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100 Questions To Know Your Partner Take off the mask, and be the real you!Ever noticed that when you first meet someone, you always put your best foot forward? There's certainly nothing wrong with that, as long as it's the real you!Nobody wants to later feel like "I can't believe that they feel that way" So while you're in the "getting to know you" phase, here's some great and intimate questions to spur conversation and honesty.100 QUESTIONS FOR COUPLES1.What was the first thing that attracted you about me?2.Do you think that physical attributes are more important to maintaining a successful relationship or do you think that friendship maintains a relationship?3.When you look at a woman, what is the first thing you notice?4.Do you think it's ok to keep noticing another woman after you are in a committed relationship? Does this change when you are married?5.What is the first thing that you notice when you look at a man?6.If I don't say so, how do you know that I want to make love?7.Describe the way I smell.8.Tell me how you describe me to other people?9.How often do you believe it is normal to want sex?10.Do you masturbate?11.How do you feel if I come into the bathroom when you are using the facilities?12.When was the last time you took a shower together?13.If your friend was cheating on their spouse, do you think you should tell their partner?14.If your friend was cheating on their spouse, would you tell your spouse about it?15.What were you thinking about right before you kissed me for the first time?16.After I had asked you out for the first time, did you consider saying no?17.Was there anything that you were worried about the first time we were about to become naked?18.How old were you when you had your first kiss?19.How old were you the first time you had sex?20.How old were you the first time you thought you were in love?21.Who helped you figure out how to ask someone out on your first date?22.Did you parents tell you about sex, or did you aly know?23.Describe your parents marriage. What was the best part and the worst part in your opinion?24.Who was the first person who died in your life and how did you feel?25.What animals do you like and not like?26.Describe your perfect dream date.27.Describe your perfect wedding.28.Do you have sexual dreams? Tell me about some of them.29.What is the most important thing that money can do for you?30.Who had control of the money when you were growing up? /200902/62697。

When investors are feeling bullish about life, they consider Burberry a luxury goods company. That is one reason it has offered a total return of 125 per cent over the past five years, more than twice as much as rivals such as Tod#39;s or LVMH. When they are feeling bad – as they were on Wednesday – they consider it a retail chain. Shares of the fashion group fell 7 per cent despite what appeared to be another impressive three months (April to June) of sales growth. Considering that Britain#39;s miserable summer looks tailor-made for Burberry#39;s raincoats, that seems odd. In fact, it fits a recent trend. 当投资者对人生感到乐观时,他们会把巴宝莉(Burberry)视为一家奢侈品公司。这是为何过去5年期间其股票的总回报率高达125%、超过竞争对手如Tod#39;s或LVMH两倍多的原因之一。而当他们感觉不好时(正如本周三那样),就会把它当成一家连锁零售商。这家时尚集团的股价下降了7%,尽管4月至6月三个月的总体销售增长再度令人印象深刻。鉴于英国阴雨绵绵的夏天仿佛是为巴宝莉德雨衣量身定做的一般,这显得蹊跷。事实上,它与近期趋势是吻合的。 There is nothing fundamentally wrong at the group. It has 500 stores (a mix of wholly owned, concessions, outlets and franchises) in all the right places: four stores in Brazil, for example. It is planning for 100 in China in the medium term, with three flagship stores in Shanghai. In the April to June period, Burberry reported strong growth in the UK, Germany, France and China. Group underlying sales growth was 11 per cent, bringing total revenue in the three months to pound;410m; growth on the retail side, which accounts for two-thirds of Burberry#39;s revenue, was even stronger at 14 per cent. 该集团没有任何根本上的问题。它有500家门店分布在所有合适的地方(包括全资拥有、特许经营、批发和专营):例如在巴西有4间门店。它正计划中期在中国设立100家,包括三家位于上海的旗舰店。在4月至6月期间,巴宝莉报告在英国、德国、法国和中国都实现强劲增长。集团基本销售增长11%,推动三个月总营收达4.1亿英镑;而零售增长(占巴宝莉总营收的三分之二)更为强劲,达14%。 The company#39;s continued focus on growth still looks justifiable, whatever the jitters about the global economy. Annual sales growth at its wholly owned Chinese stores is about 20 per cent, though the picture is more mixed in the US, where Burberry has been moving up market since 2006. 该公司对增长的持续关注,看来仍是合理的,无论人们对全球经济如何感到恐慌。在其全资拥有的中国门店,年销售额增长约为20%,尽管美国的情况更复杂些,自2006年起,巴宝莉在美国向高端市场转移。 Burberry#39;s problem is not growth but valuation. Past success has bred high expectations of management; anything that smacks of less than relentless forward momentum in underlying earnings gets punished. Burberry#39;s growth rate has been slowing for a couple of quarters now. Some of that is priced in: its share price has fallen 25 per cent since mid-April. The tumble on Wednesday looks like more of the same. Its shares now trade at a forward price/earnings multiple of about 17 times. That is in line with the luxury sector, which is where for the moment it belongs. 巴宝莉的问题不是增长,而是估值。过去的成功培养了人们对管理层更高的期望;基本盈利迅猛增长的势头只要有一点松懈,就会受到惩罚。现在巴宝莉的增长速度已连续两个季度放缓。其中一部分已在股价中得到反映:4月中旬以来已下跌25%。周三的暴跌看起来也是同样性质。其股价意味着预期市盈率约为17倍。这与奢侈品行业一致,它暂时仍属于这一板块。 /201207/190295。

A British man may have fathered 600 children by repeatedly using his own sperm in a fertility clinic he ran, it has emerged.据报道,英国人威斯纳在自己开办的生育诊所中屡次使用自己的精子,他的后代数量可能达600人之多。Bertold Wiesner and his wife Mary Barton founded a fertility clinic in London in the 1940s and helped women conceive 1,500 babies.伯托尔德#8226;威斯纳与妻子玛丽#8226;巴顿20世纪40年代在伦敦开设了一家生育诊所,帮助前来就诊的女性育了1500名后代。It was thought that the clinic used a small number of highly intelligent friends as sperm donors but it has now emerged that around 600 of the babies were conceived using sperm from Mr Wiesner himself.当时人们以为,有少量高智商的夫妇俩人的朋友为该诊所捐精,但现在得知,大约600名后代都是使用威斯纳自己的精子繁育的。Two men conceived at the clinic, Barry Stevens a film-maker from Canada and David Gollancz, a barrister in London, have researched the centre and DNA tests suggest Mr Wiesner, an Austrian biologist, provided two thirds of the donated sperm.加拿大电影制作人巴里#8226;史蒂文斯和律师戴维#8226;戈兰茨都生于这家诊所,两人对这家诊所进行了调查,DNA检测结果显示,诊所的捐献精子中有2/3来自奥地利生物学家威斯纳本人。Such a practice is outlawed now but at the time it was not known that Mr Wiesner was providing the majority of the samples.这种做法在如今当属违法行为,但当时人们并不知道大部分精子都是威斯纳提供的。The same sperm donor should not be used to create so many children because of the risk that two of the offpsring will unwittingly meet and start a family of their own, which could cause serious genetic problems in their children.同一名捐精者不应该有这么多后代,因为两名后代可能会无意间遇到,并且结婚生子,这可能使他们的后代面临严重的基因问题。DNA tests were conducted on 18 people conceived at the clinic between 1943 and 1962. The results showed that two thirds of them were fathered by Mr Wiesner.18名1943年至1962年出生于这家诊所的人做了DNA检测。结果显示其中2/3的人是威斯纳的孩子。Extrapolating this to the rest of the children conceived at the clinic it would suggest around 600 of the children were Mr Wiesner#39;s.按此推论,生于这家诊所的人中大约有600人都是威斯纳的后代。Mr Gollancz told the Sunday Times: ;A conservative estimate is that he would have been making 20 donations a year.戈兰茨告诉《星期日泰晤士报》:“保守估计威斯纳一年捐精达20次。”;Using standard figures for the number of live births which result, including allowances for twins and miscarriages, I estimate that he is responsible for between 300 and 600 children.;“使用婴儿安全出生的标准数据进行计算,其中包括双胞胎和流产的情况,我估计他可能有300到600名后代。”In 1990 the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act set up a regulator of fertility clinics and limits were set on the number of families a sperm or egg donor could provide.1990年,《人类受精与胚胎法案》对生育诊所做出规定,并限制了精子或卵子捐献者最多能为多少个家庭做出捐献。Sperm donors can provide samples for the creation of up to ten families.捐精者最多为10个家庭提供精子。Around 2,000 children are born every year in Britain using donated eggs, sperm or embryos. Information about the donor is kept so the children can apply to find out the identity of their biological father and any half brothers or sisters once they turn 18.英国每年有大约两千名婴儿出生于捐献的精子、卵子或者胚胎。关于捐献者的信息会被保存起来,因此当孩子18岁后,就能申请了解生父、以及他们的兄弟的身份信息。 /201204/177344。

They say you should never judge a book by its cover.人们说以貌取人是不对的。But when it comes to the opposite sex, it seems that#39;s exactly what women do.但是女人在评判异性的时候似乎偏偏就是这么做的。It takes a woman just three minutes to make up her mind about whether she likes a man or not, a study has revealed.一项调查显示,女人只需要三分钟就可断定是否喜欢一个男人。The average female spends the time sizing up looks, physique and dress-sense as well as taking in scent, accent and eloquence of a potential suitor.一般来说,女性会用这三分钟观察一个潜在追求者的长相、体格和穿衣品味,以及感知对方的体味、口音和口才。Women also quickly judge how he interacts with her friends and whether he is successful or ambitious.女人能很快判断他和她的朋友们是不是合得来,他是否成功,以及他是否有雄心壮志。It also emerged most women believe 180 seconds is long enough to gauge whether or not he is Mr Right, or Mr Wrong.调查还揭示,大多数女人们都认为,180秒的时间足以判断对方是否真命天子。The study also found women rarely change their mind about a man after their initial reaction — and believe they are ;always right; in their assumptions and judgments.此外,研究发现女人很少会改变她们对男人的第一印象,她们认为自己的推想和判断“总是正确的”。The report which was commissioned among 3,000 adults to mark the release of Instinct, a new book by Ben Kay.这次涵盖了3000名成年人的调查是为了配合本#8226;凯的新书《直觉》的出版而进行的。Kay said: ;I think a lot of people believe in trusting their instincts when dating. It makes it seem more magical, like it#39;s coming from somewhere deeper.;凯说:“我想很多人在约会的时候都会相信他们的直觉。这使得心动的感觉更奇妙,好像这种感觉来自内心深处某个地方。”;But it#39;s surprising how quickly women make a decision. That#39;s barely enough time to finish a drink together.;“但是令人惊讶的是,女人居然能在那么短的时间内做出决定,三分钟只勉强够两个人喝完一杯酒。”;It#39;s interesting that so many women trust their instincts and yet still give men the opportunity to change their minds.;“有趣的是,尽管很多女人相信直觉,但她们还是会给男人们扭转乾坤的机会。”;Some men might think this is leading them on but I would imagine most women just want to give every bloke a fair shot.;“一些男人可能会认为这是在给他们错误的暗示,但是我认为大多数女人只是想给每个男人一个公平的机会。”Researchers found women will quickly dismiss a man who they feel is ;too cocky; or ;too needy;.研究人员发现,女人们会很快拒绝她们觉得“太自大”或者“太穷”的男人。He will also be rejected if he isn#39;t nice to people, doesn#39;t appear to earn enough and if he has nothing in common with the woman.此外,对人不够友善、看起来赚得不多、没有共同语言也是男人被拒绝的原因。 /201204/179563。

Once upon a time, there was a man who always forgot things. One day, he went out with his little son. He was so happy that he put the son ride his neck.  After a time, he suddenly thought of his son, he asked people: "Have you seen my child?"  One of his villagers laughed and said: "Don't you know he is on your neck?"  Hearing this, the man took down his son from his neck, he was so angry that he hit the son on the face, then shouted: "I have told you not to go here and there. Where did you go just now?" 原来有个人记性极差。一天,他带着小儿子出去玩。一高兴,便把小儿子举起来,让他骑在自己的脖子上。  过了一会儿,他忽然想起儿子来,逢人便问:“你看到我孩子了吗?”  “哎,你脖子上的那个不是吗?”有个邻居见了大笑。  这个人一把将小儿子从脖子上揪下来,狠狠地打了一耳光,骂道:“混蛋,叫你别乱跑,刚才你到哪里去了?”。

Find the shape of your body to change or try to belly fat, without losing a gym, with high prices? If so, try this workout, high energy cardiovascular, which was developed by Kelli Roberts.想不用去昂贵的健身房就能减去腹部脂肪,成功塑身吗?那么试试Kelli Roberts发明的心血管高强度运动法吧。Burn with 10 minutes of exercise routine can have up to 150 calories per day.每天用此法锻炼10分钟能消耗150卡路里热量。The first two minutes of the routine is the burning of fat: Jump Rope--Begin by selecting two jumps for each turn of the rope. Safety: Use the correct size jump rope and always land softly on the toes (the beginning of the foot). Continue to think I'm losing weight.前2分钟是燃烧脂肪:跳绳——双脚跳。安全注意事项:使用长度合适的跳绳,用前脚趾着地(不要太用力)。心里一直想:我在减肥。Two to three minutes: the squat thrust in a push-up the proper technique for this exercise is to the feet shoulder width apart and your arms are crossed the Straits on the sides. Slowly squat with your head forward and put his hand on the edge of the soles. The hands should be pointing forward. Then in one motion, press back and legs behind them board position. Ask a bare plate and then jump back into a crouch and standing up. Keep thinking, the fat disappears.第2-3分钟:下蹲后促腿俯卧撑动作。这个动作的正确技巧是:双脚打开与肩同宽,两手放在身体两侧。慢慢蹲下,两眼直视前方,把手朝前放在两脚内侧,双腿同时向后蹬,直到腿伸直,做一个俯卧撑,然后膝盖立即收回至胸前,站立。心里一直想:脂肪消失了。 /200910/86825。