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双语:英国最诚实杀人嫌犯 被误放不逃跑 -- 00:6:58 来源: A murder suspect was released from a high-security prison by mistake – as he waited in line to be taken to trial.一名凶杀嫌犯,在警备森严的监狱中排队等待坐囚车去法庭审判的时候,竟错误地被“强制”释放Bungling prison officers handed Martynas Kupstys his clothes and belongings and, despite his protests, said he had to leave.监狱的工作人员把衣等物品递给这个名叫马蒂内斯的嫌犯,不顾他的任何解释,执意让其离开The 5-year-old pleaded with HMP Lincoln that he should be joining inmates who were being escorted towards the prison bus to Lincoln Crown Court. But his pleas were ignored and he was shown the door.这名5岁的嫌犯向监狱工作人员解释说自己马上要和其他犯人一起坐囚车被送往林肯刑事法庭受审,但没人听他解释,他就这样被释放了It was only when the van reached court, and officials found Kupstys missing from the defendants that the astonishing error came to light.直到囚车到达法庭,工作人员发现作为被告的马蒂内斯不见了,才意识到这个不可思议的失误A full-scale investigation was launched with police searching frantically the prisoner.随后警方立刻展开对该名囚犯的大范围搜查Meanwhile, confused Kupstys had sat unnoticed at a bus stop outside the prison following his release. He remained there three hours bee being found and returned to custody.而与此同时,被糊涂释放之后,不解的马蒂内斯就一直在监狱外面的一个巴士站默默坐着他在那里呆了3个小时,直到被警方发现并被重新拘留His release led to the collapse of his murder trial, which had been hearing evidence three weeks, at a cost to the taxpayer of an estimated £3,000 a day.此次释放事件,导致对马蒂内斯的审判延期,该审判从三周前就开始听取据,每天约花费纳税人3千英镑Last night the Ministry of Justice confirmed an urgent security review was under way at HMP Lincoln, a prison which has been heavily criticised as ‘unsafe’ by Government inspectors who raised concerns about overcrowding and staffing issues.8月日晚司法部实林肯监狱内部正在进行紧急安全管理检查,该监狱一直以来因为囚犯过多及员工编制等问题饱受诟病,被政府检查员认为是“不安全”的监狱Last night, Frances Crook, chief executive of the Howard League Penal Rem, told The Mail on Sunday: ‘It is ridiculous and dangerous that a murder suspect was released during his trial.‘I’ve never heard of this happening bee and I am deeply concerned. We should be relieved that Kupstys simply sat at a bus stop wondering why he had been pushed out the door. Thankfully nobody was hurt.“凶杀嫌犯在审判期间被释放,真的是既荒唐又危险”昨晚霍华德刑法改革联盟的行政长官弗朗西斯·克鲁克告诉周日邮报记者,“我从未听说过这种事情,我感到非常担心庆幸的是,马蒂内斯只是坐在巴士站里想他为什么会被释放,而没有造成任何人员伤亡”‘This error was expensive, because a lot of court time has been wasted.“这个错误的代价是很大的,法庭耽搁了很长时间”‘This shocking incident is indicative of the fact that Britain’s prisons are in meltdown.“这件令人震惊的事件背后暗示着英国的监狱正在面临垮台”  ‘Across the country prison staffing levels have been cut and many of the remaining staff are overstretched and inexperienced.’“全国的监狱工作人员编制数量缩减,导致留在监狱继续工作的要么缺乏经验,要么超负荷工作”Married Lithuanian factory worker Kupstys, 5, and his brother-in-law Andrus Giedraitis, 9, were charged with murder earlier this year after Latvian Ivans Zdanovics, , was found dead at his home in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, in January . Police said he died from smoke inhalation.5岁的嫌犯马蒂内斯是一名已婚的立陶宛籍工人,他和他的9岁的大舅子安德勒斯在今年年初被指控于年1月在林肯郡的盖恩斯伯勒杀害岁的拉脱维亚人伊万斯,警方判定死者因吸入浓烟致死While being held on remand at HMP Lincoln, Kupstys and Giedraitis, made a series of appearances bee local magistrates and pleaded not guilty. Their trial began at Lincoln Crown Court on July 1.在被送押到林肯监狱后,马蒂内斯和安德勒斯已在当地法官面前有过多次露面并自称无罪,此案于7月1日在林肯刑事法庭开庭接受审判The precise details of how he came to be released in error remain undisclosed but The Mail on Sunday understands that at around 8.30am on August 8 he was moved from his cell to a holding area where inmates are segregated according to whether they are going to court or being released because they have completed their sentences.监狱方面并未透露错误释放马蒂内斯的细节,不过周日邮报的记者了解到,8月8日早上8点30分马蒂内斯从牢房被押往指定区域,等待与另一名嫌犯乘坐囚车,一同前往林肯刑事法庭但是显然监狱工作人员将等待去法庭受审的和刑满等待释放的犯人弄混了Due to an apparent mix-up with another inmate who had served his time, Kupstys was handed his possessions and led towards the front door.由于被错当做是另一名刑满释放的犯人,所以马蒂内斯被“强制”拿着自己的东西离开监狱At the time he tried to explain to prison officers that he should be joining those prisoners, including his co-accused Giedraitis, who were being escorted towards the prison bus.当时他试图跟监狱工作人员解释他应该是和包括安德勒斯在内的其他犯人一起等待囚车去法庭受审的His pleas were ignored and he was shown the door. Meanwhile Giedraitis and other remand prisoners boarded the bus at about 9am.但是没人理睬他,他被带到了监狱门口而另一边,安德勒斯和其他犯人在9点钟坐上了囚车The bus arrived at Lincoln Crown Court, without Kupstys, at about 9.30am. Concerned court officials called the prison where officers realised their embarrassing error.这辆囚车在9点半左右到达林肯刑事法庭法庭工作人员点名时发现了监狱方面的这个失误The presiding judge, His Honour Michael Heath was inmed that Kupstys had been released in error and the judge passed this inmation to the jury after they were sworn in at around am.法官迈克尔·希瑟得到马蒂内斯被错误释放的消息后,告诉了在点钟宣布就职的陪审团The case was then adjourned in Kupstys’s absence and Giedraitis was driven back to HMP Lincoln.由于马蒂内斯的缺席,案件被延期,安德勒斯被重新送押至林肯监狱Kupstys was found at the bus stop by prison officers at around .30pm and was returned to his cell.点半的时候马蒂内斯在巴士站被监狱工作人员发现并带回至其牢房The jury in the case was discharged by Judge Heath on August legal reasons and the case will now return to court in March next year.8月日希瑟法官宣布解散陪审团,此案也将延期至明年3月再审Kupstys’ release is another blow HMP Lincoln which was criticised by inspectors in . They declared the prison unsafe after finding overcrowding at a rate of 50 per cent. A new governor was appointed and the prison received a more favourable report last year.马蒂内斯被错误释放是林肯监狱年受到检查员批评后的又一次失误检查员曾发现该监狱存在超员问题,犯人多出正常数量的50%去年一位新的管理者上任后,监狱曾收到一份令人满意的报告Last night, the governor Peter Wright admitted that Kupstys’s release was a ‘grave error, a fundamental breach of what we’re here to do’.昨晚,管理者皮特·怀特承认此次错误释放事件“是一个重大失误,是一次对我们应尽责任的根本违约”A Ministry of Justice spokesman added: ‘A prisoner from Lincoln was released in error on 8 August. The police were notified immediately and he was arrested within hours. An investigation by a senior governor has been launched.‘We take public protection extremely seriously and this type of incident is a very rare but regrettable occurrence.’“8月8日一名犯人被错误释放,警方随即得到通知并在3小时内将其抓回事件的具体调查正在进行中”司法部发言人补充说,“我们非常重视公众防护,这次事件实属罕见,我们深感抱歉”口袋妖怪游戏有毒: 两男子为“抓精灵”跌落悬崖 -- 19:53:00 来源: 本周三,美国两位男子因玩口袋妖怪太入迷,跌落悬崖且玩且珍惜,这款游戏真的有毒吗? LOS ANGELES -- Two men suffered moderate injuries when they tumbled off a seaside cliff north of San Diego while reportedly playing Pokemon Go, fire officials said Thursday.洛杉矶——本周四,在美国北部的圣迭戈市,消防官员称:两男子因玩“口袋妖怪”太入迷,不幸跌入海边的悬崖,并受到了中度损伤The pair fell after climbing a fence and disregarding warning signs in order to get on the bluff in Encinitas, Calif., said Fire Marshal Anita Pupping.在加利福尼亚的恩西尼塔斯,当地救援队队长安妮塔·帕伯说,两人为“抓精灵”无视警示牌,强行翻过围栏One of the men told sheriffs’ deputies that he and his friend were playing the smartphone augmented-reality game Pokemon Go when they fell over the cliff’s edge, according to the San Diego Union Tribune. Pupping said she could not confirm the report. The names of the victims were not released.据圣地亚哥联盟报称:两人中的其中之一告诉治安人员说,他们跌倒到悬崖边上时,他和他的朋友正在玩一款叫作“口袋妖怪”的增强现实游戏帕伯说,该消息未被实此外受伤者的名字也未公布Pupping says one of the men tumbled about 50 feet. His companion fell about 80 to 90 feet, landing on the beach at 1 p.m. Wednesday. “The fire department had to extricate them with ropes and harnesses and such,” said Pupping.帕伯说,本周三下午一点,其中一名男子坠落约50英尺,他的同伴则坠落80-90英尺跌至海滩上救援人员不得不使用绳索和吊带等进行解救Pokemon Go has become a summer phenomenon, a game played on smartphones in which characters are projected on the screen amid the player’s actual surroundings.今年夏天,口袋妖怪火爆街头,这是一款基于智能手机的游戏,它的人物凸现在手机屏幕上,并且处在玩家周边的真实环境中The goal of the game is to capture the animated figures. Unlike past app-based games, Pokemon Go is being credited with coaxing kids and adults to exercise by having to walk to play. But it also has landed players in hot water.该游戏的目标是抓住这些可爱的小精灵和过去的基于手机应用的游戏不同,口袋妖怪以诱导孩子和成人通过走路玩游戏的方式进行锻炼而广受赞誉但是它也会把你带到火坑里去One player reportedly found a body while playing in Wyoming, some have been robbed and other players have become involved in traffic accidents, according to news reports.据新闻报道:因玩这款游戏,据说一位玩家在怀俄明州的的时候发现了一具尸体,一些玩家被抢劫过,还有一些玩家被卷入了交通事故In Encinitas, those who try to play on the cliffs are asking trouble.在恩西尼塔斯,那些非得在悬崖上玩的人真的是自作孽“We’d like people to stay clear of all the bluffs, overhangs and cliffs,” said Pupping, though she was not able to confirm if the two men were indeed playing Pokemon Go at the time of their fall.帕伯说:“希望大家能够远离悬崖峭壁”,虽然她也不是十分确定这俩男子跌落悬崖的时候,是不是真的在玩口袋妖怪Both men were taken to the Scripps La Jolla Trauma Center treatment.目前,这两位男子已被送往斯克里普斯拉霍亚创伤中心接受治疗触目惊心!泰国虎庙0具虎尸何去何从 -- :35:53 来源: 泰国虎庙配有佛教设施,称为备受欢迎的旅游胜地,虎庙曾标榜说是“濒危动物老虎的天堂”但是野生动物拥护者怀疑是虎庙工作人员走私虎崽,将虎尸运往黑市,高价出售老虎器官,比如老虎骨头就是奢侈品之一 The discovery of 0 tiger cubs in a freezer at Thailand’s now-infamous Tiger Temple has sent shock waves through the conservation world.因被发现泰国虎庙0具老虎藏在冷藏瓶中,泰国“虎庙”被舆论推向风口浪尖The Buddhist facility, a popular tourist destination, has touted itself as a haven endangered tigers. But wildlife advocates suspect the temple’s operators were smuggling the dead cubs out of the park and into the black market wildlife parts, where tiger bones are a high-priced symbol of luxury.泰国虎庙配有佛教设施,称为备受欢迎的旅游胜地,虎庙曾标榜说是“濒危动物老虎的天堂”但是野生动物拥护者怀疑是虎庙工作人员走私虎崽,将虎尸运往黑市,高价出售老虎器官,比如老虎骨头就是奢侈品之一Suspicions about the facility’s role in illegal wildlife trafficking led to a May 30 search by Thai police and wildlife officials.5月30日,怀疑者质疑野生动物走私行为,泰国警方和野生动物官方联合做了调查Soon after, the worst fears of tiger lovers were confirmed. As Thai officials began tranquilizing and transporting out the temple’s 7 live tigers, they found 0 tiger cubs stashed in a freezer.不久后,老虎爱好者最坏的担忧还是出现了泰国警方在用镇定剂使老虎安静以便运输出去时发现0只虎崽被浸泡在冷藏瓶中The temple operators have denied any wrongdoing, saying they were following an internal veterinary policy enacted in .寺庙管理人员否认了寺庙有不当行为,声称他们是在遵循年官方公布的兽医政策“Instead of cremation, the deceased cubs were preserved in jars or kept frozen,” the Tiger Temple wrote on its Facebook page on Tuesday. “We have documented all the deaths from and have photographic evidence of them still being within the Temple. We can only surmise why the rumors of selling tiger cubs started, and it could be that some volunteers have jumped to conclusions after seeing cubs carried out of the general area where our tigers are kept.”“虎崽死后,我们并没有将虎崽火化,死后的虎崽被我们冷藏在瓶子中,”周二,虎庙官方在脸书上发表声明“我们记录了年所有死亡的虎崽,并有照片为它们一直在虎庙中反而我们很质疑走私虎崽的谣言是从何而起的?我想只是因为一些志愿者看到我们把虎崽从之前的保存位置移动了下,就大惊小怪地认为我们在走私虎崽吧?”But as the investigation goes on, the explanation seems to be falling apart. On Thursday, Thai police stopped a truck as it was leaving the Tiger Temple. According to Thailand’s Wildlife Conservation Office, the truck contained two complete tiger skins, about 700 amulets made from tiger parts, and tiger teeth.随着调查深入,真相也随之水落石出周四,泰国警方阻止了一辆从虎庙开出来的货车根据泰国野生物保护中心说,这辆货车中装有两个完整的虎皮,约700个由老虎器官和虎牙制作的护身符In addition to the tiger parts, investigators found a dead bear and a binturong, an endangered bearcat, on the temple grounds.除了老虎的器官,调查者还在虎庙地上发现一个死去的熊和熊狸(一种濒危熊类)On Friday, the Tiger Temple again posted on Facebook, professing surprise at these developments. “The recent discovery of the tiger skins and necklaces comes as a shock to us as well as the rest of the world. We are disgusted at this discovery and we don’t condone this. We are looking ward to the authorities bringing the culprits to justice.”周五,虎庙又一次在脸书发布消息称,他们对最新的发现表示很是惊讶“最近发现的老虎虎皮和项链让我们乃至世界其他地区的人们大感意外对于这样的发现,我们表示很是恶心,我们不能容忍真样的行为我们期望官方能够为受害者讨回公道”“Indeed, only around ,000 tigers are left in the wild,” the U.N. Environment Programme and the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime said in a joint statement. “Until the illegal trade in wildlife is stopped, we are only likely to see more of these types of situations.”“世界上只有000只老虎了,”联合国环境规划署和犯罪毒品办事处在联合声明中说道,“如果野生动物非法贸易不终止,我们只能会看到更多的这类惨剧”

接吻可能导致的五种疾病 --18 :56: 来源: 研究表明,接吻十秒的时间内,大概8000万细菌和病毒会进行传递,快来看看甜蜜的接吻可能会带来哪些恼人的后果吧 Though studies say that as many as 80 million bacteria and who knows what viruses are transferred during a -second kiss, HIV and Zika are not likely to be among them.虽然研究表明,接吻十秒的时间内,大概8000万细菌和病毒会进行传递,但是艾滋病和寨卡这样的疾病却不可能通过这样的方式传播That doesn’t mean you’re totally safe when puckering up. Read on some unpleasant consequences of the intimate bliss that is a kiss.这也不意味着接吻的时候你就是绝对安全的快来看看甜蜜的接吻可能会带来哪些恼人的后果吧1. Any respiratory virus -- such as a cold, the flu, mumps and German measles -- could certainly be sp by kissing. But you’re more likely to get infected way bee you lock lips.1. 任何呼吸道病毒——比如感冒,流感,流行性腮腺炎以及风疹——都是可以通过接吻传播的但是在嘴唇接触之前你可能早就被传染了You can obtain these viruses, called contact diseases, by being within three to six feet of a person who is sneezing or coughing, or by touching something they have touched and then bringing your fingers to your nose or mouth. That’s why vaccinations -- and lots of handwashing -- are your best bet to avoid these extremely contagious diseases.但是这些病毒,也就是所谓的接触性疾病,能够在你距离一个打喷嚏或者咳嗽的人三到六英尺的时候,或者你接触过任何他们摸过的东西之后又将手指靠近口鼻的时候,就感染你这也是为什么预防措施以及常洗手就是避免这些高传染性疾病的最佳方式. Called the "kissing disease," mononucleosis is usually caused by the Epstein-Barr virus and comes with extreme fatigue and flu-like symptoms such as fever, sore throat, muscle weakness and swollen lymph glands. Ages to 30 are most susceptible to mono, as well as those who spend a lot of time in close contact with others, like high school and college students and members of sports teams.. 所谓的“接吻病”,单核细胞增多症,一般由爱泼斯坦-巴尔病毒引起,造成极度疲惫以及流感类症状,比如发烧,喉咙疼痛,肌无力以及淋巴腺肿大岁到30岁的人是单核细胞增多症的高发人群,也是和他人进行亲密接触最多的人群,比如高中生,大学生以及运动队队员There’s no treatment mononucleosis, so staying rested and hydrated and taking over-the-counter pain meds can help you survive the one- to two-month infection.单核细胞增多症没有治疗办法,多休息,多喝水以及用非处方止痛药能保住你度过一个月到两个月的感染期3. Cold sores or fever blisters are actually the result of the herpes simplex virus. The Centers Disease Control says that at least half of all Americans are infected with herpes simplex, most of us by the age of . Just a quick smooch can give this to your partner or even your children. All they have to do is come into contact with the virus while it’s shedding, which can happen even bee the telltale blister begins to m. Warning symptoms are mild: an itching, burning or tingling in the area, along with a possible sore throat, fever or swollen glands.3. 唇疱疹是单纯疱疹病毒引起的最常见的病症疾控中心表示至少一半美国人都感染上单纯疱疹病毒,大部分都是岁左右的年轻人只短暂的一个亲吻就可能把病毒传染给你的伴侣,甚至是你的孩子他们只要在病毒脱落之时接触到就会被感染,而感染有可能发生在水泡生成之前预警症状比较温和:感染部位瘙痒,灼痛或者有刺痛感,可能伴有喉咙疼痛,发烧或者腺体肿大. Cytomegalovirus is another not-so-well-known member of the herpes family that can be sp by kissing. A majority of us have antibodies in our systems against this virus but never knew we were infected. That’s because healthy adults and children often have no signs or symptoms. Sp through saliva, blood, urine, semen and breast milk, Cytomegalovirus can become a problem if you have a compromised immune system. Fever, fatigue and muscles aches are the common symptoms, but severe cases can result in seizures, pneumonia, encephalitis (an inflammation of the brain) and visual problems.. 巨细胞病毒是另一种不那么为人所知的可通过接吻传播的疱疹家族的一员我们中大多数人身体中都有对抗这种病毒的抗体,但是我们从不知道我们被感染过这是因为健康的成人和儿童都不会出现任何迹象或者症状巨细胞病毒可通过唾液、血液、尿液、和乳汁传播,如果你的免疫系统不够强大就可能会出问题常见的症状有发烧、疲劳以及肌肉酸痛,但是重者会导致癫痫发作,肺炎,脑炎(一种脑内炎症)以及视觉障碍5. A bacterium that can cause a range of infections, Group A streptococcus is sp through direct contact with mucus from the nose or throat of an infected person. Thought might sound gross, you will come into contact with mucus while kissing, but you could just as easily catch it by eating or drinking after an infected person. While most infections, like strep throat, are mild and easily treated with antibiotics, an untreated strep infection can lead to pneumonia.5. A组链球菌是一种能引起许多种感染的细菌,通过直接接触被感染者的鼻喉粘液进行传播听起来可能有点恶心,但是你确实会在接吻的时候接触到鼻喉粘液,与被感染者一同吃喝(不区分餐具)也会轻易被细菌感染到然而更常见的感染症状,例如链球菌性喉炎,能通过抗生素快速治疗,而喉部感染如不经医治会导致肺炎

专家告诉你:如何正确地涂防晒霜 --01 ::30 来源:chinadaily Millions of us could be putting our lives at risk by not applying sunscreen properly, experts have warned.专家警告说,数百万英国人因为涂抹防晒霜的方法不当而对自己的生命构成了威胁An online poll from the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) revealed eight out of Brits don't apply sunscreen bee going out in the sun. What's more, 70% of us aren't reapplying the protection every two hours.英国皮肤科医学会开展的一项在线调查揭示,80%的英国人在艳阳天出门前不会涂抹防晒霜而且,70%的人不会每隔两小时补涂一次防晒霜The findings follow last weekend's heatwave and skin experts say we should be more careful to check we're protected bee sunning ourselves.这项调查结果发布前,上周末英国刚经历了一场热浪天气皮肤专家说,我们在日晒之前应该更谨慎地确认自己是否做好了防晒工作“Applying liberally half an hour bee going out into the sun, and then again shortly after going outside, is vital to ensure that you are fully covered and that the sunscreen has had time to be absorbed into the skin," said BAD's Johnathon Major.英国皮肤科医学会的乔纳森bull;马杰说:“在日晒之前半小时大量地涂抹防晒霜,然后在出门后不久再涂一次防晒霜,这可以确保你被防晒霜全面覆盖,而且皮肤也有时间去吸收防晒霜"It should then be reapplied at least every two hours, as the protective filters can break down over time.“然后至少每隔两小时就要补涂一次防晒霜因为防晒霜在皮肤上形成的保护层随着时间流逝会逐渐被分解掉"It should also be reapplied after any activity where it might be accidentally removed, such as swimming. Water-resistant sunscreens are not friction-resistant, and theree they can be accidentally removed if you towel dry after swimming or sweating."“在有可能将防晒霜不小心擦掉的活动之后也应该进行补涂,比如游泳防水防晒霜并不抗擦,所以在你游完泳或流汗后用毛巾擦身子的时候防晒霜可能在无意间被擦掉As well as bringing us a scorcher of a weekend, this week is also Sun Awareness Week - and the reason the online poll that questioned people.本周不但会有一个炎热的周末,本周还是“阳光关注周”,这也是该机构为何要开展这项涵盖了人的在线调查的原因Other potentially bad habits also came to light as 35 percent of people surveyed would only seek shade if they were hot, rather than to avoid burning.调查还暴露了其他一些潜在的坏习惯,比如35%的受访者在天热的时候只会去寻找遮阳处,而不会采取措施防止晒伤Although getting a tan looks great, prolonged exposure can increase the risk of developing melanoma - the deadliest m of skin cancer.尽管古铜色的皮肤看起来很棒,但是长时间暴露在日光下会增加患黑色素瘤的风险,这是最致命的一种皮肤癌Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the UK and rates have been climbing since the 1960s.皮肤癌是英国常见的一种癌症,自上世纪60年代以来皮肤癌的发病率就一直在上升Every year over 50,000 new cases of non-melanoma skin cancer – the most common type – are diagnosed, in addition to over ,000 new cases of melanoma, resulting in around ,8 deaths annually.在英国,每年新增超1.3万黑色素瘤病例,导致约人死亡,此外每年还有超5万例非黑色素瘤皮肤癌(最常见的皮肤癌)新增病例被确诊"While we have succeeded in making people aware of the link between sunburn and skin cancer, we have more work to do in teaching people how to use sunscreen properly," said Mr. Major.马杰先生说:“尽管我们成功地让人们意识到了晒伤和皮肤癌之间的关联,但是在教会人们如何正确地使用防晒霜方面,我们依然任重而道远”Vocabularyliberally: 大量地,充足地melanoma: 黑色素瘤英文来源:镜报翻译#38;编辑:丹妮研究:0岁之后的人每周要休息天 --5 ::6 来源:   A three-day-week gets the best permance from workers aged over 0, a study has found.  一项研究发现,0岁以上的人如果每周上三天班,工作表现最佳  Researchers found the cognitive permance of middle-aged people improved as the working week increased up to 5 hours a week.  研究人员发现,当中年人每周工作时间达到5小时,认知表现将有所改善  However, when the week went over 5 hours, overall permance the test subjects decreased as ;fatigue and stress; took effect.  然而,如果每周工作时间超过5小时,受试者的整体表现则将恶化,因为;疲劳和压力;开始产生影响  The report, which was published in the Melbourne Institute Worker Paper series, invited 3,000 men and 3,500 women in Australia to complete a series of cognitive tests while their work habits were analysed.  发表在《墨尔本研究院工人报的这篇研究报告邀请了澳大利亚的3000名男性和3500名女性来完成一系列认知测试,同时分析他们的工作习惯  It was found those working 5 hours a week permed best while those working 55 hours a week showed results worse than retired or unemployed participants.  研究发现,每周工作5小时的人表现最佳,而每周工作55小时的人的测试成绩比那些退休或待业的人还糟  One of the three authors, Professor Colin McKenzie from Keio University told the Times: ;Many countries are going to raise their retirement ages by delaying the age at which people are eligible to start receiving pension benefits. This means that more people continue to work in the later stages of their life.  该研究报告的三位作者之一、来自日本庆应义塾大学的科林bull;麦肯齐教授告诉《泰晤士报说:;许多国家都预备提高退休年龄,让人们延迟领取养老金这意味着更多人在中晚年还要继续工作  ;The degree of intellectual stimulation may depend on working hours. Work can be a double-edged sword, in that it can stimulate brain activity, but at the same time long working hours can cause fatigue and stress, which potentially damage cognitive functions.  ;智力被激发的程度可能取决于工作时长工作是一把双刃剑,既能够刺激大脑活动,同时过长的工作时间也会导致疲劳和压力,并有可能损害认知功能  ;We point out that differences in working hours are important maintaining cognitive functioning in middle-aged and elderly adults. This means that, in middle and older age, working part-time could be effective in maintaining cognitive ability.;  ;我们指出了不同工作时长的区别所在,这对于保持中老年人的认知功能具有重要意义这意味着,在中晚年,从事兼职工作将能有效地保持认知能力;  The research comes amid moves to edge the British state pension age closer to 70.  研究发布正值英国计划将法定退休年龄提高到将近70岁  Currently someone born in 1989, a state pension begins at the age of 68.  根据目前的法规,1989年出生的人要到68岁才能领到养老金颜值不够发型来补! 最炫发型(双语) --01 ::19 来源:sohu 还在追求黑长直?你out啦! 长发飘飘早已不是时尚圈的主打歌,帅气的短发,潇洒的波波头,来看看哪些颜值逆天的女明星通过改变发型改变人生! Let us recommend one of the ;coolest; hairstyle women, the shortcut, and again, in every sense of the word. Bee we begin, let's take a look at how some female celebrities transmed themselves by switching to this hairstyle. “假小子”过耳短发 NO.1 孙俪 Sun Li 孙俪是内地公认的短发女神,干净利落的齐耳短发似乎已经成为了她的标志帅气的短发配上她精致的五官,是不是比长发的她多了一丝性感成熟呢? Chinese mainland actress Sun Li is famous her speical short hairstyle. Compared with her mer image, short hairstyle makes her look much more sexy and mature. NO. 高俊熙 Gao Junxi 韩国模特高俊熙现在是公认的fashion icon,高挑的身材,大长腿,以及独特的时尚见解让她成为了粉丝的争相模仿的对象出道时期的她虽然长发飘飘,但并没有很高的认知度;自从改变风格,留起了齐下巴的短波波头,她可谓是大红大紫而去年在韩剧《她很漂亮中,极短的过耳短发使她再一次引领了潮流 South Koeran model Gao Junxi has been the fashion leader of her country due to her unique fashion eyesight and taste. On last year famous TV series, she changed her hair style much shorter than bee, and once again, she leads the fashion trend all over Korea, even all over Asia. NO.3 大表 詹妮弗劳伦斯 Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence 《饥饿游戏中的“大表”詹妮弗劳伦斯在中国也享有较高的人气,豪爽不羁的性格是她广受喜爱的一大原因而近期配合她男孩子般的性格,大表一改往常淑女风,剪掉了一头金发,换上了干净利落的短发短发的大表,是不是更加帅气了呢?撩起来完全不输男生吧! Jennifer Lawrence was firstly known by Chinese audience through her movie. Most Chinese fans like her so much because of her outspoken and straightward personality. Recently, Jennifer change her long blonde hair into shortcut, and it makes her look more handsome. NO. 终极女神来啦!奥黛丽赫本在《罗马假日中的经典造型 Last but not least, Audrey Hepburn in her iconic haircut in Roman Holiday. 说到女神,奥黛丽赫本是不得不提的一位,洋娃娃般的五官,公主般高贵的气质,都使她的形象在一代代人心中经久不衰而早在世纪,赫本就已经把过耳短发在她的经典之作《罗马假日中进行了完美的诠释 Back to th century, Audrey Hepburn had aly perfectly explained the short hair style in her classic movie. Compared to longer hair, the shortcut is less sweet, more chic, and most importantly, an easy way to cool down and totally low maintenance. 而周迅周公子和安妮海瑟薇更是过耳短发的完美代言人 女神的头发可谓都是越留越短啊快下定决心加入女神的行列吧! 假小子式的短发hold不住?波波头来帮忙! 年度热门发型怎么能少了波波头! 无论是long bob,还是short bob, 总有一款适合你,帅气干练中又不失女人味,是增添颜值的利器 There is no doubt that BoB is one of the most popular hair styles of , no matter long bob or short bob, both can help you change your style and feelings. Here, we have compiled the most recommended bob shortcuts different facial contours. 圆脸子 Round Face 圆脸子最适合的长度其实是到下巴,这样的长度可以刚刚好的修饰脸部圆圆的轮廓,而大部分圆脸子却没有意识到这一点,总是用头发拼命遮住脸 The length most suited those with rounder faces is at the chin. Shorter lengths will accentuate the roundness of the face, which is most likely something people in this group would do anything to avoid. 天使面庞魔鬼身材的米兰达可儿完美示范了圆脸子最适合的发型 Supermodel Miranda Kerr is the perfect demonstration. Kerr looks less glamorous, but much younger with this haircut. 方脸子 Square Face 方脸子最大的苦恼就是方方的下颚了吧,遮住下颚可以显脸小,更可以柔和面部线条 Those with square-like faces usually have more pronounced jaws. To cover up the jaw and give a softer look. Both straight bob and wave bob can help you achieve this. 英伦玫瑰凯拉奈特莉虽然瘦的像一片纸,却长期被大方脸所困扰,straight bob完美帮她遮住了突出的下颚 Cover them up like Keira Knightley. 长脸子Long Face 长脸子最该避开的就是中分和黑长直!如果你是个瘦长脸的子,剪掉你的长直发,它只会使你的脸看着更长! The hairstyle to avoid those with long faces is the center-parted, straight and long hair. 真是无法想象这是同一个人好嘛! 没有了累赘的长直发,英国模特阿格尼丝迪恩完全就是脱胎换骨!长发的她看着完全老了十岁 British model Agyness Deyn looks much better with her hair short. Full bangs will help cover up the ehead and give an illusion of a shorter face. And with this shortcut, she looks more than ten years old younger. 最后,各位爱美的子不要再留恋你的长发!长发不一定会为颜值加分!改变发型改变人生啊! 当然,爱美绝不是女生的专利,想变男神的看过来全球最帅男神发型你out了吗? Photo Source: China Daily

巴西临时政府又一短命部长因录音丑闻下台 --31 :: 来源: 巴西临时政府又一部长辞职 A second minister in Brazil’s new government has resigned.巴西临时政府又一部长辞职Fabiano Silveira was in charge of the ministry tasked with fighting corruption but left after a recording was made public, which seems to show him trying to derail a corruption investigation at the state oil company.法比亚诺·西尔韦拉是反腐部门部长,但由于一段揭露他阻挠国家石油公司腐败调查的录音被披露而离职Last week the planning minister stepped aside after a similar recording was released.上周,计划部长也因一段类似录音披露而下台Both men were appointed when President Dilma Rousseff was suspended.两位部长都是在原总统罗塞夫被停职后任命的She is accused of massaging budget figures ahead of her re-election in , and is due to be tried in the senate in the coming months.罗塞夫被指控在年连任选举前操控预算数字,并将在未来几个月中接受参议院审讯She has argued that impeachment proceedings against her are designed to stop the investigation into Petrobras.她为自己辩护称此次弹劾是为了阻止她对巴西国家石油公司进行调查Staff at his ministry had symbolically cleaned the building with broomsticks and demanded his dismissal.审计部门工作人员用扫帚象征性地清洗了大楼并要求解雇部长Dozens of civil servants in the ministry’s local offices had offered their resignation in protest.几十名公务员在该部门的地方办事处提出了辞职抗议In the recorded conversation broadcast on TV, he is heard seeming to advise the speaker of the Senate, Renan Calheiros and an ex-senator, Sergio Machado, on how to avoid investigations by prosecutors.根据电视播出的谈话录音,法比亚诺·西尔维拉疑似向巴西参议院议长雷南·卡列罗斯和前参议员塞尔吉奥·马沙杜建议如何避免检方调查He is also heard appearing to criticize investigators in the Petrobras investigation, which has implicated dozens of senior politicians and has led to the jailing of several top business executives.他还批评巴西石油公司案调查人员该案件牵扯数十名资深政客,并导致几名企业高管入狱Mr Machado, who is also the mer president of Transpetro, a logistics company owned by Petrobras, is being investigated corruption. As part of a plea bargain with investigators he has recorded a series of conversations with high-profile politicians.马沙杜是巴西国有石油公司Petrobras公司旗下Transpetro物流公司的前任主席,也因涉贪被调查他录下一系列与数名政客的对话,作为辩诉交易的一部分The first one was made public last week and led to the stepping aside of a mer Planning Minister and close advisor to President Michel Temer, Romero Juca.第一段录音在上周公开,导致了前计划部长,代总统米歇尔·特梅尔的顾问罗梅罗·茹卡下台外交部:奉劝美方停止在南海问题上挑事生非 -- :19: 来源:chinadaily eign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang's Remarks on Statement by Spokesperson of US State Department Q: The Spokesperson of the US State Department issued a press statement saying that the ruling of the Arbitral Tribunal is legally binding on both China and the Philippines, and the two countries should obey relevant obligations and take this opporty to resume efts on peacefully settling the dispute. What is your comment? 问:7月日,美国国务院发言人发表新闻声明称,菲律宾南海仲裁案仲裁庭公布的所谓裁决对中菲双方都有法律拘束力,希望双方遵守有关义务,并以此为契机恢复和平解决争议的努力请问中方有何? A: We are strongly dissatisfied with and firmly opposed to this statement, has lodged solemn representations with the US side. 答:我们对美方有关声明表示强烈不满和坚决反对,并已向美方提出严正交涉 The eign Ministry has issued a statement expounding on the solemn position of the Chinese government on the South China Sea arbitration case unilaterally initiated by the Philippine side and the so-called ruling. I want to stress again that the arbitration unilaterally filed by the Aquino III government, which violated international law, is a political farce under the cloak of law. What the arbitral tribunal did and ruled severely deviated from the common practice of international arbitration. The ruling, which is null and void with no binding ce, will in no way affect China's territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests in the South China Sea. We oppose and refuse to accept any proposal or action based on the ruling. China will continue to safeguard territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests, maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea, and endeavor to peacefully resolve relevant disputes in the South China Sea with parties directly concerned through negotiation and consultation on the basis of respecting historical facts and in accordance with international law. 关于菲律宾单方面提起的南海仲裁案及其所谓裁决,中国外交部今天已发表声明全面阐述了中国政府的严正立场我想再次强调,菲律宾阿基诺三世政府单方面提起仲裁的行为违反国际法,是一场披着法律外衣的政治闹剧仲裁庭的行为及其裁决严重背离国际仲裁一般实践,有关裁决完全无效,没有法律拘束力中国在南海的领土主权和海洋权益在任何情况下不受仲裁裁决影响,中国反对且不接受任何基于该裁决的主张和行动中方将继续坚定维护领土主权和海洋权益,坚定维护南海和平稳定,坚持与直接有关当事国在尊重历史事实的基础上,根据国际法,通过谈判协商和平解决南海有关争议 The US statement turned a blind eye to the facts and endorsed a ruling that is illegal and invalid. Such act went against the spirit of rule of law, the basic norms of international law and international relations, and its declaration of not taking sides on issues concerning territorial disputes, obstructing the way the relevant parties to properly manage and control maritime situation and peacefully resolve the disputes. The US is always selective when it comes to the application of international law: citing international law when it sees fit and discarding international law when it sees otherwise. It keeps urging others to abide by the ed Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) while refusing to ratify the convention to this day. What makes the US think that it is in a position to make all these irresponsible remarks against others? We urge the US to think over its words and deeds, stop fanning fires the illegal arbitration and meddling up the South China Sea, and put an end to undermining China's sovereignty and security interests and escalating regional tensions. 美方发表的所谓声明罔顾事实,为非法无效的仲裁裁决张目,这本身就不符合法治精神,违背国际法和国际关系基本准则,违背美方自己关于在有关领土争议问题上不持立场的公开承诺,给各方妥善管控海上局势、和平解决争议制造严重障碍美方历来对国际法采取选择性执行的态度,合则用、不合则弃,口口声声要求别人遵守《联合国海洋法公约,可自己至今也没有批准加入《公约美方有什么资格在南海问题上对别人说三道四?我们奉劝美方好好反省自己的言行,停止为有关非法裁决造势,停止在南海问题上挑事生非,停止损害中方主权和安全利益、加剧地区紧张局势的言行公安部“网警”上线执法 -- :6:58 来源: 从6月1日起,首批50个省级、市级公安机关统一标识为“网警巡查执法”的微、微信和百度贴吧账号集中上线,网警从幕后走向台前,开展网上公开执法工作请看《中国日报的报道:Starting from June 1, internet police in 50 localities - including both metropolises such as Beijing and Shanghai as well as small, impoverished city such as Bijie in southwest China's Guizhou Province - will officially launch their own s on popular social networking services including Weibo and Wechat.6月1日起,50个地区,包括北京和上海等大城市和西南地区贵州省毕节等小城市的网警将正式在微、微信等社交网络上发布自己的账号,集中上线“网警”就是我们所说的“网络警察”用英文 internet policecyber police 表示,指目前正在从事公共信息网络安全监察工作的人民警察此次公安部部署的网警公开巡查执法机制旨在及时发现网络各种违法犯罪信息和有害信息(sniff out illegal and harmful inmation on the internet),依法震慑制止网络违法犯罪(deter and prevent cyber crimes)和网上不良言行 (improper words and deeds),发布典型网络犯罪案例和处理公众举报(handle public tip-offs)网警不仅由幕后走向台前(come out to the front stage from behind the curtains),而且全面提高网上见警率(police visibility)我国公安机关的警察照职责不同分为治安警察(public security officer)、户籍警察(household registration officer)、刑事警察(criminal police)、交通警察(traffic police)、巡逻警察(patrol police)、外事警察(eign affairs police officer)等(中国日报网英语点津 刘秀红)

肯德基推出炸鸡味可食用指甲油 -- ::3 来源: 肯德基认为你一定会被它的;吮指留香;的标语所吸引KFC thinks you should take its ;Finger Lickinrsquo; Good; slogan literally.肯德基认为你一定会被它的;吮指留香;的标语所吸引The fried chicken company, along with marketing giant Ogilvy amp; Mather, has produced edible nail polish customers in Hong Kong.该售卖炸鸡的公司和市场营销巨头奥美在香港联合推出了可食用指甲油The nail polish comes in two flavors and colors: Original (kind of a beige) and Hot amp; Spicy (red). To use it, customers can paint the polish on their nails, let it dry, ;and then lick -- again and again and again.;该指甲油有两种颜色和口味:裸色原味和红色香辣味食客们可以涂上这些指甲油,等指甲油干掉后就舔掉它们,然后一直重复下去KFC says the nail polish is ;sourced from natural ingredients,; perhaps in an eft to make customers feel safer about licking nail polish.肯德基表示这些指甲油;取材于纯天然材料;这也许是为了让客户们对舔掉指甲油这件事更加放心;The recipe our edible nail polish is unique and was specifically designed to hold the flavor, but to also dry with a glossy coat similar to normal nail polish,; said John Koay, creative director Ogilvy amp; Mather. ;This campaign is designed to be intriguing and fun to increase excitement around the KFC brand in Hong Kong.;奥美的创意总监John Koay表示:;我们的指甲油的配方十分独特,既能保留住食物一般的风味,又能像普通指甲油一样有明亮的光泽这次推广活动十分有趣,我们希望能够借此增加肯德基在香港地区的人气;The KFC nail polish is packaged in a ;designer bottle and box; (not a bucket). The chicken chain has promoted the nail polish on Facebook and social media over the past two weeks, even releasing a music on YouTube.肯德基的指甲油的包装是;设计师打造的瓶身和外盒;,而非桶装过去两周,肯德基在Facebook和社交网络上一直推广其指甲油,在Youtube上还放出了一音乐视频The music features a beat-boxing woman playing keyboard on a pillar, licking her fingers, while a robot-dancing guy shows off his Hot amp; Spicy KFC nail polish.该音乐视频展示了一个坐在柱子上边玩键盘边b-box的女孩,她津津有味地舔着她的手指在她旁边有一个跳着机械舞的男孩,展示着他的肯德基香辣指甲油KFC says that it has asked customers to pick their favorite flavor to go into mass production.肯德基表示其曾调查过消费者最喜爱的口味,从而将该口味投入大量生产Edible nail polish isnrsquo;t a new thing, though most of them are vegetable-based and marketed towards children.可食用指甲油并不是什么新鲜事物,它们大部分是用蔬菜原料制成的,目标人群是儿童外国的毕业典礼有点狂野有点high -- 19:00:53 来源:chinadaily 毕业有几个意思?字典是这样解释的:Graduation- It is getting a diploma or the ceremony that is sometimes associated, in which students become graduates. 所以,除了毕业,还有毕业典礼呢,外国的毕业典礼长成什么样子呢?看之前,先来一个小问题?图片中,这个在英国大学毕业典礼中使用的像锤子一样的东西,是什么呢?(在结尾) Argentina 阿根廷 这里的毕业传统有点狂野亲朋好友会有组织有计划的送出他们的毕业礼物 朋友们会把鸡蛋,面粉等各种黏黏糊糊的食材扔向毕业生,祝他们好运! USA 美国 你不是一个人在庆祝,毕业庆祝活动几乎是全校总动员,大家一起High, Party Time! 到了毕业典礼当天,七大姑八大姨各种亲属纷纷来到校园庆祝学校不仅会邀请各种大咖来做毕业致辞,校长大人还会亲自亲手以及亲力亲为的把书发给每个同学举个栗子:哈佛大学,校训是“Veritas”(拉丁语),意思是Truth.他们的毕业典礼长这样: 拍毕业照,将来要找到自己估计费点劲儿 一大早就有各种活动和演讲 校长Drew Faust 到毕业生中间迎接大家 跟获得荣誉学位的老朋友们合个影 听听导演斯皮尔伯格的毕业演讲 也听听中国学生何江的演讲 跟老爸老妈合个影,成为他们的骄傲 超级大前辈,无敌大师兄也来围观 法学院的,拿着锤子照个相(里面说不定有未来美国总统啊!)反正,美国的毕业典礼,跟咱们的画风十分不一样少了点情怀和摆拍,但更像一个大party,全家人一起庆祝人生一个阶段的结束 UK 英国 这里的毕业典礼很有范 很英伦 很绅士 会有很多学校在教堂举行毕业典礼会有爵士之类的人物出没会有雨 举个充满私心的栗子: 位于英格兰巴斯市的大学,英国排名前,学生满意度最高的学校昵称:澡大这两天正在举行夏季毕业典礼,跟大多数英国的大学一样,毕业典礼长这样: 在巴斯大教堂举行的毕业典礼 Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex.皇室成员分分钟现身 爱排队的英国人,毕业典礼也要排队入场 下雨日常生活,所以记得带伞 本来想认真摆拍,发现自黑才是毕业照的真谛 后面的电扇好抢镜,made in China? 上台拿毕业,这样好吗? 全球惯例:拍照留念 父母会盛装出席 扔帽子,这个传统不能丢! 那么,揭晓~~~~ 这个东西叫做 Ceremonial mace (仪式权杖),样子有很多种,主要在庆典的场合使用,是权威的象征 那么,你的毕业典礼是什么样子的呢?你想要什么样的毕业典礼呢?留言告诉我们吧!音控必看:9部电影网尽各式英国口音~ -- 19:: 来源:chinadaily 作为英语学习者,大家肯定少不了听美国的VOA,英国的B啦!小天知道大家一般都会纠结自己是学英音还是学美音呢?其实,英国和美国都没有官方语言的我们平常学的英音叫做标准发音RP(Received Pronunciation),也叫女王口音,就是新概念和以前的B所用的口音,是世界公认的标准英文中最标准的据说在英国说RP的英语,可以彰显说话者的社会地位和教育程度 据英国《每日邮报报道,一项调查显示,英式标准发音与90%的积极性格特征相关,比如高智商、有魅力、有教养和值得信赖它的唯一一项弱点在于幽默感不足,在所有方言中仅排名第位 不管这个调查怎么说,RP仍然是最受广大群众喜爱的语音小天曾看到一个说法,为什么大家都喜欢RP呢,因为在英剧中,凡是长得帅的都说一口标准的RP所以大家就喜欢啦!不过今天呢,小天可不介绍RP,我要来介绍一下在哪些电影中可以学到其他魅力十足的口音!据英国的音控们说,有很多口音比RP更迷人呢! 南方口音(Southern Accents) 南方口音比较接近标准英语,容易听懂,南方人说话方式比较慢,性格比较溫和,也很礼貌,音调也趋于平缓南方口音主要分为英格兰中南部口音,标准口音和伦敦口音 1.Four Weddings and a Funeral《四个婚礼和一个葬礼 The archetype Hugh Grant romance, Four Weddings made British romantic comedies a massive international success. The robust cast represent the classy, well-spoken members of British society. It also contains some American, a little contrast. 这部剧是休;格兰特式浪漫的原型,也造就了英国爱情喜剧在国际上的巨大成功格兰特代表了举止优雅,谈吐文雅的英国人这部剧也有一些美国人,有那么一点儿对比作用 . Love Actually is an ensemble《真爱至上 Continuing the Four Weddings vibe, Love Actually is an ensemble film - meaning it has a vast range of characters. Contains various English accents and some well-spoken Irish (from Liam Neeson). 继《四个婚礼的氛围,《真爱至上是一部群星电影——就是说它有一大串演员(因为这部剧是个爱情故事窜成的喜剧杂烩)包含了各种各样的英国口音和一些优美的爱尔兰口音(来自连姆;尼森) 3. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels《两杆大烟 The opposite extreme to Four Weddings, the film that started a modern movement of British gangster comedies, Lock Stock… has a range of horrible people talking in a range of dirty London accents. Plus two from Liverpool. 与《四个婚礼相反,这部电影引起了英国黑帮电影的现代运动《两杆大烟讲述了一群可怕的人说着一系列伦敦口音的脏话另外,有两个人来自利物浦(利物浦是以前英国的第一大港口,外来人口的混杂,形成利物浦口音Scouse) Midlands and the North Accents中北部口音 英格兰中北部包括曼彻斯特、利兹、利物浦等地所说的英语都属于此类约克郡郊区也有类似的口音 . The Full Monty《一脱到底 Dealing with the depressed industrial commies, The Full Monty is both a charming comedy and an effective portrait of 80s' Sheffield. 《一脱到底讲述的是面对不景气的工业的故事,它既是精绝伦的喜剧,也呈现出80年代谢菲尔德(英格兰北部城市)的真实景象 5. This is England《这就是英格兰 Another gritty look at 80s England, this film has a mix of midlands accents and one very strong Liverpool accent. Shane Meadows' other films contain further midlands accents, Dead Man’s Shoes is a particularly good dark comedy. 另一个关于80年代的英国值得一看的电影,它里面混杂着各种中部地区口音和一个很浓的利物浦口音 西恩;迈德斯的其他电影包含更多的中部地区口音,《死人的鞋子就是一部非常棒的黑色喜剧 6. Hour Party People《小时派对狂 A history lesson in music, Hour Party People charts the success of the Manchester music scene in the 70s. Steve Coogan, the star, may not be entirely representative of Northern accents, but the supporting cast certainly are. 你可以把《小时派对狂看作是一堂音乐历史课,它重现了在70年代曼彻斯特的音乐成功历程明星史蒂夫;库根可能不是典型的北方口音,但影片中的配角绝对是 Scottish Accents苏格兰口音 苏格兰口音在英国口音里是很特别的一个口音,格拉斯哥口音是苏格兰口音的代表,男人说话听起来很沧桑,很性感,非常有味道他们有特别的腔调,特别是很多不用升调的地方,都用了升调,一个正常的语调在你完全想不到的地方突然升了上去,非常有跳跃感和节奏,像唱歌一样这让苏格兰口音一下子就从英国口音里独立出来了,非常有特色,很容易记住 7. Braveheart《勇敢的心 Again the lead's not Scottish, but the fine supporting cast are, and it's an epic historical tale. Aside from watching it the Scottish, it's worth watching Patrick McGoohan as the wicked king of England. 这个也是,主角不是苏格兰人,但配角是这是一个史诗般的历史故事除了看苏格兰人,帕特里克;麦高汉也是值得一看的,他扮演一位恶毒的英格兰国王(爱德华一世,又称长腿爱德华) 8. Trainspotting《猜火车 Madcap, brutal and good fun, Trainspotting will really test your ability to understand the Scottish accent. something a little softer, you might consider other films starring Ewan McGregor, where he’s allowed to use his own accent. Like A Life Less Ordinary. 狂妄、残酷、有趣,《猜火车真的可以测试你对苏格兰口音的理解能力,考虑到一些更温和的东西,你可以看伊万;麦克格雷格主演的其他被允许用自己口音的电影,像《天使爱情鸟笼伴 Irish Accents爱尔兰口音 爱尔兰说话音调习惯性上扬,且音调转换幅度大比伦敦人语速要快,多数Irish说话对中国人来说算口齿比较模糊 9. In Bruges《杀手没有假期 Solid Irish accents from the two leads, and a London accent from Ralph Fiennes as a bonus. And a great, quirky film. 纯正的爱尔兰口音来自两位主角,拉尔夫;费因斯的伦敦口音简直就是一个额外的惊喜这是一部杰出而离奇诡异的电影

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