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池州那家医院治疗必尿外科好池州市东至妇幼保健院无痛人流收费标准You'll always have next year. 你还是有机会的.(安慰人的话)Don't worry about not making varsity team.you'll always have next year.别担心没进校队的事,你还有机会的. /201004/101338安徽池州市人民医院无痛人流好吗 电影词典North by Northwest 西北偏北 美国俚语 Got it. 明白了吗? e.g. lt;1gt; I can't quite seem to get this math problem. 这个数学题我好像不太懂 lt;2gt; I want you to come home right after school, got it? 我要你放学后立即回家,听明白了吗? 经典对白 1. Keep track of time (保持时间的轨迹)表示遵守时间 e.g. lt;1gt; I have to be somewhere at 8pm,so I'd better keep track of the time. 今晚8点我要去个地方,所以我最好要掌控好时间 lt;2gt; Joe can't keep track of time and he's often late for important meetings. Joe 没有时间概念掌控不好时间, 他总是在重要会议时迟到2. slip away (不知不觉、悄悄的)溜走e.g. lt;1gt; I think I'm going to try to slip away from this party early tonight. 我想今晚的这个派队得早点溜了, 我实在太累了想好好休息 lt;2gt; As we get older, time seems to slip away much faster. 随着年纪的增长,时间了过得越来越快原声碟Always know where you are It's good to see the sun and feel this place I never though would feel like home And I run forever far away and I always know where you are though I'd end up here alone /04/67156中国红十字会近日刚刚澄清“网络炫富女”郭美美事件,其财政收的问题又遭到社会质疑,爆发信任危机。国家审计署在审计过程中发现,红十字总会在预算执行和其他财政收中存在问题。请看《中国日报》的报道:The Red Cross Society's credibility had aly plummeted after a recent scandal involving the misuse of donations, when it was found to have overspent 4.2 million yuan, exceeding by 34 percent the accepted budget for equipment procurement in December .在近期捐款滥用丑闻曝光后,公众对中国红十字会的信任度大幅下跌。国家审计署在审计过程中发现,中国红十字会超额出420万元人民币,比年通过的设备采购预算多出34%。文中的misuse of donations就是指“捐款滥用”,也可以称为improper allocation of funds。此次,红十字会还被审计出了其它一些spending irregularities(违规出)问题,再加上之前的网络炫富女事件,无异于add fuel to the public's anger(火上浇油),不仅hurt its image(有损形象),而且shatter public trust(瓦解了公众信任)。郭美美近日发消息道歉,称经理身份为杜撰,但她的boast online about her lavish lifestyle(网上炫富)行为给红十字会造成了恶劣影响。“炫富”还可以用flaunt the considerable wealth来表示,例如While the girls try to make the cut, the guys get to flaunt their considerable wealth. (在女孩们试图晋级的同时,男士们则可以炫耀他们的巨额财富。) /201106/142441池州九华属于专科医院吗

青阳县人民医院预约电话/200811/55444石台县妇幼保健院收费 美国习惯用语-第207讲:motor mouth今天我们要给大家介绍两个以"嘴巴"这个字为主的习惯用语- mouth。大家可能还记得上次我们讲过,to bad-mouth and to shoot one's mouth off. To bad-mouth就是说别人坏话; to shoot one's mouth off是指一个人在某种场合滔滔不绝地说一些不适时宜或者不该讲的话。今天我们要讲的第一个习惯用语是:Motor mouth. Motor就是发动机。现在,你可以猜到什么是motor mouth了。Motor mouth就是那种滔滔不绝,除了喘气之外,说话没完的人。这种人的嘴巴就像一部机器,或汽车一样,发动了以后就好象停不下来了。不过,虽然这样的人有时会使得亲戚朋友感到难受,但是,除了这个不太好的习惯以外,他们也可能是很好相处的人。下面这个例子就是在说一个说话没完的人。例句-1: Dick is a nice guy. But he's such a motor mouth that people avoid talking to him. He just can't stop talking, and nobody else has a chance to get a word in the conversation.这个人说:迪克是一个很好的人。但是,他一说话就没个完,人们都怕跟他说话。他说话的时候就是停不下来,在谈话的过程中,没有任何人插得进嘴。******这种说话不停,不让别人有机会发表观点的人往往是很让人讨厌的,至少,这些人缺乏礼貌,不尊重周围的人。下面是一个人的亲身体验。例句-2: The Rosens' friend David is a real motor mouth. I never go to any event when he's invited. He talks on forever, jumping from topic to topic like he knows everything. But for some reason the Rosens seem to like him.这句话的意思是:罗森家的朋友戴维德真是一个说话没完的人。不管什么活动,只要他们请戴维德,我绝不参加。他每次都说个没完,从一个主题跳到另一个主题,好像他什么都知道。不过,罗森夫妇不知为什么似乎很喜欢他。******滔滔不绝,说话像机器茄?娜斯倘徊惶秩讼不叮牵现氐氖怯械娜死鲜窃诓缓鲜币说那榭鱿滤挡磺〉钡幕啊C拦?怂嫡庵秩擞忻?。一褂幸桓鎏厥獾乃捣āU饩褪俏颐且?驳牡诙?鱿肮哂糜铩?oot in mouth disease. Foot就是一只脚,disease就是病。Foot in mouth disease从字面上来解释,它的意思就是,把脚放在嘴巴里的病。当一个小娃娃把自己的小脚放到嘴巴里去的时候,人们会觉得很好玩。但是,要是一个大人想这么做的话,他就会显得很傻,很愚蠢,就像你意识到自己说错了话一样。下面是一个典型的出言不当的例子。例句-3: Well, Pete did it again! He asked Mister Jones what his wife was doing these days. I guess he'd forgotten Missus Jones died last fall. Poor Pete: I have never seen a worse case of foot in mouth disease.这个人说:"得!比德又犯了同样的毛病 。他问琼斯先生他的太太最近在干什么。我想他把琼斯太太去年秋天去世的事给忘了。可伶的比德。我从来没有见过比这样出语不当更严重的了。"******从某种程度上来说,每个人都有说错话的可能。下面我们要举的例子也很有趣。一个丈夫由于对妻子不忠诚而闹得家庭不和,他正在设法弥补跟妻子的关系。下面是他们的一个朋友在跟自己的太太说话:例句-4: David is trying very hard to make up with his wife. But his sister said at the party last night that she would never live under the same roof with her husband if he had an affair like David. She has a real case of foot in mouth disease!这个人对自己的妻子说:戴维德正在努力和他太太弥补关系。但是,他的昨晚在聚会上说,要是她的丈夫像戴维德那样有外遇的话,她是绝对不会再跟她的丈夫住在一起的。她真是有毛病,说话说得那么不恰当。 /200711/21136池州贵池区妇幼保健院剖腹产需多少钱

九华山人民医院是几甲医院日常生活用语100篇 Lesson27暂时没有对照文本 相关专题:英语口语新东方英语900句 /200810/51651 Abby: hi, my name's Abby. What's your name?Colin: I'm colin. It's nice to meet you. What do you do?A: I'm a freelance English teacher. How about you?C: I'm in between jobs at the moment.A: what kind of job are you looking for?C: I'd like to find a job with flexible hours in the IT field.A: have you ever thought about becoming a freelance IT consultant?C: no. Is it difficult to find such a job?A: not if you are good at net-working. Do you like to meet new people?C: yes. I'm pretty out-going and friendly.A: do you have experience in the IT field?C: I have some. I worked in the IT department at a language school for four years in Spain.A: do you speak Spanish?C: yes, but not fluently.A: that's OK. Have you sent your CV out to anyone yet?C: I've sent my CV to dozens of companies but nobody has got back to me.A: did you write a clear objective in your resume?C: no, because I didn't know what I wanted to do.A: I think you need to update your CV. Bring it over to my office tomorrow and I'll help you with it.C: thanks, I will. I'll see you tomorrow then! /11/90059池州市贵池区中医院打胎可靠吗池州切除包皮多少钱



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