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A: Did you just move into town?B: I moved in almost a month ago.A: How many children do you have?B: I have one child.A: How old is your child?B: She’s seven years old.A: So she’s a second grader.B: That’s correct.A: I believe we do still have room her.B: That’s great news.A: Let’s get started with all the paperwork.B: The sooner I get her enrolled the better. 9799。

Introduce a Colleague介绍同事A:John, hello, good to see you again.您好,约翰,很高兴再次见到您B:Hello, Peter. How business.您好,彼得,生意怎么样?A:Oh, cant complain.哦,还不错B:And the family?家庭怎么样?A:Fine, thanks.很好,谢谢B:Good. Peter, Id like to introduce a colleague, Tony Richardson. Tony just joined us from E. A. U. and he is looking after you from now on. Hell be your day-to-day contact.好的,彼得,我来介绍一位同事给你,托尼·理查德托尼刚刚从E. A. U来到我们公司工作,从现在起,他将为您务他是您的日常联系人C:Hello, Mr. Davis.您好,戴维斯先生A:Peter, please. ;Mr. Davis; makes me sound ancient.请叫我彼得吧,“戴维斯先生”听起来老气横秋的C:Fine, Peter. And Im Tony. I look ward to working with you, Peter.好的,彼得,我叫托尼我盼望和您一起工作B:I want you to take good care of him, Tony. He is one of our best customers.托尼,我想让您好好关照他他是我们最好的客户之一C:Ill do my best.我会尽力的A:Im sure you will, Tony.托尼,我想您会的C:Well, to start the ball rolling, how about lunch? I thought we might go to Cymon, Peter.那么,作为开始,我们先一起吃午饭怎样?彼得,我们去希曼饭店好吗?A:You know all my favorite restaurants, John.约翰,您知道我最喜爱的饭店B:And so does Tony. Ive given him a list!托尼也知道,我给他开了一个单子A:Good man. Right, let go. Ive got a few things to discuss with you, but we can talk while we eat.好的,老兄,我们一起去我有一些事情要与您商量,不过吃饭时可以谈 197。

本文选自Two and a half men 《好汉两个半,Charlie和Alan以为仆人Berta的外孙女是一个小女孩,没想到是一个岁的大姑娘,这把他们吓了一大跳,Berta教育外孙女为了健康着想不要吸烟Prudence: Nana, did you throw out my cigarettes again?Alan: Dear God.Charlie: Oh, hell.Berta: Prudence, you're sixteen years old. You want to end up on a breathing machine like your Uncle Chick? Prudence: Mom lets me smoke.Berta: Oh, well, why don't you say so? No reason I shouldn't trust the judgement of a woman who's off selling bootleg Metallica T-shirts at a monster truck rally.重点讲解:1.throw out 扔掉(某物);解雇(某人)例句:You really should throw out that filthy old sofa and get a new one. 你真应该扔掉那张肮脏的旧沙发,再去买张新的.bootleg 非法私酿(运卖)(尤指酒)例如:bootleg recordswhisky 走私的唱片(威士忌酒)3.rally 集会, (群众)大会;公路汽车赛;(争夺一分的)往返拍击;对打; 止跌回升;(精神等方面)振作;(身体)复元;(网球、羽毛球)连续对打;赛前试打 汉语译文:Prudence: 外婆,你又把握的香烟丢掉了吗?Alan: 天啊Charlie: 见鬼Berta: Prudence, 你岁了你想要和你奇克叔叔一样最后靠呼吸器过活吗?Prudence: 妈妈让我抽烟Berta: 你为什么不早说?我没有理由不相信一个去怪物卡车竞速比赛贩卖违法摇滚乐团T恤的女人 7。

Thanks to modern technology and air travel, the world is ever becoming a smaller place. Where journeys from one continent to another once took months, they now take hours, and sometimes it seems like there is nowhere left a would-be adventurer to really get away from it all. Still, if you have the time, money, and know-how, there are still some places off the map—or just barely on it—that remain shrouded in mystery simply by virtue of being really difficult to reach. Whether mining camps at the top of the world, or tiny islands thousands of miles from civilization, the following are the top most remote places left on planet Earth.随着现代科技和空中旅行方式的发展,这个世界越来越小从一个国度旅行到另一个国度,曾经需要数月,现在仍需几个小时对于一名准冒险家来说,时间是个不小的问题此外,如果你有时间、金钱、经验,总可以找到地图上没有的地方——或者仅有标注的地方——由于难以到达而依然戴有神秘的面纱其中既有位于世界之巅的采矿营地,也有距离文明社会数千英里的袖珍小岛以下便是地球上大最遥远的地方.Easter Island.复活节岛Located some ,000 miles west of the Chilean Coast, Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, is a tiny island that has become famous its remarkable isolation in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. It is relatively small, measuring roughly seventy square miles in size, and is today home to around ,000 people. The island has become well known the massive rock sculptures called Moai that dot its beaches. They were carved sometime around the year 00 by the island earliest inhabitants, and it has been said that the massive wood sleds needed to transport them from one place to another are a big part of what led to the almost total deestation of Easter Island.复活节岛,又称拉帕努伊岛,是一座位于智利海岸以西00英里以外的袖珍小岛在广袤无垠的太平洋中,它凭借作为一座与世隔绝的袖珍小岛而著称它相对很小,面积约70平方英里,大约是000多人的故乡岛上的大型石刻举世闻名,叫做;艾石像;,散布沙滩它们是由岛屿最早的居民在00年左右雕刻的据说,需要使用大量的木质雪橇把它们从一个地方运输到另一个地方,这也是导致复活节岛树木几乎全部被砍伐的很大一部分原因Scientists have argued that the island was once lush and tree-covered, but today it is relatively barren, a feature that only adds to the sense of sheer isolation that is said to overtake most first-time visitors. When the first settlers migrated to the island, the journey took several weeks, but today there is a small airport (reportedly the most remote in all the world) that carries passengers to the island by way of Santiago, Chile.科学家们争论,复活节岛曾经树木葱郁,如今却相当贫瘠这只会增添与世隔绝之感,大部分第一次来这里的游客都有这样的感受最初人们迁移到岛上时,需要几个星期时间;现在有了一个小型机场(据说是世界上最偏远的),飞机借道智利的首都圣地亚哥把乘客送到岛上9.La Rinconada, Peru9.秘鲁,拉林科纳达 sheer inaccessibility, few locations in South America compare to La Rinconada, a small mining town in the Peruvian Andes. Located nearly ,000 feet above sea level, La Rinconada is considered the ;highest; city in the world, and it is this stunning geography that makes it so desolate. The city is located on a permanently frozen glacier, and can only be reached by truck via treacherous and winding mountain roads. Just reaching the city takes days, and even then altitude sickness, combined with the shantytown deplorable condition, means that few people can handle living there long. Still, the town is said to have as many as 30,000 inhabitants, almost all of whom are involved in the business of mining gold, which is extracted from beneath the ice inside nearby caverns.就南美洲人迹罕至、难以到达之地而言,少有可与拉林科纳达相比的地方它是秘鲁安第斯山脉中的一个矿业小镇,海拔1万7千英尺,被公认为;世界最高城市;正是它独特的地理位置使其人烟稀少这座城市位于一片永久冰川之上,只有卡车才能到达,还要经过充满危险的蜿蜒山路仅仅到达这个城市就要花上数天的时间,甚至还有高原反应,再加上临时棚屋简陋的条件,这就意味着很少有人可以在这里长期生活可是,据说这个小镇的居民竟然多达3万,近乎所有人都参与了开采金矿的活动,从洞穴附近的冰块中挖取黄金In addition to its remoteness, La Rinconada has gained a dubious reputation as a destination poor and desperate workers, many of whom work the mines free in exchange the right to keep a small percentage of the gold ore they find.除了偏远之外,拉林科纳达成为了穷人和绝望的工人所向往的地方,而这一荣誉尚存争议许多人无偿开矿,希望能够保留一小部分他们找到的黄金矿石8.McMurdo Station, Antarctica8.南极,麦克默多站Located literally at the bottom of the world, Antarctica is easily one of the most remote places on the face of the Earth. There are no native inhabitants to the continent, but there are several research centers constantly in operation there, and of these McMurdo Station is the largest. Located on Ross Island near the northern tip of the continent, the almost perpetually frozen station is a center of international research, and is home to as many as 1,0 scientists and workers during the warmer summer months.毫不夸张的说,南极洲位于世界的底部,是地球表面最偏远的地区之一这片大陆上没有原住民的居所,却有许多运行中的考察站存在,而麦克默多站正是其中最大的一个坐落在罗斯岛上,接近南极大陆的最北点,这个几乎终年封冻的考察站是一个国际考察中心站,在暖和的夏季,它也是00多个科学工作者的家It one of the most desolate locations on the planet, but although McMurdo is as far from a major city as any location in the world, even it is no longer as backwater as it used to be. Trips by boat to Antarctica once took months, sometimes even years, but McMurdo three airstrips have helped make the region a much less remote destination than bee. Thanks to this, the scientists at the station now enjoy many of the modern amenities found in major cities, including gyms, television, and even a nine-hole Frisbee golf course.麦克默多是地球上人迹罕至的地方之一,尽管它像世界上其他远离主要城市的地方一样偏远,它也不再是从前那个荒僻之地了乘船去南极旅行一次需要数月,有时甚至需要好几年才能到达,但麦克默多已开通三条航线,这就使得它跟从前相比,要好到达得多正因如此,麦克默多站的科学家们现在能够享受到许多来自大城市的现代化设施,包括健身房、电视,甚至还有九洞高尔夫球场7.Cape York Peninsula, Australia7.澳大利亚,约克角半岛Australia is known both its extremely low population density and untouched natural beauty, both of which are best exemplified by Cape York, Peninsula, a huge expanse of untouched wilderness located on the country northern tip. The region has a population of only 18,000 people, most of whom are part of the country aboriginal tribes, and it is considered to be one of the largest undeveloped places left in the world. This helps contribute to its stunning natural beauty, but it also makes Cape York about as difficult to reach as any destination in Australia.一直以来,澳大利亚都以其超低的人口密度和原汁原味的自然风光闻名世界,而位于澳大利亚极北点的一片广袤的纯天然荒原之地——约克角半岛,显然是展现澳大利亚这两个著名特征的最好例子约克角半岛地区有18,000的人口,大部分都是澳洲原住民,同时,该地区也被认为是世上遗留的面积最大的处女地未被开发虽然使得约克角半岛拥有令人惊讶的自然美景,却也让它成为了澳大利亚最难到达的地方The peninsula has become a popular destination adventurous tourists, who drive jeeps and trucks down the unpaved Peninsula Development Road whenever it isnt closed due to flooding during the rainy season. But even with -wheel drive trucks, many of the more heavily overgrown parts of Cape York Peninsula are completely inaccessible, and some regions have still only been surveyed by helicopter.约克角半岛已经成为探险旅行者们最心仪的目的地了,只要那条没铺过的;半岛发展之路;没因为雨季洪水而关闭,他们就会开着吉普车和卡车从那条路进入半岛区域但是即使是开着四轮卡车,约克角半岛上许多植物蔓生的地方还是无法触及,甚至有的地区只能通过直升机探查6.Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland6.格陵兰岛,依托克托洛米特At 836,000 square miles in size, Greenland is the world largest island, but its tiny population of 57,000 people means that it also the most desolate. And of all the towns in Greenland, perhaps none is as remote (or as difficult to pronounce) as Ittoqqortoormiit, a small fishing and hunting village located on the island eastern shore, to the north of Iceland. The town is part of a municipal district roughly the size of England, but it has a population of only slightly more than 500 people, meaning that each person technically has more than 0 square miles to call their own.面积达836,000平方英里的格陵兰岛是世界上最大的岛屿但是它的人口仅有57,000,这也意味着它是全球十分荒芜的地方在所有的格陵兰小镇中,也许没有比依托克托洛米特更偏远(名字更难读)的了依托克托洛米特位于格陵兰岛东部沿海、冰岛的北方,是一个以和狩猎为主的小村庄尽管这个镇所在自治区的面积与英格兰一般大,但它的人口却少得可怜,只有500多人这也意味着,理论上来说这里每个人都可以拥有超过0平方英里的土地Residents make their living off of hunting polar bears and whales, which are prevalent in the area, and by fishing Halibut during the warmer months. Ittoqqortoormiit lies on the coast, but the seas surrounding it are almost perpetually frozen, leaving only a three-month window when the town is easily accessible by boat. There is an airport some 5 miles away, but flights are rare. the most part, the town, one of the northernmost settlements in the world, is completely isolated in the vastness of the tundra.当地的居民以猎杀北极熊和鲸鱼为生,这十分普遍;而在温暖的月份,人们则会捕捉大比目鱼尽管依托克托洛米特濒临海岸线,但是四周的海洋几乎是永久性的,每年我们只有三个月时间能够较为容易地乘船登岛虽然在5英里以外的地方有一座机场,但是却少有航班在这里起降作为世界上最北部的居民区之一,依托克托洛米特的大部分地区都孤零零地处在广袤无垠的冻土地带之中翻译:梅子九 前十网 156。

The ed Arab Emirates (UAE) has outlawed the keeping of wild animals, like lions or tigers, as pets.阿拉伯联合酋长国已于日前宣布,禁止将如狮子或老虎等野生动物作为宠物饲养 some in the oil-rich Gulf State, owning the likes of a cheetah is a status symbol, but they now risk jail or a fine.在阿联酋这个富有的产油国家,一些人把拥有猎豹这样的宠物当做是身份的象征,但如今这种行为可能会招致坐牢或罚款Unsurprisingly, officials are concerned about the dangers posed by freely-roaming animals.很自然地,当地官员们担心,这些散养的动物会制造危险The new law bans dealing in and ownership of ;all types of wild and domesticated but dangerous animals,; the Gulf News reported.据《海湾新闻报道,该新法律禁止交易和拥有“各种野生的和经过驯养的但是危险的动物”These animals can now only be kept in zoos, wildlife parks, circuses, and breeding and research centres.这类动物只能保留在动物园、野生动物公园、马戏团以及繁育和研究中心Anyone who takes a big cat or any other kind of exotic animal out in public will face up to six months in jail and a fine of up to 500,000 dirhams.任何把大型猫科动物和稀有动物带到公共场合的人将面临最高6个月监禁和50万迪拉姆罚款的处罚Arabic daily Al-Ittihad said that would increase to 700,000 dirhams anyone using wild animals to ;terrorise; others.阿拉伯语日报《Al-Ittihad报道称,如果有人试图用野生动物恫吓他人,罚款额可增至70万迪拉姆 93。

Thousands of people stepped out onto artist Christo Javacheff latest work in northern Italy, seizing the chance to ;walk on water;.近日,数千人登上了艺术家克里斯托·贾瓦切夫在意大利北部的最新作品,抓住机会;在水上走一遭;The project, titled ;The Floating Piers;, cost EURm to create and is made up of 0,000 floating cubes covered in orange fabric.该项目被称为“浮动码头”,耗资00万欧元,由表面覆盖橙色布料的万只漂浮的立方体组成Earlier, the most eager fans of Christo, as he is universally known, spent the night camped out to be the first to step onto the three kilometre (1.9 mile)-long runway.在早些时候,由于克里斯托非常出名,所以他最热情的粉丝甚至在外边露营过夜,以保能成为第一个走上这段三公里(1.9英里)长的通道上的人It is currently floating atop Lake Iseo, connecting the village of Sulzano to the small island of Monte Isola on the lake.该码头现在漂浮在尹塞奥湖上,连接苏尔扎诺村和湖上小岛蒙泰伊索拉;It a very physical project, you need to go there (to understand it),; Christo said of the project called ;The Floating Piers; which is open to the public from June 18 to July 3.克里斯托在谈到这个被称为“浮动码头”、从6月18日到7月3日期间对公众开放的项目时表示:“这是一个身体力行的项目,你需要去那里,实地去了解它”More than 55,000 visitors attempted to cross the walkways last weekend, cing organizers, who had anticipated just 0,000, to ask that they return another day.上周末,超过5.5万游客试图穿行该走道,迫使组织者请这些人改日再来此前,组织者预计游客人数只有万The walkways can only hold ,000 people at any one time - and only if weather conditions allow.该走道无论何时都只能承纳1.1万人,这还只是在天气条件允许的条件下才能实现;It a great feeling, I am very satisfied with the result which is the product of cooperation between all the organisations that have guaranteed the safety of all of those wanting to walk on the water,; said Lombardy regional president Roberto Maroni.伦巴第地区的长官罗伯托·马罗尼表示:“这种感觉真的很棒我非常满意所有组织之间合作的结果是他们保了所有那些想在水上行走的人的安全”Around 0 people were posted on the walkway to ensure safety wile 30 lifeguards were on hand in the event of an accident.大约有0人在通道上确保安全,此外还有30名救生员在发生事故时随时待命 5395。