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郑州中心医院脱毛手术多少钱济源市绣眉多少钱Last week, UBS released a survey of 1,200 of its American clients and their attitudes towards the US election. 不久前,瑞银(UBS)发布了对200名美国客户以及他们对美国选举的态度的调查报告。It revealed some striking insights after the election, for example, the proportion of investors who were bullish about US stocks jumped from 25 per cent to 53 per cent, while those who were bullish about growth rose from 39 per cent to 48 per cent. 该报告揭示出一些引人注目的见解——例如,在美国大选后,看好美国股市的投资者比例从25%飙升3%,同时看好美国经济增长的投资者比例从39%升至48%。There was, however, an even more important detail: 36 per cent of respondents said that they did not tell their friends and family who they voted for, because they wanted to fend off arguments or avoid judgment.然而,该报告中更为重要的细节是6%的受访者表示,他们没有告诉朋友和家人自己投了谁,因为他们希望避免争论或遭到评判。Yes, you that right. 是的,你没看错。Among these wealthy and (presumably) educated UBS clients, more than one-third were apparently too nervous or embarrassed to reveal their election choice. 在这些富裕而且(想必)受过良好教育的瑞银客户当中,逾三分之一的人似乎害怕或羞于透露他们在选举中的选择。Call it, if you like, a plague of squeamish silence.如果你愿意的话,可以将这称为一场神经脆弱所致沉默的瘟疫。Sadly, UBS does not have any long-term data with which to compare this result (I checked), and since the sample is tiny, it may be very biased. 遗憾的是,瑞银没有任何能与这一结果相对照的长期数据(我核查过了),而且由于样本数量很少,结果也可能偏差很大。But I suspect the result points to a bigger pattern and one that may help explain why Trump won, in stark contrast to the pollsterspredictions.但我怀疑调查结果揭示出一种更为广泛的模式,它可能有助于解释为何与民调机构预测大相径庭的是,特朗普赢得了大选。As I criss-crossed the US this past year, I often heard middle-class, professional people tell me with slightly embarrassed smiles that they understood the appeal of Trump’s promises about change. 我在过去的一年里走遍了美国各地,经常听到中产阶级和专业人士(带着略有些尴尬的笑容)告诉我,他们理解特朗普承诺改变的吸引力。Yes, their comments were typically laced with distaste for his aggressive persona and words you only have to look at his outburst against Saturday Night Live to see why his tweets make people wince. 没错,他们在说这些的时候通常还夹带着对特朗普激进形象和言辞的反感——你只需看看他对《周六夜现场Saturday Night Live)的发飙就会明白为何他在Twitter上的帖子让人们蹙眉了。But what struck me on my travels was that people voting for Hillary Clinton were rarely embarrassed to admit to it. 但在旅途中让我印象深刻的是,投票给希拉克林Hillary Clinton)的人们很少会不好意思承认。Instead, they were resigned or dutiful. 相反,他们是无可奈何的或有责任心的。In political terms, a vote for Clinton seemed akin to eating spinach. 投票给希拉里似乎就像政治上的吃菠菜,A vote for Trump, however, was more like eating ice-cream laced with whisky for breakfast something that establishment people did not want to admit to.而投票给特朗普,更像是早餐吃冰激凌就威士忌——建制派人士不想承认的吃法。I suspect that this reticence will last for some time. 我怀疑,这种沉默将会持续一段时间。Last week, I travelled to Minneapolis (for the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association) and discovered that the local media were gripped by a debate about how to handle family gatherings amid all the political poison unleashed by the Trump win.不久前,我去了明尼阿波利斯(参加美国人类学协American Anthropological Association)年会),发现当地媒体热议的一个话题是,如何在特朗普胜选释放的政治有毒空气中处理家庭聚会。Some people feel so angry that they are taking radical measures. 一些人极为愤慨,因此采取了激进的举措。I sent an email to an in-law telling him that his genial hockey buddy and Trump supporter friend, Johnny, was no longer welcome on Thanksgiving! a front-page column in Minnesota’s Star Tribune declared.明尼苏达州的《明星论坛报Star Tribune)头版的一篇专栏文章宣称:我给姻亲发了一封电子邮件,告诉他,今年感恩节,他那位持特朗普的随和的曲棍球伙伴约翰尼(Johnny)不再是受欢迎的客人。However, most writers and advice columnists took a different tack and decided, like the UBS respondents, that it would be better to avoid fights caused by too much honesty this Thanksgiving and Christmas. 然而,大多数作者(以及问答栏目专栏作家)采取了不同的做法,他们与瑞银受访者一样,认为在今年感恩节和圣诞节期间最好避免因过于诚实而导致争执。In other words, I suspect there will be lots of loaded, tactful silences around the dinner table, much as there were with the pollsters.换言之,我怀疑晚餐期间会出现意味深长的、策略性的沉默,就像面对民调机构一样。All of this has three important implications. 所有这些有3个重要意义。First, it suggests that anybody who wants to guess how the forthcoming elections will turn out in France, Italy and the Netherlands needs to be careful about trusting poll results. 首先,它表明,无论是谁想要猜测法囀?意大利和荷兰即将举行的选举情况都需要谨慎,别轻易相信民调结果。Maybe voters in Europe are less shy about non-traditional choices but I doubt it.或许欧洲的选民不会那么羞于说出自己的非传统选择,但我对此表示怀疑。A second lesson is that the polling industry needs to rethink the questions it asks. 第二个教训是,民调业有必要重新思考它所问的问题。It is striking, for example, that the one poll that was more accurate than most was conducted by the right-leaning political consultancy the Trafalgar Group. 例如,引人注目的是,一个比大多数民调都更为准确的民调是由偏右的政治咨询公司Trafalgar Group进行的。Early on, it decided that people were lying about their voting intentions. 该公司很早就认定,人们不会如实透露自己的投票打算。So it started asking questions such as how respondentsneighbours were likely to vote. 因此,它开始问诸如受访者的邻居可能投谁之类的问题。Not only did this deliver a different result but it enabled Trafalgar to predict the result in both Pennsylvania and Michigan.这种做法不仅得出了不同的结果,而且还让Trafalgar预测到了宾夕法尼亚州和密歇根州的投票结果。The third, and biggest, lesson is that pollsters and political pundits need to move beyond their obsession with complicated mathematical models, and participate in more ethnographic research into subtle cultural trends of the sort that anthropologists do (on the shame problem, for example). 第三个、也是最大的教训是,民调机构和政治员需要摆脱对复杂数学模型的痴迷,对微妙的文化趋势(比如在害羞的问题上)展开更多人种志研究,就像人类学家做的那样。Of course, such an undertaking will not be easy. 当然,此类研究不会轻松。Ethnographic research is time-consuming and cannot be plugged neatly into spsheets. 人种志研究极为耗费时间,而且无法整齐地编排为电子表格。And while last week’s meeting of the AAA revealed some amazing, grassroots work that anthropologists are doing to understand shifting American culture, it also reminded me why so few non-anthropologists know about these insights: this breed of academic tends to be very shy about pushing their analyses into the mainstream in a timely way, especially when it comes to politics.尽管不久前的美国人类学协会会议揭示出,人类学家正在做一些引人注目的基础工作来理解处于转变当中的美国文化,但它也提醒我,为何非人类学家很少知道这些见解:人类学学者往往非常不愿意及时将他们的研究推向主流,尤其是在政治问题上。If nothing else, the US election has shown us that we all urgently need to relearn the art of listening to anthropologists, mavericks, naysayers and, yes, to people with opposing opinions. 别的不说,美国大选向我们表明,我们全都亟需重新学习聆听的艺术——聆听人类学家、持另类观点者、唱反调者、(没错)还有持相反观点者的声音。I hope that anthropologists get more plugged into the polling world. 我希望,人类学家更加专注民调领域。But I also hope that yesterday’s shy voters start to talk more openly in the months ahead about why they disliked the status quo. 但我也希望,过去害羞的选民在今后几个月开始更为公开地谈论他们为何不喜欢现状。Only then will America be truly y for change, with or without shame.只有到那时,美国才会真正准备好迎接改变,无论是否带着羞涩。来 /201612/482375河南省郑州华山整形美容医院激光美白好吗 Apple will not contribute funds or other resources for the Republican National Convention due to presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trumps prejudiced remarks, Politico reported last Saturday.有关政客上周六报道,由于共和党总统候选人唐纳德·特朗普的偏见性言论,苹果公司将不会向共和党全国代表大会提供任何的资金或是其他资源援助。The decision by one of the ed States largest and most popular companies is the biggest corporate defection from the Republican convention.苹果公司是美国最大的公司之一,该公司的这个决定是对共和党代表大会是一个最大的背叛;The Apple news raises the bar for other corporations,; Rashad Robinson, a spokesman for PAC, said in a statement. The PAC is leading efforts to pressure companies not to participate in this years GOP gathering.;苹果公司的这一决策为其他公司提供了借鉴经验;PAC公司的发言人拉沙德·罗宾逊说道。该公司带头向其他公司施压,阻止它们参加今年的GOP大会;Not only has Apple declined to support the Republican National Convention, but theyve explicitly told Republican leaders that Trumps bigoted rhetoric is the reason that theyre sitting out,; Robinson said. ;This is what real corporate responsibility looks like.;罗宾逊表示:;苹果公司不止拒绝持共和党全国代表大会,还明确告诉共和党领袖,这一切都是特朗普偏执的言行导致的。这才是真正的企业职责;There is likely little love lost between the tech giant and the presumptive GOP nominee. Trump called for a boycott of Apple in February when the company refused to unlock the iPhone of one of the gunmen in the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California in December.科技巨头和共和党预定候选人间的关系可能没那么友奀?去2月在加利福尼亚州圣伯纳迪诺市发生了大规模击案件,今月,苹果公司拒绝解锁该事件持歹徒的iPhone。因此,特朗普便呼吁抵制苹果产品。An Apple spokesman declined to comment. The Republican National Committee did not immediately responded to a request for comment.苹果公司的一位发言人拒绝对此作出,共和党全国委员会也未对的请求作出回应。Apple did not participate in the two major parties national conventions in 2012, but several other companies that did are either declining to do so this year or have greatly reduced their contributions.2012年,苹果公司并没有参加两个主要政党的全国代表大会。而其他参加了大会的公司要么就是今年拒绝再次参加,要么就是大幅度减少了其资助额。Wells Fargo, ed Parcel Service, Motorola, JP Morgan Chase, Ford and Walgreens all contributed to the 2012 GOP convention, and have announced they will not play a role in the convention in Cleveland this July, according to Bloomberg.据彭社报道,富国,联合包裹运输务公司,托罗拉,根大通,福特和沃尔格林机构等均在2012年向GOP大会提供资助。但是今年,它们一致宣布拒绝为7月份的克利夫兰大会提供资助。Coca-Cola will be donating ,000 to both parties conventions, a drop from its 0,000 donation to the Republican convention in 2012.可口可乐公司将为两党大会资助75000美金。这一数字远低于其012年向共和党大会的资助6万美金。来 /201606/451621Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, met with Hung Hsiu-chu, the visiting chairwoman of Kuomintang (KMT) party, and called for officials on both sides of the Taiwan Straits to remain committed to the one-China consensus.中共中央总书记习近平会见来访的中国国民党主席洪秀柱,呼吁台湾海峡两岸官员继续坚持;一个中;的共识。Holding talks with a delegation led by Hung at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing last Tuesday, Xi said ensuring national integrity and protecting the fundamental interests of the Chinese nation is the ;common will of all Chinese people;.习近平主席于上周二在北京人民大会堂同洪秀柱率领的访问团举行会谈时指出,确保国家完整不被分裂,维护中华民族根本利益,是;全体中华儿女的共同意;。Xi made a six-point proposal on cross-Straits relations, including adhering to the 1992 Consensus, which affirms the one-China principle, resolutely opposing forces supporting ;Taiwan independence; and their activities, promoting social and economic cooperation between the two sides and working together to carry forward Chinese culture.习近平主席就两岸关系发展提出六点意见,包括坚持体现一个中国原则的;九二共识;、坚决反;台独;分裂势力及其活动、推进两岸经济社会合作和共同弘扬中华文化等;Safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity is the core national interest, and it is a line that cannot be crossed,; Xi said.习近平主席表示:“维护国家主权和领土完整是国家利益的核心,是一条不能跨越的红线。”Hung said the KMT and the CPC should continue promoting economic, trade and people-to-people exchanges on the basis of adhering to the 1992 Consensus and opposing ;Taiwan independence.;洪秀柱表示,国共两党应继续在;九二共识;、反;台独;的基础上推动扩大两岸经贸和民间交流往来。It is Hungs first trip to the Chinese mainland since she became head of the KMT on March 30.此行是洪秀0日就任国民党主席后第一次访问大陆;The meeting between Xi and Hung is pragmatic and has far-reaching significance,; said Wang Kunyi, a professor with Tamkang University in Taiwan.台湾淡江大学教授王昆义表示:“习近平主席与洪秀柱主席的这次会见是非常务实的,并且具有深远的意义。”来 /201611/477323郑州飘眉哪家医院好

郑州激光祛太田痣价格U.S. Navy ships sailing in the Persian Gulf were forced to fire warning shots and flares after being harassed by Iranian vessels in increasing close encounters, the Pentagon says.五角大楼称,在波斯湾航行的美国海军舰只在遭到伊朗舰艇不断靠近的挑衅之后,美舰艇被迫开和火光警告。In one incident Wednesday, the patrol ship USS Squall fired three warning shots into the water in the direction of an Iranian boat that was approaching another American ship head-on.在周三的一次事件中,一艘伊朗船只迎头驶近另一艘美国舰艇,美狂风号巡逻舰为此三次向伊朗船方向的水中开警告。Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook told reporters Thursday the Iranian boat came within 182 meters of the USS Tempest and ignored several bridge-to-bridge radio calls and warning flares. It eventually turned away.美国国防部发言人彼得·库克周四告诉记者,伊朗船只进入了距离暴风号182米的范围,并且无视驾驶台对驾驶台的几次广播呼叫和警告信号,最终该船调转了方向。“These were incidents that the crews deemed unsafe,Cook said. “These are incidents that carry a risk of escalation, and we don’t desire any kind of escalation.库克说,“舰艇上的海军官兵认为,这些事件是不安全的。这些事件有升级的危险,我们不希望看到任何方式的升级。Our ships have been operating in that part of the world for years.”我们的舰艇在那个区域行动已经很多年了。”The same Iranian boat that harassed the USS Tempest also crossed in front of the USS Stout three times at a high rate of speed Wednesday in the same region, U.S. officials say.美国官员称,骚扰暴风号的那艘伊朗船只周三还在同一水域从斯托特号驱逐舰的面前高速穿梭了三次。The incidents involving the Iranian ships and parts of the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet spanned multiple days. Besides the two patrol ships, the USS Squall and Tempest, two U.S. destroyers, the USS Nitze and Stout, also were involved.这些事件涉及伊朗船只和美国海军第五舰队的部分舰艇,历时数天。除了狂风号和暴风号两艘巡逻舰外,还涉及尼采号和斯托特号驱逐舰。William Urban, a spokesman for the 5th Fleet, said the Iranian vessels that buzzed the Nitze ignored repeated radio, whistle and flare warnings. He described the Iranian actions as “unsafe and unprofessional, and not routine.;第五舰队发言人厄本说,骚扰尼采号的伊朗船只无视几次广播、哨子和火光警告。他将伊朗的行为形容为“不安全、不专业、也不合常规”。But Iran remained defiant in the face of U.S. accusations. Irans semi-official Tasnim news agency on Thursday ed General Hosein Dehghan as saying, ;If any foreign vessel enters our waters, we warn them, and if its an invasion, we confront.; 面对美国的指责,伊朗态度傲慢。伊朗半官方的塔斯尼姆通讯社周四援引侯赛因·达赫甘将军的话,“如果任何外国船只进入我们的海域,我们就警告它们。如果是入侵,我们就与他们对峙。He added that Iranian boats patrol to monitor traffic and foreign vessels in its territorial waters.他还说,伊朗船只在自己的领属海域巡逻,以便监控交通和外来船只。来 /201608/463060安阳市祛斑多少钱 Russia is deliberately attacking civilians in northern Syria in an attempt to intensify the refugee crisis, western diplomats and politicians have warned, in a sign that a fragile ceasefire agreement for the war-ravaged country is crumbling before it begins.西方外交官和政治人士警告称,俄罗斯正故意袭击叙利亚北部的平民,目的是加剧难民危机,这一迹象表明,对于这个战乱国家而言,脆弱的停火协议还未开始执行就在瓦解了。A pivotal part of Russia’s strategy was “to exacerbate the refugee crisis and use it as a weapon to divide the transatlantic alliance and undermine the European project US Senator John McCain said in a speech at an annual security conference in Munich on Sunday.美国参议员约翰麦凯恩(John McCain)周日在慕尼黑的一个年度安全会议上发表演讲时表示,俄罗斯战略的一个关键部分是“加剧难民危机,将其用作分裂欧美同盟和破坏欧洲一体化的武器”。Two senior politicians from close US allies and a senior European intelligence official echoed Mr McCain’s remarks, reflecting the bleak mood among western defence chiefs, diplomats and political leaders gathered for the conference.来自美国亲密盟国的两名高官以及欧洲一名高级情报官员呼应了麦凯恩的言论,这反映出参加此次会议的西方国防部长、外交官以及政治领导人的悲观情绪。Moscow was “weaponisingthe refugee crisis for leverage, one of the politicians warned. According to a European official, facilities such as bakeries and hospitals were being hit in an attempt to force the local population into capitulation and increase the flow of refugees towards Turkey and Europe.其中一位政治人士警告称,俄罗斯正把难民危机“用作武器”以求讨价还价。一位欧洲官员称,为了迫使当地居民放弃一切,并增加逃往土耳其和欧洲的难民数量,面包房和医院等场所正遭到袭击。The Syrian ceasefire deal, which is set to begin on Friday, was agreed by the International Syria Support Group the collection of regional and world powers whose influence is critical in determining the outcome of the Syrian conflict at the conference last Friday.周五即将启动的叙利亚停火协议由国际叙利亚持小组(International Syria Support Group,由地区和全球大国组成,它们的影响力在决定叙利亚冲突的结果方面至关重要)在上周五的会议上达成。Moscow’s air operations have shifted the balance of power in favour of the regime of Bashar al-Assad, leaving many Washington-backed moderate opposition groups in northern Syria close to surrendering.俄罗斯的空中作战行动使得战场形势向着有利于巴沙尔阿萨Bashar al-Assad)政权的方向发展,导致叙利亚北部很多得到美国持的温和反对派组织接近投降。来 /201602/426538河南割双眼皮多少钱啊

郑州中原区哪家割双眼皮比较好Four years passed between The New York Times’s first article based on the Pentagon Papers and the end of the Vietnam War. 从《纽约时报》根据五角大楼泄密文件发出的第一篇报道,到越南战争结束,用了四年Two years passed between The Washington Post’s first story establishing Richard M. Nixon’s link to the Watergate burglary and Nixon’s resignation from the presidency. 从《华盛顿邮报》将理查德·M·尼克Richard M. Nixon)与水门窃听事件建立关联的第一篇报道发出,到尼克松辞任美国总统,用了两年Last week, Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson of Iceland couldn’t make it 48 hours before having to step aside after the disclosure of the shady bank dealings contained in the Panama Papers, some of which involve him. 上周,隐藏在巴拿马文件中的可疑交易被曝光不到48小时,与之有牵连的冰岛总理西格门迪 尔·戴维·贡劳格Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson)就被迫递交了辞呈O.K., I know: It’s just Iceland, remote and adorably tiny. Who knew it had a government position higher than forstodumadur Fiskistofa (director of Fisheries)? Kidding, Iceland, kidding! I understand how you’re at the center of something bigger than both your country and mine, and I promise that you won’t be mad at me by the time you’re done ing this. 好吧,我知道:这只是冰岛,一个遥远而小巧的国家。谁会知道它有一个比渔业部门主管(forstodumadur Fiskistofa)还大的政府职位呢?开玩笑,冰岛的朋友,是开玩笑!我知道你们处在比你的国家和我的国家都大的事件中心,我保等你看完全文,肯定就不会再因我那句玩笑话而愤慨Because while we Americans were transfixed by the latest plot turns in our presidential campaign, you and the rest of the world were living through the biggest corporate data leak in history. It had reverberations not only in Iceland, but in China, Britain, Russia, Argentina and some 50 other countries. 因为,当我们美国人因本国总统大选的最新情节转折而目瞪口呆时,你们和全球其他国家的人正在亲身见史上规模最大的一起企业数据泄露事件。它不止在冰岛引起巨大反响,也在中国、英囀?俄罗斯、阿根廷和其他大0个国家产生了震动But the leak signaled something else that was a big deal but went unheralded: The official WikiLeaks-ization of mainstream journalism; the next step in the tentative merger between the Fourth Estate, with its relatively restrained conventional journalists, and the Fifth Estate, with the push-the-limits ethos of its blogger, hacker and journo-activist cohort, in the era of gargantuan data breaches. 但泄密事件本身还呈现了另外一个非常重大但又不曾被提起的问题:主流新闻报道正式“维基解密化WikiLeaks-ization);这是以相对受限制的传统新闻记者为主的“第四阶级Fourth Estate),和以挑战道德边界的客作者、黑客和新闻活动人士等为代表的“第五阶级Fifth Estate),在海量数据泄露时代组成临时联盟后的下一步行动Back at the dawn of this new, Big Breach journalism, The Times’s then-executive editor, Bill Keller, wondered aloud in the paper’s Sunday magazine whether “The War Logs,a huge cache of confidential war records and diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks in conjunction with The Times, Der Spiegel, The Guardian and others, represented “some kind of cosmic triumph of transparency.He concluded, “I suspect we have not reached a state of information anarchy, at least not yet.That was in 2011. 在这股新的大泄密(Big Breach)新闻潮流刚开启的时候,时任《纽约时报》执行总编的比尔·凯Bill Keller)曾在时报的《周日杂志Sunday)上发文,就维基解密与《纽约时报》、《明镜周刊Der Spiegel)、《卫报The Guardian)和其他媒体发布含大量机密战争记录和外交电报的“战争日志”,是否代表着“追求信息透明的某种巨大胜利”,做出了他的思考。他的结论是,“我想我们并没有达到完全的信息公开,至少现在还没有。”当时是2011年Five years later, it is safe to say that we are getting much closer. This is changing the course of world history, fast. It is also changing the rules for mainstream journalists in the fierce business of unearthing secrets, and for the government and corporate officials in the fiercer business of keeping them. 五年之后,可以肯定地说,我们距离那个目标近了很多。这种变化正在快速改变世界历史的进程。而在残酷的揭秘报道领域,以及更加残酷的政府和企业保密领域,规则也在被改变Any early questions about the effect of WikiLeaks’s trove were answered a few months after Mr. Keller’s article appeared, when WikiLeaks won credit for helping to spark the Arab Spring. It revealed a cable highlighting the opulence and self-dealing of President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia and his family, enraging his aly restive and economically pinched public. His ouster shortly followed. 在凯勒那篇文章发出几个月后,针对维基解密泄露重要信息的效力所产生的各种疑问都得到了。当时,维基解密因帮助激发了“阿拉伯之春”革命而获得肯定。该机构曝光了一份机密电报,揭露突尼斯总统宰因·阿比丁·本·阿里(Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali)及其家人假公济私的行为和奢华的生活,激怒了在经济上备受压迫、本已躁动不安的突尼斯民众。本·阿里很快被罢黜Last year, a federal judge doubted the constitutionality of the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of Americansphone records after the program was disclosed in data leaked by the former intelligence contractor Edward J. Snowden. Mr. Snowden’s information also helped set up this year’s standoff between Apple and the Justice Department over iPhone encryption. 去年,在前美国国家安全局(National Security Agency)情报承包商爱德华·J·斯诺Edward J. Snowden)泄露数据,曝光该机构大量收集美国人通话记录的项目之后,一名联邦法官对安全局的行为是否符合宪法提出了质疑。斯诺登提供的信息也部分导致苹果公司今年与司法部(Justice Department)就是否为之破解iPhone手机而僵持不下Now we have the 11.5 million files known as the Panama Papers, based on documents from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca that detail shell companies and tax shelters used by the world’s wealthy and powerful. They are causing political heartburn and potentially worse for President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain, and yes, Iceland. 现在,我们掌握了数量150万份的巴拿马文件。这些从名为莫萨冯塞Mossack Fonseca)的巴拿马律所泄露的文件,详细记录了世界各地的权贵使用的空壳公司和避税手段。它们正在成为一些政治人物的心病,而对俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·V·普京(Vladimir V. Putin)、英国首相戴维·卡梅伦(David Cameron)来说,情况可能会更糟,当然,也包括冰岛But for everyday mopes who file their taxes by the letter of the law, as opposed to through its loopholes, the biggest shocker was how much tax avoidance contained in the Panama Papers was legal, as Glenn Greenwald wrote in The Intercept. That is a lit match to the political tinder of the increasingly global view that the game is rigged something that’s at the heart of the appeals of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump here at home. 但是,就像格伦·格林沃尔德(Glenn Greenwald)在新闻网站The Intercept上的文章所写的,对于依法纳税而非利用其漏洞避税的普通人而言,最大的震惊之处在于,巴拿马文件中的避税行为竟然有那么多是合法的。它引爆了一种日益全球化的观念,即一切都是纵的——这也是伯尼·桑德Bernie Sanders)和唐纳德·特朗Donald Trump)能在本国集聚人气的一个关键原因It’s the stuff journalists live for. But the deep data sets that are making these sorts of revelations possible are presenting new conundrums for reporters and editors more accustomed to banging the phones and interviewing live human beings. 这是记者们渴盼的素材。但让这类泄密事件得以实现的深层数据,也在给习惯于狂打电话、采访活生生的对象的记者和编辑们带来新的难题This issue initially surfaced in the WikiLeaks “War Logscollaboration. In their carefully constructed stories with WikiLeaks, The Times, The Guardian and other partners redacted the names of sensitive sources mentioned in the documents. But later, some WikiLeaks-held reports spilled out online with names of sensitive sources, drawing accusations that lives were put at risk. 这个问题在最早与维基解密就“战争日志”展开合作时就暴露出来了。在精心谋篇布局的多篇维基解密报道中,《纽约时报》和《卫报》及其他合作伙伴对文件中提到的敏感信源的名字进行了涂黑处理。但后来,维基解密持有的一些报道散布到网上,将敏感信源的名字暴露了出来,被指责危及了他人的生命The WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, and his supporters have noted that no known physical harm came from any of it. But none of this helped the “War Logssource, Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley Manning), the Army private who received a 35-year prison sentence on charges of violating the Espionage Act. The sentence was part the ed States government’s aggressive attempts to put this Big Breach era to an end. Fat chance. 维基解密的创始人朱利安·阿桑奇(Julian Assange)及其持者表示,并不能确定有哪篇报道真的造成了任何人身伤害。但是它们显然没给“战争日志”的信源——二等兵切尔西·曼宁(Chelsea Manning,之前名为布拉德利·曼宁[Bradley Manning])带来什么好处。他因触犯反间谍Espionage Act)的指控被判处35年监禁。这项判决是美国政府终结大泄密时代的努力之一。他们成功的希望不大As a group, investigative journalists and their sources operate in grave fear of jail time, but not as much as they fear being cowed out of important stories by the government. 调查记者及其信源作为一个团队是担着入狱的风险在做事,但相比之下,他们更担心自己因政府恐吓而放弃报道重大新闻Things can be trickier when the data belongs to corporations. Consider the Sony Pictures Entertainment hacking, said to have been perpetrated by North Korea in a bid to scuttle the Sony film spoofing the country’s supreme leader, Kim Jong-un. Reporters found some juicy tidbits in executive emails. But they were also, as the Sony lawyer David Boies claimed, unwittingly helping “a nation state using the intrusion to attempt to intimidate and suppress the distribution of a film.当所泄露信息属于企业时,情况可能就更加复杂。想想索尼电影公Sony Pictures Entertainment)遭遇网络袭击一事——据说是朝鲜为阻止索尼公司上映嘲讽其最高领导人金正Kim Jong-un)的影片。在被曝光的索尼高管邮件中,记者们发现了一些花边信息,并予以报道。但就像索尼公司的律师戴维·伊斯(David Boies)所称,他们也是在无意识地帮助“一个国家利用这次电脑入侵,恐吓索尼公司,阻止它发行一部影片。Mr. Boies got only so far in his attempt to convince the news media that they were legally bound to ignore the data, and delete any they had downloaded. But, he told me, the more reporting gets away from serving an obvious public interest, “the more problematicit becomes to publish information that was acquired illegally. 伊斯希望让新闻媒体相信,它们在法律上有责任忽略这些泄密信息,并删除所有已经下载的文件,但他也只能做到这么多。不过,他曾告诉我,新闻报道越偏离于务显而易见的公众利益的方向,发布通过非法手段获取的信息就“越成问题”The organizers of the Panama Papers project, at the nonprofit International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, said they kept that in mind as they pursued the leads in the database of the law firm Mossack Fonseca, which says the information was hacked. When I visited the consortium’s Washington office on Friday, its director, Gerard Ryle, told me he did not know if the data was hacked. But he pointed me to the writing atop the big white board laying out the Panama Papersproduction schedule: “Is an issue of global concern?(A: Yes.) 在非营利机构国际调查记者同International Consortium of Investigative Journalists)工作的巴拿马文件项目的多名组织者表示,在从莫萨冯塞卡律所泄露的数据库中寻找调查线索时,他们一直谨记着这一点。上述律所表示,那些数据是被黑客窃取。当我周五拜访记者同盟位于华盛顿的办公室时,该机构主任杰拉德·赖尔(Gerard Ryle)告诉我,他不知道这些数据是否是被非法窃取。但他指给我看列在大写字板顶部的巴拿马文件报道计划表,其中写道:是一个全球关注的问题吗?(:是的。) Taking some cues from the Sony and WikiLeaks cases, Mr. Ryle said his consortium had been extra careful not to make all of its data public, especially the personal information of nonpublic figures, playing a gatekeeper role. 赖尔表示,因为从索尼和维基解密事件中吸取了教训,他的机构一直非常注意不公开所有数据,尤其是非公众人物的个人信息,而是扮演一个把关人的角色Referring to WikiLeaks, Mr. Ryle said, “We’re trying to reclaim ground that they stole or, they took,which mainstream journalism allowed because “we got lazy and sloppy and arrogant about what we were supposed to do: shine light into dark places.在谈到维基解密时,赖尔说,“我们在试图拿回被他们夺取——或说拿走的阵地,”此前主流媒体给了他们可乘之机,“因为我们变得懒惰、草率而又傲慢,忽略了自己原本该做的事:照亮黑暗的地方。Not everyone is thrilled with this. WikiLeaks wrote in a tweet: “If you censor more than 99% of the documents you are engaged in 1% journalism. 有的人对此是不能苟同的。维基解密的一条推文就写道:“如果你过滤9%的文件,你做的就%的报道。”来 /201604/436854 郑州/大学第三附属医院打溶脂针多少钱河南省郑州华山医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱



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