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2019年12月08日 01:51:29来源:健康诊疗

Dead cyclist’s father wants jail time for hit-and-run drivers死者父亲要求判决肇事逃逸司机入狱Father of beloved teacher Tom Samson, killed on his bike in 2012, says Ontario should have a minimum sentence for drivers who don’t stop.敬爱的教师Tom Samson于2012年骑着自行车出车祸死亡,其父亲表示,安大略应对肇事逃逸司机判处最低刑罚。Uri Samson gets up every day and puts one foot in front of the other. He goes to work, he cares for his wife, daughter-in-law and grandkids.Uri Samson每天起床后,走路上班,他关心妻子、儿媳和孙子。He trudges on despite a heart that was irreparably broken in November 2012, when his son Tom Samson — a father, husband, brother, Grade 2 teacher, chess player and musician — was killed on his bike by a driver who left the 35-year-old lying on the road.他的儿子Tom Samson曾是一名2年级的教师、棋手和音乐家,已结婚生子。2012年11月,35岁的Tom骑着自行车出了车祸,而肇事司机却扬长而去,任他躺在地上,慢慢死亡。他悲痛欲绝,这种伤痛无法弥补,尽管如此,他仍然继续艰难的生活着。“We put on a good face,” says his father, who works as a physiotherapist at the Heritage Nursing Home on Queen East near Leslie St.父亲是Leslie St附近皇后东街传统养老院的一名理疗师,他说,“我们只能强装笑脸。”But that good face stares into an empty distance.然而,这张笑脸却凝视着远方,一片茫然。“Yeah, I am broken,” says Samson, following one of the pauses in which his composure only narrowly wins the struggle against choking tears.在几次停顿期间,Samson勉强镇定下来,努力抑制自己的眼泪,他说,“是的,我快不行了。”“I am physically OK, I function. But I feel that I am broken.”“我身体很好,各部分功能正常,但是我感觉我快不行了。”The wound of Tom’s death bleeds again, though, each time Samson hears of another hit-and-run collision. There were at least three such incidents involving cyclists in the Toronto region in July.每次Samson 听到又一次肇事逃逸事件,Tom去世给他带来的伤口就会再一次滴血。7月在多伦多地区,至少发生三起牵涉到骑自行车者的类似事件。Fleeing the scene knowing that you have killed someone carries a maximum sentence of life under the Canadian criminal code.根据加拿大刑法,明知已造成人员死亡,却逃离现场将受到最高刑罚。But there is no minimum penalty. That is at the discretion of the courts.然而,没有最低处罚。这一点由法院自主决定。For Samson, it is an unbearable injustice. He wants lawmakers here to do what they have aly done in Florida and apply a minimum sentence for drivers leaving the scene of a collision with a cyclist or pedestrian.这种不公让Samson无法忍受,他希望当地立法者行使已在佛罗里达行使的权利,并申请将丢下骑自行车者或行人,并逃离撞击现场的司机判处最低刑罚。Named for a cyclist killed by a hit-and-run driver, the Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act means that, in Florida, fleeing the scene of a collision that causes death is punishable by a minimum of four years in prison.《亚伦科恩生命保护法》以被肇事逃逸司机撞死的一名骑自行车者命名,该法规定,在佛罗里达,逃离撞击现场,造成人员死亡,将受到最低四年监禁的处罚。It’s the kind of penalty that Samson wants to see here, although he’s not sure what a fair sentence would be.尽管Samson 尚不确定如何做才是公平的判决,然而,他想要的就是这类处罚。 /201508/393868。

  • Education and housing are what local young couples rely most on their parents, according to a survey report released by the Shanghai Women#39;s Federation today.根据上海妇女联合会今天公布的一份调查报告,教育和住房是当地年轻夫妻依赖他们父母最多的。The online survey was conducted last month on 189 local residents to look into the phenomenon of the NEET group -- people Not in Education, Employment and Training -- from the perspectives of family income, way of life, and filial obligation.上个月对189户当地居民进行了在线调查,从家庭收入、生活方式以及孝顺义务的角度以透视“啃老族”现象(不是处在教育、就业和培训阶段的人)。Receiving financial support from parents is the most common practice among the NEET group. More than half of the respondents say they use parents#39; money for child education and home purchase. They also get money from parents for wedding, new home appliances and daily expenses and for buying a car.接受父母的经济持在“啃老族”中是最常见的做法。超过一半的受访者说,他们用父母的钱付子女教育和购买家庭用品。他们还因为婚礼、新家电、日常开和购买汽车从父母那拿钱。The survey found lack of independence topped all the reasons for young people to rely on their parents, accounting for nearly 80 percent of the respondents who are between 20 and 50.调查发现独立性的缺乏是年轻人依赖父母的首要原因,20岁至50岁的受访者占了将近80%。The federation said it is not just the young people themselves to blame, a high unemployment rate, a widening income gap, and rising home prices force many marriage-age young people to seek support from their parents.该联合会说,这不能仅仅怪年轻人自己,失业率高、收入差距扩大以及房价上涨迫使许多处于结婚年龄的年轻人从他们父母那寻求持。Some parents are also to blame for spoiling their only child and lavish money on their only grandchild, the federation said.一些家长也有责任,因为宠坏了独生子女和把钱大量花在他们唯一的孙子身上,该联合会说。More than 40 percent of the respondents said living with parents is not a good choice and can cause family dispute. About 30 percent said they chose to live with their parents so as to take care of each other.超过40%的受访者表示与父母同住并不是一个好选择,而且可能导致家庭纠纷。约30%的受访者表示他们选择与父母同住,这样可以彼此照顾。 /201210/204085。
  • The past fifty years has been characterized by the explosive growth in urban population and car use. Urbanization is now heavily influenced by the car. The private cars’ unlimited use has a negative effect on society and the economy. The resulting consequences of this are well known: greater car dependence and increased transport costs.过去50年是以城市人口和汽车使用的爆发性增长为特征的。现在城市化深受汽车的影响。私家车的无限制使用对社会和经济有一定的负面影响。由此产生的后果众所周知:更多的汽车需求和运输成本的增加。Citizens today realize that their future depends on the decisions made by politicians responsible for urban planning and the mobility measures put in place by them. To ensure access to all the activities on offer and still respect the environment, car use in cities must be mastered and priority be given to public transport, pedestrians and cyclists.现在,城市居民意识到他们的未来取决于政府对城市规划和对流动性措施实施的决定。为了确保所有活动的进行和注重环境保护,城市用车必须控制,并且道路优先权给使用公共交通的人、步行者和骑自行车的人。 /201212/211848。
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