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郴州东方泌尿专科男科专家挂号临武县男科挂号Kim Jong Nam, the estranged older half-brother of Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s leader, was killed in an attack at Kuala Lumpur airport, Malaysian police confirmed on Tuesday, in an apparent assassination.马来西亚警方周二实,朝鲜领导人金正Kim Jong Un)关系疏远的同父异母长兄金正男(Kim Jong Nam)在马来西亚吉隆坡机场遇袭身亡。这是一起明显的暗杀。The 46-year-old was assaulted by a woman who covered his face with a cloth laced with liquid as he was waiting for a flight to Macau, said Fadzil Ahmat, a Malaysian police official. He was confirmed dead after being taken to hospital.马来西亚警方官员法兹?阿赫玛特(Fadzil Ahmat)表示6岁的受害人在等候飞往的航班时,被一名女子用一块沾满液体的布蒙住面部。他被送往医院后实死亡。Kim was once considered an heir to the late Kim Jong Il, North Korea’s former leader, but his fortunes turned after he was arrested at Tokyo airport with a fake passport in 2001. He was apparently en route to Disneyland in Tokyo.金正男一度被认为是已故的朝鲜前领导人金正Kim Jong Il)的接班人,但2001年在东京机场因持有假护照被捕后,他的命运开始走下坡路。当时他显然是要去东京的迪斯尼乐园。Since rising to power following the death of his father in 2011, Kim Jong Un has moved ruthlessly to cement his standing as North Korea’s supreme leader. His uncle, Jang Sung Taek, was in 2013 purged from the ruling WorkersParty of Korea. North Korean state media later reported he was executed.011年父亲去世后开始掌权以来,金正恩一直无情地巩固自己作为朝鲜最高领袖的地位013年,他的姑父张成Jang Sung Taek)被执政的朝鲜劳动党开除党籍。据朝鲜官方媒体后来报道,他已被处决。If Pyongyang were proved to have orchestrated Kim’s death, “it means Kim Jong Un has absolute control over every nook and cranny of the North Korean system said Youngshik Bong, an authority on North Korea at Yonsei University in Seoul. “This is the final touch in consolidating power?.?.?.?there are no other checks and balances.”如果平壤方面被明策划了金正男之死,“就说明金正恩对朝鲜体制的每个角落都拥有绝对控制”,首尔延世大学(Yonsei University)的朝鲜专家奉英植(Bong Young-shik)表示。“这是巩固权力的最后一步……没有任何其他制衡。”But he said the development could mean the North Korean leader had now demonstrated his power, allowing him the latitude to strike a deal with US President Donald Trump without appearing weak.但他表示,这一事态可能意味着朝鲜领导人已经展现出他的力量,这将让他具有回旋余地,能够与美国总统唐纳特朗Donald Trump)达成协议,而不会显得软弱。Pyongyang set off alarm bells on Sunday when it test fired a medium-range ballistic missile for the first time since Mr Trump’s inauguration in what observers saw as a calculated move to test the US leader.平壤方面在周日试射一枚中程弹道导弹,这是其在特朗普就职以来首次试射弹道导弹,此举敲响了警钟,观察人士认为此举是一个精心盘算的举动,目的是试探美国领导人。Mr Trump, who was hosting Shinzo Abe, Japan’s prime minister, at the time, responded only with a statement in support of the US’s “great allyin Tokyo.当时正在接待日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)的特朗普只是回应称,持美国的“伟大盟国”日本。Dennis Wilder, a former Central Intelligence Agency analyst who was Asia adviser to George W Bush, said there had long been rumours that Kim Jong Un wanted to kill his half brother. “He wants no alternatives among the North Korean elite to his rule,said Mr Wilder. “It fits with the kind of vicious policies he has pursued internally.”中央情报局(CIA)前分析师、曾担任乔治?W?布什(George W Bush)的亚洲顾问的韦德Dennis Wilder)表示,有关金正恩想要除掉同父异母长兄的传言由来已久。“他希望在朝鲜的精英阶层中没有可以替代他的统治者地位的人选,”韦德宁表示。“这与他在国内推行的那种残暴政策相符。”If proven to have been the work of North Korea, the assassination is likely to further strain Pyongyang’s ties with China, which harboured Kim in Macau, where he lived in exile for years.如果被明是朝鲜官方所为,这起暗杀事件可能会导致平壤方面与中国的关系进一步趋于紧张;流亡的金正男生前在中国的生活了多年。“Beijing is stuck. They don’t trust Kim [Jong Un] but they have no better options,said Bill Bishop, a China expert who publishes the popular Sinocism newsletter on Chinese politics. “Beijing was livid when he killed his uncle, who was one of if not the key link with Beijing.”“北京方面左右为难。他们不信任金正恩,但他们没有更好的选择,”中国问题专家利明璋(Bill Bishop)表示,“北京方面曾对他杀死自己的姑父感到震怒,后者生前是平壤与北京之间的关键联系人之一,如果不是唯一联系人的话。”利明璋是有关中国政治的颇具人气的通讯《Sinocism China Newsletter》的出版人。Chris Johnson, another former top CIA analyst, said the assassination could complicate US efforts to deal with the mounting nuclear threat from North Korea. Mr Trump has stressed that dealing with Pyongyang would be one of his top priorities, but short of a pre-emptive strike, the US is heavily reliant on China to tackle the issue.CIA前分析师克里约翰Chris Johnson)表示,这起暗杀可能使美国应对朝鲜核威胁的努力复杂化。特朗普曾强调,应对平壤方面将是他的首要任务之一,但是除非发动先发制人的打击,否则美国严重依赖中国来处理这个问题。“Given Kim Jong Nam’s longtime residency in Beijing and Macau, he presumably acted as a source of insight for the Chinese on how to interpret happenings inside North Korea,said Mr Johnson. “With the earlier execution of Jang Sung Taek?.?.?.?Yong Nam’s demise could leave Beijing with very little feel for North Korean internal dynamics, and therefore more reluctant to push the North on the nuclear programme.”“鉴于金正男长期居住在北京和,他想必是为中方解读朝鲜国内动态提供见解的一个来源,”约翰逊表示,“在张成泽早已被处决的情况下……金正男身亡可能使北京方面不再能够把握朝鲜的内部动态,因此更不愿意在核计划问题上对朝鲜施压。”Kim was well known at the gambling tables of Macau. He spoke good English and chatted affably with reporters. Like his brothers, Kim grew up in a cloistered world but with privileged access to foreign films and luxury goods. Kim Han-sol, his son, attended university in Paris for about a year from September 2013.金正男是的常客。他能说流利的英语,也愿意和记者们亲切交谈。像弟弟们一样,金正男在一个封闭世界长大,但拥有获得奢侈品的特权,也能看外国电影。他的儿子金韩松(Kim Han-sol)013月在巴黎上了一年大学。来 /201702/492443郴州东方泌尿专科看前列腺炎好吗 China vs. Philippinesin South China Sea: The Only Thing You Need to Know关于中国与菲律宾南海较量:你只需要知道一件事情Manila can sue Beijing all it wants, but in the end it seemsChinese leaders aly know how they will respond. . .菲律宾可以随意的控告中国,但是中国政府已经决定如何回应.In just a few weeks the Permanent Court of Arbitration in TheHague will render its verdict in a case filed by the Philippines to challengeChina’s longstanding maritime claims in the South China Sea. While the resultof that arbitration remains unknown, Beijing has aly telegraphed how itwill react should the court rule in Manila’s favor.过不了几个周,海牙法庭关于菲律宾提交的起诉中国关于南海主张的仲裁结果即将出炉。虽然结果还未知,但是中国已经表明自己将会采取什么样的措施,如果仲裁结果有利于菲律宾。For months now, Chinese officials have made Beijing’s casefor rejecting the tribunal’s legal authority in the matter while characterizingManila’s gambit as “irresponsibly frivolous.The Chinese foreign ministry hasaly questioned the court’s authority and is boycotting the entire process,which it has derided as an “orchestrated performance.As legal scholar JeromeCohen noted in a recent article, both the Chinese Society ofInternational Law and the All China Lawyers Association have issued “dutifulsupporting argumentsin favor of snubbing the process.最近几个月内,中国官员依照北京指示拒绝承认海牙法庭的法律权威,并且指责菲律宾的控诉是极不负责行为。中国外交部已经质疑并且抵制整个过程,并嘲笑其为精心策划的闹剧。正如法学专家科恩在其文章里提到的,为了阻止该仲裁过程,所有中国的国际和国内法律协会都对该仲裁案提出了质疑,More important to understanding Beijing’s mind-set on thematter is the fact that even if the court had had the authority to rule in thecase and the powers to enforce its decision, it is highly unlikely that Beijingwould have been any more inclined to accede. The reason behind this is directlyrelated to the historical narrative of “national humiliationand the beliefthat as a product of Western imperialism, global institutions and the legalarchitecture of international law are little more than mechanisms to maintain askewed distribution of power. In other words, a ruling by an internationalcourt against Beijing would have provided more “evidencethat the West, alongwith its allies in East Asia, are conspiring to keep China in a state ofsubjugation. As Zheng Wang demonstrates in his book Never Forget National Humiliation, the victimization narrative wields a powerfulinfluence on decisionmaking in Beijing and public support for its doggedresponse to the perceived affront. A survey conducted in 2013 by Andrew Chubbalso shows that 83 percent of Chinese respondents regarded the South China Seadispute as a continuation of theso-called “century of humiliation.”在这件事上我们需要清楚的了解中国的想法,因为即使海牙法庭有权利进行仲裁和有能力执行仲裁结果,中国也不可能接受仲裁结果。在仲裁案背后,中国有着很强烈的历史观“国家耻辱”,并且坚信现有的国际法律体系只不过是西方帝国主义和国际组织为了维持权利平衡而设立的机制。也就是说,如果国际法庭作出不利于中国的裁决,那么更加明西方国家及其盟友东亚国家正在合谋压制中囀?正如郑旺在其书《永不忘记的国家耻辱》中所提现的,受害者心态影响着北京的决定,并且促使公众强烈持对抵抗外来冒犯有。安德鲁丘013年做的调研表3%的中国民众认为南海争端是中国世纪耻辱的延续。Having attained a certain level of respectability ininternational relations, Beijing is no longer a “status quopower. Ittherefore has less compunction in seeking to undermine or reconfigure globalinstitutions when it sees fit, to “reorder the worldso as to better align thesystem with the new norms created by China’s reemergence as a majorcivilizational power.除了在一定程度上尊重国际关系,中国已经不是“维持现状”的力量。因此在北京认为合适的时候,将会毫无内疚的破坏或者重新构造国际组织,以此来更好的适应中国再次崛起为一个主要的文明力量下的新常态体系。The fate of the Permanent Court of Arbitration’s ruling isaly sealed. Appealing to international law may have been a good idea onpaper, but from the outset it had no chance of having any impact on thedispute.南海仲裁案的结局已经注定,通过国际法来解决问题只是纸上谈兵,国际法从来就不会对南海争议产生影响。来 /201607/453125安仁县人民中妇幼保健医院男科专家

湘南学院附属医院男科挂号Russia on Wednesday suspended a three-year-old agreement with the ed States on cooperation on nuclear and energy-related research the latest move signifying a deteriorating bilateral relationship.俄罗斯周三暂停了同美国在核能以及与能源相关研究的一个三年合作协议,这一最新举动标志着两国关系的继续恶化;Its frankly concerning,; a senior U.S. official told VOA on condition he not be named.一位不愿意透露姓名的美国资深官员对美国之音说:“坦率地讲,这一情况令人担忧。”Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday also signed a decree suspending an agreement with the U.S. on disposing weapons-grade plutonium, citing ;unfriendly actions; by Washington a reference to U.S.-led sanctions on Moscow for its actions in Ukraine.俄罗斯总统普京周一还签署了一道命令,暂停了一项与美国达成的处理武器级钚的协议,理由是华盛顿采取了“不友善的行动”,意指以美国为首的国家对莫斯科在乌克兰的行动进行了制裁。Nullifying the plutonium pact is ;a real tragedy because these are areas where we have successfully cooperated in the past,; State Department spokesman Mark Toner said during Wednesdays daily briefing.美国国务院发言人托纳在周三的每日通报会上说,废弃钚协议是“一个真正的悲剧,因为在这些领域内,我们以前的合作是成功的。”The ed States has halted Syria cease-fire direct talks with Russia amid continuing military attacks against civilian targets, with the U.S. administration declaring its patience at an end with Moscow. However, Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke again Wednesday about Syria.由于针对平民目标的袭击持续不断,美国中断了和俄罗斯就叙利亚停火的直接会谈。美国政府宣称已经对莫斯科失去耐心。但美国国务卿克里和俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫周三再次就叙利亚问题进行了交谈。Diplomats in both Washington and Moscow say the ed States requested the call, which also covered the situations in Ukraine and North Korea.华盛顿和莫斯科的外交官员均表示,美国主动提出了电话交谈的要求,交谈内容还涉及乌克兰以及朝鲜问题。来 /201610/470556郴州看前列腺囊肿要花多少钱 The US is reconsidering its support for the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, after more than 140 people were killed on Saturday by air strikes that targeted a funeral gathering in the Yemeni capital of Sana’a.美国正在重新考虑对沙特领导的联军在也门展开的军事行动的持,此前,上周六也门首都萨那(见上图)的一场葬礼成为空袭目标,造成40人死亡。The White House said it had begun an immediate review into its role in assisting the coalition in the wake of the attack, one of the bloodiest since March 2015, when Saudi Arabia led a coalition of neighbouring Sunni states into an air and ground campaign seeking to restore the ousted government of President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi.白宫表示,在这场袭击发生后,美方已开始立即重新审视其在援助这联军中扮演的角色。自2015月起,沙特领导由周边逊尼派国家组成的联军,展开了空中和地面的军事行动,谋求恢复被赶下台的也门总统阿卜杜拉#8226;曼苏#8226;哈迪(Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi)的政府。这场袭击是开战以来最血腥的事件之一。Yemeni officials blamed Saudi Arabia for launching about three air strikes targeting a gathering after the funeral of the father of Yemen’s interior minister, Jalal al-Rowaishan, a close ally of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, who has been fighting alongside the Houthi rebel movement.也门官员指责沙特针对也门内政部长贾拉#8226;鲁韦Jalal al-Rowaishan)父亲的葬礼后的一场聚会发起约3次空中打击。鲁韦尚是前总统阿里#8226;阿卜杜拉#8226;萨利Ali Abdullah Saleh)的亲密盟友,而萨利赫一直在与胡Houthi)叛军并肩作战。US security co-operation with Saudi Arabia is not a blank cheque, said Ned Price, National Security Council spokesman. In light of this and other recent incidents, we have initiated an immediate review of our aly significantly reduced support to the Saudi-led coalition.美国与沙特的安全合作并非一张空白票,白宫国家安全委员会发言人内#8226;普赖Ned Price)说,鉴于这次空袭和近期发生的其他事件,我们已启动立即重新审视我们对沙特领导的联军的持,尽管这一持已经显著缩减。The US has backed Riyadh’s campaign to restore Mr Hadi’s government by providing rearmament and targeting assistance, but has become increasingly concerned about the loss of civilian lives in the 20-month campaign that has killed more than 10,000 people.美国一直通过提供军备和确定轰炸目标的协助来持利雅得寻求恢复哈迪政府的战役,但日益担忧这场持0个月的军事行动中的平民伤亡。目前这场行动已经造成万人丧生。US-Saudi relations, aly strained over Washington’s nuclear deal with Iran, has worsened this month after US lawmakers overrode a presidential veto and introduced a bill that would allow victims of the 9/11 attacks to sue foreign governments for terrorist attacks on US soil.因美国与伊朗核协议而紧张的美沙关系在本月恶化,原因是美国国会推翻总统的否决,推出一项允/11恐怖袭击受害者就发生在美国本土的恐怖主义袭击起诉外国政府的法案。The coalition described the bombing as regrettable and painful, saying it would investigate the incident.联军称此次空袭令人遗憾和痛苦,表示将调查此次事件。In a statement, it said its pilots have clear instructions not to target populated areas and to avoid civilians. 在声明中,联军方面表示其飞行员得到了不把人口稠密地区作为目标并避免平民的明确指示。Coalition military officials had earlier briefed media that their jets had not struck the funeral hall.联军军事官员早些时候曾向媒体表示,他们的飞机并未袭击殡仪馆。The coalition said its investigation team would include experts from the US who have participated in previous probes into targeting of civilian targets in Yemen.联军表示,调查小组将包含来自美国的专家,这些专家参与了之前有关也门平民目标成为轰炸对象的调查。The UN says air strikes have intensified across the country in recent days heightening suffering and leading to loss of civilian life.联合UN)表示,近日对也门全境的空中打击加强,加剧了苦难,导致了平民丧生。We deplore this outrageous loss of civilian life, said Robert Mardini, regional director for the Near and Middle East of the International Committee of the Red Cross. Civilians in Yemen have aly paid far too heavy a price these past 18 months.我们谴责这种骇人听闻的平民丧生,红十字国际委员会(ICRC)近东和中东地区主管罗贝尔#8226;马尔迪尼(Robert Mardini)说,在过8个月中,也门的平民付出了过于沉重的代价。Since peace talks were suspended in August, the UN had aly reported a sharp increase in civilian deaths, with 180 people killed last month, a 40 per cent rise over July.和平谈判月搁置后,联合国已经报告平民死亡人数大幅上升,上月有180人丧生,月上0%。来 /201610/470233郴州男性疾病

郴州汝城县人民医院妇幼保健割包皮多少钱 China will hold the rotating chair of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) bloc next year and host its 9th summit in the Chinese city of Xiamen in September, President Xi Jinping announced in Goa Sunday.国家主席习近平上周日在印度西部的果阿邦出席金砖国巴西、俄罗斯、印度、中国和南非)领导人第八次会晤时宣布,中国将于2017年接任金砖国家轮值主席国,并于明月在厦门市举办金砖国家领导人第九次会晤。Along with Xi, Brazilian President Michel Temer, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and South African President Jacob Zuma attended the summit.和习近平主席一同出席该峰会的有巴西总统米歇尔·特梅尔、俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·普京、印度总理纳伦德拉·莫迪和南非总统雅各布·祖马。China expects to work with all parties concerned to implement the consensuses reached at previous summits, deepen their partnerships and write a new chapter for the BRICS cooperation, Xi said at the 8th BRICS Summit in the western Indian state of Goa.习近平主席称,中方期待着同各方一道,共同落实好历届会晤共识,深化伙伴关系,谱写金砖国家合作新篇章。Xiamen, a tourist resort on the southeast coast of China, is known for its mild climate and beautiful scenery. Xi served as vice mayor of Xiamen in the 1980s.厦门是我国东南沿海的旅游胜地,以气候宜人、景色优美著称。而习近平曾于20世纪80年代在厦门市担任副市长。来 /201610/473034郴州不孕不育检查湖南省郴州市龟头炎症



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