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You may think all of those hugs youve been giving to your dog were wanted, but in reality your dog feels it being held hostage, according to a new data.你可能认为,你给的所有拥抱都是它渴望的,但根据最新数据显示,实际上感觉是被绑架了An published in Psychology Today claims dogs find physical contact - including hugs - stressing and gives them anxiety. Stanely Coren, who studies canine behavior at the University of British Columbia, says an embrace between humans signals warmth and affection, but dogs are not humans.一篇发表在《今日心理学的文章指出,包括拥抱在内的身体接触,带给的感觉是焦虑以及压力加拿大不列颠哥伦比亚大学心理学教授、犬类专家斯坦利·科伦表示,人类之间的拥抱是温暖和喜爱的象征,但是和人类的感觉却截然不同Coren explains the hug in nature is restrictive and may annoy or frighten a dog. The signs of stress and anxiety in dogs are well established, and are easily observable, at least by trained individuals.科伦对此解释道,在大自然中,拥抱也意味着限制,可能会使愤怒或者害怕而焦虑和压力大的迹象非常好辨认,至少对于受过训练的人员来说These signs and other similar ones should be easy to detect in stressed dogs:在感觉压力大的时候,这些特征或者类似特征应该能被发现Turns head away from whatever is bothering it扭头避免让它感觉烦躁的事物Closing eyes, at least partially闭眼,至少半闭Show white portion of the eyes at the corner or the rim露出眼角眼白Ears are lowered or slicked against the side of its head耷拉着耳朵,夹紧脑袋Lip licking or licking a person face; Yawning; Raising one paw; Bare teeth.舔嘴唇或者舔人的脸;吼叫;举爪子;露牙齿The data shows that while few dogs may like being hugged, more than four out of five dogs find it unpleasant.数据显示,一些可能很喜欢拥抱,但是有超过五分之四的则是讨厌拥抱;The clear recommendation to come out of this research is to save your hugs your two-footed family members and lovers; Coren wrote. ;It is clearly better from the dog point of view if you express your fondness your pet with a pat, a kind word, and maybe a treat.;科伦写道:“这个研究得出的明确结论是,把你的拥抱留给用双腿行走的家人和爱人吧,对来说,轻轻拍打、温馨话语和食物奖励显然都是向表达喜爱的更好的方式” 85

Where is the tourist inmation center?旅游咨询处在哪里?A:Excuse me. Could you tell me where the tourist inmation center is?打扰一下,你能告诉我旅游咨询处在哪儿吗?B:Im new here. You had better ask the policeman over there.我初来此地,你最好问问那边的警察A:Thank you all the same.谢谢你!Is there a tourist inmation center in this city?本市有没有旅游咨询处?A:Is there a tourist inmation center is this city?本市有没有旅游咨询处?B:Yes, there is one near the airport.有,在飞机场附近有一个小提示:为了是旅客在踏入异国的第一步便能充分掌握旅途中所需的咨询,大部分国际机场皆设有tourist inmation center,举凡住宿、交通或是该到何处玩,此中心皆能给旅客提供最专业的务假使事先未能预定住宿饭店,也可在到达后,向旅游咨询处索取饭店资料,并立刻打电话询问住房状况,以免徒增提着大包小包在市区中寻找住宿饭店的不便 1885

NBA China announced that the first NBA Playzone, a basketball-themed family entertainment center, will open in Shanghai this summer. The 1,500-square-meter destination will offer families a fun place to experience the NBA in new ways.NBA中国近日宣布,将于今夏在上海开设首家篮球主题的家庭中心这家占地00平方米的地标将会为家庭提供一个有趣的地点,以一种新的方式来体验NBACentrally located in the Hubin Dao Shopping Mall at Xin Tian Di, NBA Playzone will bring NBA excitement to young Chinese fans through a variety of basketball-inspired play areas and activities.这一中心将坐落于上海新天地湖滨道购物中心,NBA乐园将通过各种各样以篮球为灵感的游戏区和活动,给年轻的中国球迷带来NBA的NBA mascots Clutch of the Houston Rockets and Benny the Bull of the Chicago Bulls will make regular appearances at NBA Playzone, which brings fans various basketball-inspired play areas and activities. Other activities include Rookie Challenge, In the Paint, etc.NBA吉祥物休斯顿火箭熊和芝加哥公牛队的贝尼牛将会定期在乐园内露面其他活动包括新秀挑战、梦想涂鸦等;NBA Playzone marks another key milestone in NBA China efts to connect with our young fans and their families,; said NBA China CEO David Shoemaker. ;We are excited them to learn, interact and play in a healthy environment.;NBA中国首席执行官舒德伟表示:;NBA乐园标志着NBA中国努力接近年轻球迷及其家庭的又一里程碑很高兴球迷们可以在一个健康的环境中学习、互动、游戏;NBA Playzone features signature elements:NBA乐园里的大标志性元素包括:Mascot Training Ground: Oversized jungle gym with slides, ball pit and zip-line course to challenge adventure-seeking children.吉祥物的训练场:超大的丛林攀爬区域,内设有滑梯、迷你篮球池、绳索等游乐元素来满足孩子们的冒险精神Rookie Challenge: A soft-play course that challenges young fans to jump, climb, crawl and dunk through a variety of obstacles.新秀挑战:轻松的课程,让孩子们可以穿越各种障碍设置练习爬行、攀登、跳跃以及扣篮The Arena: Roughly one-third the size of an NBA regulation court, The Arena is designed to teach basketball fundamentals and develop star players of tomorrow.梦幻篮球场:约为标准NBA球场三分之一大小的定制篮球场,用以举办篮球课程并培养明日之星Dunk Zone: Enclosed trampoline space where children can showcase their high-flying dunking skills.扣篮大赛:孩子们可以在这个蹦床区域展示他们的弹跳及扣篮天赋Halftime Live: Digital interactive area featuring tablets where children can customize characters and interact with them through a gesture-controlled basketball game.中场秀:孩子们可以这个电子互动区通过平板电脑和手势控制技术操控的篮球游戏来定制自己喜欢的角色并与之互动In the Paint: Arts and crafts area to create custom NBA-themed artwork.梦想涂鸦:艺术和手工艺领域,孩子们可以创建自定义的NBA主题作品Measure-Ups: Collection of life-sized player images, handprints and footprints guests to measure themselves against their favorite stars.比一比:摆放了诸多真人大小的NBA球员模型,球迷们可以与自己喜欢的NBA球员一较身高及臂展Party Rooms: NBA-themed private rooms birthday parties or special events.派对室:NBA主题的房间专为生日聚会等特别场合设计Snack Bar: Food counter offering pizza, coffee, soft drinks and other light snacks. Parents can relax, grab a bite to eat and catch the latest NBA highlights and live games.小吃店:为家长和孩子们提供了比萨、软饮、咖啡及其它小吃,让大家在轻松愉悦的氛围中品尝小吃,同时观看NBA赛事直播及比赛集锦NBA Playzone Store: Offering an exclusive collection of NBA Playzone merchandise, as well as a wide selection of NBA oncourt and lifestyle apparel, footwear, headwear and basketballs children and adults.NBA乐园商店:为家长和孩子们提供了NBA乐园限量版商品以及一系列NBA场上及潮流饰、鞋子、头饰以及篮球 766

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