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盐城协和医院割包皮盐城阳痿治比较好的医院Ladies and gentlemen,Never before have we had so many different ways to talk to one another.In the distant past, written documents would be carried by hand across thousands of miles from China to Western Europe.Today, we access knowledge from all over the world, through our mobile phones, at the tap of a key.Wherever you are watching this programme – whether in this hall, at work, with your friends, or at home with your families;Xièxiè. [Thank you.]Hen gaoxing he ni jianmian. [Im pleased to meet you.]Thank you for welcoming me into your homes.Many of the most important conversations we have in our lives, take place in the family home.The home is where we learn from our parents and grandparents, teach our own children, and share our stories and hopes for the future. It is where many of our ideas and values are first kindled.In that spirit, there is one subject I believe we have to discuss, around our family tables and across the generations.It concerns the future, and I know the Chinese are a far-sighted people.It concerns particularly the environment, and I know that protecting Chinas rich and beautiful natural heritage is important to all Chinese families.It is the mass destruction and trafficking of iconic endangered species;And it is time to talk about the growing human demand for illegal wildlife products that drives the trade and makes it profitable.Today, we face an unprecedented surge in the brutal slaughter of iconic animals by poachers.In South Africa, for example, one rhino was killed every month until 2005. But last year, three rhinos were killed every single day.In the 33 years since I was born, we have lost around 70 percent of Africas elephant population. Of those that are left, 20,000 are being killed every year – that is 54 elephants killed every single day.At this rate, children born this year – like my daughter Charlotte – will see the last wild elephants and rhinos die before their 25th birthdays.Those who suffer the most from this loss are some of the poorest people on our planet.They are the families who feel powerless as the wildlife around them disappear; who face being trapped in poverty forever without the income that should be brought in by tourism, a cornerstone of the economy in many developing nations.They are the children whose parents risk their lives in the fight against poachers. In the last few days, three rangers and one member of the Armed Forces were killed by poachers in one incident in central Africa; leaving behind 14 children between them.201510/404694盐城/妇保医院怎么样 Yesterday my daughter was clinging to my leg, and Dont go.昨天我女儿抱着我的大腿,喊:别走。And you looked at me and said, you have to tell that story.然后你看着我说,你一定要讲这故事。I said, on the TED stage? Are you kidding?我说在TED讲台上?你在开玩笑么?。Im going to get on a stage and admit my daughter was clinging to my leg? 我要走到台上承认女儿抱我的大腿?And you said yes, because if you want to talk about getting more women into leadership roles,you have to be honest about how hard it is.而你说是的, 因为如果我要谈到 为更多女性争取领导职位就必须坦诚那是多么艰难的。And I did. And I think thats a really important part of the journey.所以我讲了这个故事 我想这真是历程中至关重要的部分。The same thing happened when I wrote my book. I started writing the book. I wrote a first chapter,I thought it was fabulous. It was chock-full of data and figures.当我写书时也发生过同样的事 我开始写书,写了第一章。我觉得它真的很棒里面全是数据和图表。I had three pages on matrilineal Maasai tribes, and their sociological patterns.我写了三页纸有关母系的马赛部落 以及她们的社会形态。My husband it and he was like, this is like eating your Wheaties.我丈夫读了之后,他说读起来就跟Wheaties 牌麦片一样。No one-and I apologize to Wheaties if theres someone-no one, no one will this book.没有人会,如果在座有 Wheaties 员工我先道歉,没人,没有人会读这本书。And I realized through the process that I had to be more honest and more open,and I had to tell my stories. My stories of still not feeling as self-confident as I should.从中我意识到我必须更真实也更坦诚必须讲自己的故事,在很多情况下自信心不足的的故事。in many situations. My first and failed marriage. Crying at work.我第一次婚姻失败了,上班时哭闹。Felling like I didnt belong there, feeling guilty to this day.觉得自己不属于那里 至今都觉得自责。And part of my journey, starting on this stage, going to Lean In, going to the foundation, is all about being more open and honest about those challenges.我的部分经历,从这个讲台, 到《向前一步》,到基金会都是关于更开放坦诚面对那些挑战。so that other women can be more open and honest,and all of us can work together towards real equality.从而让其他女性也能更开放坦诚,这样我们大家就可以 一起为真正的平等而努力。PM: I think that one of the most striking parts about the book,我认为这本书 最引人注目的其中一点。and in my opinion, one of the reasons its hit such a nerve and is resonating around the world,is that you are personal in the book, and that you do make it clear that.在我看来,它能引起如此大的轰动、 在全世界得到共鸣的其中一个原因就是你写的是自己 你把这点写得很清楚。while youve observed some things that are very important for other women to know, that youve had the same challenges that many others of us have.而你看到一些东西 对于其他女性来说也是很重要的。当你面对同样的挑战 就和我们面对的一样。as you faced the hurdles and the barriers and possibly the people who dont believe the same.你所面对的关卡和障碍 或许其他人并不相信同样的东西。So talk about that process: deciding youd go public with the private part, and then you would also put yourself in the position of something of an expert on how to resolve those challenges.那么说说这个过程吧 首先决定公开谈论个人的经历然后从专家的角度去看看如何解决那些挑战。After I did the TED Talk, what happened was-you know, I never really expected to write a book, Im not an author, Im not a writer.在我完成那场 TED 演说后 发生的事就是你知道,我从未想过写书 我不是作者,也不是作家。and it was viewed a lot, and it really started impacting peoples lives.那场演说点击率很高 确实影响着大家的生活。I got this great-one of the first letters I got was from a woman who said that she was offered a really big promotion at work, and she turned it down.我收到大量的 — 收到的第一封信来自一位女性,她说得到一个很好的晋升机会 但她拒绝了。and she told her best friend she turned it down, and her best friend said, you really need to watch this TED Talk.她告诉最好的朋友她拒绝了升职 她最好的朋友说你真的要看看这个TED演说。And so she watched this TED Talk, and she went back the next day, she took the job,she went home, and she handed her husband the grocery list.结果她看了这场 TED 演说后 第二天回去就接受那份新工作回到家,把超市购物单递给丈夫。And she said, I can do this.而她说她能做到的。201412/351451And the way we deal with that is we displace them we put them into a golden world, an imagined world,an age of heroes, the world to come.而我们处理它的方式就是将其替换掉我们将其放入到流金岁月,幻想的世界中,即将到来的,英雄的时代。And in the life of an individual, we often associate that with some object.当你以个人的状态生活时,我们经常将其和某种实体联系在一起。The white picket fence, the perfect house.那白色的尖桩篱栅,完美的房屋。The perfect kitchen-no bills on the counter in the perfect kitchen.完美的厨房-在柜台上面没有任何的账单。You know, you buy that Viking range, this is what your kitchen will look like.你知道,你如果买的是那种北欧海盗风格的煤气灶,那么你的厨房就是这个样子的。The perfect love life -- symbolized by the perfect necklace, the perfect diamond ring.完美的项链象征着完美的爱情,完美的钻戒。The perfect getaway in your perfect car.开上你的爱车逃离一切喧嚣。This is an interior design firm that is literally called Utopia.这是一个叫做Utopia的室内装饰公司。The perfect office-again, no cords, as far as I can tell.完美的办公室同样地,整齐有序。And certainly, no, it doesnt look a thing like my office.当然,不,和我的办公室一点都不像。I mean, theres no paper on the desk.我的意思是,写字台上空空如也。We want this golden world.我们渴望这样完美的世界。And some people get rich enough,and if they have their ideals-in a sort of domestic sense,they get to acquire their perfect world.当有些人足够富有的时候,而且他们的理想又存在于那种理家的观念,他们就能达到理想的生活方式。Dean Koontz built this fabulous home theater, which is I dont think accidentally-in Art Deco style.Dean Koontz以装饰艺术的风格建造了这个绝伦的小影院--我认为这不是偶然的。That symbolizes this sense of being safe and at home.这象征了这种家能给予安全的感觉。This is not always good, because what is your perfect world?但这并不一定总是好的,因为你到底如何定义完美的世界?What is your ideal, and also, what has been edited out?你的理想模型是什么,而且,把什么剔除出去了?Is it something important?是一些重要的东西吗?;The Matrix; is a movie that is all about glamour.那么,“黑客帝国”是一部关于魅力的电影大片。I could do a whole talk on ;The Matrix; and glamour.我可以就这个话题滔滔不绝。It was criticized for glamorizing violence,because, look-sunglasses and those long coats, and, of course, they could walk up walls and do all these kinds of things that are impossible in the real world.但是你知道,有批评者认为这对暴力进行了美化。因为你看-太阳镜,拉风的外衣,还有,当然,他们可以在墙上行走,做各种在现实世界中不可思议的事情。This is another Margaret Bourke-White photo.这是Margaret Bourke的另一张黑白照片。This is from Soviet Union. Attractive.来自前苏联,很不错。I mean, look how happy the people are, and good-looking too.我的意思是,看看这些人,多么的开心,也多么的俊俏。You know, were marching toward Utopia.你知道,我们正在向着Utopia的方向前进。Im not a fan of PETA, but I think this is a great ad.我并不太持PETA,但是我认为这是一个很好的广告。Because what theyre doing is theyre saying, your coats not so glamorous, whats been edited out is something important.因为他们的意思再清楚不过,你的大衣不够好看,缺少的就是一些重要的东西。But actually, whats even more important than remembering whats been edited out is thinking, are the ideals good?但是实际上,比铭记这一点更重要的是去思考,这种理想的模型真的是好的吗?Because glamour can be very totalitarian and deceptive.因为魅力这个东西是非常集权性和迷惑性的。And its not just a matter of glamorizing cleaning your floor.而且也不仅仅关乎于“祛除”是不是一个具有魅力的工作。201412/347067盐城妇科咨询

亭湖区治疗月经不调多少钱Were able to connect with people quite freely我们能够更自由地与人联系在一起and to redefine ourselves online.在网上重新定义我们自己。And we can lie about our age online, too, pretty easily.在网上关于年龄问题我们能很容易地撒谎。We can also connect with people我们能按我们个人非常特别的喜好based on our very specific interests.来结识人们。We dont need a media company我们不需要一个媒体公司to help do this for us.帮助我们做这个。So the traditional media companies, of course,所以当然了,传统媒体公司are paying very close attention to these online communities.也特别关注这些在线社群。They know this is the mass audience of the future;他们知道这是未来的大众传媒。they need to figure it out.他们需要摸清这些人。But theyre having a hard time doing it但是他们干的很困难because theyre still trying to use demographics in order to understand them,因为他们还试图使用旧的人口统计学说来了解大众,because thats how ad rates are still determined.因为广告收视率是由这些陈规来统计的。When theyre monitoring your clickstream --当他们监控你的点击流and you know they are --你知道they have a really hard time他们的确很难figuring out your age, your gender and your income.查出你的年龄,你的性别和你的收入。They can make some educated guesses.他们可以做一些学识方面的推测。But they get a lot more information但是他们得到的很多的信息about what you do online,是关于你在线做了什么,what you like, what interests you.你喜欢什么,你对什么感兴趣。Thats easier for them to find out than who you are.这些他们很容易知道,但弄清你是谁就不容易了。And even though thats still sort of creepy,尽管这有点恐怖,there is an upside这也有个优势to having your taste monitored.就是监控你的喜好。Suddenly our taste is being respected突然我们的喜好备受尊重in a way that it hasnt been before.这在以前从来没有过。It had been presumed before.以前我们的喜好都是被假定的。So when you look online at the way people aggregate,当你上网看人们聚成社群的方式,they dont aggregate人们不是around age, gender and income.按年龄,性别和收入而走到一起。They aggregate around the things they love,人们而是按他们热爱的东西,the things that they like,他们喜爱的东西走到一起。and if you think about it, shared interests and values如果你想想看,人类要是按分享爱好和价值are a far more powerful aggregator of human beings而不是按统计类别来分,than demographic categories.这是一种更强大的聚合力。Id much rather know我更愿意知道whether you like ;Buffy the Vampire Slayer;你是否喜欢“吸血鬼猎人巴菲”rather than how old you are.而不是想知道你的年龄。That would tell me something more substantial about you.这会让我加深对你的了解。Now theres something else that weve discovered about social media目前我们关于社交传媒的一些其它发现thats actually quite surprising.的确非常令人惊喜。It turns out that women事实明,女性are really driving the social media revolution.真正是社交传媒革命的驱动力。If you look at the statistics --如果你看看这些统计 --these are worldwide statistics --这些是全世界统计数据 --in every single age category,在每一个年龄组,women actually outnumber men在使用社交网络技术方面in their use of social networking technologies.女性都多于男性。And then if you look at the amount of time然后如果你看that they spend on these sites,女性在这些网站所花费的时间,they truly dominate the social media space,女性真正地主宰了社交媒体空间,which is a space thats having a huge impact这种社会媒体空间会on old media.对旧媒体产生巨大冲击。The question is: what sort of impact问题是,对我们文化is this going to have on our culture,它会起到什么影响,and whats it going to mean for women?对于女性这又意味着什么?If the case is that social media假如现在的情况是社交传媒is dominating old media逐渐主宰旧媒体and women are dominating social media,同时女性在主宰社会媒体,then does that mean that women那么是否意味着女性are going to take over global media?将会主宰全球媒体?Are we suddenly going to see我们是否会突然发现a lot more female characters in cartoons在卡通里,and in games and on TV shows?游戏中和电视秀上出现大量女性角色呢?Will the next big-budget blockbuster movies那么下一部大手笔的电影大片actually be chick flicks?会变成迎合女性消费者的肥皂剧吗?Could this be possible,有没有可能that suddenly our media landscape突然我们媒体天地will become a feminist landscape?变成女权主义天地?Well, I actually dont think thats going to be the case.好吧,我其实不认为会这样。I think that media companies are going to hire a lot more women,我认为媒体公司会雇佣更多的女性,because they realize this is important for their business,因为他们意识到这对他们行业来说很重要。and I think that women我认为女性are also going to continue to dominate也会继续主宰the social media sphere.社交传媒的领域。201510/405780射阳县治疗痛经哪家医院最好的 盐城/人流手术安全妇科医院

盐城/男子射精快是什么原因I extend special greetings to the people of Cape Town, the city through which—which has been my home for three decades. Your mass marches and other forms of struggle have served as a constant source of strength to all political. It has fulfilled our every expectation in its role as leader of the great march to, Comrade Oliver Tambo, for leading the ANC even under the most difficult circumstances.我要特别感谢开普敦的人民,我以开普敦为家住了30年。你们大规模的游行示威和其他形式的斗争一直是所有政治犯们的力量源泉。我向非国大会议致敬。作为一个领导我们奔向自由的政党,它实现了我们对它的所有期望。我向我们的主席——奥利弗·坦同志致敬,他在最艰难的环境下领导着非国大。I salute the rank?and?file members of the ANC: You have sacrificed life and limb in the pursuit of the noble cause of our struggle.我向非国大的普通党员们致敬:你们在争取自由的伟大事业中赴汤蹈火英勇献身。 /201305/240912 Thank you! My name is Bono and I am a rock star. Dont get me too excited because I use four letter words when I get excited. And Im that guy. Id just like to say to the parents, your children are safe, your country is safe, the FCC has taught me a lesson and the only--the only four-letter word Im going to use today is P-E-N-N. (Safe.) Come to think of it, ;Bono; is a four-letter word. The whole business of obscenity--I dont think theres anything certainly more unseemly than the sight of a rock star in academic robes. Its a bit like when people get their--put their King Charles spaniels in little tartan sweats and hats. Its sort of--its not natural, and it doesnt make the dog any smarter.谢谢!我叫诺,是个摇滚音乐明星。别让我太激动,因为我一激动就会说出那四个字母的词了。我就是这种人。我只想跟各位家长说,你们的孩子很安全,你们的国家很安全。联邦通讯委员会给了我一个教训——所以今天我要用的唯一的四个字母的单词就是P-E-N-N(宾夕法尼亚大学简称)。细想一下,Bono也是由四个字母构成的呀。整件事情都很怪异——我想没有什么比摇滚明星穿着士长袍更不合适的了。就像让查尔斯王子的西班牙猎犬穿上苏格兰格子上衣、戴上帽子一样——既不自然,也没有变得更好看。Its true we were here before with U2 and I would like to thank them for giving me a great life, as well as you. Ive got a great rock and roll band that normally stand at the back when Im talking to thousands of people in a football stadium and they were here with me, I think it was seven years ago. Actually then I was with some other sartorial problems. I--I was wearing a mirror-ball suit at the time and I emerged from a forty-foot high revolving lemon. It was a sort of cross between a space ship, a disco and, actully, a--a plastic fruit.以前我和U2乐队一起来过这里,我要感谢他们给了我很棒的经历,就像你们一样。我有一很棒的摇滚乐队。当我站在足球场上对着数千人演讲时,他们通常会在背后持我。我想是七年前吧,他们也曾和我一起站在这里。实际上,那时我的表演装有些奇怪。我穿着一身会反光的衣,从一个40英尺高的旋转着的柠檬中现身。那个柠檬就像是宇宙飞船和迪斯科舞厅的混合产物,实际上是一个塑料水果。 /201312/267078盐都区不孕不育多少钱盐城市亭湖区人民医院月经不调多少钱



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