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今天我们对第20课进行精益求精的学习。学问贵在“精”。我们首先来回顾Mike对那次晚会的描述: Mike: It looked like a dull party with everybody just sitting there. But Dick started the ball rolling by telling a couple of funnny jokes, and then Jack brought out his violin and sang folk songs. People started singing and we had a good time after all. 在Mike对那次晚会的描述中,我们除了要掌握start the ball rolling这个黄金短语,还要注意6个要点。 第一个要点是表示“两三个,一对”这个意思的名词短语:a couple of。For examples: I spent a couple of days sight-seeing in Guilin.(我在桂林观光了几天。)You can be assured that she will recover in a couple of weeks.(你放心她将在两三周内康复。) 第二个要点是表示“拿出,搬出”这个意思的动词短语:bring out。For examples: It#39;s warm enough to bring out the garden chairs.(天气很暖和,可以把花园用的椅子搬出来了。) 第三个要点是表示“玩得快乐”的一个动词短语:have a good time。For two more examples: They have a good time on their return journey.(他们归途中过得愉快。)I hope you#39; ll have a good time during your stay in China.(我希望你在中国逗留期间过得愉快。) 第四个要点是关于主格的语法现象。它在“It looked like a dull party with everybody just sitting there.”这个句子中,这个主格结构是with everybody just sitting there,它在这里做伴随状况状语。主语是everybody是主语,sitting there是谓语,just做状语,这里省略了谓语中的系动词。表示伴随状况,可以用介词with。 第五个要点是关于start的语法用法。Start可以做及物动词,也可作不及物动词。做为及物动词,后面的动词要用动名词形式,即为:start doing something。我们要表示开始做某件事情这个意思,start就做及物动词用。做为不及物动词,后面跟动词不定式,即为:start to do something。 表示做完一件事情又开始做另外一件事情,这时候,start就是不及物动词。在例句中,start的用法是第一中。我们通过2个实例来看它的用法:I started wathching TV when John knocked at the door. (我刚开始看电视,约翰就敲门了。)I got my home work done and start to watch TV. John knocked at the door. (我昨晚了功课,开始看电视,约翰来敲门了。) 其余的语言要点是关于一些事物的表达:a dull party(无聊的晚会),folk songs(名歌)。 我们第20课的学习在今天就全部结束了。如果您明天有空的话,不要错过教学电台——《点滴英语天天学》。See you! /201508/391995

《绝望主妇》原句:A car? A modelling academy? You should have discussed with these gifts with me first.I’m sorry kids but we can not accept them.单词词组讲解Should have discussed 虚拟语气发音讲解(连读和吞音)Should have 连读最后翻译:汽车?模特学校?你应该先和我商量一下这些礼物的事情。孩子们对不起,但是我们不能接受这些礼物。喜欢我的节目,也可以关注我的微信公众号:小紫美语 /201706/514152

  My camera needs more film.我的相机需要更多的胶卷。The growing political crisis could weaken our financial system.日渐严重的政治危机会削弱我们的金融系统。The jury found the man guilty of murder.陪审团发现这名男子犯有杀人罪。The court ordered him to pay a 500-dollar fine.法庭判他上交500美元罚款。He drew a fine line under the word.他在那个单词下面画了一条细线。He finished ing the book.他读完那本书了。We watched the fireworks for thirty minutes.我们看了三十分钟的烟花。She is firm in her opinion.她很有主见。How many fish did you catch?你们抓了多少鱼?He was able to fix his car without help.他没有受到他人帮忙独自修好了汽车。The balloon rose into the air and floated away.气球升空后飘走了。The flood began to go down when the rain stopped.雨停后洪水慢慢退去。The book fell to the floor.输掉在了地板上。The field was covered by blue and red flowers.田野里开满了蓝色和红色的花。The fluid on the floor was a harmless chemical.地板上的液体是无害的化学物质。Birds fly high in the sky.鸟在高空翱翔。The fog slowed traffic for several hours.浓雾使交通延迟了几个小时。He asked us to follow him to his house.他让我们跟随他去他的住处。The official said he followed the orders of the president#39;s lawyer.这位官员称他听从的是总统律师的命令。Her lies fooled a lot of people.他的谎言骗了很多人。He fooled people to get what he wanted.他通过愚弄别人得到了他想要的东西。Her foot hurts because she stepped on a sharp rock.她踩到了尖石头因此脚疼。He is famous for his work.他因工作出名。I speak for all people.我为所有人说话。She works for a computer company.她在一家电脑公司上班。They forced him to go with them.他们逼迫他跟他们走。The bomb exploded with great force.炸弹爆炸产生了巨大的冲击力。He used powerful force to lift the fallen tree from her body.他用了很大力气将倒在她身上的树抬走。The president said he will use the full force of the country against foreign invaders.总统说他讲出动全国军力抵抗入侵者。A Navy and Marine Corps landing force is on its way to the troubled island.海军陆战队正赶往沦陷的岛屿。The ed States has diplomatic relations with almost every foreign nation.美国几乎与其他所有国家建立了外交关系。Foreign products seem to cost less than most products made here.外国产品似乎比这里大部分的产品都便宜。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201601/421345

  Step one: Plant yourself deep in a bed of faith, and pack it down solid and tight. Drench daily with positive thinking, and keep saturated just right. Mulch often with forgivenss, for this will help you grow. Quickly remove any seeds of worry, for they will soon germinate, and keep out the weeds of despair. Nourish disappointments with hope whenever it is neeeded, and always stay cool and shaded when you feel irritated or heated. Trim away guilt or depression, for they create decay, and cultivate with happy memories as often as every day. 步骤一:把自己紧紧牢牢地埋在“信念”的土壤里。每天浇灌以“积极”的思想,并始终保持湿润。经常以“宽容”来护根,这样有利于幸福的幼苗成长。一旦发现忧虑的种子,及时除掉,否则它们很快就生根发芽,同时也将绝望消灭在萌芽状态。在必要时,用希望来滋养失望;烦躁不安的时候,保持冷静。修剪枝叶,修剪去愧疚和沮丧,否则很快出现衰枝败叶。每天用“幸福回忆”细心照料幼苗。 Step two: Harvest the lessons of the past; just dig, pick, and hoe. And nurture the roots of the present, for now is when you flourish and grow. Start planting for the future; set your goals in a row. Spade the bed well for all your dreams to grow. 步骤二:挖掘、收割、筛选,从“过往”收获经验。精心照料“此时此刻”的根茎,因为这正是旺盛生长的时期。有所计划与目标,着手种植“明天”。翻掘一下泥土,为育明天的梦想做好准备。 Step three: Remember that grief is a natural predator, so learn to tolerate some damage. Protect your garden with daily prayers, for this will help you manage. Bury the criticism and complaining, for they are injurious pests. Sow the seed of love wherever you may go--for joy, love, and laughter are surely bound to grow. Although the thorns of life may be here to stay, just sprout a smile along the way...and be thankful for what you have today!步骤三:记住,“不幸”是天生的肉食动物,明白它们带来的伤害在所难免,你就会对不完美多一份理解和宽容。每天“祈祷”,保护你的花园,这有利于掌控。将“批评”与“埋怨”这些害虫掩埋起来。将“爱”的种子播散到你足迹所至的每个角落,“欢乐”、“爱”和“微笑”就会生机无限地发育成长。哪怕生命“荆棘”满途,也要在一旁种上微笑的芽苗……不管一切如何,为今天你所拥有的全部心存感激吧! Article/200802/26367。

  根据央行9月底发布的《关于加强付结算管理防范电信网络新型违法犯罪有关事项的通知》,12月1日起,将正式实施个人账户分类管理新政。今日起个人账户被分成I类、Ⅱ类和Ⅲ类、同一个人同一仅能开立一个Ⅰ类结算账户;且今后使用ATM转账,可在24小时内撤销,堪称史上最严厉的防电信诈骗账户新政。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道BEIJING — New rules regulating the application and use of bank cards took effect Thursday as China#39;s central bank decided to crack down on illegal practices.北京,周四,央行为打击非法行为,开始实施卡新规。【讲解】bank cards是卡;central bank是央行。根据中国人民(People#39;s Bank of China,简称PBOC)出台的新规,同一个人(individual)在同一家只能开立一个Ⅰ类户(即多功能帐户,multi-function account),存款人可通过Ⅰ类户办理存款(deposit)、购买理财产品等金融产品、取现金、转账(transfer)、消费及缴费付(payment)等全部金融业务,没有限额。此外,为防范和打击电信网络诈骗(telecom fraud),除向本人同行账户转账外,本人跨行和向他人转账24小时后才会到账;如果对转账存疑,24小时内可以向发卡行申请撤销转账(have the transfer revoked within that period)。据中国人民周四公布的报告显示,截至三季度(third quarter)末,全国人均持有卡4.39张,其中多数为借记卡(debit cards);三季度,全国共发生卡交易(transactions)3303.4亿笔,其中多数为转账业务(transfer services)。三季度,非付机构(non-banking payment platforms)处理网络付业务(online payment services)激增,在线付交易次数(online payment transactions)和金额涨幅超过一倍。另外,周四凌晨,付宝(Alipay)通过官方新浪微发布了《关于打击电信诈骗 保障用户资金安全的公告》,根据央行新规对帐户注册(account registration)和转账限制(transfer limits)等业务规则作出了调整。 /201612/481426

  Let us go hiking!我们去远足吧!I want to go hiking with you. 我想和你一起去远足。How about going hiking this Saturday?这周六去踏青好吗?Going hiking has all sorts of benefits for body and mind.踏青对身心都有益。;How about going hiking this Saturday?;“这周六去踏青好吗?”快快发给好友,随学随用! /201704/499992penny wise and pound-foolish捡了芝麻,丢了西瓜A:He is penny wise and pound-foolish.A:他这个人小处精明,大处糊涂。B:Why do you say so?B:怎么这么说他?A:The trash of the world he sets high price upon, but the heavenly things he shamefully undervalues.A:对废物他估价太高,对珍品却嗤之以鼻。B:Maybe all of us are the same.B:或许我们都大同小异。 /201610/460879台湾籍旅美老师今天交给我们的句子是:If this is what my outside appearance looks like just from smoking cigarettes, then I can not even imagine what my insides look like.如果我的外表只是因为抽烟就变成这样,那我甚至无法想象身体里面长得如何。 /201509/400550

  每天一个生活口语话题,一段地道的举例回答,并附有详细的词汇,发音及用法讲解。讲解材料选自当今最先进最有效的英语原版教材,更加贴近生活。每天坚持听讲解,并根据问题练习,给自己一个地道输入和输出的机会,你也可以张口自信说英语。主题:Do you eat at KFC often?Not since 2009. It was really good in the early 2000s before it became crap. I would eat it all the time after school and I would get the big plate with a lot of chicken and sides. I do love the macaroni and cheese though but I haven#39;t eaten it from there in years and I don#39;t want to anymore. I eat healthy food now.Crap: 很垃圾的Sideside dishes: 小吃 /201705/510762

  《英语流行话题阅读:语境识词3500》 36 不靠整容手术年轻10岁Look10YearsYoungerwithoutSurgery暂无文本内容提要: 《英语流行话题阅读》为你开辟了一条提高英语的新捷径,引导你在愉快阅读中系统、快速地积累词汇、背景知识,提高快速阅读的技能。本丛书内容新颖翔实,具有极强的知识性、史料性、时代性与可读性,结构编排注意词汇与语言点的阶梯式循环出现,帮助读者在阅读中不断巩固,重复记忆。 本书是丛书的上卷,精选文章100篇,话题从加菲猫创造者到猫政治论,从汤姆·克鲁斯、哈里·波特到“美国偶像”,从智商、情商到爱商,从父亲节、狂欢节到美国高中生毕业舞会,从尼斯湖水怪到百慕大魔鬼三角洲,从当代购物狂到美国工作狂,从母亲到超级名模……为你展示了一个精的语言文化万花筒。每篇文章还附有精心编排的本文看点、经典句型、速记生词、知识链接等栏目,帮助你把握词汇重点,廓清语言难点,进一步开拓语言文化视野。 相关专题:英语导读1000句英语精美散文欣赏新概念优美背诵短文50篇 Article/200711/21413


  Don#39;t skip your breakfast!一定要记得吃早餐哦!看起来很疲惫”怎么说?You look like you need some sleep.你看起来睡眠不足。You don#39;t look well.你看起来状态不好。You look tired你看起来很疲惫。“你很健康”怎么说?I feel like a million dollars.我感觉棒极了。I am fresh as a daisy.我精神抖擞。I am very energetic.我感到充满活力。skipSkip 和 jump 是同义词,意思是跳过。跳绳是 skippingMy P.E.teacher taught me how to skip.我的体育老师教我跳绳。表示“餐、饭”的词语:Meal 通常指正餐,像早餐、午餐、晚餐等。Don#39;t eat between meals.不要在正餐之间吃零食。My doctor told me to take two pills half an hour before each meal.医生叮嘱我在饭前30分钟吃两粒药。现在流行的 brunch 是 breakfast 和 lunch 的合成词,指早午餐。I had that women over for brunch.我邀请那位女士吃早午餐。Supper和dinner都是指晚餐,但supper不像dinner 那么正式。像临睡前简单地吃一些东西,也可以称为supper,去餐馆吃晚餐就尽量不用supper,而用dinner,如果是在家里吃晚餐,用supper和dinner都可以。Would you like to have a supper with us at the weekend?周末和我们一起吃晚餐吧? /201509/398413


  台湾籍旅美老师今天交给我们的句子是:Humans are big animals, big dumb animals. You, me, them, everybody; we#39;re all slaves to our brain chemicals and biology. -- and when we fall in love, that#39;s a big one.人类是大型动物,又大又笨的动物。你、我、他们、每一个人,我们都是被大脑化学物质以及生物学原理操控的奴仆。当我们陷入爱河时,人类就变得更笨了。 /201507/385905

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