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金融英语考试判断题模拟习题汇总 --5 :9:36 来源: Crashed Cars to Text Message HelpThere is no good place to have a car crash—but some places are worse than others. In a eign country, instance, ___1___ to explain via cellphone that you are upside down1 in a ditch when you cannot speak the local language can fatally delay the arrival of the emergency services.But an answer may be at hand. Researchers funded by the European Commission are beginning tests of a system called E-merge that ______ senses when a car has crashed and sends a text message3 telling emergency services in the local language that the accident has taken place.The system was ___3___ by ERTICO, a transport research organization based in Brussels, Belgium5. Cars are fitted with a cellphone-sized device attached ______ the underside of the dashboard which is activated by the same sensor that triggers the airbag in a crash. The device ___5___ a cellphone circuit, a GPS6 positioning , and a microphone and loudspeaker.It registers the severity of the crash7 by ___6___ the deceleration data from the airbag’s sensor. Using GPS inmation, it works out which country the car is in, and from this it determines ___7___ which language to compose an alert message detailing precise location of the accident.The device then automatically makes a call to the local emergency services ___8___. If the car’s occupants are conscious, they can communicate with the operator ___9___ the speaker and microphone.E-merge also transmits the vehicles make8, color and license number, and its heading9 when it crashed, which in turn indicates on which side of a multi-lane highway it ended up.This ______ the emergency services find the vehicle as soon as they arrive on the scene. “We can waste a large ______ time searching an incident,” says Jim Hammond, a(an) ______ in vehicle technology at the Association of Chief Police Officers in the UK. Tests will begin soon with police car fleets in the UK. Trials have aly started in Germany, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands and Italy.In-car systems that summon the emergency services after a crash have ______ been fitted in some premium cars. ERTICO says that ______ EU states are willing to fund the necessary infrastructure, E-merge could be working by .A study by French car maker Renault concluded that the system could save up to 6000 of the 0,000 lives lost each year on Europe’s roads, and prevent a similar number of serious injuries.The Renault study estimates that fitting E-merge to every car in Europe would eventually save around 0 billion per ______ in terms of reduced costs to health services and insurance companies, and fewer lost working days.1.A.try B.tried C.trying D.having tried.A.automatically B.accidentally C.tremendously D.usually3.A.changed B.located C.developed D.copied.A.by B.up C.about D.to5.A.ms B.is consisted of C.composes of D.includes6.A. B.ing C.s D.being 7.A.on B.in C.of D.at8.A.carmaker B.policeman C.doctor D.operator9.A.via B.near C.by D.beside.A.assists B.causes C.makes D.helps.A.number of B.deal of C.amount of D.volume of.A.writer B.reporter C.expert D.leader.A.aly B.long ago C.long bee D.shortly.A.although B.nevertheless C.however D.if.A.city B.year C.person D.country。

  •   risk of packing breakage 包装破裂险。
  •   账本 —— 在专业交易环境中,帐本是交易商或者交易柜台全部头寸的总览。
  • “女同性恋”英语的种种讲法 --9 :5:5 来源: 作为少数人,同性恋是这个世界上的弱势群体而相较于男同性恋而言,女同性恋则是弱势中的弱势今天是三;八妇女节,在关注女性的同时,也让我们一起来关注女同性恋吧1. She is a lipstick lesbian, I think.她是女同性恋中的女生我们以前曾经讲过 gay 这个词可以泛指男同性恋和女同性恋,但是女同性恋自己还有一个专属的单词叫 lesbian,曾经看过中文有人取其音而直译为;蕾丝边;lesbian 这个词既可以当名词也可以当形容词,所以,;她是一个女同性恋;的讲法可以是:;She is a lesbian.; 或是 ;She is lesbian.; 都对另外有一个女同性恋俚语的讲法叫 lesbo,这个词有侮辱的味道在内,大家应该了解却要避免使用它若要照性别角色细分的话,lesbian 又可分成 lipstick lesbian 和 butch lesbian所谓的 lipstick lesbian 就是指在一对女同性恋当中,角色比较倾向女生的那位,中文里的讲法叫;婆;而 butch lesbian 不用说当然就是比较男性化的那位,中文的简称为;T;(意指 tomboy,这个词我们下面会讲到)这些解释其实各位都不必死记,当你一看到口红 (lipstick) 这个词时,自然就会联想到这是女性的用品而 butch 这个字本来就是作阳刚解释,所以应该也不难体会. She has been a tomboy since she was born.她从生下来就很男性化Tomboy 用来指那些比较没有女孩子味的女生,她们可能喜欢留很短的头发,外表看起来很阳刚,喜欢玩传统观念认为是男生才有兴趣的东西当然,并非所有的 tomboy 都是女同性恋,有些tomboy只是非常男性化、表现的比较阳刚罢了相较于女同性恋者有 tomboy,男同性恋者则有 sissy,意指;娘娘腔的人;比方说:;He talks like he is a sissy.; (他讲起话来好像是个女生) 注意 sissy 这个词长得很像形容词但却也可以当成名词,所以 ;He is a sissy.; 其实是正确的,请各位注意当然,你也可以拿 sissy 当形容词用,比方说,;I'm not playing that sissy game with you.; (我才不跟你们玩那些女生玩的游戏呢!)。
  • 英语各种“冷静”用法 --6 ::33 来源: ;遇事头脑要冷静;,这是父母在我们离家开始自己的人生时常常嘱咐我们的话冷静才能全面看待问题,找到更好的解决办法那么,这个;冷静;在英语中都怎么表达呢?今天我们就来学一学1. Keep onersquo;s shirt on 保持冷静首先我们来看一个片语:keep onersquo;s shirt onKeep your shirt on. He didnlsquo;t mean to offend you. Thatrsquo;s just the way he talks.冷静点那只是他说话的惯常方式,他并非有意要冒犯你这个表达据说是来源于贵族们喜欢靠决斗来解决问题的年代如果你决定接受别人的挑战,就要脱掉衬衫去决斗,如果不,就不要脱掉衣Keep your shirt on, Bob, they'll be here in time the wedding.. Cool it 冷静一点Cool it 是个俚语,意思是;冷静一点;,这个表达可是非常的短小精悍哦Cool it. You are making me mad.冷静一点你快把我逼疯了Cool off 也有同样的意思,例如:After the fight both men need to cool off. 打完架后两个人都需要冷静下来Keep cool 也可以表示同样的意思,只不过在这里 cool 是用形容词的用法Don't get excited about the examination; keep cool.不要对考试太激动,沉着点3. Calm downCalm down 这个片语也可以表示;镇静,平静,冷静;It was difficult to calm down the football fans.要使足球迷们平静下来是很困难的要让某个人镇静下来,我们可以说;Calm yourself!;,也可以说;Please keep calm!;。
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