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Britain Braced For More Floods And ChaosForecasters are warning gusts of up to 70mph will hit western coasts early this morning - causing more floods and disruption.After the storm, the rain hitting the parts of the UK that really dont need it. C shore is perhaps best known for its floods, yet again parts of the town are swamp, a victim of its own geography. Where rivers converge, its a familiar but frustrating view.Personal opinion based on sort of twenty-five years of living here, I believe they dont dredge these rivers at all. So of course you get all the silt which comes down from the hill and everywhere else, it finds its way to the bottom, so youve got literally twenty yard feet of silt just built up and it leaves nowhere for the water to go.In Daven, the search continues for missing teenager Henry Martin. He was out photgraphing the storm on Thursday and hasnt been seen since. And a 47-year old man died in Oxford after driving his mobility skooter along a submerged pathway. For the teams working flat out to try to manage these floods, they are dealing with the familiar scenario.In winter the ground just doesnt dry out. You know, you dont get evaporation. The temperature isnt warm enough to allow the soil to dry out. So as soon as we go into the next waxbell, although there will be a bit capacity in the rivers that will soon, very soon to be taken up. So we could be back to square one. So I think certainly right to the end of this winter, we are going to need to be watching things very carefully.It all comes from here, the swells of color that they analyse so closely at the meteor office.To be honest, I put it in because they are up to the exception, those waves.The chief forecaster on duty Eddie has worked through three decades of weather. To see wave after wave of storms, he is unusual.This feature here is really whipping out some big waves way out the Atlantic at the moment and they are gonna travel east towards the UK for tomorrow. Its quite a large swell and thats going to add to the wind waves and generate some large waves and surges.In K part of this beach site, cafe will have to be dismantled when the storms have passed.This rain has just lashed the west country all afternoon. This is F beach near U, Britains surfers paradise, while today it isnt.So by morning, western Britain and island will again be pummeled by even bigger waves. For those on the front line, fixing the mess and drying out are still distant prospects. /201401/272373Looking forward to all those treats over Christmas? In this episode, chef Tess Ward shows you how to make tasty plum and ginger trifle!期待圣诞期间所有的美味?在这段视频中,厨师Tess Ward向你展示如何制作美味的李子生姜圣诞蛋糕。You will need:你需要400 g gingerb cake, homemade or shop bought400克姜饼蛋糕,自制或商店购买120 g rum120克朗姆酒500 g plums, quartered500克李子,四等分50 g light brown sugar50克浅色红糖300 ml custard300毫升牛奶沙司300 ml double cream300毫升高脂厚奶油2 tsp icing sugar2汤匙糖粉1 tsp cinnamon, plus more for dusting1汤匙肉桂,更多一些用来磨粉Prep:30m Cook:25m Total:55m Serves:5 Temp:180°c - 360°c准备:30分钟 烹调:25分钟 总共:55分钟 温度:180°c - 360°cStep 1: Make The Base1.备料Line the bottom of your trifle dish with the gingerb cake and then pour over the rum.将姜饼蛋糕摆在蛋糕盘底部,然后浇上朗姆酒。Step 2: Prepare The Plums2.准备李子Coat the plums in the sugar and cinnamon and set aside for 15 mins. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Pour the plums and all the juices into a baking dish and roast for 20-25 minutes or until soft. Leave them to cool.用糖和肉桂粉裹好李子,放置15分钟。将烤箱预热至180度。将所有李子和汁液倒在烘烤盘上,烤20-25分钟,直到变得绵软。冷却。Step 3: Make The Whipped Cream3.制作生奶油Mix the cream and the icing sugar and whip until the mixture forms soft peaks.将奶油和糖粉混合,拍打至混合物变软。Step 4: Make The Trifle4.制作蛋糕Top the soaked cake with the plums with their juices. Next, layer over the custard. And then the whipped cream. Dust with cinnamon and refrigerate!浸好的蛋糕上覆盖李子和汁液。接下来,抹上牛奶沙司和奶油。再撒上一层肉桂,冷藏。Thanks for watching How To Make A Christmas Trifle.感谢收看“如何制作圣诞节蛋糕”视频节目。视频听力由。 /201312/270534

  The spur for Bruce Lee to start weight training came after a fight in San Francisco in 1965.李小龙开始举重训练 原因还得追溯到1965年在旧金山的一次格斗Hed just started to teaching kungfu.When a traditional practitioner of the art heard Bruce Lee was teaching westerners, he challenged him to a fight.他刚开始教授功夫,当地一名传统武术拳师知悉李小龙公开招收西方人为徒 便向李小龙下了挑战书。A pregnant Linda Lee was there to witness it.It lasted about 3 minutes.琳达 李当时也挺着大肚子观看了此次格斗,大约持续了3分钟。Bruce got the fellow down to the ground and said, ; Do you give up? Do you give up?;小龙将对手撂倒在地 不住地问 ;你不? 你不?;And he said I give up.So they went back to San Francisco.对方说 我了,然后灰溜溜地逃回旧金山。However, it upset Bruce mightly that he had not dispatched that man in under 3 minutes.但小龙自己也高兴不起来 他没能在3分钟之内解决掉对方And he began... thats when he began to question his physical fitness and his way of martial arts.自此 他也开始质疑自己的身体情况以及搏击方式Bruce Lee decided to reexamine both his fighting and training methods and began an intensive program of physical conditioning.李小龙决定重新定位自己的格斗和训练方式并开始了一项健身密集训练。He had a program for every single day.So he did aerobic-type things.He rode his bike, he rode a stationary bike.He ran.He jumped to rope.All those kind of things for aerobic conditioning.每天都条条在列,进行有氧训练,比如单车训练 骑健身车 跑步 跳绳,任何有氧训练都尝试过。And then he did sit-ups forever, he had the wonderful washboard abs.And he did strength exercising with weights all the time.And he was very specific. He books on kinesiology so he would know how to develop his body.同时坚持做仰卧起坐 造就了完美的;搓衣板;腹肌,,他还通过举重进行力量训练,而且他很特别 还要研读运动机能学方面的书籍 这样才能知道如何提升自己的身体机能。201402/275586

  This brief Sudanese conquest of Egypt is now very much a forgotten history.苏丹对埃及的简短统治早就被世人遗忘。The official narrative of Egypt underplayed the Kushite disruption, blandly calling the reign of the Kushite kings the 25th Dynasty, thus quietly incorporating them into an unbroken story of an eternal Egypt;埃及的官方记录轻轻略过,库施的这段历史,轻描淡写地称其为第二十五王朝,简单地将其融人了埃及永恒历史的漫长故事中。but Kushs historical role is now being energetically reassessed, and Sudanese history, in some measure, rewritten.但如今,人们正在积极地重新评估库施的历史作用,苏丹的历史也在一定程度上得到了改写。In the British Museum we have a curator who has been central to this work of recovery and re-evaluation.在大英物馆,我们有一位专门负责历史重新发现与重新评估的馆长。Derek Welsby, a leading expert on the archaeology of the Sudan, has been digging along the Nile for many years.德里克韦尔斯比是著名的苏丹考古专家,He has done a lot of work at Kawa, north of Khartoum, where this sphinx came from.曾在尼罗河岸工作多年,也在本节中狮身人面像的发现地,即喀土穆北部的卡瓦进行过大量考古挖掘。It was made to go into a temple there, that had been restored by Taharqo.当年,这尊雕像曾被放置在一座经塔哈尔卡重建的神庙里。Dereks description of the working conditions at his excavation give an idea of what this land would have been like for the Kushites:德里克对挖掘时工作环境的描述,也许能让我们了解当年库施人所面对的环境:;Often its incredibly hot on site.现场可以说酷热难当。Even in the middle of winter it can be very hot, but sometimes early in the morning its incredibly cold as well, like 4 or 5 degrees, and then youve got a very strong wind.即便在严冬季节也极为炎热,有时早上只有四至五摄氏度,狂风呼啸。But by 11 oclock it can be 35, 40 degrees, so it changes very dramatically.可到上午十一点便迅速攀升到三十五至四十摄氏度,温差极大。;The temple that Taharqo built at Kawa is purely Egyptian in design-it was actually built by Egyptian workmen and architects sent by Taharqo from his capital at Memphis in Lower Egypt,塔哈尔卡在库施的中心地区卡瓦修建的神庙在设计上是纯埃及式的。事实上,参与建造的工人与建筑师也是塔哈尔卡从位于下埃及的首都孟菲斯派来的。but it was built in the heart of Kush.但修建地却位于库施中心地带。But the Egyptian influences are just a veneer over Kushite culture ... the indigenous African culture continued right the way through the Kushite period.然而,埃及文化只影响了库施文化的表面,本地的非洲文化一直是库施时代的文化核心。201408/321054。

  Nokias Lumia will become centre piece of Microsofts WP strategy诺基亚lumia系列将成为微软WP系统战略中心Microsoft is about to seal the deal of a 7.2 billion US dollar takeover of Nokias devices business Friday, which paves the way for getting into the mobile devices market.周五,微软将签约72亿美元收购诺基亚设备业务。这将为打进手机设备市场铺路。Microsoft will takeover Nokias Devices amp; Services business, license Nokias patents, and license and use Nokias mapping services. Nokia.com and related social media will also go to Microsoft. The new entity after the takeover is named Microsoft Mobile Oy, but the Nokia name will reportedly stay for mobile devices.微软将收购诺基亚的设备和务业务、专利许可、执照及诺基亚地图业务。诺基亚网站及相关社会媒体也将并入微软,并购后的新公司将被命名为Microsoft Mobile OY。但据报道,诺基亚的名字将为移动设备保留。The Nokia device and service department made early 15 billion Euro of income in 2012, accounting for about a half of Nokias total sales. Its smart phone Lumia is central to Microsofts windows phone strategy.2012年,诺基亚设备及务部创收近150亿欧元,约占诺基亚总销量的一半。它的智能机lumia是微软WP系统手机的战略中心。201404/292301

  2014年超级碗DIRECTV的广告“不要坑你爹”,前后逻辑紧密相连,十分幽默。假如你家的光纤突然没信号了,你会怎么办?上网?看看DIRECTV的广告创意吧。以下是双语文本:When the cable company keeps you on hold you feel trapped, when you feel trapped you need to feel free, when you need to feel free you try hand-gliding, when you try hand-gliding you crash into things, when you crash into things the grid goes down, when the grid goes down crime goes up, and when crime goes up your dad gets punched for a can of soup.假如电缆公司暂停信号,你就会觉得烦躁;当你觉得烦躁,你就想要自由;当你想要自由,就会尝试悬挂滑翔运动;当你尝试滑翔运动,你就会撞到某些电缆线;当你撞到某电缆线,就会大面积停电;当大面积停电,犯罪率就会上升;当犯罪率上升,你爹就会因为一罐汤被揍。[DIRECTV]Don’t Have your Dad Get Punched Over a Can of Soup.别让你爹就为一罐糖就被揍了。Get rid of Cable. And upgrade to DIRECTV告别电缆,升级到DIRECTV吧。directv.comCall 1-800-DIRECTV 公司简介:DIRECTV公司成立于1994年,总部在美国加州埃尔塞贡多市。它以推行直播卫星电视为主。DIRECTV公司一直是个科技与幽默的大师。它们不用发射任何卫星,让航天飞机将DIRECTV天线带上“国际”空间站上,就可提供直播高清电视。美国直播卫星公司实现了不用卫星照样转发广播电视,省去了广播卫星的巨大的太阳能帆板等,当然这也是空间站的一项功能。201406/303001

  影片内容提要: 与西方“菜生而鲜,食分而餐”的饮食传统文化相比,中国的菜肴更讲究色、香、味、形、器。而在这一系列意境的追逐中,中国的厨师个个都像魔术大师,都能把“水火交攻”的把戏玩到如火纯青的地步,这是8000年来的修炼。我们也在这漫长的过程中经历了煮、蒸、炒三次重要的飞跃,他们共同的本质无非是水火关系的调控,而至今世界上懂得蒸菜和炒菜的民族也仅此一家。 要统计中国菜的菜品数量、毫无争议地划分菜系,是一件几乎不可能完成的事。烹炒煎炸蒸,火候,食材,调味……有时候,这些显得简单,有时候却又无比复杂。中国的厨房里,藏匿着什么样的秘密?是食材,佐料,调料的配比?是对时间的精妙运用?是厨师们千变万化的烹制手法?这不是一道简单的数学题。本集将主要透过与具有精湛美食技艺的人有关的故事,一展中国人在厨房中的绝技。201307/246235

  About a year ago, I was diagnosed with cancer.一年前 我被诊断出患了癌症I had a scan at 7.30 in the morning早上7点半 我做了一个扫描and it clearly showed a tumour on my pancreas.它清楚地显示出我的胰腺上长了个瘤My doctor advised me to go home and get my affairs in order,医生建议我回家去处理好各项事宜which is doctors code for ;prepare to die;.也就是说;我快死了;It turned out to be a very rare form of pancreatic cancer that is curable with surgery.结果我得的是一种罕见的胰腺癌 它是可以通过手术治愈的I had the surgery and thankfully Im fine now.我做了手术 很庆幸 我现在好了In reality, Jobs would continue his struggle with cancer for the next six years.事实上 乔布斯随后与癌症继续抗争了六年之久His diagnosis had a profound impact.这个诊断结果对他的影响很大Death is very likely the single best invention of life.死亡很可能是生命最好的一项发明Its lifes change agent, it clears out the old to make way for the new.它能够改变你的生活 让你能够推陈出新Your time is limited so dont waste it living someone elses life.生命有限 不要浪费任何时间去违心地生活Its a philosophy that Jobs himself followed.这就是乔布斯所践行的人生观Its really amazing in hindsight what he accomplished while he was sick.回想起来 他生病期间做到的那些事情真是了不起Not only was he fighting this debilitating disease,他不仅在与这种衰竭性疾病斗争he was leading a huge corporation doing earth-shaking work还领导着一个巨型企业 做着惊天动地的事情that affects hundreds of millions of people.影响了千千万万的人Steve Jobs next major project would bring together everything he stood for,乔布斯的下一个重点项目 整合了他所有的想法a bold raid into a market into which the company had never been a player.准备大胆地进军一个苹果从未涉足过的市场IPod. A phone.iPod 一台电话Are you getting it?明白了吗?It would revolutionise the way a long-established industry worked, and make Apple billions.它彻底改革了一个老行业 令苹果进账数十亿And were calling it... iPhone.我们把它叫做 iPhone /201308/253719

  一个孩子的成长 需要天赋 但是更需要理解和持 像他的祖父母一样 我们缺的就是这些 如果可以重来 我也会给我的孩子更大的成长空间201403/280429。



  Libellous posts can lead to 3 years in jail in China在中国发布“诽谤信息”可判入狱3年With Internet users in China exceeding 600 million, the speed with which online rumors can be disseminated has proven a headache for the government. Last September, the countrys top court and prosecutor came up with a regulation to further crack down on online rumors.随着中国网民超过6亿,网络谣言的迅速传播已成为政府的一大难题。去年九月,我国最高法院和最高检察院出台新规加强制裁网络谣言。The ruling said if one posts online rumors that harm the reputation of others, and the post is viewed 5,000 times or reposted more than 500 times, he will be charged with defamation and face up to three years in jail.这项规定显示,如果有人散布网络谣言中伤他人,并且谣言被浏览超过5000次或被转发超过500次,那么此人将以诽谤罪被判入狱3年。Those who knowingly provide funds, location or technical support for others to defame can be charged as an accomplice.Those who unknowingly sp a rumor will not be found guilty.那些为他人诽谤提供金钱,平台或技术持的将以同谋罪被起诉,而因不知情误传谣言者将被视为无罪。201404/289593

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