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The only problem was, the meeting occurred at the same time as my daughters first big trip away from home. It was a big moment for her and her friends—to go on a multiple day trip—and my daughter needed me to be there.唯一的问题是,这次会见的时间正好是我女儿第一次离家去旅行,这对她和她的朋友们很重要,她希望参加几天的旅行,更需要我和她在一起。What should I do. There was never a doubt in my mind. The president wouldnt know if I was there or not. But my daughter would. So I went to the bus with her and I never looked back. It didnt affect Avon that I didnt go to the White House. But I also tell women that it is even all right if your job does sometimes come second to your personal priorities. Sometimes the job is more important.. But sometimes your family has to be more important.我怎么办?其实我心里从来没有犹豫。总统并不知道我是否在场,但我女儿需要我的陪伴。所以我义无反顾地和她一起去了车站。不去白宫不会影响雅芳。但我也要告诉女性朋友,有时候你的工作排在你的私人事情之后是完全可以的。有时候,工作更重要,但有时候,你的家庭更重要。There are two final qualities of distinguished leadership that I want to share with you today. These may be the most important qualities of all and how lucky we are that both are a fundamental part of our Chinese culture—something we all learn from our parents virtually from the day we are born.我今天和你们分享的最后两点优秀领导力的特质可能是所有特质中最重要的,而我们如此幸运,因为这两点都是我们中华民族文化的根基,是我们几乎从出生那天起就开始向父母学习的。First is Perseverance. Im talking about simple hard work and a commitment to stay the course even when times are tough. In todays fast-pace business environment, unexpected challenges come at you from all directions, with no end in sight. Sometimes I articles about myself and my career path and it makes it sound so easy.第一是坚持。我所谈的是最基本的努力工作和面临困境时也能如此的信念。在如今快节奏的商业环境下,意料之外的挑战来自四面八方,看不到劲头。有时候我读一些关于我和我职业生涯的文章,看上去好像一切都很容易。 /201304/233516

Today, we face an unprecedented surge in the brutal slaughter of iconic animals by poachers.今天,我们面临着偷猎者对标志性物种前所未有的疯狂杀戮。In South Africa, for example, one rhino was killed every month until 2005.比如在南非,截止到2005年,平均每个月都有一头犀牛被杀害。But last year, three rhinos were killed every single day.但是在去年每一天就有三头犀牛被杀害。In the 33 years since I was born we have lost around 70 percent of Africas elephant population.在我出生至今的33年里,非洲已经失去了近70%的野生大象。Of those that are left, 20,000 are being killed every year—that is 54 elephants killed every single day.在那些剩下的非洲象中,每年又有两万头被杀害,相当于每天都有54头大象被杀害。At this rate, children born this year – like my daughter Charlotte – will see the last wild elephants and rhinos die before their 25th birthdays.按照这个速度,今年出生的孩子比如我的女儿夏洛特会在他们迎来25岁生日前就见到最后的野生大象和犀牛死去。Those who suffer the most from this loss are some of the poorest people on our planet.我们这个星球上一些最为贫穷的人们受此影响最大。They are the families who feel powerless as the wildlife around them disappear; who face being trapped in poverty forever without the income that should be brought in by tourism, a cornerstone of the economy in many developing nations.他们这些家庭只能眼睁睁地看着周围的野生动植物消失而失去了旅游业带来的收入,又让他们永远深陷贫困的泥潭。因为旅游业正是许多发展中国家的经济基石。They are the children whose parents risk their lives in the fight against poachers.这些孩子的父母冒着生命危险与偷猎者抗争。In the last few days, three rangers and one member of the Armed Forces were killed by poachers in one incident in central Africa;就在过去几天,三位护林员和一位武装部队成员在中非被偷猎者杀害了,leaving behind 14 children between them.抛下了14个孩子撒手人寰。It is these childrens future that is blighted so tragically by the illegal wildlife trade, and it is their birth right that is stolen.这些孩子的未来被非法贩卖野生动植物的交易无情地摧残了,同时他们与生俱来的权利也被剥夺了。There is no hiding from these facts today.今天我们已无法回避这些事实。On our phones, laptops and our TV screens, we can see the images and the reports that lay bare the truth of this crisis.通过我们的手机、平板电脑和电视屏幕上,我们都可以看到各种相关图片和新闻报道将这场危机事实暴露在我们面前。That knowledge brings responsibility – the responsibility to do everything in our power to reverse the march towards the eradication of these fine animals.伴随着真相而来的是责任,我们有责任尽自己所能努力扭转这些濒危物种走向灭绝的结局。The good news is that we are far from powerless in this struggle. We can turn the tide of extinction.好消息是我们在这场抗争中远远不是无能为力,我们有能力逆转潮流。We know where the animals we are trying to protect live.我们知道我们试图保护的动物在哪里生存。We know many of the roads, the airports and ports criminals use to transport their cargo from killing field to marketplace.我们知道许多犯罪分子秘密地将货物从偷猎地运送到市场的公路、机场和港口。And over the last few years we have seen a groundswell of action by governments to improve their laws and work across borders to fight the traffickers.并且在过去几年里我们看到了许多政府迅速实际行动起来,通过加强法规和跨境联合执法打击走私者。201601/419592Both of us needed to be adults very early, but when we were together, we were two little kids having fun. We never collaborated together, we never performed together or danced on the same stage. Although he did try in vain one night to unsuccessfully teach me the ;moon walk;. And he just basically shook his head and crossed his arms at my attempt.我俩小小年纪就要做成大人的样子。但是当我们在一起时,就是两个贪玩的小孩子,真的非常非常开心。虽然我们从没合作过,从没在同一个舞台上表演过或一起跳过舞,不过我还记得有一天晚上,他教我“月球漫步”,可我没有学会。而他只是摇了摇头,抱着手臂,微笑地看着我尝试。We never filmed the or recorded a song, but what we did do was laugh. It was a competition to see who could make the other one laugh and his heart would just burst out of him when he was laughing. He adored it when I did silly imitations or told him stories about my life.我们从来没有一起拍过录像,或者录过歌,但是我们曾一起欢笑过。我们常比赛谁能笑得更多,或者谁能表现得更傻。迈克尔超级爱笑。他笑的时候就好像他的心都要跳出胸口了。当我做了傻乎乎的模仿或者和他讲我的生活故事时,他都会很喜欢。MJs laugh was the sweetst and purest laugh of anyones that I had ever known. His sense of humor was delightful, and he was very mischievous. I remember the night before Elizebeth Taylors wedding and he had called me prior and asked if I would join him. He didnt want to be alone for all the festivities. And it was the night before the big day. Michael and I tried to sneak in to get the first peek of the dress. We were giggling like crazy, and we almost passed out in his hysterics when we realized that Elizabeth was actually asleep in the bed. We thought she was in an entirely different room. We had to laugh and sneak out.迈克尔的笑声是我听过的最甜美、最纯净的笑声。他的幽默感也令人愉快,他还很顽皮。泰勒婚礼的前一晚他最先打电话给我,问我是否能陪他一起参加活动。他不想孤单一人出席这些活动。我还记得我们参加伊丽莎白·泰勒婚礼的前一晚,他和我尝试着偷偷溜进存放婚纱的房间,去偷看伊丽莎白的婚纱。我们一路狂笑,歇斯底里得几乎都要笑昏过去了,直到我们发现伊丽莎白就在那间房里睡觉,然后我们就笑着偷偷溜出来。我们原以为她会睡在另一个房间!201401/271498I strongly believe that the best is yet to come, with universal access to education to feed our collective intelligence, with our commitment to meet and organize in places like this, with students like you--we can be so close to create a network of intellects, an enormous think tank devoted to share the best ideas and inspiring each other to keep learning, keep informing, and keep advancing our world, and finding solutions to our common issues. Wouldnt that be great?我深信最美好的日子还没有来到。通过普及教育来丰富我们集体的知识宝库,通过我们的努力把大家召集到类似今天这种地方,在像你们这样的学生当中——建立起一个知识网络,一个巨大的思想库就近在咫尺,通过知识网络和思想库来分享最好的思想,激励彼此不断学习,不断增长知识,以及让我们的世界不断发展前进,并为我们共同关心的问题找到解决方法。那样该多好啊!We have evolved so far in history with so many technological advances in just the past century, so, how will we evolve in the next ten years, or twenty years, or fifty years--now that we know that the world has shrunk and has become just one big neighborhood.在人类历史的长河中,我们繁衍生息,不断发展进步,走到今天。在过去一个世纪中我们取得了许多科技进步,那么在未来的十年,二十年,或五十年中我们又将如何发展呢?我们知道现在世界已经变小了,演化成了一个大社区。You are the architects of change. So tell me, how many things that seem inconceivable today will be obvious tomorrow? How long will man live? How will society be structured? Will we still be organized in couples, in communities with very nice governance? Sadly, at the current pace of change, we wont have universal access to education in a hundred years, let alone five. That is unacceptable.你们是这些新变化的设计师。那么请告诉我,有多少在今天看来不可思议的事情会在明天成为现实?人类将会活多久?社会将会如何组成?我们还会实行夫妻制吗?我们还会以社区为居住单位吗?悲哀的是,按照目前的速度,我们再用100年也无法普及教育,更别说5年了。这个事实让人难以接受。Especially, when the world has the resources to feed itself several times over, then, why are children starving? Latin America, alone has 3 times the necessary abundance to feed its entire population.尤其是,当这个世界有成倍的资源用来养活自己的时候,为什么孩子们还在挨饿?只拉丁美洲一个洲就拥有能够供给其三倍人口的充裕食物。These children cant wait, they cant wait a hundred more years.这些孩子不能再等100年了。201401/272601

Hi, everybody. 大家好!As President, my top priority is rebuilding an economy where everybody who works hard has the chance to get ahead.作为总统,我最首要的职责就是重建一个让所有辛勤工作的人都能取得成功的经济环境。Thats what Ill spend some time talking about on Monday, at the White House Summit on Working Families.我将在周一举行的白宫工薪家庭峰会上就此话题谈论我的观点。Were bringing together business leaders and workers to talk about the challenges that working parents face every day, and how we can address them together.届时我将与众多企业领导和员工们汇聚一堂,共同探讨工薪父母们每天面对的挑战,并对此提出我们所能实现的解决办法。Take paid family leave.带薪产假和探亲假。Many jobs dont offer adequate leave to care for a new baby or an ailing parent, so workers cant afford to be there when their family needs them the most.多数岗位都不提供足够的假期让员工有时间去照顾新生婴儿或生病的父母,因此,员工无法在他们的家庭急需他们的时候及时到位,因为他们无法承受这一代价。Thats wrong. And it puts us way behind the times.这不合理。我们没有跟上时代的步伐。Only three countries in the world report that they dont offer paid maternity leave.全世界只有三个国家公开表示不提供带薪产假。Three. And the ed States is one of them.只有三个。而我们的国家就是其中之一。Its time to change that.是时候做出改变了。A few states have acted on their own to give workers paid family leave, but this should be available to everyone, because all Americans should be able to afford to care for a family member in need.有少数州已经做出了调整,给员工提供带薪产假和探亲假,但这应该是每个人都能享受到的福利,因为所有美国人民都应该具备照顾需要照料的家庭成员的能力。Childcare is another challenge.子女抚养是另一个挑战。Most working families I know cant afford thousands a year for childcare, but often thats what it costs.大多数工薪家庭,据我所知,无法承受每年数千美元的子女抚养费用,但通常这都是他们必须的出。That leaves parents scrambling just to make sure their kids are safe while theyre at work-forget about giving them the high-quality early childhood education that helps kids succeed in life.这让父母们很纠结,这些出只是为了确保他们在上班的时候孩子们有安全的环境,根本谈不上高质量的儿童早期教育去帮助孩子们成长成功。Then theres the issue of flexibility-the ability to take a few hours off for a parent-teacher conference or to work from home when your kid is sick.那么,灵活解决问题的方式是,让父母有几个小时的时间去参加一次家长会或是当孩子生病的时候可以在家办公。Most workers want it, but not enough of them have it.大多数的员工都需要这些,但并不是大部分人都可以享受到。Whats more, it not only makes workers happier-studies show that flexibility can make workers more productive and reduce worker turnover and absenteeism.更重要的是,这这不仅能让员工更开心,有研究明,弹性工作时间可以让员工的工作效率更高,并减少员工离职和缺勤。Thats good for business.企业可以从中获益良多。At a time when women make up about half of Americas workforce, outdated workplace policies that make it harder for mothers to work hold our entire economy back.在妇女撑起半边天的时代,过时的工作制度让妈妈们的工作更加艰难,也拉了整个经济发展的后腿。But these arent just problems for women. 但这不仅仅是针对女性存在的问题。Men also care about whos watching their kids. 男性也关心谁能够照顾孩子的问题。Theyre rearranging their schedules to make it to soccer games and school plays. 他们要不断调正他们的日程表,赶上球赛和校园演出。Lots of sons help care for aging parents. 很多当儿子的照顾上了年纪的父母。And plenty of fathers would love to be home for their new babys first weeks in the world.很多当父亲的更愿意在孩子出生的第一个星期在家陪伴宝宝。In fact, in a new study, nearly half of all parents-women and men-report that theyve said no to a job, not because they didnt want it, but because it would be too hard on their families. 实际上,有新的研究表明,几乎有一半的父母,男女都包括在内,他们对一份工作说不,不是因为他们不想要,而是同时要顾及家庭会是分艰难。When that many talented, hard-working people are forced to choose between work and family, somethings wrong. 当大量有能力,肯付出的人被迫在工作和家庭之间做选择的时候,可定就有问题了。Other countries are making it easier for people to have both. 其它国家都在努力让人们更好坚固二者。We should too, if we want American businesses to compete and win in the global economy. 如果我们想要保持美国企业的竞争力,并在全球经济发展中胜出,我们也应该这么做。Family leave. Childcare. Flexibility. These arent frills-theyre basic needs.带薪产假,子女抚养,弹性工作时间。这些不是花架子,而是人们的基本需求。They shouldnt be bonuses-they should be the bottom line.这不应该是奖励,而应该是底线。The good news is, some businesses are embracing family-friendly policies, because they know its key to attracting and retaining talented employees.好消息是,有些企业正在向适合家庭工作制度方面转向,因为他们知道,吸引并留住高素质的员工至关重要。And Im going to keep highlighting the businesses that do.我将继续鼓励这些企业的做法。Because I take this personally.因为作为个人我认同这一点。I take it personally as the son and grandson of some strong women who worked hard to support my sister and me.两位坚强的女性努力工作抚养了我和我,作为儿子和孙子,我赞同这一点。As the husband of a brilliant woman who struggled to balance work and raising our young ladies when my job often kept me away.作为一位努力在工作和抚养我们的女儿们之间艰难平衡的杰出女性的丈夫,因为我的工作将我经常离开他们,我认同这些企业的做法。And as the father of two beautiful girls, whom I want to be there for as much as I possibly can-and whom I hope will be able to have families and careers of their own one day.作为两个漂亮姑娘的父亲,我想尽可能多的与她们呆在一起,希望能陪她们到她们自己成家立业的那一天。We know from our history that our economy grows best from the middle-out; that our country does better when everybody participates; when everyones talents are put to use; when we all have a fair shot.历史告诉我们,我们的经济在中产阶级壮大的时候发展的最好;我们的国家在所有人都积极参与建设的时候更强大;当每个人的才能都被发挥出来,当我们都有机会取得成功。Thats the America I believe in. Thats the America Ill keep fighting for every day.这才是我们希望中的美国。这也是我们每天都将为之奋斗的美国。Thanks, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快。201406/307831So my name is Amy Webb,我的名字呢,叫艾米·韦伯and a few years ago I found myself at the end几年前,我发现自己走到of yet another fantastic relationship又一段美好恋情的尽头that came burning down in a spectacular fashion.一切绚丽消逝And I thought, you know, whats wrong with me?你说我,到底怎么了?I dont understand why this keeps happening.真不懂,为什么每次都这样So I asked everybody in my life我就去问,身边的人what they thought.看他们,怎么想I turned to my grandmother,我找到,姥姥who always had plenty of advice,她总有,很多忠告and she said, ;Stop being so picky.她说 “别太挑剔了;Youve got to date around.“你得,多跟人谈谈;And most importantly,“还有,最重要的是“true love will find you when you least expect it.;“顺其自然,缘分始终会来的“Now as it turns out,而实际上Im somebody who thinks a lot about data,我这个人,总要找依据as youll soon find.这点相信你,很快会发现I am constantly swimming in numbers我总是沉浸在,数字当中and formulas and charts.长期和公式,图表打交道I also have a very tight-knit family,同时,我的家庭,非常和睦and Im very, very close with my sister,我和,关系特别好and as a result, I wanted to have所以,从小我就想the same type of family when I grew up.长大以后,要有一个温暖的大家庭So Im at the end of this bad breakup,所以这次分手,很伤心Im 30 years old,我当时30岁I figure Im probably going to have想着,起码要和下一任to date somebody for about six months交往6个月before Im y to get monogamous才能真正,确定关系and before we can sort of cohabitate,然后再考虑,搬一起住and we have to have that happen for a while before we can get engaged.之后再过段时间,才考虑订婚And if I want to start having children by the time Im 35,所以,如果想在35岁之前,要孩子that meant that I would have had to have been就意味着我必须on my way to marriage five years ago.提前5年为结婚做准备So that wasnt going to work.很明显,那行不通If my strategy was to least-expect my way如果换个思路 “顺其自然”等缘分into true love, then the variable that I had那么,我要面临的变数to deal with was serendipity.是运气In short, I was trying to figure out, well,简单来说,我想探个究竟,看看whats the probability of my finding Mr. Right?随缘偶遇真命天子,概率有多高Well, at the time I was living in the city of Philadelphia,当时我呢,住在费城and its a big city, and I figured,这是个大城市,所以我判断in this entire place, there are lots of possibilities.地方越大,机会越大So again, I started doing some math.接着我又开始,算数了Population of Philadelphia: It has 1.5 million people.费城人口:总共150万I figure about half of that are men,估计,一半是男性so that takes the number down to 750,000.有效人数,下降到75万Im looking for a guy between the ages of 30 and 36,我的目标是 30到36岁之间的男性which was only four percent of the population,他们,占这部分人口的4%so now Im dealing with the possibility of 30,000 men.算起来,可能剩下3万人I was looking for somebody who was Jewish,我要找,犹太人because thats what I am and that was important to me.因为我本身也是,这点很重要Thats only 2.3 percent of the population.他们只占,这部分人口的2.3%I figure Im attracted to maybe one out of 10然后,估计10个人当中,of those men,有1个我喜欢and there was no way I was going还有,我和爱打高尔夫的,to deal with somebody who was an avid golfer.完全合不来So that basically meant there were 35 men for me也就是说,对我而言that I could possibly date费城总共有35位男士,适宜约会in the entire city of Philadelphia.在整个费城!In the meantime, my very large Jewish family与此同时,我们犹太大家族was aly all married and well on their way其他成员,全部都结了婚to having lots and lots of children,而且还生了,很多很多孩子and I felt like I was under tremendous peer pressure所以我总有,巨大的压力和紧迫感to get my life going aly.要尽快解决,人生大事So if I have two possible strategies at this point这时候,我有两个办法Im sort of figuring out.我发现One, I can take my grandmothers advice一是,可以听姥姥的话and sort of least-expect my way尝试“顺其自然”into maybe bumping into the one碰上那一位out of 35 possible men in the entire在费城茫茫 150万人海中1.5 million-person city of Philadelphia,偶遇那35位男士,其中的一位or I could try online dating.又或者,我可以试试婚恋网Now, I like the idea of online dating,其实我挺喜欢,这个概念because its predicated on an algorithm,因为我们可以,用运算规则推算结果and thats really just a simple way of saying所谓运算规则,其实很简单Ive got a problem, Im going to use some data,当我们遇到问题,只要收集数据run it through a system放到系统里面,and get to a solution.就能找到解决办法So online dating is the second most popular way婚恋网,现在已经成为大家that people now meet each other,互相认识的,第二大途径but as it turns out, algorithms have been around不过,网站的运算规则for thousands of years in almost every culture.在几千年前,就可以找到In fact, in Judaism, there were matchmakers例如犹太族,a long time ago, and though从很早以前就有媒人they didnt have an explicit algorithm per se,虽然他们没有,列出公式they definitely were running through formulas in their heads,但在脑子里,一定琢磨过这些问题like, is the girl going to like the boy?比如,女孩会喜欢男孩吗?Are the families going to get along?两家人能处得来吗?Whats the rabbi going to say?拉比(犹太教教师或法学导师)会怎么说?Are they going to start having children right away?他们会不会马上生孩子?And the matchmaker would sort of think through all of this,媒人们会,先想好这些问题put two people together, and that would be the end of it.再把两个人凑到一起,就完事了So in my case, I thought,而我呢,我想well, will data and an algorithm能不能通过数据和公式lead me to my Prince Charming?帮我找到白马王子?So I decided to sign on.我决定注册Now, there was one small catch.这里还有一个小插曲As Im signing on to the various dating websites,我开设了几个婚恋网帐户as it happens, I was really, really busy.碰巧那段时间特别,特别忙But that actually wasnt the biggest problem.不过那还不是,最大的问题The biggest problem is that I hate最大的,问题是filling out questionnaires of any kind,我讨厌填,问答表and I certainly dont like questionnaires尤其不喜欢,that are like Cosmo quizzes.时尚杂志小编爱问的题目201505/374868

The AIDS epidemic offers an example. The broad goal, of course, is to end the disease. The highest-leverage approach is prevention. The ideal technology would be a vaccine that gives lifetime immunity with a single dose. So governments, drug companies, and foundations are funding vaccine research. But their work is likely to take more than a decade, so in the meantime, we have to work with what we have in hand-and the best prevention approach we have now is getting people to avoid risky behavior.艾滋病就是一个例子。毫无疑问,总的目标是消灭这种疾病。最高效的方法是预防。最理想的技术是一种疫苗,只要注射一次,就可以终生免疫。所以,政府、制药公司、基金会在资助疫苗研究。但是,这种研究工作很可能花费十几年时间。因此,与此同时,我们必须使用现有技术——目前最有效的预防方法就是设法让人们避免那些危险的行为。Pursuing that goal starts the four-step cycle again. This is the pattern. The crucial thing is to never stop thinking and working-and never do what we did with malaria and tuberculosis in the 20th century-which is to surrender to complexity and quit.要实现这个目标,又可以采用四步循环。这是一种模式。关键是永远不要停止思考和行动——我们千万不能再犯上个世纪在疟疾和肺结核上犯过的错误——那时我们因为它们太复杂而放弃了采取行动。The final step-after seeing the problem and finding an approach is to measure the impact of the work and share tha successes and failures so that others can learn from the efforts.在发现问题和找到解决方法之后,就该进行最后一步——评估工作结果,将你的成功经验或者失败经验同其他人分享,这样他们就可以从你的努力中有所收获。You have to have the statistics, of course. You have to be able to show, for example, that a program is vaccinating millions more children. You have to be able to show, for example, a decline in the number of children dying from these diseases. This is essential not just to improve the program, but also to help draw more investment from business and government.当然,你必须有一些统计数字。你必须让他人知道,例如,你的项目为几百万儿童接种了疫苗。你也必须让他人知道,儿童死亡人数下降了多少。这些都是很关键的,不仅有利于改进项目,也有利于从商界和政府得到更多的帮助。201405/299731Mr Jobs, yeah, you drawn as print, thats high-tech weve. Use your finger. Just point in the air...乔总,你可以用演示器,我们这儿也是有高科技的。What weve done is we bought this land right here. We try to buy the apartments at the corner but they are not for sale,我们买下这块地,本来还想买这初拐角,可对方不卖,so we couldnt buy those. And we bought everything else. And the campus we like to build there is one building holds 12,000 people.我们又不能强拆,所以只得放弃。我们打算在园区里建一栋楼,容纳12000人。And it is pretty amazing building. Let me show it to you. Its a little like a spaceship landed, there it is, and its got this gorgeous courtyard in the middle, but a lot more.听起来很炫,看起来更炫。华丽吧! 像不像太空飞船?中间还有个大院子,还不止呢。So lets take a close look at it. Its a circle. Its curved all the way around. If you build things, this is not the cheapest way to build something.让我们凑近了看,办公室的外观是个圆环。体形优美,造价不菲,There is not a straight piece of glass in this building. Its all curved.所有的玻璃都是弧形的线条。Weve used our experience making retail buildings all over the world now, and we know how to make the biggest pieces of glass in the world for architectural use.我们建造苹果零售店的经验派上用场了。硕大的弧形玻璃难不倒我们。We can make it curve all the way around the building. And you can see what it look like. It is pretty cool.让玻璃墙绕场一周。是不是很酷。Again, today, about 20% of the space is landscaping, several big asphalt parking lots. So 20% of this is landscape, we want to completely change this.目前整个园区只有20%的绿化,浪费了不少地方。我们想来一次乾坤大挪移。And we want to make 80% of landscape, and the way were gonna do this is were gonna put most of the parking underground.把停车场统统发配到地下,让绿化面积从20%暴增到80%。So we can have 80% of landscape, and you can see what weve in mind. I mean there is nothing like this in the property now. Its pretty bad.目的不言而喻,我们课不想像别的园区那样被人诟病。Today there are 3700 trees on the property wed like to just almost double that.目前园区里有3700棵树,未来会翻一倍。Weve hired one of the senior arborists from Stanford actually who is very good with indigenous trees around this area.我们聘请斯坦福的园林设计师来设计园区。So wed like to plant a lot of trees including some apricot orchards. Again you can see what it might be like.除了杏树,还会种其他植物。这是建成后的样子。This is some of the infrastructure. The main building, we have parking underneath the main building. Thats not enough unfortunately.这是我们的主楼,设有地下停车场。We have a parking structure here as well. The buildings four stories high as is the parking structure. Theres nothing high here at all.可惜地下停车场不够用,所以我们另设了一处停车点。We want the whole place human scale. Its actually about the same as we have in Cupertino right now..新办公楼是一座四层圆形建筑,中间有一个大庭院。天大厦我不感冒,我喜欢矮建筑。An energy center. We deal with - people using, sitting at computers all day writing software. And if the power goes out on the grid we get to send everybody home.保持和Cupertino现有建筑的高度一致。 我们的工作要对着电脑一刻不停的写程序,所以正常的工作离不开能源中心。要是没电,大家只能回家洗了睡。201412/349709

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