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在TEDIndia,Pranav Mistry 展示了几项让实体世界和数字世界互动的工具,包括深入检视他的;第六感运算装置;,以及划时代的纸;计算机;。在问答中,Mistry 说,他要开放;第六感运算;背后的软件程序代码,让可能性无限延伸。 Article/201507/387053

栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们边看视频边学英语。正宗地道的口语,假一罚十。美剧电影真人秀都看过了之后还能看什么学口语呢?当然是看这些双语视频啦!又好玩,又原汁原味,又顺便学一两句地道英语,多痛快!快来看看吧! Article/201510/401322

  When I talk about the underbelly of the information revolution,说到信息化革命的薄弱环节I#39;m really talking about the unseen downside我实际上想说的是信息化革命of the information revolution.不为人知的消极面You know, we obviously have seen all the benefits我们很明显地就能看到of having all this information at our fingertips.信息唾手可得的所有优势But we#39;re just awakening to the fact但我们刚刚开始意识到that we#39;re also being surveilled all the time.我们一直都在被监视的事实We#39;re being monitored in ways that were never before possible.我们被之前从未有过的方式监控着Every time we browse the internet,每次我们上网what we do can be collated and sold to advertisers.我们的浏览信息就能被收集并卖给广告商So, basically, online there are hundreds of companies简单来说 网上有成千上公司that sort of install invisible tracking technology on websites.他们在网页上设置了隐形追踪技术They#39;ve installed basically a serial number on your computer几乎就是在你电脑上安装了一串序列号and they watch you whenever they see you across the Web在你浏览网页的时候监视着你and build a dossier about your ing habits,然后建立一个你的档案 其中包括阅读偏好your shopping habits, whatever they can obtain.购物偏好 还有其它获取到的信息And then there#39;s a real market for that data.这些数据有一个真正的市场They buy and sell it有人进行买卖交易and there#39;s an online auction bidding for information about you.还会有在线拍卖竞标你的信息重点解释:1.talk about 谈论例句:I never talk about gossip.我从不传播流言蜚语。2.hundreds of 成百上千的例句:The railway traverses hundreds of miles of desert.这条铁路贯穿数百英里的沙漠。3.sort of 有几分地例句:That would sort of ruin the point.那会有几分破坏的意图。 Article/201612/483910

  These are mega dunes of ice, carved by centuries of relentless winds.这些数百万的冰丘被无情的风雕刻了几个世纪Each dune is three miles from the next.每个冰丘有六千米,相互连接Together they cover an area about the size of California.覆盖一片区域面积大小约等于加利福尼亚州The polar ice even creates its own climate.极地的冰甚至创造自己的气候The air is so cold that it holds almost no moisture空气太冷以至于没有湿气so Antarctica is the driest continent on Earth.所以,实际上,南极洲是地球上最大和最干的荒漠But beneath the ice is another even more magical world,但是在冰的下面是更魔幻的世界one that#39;s been lost for more than 10 million years.一个消失了超过一千万年的世界This satellite image reveals a huge area of flat ice,卫星照片显示有一大块区域是平滑的冰flat because it#39;s floating on top of an enormous lake.平滑是因为它浮在一个大湖上面It#39;s called Lake Vostok.叫做沃斯托克湖It lies beneath nearly two miles of ice.它在冰下三千米The lake has been isolated from the rest of the planet for millions of years.这湖独立于星球的其他部分数百万年It may even be home to forms of life we#39;ve never seen.它甚至可能是某些我们未曾见过的物种起源地And thanks to radar,now, for the first time, it#39;s possible to see the complete landscape感谢雷达 我们能第一次揭示隐藏在南极洲冰层下的that lies buried beneath Antarctica s ice.整个完全的风景 Article/201510/402395。

  Both the WTO and APEC are set to advocate free and open trade within a non-discriminatory, rule-based framework as a tool to effectively contribute to economic growth, development and poverty reduction.世界贸易组织和亚太经合组织都提倡非歧视、有规可循的发展自由开放的贸易, 有效地促进经济增长、发展并且抑制贫困。World Trade Organization Director General, Robert Azevedo, spoke at the APEC CEO Summit discussion and shared what he thinks are the major concerns for doing business.世贸组织总干事罗伯特·阿泽维多在亚太经合组织工商领导人峰会上发表讲话,并且分享了他认为经济面临的主要问题。For business today,tariffs are not the most important thing, the two biggest concerns are 1, time and cost, the cost of crossing the border.在当今经济中,关税并非至关重要,最主要的2个问题是:时间和成本,跨界成本。What happened behind the border, the rules and regulations....the key is the trade facilitation agreement.其次则是边境另一边的情况,规定和管理...关键问题是贸易便利化协定。 Article/201411/341849

  Her courage inspires one of the prison guards,A man called Pudens, to convert.她的勇气感动了一名监狱看守 他叫布田 之后他也加入了基督教Thousands of Christians are executed.They become known as martyrs.数千名基督教徒被处以死刑 他们就是人们所尊称的殉道者But the more Christians the Romans kill,The more popular the religion becomes.但是罗马人杀死的基督教徒越多 基督教就越是盛行In 100 years, the number of followers grows from 200,000 to six million.一百年间 基督教徒数量 由二十万上升到六百万1 in 10 people in the empire is Christian.在罗马 每十人中就有一名基督教徒From North Africa to Britain,从北非到英国The religion becomes so common all laws against it are lifted.这个宗教变得如此流行 因此所有禁止它的法律均被废除And then, a watershed moment.之后 一个转折点来了The year is 337.The emperor Constantine is dying.公元337年 君士坦丁大帝驾崩He makes a decision that will shape the future Of the Roman Empire.临终前他做出了一个决定 决定了整个罗马帝国的未来;The time is arrived I have long hoped for,;我久久期盼的时刻终于到来;With an earnest desire and prayer,;作为一个虔诚的祷告者;That I might obtain the salvation of God.;;我可能会得到主的救赎;The most powerful man in the western world is baptized.西方世界最强大的人接受了洗礼For hundreds of years,Christianity was being quelled,数百年来 基督教一直被罗马帝国欺凌and put down by the Roman Empire, even persecuted.镇压甚至是迫害Now it#39;s okay to be a Christian.不过现在信奉基督教就没事了 Article/201510/406449栏目简介:The art world has been buzzing for the last couple of years about another Mona Lisa painting. It#39;s known as the ;Earlier Mona Lisa; and some believe it#39;s an authentic da Vinci work that he painted before the Mona Lisa hanging in the Louvre. However, other art experts still aren#39;t convinced it#39;s a da Vinci work. The ;Earlier Mona Lisa; is now in Shanghai and I had the chance to find out why exhibition organizers are convinced it is the Italian artist#39;s creation. Article/201703/492627If you don#39;t pack on those extra pounds in winter, you won#39;t have to struggle to lose them again in the spring. Save yourself the hassle and stay trim year-round with these proven methods.如果寒冷的冬季没有累积很多脂肪,春天来临时你也不必绞尽脑汁减肥了。根据以下百试不爽的方法,让自己摆脱烦恼,一整年都保持苗条身姿。You Will Need你需要Journal日记Daily exercise每天锻炼Weekly weigh-ins每周称体重Tangible rewards真实的奖励Healthy diet健康的饮食Sun exposure (optional)晒太阳(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Keep a journal1.记日记Keep a journal with all the tricks that helped you successfully lose weight in warm weather, like eating more fruit and salads and exercising, and adapt them for winter.记录温暖天气让你成功减肥的所有方法,比如多吃水果和蔬菜沙拉,运动,应用在冬季寒冷的天气里。Step 2 Exercise daily2.每天运动Exercise daily for 60 minutes. It#39;s okay to break it up into smaller increments; park further from your destination and walk briskly, take the stairs, or hop on a tmill.每天锻炼60分钟,可以分割成比较短的时间段。把车停在离目的地比较远的地方,轻快地散步,爬楼梯,或者用跑步机锻炼。Getting out in the sun, even if it#39;s very cold, will give your mood a natural boost that you may be getting from fatty snacks.多出去晒晒太阳,即使非常寒冷的天气,这样可以天然地改善情绪,让你避免吃高脂肪的零食。Step 3 Get on the scale3.称体重Weigh yourself at least once a week to keep weight from creeping up on you.每周至少测量一次体重,避免体重增加。Step 4 Journal your thoughts4.记录自己的想法Write down the pros and cons of how you felt physically, mentally, and spiritually before you lost the weight and after. You#39;ll begin to focus on the benefits of losing weight -- such as fitting into all your old clothing and having more energy-- which will keep you motivated.记录减肥前后自己身体,思想和精神上的细节。你将会开始集中在减肥的益处方面——比如以前穿不上的衣又可以穿了,也有更多精力了,这样可以让你更有动力。Reward yourself with little gifts when you reach incremental goals.当你达到某个目标时,奖励自己一点小礼物。Step 5 Eat right5.正确的饮食Practice portion control and eat a balanced diet of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Consuming slightly more protein and less fat may help you feel satisfied and curb weight gain. Now when spring rolls around, you can dust off that old bathing suit and wear it proudly.练习分量控制,食用蛋白质,脂肪和碳水化合物均衡的饮食。摄入较多蛋白质,较少脂肪可以帮你感到满足,也可以抑制体重增加。现在,当春季来临的时候,你可以拿出以前的泳衣,自豪地穿上了。One study found that Americans only gain about a pound during the winter holiday season but that the extra weight accumulates through the years and may be a major factor in obesity later in life.一项研究发现,美国人在冬季假期的体重只会增加大约1磅,但是全年都会累积多余的脂肪,可能也是晚年肥胖的主要因素。 Article/201412/346950

  How To Ski Powder粉雪技巧Powder skiing, it#39;s really the Holy Grail for a lot of recreational skiers.滑粉雪是很多业余滑雪者的必杀技.The idea of coming down a perfectly virgin field with snow flying everywhere ,it#39;s a lot of people#39;s dream.从一个条件完美的原始雪地上滑雪,伴随着雪花飞扬, 是大多数滑雪者的梦想But the reality is if you#39;ve got a problem coming down a blue run但事实是如果你在初学者滑道(蓝色滑道)出现问题it#39;s going to be amplified when you#39;re off piste.在道外滑雪的时候这些问题就会更严重Linking those turns together is really key and not getting too built up physiologically that it#39;s a massively different thing between that and skiing down a piste.滑雪的时候关键是把回转串联起来而不单单是肢体动作的幅度增强,这也就是道内滑雪和道外滑雪的最大不同Good smooth linking of the turns and a positive flow.平稳的连续动作是串联了回转和正流It#39;s a lot to do with rhythm.这其中有很多需要联系才能跟上滑雪步调Link the turns together with no hesitation.连续动作的时候不要犹豫A good pole plant will help you keep the rhythm going.完美的点仗动作对节奏的把握会有帮助Remember what we learnt on the piste; no dead spot, no tea break between the turns.但是谨记,我们在滑雪道上学到的两点: 无盲区, 回转的时候无间断There is always something happening.但是总会遇见问题Relax and enjoy it要学会放松并享受The best way to build confidence skiing powder is on the piste after a fresh snowfall.树立信心的最好方式就是在下完一场新鲜的雪之后的滑雪道练习滑粉雪Start linking the turns down the run with no hesitation.开始把每个回转迅速得连接起来,不要犹豫The first few runs will give you a gentle introduction to the feeling of powder.前几个小连接会让你轻微的感受到雪粉扬起的感觉Above all be confident.这些都需要树立自信If you#39;re in a resort when it snows over night make sure you#39;re on the first lift, as it will soon get tracked out.如果你在一个度假胜地,晚上下了一整夜的雪,一定要确保你是第一个滑雪的人, 因为很快新鲜的雪道就会被追踪到Something to watch out for is trying to throw the skis around far too quickly.需要注意的是不要试图滑得太快You#39;re coming into the turn and you#39;re going to do it all in one big movement.要不然你会很快就开始转弯而且在一个大回转中把所有动作连接起来If you put too much weight onto that new ski, the downhill ski, in one go it#39;s going to dig in and you#39;re going to feel like you#39;re thrown over the handlebars.如果你在下山脚上施压太多, 那只脚将直接挖进雪地里,然后直接被甩过手把It#39;s got to start nice and smooth, let the skis point downhill and gradually build up that pressure change, nothing is too fast.正常应该平稳的开始,让滑雪板朝着山下然后慢慢改变施重,不要急Let the skis work through this deeper snow. Get that control.让滑雪板穿越更深的雪地, 好好的控制Keep the distractions to a minimum尽量保持注意力集中No rocks, no trees, a nice simple slope ,so you can just focus on what you#39;re doing.没有石头,没有树, 一个简单平稳的坡度会让你注意力集中在你要做的事情上Skiing powder feels great but if you can get some of these exercises on the piste, a nice smooth fluid turn, good strong pole plant,滑雪粉感觉很棒,但是如果你在雪道上多多练习流畅的回转,点仗动作that#39;s going to go a long way to help you get some of those turns mastered when the snow#39;s a bit deeper.当雪深一些的时候, 这些练习会慢慢帮助你掌握这些回转连贯动作You#39;ll be amazed once you link some turns together一旦学会连贯动作, 你会非常惊喜的how much more self-confidence you have and that#39;s going to go a long way to help you ski off piste.你越自信,在滑雪道上滑雪慢慢也会得到很大帮助的.注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。 Article/201506/379786



  Lay all this paperbark on top like this for three reasons,Gets me even higher out of the water,再把白千层树皮放到最上面 这样做有三个原因 首先它可以让我远离水面camouflages me from the saltwater crocodiles and it#39;s comfy to sit on.This is y to launch.掩护我躲过咸水鳄的伤害 而且 坐上去更舒一些 这艘木筏可以下水了It#39;s worth just throwing sticks into this shallow water.最好还是往浅水区扔几根木棒If there is any crocodile there...this will just give me a good indication.这样就可以侦查清楚 水里到底有没有鳄鱼This raft will take me downstream towards the coast,这艘木筏将载着我顺流而下去到海边but you could be on this for days,so you need a way to hunt for food.但是这趟旅程可能得花上好几天 所以最好还是想办法弄点吃的Check out the barbs on that.Actually make a hook out of this.看看这上面的倒钩 可以用这个做个鱼钩The fibrous barbs of the pandanus plant are incredibly strong, ideal for making a fish hook.露兜树纤维质的倒刺 出奇的坚韧 是做鱼钩的理想材料Take a small section of it...Just tie some paracord to that, and we can fish.从上面取一小部分 然后再缠上点草绳 就能拿来钓鱼了Okay, that#39;s gonna work nicely as a hook,and I just need something to act as a lure for it.好啦 这应该可以当鱼钩用了 但是我还得找点鱼饵才行Be a bit careful getting off this raft to go and find something.下木筏找东西的时候 一定要万分小心It#39;s only knee-deep, though, here.Okay, let#39;s just be quick about this.尽管这里的水深没膝 但我们动作还是麻利一点儿好Spider webs are always gonna make a good lure.蜘蛛网是绝佳的鱼饵You grab the whole thing and wrap it up in the web.你可以把蜘蛛整只抓住 然后卷好 Article/201701/488264

  It takes place on the fourth of July and celebrates America#39;s freedom. Welcome to WatchMojo.com and today we#39;ll be learning more about Independence Day.那在七月四日举行,庆祝美国的自由。欢迎收看WatchMojo.com,今天我们要了解更多有关美国国庆日的事。Independence Day is an American national holiday that celebrates the adoption of the formal declaration of independence on July 4, 1776. This landmark document decreed that the 13 colonies were no longer part of the British Empire and had become independent states.美国国庆日是庆祝1776年七月四日通过正式独立宣言的美国国定假日。此份具重大意义的文件判定十三个殖民地不再是大英帝国的一部分,且成为独立的州。The declaration came about, thanks to Richard Henry Lee of Virginia who proposed its creation. Founding father John Adams advanced the idea of a manuscript, and the committee of five, led by chief author Thomas Jefferson, composed the written draft. Final edited version of the Declaration of Independence was approved on July 4.独立宣言诞生,多亏了提出其创作的维吉尼亚州的Richard Henry Lee。建国之父John Adams提出了手稿的想法,接着五人小组,由首席作者Thomas Jefferson领导,拟出了草稿。独立宣言最终修订版本在七月四日通过。In it was one of the most famous sentences in the English language, which outlined the belief system of this new country and became a cornerstone of American society: We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.在独立宣言里有英文这语言中这最知名的句子之一,那略述了这个新兴国家的信念系统,成为美国社会的基石:我们相信这些真理不言自明,也就是人皆生而平等,他们由造物主赋予若干不可剥夺的权力,其中包括生命、自由、及追求幸福的权力。Celebrations of American independence have taken place since the adoption of the declaration. Meanwhile, the City of Philadelphia first laid the groundwork for today#39;s celebrations with fireworks, speeches, music, parades, and displays of red, white, and blue.美国独立的庆祝活动自独立宣言的正式通过后开始举行。同时,费城首先奠定了今日庆祝活动的基础,运用了烟火、演讲、音乐、游行、和红白蓝的摆设。Eventually in 1938, the celebration became a paid federal holiday. All traditions continue as well. For example, at military bases, a 50-gun salute is fired to commemorate the independence of each of the 50 states.最后在1938年,庆祝活动成了联邦的带薪假。所有传统也持续下去。举例来说,在军事基地,会鸣放五十响礼炮来个别纪念五十州的独立。Today Independence Day is a prominent summertime event marked by shows of patriotism, outdoor activities, and tributes. There are also parades in the morning and firework displays at night. Plus the national anthem and other patriotic songs take center stage.今天美国国庆日是由爱国主义的表演、户外活动、和敬意所标志的重要夏日活动。早上也有游行,晚上则有烟火表演。此外,国歌和其他爱国歌曲也是瞩目的焦点。The holiday has become so popular, the first week of July is the busiest time of the year for travel in the ed States, as Americans extend the long weekend to celebrate the birth of America and a defining moment in American history.这个节日变得如此受欢迎,因此七月的第一个礼拜是美国国内旅游最繁忙的时间,因为美国人自行延长周末连假拿来庆祝美国的诞生、以及美国历史中决定性的一刻。If you#39;re interested in learning more about important moments in American history, be sure to tune in to WatchMojo.com.如果你有兴趣认识更多美国历史中重要的时刻,一定要收看WatchMojo.com。 Article/201412/347200

  Tor was and is one of the mechanisms洋葱网络曾经是 如今依然是which we have received important documents, yes.我们收到重要文件的一个渠道One man who provided a link between WikiLeaks and the Tor project为维基解密和洋葱网络之间架起桥梁的人was Jake Applebaum.就是雅格布·阿普勒鲍姆Sources that want to leak documents想泄露文件的线人need to be able to communicate with WikiLeaks需要与维基解密联系and it has always been the case一般来说程序是这样的that they have offered a Tor-hidden service他们提供洋葱网络的隐匿务and that Tor-hidden service allows people洋葱隐匿务能让人们to reach the WikiLeaks submission engine.登录维基解密的提交引擎In 2010, what could be achieved2010年 它向世人展示了when web activism met anonymity was revealed to the world.当网络激进主义与匿名相结合时会达到什么效果WikiLeaks received a huge leak维基解密收到了一份of confidential US government material,美国政府机密材料的重大泄露文件mainly relating to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.内容主要是关于阿富汗和伊朗战争重点解释:1.be able to 会; 能例句:A good lawyer might be able to get you off.请位好律师有可能使你免受追究。2.be relating to 与 ... 有关例句:Are you familiar with the laws relating to trespass?你熟悉关于侵入私人领地的法律吗? Article/201702/495791

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