵巧的新产品能否成功,没人有把握,所以在开始全国分销之前,它先被送到几个商店里试卖。 /201212/214602Q:Tell me something about yourself that I didnt know from ing your resume?A:You wouldn?t know that I?ve managed my own small portfolio since I was sixteen,but I believe that it?s important for you to understand my interest in investment sales. I?ve averaged a 12 percent return over the past eight years.?问:告诉我一些有关你自己的但在你的简历上又没有反映出来的东西?答:你可能不知道我16岁就开始管理自己的投资组合,我认为你能理解我对投资销售方面的兴趣是重要的。在过去的8年里我平均每年获得12%的盈利。不要只是重复简历上已有的东西,讲讲那些虽与你过去的从业经验无关但能反映你的个性和经验的独特的天赋或技能。? /200803/30815

合同是商务交往中非常重要的一环。因此在签订合同的时候一定要对其内容有细致的了解之后再签字。同时,如果你是准备合同的一方,一定要提醒对方应当注意的事项,这样对双方履约都有好处。   This is our contract. Please it carefully before signing.   这是我们的合同。请仔细阅读后再签字。   We have reached an agreement on all the terms. So there shouldn’t be any problem for the contract.   我们对各项条款意件都一致了。合同应当没什么问题了。   May we once more remind you that the contract should be cancelled by one month notice.   请允许我们再次提醒您,双方应在取消合同一个月前进行通知。   We’ll have the contract y tomorrow. It’s been good working with you. Thanks again.   我们明天就可以把合同准备好。合作愉快,再次感谢。 /10/87433职场社交英语 Lesson 57:是跟仰慕者碰面的时候了SCENE③ B 吉娜去找文斯路过自己的隔间 【是跟仰慕者碰面的时候了】Zina: I think it's time for me to meet my admirer and make him face the music.吉娜: 我想该是跟仰慕者碰面的时候了,好让他面对现实。Dave: You do? How are you going to 1) contact him?戴夫: 真的?你要怎么联络上他?Zina: I'm leaving him a message 2) taped to my computer screen.吉娜: 我要留张纸条给他,贴在我的电脑屏幕上。Dave: What does it say? Do you think he'll see it?戴夫: 上面要写什么?你觉得他会看到吗?Zina: He'll see it. It says, " like sweets. / Meet me at 2:30 in the parking lot."吉娜: 他会看到的。上面写着:“我喜欢甜头。/两点半停车场见。”Dave: Can I 3) spy on you guys from the window?戴夫: 我可以从窗户偷看你们会面吗?Zina: No. But I'll fill you in later. Right now I have to find Vince.吉娜: 不可以。不过我之后会把过程跟你说。现在我得要去找文斯。语言详解:A: Have you contacted the office today? 你今天有跟公司联络吗?B: No. I'm taking the day off. 没有。我今天放假。【face the music 面对现实】做一件事或做一个决定,不管是好是坏,都要承担起后果,时候到了,都得要 face the music“面对现实”。A: Murder, dealing drugs...It's time for you to face the music. 谋杀、贩毒……你面对现实的时候到了。B: I don't know what you are talking about, officer. You don't have any proof. 我不知道你在说什么,警官。你没有任何据。【fill someone in 让某人进入状况】fill 这个词是“填满”的意思,好比“填空”fill in the blanks;fill someone in 在字面上的意思是“将某人填入”,填入的是情况的始末,等于是替对方做“简报”brief,好让他了解整件事情到现在为止的来龙去脉。A: Is anybody going to fill me in on what happened here? 有人可以告诉我这里发生了什么事吗?B: Yes, chief. The fire started at two A.M. It was probably *arson and... 是的,局长。凌晨两点发生火灾。多半是纵火还有……*arson (n.) 纵火1) contact (v.) 联系,接触2) tape (v.) 录音,录影3) spy on... 监视…… /200602/4273

第4讲介绍:,,, /200809/49778Waiter: Would you like to see the ?Tom: Err, yes please.Waiter: I was asking the lady actually.Tom: Oh, right.Narrator: 大家好, Anna 和 Tom 终于能坐下来,在一家意大利比萨店共进晚餐了。可怜的Tom 胳膊还没好呢,吃东西的时候用刀叉可能不方便。 他脑里还想着浪漫,不过Anna的心已经不在晚餐上了。Are you feeling nervous Anna?Anna: Nervous? Why?Narrator: 你现在可是单独和 Tom 在一起。What are you going to talk about?Anna: Dont worry. I can handle this, besides I want Toms ideas about developing a new plastic vegetable.Narrator: 一个塑料蔬菜!哦!Good luck.Tom: So this is nice. Finally, us together, on our own, me and you, pizza, red wine… expensive red wine, actually.Anna: Lovely, Tom. You know Tom, Paul wants me to develop a new idea – plastic vegetables – I thought, maybe, you might like to help me?Tom: Come on Anna, were not here to talk business. Tell me about you – the real Anna. Have had many… err, many boyfriends before?Anna: Thats a bit personal. What do you think about plastic peas?Tom: Err? Can you not switch off from work for one minute?Anna: Tom. I think you and me are very similar – were a good team. If we could come up with a great idea for Paul then who knows… we may get to travel the world selling it… together.Tom: Oh, I see. I hadnt thought of it like that. Right well…Waiter: Your pizzas… madam… sir. (Putting plates on the table)Anna: Thanks. Tom, I think youll need some help cutting that.Tom: Thanks. Mmm, you smell nice… or is that the pizza?Anna: Ive got it!Tom: What?Anna: Plastic aubergines!Tom: Plastic aubergines?Anna: Yes. Plastic aubergines. They would look great on this table – a sort of decoration.Tom: Yeah! And you could put sauces inside or salt and pepper. You could be on to something here.Anna: We need to put a proposal together, to give it to Paul. But what should we say?Narrator: Anna, 你的提议应该简短但目标明确。需要有激励人心的一些词汇,比如:特别好 exceptional,超棒 fantastic,高质量 quality,还要提到对公司业务的帮助,比如:利润 profit, 效率 efficiency, 物有所值 value for money. 祝你好运!Tom: Are you OK Anna?Anna: Yes. Just writing some things down.Tom: OK, well write down how we could target restaurants and cafes. Theyll be begging for our vegetables. Oh this is so exciting… lets drink to our… succ… (Bottle knocked over) Oh!Anna: Tom! What have you done?! Youve knocked red wine all over me… and my notebook.Tom: Erm, sorry. We had better get you out of that dress.Narrator: Hmm, 浪漫晚餐泡汤了!不过说不定一个成功商业计划就在眼前。让我们看看晚上在Tom 家到底发生了什么事情…Anna: …this exceptional product has fantastic potential…Tom: Say demand for this plastic aubergine will reach melting point! My little joke!Anna: …by making the production more efficient, our customers will get value for money and our profits will increase. There, done.Tom: Great. We can pitch this to Paul first thing on Monday morning. So now, maybe we can get back to our date? Look I saved some of that pizza.Anna: Its all cold! (Walking away) Anyway, I had better go. Its late and I want to tidy up this proposal. But its been great. I cant wait till next time.Tom: Bbbut…(Door slams closed)Tom: Next time?Narrator: Well, 看来情况不错! 虽然意大利馅饼都冷了,但 Anna 和 Tom 的商业计划进行得红红火火。让我们再回顾一下在准备一份专业的商业计划时可以用到的词汇:Exceptional!Fantastic!Quality.Profit.Efficiency.Value for money.Narrator: 书面的东西都准备好了,接下来得看 Tom 和 Anna 能不能说 Paul, 这就意味着要去投标。我们下期节目再看进展如何。再见! 听力挑战:What is Annas brilliant new idea? Anna 超棒的新想法是什么?上期:In the accident, what did Tom trip over? 在事故中,Tom 被什么绊了一跤?Answer: a box of perfect peaches. :一箱塑料桃子。 /201302/225461大家好,这里是新世界商务口语每日一句节目,每天我都会为大家带来最地道的商务口语句子,而且是由英籍老师真人发音!句子稍微有点难度,但我们相信大家只要坚持,就一定可以学到最地道的英语发音和日常商务用句哦! 今天我们要学习的句子是: Our sister company is saddled with a great amount of debt and should be sold as soon as possible. 我们兄弟公司负债累累,将会被尽快出售。 /06/76097

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