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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201608/460629。

  • 栏目简介:Also at the Consumer Electronics Show, many wearable device developers are showing off their latest products. However, our reporter Yuan Chenyue found not everyone is interested in these devices new functions.201702/492622。
  • Morgans newfound power is a huge wakeup call to his rivals.根新得到的力量 无疑是给对手们敲响了警钟They see Morgan as a threat they need to deal with.他们将根看成是需要处理的威胁Before he deals with them.在根着手对付他们之前John Rockefeller feels the pressure to keep his empire intact like never before.约翰·洛克菲勒感受到了前所未有的压力Despite his best efforts to stop it in its tracks......electricity has gone mainstream.他已经想尽一切办法阻止电力的普及 但电还是成为了主流The people started these great companies, they just think out solutions on their own to problems.开创这些大公司的人 他们会自己思考问题的You dont do it the way its been done before-- thats in a book.你不能按照书本上写的老办法做You go out and you try something new cause you think itll, that youll be able to make it work...你需要自己去尝试新思路 你需要设法让它能够奏效To keep Standard Oil profitable, Rockefeller needs to find a product to replace kerosene.为了维持标准石油的盈利性 洛克菲勒需要找一种替代煤油的产品And the answer may have been in front of him the entire time.或许早就曾出现在他面前Just over 100 degrees you get a mixture of alkanes.超过100度后 你就会得到烷烃混合物Sadly it cant be used for anything.可悲的是 这些不能被用于任何东西Why not?为什么Too volatile.挥发性太强Rockefeller targets a byproduct of refining oil that for years has been thrown away.洛克菲勒看准了炼油中的一种副产品 很多年来 它都被当成废物丢掉The highly flammable runoff is soaking fields and polluting rivers.高可燃性废料一直在渗入土地 污染河流The toxic substance is called gasoline......and so far, no one has figured out a use for it.这种有毒物质的名字叫作汽油 到目前为止 没人知道怎么用它201606/448886。
  • This is such chanllging terrain here.这里的地势充满挑战sudden drop-offs are often concealed by the dense secondary jungle陡峭的断崖常被茂密的次生林遮掩Steady here. The sheer drops all the way down the river.站稳了 这是陡峭的断崖 直通大河Thats where I try to get down to.也就是我想到达的地方Now you see the cliff all the way along here你看这一整面都是断崖and that must be about must be eighty plus foot down to that.差不多有 八十多英尺才能到达下面的河but now you see also a lot of ledges all the way down and vines going down to it.你看还有很多岩架 和藤蔓延伸到下面I might be down my way to the river.Hold on.All the loose staff.我要借助它们 到下面的河里 抓紧了 都是很松动的石头Its gona be a tough climbdown.But I gona risk it.爬下去很艰难 但我要冒险一试I know this river flows to the coast and that will be a best chance of getting out of here.我知道这条河直通入海 那将是我脱离困境最好的机会The root down knows diffcult with few footholds.下去的路很难走 因为几乎没有立足点And the rock is still slippery for the rain.下过雨之后石头也很滑Whats more,the vine is not reaching all the way to the bottom.I need a different plan.更糟糕的是 藤蔓并不是延伸到底部的 我需要想别的办法This rock is so slippery. I try to be over that ledge the big one.石头很滑 我要跳到另外的岩架上 那块比较大的We got it.Ok, Im,Im on my ledge.Just!过去吧 好了 我 我跳到岩架上了 好悬啊Get some rein there, rein Get on the half decent ledge here.稳住 稳住 我站在这不太稳固的岩架上了But this is still a long way up.但这里还是很高Then suddenly upper river,there is the sound of the boat engine.这时上游突然 传来了船的引擎声We just...We should jump this.Its still high.我们就 我们应该跳下去 还是挺高的Lean land,hands by you side,feet together.Good clean entry.We need make this. Lets go.紧贴地面 双手贴着身体 双脚并拢 动作要干净利索 一定要做到 跳201607/457450。
  • where theres a birds nest y to be plundered.那里有一个唾手可得的鸟窝The camera falls off摄像机脱落了so we dont see the aftermath of his attack.所以我们看不到他攻击后的情况But we do have the evidence.但我们找到了据So by the end of the week,一周结束后John wants to know how many birds约翰想统计下猫带回过and small animals the cats have brought home.多少只鸟和小动物And what, if anything,而这将显示出it tells us about the true nature猫与生俱来的of their hunting abilities.捕猎能力Weve got about 15 items here,这里一共有大概十五件战利品brought in by the cats,都是被猫带回家后which the owners have managed to collect.由主人收集来的The owners also told us that还有猫主人告诉我们there were probably seven or eight other things可能有大约七到八只小动物that have been brought in曾被猫带回家but have been consumed in front of them,但都在家里被猫吃掉了so a total of just over 20,所以总数为二十出头divided up between 50 cats,分配给五十只猫so thats less than half a prey item所以一周内每只猫per cat over the whole week.捕获了不到半只猎物Its not a huge amount.不算很大的数目I dont think our cats are hunting very seriously.我认为这里的猫并没有很认真地捕猎重点解释:1.y to 准备例句:The lioness crouched y to strike.母狮低伏著身子准备攻击。2.fall off 跌落例句:Be careful not to fall off the ladder. 当心别从梯子上掉下来。3.manage to 达成例句:I can just manage to string a few words of French together.我只能勉强把法语的几个词拼凑在一起。201608/462994。
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