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Not much is clear.不是非常清楚。Spending time with him has been an opportunity to relish.与他共同度过一段时光已经是一次释怀的机会。So often is the traveler experiences can seem a little package,所以旅行者的经历通常被看作是一个小包裹,but as Jaco leads me up the bare rocks to our final viewpoint,但是随着领导杰科带我跋山涉水最终来到一处景点。theres no doubting what a wild and unpackaged destination South Africa can be.毫无疑问南非就是野生及天然的理想目的地。Look at these views!看看这些美景!One of my favourite places.这是我最喜欢的地方之一。Not difficult to see why.美不胜收。Look there, you can see the camp.Yeah.看那里,你可以看到营地。You can see the was staying.你可以看到。Best of all, you can see all just voluntary area.最好的是,您可以看到所有的自愿地区。You know, its just less.你知道,这只是更少。This vast vista untouched by the modern world is the pinnacle of my journey into the wilderness.这片现代世界未曾涉足的巨大的地区就是我到野外去的旅程。201308/253632

Business商业报道Wearable computing可穿戴的计算设备The eyes have it眼睛将拥有谷歌眼镜Google advances its plan to bring smart glasses to the masses谷歌提出在普通民众中推广智能眼镜的计划GOOGLE has an ambitious vision for spectacles.谷歌有一个针对眼镜的雄心勃勃的看法。On June 27th Sergey Brin, one of the companys co-founders, revealed the next stage of Project Glass,its effort to create wireless-connected glasses that allow their wearers to do a host of things,6月27日,公司联合创始人之一的Sergey Brin揭露了下一阶段的眼镜项目,他试图研发无线连接方式眼镜使佩戴者可以做大量的事情,including receiving and responding to messages, and taking and sharing photos and s.包括收发短信,拍摄、分享照片及视频。The goal is to get prototypes in the hands of software developers early next year and then to sell a more polished set of specs to consumers in late 2013 or early the following year.项目的目标是在明年初可以使软件开发者拿到样品,2013年下半年或2014年初向消费者出售更加精美的眼镜。A product of Googles secretive X Lab, whose mission is to push the boundaries of computing, the glasses were on show at the companys developer conference in San Francisco along with several other gizmos,谷歌神秘的X实验室的任务是推进计算设备的边界,这种眼镜作为其产品之一在位于旧金山召开的谷歌开发者大会被展示,including a cheap tablet computer and a new wireless media player for the home.同时展出的还包括一种廉价平板电脑和家用无线播放器等小发明。These gadgets attracted plenty of attention,这些小玩意吸引了众多的关注,but the longest queues at the event were at booths where folk were trying on Googles goggles.但最受关注的地方是在那些民众尝试谷歌眼镜的展位。That is hardly surprising because the glasses seem like something out of a science-fiction novel.这不足为奇,因为这种眼镜看起来就像是科幻小说中的物品。A tiny transparent display towards the top of one lens allows wearers to see text and images by glancing upwards.一个很小的透明的播放显示装置位于镜片的顶端,它使佩戴者可以通过向斜上方观看来浏览文字和图片。And the spectacles can be controlled using either voice commands or a somewhat bulky touchpad integrated into one of the arms.这种眼镜可以通过语音控制,也可以通过一种固定到手臂上的大体积触摸屏控制。Mr Brin says the goal is to get technology out of the way,Brin先生表示,他们的目标是使技术变得与众不同,so people can, say, take s without having to pull out a camera or smartphone each time they do so.比如人们可以拍摄视频而不必每次都取出照相机或者智能手机。Googles glasses reflect a growing interest in wearable computing, which many experts think could be the next big thing in personal technology after smartphones and tablets.谷歌眼镜反应了人们对可穿戴计算设备与日俱增的兴趣,许多专家认为这可能是继智能手机和平板电脑后的又一个重大产品。But some tech veterans give warning that designing novel devices people feel comfortable wearing is an especially tricky task.但一些资深技术人士警告说设计使人们配戴舒的新奇设备是一件非常棘手的工作。In general, the first attempt at producing new computing paradigms rarely sticks, notes Sumeet Jain of CMEA Capital, a venture-capital firm.风险投资公司CMEA Capital的Sumeet Jain说道:总体来说,设计新计算设备的首次尝试很少会取得成功。If Googles glasses are to prove an exception to that rule, the firm will have to meet several challenges.如果谷歌的眼镜想打破常规,谷歌公司必须迎接一些挑战。One is to refine their design so that wearers dont look like nerds from a laboratory.一是必须完善他们的设计,使配戴者看起来并不像实验室出来的书呆子。Another is to assuage inevitable concerns around privacy that the glasses will raise.另一个挑战就是解决眼镜必然带来的隐私问题。The firm will also need to reassure people their eyeballs wont be blitzed with advertising, which is Googles preferred way to mint money.它还需要消除人们的疑虑,使他们的眼球不会陷入广告大战,而这正是谷歌喜欢的捞金方式。Mr Brin stresses the aim is to make a profit on the glasses themselves, whose mass-market price will be well below the 1,500 developers are paying for a pair.Brin先生强调他们的目标是通过眼镜本身来盈利,眼镜是市场价将会适当低于开发者的购买价格1500美元。That should make them worth a close look.这会使得谷歌眼镜更易于被消费者接受。 /201307/248481You are teaching me how to Daugie.Just a little bit. a little bit.All right,all right. Lets get right to it.你刚教我跳道基舞 就一点点 一点点 好的 俺们切入正题吧cause you have a gift for me.What it is? I do.Well, you know, this is season 10.因为你为我准备了礼物 是什么 我准备了礼物 这是第十季And I decide to bring a gift from my foundation,the D12 Foundation, for you.我觉得从我的基金 D12基金里 拿出一部分作为你的礼物Wow, here you go.Wow ,thats amazing. Oh my god.Thats incredible.哇 就是这个 哇 太棒了 我的天哪 太好了Thank you so much, thank you.Oh,my god.非常感谢 感谢 我的老天This Gentle Barm,it needs this so badly right now.“温柔谷仓”正急需这笔钱Thank you so much.And I now have a gift for you. No way.Maybe,maybe.非常感谢 我也为你准备了礼物 不可能 也许吧I heard that youre absess with Lego.Dont tell,yes I am.Like you are absess with Lego, you love...我听说你对乐高玩具十分着迷 不要说 是的 就像你着迷与乐高玩具 你喜欢They are hared.They say they are for kids.But they are hard. they ,they are, like people.很难吧 有人说这是为小孩做的 但这个真的很难玩 的确The box says for ages from 5 to 8,but they are really for adults.玩具说明是给5到8岁孩子玩的 但实际上是成年人玩的Right,look,what you...Look,thats impressive.是的 快看 你在干嘛 快看 超级拉风Yeah,I did that,yeah ,yeah, I did that when I was, you know,for my back,I couldnt really do anything,so I just make Legos all day.是的 我做的 恩恩 那个是在我背部受伤时做的 我基本做不了事情 我每天就玩乐高玩具Mommy, you can play with Legos.妈妈 你可以玩乐高玩具If you are lying in bed,you can play with Legos.当你躺在床上的时候 你可以玩乐高玩具Alright, well, we told our friends in Legos that you love Lego.好的 我们告诉一个在乐高玩具工作的朋友你很喜欢乐高玩具So we get you something.After you my dear.All y,sir.我们为你准备了点东西 亲爱的 你先 先生 准备就绪 /201310/261277

When you burst out crying, you expect the bleary red eyes and the rivers of tears that stream down your cheeks. But on top of all that, your nose starts to run like a faucet. Why does this happen? What’s the connection between crying and a runny nose?当你放声大哭时,朦胧的红眼睛以及泉涌般的泪水沿着面颊滑落是预料之中的事。除此之外,你会开始流鼻涕。为什么会出现这种情况?哭和流鼻涕之间又有什么联系呢?Where Do Tears Come From?眼泪从何而来?Tears come from tear glands located just over the eye, behind the bone. As tears rinse down over your eye, they collect at the rims of your lower eyelids, where some may overflow and stream down your cheeks.眼泪是由位于眼骨后的泪腺分泌的。当泪水被分泌出,他们便贮藏在下眼睑边缘,一部分眼泪溢出眼睛沿脸颊流下。But that’s not the only escape route for overflowing tears. If you look very closely at the inside of your eyelid, right near your nose, you’ll see a tiny little hole. You might need to gently pull your eyelid down to see it, because it’s on the inner edge of the eyelid, resting against the eye.但那并不是眼泪流出来的唯一路径。如果你仔细观察眼睑内侧靠近鼻子的地方,你会看到一个极其微小的洞。你可能需要轻拉眼睑才能看到这个小洞,因为它位于靠近眼睛的眼睑内侧。River Tears泪流成河These little holes, on the upper and lower eyelids of both eyes, serve as drains and lead into canals that run through grooves in the bones of the face and eventually empty into the nose. Even when you’re not crying, some of the normal, everyday tears that moisten and clean your eyes drain out through this secret passageway into the nose, but it’s such a small amount that you don’t notice it.这些小洞位于双眼的上下眼睑,它们发挥着排水管的作用,引导泪水沿着脸骨的凹槽流下并最终流入鼻子。即使你不哭的时候,每天也会有一些正常产生的、用以湿润和清洁眼睛的眼泪通过这个秘密通道流到鼻子里,只不过它们数量太少你察觉不到而已。When the tears really start to gush, however, this unnoticeable trickle turns into a river. As the tears make their way down through the nose, they moisten and loosen other secretions on the way. And that’s when you reach for a tissue!当眼泪喷涌而出的时候,这些平时察觉不到的小泪滴便汇流成河。在泪水流入鼻子的同时,它们在沿途还起到湿润和疏松其它分泌物的作用,这时候,你就需要纸巾擦拭了。 /201305/237603

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