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惠州市中心医院治疗龟头炎多少钱惠州市妇幼保健院治疗男性不育多少钱British men are gearing up to spend a small fortune in presents to mollify their wives and girlfriends for all the time they intend to spend watching this summer's soccer World Cup, a new survey showed.A Flower Council of Holland survey of 1,000 Britons showed men are prepared to spend 20 pounds (.86) a time or slightly more saying sorry for being glued to the gogglebox or heading down to the pub to watch matches with their mates when the tournament kicks off in South Africa this week.However, the research also reveals that women, while appreciating expensive gifts, are just as happy with a bunch of flowers (33 percent), followed by chocolates (22 percent) or a good meal (15 percent) and most put the value of expected apologetic booty at just under nine pounds per incident."In response to these findings, a clever new iPhone app has been unveiled to make sure our men stay firmlyin the public house rather than the doghouse during the four-week period," the Flower Council of Holland said in a statement.The free "ScoreAtHome" app helps you find the nearest florist to the pub so you can call through your floral apology while still sipping a pint. It also allows you to check the latest football scores on the go.【Notes】Vocabulary:gear up to do sth.: 准备好做某事mollify: to make somebody feel less angry or upset 使平静;抚慰be glued to sth.: to give all your attention to something 全神贯注看着某物gogglebox: lt;英口gt; 电视机kick off: when a football game or a team, etc.kicks off, the game starts (指足球比赛等)开球,开始booty: valuable things that are stolen, especially by soldiers in a time of war 战利品be in the doghouse: if you are in the doghouse, somebody is annoyed with you because of something that you have done 受冷落;失体面;丢脸on the go:活跃;忙个不停201006/105781惠州男科医院哪家最专业 CNN's Eunice Yoon reports on the developing world's position in the debate over who is to blame for rising food prices.In India, Food Courts, packed with middle class families, these days eating bigger meals more frequently with greater choice. To Anshul Singhal, it's a sign of the good economic times. “So it's people who are poor, and the poor are getting rich and they can afford food for two times a day.” But some point to this prosperity, as one key cause of record high food prices. New economic power houses, like China and India are often blamed, at least in part for the current food crisis. US president George. W. Bush had pointed to growing consumer demand in India as one reason prices are going up. But many in this part of the world say the real gluttons are: Certainly the rich countries, they not only consume much more, the amount of food that you waste is just huge. He might have a point. According to a report by the Food and Agriculture Organization, the average American eats 3,770 calories of food a day, compared to 2,940 calories in China or 2,440 calories in India. Americans are also some of the biggest consumers of beef, a food that takes a lot of energy to produce. Chinese agriculturalist Zhouli goes as far as to call the ed States a e "food imperialist ". Li says American food aid and farm subsidies discourage farmers in poorer countries from raising their own crops. Some also blame high food prices on the international push to use grain as fuel for cars instead of food for people. American Agro-economist Lester Brown agrees and says he's not surprised / the debate over food is turning ugly. "What we are now seeing is the emergence of a politics of food scarcity, unlike anything we've seen before." And many food experts say that the blame game is set to get even uglier as nations battle it out in this global food fight/. Eunice Yoon,CNN, Beijing.200812/59268Congressional Democrats and the White House reach a tentative agreement that could keep automakers out of bankruptcy. It's 15 billion of our dollars, as you know, it is taxpayers’ dollars we are talking about using here. And it looks like there will be a meeting is as early at 3:00 pm this afternoon in the Senate really start getting this goal in talking about it in detail, both Obama and Congress leaning closer to putting together some sort of bailout loan if you will to the auto industry. And originally we've been talking about 34 billion now it downsize to 15 billion. However, Congress wants to put some strains on this money. For example, they may have a car czar, someone inside the Department of Commerce who will be responsible for making sure that all of their ideas are being put in place and acted on, rather than allowing the auto industry just take the money and run. Also possibly new corporate leadership, both the President-elect and the Senator Christ Dodd saying today and over the weekend that possibly there needs to be change in the CEO's office of some of these companies. UAW concessions, maybe more union concessions, plus some restructuring of these companies would have to happen. So the money would have some strains attached to it, and of course, the reason we are talking about this to begin with is because Friday's jobless number which really put fire under Congress to start talking about this. Big shock, 534,000 jobs lost in November. Now the jobless rate is 6.7%, very tough for folks out there who are in the jobs market. Let's talk a little bit with Reggie for just a second about what this would mean to the economy. If the auto industry was not bailed out, if all three of the big automakers were allowed to go out of business, it could cost as many as three million jobs. Now, let me explain it a little bit, this isn't just jobs in Detroit, this is jobs all over the country from California to the east coast, of course including Michigan, are really affecting almost every state. And we've aly had 1.9 million layoffs in this country that's what the recession has done to employment in this country, this was nearly more than that, it’s double it.And just to mention here we said, a couple of actual layoffs announces, this morning Dow Chemical's announcing they're gonna lay off 5000, a 11% of their global workforce. 3M is gonna lay off some 1800 folks. So the numbers keep getting worse on the score. I wanted to tell you though Reggie you might be interested, Paul Krugman who is the Nobel economics laureate, somebody who knows a thing or two about economics says that, in the end these companies, these auto companies will probably disappear, (Really?) even with the money they are getting. So he doesn't have a lot of confidence that these companies have what it takes to survive in this very competitive global environment. As I've said, this is very controversial giving money even with strains attached to the auto industry, because of the perception out there that the businesses just haven't been run as well as they could have been. So we have to wait and see what Congress does this afternoon if they go ahead and flip this watchful money to the auto industry. Reggie.Yeah, Gerri, and I mean these are companies that haven't been making money, and there's no promise they are going to be making money even if they get the infusion of cash. That's absolutely right, you know, we keep waiting for some kind of, you know, magic formula for this, for this industry to resurrect itself, of course it got hit hard by this recession we are experiencing in this country, that was just, you know, yet one more knock on their business, and the fact that, You know, it seems like a distant memory, now gas prices went through the roof. That really helped hurt their industry as well. So this is an industry that really got kicked in the teeth by the current recession trying to find its way back, fight its way back. Of course you watched last week as, you know, the executives went in front of Congress head in hand and asking for money. And it looks like it's gonna happen despite what you're hearing now from some of these smartest economists in the country about the long term viability of the industry.200812/58735惠州市第一人民医院男科专家

惠城区医院前列腺炎多少钱Egypt has eased restrictions on border crossings for pedestrians from the Gaza Strip. Palestinians see it as a big step toward ending a four-year-old blockade that Israel and Egypt have imposed on the enclave.  埃及放宽行人从加沙地带进入埃及的边境管制,结束了以色列和埃及对这块飞地实施的长达四年的封锁,巴勒斯坦人将此视为重大的一步。A Palestinian border policeman puts a stamp on the passport of Mahmoud al-Hams, a Gaza resident who says he has not left the enclave for years. He is among the first of hundreds who arrived at the Rafah border terminal Saturday before boarding a shuttle bus that would take him past a gate into Egypt.一名巴勒斯坦边境警察将穆罕默德.汉斯的护照盖了章。汉斯是加沙居民,他说他已经有四年没离开过这块飞地了。他是星期六首先抵达拉法边境站的几百人中之一,之后他搭上接驳车,接驳车将他载过边境大门进入埃及。He says he is very happy that he can finally go out and see the world. 他说,他非常高兴终于能出来看看世界了。Egypt began easing restrictions on this border crossing earlier this year following the ouster of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, opening this crossing sporadically for those with special permits that were granted on the basis of medical and other needs. 埃及今年早些时候在埃及总统穆巴拉克被赶下台后开始放宽边境管制,不定时开放边境给那些因为医疗或其他需要而获得特殊许可的民众。Now, the crossing is supposed to have regular hours and be open generally to anyone other than men between the ages of 18 and 40. 现在,过境将会有固定时段,将开放给除了18岁到40岁男子的一般大众。201105/138389惠州人民医院做包皮手术要提前预约吗 A study of a solar-powered blood pressure monitor finds it can be an effective tool in places where electricity — and even batteries — can be in short supply. A study in Africa found the monitors to be affordable and accurate.对太阳能血压计的研究显示,这种血压计在那些缺少电力或者电池的地方可以发挥大作用。在非洲的试用明,太阳能血压计既实惠,又准确。High blood pressure is a major health concern. It can lead to stroke and many other debilitating conditions. But you can't tell if someone has high blood pressure just by looking at them. You have to measure it, on regular basis. And that can be a challenge.高血压是严重的健康问题,会导致中风和许多其他病症。但是从表面上,你看不出来一个人的血压是不是过高。必须定期量血压。但这可能会有困难。"And so, we have set out to find a device that is accurate, robust, inexpensive, and also not dependent on batteries or electricity for power," said Dr. Eoin O'Brien of University College Dublin, who is the lead author of a newly published study evaluating the effectiveness of these new monitors.都柏林大学的欧文·奥布莱恩士是最近一项研究报告的主要作者,内容是评估太阳能血压计的功效。他说:“我们着手寻找一种血压计,它要准确,耐用,便宜,而且不用接电源或使用电池。”Taking blood pressure can be done manually, with an inflatable cuff and a stethoscope. The equipment is cheap, saiid O'Brien in a telephone interview, but it requires significant training to be accurate and reliable "because the greatest source of inaccuracy with the traditional technique is the observer. 奥布莱恩士说,普通手工操作的血压计价格便宜,但是需要相当的培训,才能做到准确可靠。"The observer becomes distracted or forgets what the blood pressure is. At least with the automated device you have the ing there. It's on the screen for you to see."“使用传统技术,造成不准确的最大原因是使用者,他会分神或者忘记血压数据。使用自动血压计,至少数字显示在那里,你可以看到。”But automatic equipment requires batteries or plug-in electricity. 可是自动血压计需要接电源,或者使用电池。201011/119262惠州市第一人民医院治疗生殖感染价格

惠州市妇幼保健院治疗包皮包茎多少钱Boy, 13, struck by lightning -- on Friday the 13thFriday the 13th proved suitably unlucky for one 13 year-old boy who was struck by lightning before being taken to hospital -- at 13:13 on the ded date.The boy, who has not been named, was treated for a minor burn after being hit along with two others at an air show in Suffolk, eastern England, a spokeswoman said.Staff at the St Johns Ambulance service said there had been heavy rain all day before they witnessed a big flash of lightning and a loud clap of thunder over the sea off the Suffolk coast."We got a call that someone had been struck by lightning so we immediately sent our paramedics to the scene, followed by an ambulance," said Rex Clarke, head of the team of St John Ambulance volunteers at the event."Lightning strikes can cause cardiac arrest, but when our volunteers arrived the boy was conscious and breathing."Clarke added that two other people were treated for injuries from lightning burns in the space of twenty minutes, and that all three people were holding umbrellas at the time which "acts as a conductor for electricity."Jason Gillingham, a County Ambulance Officer and on scene at the show, said: "This was a minor burn to the boy's shoulder, but he was taken to hospital and is recovering well."Vocabulary:paramedic: a member of an ambulance crew trained in a number of life-saving skills, including infusion and cardiac care(医护人员)in the space of: 在……期间内背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/111493 American forces in Japan美国驻日军队Another lost year又一年的迷失Some unspoken truths about Japan’s security relationship with America 日本与美国安全关系方面几个不言而喻的真相May 26th 2011 | TOKYO | from the print edition LESS than a month after a new government took office in Japan in September , American officials talked their Japanese counterparts through a longstanding frustration: stalled plans to build a new airbase for American marines on the southern island of Okinawa. According to confidential minutes of the meeting sent to Washington, DC by the American embassy in Tokyo, leaked by WikiLeaks, Kurt Campbell, an assistant secretary of state, said a new airstrip was necessary because of China’s growing military strength. But that could not be discussed publicly, “for obvious reasons”.年9月日本新政府走马上任,在此后不到一个月的时间里,美国官员与他们的日本同行讨论了这个持续已久的麻烦事——美国海军要在冲绳岛(Okinawa)南侧修建新空军基地的计划陷入僵局。会议的秘密记录从东京的美国大使馆送到了华盛顿特区,但是被维基解密泄露出来,根据这份记录,美国国务卿的助理柯特坎贝尔(Kurt Campbell)认为:由于中国军事力量日益强大,修建新的空军基地势在必行。但是“由于某些明显原因”,这种话题显然不能拿到桌子上谈。A few months later Mr Campbell went further, according to another cable. Because of potential threats from North Korea, China and elsewhere, America and Japan faced “the most challenging security environment” in 50 years. However, he said the messages to the public often glossed over that reality. Presumably that too was to avoid offending China, even though it would have helped Okinawans to understand why the new facility is deemed so important. 根据另一份报告,坎贝尔进一步的提出。由于朝鲜、中国和其他地方存在着潜在威胁,美国和日本在未来50年里面临“最严峻的安全环境”。但是,他认为对公众透露的信息总会掩盖事实真相。这也被推测为避免冒犯中国,尽管这有助于冲绳岛居民了解为何新空军基地举足轻重的地位。201106/138923惠州早泄需要多少钱惠州友好医院看生殖器疱疹



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