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Once, no man would have dreamed of being present in the room as his wife was giving birth.曾经,男人们不敢奢望可以出现在妻子分娩的产房。Then opinions changed and the father was expected to be there to share in all the pain and joy.后来人们的观念变了,大家希望新生儿的父亲可以陪伴产妇一同分享痛苦与快乐。But now it seems that so many people are crowding into the delivery suite you could almost sell tickets.而现在似乎太多的人涌进产房,都快可以收门票了。A survey of 2,000 mothers has found that those in their twenties or teens are taking an average of eight people into the birthing room with them – and that doesn#39;t include the midwife or other medical staff.一项涉及2000名母亲的调查发现,十几岁、二十多岁的妈妈们平均带8个人一起进产房,这还不包括助产士或其他医护人员。The survey, conducted by the website Channel Mum, said that women now aged in their sixties typically had only had their partner alongside the midwife present while they gave birth.这项由Channel Mum网站进行的调查显示,现年60多岁的女性当年生孩子的时候,通常只有助产士和伴侣在场。For women now in their fifties this had doubled to two people, usually their partner and their own mother.而现年50多岁的女性则将这一数字增加到了两人,通常是她们的伴侣和妈妈。Siobhan Freegard, founder of Channel Mum, said: #39;The younger generation are used to sharing every aspect of their lives, so why not birth?Channel Mum网站的创始人西沃恩·弗里加德(Siobhan Freegard)说:“年轻一代习惯分享他们生活的方方面面,连生孩子也不例外。”#39;Many women feel it is their biggest achievement and so want to share the moment with all of those closest to them.“很多女性认为这是她们最大的成就,因此希望同所有亲近的人分享这一时刻。”#39;The crowdbirthing phenomenon may not suit everyone but being part of the birth is an honour and privilege which unites friends and family like nothing else.#39;“分娩邀围观这件事也许并不适合每个人,但是作为见分娩过程的一员是一种荣耀和特权,没有什么比这件事更能将朋友和家人凝聚在一起。”Mothers-in-law are now the most popular birthing supporter after the mum#39;s partner and mother, the survey suggests. One in 25 even chose their own father to be present in the delivery room.该调查还显示,婆婆现在成了仅次于产妇的丈夫和母亲的陪产第三大热门人选。二十五分之一的产妇甚至选择了邀请自己的父亲进入产房。But the research also shows there is a downside to giving birth in front of an audience.不过这项研究还显示,分娩时有人围观也有不利的一面。Mothers are increasingly refusing to take pain relief because they fear they will be judged. One third of the women surveyed cited social pressure as a reason to have a birth without painkillers, complaining that others would regard them unfavourably if they did otherwise.因为害怕被人评头论足,产妇越来越不愿使用止痛药。三分之一的受调查的女性称,社会压力是她们分娩时不用止痛药的原因之一,她们抱怨说如果自己用了止痛药就会被说三道四。One in five said they felt that opting for a caesarean section would make them feel as though they had #39;failed at giving birth#39;.五分之一的人表示,选择剖腹产会使她们觉得自己好像“不能生孩子”似的。Adding to the stresses of new mothers are women who write about their births on social media and talk airily of bringing new life into the world, and celebrities who make giving birth seem effortless.新妈妈的压力还源于那些在社交媒体上讲述自己分娩过程、炫耀自己将新生命带到这个世界的女性,以及那些似乎可以轻松分娩的明星。Some 15 per cent of mothers said they felt under pressure from stars who have apparently sailed through labour, such as supermodel Gisele Bundchen, 35, who said her eight-hour labour #39;didn#39;t hurt in the slightest#39; and claimed her newborn son didn#39;t even cry.大约15%的母亲说她们因为那些明星看似轻轻松松就把孩子生了下来而感到很有压力,比如说35岁的超模吉赛尔·邦辰(Gisele Bundchen )。邦辰在谈到她8个小时的分娩时表示“一点也不疼”,并声称她的儿子刚生出来时甚至都没哭。The rise of social media means that the moment of giving birth, once an intensely private event, is now being shared all around the world. Many mothers take #39;selfies#39; with their baby just moments after delivery and post the picture on Facebook and Twitter.社交媒体的迅速发展意味着分娩这个曾高度私密的事情,现如今更多地被分享给全世界。很多母亲在刚刚生下宝宝后就会和宝宝自拍,然后将照片上传到脸书和推特上。Some are even hiring #39;birthing photographers#39; to capture every intimate moment. Aly a popular practice in the US, more and more British mothers are paying to have their labour recorded.一些妈妈甚至会雇“分娩摄影师”捕捉每一个亲密时刻。在美国这已经是一种风尚,在英国越来越多的妈妈也开始花钱请人记录下自己分娩的过程。Starting from around ?500, many photographers will agree to be on call 24 hours a day from 36 weeks in the pregnancy.起价500英镑左右,很多摄影师会欣然接受在期的36周内每天24小时待命。 /201508/390732Britain has fallen behind Germany and France in Beijing’s estimation, China warned, in unusually blunt language, before its premier visits the UK.中国总理访问英国之前,中国以异常直率的措辞警告称,按照北京方面的估计,英国已落后于德国和法国。China’s ambassador to the UK complained that visa restrictions and delays in expanding Heathrow airport had hurt Britain’s competitiveness while a freeze in relations after David Cameron met the Dalai Lama had left Britain at a disadvantage to its European rivals.中国驻英国大使抱怨称,签限制和伦敦希思罗机场扩建工程的延误,损害了英国的竞争力,而在戴维#8226;卡梅伦(David Cameron)会晤达赖喇嘛(Dalai Lama)之后两国关系冻结,使英国相对于它的欧洲竞争对手处于劣势。“Before I came here, we used to say, when we talked about Europe: ‘Britain, France and Germany’, Liu Xiaoming told journalists.“在我来这里之前,我们过去在谈到欧洲时会说:‘英国、法国、德国,”刘晓明告诉记者。“But unfortunately many opportunities were missed in the past year or so – and we all know the reason behind it – people now start talking about ‘Germany, France and Britain’.”“但不幸的是,过去一年左右时间里,很多机会都被错过了——而我们都知道这一切背后的原因——现在人们开始说‘德国、法国和英国’。”Li Keqiang, the Chinese premier, arrives in London on Monday at the start of a three-day trip. This is the first by a Chinese premier to the UK since 2011, before Mr Cameron’s meeting with the Dalai Lama sparked anger in Beijing and put relations on hold for 18 months.中国总理李克强将于周一抵达伦敦,对英国展开三天访问。这是自2011年以来中国总理首次访问英国。上一次中国总理访英之后,卡梅伦会晤达赖喇嘛引起北京方面愤怒,导致两国关系被搁置了18个月。The trip is meant to cement the full restoration of diplomatic ties after Mr Cameron visited China last year.卡梅伦去年访问中国后,英中全面恢复外交关系,李克强此行意在巩固这一成果。But trade data show the UK still performing substantially worse than France and Germany in its exports to China. Britain’s exports to the fast-growing market were worth .1bn last year, compared with Germany’s .4bn and France’s .bn.但贸易数据显示,英国在对华出口方面仍远逊于法国和德国。去年,英国对快速增长的中国市场的出口达到101亿美元,而德国和法国对华出口分别达到734亿美元和190亿美元。China has often complained about restrictive British visa rules, comparing the UK unfavourably with the Schengen border-free zone covering most of the rest of the EU. Mr Liu said: “Visa restrictions are eroding Britain’s strength.”中国经常抱怨英国的苛刻签规则,称英国的制度不如覆盖欧盟大部分国家的申根(Schengen)区。刘晓明表示:“签限制正在削弱英国的优势。”Ministers are expected to announce a liberalisation of visas to Chinese tourists on Monday.预计英国大臣将在周一宣布对中国游客放宽签。Another worry is the lack of capacity at Heathrow, with a consultation on whether to build a third runway not due to report until after next year’s election. Mr Liu said: “We do expect, maybe even pray, that Heathrow airport will have a third runway.” China Investment Corporation, the country’s sovereign wealth fund, has a 10 per cent stake in the consortium that owns Heathrow.另一个令人担心的地方是希思罗机场的承载力,围绕要不要建造第三条跑道的意见征询工作要到明年大选后才会发表报告。刘晓明表示:“我们确实期望,也许甚至祈祷,希思罗机场将有第三条跑道。”中国的主权财富基金中投公司(CIC)在拥有希思罗机场的企业集团中持有10%股份。Both countries are keen to build business. Mr Cameron last year led what Britain said was the biggest trade delegation ever to visit China. Mr Li will reciprocate next week with a similarly large group of business delegates, 200 in all, although they are not part of the premier’s official entourage.两国都希望发展商业关系。卡梅伦去年率领号称英国史上最大规模的贸易代表团访问中国。李克强本周将带领类似规模的商界代表(200人)回访,尽管这些人不是中国总理官方随行人员的一部分。Mr Liu said bn of deals will be signed between the two countries during the visit, although he was unclear on the status or timescale of the spending.刘晓明表示,李克强访英期间,两国将签署总值300亿美元的协议,尽管他不清楚这些出的具体情况或时间表。One deal is authorisation for China Construction Bank to clear renminbi trading, enhancing London’s lead over European rivals in a race to be the continent’s main centre for the Chinese currency.其中一份协议将是授权中国建设(CCB)在伦敦清算人民币交易,在成为欧洲主要人民币中心的竞赛中使伦敦进一步领先于欧洲竞争对手。Other planned investment from Chinese sources has been slow to materialise. Beyond some much hyped UK property projects with long timetables backed by private sector Chinese tycoons, Beijing’s plans for major state investments in British infrastructure are proceeding slowly.中国其他对英投资计划迄今落实得较慢。除了一些大肆吹嘘的英国房地产项目(这些具有漫长时间表的项目由中国私营部门富豪参与出资)以外,中国国有部门对英国基础设施的重大投资计划进展缓慢。George Osborne, the chancellor, has announced that two Chinese state-owned companies would take up to 40 per cent in the planned #163;16bn Hinkley Point nuclear power plant in Somerset. But industry executives say it could be the end of the year before the companies confirm that investment.英国财政大臣乔治#8226;奥斯本(George Osborne)宣布,两家中国国有企业将在160亿英镑的萨默塞特郡欣克利角核电厂项目中持有最高达40%的股份。但业内高管称,这两家公司可能要到今年底才能确认这笔投资。Mr Li’s suggestion that China could invest in the UK’s HS2 high-speed rail network met a cool response as London says the project will be entirely taxpayer funded.李克强曾提议,中国可以投资于英国的HS2高铁网络,但英方对此反应冷淡。伦敦方面称,该项目的建设资金将完全来自纳税人。Mr Cameron’s focus on Chinese trade has seen the British government do all it can to ensure Mr Li is given a warm welcome, including arranging a meeting with the Queen. Mr Liu described reports that Mr Li had threatened to call off the trip if he was not allowed to meet the Queen as a “misunderstanding”, adding: “Chinese diplomacy is more subtle than that.”卡梅伦对英中贸易的重视意味着,英国政府将竭尽所能确保李克强得到高规格欢迎,包括安排他与女王会晤。此前媒体报道称,中方曾威胁,如果李克强不能见女王,他将取消访英行程。刘晓明形容这样的媒体报道是“误解”。他补充说:“中国的外交做法要更加细腻一些。”A Downing Street official said: “We are focused on how the relationship can benefit both the Chinese and British people. That’s about building a strong economic partnership between our two countries that delivers growth, reform and innovation.”英国首相府一名官员表示:“我们专注于让英中关系造福于中英两国人民。这意味着在我们两国之间构建牢固的经济伙伴关系,带来增长、改革和创新。” /201406/306065

The number of US commuters who ride a bicycle to work rose by 60% over the last decade, the Census has reported.人口普查报告显示,美国骑车上班人数在过去十年间增加了60%。An estimated 786,000 people biked to work in 2008-12, up from 488,000 people in 2000, the bureau said.美国国家统计局指出,2008年到2012年,估计有78.6万人骑车上班,而2000年这一数字仅为48.8万。Cyclists account for about 0.6% of all US commuters, compared to 2.9% in England and Wales, a 2013 report found.2013年一份报告表明,美国上班族中有大约0.6%人骑车,英格兰和威尔士有2.9%。The rise comes as a growing number of states and local communities build infrastructure such as bike lanes to promote cycling.骑车人数的增多是因为越来越多的州和社区建造了像自行车专用车道这样的基础设施来促进骑车。;In recent years, many communities have taken steps to support more transportation options, such as bicycling and walking,; Census Bureau sociologist Brian McKenzie wrote in a statement accompanying the report.人口普查局社会学家布莱恩·麦肯齐在报告的声明中写道,“最近几年,许多社区已经采取措施持更多的交通方式,比如骑车和步行”。The US West had the highest rate of bicycle commuters at 1.1%, and the South the lowest with 0.3%.美国西部骑车出行率最高,达1.1%,南部最少,仅有0.3%。The city of Portland, Oregon, registered the highest rate of bicycle commuting with 6.1%,, up from 1.8% in 2000.俄勒冈州波特兰市骑自行车上班的比例最高,从2000年的1.8%增加到6.1%。Men were found to be more likely to bike to work than women, and the median commute time for bicyclists was found to be 19.3 minutes.男人比女人更愿意骑车上班,骑自行车出行平均时间大约为19.3分钟。Meanwhile, the study found that 2.8% of commuters walk to work, down from 5.6% in 1980.同时,研究发现,步行上班人数由1980年的5.6%减少到了2.8%。The North-East was has the highest rate of commuters who walked to work, at 4.7%.美国东北地区步行上班率最高,达4.7%。Boston, Massachusetts, was the top walk-to-work city at 15.1%, while the US South had the lowest regional rate at 1.8%.马萨诸塞州波士顿步行上班率最高,达15.1%,而美国南部地区最低,为1.8%。 /201405/298732

While poaching and environmental degradation have had disastrous effects on animal species across Asia, one highly endangered cat has seen a small but important rise in its numbers, researchers say.尽管偷猎和环境恶化给全亚洲的动物物种带来了灾难性的影响,但研究人员称,一种高度濒危的猫科动物的数量出现了幅度虽小却有重要意义的增加。The Amur leopard, which was once found across the Korean Peninsula and parts of Russia and China, is now considered the rarest big cat, with just a few dozen existing in the wild. But their numbers in Russia have risen from just 30 in 2007 to nearly double that in the latest count, according to the conservation group WWF.曾在朝鲜半岛各地以及中国和俄罗斯部分地区出现过的远东豹,现在被认为是最稀有的大型猫科动物,生活在野外的只有几十只。但据环保组织世界野生动物基金会(WWF)介绍,在距今最近的统计中,俄罗斯境内的远东豹数量已从2007年30只的水平上,翻了近一番。The group said 57 were found in Land of the Leopard National Park in the Russian Far East. The park, which was established in 2012, is in Primorsky Krai on the finger of land west of Vladivostok, where Russia, North Korea and China meet.该组织称在俄罗斯远东地区的豹之乡国家公园(Land of the Leopard National Park)发现了57只远东豹。成立于2012年的该公园位于滨海边疆,地处俄罗斯、朝鲜和中国三国交界处符拉迪沃斯托克以西一处狭长地带上。An estimated eight to 12 Amur leopards live in China, the WWF says. Chinese researchers counted 13 Amur leopards between April and June 2013 in the Hunchun Siberian Tiger National Nature Reserve, in the Chinese province of Jilin just across the border from the Russian park. Results of a new survey of the leopards in China will be published in a few months and will show their population has increased, said Wang Tianming, a researcher at Beijing Normal University, without giving specifics.世界野生动物基金会估计,中国境内还生活着8到12只远东豹。2013年4月到6月期间,中国的研究人员在与前述俄罗斯国家公园只有一条国境线之隔的吉林省珲春东北虎国家级自然保护区,清点到了13只远东豹。北京师范大学的研究人员王天明称,对中国远东豹的最新调查结果将在几个月后发布,届时将表明它们的数量增加了。但他未给出具体细节。“The number of leopards in China is extremely hopeful, higher than anything that’s been reported in the media,” Dr. Wang wrote in an email.“中国境内的远东豹数量极其乐观,比媒体任何一次报道的都高,”王天明在一封电子邮件中写道。There are many uncertainties preventing a precise count of Amur leopards. The cats often cross the border between Russia and China, meaning that some could be double-counted. Also, some could live in adjoining areas of North Korea, though little is known about their population there.很多不确定因素都会导致无法精确地清点远东豹的数量。它们常常穿越中俄边境,也就是说有些可能数重复了。此外,一些远东豹可能生活在毗连朝鲜的地区,但人们对那里的远东豹数量情况知之甚少。The leopard’s numbers are still quite small, but environmental groups say the recent population increase is a result of the expanded protection of their habitat. The increase in leopard numbers is paralleled by the Amur or Siberian tiger, a larger cat whose range overlaps that of the Amur leopard. The Siberian tiger numbers have climbed from just 40 in the 1940s to as many as 450 in Russia today. An additional 18 to 22 tigers are estimated to live in China.远东豹的数量依然很少,但环保组织称,最近远东豹数量增加,是加大了对其栖息地的保护的结果。和远东豹一样,东北虎的数量也增加了。东北虎是一种体型更大的猫科动物,其栖息地与远东豹重合。俄罗斯境内的东北虎数量已从上世纪40年代的40只,增加到了如今的450只。据估计,中国境内还生活着18到22只东北虎。The Siberian tiger made headlines last year after one released by Russian President Vladimir V. Putin crossed into China, followed later by another tiger released as part of the same Russian conservation program.去年,在俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·V·普京(Vladimir V. Putin)放生的一只东北虎进入中国境内之后,东北虎一度成为媒体关注的焦点。后来,同一个俄罗斯环保项目放生的另一只东北虎也进入了中国。“The fact that the Putin tiger came over and didn’t get poached, which was what everybody was worried about, showed that the Chinese side is starting to really be managed effectively for large cats,” said Barney Long, head of Asian species conservation at the World Wildlife Fund in the ed States, as the WWF is known there. “If you look at what China has done for panda conservation, our hope is that this is the initial sign that China is doing the same kind of world-class conservation for tigers and leopards across the northeast.”“普京的老虎能够进入中国,没有像外界担心的那样被捕杀,这说明中国方面对大型猫科动物进行了有效的保护。”世界自然基金会(World Wildlife Fund)在美国的亚洲物种保护负责人巴尼·朗(Barney Long)说。“看看中国为保护大熊猫所付出的行动,我们希望这预示着,中国也会为东北部的老虎和豹提供同样的世界级的保护。”Although China has extensive forests in its northeast, years of commercial logging mean they often lack diverse plant species. That limits the food supply for deer and other prey for the big cats, Dr. Long said. But improved management in both China and Russia has improved prospects of rebounds in endangered tiger and leopard populations.中国的东北拥有大面积的森林,但常年的商业砍伐意味着,那里的植物种类缺乏多样性。朗说,这限制了鹿以及大型猫科动物捕食的其他动物的食物来源。不过,中国和俄罗斯管理方面的改善,提高了濒危老虎和豹数量反弹的可能性。Still, the overall numbers of big cats in the wild in Northeast Asia are still quite small, leaving them vulnerable to catastrophe.尽管如此,东北亚地区野生大型猫科动物的整体数量仍然很少,很容易受到灾难的影响。“When you start getting down to small numbers like that, a single disease outbreak could wipe out large amounts, a single really serious poaching incident could take out two or three breeding females and that could knock them back,” Dr. Long said. “This population of Amur leopards, by no stretch of imagination is it safe. But it is recovering and it is showing all the signs. It can be an exponential recovery if it is allowed to get going.”“当一个物种的数量减少到这种程度时,一场疾病的爆发就可能导致动物大量死去,一次严重的偷猎行为就可能导致两三只能够繁衍下一代的雌性动物死亡,使种群的数量进一步退回以前的水平,”朗说。“远东豹的数量,绝对不是毫无风险。但它正在恢复,显示出各种增长的迹象。如果得以持续下去的话,可能会出现几何级数的增长。” /201503/361989George Osborne’s gung-ho approach to relations with China — focusing relentlessly on commercial opportunities — has been welcomed by Tory MPs who argue that Britain is in no position to lecture Beijing on human rights.英国财政大臣乔治攠斯本(George Osborne)努力加强英中关系的做法(这种努力完全以商业机会为中心)受到英国保守党(Tory)议员的欢迎。这些议员认为,英国没有资格在人权问题上教训中国政府。The chancellor is coming to the end of a five-day tour to the Asian superpower where he argued that Britain should be “running towards China” rather than steering clear of its volatile stock market.奥斯本即将结束为期五天的访华之旅,其间他表示,英国应该“奔向中国”,而不是避开波动的中国股市。He has kept any talk of human rights behind closed doors, perhaps mindful of the occasion in May 2012 when David Cameron appeared in public with the Dalai Lama — prompting an 18-month diplomatic stand-off.他所有关于人权的谈话都是在私下进行的,或许是考虑到了2012年5月那起事件——当时,戴维愠蕓伦(David Cameron)公开会见了达赖喇嘛(Dalai Lama) ,导致英中外交关系陷入长达一年半的僵局。Crispin Blunt, who chairs the Commons foreign affairs select committee, said Mr Osborne had got the balance right.英国议会下院外交事务特别委员会主席克里斯平布伦特(Crispin Blunt)表示,奥斯本较好地把握了平衡。“I’m not entirely sure what choice we have. China is going to continue to become relatively more important, economically and militarily, and I hope that China uses that power responsibly,” he said. “Therefore a strategy of engagement is really the only sensible policy for the government to follow.”“我不太确定我们有什么选择。中国的相对重要性将变得越来越强,无论经济上还是军事上都是如此,我希望中国能够负责地运用这种力量。所以,保持接触才是英国政府应遵循的唯一明智的策略。”Mr Blunt’s committee is planning to examine Sino-British relations, although an inquiry is not likely until next year.外交事务特别委员会正计划审查中英关系,尽管调查工作多半会拖到明年才会启动。Sir Peter Bottomley, a member of the all-party Tibet group, said the UK ought to t carefully when criticising China’s treatment of Tibet given its own imperial history.英国议会跨党派西藏小组(All-Party Tibet Group)成员彼得娠罓利爵士(Sir Peter Bottomley)表示,鉴于英国自身的帝国史,英国在批评中国对待西藏的方式时应注意分寸。He said that he would like it if Beijing changed its stance on Tibet and on the Uighurs of north-western China. But he cautioned that life was a “balance”.彼得娠罓利爵士表示,他希望北京方面能够改变对待西藏和中国西北维吾尔族的态度,但他警告说生存之道在于“平衡”。“We are happy to have close relations with Saudi Arabia, where women are not able to drive,” he said. “We have tried to keep reasonable ties to Iran even though we have almost been in conflict with them...I think George Osborne had the balance pretty well right.”他说:“我们愿意与沙特阿拉伯保持密切关系,而那里的女性连车都不能开。我们一直努力与伊朗保持适度的关系,尽管我们过去几年几乎跟他们发生冲突……我认为乔治攠斯本很好地把握住了平衡。”Sir Malcolm Rifkind, a former Tory foreign secretary, said it would be “politically stupid” to limit economic relationships to other democracies.前保守党外交大臣马尔科姆里夫金德爵士(Sir Malcolm Rifkind)表示,仅与其他民主国家保持经济关系“在政治上是愚蠢的”。China now “called the shots” because of its economic strength and its huge population, he said.他表示,因为有经济实力和庞大的人口,中国现在能够“说了算”。“If the strategy is to say UK and China can achieve a long-term mutually beneficial relationship of an economic kind, that must make sense,” he said. “Twenty per cent of the world’s population. It is an entirely rational policy.”他说:“如果对华战略是认为英中两国可以达成经济上的长期互惠关系,那么这一策略肯定是合理的。中国人口占全球人口的20%。这个政策完全合理。”An economic relationship could be part of a broader process that led to a political relationship and a “sharing of values”, he suggested.里夫金德爵士认为,经济关系可以是更广泛进程的一部分,这一进程可通向政治关系和“共享的价值观”。Andrew Rosindell, a Tory member of foreign affairs committee said he saw no problem with the Osborne trip, given Britain’s need for foreign investment.外交事务委员会成员、保守党人安德鲁圠魿戴尔(Andrew Rosindell)表示,鉴于英国亟需外国投资,他认为奥斯本此次访华之旅无可指摘。“I think that in terms of human rights, I don’t think we can impose British standards on China,” he said. “I think that’s something that happens over time, gradually.”他说:“我认为在人权方面,我们不应将英国的标准强加给中国。我认为那是要随着时间的推移一步步来的事情。”Sir Malcolm was foreign secretary in the run-up to the handover of Hong Kong to the Chinese in 1997.1997年香港主权移交前夕,里夫金德爵士是英国外交大臣。“I said to my counterpart that it was important to maintain the rule of law,” he recalled.他回忆道:“我当时对中国外长说,维护法治是非常重要的。”“His reply with a straight face was, ‘yes, people must obey the law’. He didn’t understand what I meant.”“他一本正经地回答我,‘是的,人们必须遵守法律’。他根本没明白我的意思。”Nearly two decades ago, however, China was still “economically third rate” and was still very far from being a superpower, he said. “Now it is a very different situation and they call the shots in a way they couldn’t then.”里夫金德爵士说,不过那是快20年前的事了,当时的中国“在经济上还是个三流国家”,离成为超级大国还非常遥远。“现在的局面截然不同,现在他们能说了算,过去他们可不行。”Tom Brake, the Liberal Democrat’s foreign affairs spokesperson, said that: “Foreign policy towards China should not only be about business. When the chancellor sits down with senior Chinese officials he must give equal time to human rights.”英国自民党(Liberal Democrats)外交事务发言人汤姆布雷克(Tom Brake)表示:“对华外交政策不应仅围绕商业。当我们的财政大臣与中国高级官员坐到一起时,他必须花同样长的时间谈论人权问题。” /201509/401280

China’s two biggest property companies are joining forces to buy land and develop new projects, the latest sign of how the real estate industry is adapting to the end of a housing market boom.中国两大地产公司将联合拿地和合作开发新项目,这是中国房地产业适应地产泡沫终结的最新表象。China Vanke, the country’s largest homebuilder by revenue, and Dalian Wanda, owner of China’s top commercial developer, on Thursday announced a “strategic co-operation agreement” that will cover both domestic and international markets.周四,中国营收最高的住宅建筑商万科(Vanke)和大连万达(Dalian Wanda)公布了一份《战略合作框架协议》,该协议将同时涵盖国内和国际市场。“This alliance between two prominent real estate players spearheads a new direction for the domestic real estate industry,” they said in a joint statement.两家公司在一份联合声明中表示,两家知名房地产商的结盟,为国内房地产业开辟了新的方向。As the multiyear boom in China’s property market has come to an end, developers have started to shift away from simply building and selling property towards business models based on income from rental and property management services.随着持续多年的中国房地产市场繁荣走向终结,开发商已开始从简单的修建和出售物业,向基于出租收入和物业管理务收入的商业模式转型。While both Vanke and Wanda are investing heavily overseas, the two have little overlap inside China.尽管万科和万达都对海外开展了大量投资,两家企业在中国国内的业务却没什么冲突。 /201505/375350

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