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机场免税店竟比网店贵一倍?! -- 3:: 来源:chinadaily Drinks, perfume and designer goods can be more expensive in airport duty free shops than online, price comparisons show. 价格比较显示,机场免税店销售的饮品、香水和名牌商品会比网店更贵Shops in airport terminals trumpet the 'savings' available to those flying overseas, with shoppers often assuming the products will be cheaper. 机场航站楼的商店宣称能给国际航线的旅客省钱旅客们常以为那里的商品价格更低#0;But a look at a range of products on offer in the departure lounge stores shows many are available cheaper elsewhere. 然而,观察一下候机厅商店里出售的一系列商品就会发现,许多在别处买会更便宜Perfumes are among the products with the highest difference in price, with a number of brands cheaper online than at the airport. 所有商品中,香水的价格差异最大,许多品牌的网上售价比机场更低A 0ml bottle of Burberry Touch example is £.75 at Fragrance Direct, half the £.80 which it is sold at airports by World Duty Free. 比如,0毫升的巴宝莉情缘香水在寰宇免税集团的机场免税店里卖.80英镑而香水销售网站Fragrance Direct的价格只有其一半,是.75英镑Meanwhile, a 90ml bottle of Versace Bright Crystal is £38.99 online as opposed to £5.85 in duty free stores. 同时,90毫升的范思哲晶钻香水,网上售价38.99英镑,而免税店卖5.85英镑Alcohol can also be cheaper in supermarkets. Tesco is currently charged £ a 1-litre bottle of Malibu, more than £3 less than it is at World Duty Free. 在超市里买酒水也会更便宜乐购超市里,一升装的一瓶马利宝酒现价英镑,比寰宇免税店便宜了不止3英镑Fashion accessories are also less expensive online, with a pair of Bvlgari BV8B sunglasses £ in duty free, but £ at sunglasshut.com. 时尚配饰的网上价格也更低一副宝格丽BV8B款太阳镜,免税店售价英镑,而太阳镜销售网站sunglasshut.com只卖英镑Martin Lewis, from moneysavingexpert.com told MailOnline: 'Savvy shoppers know that duty free does not automatically mean everything is a bargain.' 英国省钱专家网站的马丁?刘易斯告诉《每日邮报:“精明的消费者知道,免税并不一定意味着每样东西都实惠”Mr Lewis added: 'Duty free shops are the same as all shops, they have prices, it can be cheap some things, it won't be cheap other things. 刘易斯先生还说:“免税店和所有商店一样,里面有些商品的价格很便宜,另外一些却不便宜”'My advice is people to get their phones out while they are in these shops and see if they can find things cheaper online.' “我建议人们在免税店购物时掏出手机,看看能否在网上找到更低的价格”World Duty Free, which runs stores in airports around the UK, recently set up a pick-up service, meaning customers can order online bee collecting their purchases ahead of their flight. 在英国各大机场都开设免税店的寰宇免税集团,最近开始提供取货务顾客可以在线订购商品,然后在登机前到店取货The company has said it offers 'year-round low prices' as opposed to the limit offers available in supermarkets and online. 该集团表示,不同于超市和购物网站有限的优惠,他们提供的是“全年低价”A spokesman said: 'No retailer can ever promise that all its products will always be the cheapest in today's fast-moving retail world and we do not make this claim. 集团一位发言人说:“当今的零售业瞬息万变,任何零售商都不能保自己所有商品的价格永远是最低我们也不会作如此承诺”'The very small selection of offers identified does not undermine the World Duty Free proposition of offering consistent savings across a wide range of brands and products in our airport stores throughout the year.'“少部分被认为价格偏高的商品并不有损寰宇免税集团的宗旨我们致力于在机场免税店内常年提供各类品牌和产品的持续优惠Duty Free products, those such as cigarettes and some spirits which are exempt of excise duty and taxes, are only available to customers travelling outside the EU. 免税商品,比如免征消费税和其他税种的香烟和一些烈酒,只面向飞往欧盟以外目的地的消费者However, a range of other items are sold in 'duty free' stores in airports available whether passengers are flying. 但机场“免税”店的一些其他商品,则不管旅客是否搭乘航班,都可以购买英文来源:每日邮报翻译:实习生徐晓彤编审:yaning襄樊人民医院妇科医院排名太空中的女性宇航员如何解决大姨妈问题 --7 :: 来源: 在太空中,保持个人卫生可没那么容易,因为水资源是有限的而且在失重状态下更换卫生产品更是举步维艰水循环系统可以用来回收尿液中的水分,但是并无法处理带有经血的尿液Women here on Earth may think of their periods as monthly inconveniences, but consider what itrsquo;s like astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS).地球上的女性每个月都为大姨妈带来的不便而困扰,那大家想一想远在国际空间站(ISS)的宇航员将面临什么样的困扰呢Up there, maintaining personal hygiene in general is not easy, as limited water is available washing. The added challenges of changing hygiene products in microgravity only make things even more difficult.在太空中,保持个人卫生可没那么容易,因为水资源是有限的而且在失重状态下更换卫生产品更是举步维艰Then therersquo;s the issue of plumbing: The water recycling system onboard the ISS ; used reclaiming water from urine ; wasnrsquo;t designed with the possibility in mind that there would be menstrual blood in the mix.那么问题来了:ISS上的水循环系统主要是用来回收尿液中的水分,但是这个系统无法处理带有月经血的尿液Indeed, there are several reasons why an astronaut might want to opt out of getting her period in space. But whatrsquo;s the best way to go about it? a short mission, an astronaut may simply choose to time her cycle around her stint in space by using birth control pills, but longer missions, skipping periods entirely may be preferred, said a new review of the subject, published on April 1 in the journal npj Microgravity.事实上,宇航员一般在太空上要避开生理期有很多原因但是如何合理的避开生理期呢?月1日出版的《npj-微重力杂志对该话题的研究板块指出,对于执行短期飞行任务的宇航员来说,一般只需用一些避药,来改变经期就可以而对于执行长期任务的飞行员来说,避开生理期也许是最好的选择Skipping periods (also known as ;menstrual suppression;) is becoming more common among women in general and is gaining acceptance by more and more doctors, said the review authors, Dr. Varsha Jain, a visiting researcher at the Centre of Human amp; Aerospace Physiological Sciences in London, and Dr. Virginia Wotring, an assistant professor at the Center Space Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas.伦敦人类与航空生理科学中心的研究员Varsha Jain士和德克萨斯州贝勒医学院空间医学中助理教授Virginia Wotring士如是说到,避开生理期(也就是常说的;抑制月经;)在广大女性生活中变得越来越普遍也有越来越多的医生认可这种做法Currently, there are several options women who choose to skip their periods, but whether these options will fare as well during long spaceflights as they do here on Earth is the question, according to the review.这项指出,目前女性有多种选择来抑制月经但是这些方法在长期的航空飞行中是否能像在地球上一样有效依然尚未知晓;With more women going into space, we need to ensure they have the most up-to-date inmation on the options available to them, ;Jain said in a statement.;现在越来越多的女性登上太空,我们必须保她们对抑制月经方法的最新进展有所了解,;Jain在一份声明中说到So whatrsquo;s an astronaut to do?那么宇航员该怎么做呢?One of the most common ways a woman to skip her period is by taking the pill, which uses a combination of estrogen and progesterone to suppress the menstrual cycle. While the authors of the review note that this method works well (in fact, itrsquo;s long been used in spaceflight, they write) some questions do arise.女性避开月经最常见的方法之一就是药一种含有雌性激素和激素的药物,能够抑制月经尽管这项的作者提出这种方法非常奏效(其实,这种方法在航空领域已经是老生常谈了),但是仍然有难题 example, taking hormones may affect bone density. While such slight losses in bone density are generally not a concern here on Earth, during spaceflight, where bone-density loss is accelerated, this would be more problematic, the authors said.比方说,用激素会影响骨密度员提到,虽然轻微的骨密度流失在地球上并不会对人造成多大影响,但是在太空中,骨密度流失速度加快,这就是个大问题了And of course, taking the pill each day requires, well, a pill each day. As audiences learned watching the movie ;The Martian,; every extra bit of weight counts on a spaceflight. The reviewrsquo;s authors estimate that a three-year mission would require about 1,0 pills, plus their packaging. The authors also note that the stability of these drugs over such a long time in space has not been tested.当然,采取药法要求每天要下去一丸药看过lsquo;火星救援rsquo;这部电影的观众都知道在太空中,体重轻微的增加也会造成严重的后果的作者预算,宇航员执行时长3年的飞行任务一共要用大约10丸药,再加上它们的药壳而且他还提到,目前还没有测量这些药物在太空中是否能够如此长时间的保持稳定性So rather than the pill, long-acting reversible contraceptives, or LARCs, may be an astronautrsquo;s best option, the authors wrote. These contraceptives include intrauterine devices (IUDs) and under-the-skin implants.,该作者写到,排除这种方法,长期可逆避(LARC)也许是宇航员的最佳选择该举措包括宫内放置节育器(IUDs)和皮下植入避Neither option has been shown to affect bone density in studies on Earth. In addition, a single IUD or under-the-skin implant would eliminate the extra bulk and stability issues of the pill, the authors wrote. And neither option would be expected to interfere with an astronautrsquo;s ability to perm her tasks on the mission, the researchers wrote.这两种方法目前在地球上还未检测出对骨密度有任何影响除此之外,IDU和皮下植入避可以解决药物的重量和稳定性难题并且研究人员称,这两种方法也不会干涉宇航员执行其飞行任务On a more squeamish note, the authors point out that there are no reports in the medical literature studying whether the devices could shift around in the body as a result of the strong gravitational ces that an astronaut experiences during launch or landing.但是值得注意的是,该作者指出目前并没有医学界的研究报告提到,这些设备会不会由于发射或者着陆时产生的强大引力而在体内移动Currently, two types of IUDs are available. One type, which releases small amounts of hormones into the body over time to suppress a womanrsquo;s menstrual cycle, is the preferred option spaceflight. The other available IUD prevents pregnancy by releasing copper ions, but it does not suppress a womanrsquo;s period.目前,一共出现了两种节育器一种能够在体内释放激素以抑制女性月经,这种是航空领域的首选另一种会产生铜离子来产生避效果,但是并不能抑制月经Subdermal implants work in a similar way as the hormonal IUD; they release small amounts of hormones over time. Unlike IUDs, however, which are inserted into the uterus, the subdermal implant is inserted just beneath a womanrsquo;s skin, typically in the upper arm. The implant doesnrsquo;t usually interfere with a womanrsquo;s clothing on Earth, and itrsquo;s unlikely that the method would cause problems in specific spacesuits, the review said.皮下植入节育器和IDU的工作原理是一致的它们都会不断释放少量的激素与IDU不同的是,皮下植入节育器是植入皮肤表层,一半都是在上臂皮肤内,而IDU是植入子宫内称,皮肤表层植入在地球上不会对女性的穿衣造成困扰,也更不可能在航天方面造成不便Because both options take time to effectively suppress a womanrsquo;s period, the authors said that an astronaut who chooses a LARC should have it inserted at least 1.5 to years bee her mission.该作者称,由于这两种方式在抑制月经方面都需要一定的时间才能生效,打算采取LARC方式的宇航员在执行任务时应该提前至少一年半到两年的时间植入设备老河口市妇幼保健中医院人流手术多少钱欧洲杯:德国战车破除诅咒点球胜宿敌意大利 -- :: 来源: 在昨日的比赛中,德国队和意大利队1-1打平,点球大战德国队6-5险胜,破除了多年来的意大利诅咒,进入半决赛 Joachim Low’s World Cup holders looked on course victory in normal time - against a country they had never beaten at a major tournament - when Mesut Ozil rounded off a slick build-up with Mario Gomez and Jonas Hector to score at the near post in the 65th minute.在第六十五分钟的时候,厄齐尔配合马里奥、艾克托为德国队打进了一球,那时的情景似乎世界冠军德国队将要在90分钟的时间内击败宿敌意大利队一样(注:德国队在大型赛事中从未赢过意大利,堪称诅咒)Italy did not flinch but were grateful a moment of madness from Germany defender Jerome Boateng when he needlessly handled, allowing Leonardo Bonucci to score the first penalty of his career with minutes left.但是意大利并没有就此放弃,尤其是当德国后卫阿滕手球犯规时,意大利人的机会来了意大利方面努奇主罚了全场第一次点球,为意大利扳平了比分,而此时距离比赛结束只有分钟了Germany missed more penalties in one shootout than in their history - three - but were once again the winners on penalties.德国队在点球大战中失球的数量也达到了史上之最--三分,但是他们却又一次赢得了点球大战的胜利They have still never lost a shootout since the 1976 final of this competition when they lost to Czechoslovakia - some 0 years and days ago.除了在0年前败给捷克斯洛伐克以外,德国队自1976年以来一直保持着点球大战不输的战绩It was settled when Hector drove low under Italy keeper Gianluigi Buffon after Manchester ed’s Matteo Darmian saw his side’s ninth penalty saved by Manuel Neuer.起先意大利达米安主罚意大利第九次点球,但是却被德国守门员诺伊尔成功扑救,后来德国方面赫克托一脚低射绕过守门员布冯打进意大利球门,德国队点球大战获胜Germany will now play either hosts France or England’s conquerors Iceland in the last four.在半决赛的比赛中,德国队将对阵东道主法国队、或者击败了英格兰的冰岛队Germany on course glory德国队希望在90分钟里取得胜利This was a meeting between two of European football’s superpowers - a last-eight match-up that would have graced the final itself in Paris next weekend.这场比赛是两欧洲豪门的巅峰对决--这场8强比赛使得将于下周末在巴黎举行的决赛更加美丽多姿Instead it was a fight a place in the last four and Low’s Germany did what they do best. They found a way to win, however it was achieved.这场比赛的胜者将会成为四强,而德国队尽了他们最大的努力他们找到了战胜意大利的方法,而且最终成功了Ozil’s goal crowned a spell of second-half pressure which meant their lead was deserved, but they then creaked as two of the staples of Germany’s football psyche folded under pressure.厄齐尔在下半场的进球给意大利带来了极大的压力,同时也意味着德国队的领先当之无愧但是后来德国队两名台柱子人物顶不住巨大的压力而犯了规,导致德国队的优势荡然无存With Italy struggling to get back on terms, they were guilty of desperate defending when Jerome Boateng’s ’hands-up star jump’ conceded the penalty that Bonucci put away with such assurance.当时意大利正在奋力反击以求扳平比分,在绝望的防御下德国队阿滕手球犯规,意大利努奇主罚点球,射门得分自此,德国队想要在这场比赛的常规赛程中击败意大利的希望成为了泡影And then in the shootout itself, a team renowned cool heads in this situation suddenly seemed to find itself gripped by nerves.在点球大战中,暂时恢复冷静的德国队似乎又一次因紧张而失控When Thomas Muller saw his spot-kick saved by Buffon, it was the first time they had missed a spot-kick since Uli Stielike at the 198 World Cup in Spain, and Ozil also hit the post.穆勒的点球被意大利守门员布冯成功扑救,这是自从198年西班牙世界杯斯蒂利克失球以来德国队第一次踢飞点球,随后厄齐尔的点球也击中了门柱Indeed, Germany had only missed two penalties - Uli Hoeness the other culprit in that 1976 final with Czechoslovakia - but it was catching, Bastian Schweinsteiger firing wildly over with a chance to clinch it.事实上,德国队在最近几十年里只丢过两次点球--(除了斯蒂利克意外)赫内斯在1976年对阵斯洛伐克的决赛上也丢了一球--但是后来在斯魏因斯泰格的努力下扳平了比分However, this was all gotten in the celebrations as Germany close in on another major title.不过,这都不是事儿,因为德国战车离另一个大型比赛的冠军头衔已经不远了英国前副首席承认伊拉克战争“非法” -- :37: 来源: 年,英美联军入侵伊拉克,震惊世人的伊拉克战争由此展开现在伊拉克战争已经结束多年,但是其造成的后遗症令西方国家困扰不已,近日时任英国副首相的普雷斯科特承认说伊战非法 John Prescott now believes the invasion into Iraq - carried out when he was Deputy PM to Tony Blair - was illegal, he admitted this morning.英国前副首相约翰·普雷斯科特今天承认说,他认为年对伊拉克的入侵(当时他任英国副首相,托尼·布莱尔任首相)是非法的Lord Prescott made the admission in a newspaper column just days after Sir John Chilcot’s report into the lead-up to the war was published and savaged Blair.普雷斯科特的陈述被发表在了一份报纸专栏里,而仅仅数天之前约翰·齐尔考特曾发表了一份对领导伊拉克战争国家的报告,猛烈抨击了布莱尔The Labour heavyweight used his strongest language yet to condemn Blair’s decision to take party in the Iraq War, a decision he supported at the time.这位工党重量级人物用前所未有的激烈言辞猛烈抨击了布莱尔参加伊拉克战争的决定,而他本人当时也是持这一决定的Prescott, now a member of the House of Lords, wrote in the Sunday Mirror: ’I will live with the decision of going to war and its catastrophic consequences the rest of my life.普雷斯科特现在是上议院议员,他在《星期日镜报上写道:“参与伊拉克战争的这个决定和它造成的毁灭性结果都将折磨着我度过余生”’In , the UN secretary-general Kofi Annan said that as regime change was the prime aim of the Iraq war, it was illegal.“年,时任联合国秘书长的科菲·安南说道,由于伊拉克战争的首要目的是为了实现该国的政权更替,它是非法的”’With great sadness and anger, I now believe him to be right.’“带着巨大的悲伤和愤怒,我现在相信他是对的”On Wednesday, the Chilcot report returned a damning verdict on Britain’s role in the US-led war, finding it joined the conflict bee all peaceful options had been exhausted and that judgements about Iraq’s capacities were ’presented with a certainty that was not justified’.本周三,齐尔考特的报告给英国在这场由美国领导的战争中所扮演的角色作出了猛烈的抨击,明明还有其他更加和平的选择,但是英国却加入了对伊拉克的战争,而且对伊拉克能力的判断“肯定不合理”It also disclosed Blair had written to then US president George W. Bush that ’I will be with you, whatever’ eight months bee the invasion.这份报告还透露说,布莱尔曾在入侵伊拉克8个月前写信给美国总统乔治·布什说“不管什么事儿,我都会跟随着你”Lord Prescott said the timing of the decision "was clearly designed to endorse an almost immediate action us to go to war".普雷斯科特表示说这一决定“很显然是为了批准让我们立即行动,加入战争”He said that Mr Blair was determined to be a "special friend" to the US and president George W Bush.普雷斯科特表示说布莱尔铁了心要当美国和总统乔治·布什的“特殊朋友”Referring to a previously secret memo disclosed in the Chilcot files, Lord Prescott said: "Tony’s note to Bush with that devastating e ’I am with you, whatever’ was all the Americans needed to go in, without UN support."普雷斯科特提到了之前齐尔考特报告中披露的一份秘密备忘录,他说道:“布莱尔写给布什的那份毁灭性信件‘不管什么事儿,我都会跟随着你’使得美国人凑齐了开战的一切必备条件,即使没有联合国的持”Mr Blair has defended the decision to oust Saddam and insisted that his efts to m a close relationship with the US had persuaded Mr Bush to pursue a second UN security council resolution, which ultimately was not obtained.布莱尔为驱逐萨达姆的决定做了辩护,他坚持认为和美国形成密切关系的努力说了布什组成第二个联合国安理会的决心,尽管这一想法最终未能实现Some 0,000 Iraqi people were killed in the six years after British and American troops invaded, plunging the country into chaos and creating fertile ground jihadist groups like the Islamic State.在英美联军入侵伊拉克后,六年里共有万伊拉克人而死亡,使得整个国家陷入了混乱,给IS一类的伊斯兰圣战组织创造了诞生的沃土A total of 9 British troops also died.在这场战争中,共有9名英国军人而丧失枣阳妇幼保健院中医院治疗痔疮多少钱

襄阳第一人民医院好吗鱼梁洲开发区妇幼保健中医院无痛人流怎么样报废公交改装情侣酒店,萌翻了! -- :33:30 来源: 在中国北方一个度假胜地,一些废弃的公交车改装成独特的卡通图案的旅馆而备受游客欢迎 (CNN)Abandoned vehicles may not shout holiday charm, but a resort in northern China is attracting customers with its unique, cartoon-filled bus hotels.CNN报道—在中国北方一个度假胜地,一些废弃的公交车改装成独特的卡通图案的旅馆而备受游客欢迎Owners of the Tai Tai Mountain Park in the city of Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, have converted more than 30 old buses into mini-hotels featuring private kitchens, bathrooms and colorful interior and exterior designs.山西省太原一个公园主人将30多辆废旧公交车改装为特色旅馆车内厨具、电视、空调、洗浴、卫生间等设施齐备Each bus hotel has its own theme, mainly popular cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty and Doraemon.每个公交车都装饰成独特的主题风格,大多数是受欢迎的卡通形象,有米奇鼠,凯蒂猫和哆啦A梦Cartoon murals adorn the exteriors, while bright bedsps, novelty dishware and big stuffed animals help bring the insides to life.车外装饰着卡通壁画,车内有颜色鲜亮的床罩,别致的餐具和毛绒玩具,室内无比温馨Guolin Han, president of the Tai Tai Mountain Park, explained why he decided the buses were the way to go.公园园长郭林涵解释为什么想把公交车装扮成这样"These abandoned buses are cheap to buy and it’s great reuse of waste," said Han. He said they spent more than ,000 to transm each bus.“这些废旧的公交车价格便宜,这是很好的废物利用,”园长说道,他说他们花费了9000多美元改造这些公交车More buses coming, says owner很多公交车将会加入The resort charges customers a night to stay in the mini-hotels and is targeting couples and families.度假村以最低每日不足0元人民币向外出租,以低价吸引青年情侣和家庭,前来享受野外露营项目Since opening in May business has been steady, especially on weekends. Owners say advance bookings are recommended.自五月开张以来,生意一直不错,特别是周末顾客会更过旅馆老板说住宿可以提前预定The Tai Tai Mountain Park owners have lofty goals. They plan to convert 0 vehicles by July 1.And it’s not just abandoned buses. They’re adding tractors, trucks and even planes to the mix.公园园长有远大的目标他计划在7月1日前改装0个交通工具,目标不只限于公交车,可以将拖拉机、卡车甚至飞机加入其中Chongfeng Yue, vice President of Tai Tai Mountain Park, said he aims to create a recreational vehicle museum. "It will be really meaningful to look back at these outdated vehicles in the future," he said.公园副园长说,他目标是创立一个公交车物馆“回收利用这些交通工具,这看起来是非常有意义的事”使用私人邮箱,希拉里被联邦调查局审问 -- ::5 来源: 美国总统候选人Hillary Clinton被联邦调查局审问,是有关她在担任国务卿期间使用邮件的问题 US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been questioned by the FBI over her use of emails while she was secretary of state, her campaign says.美国总统候选人Hillary Clinton被联邦调查局审问,她的竞选团队说是有关她在担任国务卿期间使用邮件的问题A spokesperson said it was a voluntary interview.一位发言人说这是一次自愿性质的会谈The FBI is investigating Mrs Clinton and her aides over whether they mishandled classified inmation on a private email server she used while serving as secretary of state.联邦调查局在调查Clinton女士和她的助手是否在她担任国务卿期间存在不当行为——通过私人邮件发送国家机密信息Mrs Clinton denies handling classified inmation in her private emails.Clinton女士否认自己使用私人邮箱处理机密信息She said she set up the email address reasons of convenience, because it was easier to do everything from her Blackberry than to have several phones or tablets.她说她是为了方便才注册的这个邮箱,这样她可以通过黑莓手机处理所有事情,而不是用好几个手机和平板电脑However, a state department inquiry accused her and other mer US secretaries of state of poorly managing email security.但是,一项国务院调查指控她和前几任国务卿在邮件安全问题上处理不当The justice department is now seeking to establish whether this constitutes a criminal offence.司法部目前正在确认这是否构成刑事罪名Let’s face it - this is not really how you want to start a presidential campaign.让我们面对现实吧——你可不想这样开始你的总统竞选Hillary Clinton is trying to pitch herself as a sensible, qualified, experienced candidate who’s facing an outlandish controversial opponent in Donald Trump.Hillary Clinton竞选的卖点可是明智、合格、有经验,是她古怪的竞争对手Donald Trump的翻版Being questioned by the FBI three and a half hours is not going to help her case.被联邦调查局审问三个半小时,可对她毫无利处It gives her Republican opponents ammion to describe her as untrustworthy. Mr Trump has aly nicknamed her "crooked Hillary" and uses it with glee at every campaign stump speech.这可是把子弹送到对手共和党手中,让他们把她形容为不可靠Trump先生已经给她取了绰号“骗子希拉里”欢快地把它用于每次竞选演讲The timing of this long-awaited interview is also interesting. This is a holiday weekend filled with Independence Day barbeques and parades. The Clinton campaign will hope that voters are more interested in where to watch the fireworks than the rolling network news coverage.这个一直在拖的审问,掐了一个好时机——在满是独立日烧烤和游行的周末假期克林顿竞选团队是希望选民能对观看烟火更有兴趣,而不是滚动的网络新闻报道In just a few weeks Hillary Clinton will stand on the Democratic convention stage and be mally announced as the party nominee. During that same time, the FBI will decide whether or not to bring mal charges. Legal experts say it is unlikely. In that case she may have time to put this controversy behind her personally.短短几周后,Hillary Clinton就要站在民主大会上,被正式地宣布为该党提名人在那个时候,联邦调查局将决定是否正式控告她法律专家说不太可能如果是那样,她就有时间把这项争议抛在身后But there’s no doubt that, politically, her opponents are never going to let her get it.但毋庸置疑的是,政治角度上,她的对手可永远不会让她忘了这事儿On Friday, the US Attorney General Loretta Lynch said she would accept the findings of the FBI and prosecutors, when deciding whether to charge Mrs Clinton.周五,美国司法部长Loretta Lynch说她会接受联邦调查局和检举人的结果,并决定是否起诉Clinton女士The day bee, it was revealed that Ms Lynch had met the mer president, Mrs Clinton’s husband Bill, in what she described as a "social" meeting but which she admitted would "cast a shadow" over the way her role in the case would be perceived.据透露,Lynch女士前天与前总统,也就是Clinton女士的丈夫Bill见面,她说那是一次“社交的”会面,但她也承认这会为大家看待她在这件案子中的角色时“笼上阴影”Mrs Clinton is the presumptive nominee the Democratic Party and party members are expected to confirm the nomination at a convention at the end of July.Clinton女士是民主党的提名候选人,该党将于七月底在大会确认提名Shortly bee being sworn in as secretary of state in , Hillary Clinton set up an email server at her home. She relied on it all her electronic correspondence during her four years in office.年,Hillary Clinton女士在宣任国务卿不久后,便在家注册了该邮箱她在位四年都使用该邮箱处理来往电子邮件Why is this controversial?这为什么有争议?It was probably not against the law.这可能不违法But sceptics say she did it to have total control over her correspondence, becoming the sole arbiter of what should and shouldn’t be provided to the government, made public via freedom of inmation requests or turned over to interested parties, such as the congressional committee investigating an attack on the US consulate in Benghazi.怀疑论者说她是为了控制自己通信往来,自己决定该提供什么给政府,什么信息可以示众,什么可以交给有兴趣的人士,例如国会委员会调查美国驻Benghazi领事馆袭击Critics have also expressed concern that the system made her emails more vulnerable to being hacked.批评者也对她邮件被黑客攻击的容易性表示关注Have other politicians done this?其他政客干过这事么?Yes. Mrs Clinton is far from alone. Others have sometimes relied on personal email official business.是的,Clinton女士远不是一个人其他人也有时通过私人邮箱处理公事But unlike them, Mrs Clinton used her personal email address exclusively.但与他们不同的是,Clinton女士只用她的个人电子邮箱襄阳樊城人民医院肛肠怎么样69岁大妈年轻秘诀:性爱可以青春永驻 --5 1:: 来源: 年近70的苏珊;萨兰登看起来一直很年轻,她自己说到除了使用防晒霜,远离香烟和体育运动,永葆青春的秘诀和自己的积极性也有很大关系Wonder how Susan Sarandon always manages to look so good? The 69-year-old actress puts it down to lots of time in bed ... and wersquo;re not talking about sleep.想知道苏珊;萨兰登为什么看起来一直这么年轻吗?因为这位69岁的女演员在床上度过了大笔时间......我们说的并不是花时间睡觉;Sex ; thatrsquo;s good your skin, right?; Sarandon said in an interview with You Magazine when asked about her beauty secret.;性爱,嗯,这个对皮肤有好处,是吧?;当接受《You Magazine杂志采访,询问到永葆美丽的秘诀时,萨兰登是如此回应的The actress, who will turn 70 in October, says someone recently told her she resembled a ;young Susan Sarandon,; a compliment she thanks her healthy lifestyle .这位女演员今年月份就70高龄了,自称最近有人告诉她说自己依旧还是年轻时候的样子萨兰登把这一切都归因于自己健康的生活方式Aside from using sun protection, shunning cigarettes, and exercising, Sarandonrsquo;s prescription looking and feeling young has a lot to do with positivity.除了使用防晒霜,远离香烟和体育运动,萨兰登永葆青春的秘诀和自己的积极性也有很大关系;You have to take care of yourself,; Sarandon said. ;To stay young and healthy, you need to weed out toxic things ; and toxic people! Oh, and laugh and have sex ; if yoursquo;re lucky enough to find that ; those are really important, too.;萨兰登说:;你自己必须学会照顾自己,想要保持年轻和健康,你必须远离对自己有害的事物,当然还包括对自己有害的人噢对了,还要学会大笑,享受性爱当然前提是你有机会这样,这些也非常重要;Though shersquo;s willing to take a compliment, Sarandon says shersquo;s not afraid of aging one bit.尽管萨兰登乐于接受别人的称赞,但是她也不担心自己会变老Getting older has never made her feel unsexy, she insists. ;I never thought of myself as losing any of my sexuality or sensuality or curiosity and life ce,; she said. ;I feel just as sexy as I did when I was younger ; more so, in fact. I see old pictures of myself and I prefer the way I look now because Irsquo;ve had more life.;年龄的增长并没有令萨兰登觉得自己不再性感她说:;我从没认为自己的性欲,生命力,对性爱的好奇心和感觉会随着年龄的增长而减少我觉得自己现在和当年年轻的时候没什么区别反而倒觉得自己变得更加性感我翻看自己过去的照片,发现我其实更喜欢现在的自己,因为经历更加丰富;Indeed. Earlier this year, Sarandon got some flack boldly baring her ample cleavage at the S Awards. But she confidently hit back at critics with even more cleavage in a Twitter war.事实上,今年早些时候,萨兰登在出席美国演员工会奖班颁奖礼时,被人批评穿着太过大胆暴露 随后,她居然在推特网上又发出了自己早前更加暴露的内衣照来回应批判者Her confidence when it comes to aging has gotten her noticed. Sarandon, who has said shersquo;ll never have plastic surgery, recently became cosmetics company Lrsquo;Oreallsquo;s brand ambassador.在变老这个问题上,她独特的自信令自己成为人们的关注点萨兰登说过,自己永远不会整容最近她称为巴黎欧莱雅公司品牌大使;When I see people who have had massive work done, to me that isnrsquo;t beauty ; it is the personification of fear,; she said. ;Itrsquo;s so unattractive and proves someone is not at one with whatrsquo;s happening naturally.;;我并不觉得那些整过容的人很美,那只是一种个人人格方面的恐惧感这些并不迷人,只能印有些人对上天赐予的东西并不知道珍惜;襄阳市第三人民医院治疗脱肛怎么样

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