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自贡美容纹绣培训学校哪家好成都/恩齐国际纹绣专家学院学纹眼线美容纹绣多少钱VOA流行美语 23: bomb; mess up[流行美语]又和大家见面了。Michael这个美国学生今旌孟笫裁词露疾惶?车薄K?闹泄Ю罨?卜⑾炙?孟笥行氖隆5降资鞘裁词履兀磕闾?薓ichael和李华的对话就知道了。他们在对话中会用到两个美国年轻人常用的说法, 一个是to bomb;另一个是to mess up。L: Michael, 怎么啦?你好象有心事。M: I think I just bombed my history test. I don't think I'm going to pass.L: 噢,你怕刚才历史测验会不及格。嗨,没必要,这又不是大考。 Michael,你刚才说什么"bombed my history test",bomb不是炸弹,或 是爆炸吗?你可不要开这样的玩笑,现在大家对安全问题都很敏感。M: No, I said I bombed my test, that means I did very poorly, and probably will get a very low mark.L: 考得不好,分数低,这我都听懂了,就是那个词bomb用在这里 有点怪。我想,这就是中文里说的考试考糊了。那除了考试外还 能用在哪里呢?M: Well, sometimes we might say a movie or a play "bombed". That means that no one wanted to see it, and it probably lost a lot of money.L: 噢,还可以指电影,或话剧太次,没有人要看,卖座率太低。我上 星期去看了一次电影,剧院里没几个人。后来我才看到报纸 说这部电影太糟了。我能不能说:"The movie I saw last week bombed"?M: Sounds like it bombed to me. Remember the play we went to a few weeks ago? The actors were terrible!L: 对,你说几个星期前去看的那场话剧,有几个话剧演员简直是 太糟 了。That play really bombed! 我说得对不对?M: Absolutely! Hey listen, Li Hua, can we please change the subject? I don't want to think about failure right now. What would you like to eat? It's my treat.L: 你不要再谈这种丧气的事情,没问题!要请我吃饭,行,我 吃沙拉和三明治。不过,Michael,你真是得省点钱,要是老是考 试不及格,研究院会把你开除的!M: Please! Don't mention tests!L: 跟你开玩笑嘛!M: Ah, here's my hamburger. Ack! They messed up my order! There are onions on this burger!L: 你说什么呀? 他们把你的汉堡包怎么啦?M: I told them not to put onions on my burger, but they forgot. Therefore I said that they "messed up my order". I can also just say "they messed up."L: 噢,你叫他们不要放洋葱,他们忘了。所以,to mess up就是做 错了事,对吗?M: That's right. Also, "to mess up something" can mean to break or damage something.L: 噢,to mess up something还可以指把什么东西弄坏了。昨天,和 我同房间的学生问我借自行车,等她还我的时候,自行车的链子 断了。我是不是可以说:"She messed up my bike"?M: Sure! Hey, you'd better tell her to buy you a new chain.L: 对啊,我是让她去买新链子,可是她说都是我不好让她差一点没 出严重的车祸。M: What? She broke your bicycle, and she's angry at you? That's just wrong!L: 她就是那样的人,上回她把借来的电视机给弄坏了。M: She messed up the TV she borrowed? You don't need a roommate like her.L: 虽然她弄坏了我的自行车,其他方面她还是很好的。嗨, Michael,你能帮我修自行车吗?M: Well, I'm really out of luck today. I bombed my test, they messed up my burger, and now I have to repair your bike!L: 这也算什么倒霉呀!没几分钟你就修好了。我先谢谢你了!M: Ok, ok!今天李华学到两个常用语,一个是:to bomb,另一个是:to mess up。这次[流行美语]就到此结束, 我们下次节目再见。 /200601/3094遂宁学纹绣整形多少钱 美国成语俗语教程录音 Lesson21-30暂无文本 /200606/7805阿坝州半永久化妆培训

江油市学美容纹绣多少钱新东方最新英语口语学习词典B部分 /200707/15327遂宁纹绣眉型培训学校哪家好 53. I'm looking forward to... 我盼望着······ 用法透视 表示满心欢喜的期待某样东西时用该句型,"to"是介词,后面跟所期待的东西。 持范例 1. I'm looking forward to your visit. 我盼望着你来拜访。 2. I'm looking forward to your new book. 我盼着你的新书。 3. I'm looking forward to your friendship. 我期待着成为你的朋友。 会话记忆 A: I couldn't wait to meet you in person. 我都等不及跟你见面了。 B: Me, too. I've heard so much about you. 我也是。我久仰你的大名。 A: Same here. 我也是。 B: I was looking forward to your arrival. 我盼望着你的到来 /200705/13332眉山学化妆造型多少钱

巴中学飘眉多少钱My fellow Americans, confidence in the American economy has reached levels not seen in many, many years.我的美国同胞们,现在,美国经济信心指数已达到多年未见的高水平。Unemployment fell to its lowest level in nearly ten years last month, and we created 211,000 new jobs.上月,美国失业率降至近10年来最低值,同时我们还创造了21万1千 个新工作。Our economic progress is especially good news for the millions of young Americans who,我们的经济进步,对部分美国人来说尤其是个好消息at this time of the year, are putting on a cap and gown and receiving a diploma, certificate, or commission.每年此时,这几百万人都将戴上毕业帽、换上毕业,获得毕业、结业书或委任状。So important, and we are so proud of them.这如此重要,我们为他们自豪。This weekend, I am delighted to be participating first hand in the excitement by joining the students and faculty at Liberty University本周,我很高兴地与利伯缇大学师生一道,to celebrate the success of their graduates.庆祝毕业生完成学业。I was invited to make the commencement address at West Point,我被邀请为西点军校做毕业演讲,but I will be away at the G7 – and I look forward to that – and will be at West Point, Annapolis, and the Air Force Academy.但我会在G7峰会期间离开——我一直期待着这个峰会——我还将前往西点军校、海军军官学校和空军军官学校。Come to think about it, a few days later, I will actually travel to New London, Connecticut, to speak想想看,几天后,我会抵达康涅狄格州的新伦敦市,to the graduating cadets of the ed States Coast Guard Academy about their new roles serving our country.面向美国海岸警卫队学院的毕业军官们,谈论他们务国家的新角色。201706/515052 I guess we all deal with stress in different ways.我想我们应对压力都有不同的方式。Some people will bury themselves in work, grateful for the distraction.有些人会把自己埋头到工作中,用以分心不去想。Others will turn to their friends, their family, looking for support.另一些人则会从朋友和家庭中寻求帮助。Some people hit the bottle, start taking medication.还有些人酗酒,或开始使用药品。My own way of dealing with it was to become a monk.我自己当时的方式则是成为一名僧侣。So I quit my degree, I headed off to the Himalayas, I became a monk, and I started studying meditation.因此我退了学,去了喜马拉雅山,我成为了一名僧侣,并开始学习冥想。People often ask me what I learned from that time.人们常会问我从这段经历里学到了什么。Well, obviously it changed things. Lets face it, becoming a celibate monk is going to change a number of things.嗯,很显然它改变了很多事情。面对这个事实,成为一名修行禁欲的僧侣能够改变很多事情。But it was more than that. It taught me — it gave me a greater appreciation, an understanding for the present moment.但不仅如此这个经历还教会我—-使得我更能感悟“现在”,对于“现在”这个时刻的有了更深的理解。By that I mean not being lost in thought, not being distracted, not being overwhelmed by difficult emotions,我指的是不迷失于思绪中,不被分心,不被各种复杂的感情弄得不知所措,but instead learning how to be in the here and now, how to be mindful, how to be present.相反地,我学会了如何感悟此地与此时,如何变得专心,如何活在“现在”。I think the present moment is so underrated.我认为“现在”这个时刻是被严重低估了。It sounds so ordinary, and yet we spend so little time in the present moment that its anything but ordinary.它听起来如此平常,所以我们只花那么少时间来对待“现在”,但是这个词绝对不“平凡”。There was a research paper that came out of Harvard, just recently, that said on average,就在最近,哈佛有一个调查的结果显示,our minds are lost in thought almost 47 percent of the time. 47 percent.我们的大脑(心灵)平均有将近47%的时间是迷失在各种思绪中。百分之47。At the same time, this sort of constant mind-wandering is also a direct cause of unhappiness.同时,这种持续的“大脑(心灵)徘徊”也是导致人类不幸福的直接原因。201705/510573达州素秀国际化妆学校半永久性化妆漂唇术培训阿坝州纹绣加盟



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