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赣州崇义医院看病贵不贵安远医院妇科人流Tiangong Kaiwu《天工开物》Tiangong Kaiwu,as the representative work of the famous scientist in the Ming Dynasty Song Yingxing, was completed in 1637.It is an ency-clopedia of agricultural and handicraft production technologies, summing up the knowledge of almost all the production areas.The work is divided int0 18 volumes,containing planting, dyeing, grain processing, sugar refining, pottery firing, smel-ting and founding, vehicle and vessel manufacturing, forging, oil pressing, paper-making, minirtg, weaponry, pigment, liquor making , and so on. Song Yingxing tried to give accurate descriptions of the operating techniques and tools with specific data.Tian,gong Kaiwu was o book in which the most abundant collection of saentif-ic and technological records was preserved. It was more oriented towards the handicraft industry, reflecting the productive forces in the late Ming Dynasiy when capitalism began to emerge; it also indicated that the scientific technologies of ourcountry at the time lagged behind Europe. The contemporary saentist Galileo dis-covered many important laws through the combination of the experiments and mathematics while China still stayed in the period of collecting and collating materi-als. Up to now, this work has aly been published in 16 different versions in the world and printed for 38 times. It sold venlt well for a long time in some places,which was rarely seen in the ancient scientific works.《天工开物》是我国明代著名科学家宋应星(1587—1663年)的代表作,完成于1637年。这是一部有关农业和手工业生产技术的百科全书,总结了各个生产领域的知识。全书共十八卷,包括种植、染色、粮食加工、制糖、烧制陶瓷、冶铸、车船制造、锤锻、榨油、造纸、采矿、兵器、颜料、酿酒等诸多内容。宋应星无论是对操作技术还是对工具本身都尽可能用数字进行精确的描述。《天工开物》是保留我国科技史料最丰富的一部书,它更多地着眼于手工业,反映了我国明末出现资本主义萌芽时期的生产力状况。它也表明这个时期我国的科学技术已经比欧洲落后了。同一时期的伽利略已经用实验和数学相结合的方法发现了许多重要的定律,而中国还停留在以收集整理资料为主的阶段。《天工开物》一书在全世界发行了16个版本,印刷了38次之多。《天工开物》一书在一些地方长时期畅销不滞,这在古代科技著作中并不是经常看到的。 /201601/419329蓉江新区医院有做缩阴吗 The April 25 earthquake in Nepal and powerful aftershocks have not only killed more than 8,000 people and destroyed thousands of homes, but also left historic buildings in ruins. While reconstruction could take decades, the Chinese web services company Baidu has begun a campaign to recreate these structures online.尼泊尔4月25日发生的地震以及后来发生的强烈余震,不仅造成8000多人死亡,毁坏了成千上万家的住房,而且还把许多历史建筑变为废墟。重建可能需要数十年的时间,不过中国的网络务公司百度已经开始了一项在线重建这些建筑的行动。“We want to apply our own technology instead of donating money or using another corporate relief effort to provide help for the earthquake,” said Kaiser Kuo, Baidu’s director for international communications, in a telephone interview.“我们要用我们自己的技术,而不是用捐钱、或通过其他企业救灾行动,来为震后重建提供帮助,”百度的国际交流主管郭怡广在接受电话采访时说。In its campaign, called “See you again, Kathmandu,” Baidu has appealed to Internet users to upload their photographs of historic sites. The imaging system requires hundreds of photos taken from different angles and under different weather conditions to create a comprehensive view of the sites. According to Baidu, between 500 and 1,000 photos are needed for the digital re-creation of a single building. These static images can be used to generate a 3-D to allow users to view the sites from the perspective of a visitor touring them before the earthquake.百度在这个名为“See you again,加德满都”的行动中呼吁网民们上传他们拍摄的历史古迹照片。百度的成像系统需要数百张从不同角度、在不同天气条件下拍摄的照片,来制做这些景点的全部图像。据百度说,用数字化方式重建仅一座建筑物就需要500到1000张照片。这些静态照片可以用于产生3D视频,让网络用户可以从地震前观光者的视角来欣赏这些景点。Nepal is a popular destination for Chinese tourists, and since the campaign was announced on April 29, more than 42,000 photographs have been uploaded, and eight sites have been 70 percent to 80 percent digitally recreated, including the 17th-century Maju Deval temple in Kathmandu.尼泊尔是中国游客的热门目的地。自从行动于4月29日宣布以来,百度收到的上传照片已超过42,000张,有八个景点的数字重建已经完成了70%到80%,包括位于加德满都的17世纪的马驹德瓦尔寺。“We started with sites on the Unesco World Cultural Heritage list, but we are expecting more sites to be recreated, not only those in Kathmandu, but other damaged buildings in Nepal,” Mr. Kuo said.“我们是从列入联合国教科文组织世界文化遗产名录的古迹开始的,我们预计会重建更多的景点,不仅是加德满都的那些,而且也包括尼泊尔其他的受损建筑物,”郭怡广说。To encourage non-Chinese speakers to contribute photographs, the campaign’s website for uploading images is in both English and Chinese. Baidu is also planning to hold an exhibition of the digitally recreated historic sites.为鼓励不懂中文的人也贡献照片,这一行动用来上传照片的网站是中英双语的。百度还计划为数字重建的古迹举办一个展览。 /201505/374907Apple made its case for consumers to buy its forthcoming smartwatch, positioning the device as a way to handle the brief interactions that fill our days, from meeting reminders to short messages to calling for a car。苹果公司发布了新款智能手表以促使消费者购买,并把手表的功能定位与为提供便捷的客户处理日常与他人互动途径,从一般的会议提醒功能到短信召唤车子。Other technology companies have introduced smartwatches in recent years, but they#39;ve failed to gain widesp adoption because consumers struggled to find a compelling use for the devices。其他的技术公司也在近年引进了智能手表,但这些公司并没有获取广泛的关注,因为消费者挣扎于是否能够找到一个驱使他们使用这些设备的功能。Apple hopes to change all that with a tool that presents users with bite-size chunks of information and saves people from the hassle of reaching into a bag or pocket for a phone, while offering new ways to communicate through taps and vibrations。苹果希望改变设备中以比特大小信息块驱使用户从口袋里摸索手机的现状,通过点击屏幕和振动的形式实现用户之间的沟通。;Apple Watch can be an incredibly rich and an integral part of your life, ; chief executive Tim Cook told a media briefing in San Francisco. ;Apple Watch is the most personal device we have ever created.;“苹果手表将会成为你生活中最丰富且不可缺少一部分”,苹果执行长库克在旧金山的媒体发布会中说道,“苹果手表是我们创造过的产品中最人性化的设备。”Apple said ;thousands; of apps had been developed for the watch, and showed off apps from WeChat, Major League Baseball, American Airlines, Instagram and Uber。苹果公司表示,“成千上万”的手机应用专门为这款手表而设计,并展示了其中的微信,美国职棒大联盟,美国航班,instagram和优步软件。Apple said the watch will be available in a wide range of designs and prices, from $US349 to $US17,000 for gold-cased versions of the most expensive model, Apple Watch Edition. Apple said the variety aims to reflect the personal nature of the device。苹果公司表示,这款手表将会以大众都可接受的设计和价格面世,从349美元到17,000美元,以金环版本为最昂贵的款式。苹果还表示,设计不同的款式在于反映设备的人性化本质。For the Apple Watch Sport with an aluminum casing, Apple said prices will start at $US349 to $US399 depending on the size of the face. The stainless steel Apple Watch starts at $US549 to $US599. The high-end Apple Watch Edition starts at $US10,000, making it one of the most expensive products Apple has ever sold。至于铝金属表壳版的Apple Watch,苹果表示价格将根据手表表面的设计定在349美元至399美元。不锈钢表壳则从549美元至599美元不等。而Apple Watch Edition为定制版,从1万美元起,成为了苹果公司史上售价最高的产品。The watch will go on sale on April 24 in nine countries, although the company will start accepting pre-orders on April 10. Apple said the watch will have 18 hours of battery life and will be able to conduct phone calls。尽管苹果公司会在4月10日接受预购的订单,手表也于4月24号在九个国家出售。苹果表示具有18小时的续航功能并持通话。Apple Watch is the company#39;s first all-new product since it introduced the iPad in 2010. One of the biggest questions hanging over Apple#39;s incredible success is whether it is sustainable as the company branches into new corners of the electronics world。Apple Watch 是苹果公司继2010年的iPad后首款全新的产品。苹果公司之所以获得如此惊人的成功,其中最大的问题就在于是否能够保持公司在电子科技世界领域的可持续发展。The smartwatch market is still nascent. A slew of competitors from established names like Samsung Electronics, and LG Electronics to lesser-known startups like the Pebble and Fitbit have introduced offerings aimed at creating demand for wearable devices, but most have failed to gain momentum。智能手表的市场才初绽头角。大到众多早已成立的公司的竞争者如三星电子,LG电子,小到Pebble和Fitbit,也已引进了目标在于生产可佩带的设备的技术,但大多数都发展得不如人意。As it did successfully with the iPhone and iPod, Apple is trying to re-define a new product category with a sleek and thoughtful device. For Mr Cook, it also is a chance to prove that Apple can still produce the types of breakthrough products that defined the company under his predecessor, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs。正如iPhone和iPod的成功,苹果正常时改良新产品种类,目标为圆滑且体贴的设备。库克表示,这也是一个促使苹果在产品设计上突破的机会,符合苹果公司的前任设计师乔布斯的设计理念。In addition, the company unveiled a new 12-inch MacBook that Apple calls its thinnest ever with a battery that can last all day. The device weighs two pounds and also will be available in gold. Prices start at $US1,299, and it will start shipping April 10.除此之外,苹果还揭开了12英寸大小的MacBook的面纱,并标榜其电池是史上最薄的的续航电池。重量只有2磅,并且还有镶金款。价格从美元1,299,在4月10日开始发售。At the event, Apple also showed off new software called Research Kit, which will help researchers and medical practitioners gather and organise patients#39;s medical data through the iPhone。在此次发布会,苹果同时展示了新的软件,名为搜查工具箱(Research Kit),能够帮助研究者和医学实践者通过iPhone收集并整理客户的医学数据。The kit will be released next month. Apple said all data would be private and that the company wouldn#39;t see it。这款工具箱将会在下月发布,苹果公司称,软件里的数据是用户的隐私,苹果公司的员工是不会看到的。Marketing the Apple Watch, meanwhile, won#39;t be as simple as marketing past Apple products. The iPod was a way to carry a music collection in your pocket. The iPhone was a mobile phone plus internet device, with a revolutionary touch screen. Apple sold the iPad as a simpler way to browse the web, view photos and watch s。推广Apple Watch不如推广之前的产品那么简单。iPod是你把音乐随身携带的一个方式。iPhone是一部可上网的移动手机,并用革命性的的触摸屏幕。苹果公司出售iPad,标榜其能够为用户提供快捷的途径浏览网页,查看图片和观看影片。Still, analysts expect Apple#39;s brand appeal and the company#39;s loyal customers to make Apple Watch the most successful wearable device on the market。再者,分析者预期苹果的品牌效应及其忠实的消费者也会把智能手表成为市场上最成功的可佩带的设备。 /201503/363764寻乌医院产前检查好吗

赣州仁济不孕不育是个怎样的医院9 things you’ll love about iOS 9爱上iOS9的9大原因1.Proactive Siri1.Siri更主动Of all the upcoming iOS 9 features for the iPhone and iPad, the biggest updates are coming to Siri. Siri is going to become ;proactive,; predicting what you want to know before you even ask it. It’s a feature similar to Google Now or Microsoft’s Cortana. The new, proactive Siri will display relevant information based on your location, search history, emails, calendar and habits.在iPhone和iPad中所有iOS9即有的特点中,更新最大的当属Siri。Siri将更主动,甚至可以在你发问之前预测你的想法。这与Google Now和Microsoft的 Cortana类似。新型智能Siri将根据你的位置、搜索历史、电邮、日历和习惯呈现相关信息。2.Transit2.公交导航Finally, transit directions are coming to the Apple Maps app. It’s only in 12 cities to start, but Apple said it will expand its transit maps in the future. Transit has been a long time coming. The lack of public transit information is one of the many reasons Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized for its subpar Maps app in 2012.公交导航终于出现在苹果地图APP中,仅在12个城市启用,但苹果公司表示,今后会扩展城市地图。公交导航经历很长时间才得以推出。公共交通信息缺乏是主要原因之一,苹果CEO库克曾在2012年为其低水准的地图APP道歉。3.News3.苹果新闻Apple’s new News app is a Flipboard-like personalized news er that will replace the oft-ignored Newsstand store. News will be powered by 20 publishers and 50 titles, including ESPN, CNN, Conde Nast, and The New York Times.苹果新型News APP是一款类似于Flipboard的个性化新闻阅读器,将取代之前备受忽略的Newsstand。News将得到20家出版社和50书刊杂志技术持,包括ESPN, CNN,康德纳斯特和《纽约时报》。4.Wallet4.苹果钱包Apple’s Passbook app is getting a new name (Wallet) and some welcome new features. IPhone users will be able to double-click the home button when their iPhones are locked to access the Wallet app.苹果的Passbook app更名为Wallet,并有一些新功能。锁屏时,iPhone用户可以双击home键直接进入Wallet app。5.Notes5.苹果笔记The Notes app is getting a big makeover in iOS 9, letting you draw sketches, drop in photos, maps and links and add items from other apps.iOS 9为笔记应用添加了一些新功能,包括绘画涂鸦、添加照片地图等,进一步向其他互联网笔记应用靠拢。6.Multitasking6.分屏多任务Soon, iPad owners will be able to run two apps at the same time on the same screen. With a split-screen function, picture-in-picture , a new app switcher and keyboard shortcuts, the iPad is getting closer to becoming a serious word-processing device.很快iPad用户可以在同一时间同一屏幕运行两个APP。分屏多任务、画中画视频、侧屏应用功能以及快捷键,将使iPad逐渐成为重要的文字处理器。7.Quicktype7.QuickType键盘In addition to multi-tasking, Apple is introducing gestures for the iPad in iOS 9, turning the keyboard into a trackpad. Using two fingers, iPad owners can select text and move the cursor like a mouse.除了分屏多任务功能,苹果为iOS9的iPad引入新的手势,将键盘变为触控板。iPad用户两个手指就可以选择文本并像鼠标一样移动光标。8.Better battery life8.持久续航Apple says iOS 9 will give iPhones and iPads up to an hour more battery life every day. It’s also adding a low-power mode to squeeze out three extra hours of juice.苹果声称iOS9将为iPhone和iPad每天多提供一小时电量,也添加了低功耗模式,可以挤出三小时电量。9.Public beta9.公测Excited about iOS 9? It doesn’t debut until the fall, but you’ll be able to get your hands on it early. For the first time ever, Apple will let anyone test out its new iPhone software -- before it gets released to the general public. In July, iOS 9 will go into ;public beta,; meaning anyone with an iPhone or iPad will be able to noodle around with iOS 9.为iOS9感到激动吗?但是秋季才会正式启用,但你可以早些接触到iOS9.苹果有史以来首次在正式发行之前,让人们测试新iPhone软件。7月,iOS9将进行公测,也就意味着任何iPhone和iPad用户将体验iOS9. /201506/380126崇义人民医院打胎多少钱 In a bare office in downtown San Francisco, European bureaucrats wearing suits and ties cleared their throats and spoke about the glory of European innovation and American investment. They were launching a new Silicon Valley hub that they hoped would get European start-up talent American funding.在旧金山市中心一间空旷办公室中,一众西装革履的欧洲官员清了清嗓子,开始谈论欧洲创新和美国投资的荣耀。他们打算建立一家全新的硅谷中心,希望让欧洲的创业天才得到美国人的资助。To celebrate, they snipped a ribbon unfurled across the stage and assembled a foam puzzle showing the European Union and US flags. The audience checked their cellphones.为了庆祝中心的成立,他们在台上举行了剪仪式,并用泡沫拼出了欧盟旗帜和美国国旗。不过观众都在玩自己的手机。The event, with its long Chamber of Commerce-style speeches, highlights the disconnect between Europe and Silicon Valley. Although Europeans are trying to emulate the U.S. tech industry’s success, they still have much to learn – starting with the need to loosen up, in keeping with the region’s free and easy vibe.这场充斥着商会式长篇演讲的活动,凸显了欧洲和硅谷之间的脱节。尽管欧洲人试图模仿美国科技界的成功,但他们仍然要学许多东西——首先,他们需要放松自己,还要保持这一行业轻松愉快的氛围。“If Europe took a selfie, it would be an old lady,” Mauro Battocchi, Italy’s consul general, said on stage.意大利总领事莫罗·巴托基在台上表示:“如果欧洲来张自拍,那一定是个老太太形象。”The new tech hub, which formally opened in September, is intended to showcase the best of European innovation at a time when American technology by the likes of Google, Facebook and Apple dominate. The overseas start-ups will need to prove that they have something new to offer Bay Area investors who have plenty of other options to choose from.这一全新的科技中心于9月正式开放,意图在这个由谷歌(Google)、Facebook和苹果(Apple)统治的时代中展现欧洲最优秀的创新成果。来自海外的初创公司需要向旧金山湾区的投资者明他们的确有一些新创意,因为投资者还有许多其他选择。There’s a good reason for the Europeans to look for money in the Bay Area tech scene. In 2013, venture capitalists invested billion in US companies, according to Dow Jones Venture Source. That’s more than four times the amount invested in companies in the entire European Union.欧洲人有充分的理由寻求旧金山湾区科技界的投资。据道琼斯旗下的市场研究机构Dow Jones Venture Source统计,风险投资家在2013年对美国公司投资了330亿美元。这是欧盟所有企业同期获得投资额的4倍以上。The gap is even wider in the tech industry. Total venture capital invested in the US tech industry reached .67 billion last year compared with just .44 billion in Europe.而在科技界,这一差距甚至更大。去年,美国科技公司获得的风投资金为86.7亿美元,而欧盟的同类公司仅有14.4亿美元。The new European hub is hosted in a co-working office in downtown San Francisco called Rocketspace, which is aly home to incubators for Canada, Brazil and Spain. Start-ups from all over Europe will be invited to work out of the office, get training and participate in events, at no charge.这个新的欧洲中心设在旧金山市中心一家名为Rocketspace的联合办公室内,那里已经是加拿大、巴西和西班牙公司的孵化中心。来自欧洲各地的初创公司都会受邀前往这里,免费接受培训,参加活动。In typical bureaucratic fashion, the organization sponsoring the hub has a mouthful of a name: European Institute of Innovation and Technology Information and Communication Technology Labs. The hub, itself, is known by the acronym, EIT ICT Labs, which shows just how desperately the organizers could use help from Silicon Valley’s marketing gurus.为这家中心提供赞助的机构有着一个极具官僚作风的冗长名字:欧洲创新与科技研究院和通信科技实验室(European Institute of Innovation and Technology Information and Communication Technology Labs)。这个中心自身则使用了一个缩写名称:EITICT实验室,由此可看出组织者多么需要得到硅谷营销专家的帮助。A number of countries aly have start-up incubators in Silicon Valley including Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. They offer services ranging from mentorship, education classes, and networking opportunities. However, EIT ICT Labs says it will distinguish itself by drawing from start-ups all across Europe, and this rather than any other major program offerings seems to be their major selling point.包括德国、法国、西班牙和意大利在内的许多国家都已经在硅谷设立了孵化中心,提供导师、培训课程和社交机会等务。然而,EIT ICT实验室表示他们将从所有欧洲初创公司中挑选最合适的推销对象。这一点,而不是提供某种重要务,似乎是他们的主要卖点。“We can pick the best of the best and make the selection process more streamlined,” says Paul Campbell, the Silicon Valley advisor for the hub.该中心的硅谷顾问保罗·坎贝尔表示:“我们可以优中选优,从而进一步简化筛选过程。”Yet, others aren’t quite sure of that will be enough of a distinction.然而,其他人并不确定这是否足以成为区别。“It’s hard to say if this is another European outpost,” said Bernd Girod, associate dean of online learning at Stanford University and who also teaches electrical engineering. “It could be big if they get some excellent smart people. They have the money to succeeded, but money is not all that success takes.”斯坦福大学(Stanford University)在线学习副院长兼电气工程教授贝恩德·吉罗德表示:“很难说这是否将成为欧洲的另一个前哨站。如果他们能够招揽到一些充满智慧的杰出人士,就能发展壮大。他们拥有获得成功所需的资金,但光有钱并不能确保成功。”EIT ICT has a 2014 budget of 0 million Euros (1 million), but won’t discuss its specific investment in the San Francisco hub. So far they have leased four desks for European start-ups to use but haven’t specified how they intend to choose the start-ups or who will fill the desks.EIT ICT在2014年的预算达到3亿欧元(合3.81亿美元),但还没有开始讨论他们将如何在旧金山中心展开具体的投资。到目前为止,他们只是借来了4张桌子供欧洲的初创公司使用,但还没明确究竟要如何选择初创公司,或是让哪些公司来使用这些桌子。“We need to show that we’re a strong ecosystem to invest in,” Willem Jonker, the CEO of the European group, said in his speech at the event.欧洲集团(European Group)首席执行官威廉·琼克在会议上发言表示:“我们需要明自己有着强大的生态体系,是合适的投资目标。”However, the event’s formality made attendees skeptical of EIT ICT Labs’ ability to bridge the cultural gap between Europe and Silicon Valley. During the speeches and panels, most of the entrepreneurs mingled at the bar where, their chatter making it difficult to hear the speakers.然而,这次会议的形式让参与者们怀疑EIT ICT是否有能力跨越欧洲和硅谷的文化鸿沟。在发言和座谈期间,大多数企业家坐在一边聊天,嘈杂的声音让人们很难听清发言人究竟在说什么。“We’re quite embarrassed,” said Dr. Anne Bruinvels who came to pitch her Dutch start-up Px Healthcare which uses cancer patients’ data to create personalized treatment plans. “We believe that Europe is far more dynamic than how it was represented today. I hope they are open to listening to feedback. With our input they could possibly create a lot of impact. Without it, it could fail and that would be a terrible waste of the investment.”与会者安妮·布鲁因韦尔斯来自荷兰初创公司Px Healthcare,特地前来展示该公司借助癌症患者数据进行个性化治疗的方案。她表示:“我们非常尴尬。我们认为欧洲要远比今天这场活动给人的印象更加生机勃勃。我希望他们抱着开放的心态倾听反馈意见。有了我们的参与,中心也许能产生很大的影响力。如果没什么影响,这个中心可能会失败,那会极大地浪费投资。”Yet despite the lackluster enthusiasm for the speeches, the energy perked up during the pitching session. Start-ups were given a few minutes to present their business ideas to a board of judges who gave them feedback,American Idolstyle. And, like onAmerican Idol, attendees cheered whenever someone made a particularly good pitch.不过尽管人们对发言了无兴趣,但在展示环节上他们还是充满热情。初创公司拥有几分钟时间来展示他们的商业理念,评委会则会予以反馈,这是真人秀节目“美国偶像”(American Idol)的形式。同“美国偶像”一样,只要有人表现得十分精,与会者都会发出欢呼。“I love the vibe in San Francisco,” said Glenn Bilby, an Australian based in Sweden who came to pitch his start-up, Quick Posture, a tool that lets doctors diagnosis a patient’s movement and posture problems. “It feels like anything is possible. This must succeed.”澳大利亚人格伦·毕尔比借此展示了他在瑞典新创的公司Quick Posture,这是一个帮助医生诊断病人运动和姿势问题的工具。他表示:“我喜欢旧金山的气氛。这里让人觉得一切皆有可能。这个孵化器一定能成功。”And perhaps, if the agency manages to lose the tie and roll up its sleeves, it will.如果这个中心能够松开领带,卷起袖子大干一场,也许它真的会成功吧。 /201411/343195宁都县人民医院预约是不是真的

赣州章贡体检多少钱 HONG KONG — The most important market for Chinese smartphone makers may no longer be China.香港——对中国智能手机制造商而言,中国或许已经不是其最重要的市场了。For years, hundreds of millions of Chinese have purchased new smartphones. In the process they lifted the fortunes of local handset makers, from the well known like Huawei and Lenovo to the obscure like Coolpad and Gionee.多年来,数亿中国人购买了新的智能手机。在此过程中,本土的手机制造商的业绩大幅增长,无论是知名的华为和联想,还是像酷派和金立等相对不知名的品牌。But the era of fast growth is coming to an end in China, where the research group IDC said on Monday that phone sales fell 4 percent in the first quarter from a year earlier, the first contraction in six years. IDC expects no growth in China’s smartphone market in 2015.然而在中国,智能手机快速增长的时代已经终结。IDC研究公司周一表示,中国一季度手机销量比去年同期下降了4%,这是六年来首次萎缩。IDC预计,2015年中国的智能手机市场将不会增长。The saturated Chinese market — more than 800 million people there use smartphones, according to IDC — means fewer new buyers, and a slowing economy means less spending. So Chinese companies are turning to India, trying to catch a .5 billion market on the way up.据IDC的数据显示,超过8亿中国人使用智能手机。已经饱和的中国市场意味着更少的新买家,而经济放缓又意味着消费出下降。因此,中国企业正将目光转向印度,试图抓住这个规模达14.5亿美元并且仍在持续增长的市场。“It is India first for us,” said Varun Sharma, Coolpad’s chief executive of Indian operations. He said Coolpad, a Shenzhen-based company, planned to use its patents and manufacturing infrastructure to sell devices “at 0 price points for the Indian market and not at 0 or ,000 price points that global brands are doing.”“对我们而言,印度市场是摆在第一位的,”酷派印度首席执行官瓦伦·沙尔玛(Varun Sharma)说,酷派是一家总部位于深圳的公司,计划利用其专利和生产设施,“在印度市场销售处于100美元价位的手机,而不是像其他国际品牌在800美元或1000美元的价位。”India’s smartphone sales are just a fraction of China’s. But as one of the fastest-growing smartphone markets in the world, with hundreds of millions of potential new customers, India may indicate whether a new generation of Chinese hardware companies can grow beyond their country’s borders.印度市场的智能手机销售量只相当于中国市场销量的一小部分,但作为一个增长最快的智能手机市场,拥有数以亿计的潜在消费者。印度或许会显示出,中国新一代的硬件制造商是否具有向中国以外的国家和地区扩张的能力。It is intensely competitive, with more than 150 brands. Among the best-selling brands are several indigenous companies with an inside track on local phone habits. Another top seller is a multinational, Samsung, which has deep experience selling across different cultures.150多个手机品牌在此激烈竞争,在畅销品牌中有几家是本土企业,它们更善于追踪本土手机使用习惯。另一个畅销品牌是跨国公司三星,该公司在不同文化的市场上销售手机的经验非常丰富。Xiaomi, the most successful Chinese company in India, owned only 4 percent of the market in the fourth quarter.小米是在印度最成功的中国手机公司,在去年第四季度也只占有4%的市场份额。But India is also the only place that has a scale like China’s. Indians are expected to buy 111 million smartphones this year, and 149 million in 2016. And China’s smartphone makers say Chinese and Indian customers have a lot in common: Both tend to obsess over arcane features and specs, and both are highly sensitive to cost.但是印度是唯一一个拥有与中国相当的市场规模的国家。今年,印度人预计将购买1.11亿部智能手机,到2016年这个数字会增加到1.49亿部。而且中国智能手机制造商声称中国和印度的消费者有很多共同之处:两者都着迷于手机的一些古怪特性和规格,而且都对价格非常敏感。At a bustling Sangeetha Mobiles shop in Bangalore’s Koramangala neighborhood, the 20-year-old store attendant, Murthy Lakshmipathy, took careful aim at those expectations.在班加罗尔市科尔芒加拉街区繁忙的Sangeetha Mobiles手机店里,20岁的店员穆尔提·拉克什米帕提(Murthy Lakshmipathy)仔细地利用着这种思维。“See the display and the camera,” he said to customers, holding up a new handset made by the Chinese vendor Oppo. “And here, it’s all unbreakable plastic and Gorilla Glass. You won’t get any other stylish phone with these features at this price.”“看这个显示屏和摄像头,”他对客户说,手里拿着中国厂商OPPO刚推出的一款智能手机,“这些地方都是由坚不可摧的塑料和钢化玻璃制成的。在这个价位,你找不到任何其他具有这些功能的时尚手机。”Many Chinese companies are trying to make their case directly to potential Indian buyers online. It is a technique pioneered by Xiaomi, which used e-commerce to overcome difficult-to-manage and expensive storefronts and distribution deals in China and now India.许多中国公司正试图在网上直接与潜在的印度消费者进行接触。小米在中国是率先采用这一模式的公司,利用电子商务来克各种问题,从难以管理的昂贵店面到分销协议。而现在,小米在印度也采取了这一模式。So-called flash sales, which offer limited batches of phones to drive up demand and build brand cachet, have rattled the current top sellers in India, the local company Micromax and the South Korean giant Samsung, according to analysts.所谓的闪购,就是提供限量的手机以哄抬需求,以此来打造品牌的影响力。据分析师透露,这种做法已经让印度本土的手机企业Micromax和韩国巨头三星感到紧张。目前,这两家公司是印度市场上销售量最大的企业。The tactic is cheap and effective, said Mr. Sharma of Coolpad: “We don’t need to spend tens of millions of dollars on marketing or building distribution networks.”这一策略是廉价而有效的,酷派公司的沙尔玛说,“我们并不需要花费数千万美元的营销费用或构建分销网络。”Analysts said companies like his were arriving in their new market at the right time.分析人士称,与酷派公司类似的公司在正确的时间进入了这个新市场。“Chinese manufacturers can find a lot of play in India, which is in the early phase of growth, and they can fight for meaningful revenues and profits,” said Anshul Gupta, a research director at Gartner.“中国制造商在处于早期增长阶段的印度市场上可以大有作为,他们可以努力奋斗,以求得到一定的利润和收入,”高德纳(Gartner)公司的研究主管安舒尔·古普塔(Anshul Gupta)说。Even so, many Chinese companies have set ambitious targets for themselves. Coolpad, which will introduce its inexpensive Dazen phone online in coming weeks, said it aims to sell three million to four million smartphones in one year, and 15 million to 20 million in three years.许多中国公司都给自己设定了宏伟目标。酷派将于未来三周在网上推出平价的大神手机(Dazen)。该公司说,他们的目标是在一年内卖出300万到400万部智能手机,三年内卖出1500万到2000万部。Xiaomi, now worth billion, moved into the top five sellers in India in the fourth quarter of 2014. Underscoring the company’s focus there, the international vice president and former Google executive Hugo Barra recently presided over an Apple-like blowout introductory event in New Delhi for its Mi 4i phone, designed specifically for India. The company says it aims to be the top handset brand in India by 2020.小米公司现在的估值为450亿美元。2014年第四季度时,小米跻身印度最畅销的5个手机品牌之列。小米科技全球副总裁、前谷歌高管雨果#8226;巴拉(Hugo Barra)近期在新德里(New Delhi)主持了一场和苹果类似的新产品发布会,突出了小米对印度市场的重视。在发布会上,雨果#8226;巴拉推出了小米4i(Mi 4i),这是专为印度市场打造的手机。该公司表示,它的目标是到2020年时,小米能问鼎手机销售冠军。The smaller Chinese start-up OnePlus, which puts equal emphasis on selling in China and abroad, began selling its flagship One phone in December, and has sold 200,000 phones aly. It is shooting to sell a million devices by the end of this year.规模更小的中国初创公司一加科技(OnePlus)把中国和海外的销售看得同样重要。去年12月,一加科技开始销售其旗舰手机一加手机(One phone),目前为止已经卖出20万部。其目标是到今年年底卖出100万部。In the path of those ambitions are a host of Indian rivals, each hoping to use local knowledge to repeat the success of Chinese phone makers in China. Micromax, which owns the second-largest share of the Indian market after Samsung, is aly adapting to the Chinese invasion, holding online-only sales and making some phone models Internet exclusive.在实现这些目标的过程中有许多来自印度本土的竞争者,它们都想利用对当地的了解来复制中国手机制造商在本国的成功。Micromax占据了印度手机市场第二大市场份额,仅排在三星(Samsung)之后,它已经开始针对中国品牌的入侵做出改变。Micromax现在也会只在线上销售一些手机,并且还在制造更多仅限互联网销售的手机。“We have always been the first to identify the gaps in India and have worked toward addressing them,” said Micromax’s chief executive, Vineet Taneja.“一直以来,都是我们最先发现印度市场的缺口,并且努力填补它们,”Micromax的首席执行官温内特#8226;塔内加(Vineet Taneja)说。Skirmishes have aly erupted. Micromax briefly won a sales injunction against OnePlus over a contract with the company Cyanogen, the creator of a popular operating system for phones that run Android by Google. The case has since been withdrawn. In December, Xiaomi was temporarily blocked from India because of a patent complaint by the Swedish telecommunications manufacturer Ericsson. And the Indian government’s “Make in India” policy began levying hefty duties on imports in April.一些小冲突已经爆发。Micromax与一加科技因与Cyanogen的合同而产生了纠纷,Cyanogen公司是谷歌开发的安卓平台上一个很受欢迎的手机操作系统的开发者。Micromax在该纠纷案中一度获得胜利,法庭对一加科技发出了禁售令。目前,该案已被撤销。去年12月,小米也因瑞典移动通讯设备制造商爱立信(Ericsson)提出的专利诉讼而在印度暂时遭禁。与此同时,印度政府推行的“印度制造”(Make in India)政策于4月开始对进口产品实行高额关税。No strangers to intrusive government industrial policies, Chinese companies are aly expanding operations within India. Xiaomi, OnePlus and the early market entrant Gionee all plan to set up research and development centers there. OnePlus, Xiaomi and Coolpad also want to produce phones in Indian factories.中国公司对于颇具侵入性的政府工业政策并不陌生,它们已经开始扩大在印度的业务。小米、一加以及早期进军印度市场的金立公司都计划要在印度设立研发中心。一加、小米和酷派还想要在印度生产手机。One of the most successful Chinese brands in India so far, Xiaomi has gone to great lengths to create products catering to customers there. Its new Mi 4i phone costs more than many rivals at about 0, but supports six Indian languages, with local engineers working to increase that number.作为目前在印度最成功的中国品牌之一,小米竭尽全力地为印度顾客打造适合他们的产品。小米的新产品小米4i比大多数竞品要贵,价格约为200美元。但是它持6种印度语言,其本土设计师团队还在继续增加这个数量。The company has also built an online store that focuses on India’s passions of cricket and Bollywood, and has plans to open 100 stores around the country before the end of the year.小米还开了一家网上商店,以迎合印度人对板球和宝莱坞的喜爱。小米计划在今年年底之前在印度开设100家新店。“We want to become an Indian company,” Xiaomi’s chief executive, Lei Jun, told a local newspaper after the introduction of the Mi 4i.“我们希望能成为一家印度公司,”小米的首席执行官雷军(Lei Jun)在发布小米4i手机时对一家当地报纸这样说道。One recent convert to a Chinese brand is Anusheel Nahar, a longtime BlackBerry user, who bought a Lenovo smartphone for 8,500 rupees, or about 0. Mr. Nahar had never owned a touch-screen phone before, but said the Lenovo device’s specs and cost stood out.中国品牌的最新粉丝安努什尔#8226;纳哈儿(Anusheel Nahar)曾是黑莓(BlackBerry)的忠实用户,他花了8500卢比(约合822人民币)买了一部联想的智能手机。纳哈儿此前从未买过触屏手机,但是他说联想的规格和成本令它脱颖而出。“It was priced right and seemed hardy enough to carry around in my back pocket,” he said.“它的定价很合理,似乎也很坚固,能让我放在后裤兜里走来走去。”他说。 /201505/374906赣州仁济男科的评价全南县中医院在哪里



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