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重庆市沙坪坝区人民医院不孕不育专家咨询成都夫妻孕前检查Pharmaceuticals have entered the digital age, and they aren’t looking back.制药公司已迈入数字化时代,他们正勇往直前。Novartis said Tuesday it is teaming up with Google[x] GOOG -1.53% , the search company’s research arm, to launch smart lens technology.上周二,诺华公司(Novartis)称,正与搜索巨头谷歌(Google)的研究团队合作,准备推出智能隐形眼镜技术。The move is only the start of a healthcare revolution. There’s Google glasses in operating rooms, a prescription-only smart phone app and, in the not-so-far future, contact lenses that can blood-sugar levels — a revolution for diabetics, who today must either prick their own fingers or wear a subcutaneous monitoring device.这只是一场医疗革命的开端。还有手术室专用的谷歌眼镜,处方级智能手机应用,以及不远的将来能读取血糖水平的隐形眼镜——对糖尿病患者来说这是真正的革命性产品,他们现在要么只能扎手指取血样,要么只能佩戴皮下监测设备。Fortune talked with Jeff George, the global head of Alcon — the Novartis subsidiary that is working hand-in-hand with Google innovators to bring smart lenses to market — about the intersection of healthcare and technology, and what could lie ahead for the pharmaceutical industry.作为诺华的分公司,眼科公司爱尔康(Alcon)正与谷歌创新团队携手,准备将智能隐形眼镜推向市场。日前,《财富》(Fortune)杂志专访了爱尔康全球总裁杰夫o乔治,讲述医药行业与科技的交融,以及制药业的前景。George came on board to lead the contact-maker on May 1, and aly in his two and a half months on the job he’s helped to land the Google[x] partnership and is planning out how Alcon can leverage this miniature technology to transform everyday health. (Think: no more ing glasses!)今年5月1日,乔治升任爱尔康总裁,在他的协助下,两个半月前公司与谷歌X实验室达成合作。目前爱尔康公司正在筹划如何借助这一微型技术改善普通人的健康水平。(试想,再也不用戴老花镜了是什么情景!)How did the partnership between Google[x] and Alcon come about?《财富》:谷歌X实验室与爱尔康公司是如何达成合作的?Joe [Jimenez, Novartis CEO] had had conversations back at the beginning of the year just prior to Google announcing that they were moving forward with their gluco-sensing smart lens, and we had an opportunity prior to my joining to show them our facilities. They were pretty impressed with the capabilities that we had.杰夫o乔治:今年年初,乔(即诺华公司首席执行官吉梅内斯)就与对方开始会谈,此后不久谷歌便宣布他们正在开发可以测量血糖水平的智能隐形眼镜。在我加盟之前,公司就向他们展示了爱尔康的设备,谷歌对我们所拥有的能力深表叹。One of the things I’m trying to do at Alcon just having taken over May 1 is really stimulate and galvanize the culture of innovation. We’re really looking for the best ideas whether they are internal or external. There’s been a tremendous amount of innovation in Alcon that’s enabled us to grow from a 0 million company in 1984 to .5 billion last year. And at the same time I wanted to make sure we’re exposing our people to inspiration outside of our industry.自5月1日上任以来,我在爱尔康的主要任务之一就是努力营造并激发公司的创新文化。我们全力寻找各种最佳创意,无论它们是来自公司内部还是外部。爱尔康长期以来所做的大量创新使我们从一家1984年销售额仅为3.5亿美元的公司成长为去年销售额高达105亿美元的公司。而与此同时,我要确保始终让员工接受来自行业外的各种启发。I see an increasing convergence between technology and healthcare and the speed at which [Google] is prototyping products really blew me away, so this is something that really resonated with my team. It’s not a traditional way of looking at healthcare, even within medical devices, to really partner with a top technology company.我发现,科技与医疗保健正日益融合,而(谷歌公司)打造创新原型产品的速度也真让我惊叹不已,这正是能与我的团队产生强烈共鸣的东西。与顶尖科技公司合作,让我们用全新的眼光看待医疗设备业,甚至整个医疗保健业。What aspect of the “smart lens” technology excites you most?“智能隐形眼镜”技术的哪方面最让你兴奋?Presbyopia. You have close to 2 billion people who have difficulty ing, whether it’s an iPad or a book, and really want freedom from ers and from eyeglasses. That’s really something that’s exciting for us.矫正老花眼。现在全球有近20亿人因老花眼而阅读困难,无论是iPad还是纸质书都是如此,他们非常希望能自由阅读,摆脱老花镜。这正是让我们兴奋的地方。Effectively the way the technology works is that you have photo diodes which are sensors that are embedded into the contact lens that interact with the amount of light that is coming into the eye and interact with your down-gaze or your up-gaze, which controls how much light is coming in based on where your eyelid is. The sensor technology is able then to wirelessly send a signal to a liquid crystal, which is embedded between two layers of a contact lens. Then that liquid crystal would adjust for either looking out in distance or looking in near field. That technology is something that’s really really quite interesting to us.这一技术的原理是,在隐形眼镜上植入作为传感器的光敏二极管,它们与进入眼睛的光量及视线的上下移动相互作用,根据眼睑开合的角度控制进光量。随后传感器可以将信号无线传输给内嵌于两层隐形眼镜之间的液晶。然后这些液晶会自动调节以供远眺或近看。我们对这种技术非常非常感兴趣。Our hope is that as the leaders in surgical equipment and devices for cataracts and refractive surgery globally, we could ultimately develop this also for intra-ocular lenses, which is a big business for us. Our cataract business is over billion in size.我们希望,作为全球白内障和屈光手术外科设备的领导者,最终将能够把这一技术用于人工晶体,这对我们来说是桩大生意。目前我们的白内障业务规模是30多亿美元。So, the potential for this could go much further?这么说来,这一技术有望获得长足发展?It does. We licensed the smart lens technology on an exclusive basis for all ocular uses. We’re very focused on bringing to market the gluco-sensing smart lens for diabetics and auto-focus technology for presbyopics–like my parents and in a few years myself. But at the same time, there are other ocular indications.确实如此。我们为所有的视觉应用申请了智能隐形眼镜的独家专利。目前我们正致力于将糖尿病患者所需的可监测血糖的智能隐形眼镜和老花眼人群——比如我父母和几年后的我本人——所需的可自动调焦技术推向市场。不过与此同时,这些技术还有望用于其他眼科疾病。There’s about 60 million people around the world who have glaucoma, and this sensing smart-lens technology could continuously monitor intra-operative eye pressure, which is what is controlled by medicines that treat glaucoma like prostaglandins. Before its patent expired, Xalatan [a prostaglandin] was a product worth a couple of billon dollars to Pfizer.目前全世界青光眼患者高达6000万人,这种感应式智能隐形眼镜技术可以持续监测术中眼压,而这是由前列腺素这类治疗青光眼的药物来控制的。在其专利到期前,适利达(一种前列腺素药名)是辉瑞公司(Pfizer)一款价值高达数十亿美元的拳头产品。Are there other areas where you could see this technology transforming healthcare?在你看来,这一技术还会在哪些领域深刻改变医疗保健业?I think it’s important that the partnership is starting with the eye, which is really the natural window into the body’s overall health. But, moving beyond the eye, Novartis is clearly a leader globally in a number of therapeutic areas.我认为,这一合作关系从眼部开始至关重要,因为眼睛确实是人体整体健康状况的窗口。不过,除了眼科,诺华在众多临床治疗领域都是全球领导者。One of those that we’re a leader in is oncology, or the treatment for cancer, and there could be other opportunities in the future in that space. There could be other opportunities in heart failure. We’ve got a pretty incredible pipeline that’s looking to address people with chronic heart failure and a number of conditions right now where there’s a pretty high medical need.其中之一就是肿瘤学,或者说癌症治疗,今后这一领域可能也会有其他机会。在心力衰竭领域也会有各种机会。我们已获得了一条极佳渠道有望治疗患有慢性心力衰竭的病人,还具备了开拓目前就医需求强烈的领域的多种条件。What will be the biggest challenge incorporating the technology into Alcon’s own product development?将这一技术与爱尔康自己的产品开发整合起来的最大挑战是什么?From the technical challenge perspective, you know, this isn’t easy. You’re talking about layering in sensors and miniature wireless chips and microchips. Then, how do you ensure on the gluco-sensing smart lens that there’s a correlation between the sugar glucose and the blood glucose, plus a number of other things that we need to prove clinically.要知道,从技术挑战这一角度看,事情并不容易。我们刚才谈到了嵌入传感器、微型无线芯片和微芯片。而如何才能确保在血糖监测智能隐形眼镜上使葡萄糖和血糖之间具有相关性呢,还有其他需要在临床上加以验的很多东西。So, I think there are both technical challenges, which is really where Google excels, and there’s also clinical challenges, which is really where Novartis and Alcon excel.所以,我认为既有谷歌擅长解决的技术难题,也有诺华和爱尔康擅长应对的临床难题。Do you see more partnerships like this happening in the future between technology and pharmaceutical companies?你认为科技公司和制药公司今后会开展更多此类合作吗?I do see an increasing convergence in technology and healthcare, and I think technology companies are looking for new sources of growth but also new ways in which they can really impact the world.我确实发现科技和医疗保健业有日益融合的趋势。而我认为,科技公司不仅要找到新的增长点,也需要找到能真正影响世界的全新方式。As Sergey [Brin] said in his e yesterday, this has the potential to help millions of people around the world. There’s a real mission component to this for us on the Novartis and the Alcon side, and I think that’s true for Google as well, though I wouldn’t want to speak for them.正如谢尔盖o布林昨天所说,这种合作有望帮助全世界成千上万的患者。对诺华和爱尔康来说,这种合作确实充满了使命感,我尽管不想为谷歌代言,但我想对他们来说事实也是如此。[Google] recognizes that they are the natural owners for certain capabilities and certain competencies, but really it’s going to be best for them to partner and to find a symbiotic relationship that they can develop. There was a very competitive process that they ran. They had a number of key selection criteria, and ultimately the match ended up being right between Google and Novartis.(谷歌)很清楚,他们在某些方面天生就能力极强,富有竞争优势,但如果能找到合适的合作伙伴,建立一种共生关系,他们就能发展得更好。他们采用了竞争择优的选拔流程,利用一系列关键选择标准,最终发现谷歌和诺华是一对完美拍档。How do you see the intersection of tech and pharma transforming the healthcare industry in the future?你认为科技和制药业的这种密切融合今后会如何深刻改变医疗保健行业?Frankly, in many top healthcare companies there’s a huge technological component. If you talk to Mark Fishman, who is the president of our Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research, big data and the data revolution that’s happening are instrumental to a lot of our research activities within Novartis.实际上,很多一流医疗保健企业都拥有大量专有技术。如果您和诺华生物医药研究所(Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research)所长马克o费希曼聊聊就会发现,目前流行的大数据和数据革命对诺华的大量研究来说已经起到了举足轻重的作用。One of the elements is how people are able to leverage and harness big data. A second element is what they can do with it then and how that enables personalization in medicine, whether it be in oncology or in other indications.这其中的要点之一就是人们如何才能充分利用并驾驭大数据。其二就是,无论是在癌症治疗还是其他疾病治疗领域,他们能利用大数据做什么,以及大数据如何才能有助于实现个性化治疗。There’s also this consumer piece of it, which is enabling consumers to take more control of their own healthcare. In the past you used to have to go to a doctor to do a lot of the testing that today can be done wirelessly and remotely.这其中还有消费者的因素,即大数据能让消费者更好地控制自己的健康状况。过去人们必须去医生那儿做大量检查,而今天这些检查都可以远程无线进行。I think we’ll see more medical device companies and pharma companies that are interested in moving into the data realm because it gives them greater insight from a patient perspective into developing better medicines.我想,今后会有更多医疗设备企业和制药企业深入挖掘大数据,因为这能让他们从病人的视角获得更深入的认识,开发出更好的药物。 /201407/313368成都治疗宫颈粘连花多少钱 Ryan Hoover is the envy of entrepreneurs around the country. Many startups toil for years, burning through millions of investment dollars, to get the kind of recognition Hoover’s startup has garnered in just nine months. What’s worse, he’s done it with a flimsy Reddit knock-off website his team built in less than a week. That site, called Product Hunt, has captured the attention, and as of today, the investment dollars, of Silicon Valley’s most influential power brokers.莱恩·胡佛是全美所有企业家艳羡的对象。许多初创公司摸爬滚打数年、烧掉数百万美元的投资才能得到的认可度,胡佛的初创公司却在短短九个月内就已牢牢在握。更让人不忿的是,他做到这一切所凭借的,不过是一个抄袭社交新闻网站Reddit创意的粗劣网站,而且他的团队只用了不到一个星期就搭建起了这个网站。但是这个名为Product Hunt的网站却得到了硅谷最有影响力的权力掮客们的关注,最近更是从他们那里获得了真金白银的投资。Venture investors like Hunter Walk, Dave McClure, David Tisch, and Mashable founder Pete Cashmore use Product Hunt to discover new products, and founders like Dennis Crowley (Foursquare), Dave Morin (Path), and Mark Cuban (AXS TV) have jumped in to discuss their products. The site has 250,000 monthly unique visitors and has sent 1.7 million visits to products in the last month. More than 51,000 people the site’s newsletter with a 41% open rate.像亨特o沃克、戴夫o麦克卢尔、大卫o蒂希、互联网新闻客Mashable创始人皮特o卡什莫尔等,这些风险投资人会利用Product Hunt来发现新产品;而丹尼斯o克罗利(Foursquare)、大卫o莫林(Path)、马克o库班(AXS TV)等创始人则会参与其中,讨论自己的产品。该网站每月的绝对访客达到了25万人,并在过去一个月里,为各类产品总共输送了170万次的访问量。网站推送的新闻通讯邮件读者逾5.1万人,点击率达41%。Anecdotally, the purveyors of the top products of each day report they’ve been flooded with inbound interest from investors and potential partners. Aly dozens of members have hacked together Web tools based on the site’s API. The site grows by 70% each month. Founders are whispering that placement on Product Hunt has replaced TechCrunch as their preferred method of announcing their launch.有意思的是,那些每日精选的顶尖产品的出品方们纷纷表示,投资者和潜在合作伙伴纷沓而来,对他们倾注的兴趣简直足以将他们淹没。已有数十名该网站的用户利用该网站的API做成了各式各样的衍生网络工具。网站以每个月70%的速度保持着增长。各方创始人私下表示,在Product Hunt上发布消息已经取代科技客TechCrunch,成为了他们更为青睐的公布产品上线的方式。So how did Hoover do it? Good timing, mixed with some email hustle and community-building prowess, topped off with a master class in positivity.那么胡佛是怎么做到这一切的?就是:好的时机加上若干电子邮件推送技巧,以及出色的社区建设能力,最后再借助一批形象正面的大师级人物的帮助。As it turns out, the tech community was hungry for a new gathering place, and Product Hunt played directly into its desire. Hacker News, the message board of accelerator program Y Combinator, has long been the de facto online community for Silicon Valley startups. Earlier this year, Y Combinator’s president, Sam Altman, said he thought the message board might be with 0 million.事实表明,科技界亟需一处新的聚集地,而Product Hunt的出现正好满足了这一需求。长久以来,企业孵化器Y Combinator设立的网络留言板Hacker News一直是硅谷各初创公司实际上的线上社区。今年上半年,Y Combinator的总裁萨姆o阿尔特曼就曾说过,他估计这个留言板上的用户群体整体价值可能有5亿美元。But in recent years, the community has devolved into petty negativity and occasionally hostile commentary. Last month, the prominent venture capitalist Marc Andreessen took to the message board to ask how it had evolved from a Y Combinator discussion board to “the discussion board where the first comment on any post involving a YC company is reliably someone crapping on it.”但是近几年来,这处线上社区已经沦落为一处充斥着负面情绪的地方,不时还会出现一些带有敌意的。上个月,知名风险投资家马克o安德里森在这处留言板上诘问道,这里怎么从Y Combinator的讨论板演变成了“任何YC公司相关帖下的第一条一定是有人在对该公司狂喷的讨论板”。“What an amazing shift,” he wrote.“这实在是种很神奇的转变。”他写道。Product Hunt did not intend to be the anti-Hacker News, but in many ways that’s what it has become. It is hardly a freewheeling anonymous community. The site has grown very carefully, by inviting a group of Valley influencers curated by Hoover and his team to join and comment. Outsiders can up-vote products, but only invitees can comment. Because the commenters are mostly public-facing figures like investors, journalists, and prominent founders in the tech community, they’re more likely to keep negative comments to themselves rather than trash something. That doesn’t scale well, so Hoover has decided the best way to grow is to let commenters invite friends into the commenting pool.Product Hunt并没有打算在各方面与Hacker News反其道而行,但是就很多方面而言,它现在所扮演的却正是这样的角色。这里基本不是一个自由自在的匿名社区。该网站发展得十分谨慎,在胡佛及其团队的精心策划下,邀请了一批硅谷的影响力人士成为用户并发表。其他人可以投票赞同某产品,但只有受邀用户才能发表。由于者多为投资者、记者和科技界知名创始人这样的公众人物,他们更愿意收起自己的负面,而不是随意乱喷。但是这种模式并不利于网站的拓展,因此胡佛决定,最佳的发展方式就是允许这些者邀请自己的朋友参与。The infectious positive attitude of Hoover and his nine-person team comes through on the site and in its community. They chime in frequently with positive feedback, curate themed newsletters, host personal, jokey podcasts, and gather influencers together for brunch events. You can tell they genuinely love apps, and in turn, they’ve attracted a community of app-lovers.胡佛及其9人团队的积极态度成功地感染了整个网站和社区。他们经常在讨论中插入一些正面的回应,策划不同主题的新闻通讯,主持轻松幽默的个人播客,还召集影响力人士聚餐。你可以看出他们是发自真心地热爱应用程序,并因此吸引了另一批应用程序的爱好者。Product Hunt hasn’t gone without notice on Hacker News. A post on Hacker News announcing the site was met with criticism of its design. When the company joined Y Combinator, the top comment on Hacker News asked, “How is Product Hunt even a business?” calling the decision “another disappointing move.”Product Hunt的发展也在Hacker News上引起了关注。Hacker News上一个公布Product Hunt上线消息的帖子里,者们对其网站设计进行了抨击。在公司在加入Y Combinator时,Hacker News上被顶到首位的质问道:“Product Hunt竟然也能算得上是一项业务?”并称这一决策为“又一次令人失望的行动”。Ever positive, Hoover says the business question is “a valid piece of criticism.” He acknowledges that a business catering to the small tech and startup community doesn’t seem like a billion-dollar idea. Further, “[Hacker News members] might see Product Hunt as a copycat,” he says. “We’re not solving a clear, obvious need, like ‘This saves lives,’ or, ‘This has X million in revenue per month.’ Obviously there is skepticism.” But he counters that any investment in a consumer-facing tech startup, including Facebook and Twitter, is less obvious in the beginning. “It’s very much based on emotions,” he says.永远保持积极态度的胡佛表示,大家提到的业务问题是“一条有意义的批评”。他承认,Product Hunt只是为科技界和初创界的小规模社区提供务,这听起来确实不像一个价值百万美元的创意。不仅如此,“(Hacker News的用户)可能把Product Hunt看作是山寨货,”他说,“我们并不是在解决一项清晰明确的需求,类似于‘这能拯救生命’或者‘这能在每个月创收几百万’等等。这自然会引发外界的质疑。”但是他反驳道,包括Facebook和Twitter在内,任何投给面向消费者的科技初创公司的投资,在最初都是比较盲目的。“这是很受情感驱使的决定。”他说。He has plans to expand Product Hunt into other categories, including gaming, an industry he’s familiar with as a consumer and as director of product at PlayHaven. As for the business model, Hoover imagines Product Hunt will monetize with a fairly straightforward advertising model. Today the site makes opportunistic revenue through job postings. Eventually, Hoover says he’d like to see Product Hunt own the transaction part of its recommendations, allowing people to directly buy the digital products they find on the site.他计划进一步拓展Product Hunt,涉足其他数个领域,其中也包括游戏。作为一名消费者和手游平台PlayHaven的产品总监,他对这个行业十分熟悉。至于具体的商业模式,胡佛的设想是,Product Hunt会通过相当直接的广告模式来实现货币化。目前,该网站是通过发布招聘信息获取投机收入的。胡佛表示,他希望Product Hunt到最后能够实现站内推荐产品的交易环节,让人们能在站内直接购买他们在这里找到的数码产品。But Hoover doesn’t have to worry about money just yet. Today, he will reveal that Product Hunt has raised million in venture funding from A-Grade Investments (the investment fund of Ashton Kutcher), Cowboy Ventures, CrunchFund, Google Ventures, Greylock Discovery Fund, Slow Ventures, SV Angel, betaworks, Tradecraft, Vayner RSE, and Ludlow Ventures as well as angel investors Abdur Chowdhury, Andrew Chen, Brenden Mulligan, Jack Altman, Naval Ravikant, NirEyal and Y Combinator (summer 2014 batch; its sum includes the standard YC investment.) The company also announced an iPhone app, built by iOS developer David McKinney, which adapts the site’s functions for mobile devices.不过胡佛目前还不必为钱的事发愁。他在8月21日公开宣布,Product Hunt已经募得了100万美元的资金,投资方有A级投资(A-Grade Investments,阿什顿o库彻创立的投资基金)、牛仔风投(Cowboy Ventures)、CrunchFund、谷歌风投(Google Ventures)、格雷洛克发现基金(Greylock Discovery Fund)、慢风投(Slow Ventures)、天使投资公司SV Angel、创业工厂兼风投公司Betaworks、Tradecraft、Vayner RSE和勒德洛风投(Ludlow Ventures),此外还有天使投资方阿卜杜勒o乔杜里、陈春、布伦登o穆里根、杰克o奥尔特曼、纳瓦尔o拉维坎特、尼尔o厄雅和Y Combinator(2014年夏季入驻;总额中包括标准的YC投资额)。该公司还发布了一款iPhone应用,开发方为iOS开发人员戴维o麦金尼,让该网站的功能在移动设备上也能正常使用。Product Hunt’s beauty is in its simplicity, which means the site can easily be copied. Hoover believes its real value is in the high-quality community he’s attracted. Keeping the community’s quality high as he attempts to break into the mainstream may be his greatest challenge. He believes Product Hunt can tap into a market of app-lovers who don’t consider themselves early adopters but are anyway. Given how pervasive smartphones are today, “the early adopter thing is shrinking,” he says.Product Hunt之美在于一切从简,而这意味着该网站很容易遭到复制。胡佛认为,Product Hunt的真正价值在于他所吸引来的高质量用户社区。在试图打入主流领域的同时继续保持社区的高质量水准,这或许就是他所面对的最大挑战。他相信Product Hunt能够打入应用爱好者的市场,这些爱好者并不把自己视作早期采用者(译注:指具有冒险精神、喜欢尝试新产品的人),但不管怎样他们的确就是。鉴于智能手机如今已是如此无处不在,“所谓的早期采用者已经越来越少了,”他说道。 /201408/323611A time capsule buried by Apple founder Steve Jobs 30 years ago has been discovered after its location was long forgotten.一个由苹果公司创始人史蒂夫·乔布斯在30年前埋下的时间胶囊,日前在当初埋藏的地点被发现,不过这个时间胶囊早已被当事人给遗忘了。In 1983, the young tech innovator was attending a conference in Aspen when he and the group decided to bury as a stunt during a design convention.1983年,年轻的科技创新者乔布斯来阿斯彭参加大会,他和团队在一次设计会议上决定埋下这个时间胶囊。The tube that was filled with an eclectic collection of goods- ranging from the then-new apple mouse to a six-pack of beer for the people who discovered the time capsule- was meant to be dug up 20 years later.管子里装了五花八门不少东西:从当时的新款苹果鼠标,到为发现时间胶囊的人准备的六罐装的啤酒。他们原计划是在20年后开启这个时间胶囊。There was a problem with that plan, however, as everyone involved forgot where it was buried.不过这个计划出了问题,因为当时所有参与者都忘记了掩埋的地点。The final discovery happened at the hands of the crew from the National Geographic Channel#39;s reality show called Diggers.最后发现时间胶囊的,还是美国国家地理频道真人秀节目《Diggers 》的栏目组成员。The discovery was well documented and is surely going to be featured on an upcoming episode, and even the experts had problems finding this particular treasure.这次的发现被悉心记录下来,而且肯定会成为未来某一集节目的主题,不过就算是这个节目的专家,在找寻这个特别的宝物时也颇费了一番功夫。CNET reports that in spite of their preparations and clear idea of where the 13-foot-long tube was, it still took them two hours to dig it up using heavy machinery.CNET报道说,虽然他们准备充分,也非常清楚这个长约13英尺的管子的具体位置,但挖掘还是花了两个小时,过程中还用到了重型机械。To anyone removed from the tech industry, the accomplishment in finding the tube appears to be the biggest accomplishment.对于远离科技行业的人来说,发现这个管状的时间胶囊似乎就是一项最大的成功。To others, the most interesting object would likely be the #39;Lisa#39; mouse placed in the tube by the hands of a then-28-year-old Jobs.但对于业内人来说,管子里最让人感兴趣的东西可能就是丽莎鼠标,这是由当年28岁的乔布斯亲自放进去的。The Lisa Mouse, which Jobs named after his daughter, was one of the first commercial computer mice soled publicly, making it a rarity at the time.丽莎鼠标是乔布斯用女儿的名字命名的,也是第一代公开销售的商务电脑专用鼠标,在当时实属罕见。The Aspen Historical Society is going to help the show creators catalogue the tube#39;s contents- but no word yet whether or not the Diggers cracked open one of the six bottles of Boddington#39;s Ale that was left inside for the people who found the tube.阿斯彭历史协会也表示将帮助栏目负责人整理时间胶囊的目录清单,不过关于《Diggers》栏目组成员有没有打开时间胶囊中为发现管子的人准备的宝汀顿啤酒,目前暂无消息。 /201309/257880德阳市第二人民医院宫颈囊肿

成都治疗输卵管粘连哪家医院好While the technology industry is closely watching Apple Inc.#39;s patent war against rivals using Google Inc.#39;s Android mobile operating system, China aly has homegrown software that is trying to take on Android in the country#39;s fast-growing smartphone market. 在科技业密切关注苹果公司(Apple Inc.)与使用谷歌(Google Inc.)安卓(Android)移动操作系统的竞争对手之间的专利战之际,中国已经有了本土研发的、试图在中国迅速增长的智能手机市场上与安卓叫板的软件。 Alibaba Group, China#39;s largest e-commerce company by transactions, is seeing stronger demand from handset makers for its Aliyun mobile operating software it launched last year, Chief Strategy Officer Zeng Ming said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. 阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group)总参谋长曾鸣在接受《华尔街日报》采访时说,移动设备生产商对去年推出的“阿里云”移动操作系统的需求增强。按成交额计算,阿里巴巴集团是中国最大的电子商务公司。 The company expects the number of smartphone makers using Linux-based Aliyun to increase to five by the end of this year from two currently: Beijing Tianyu Communication Equipment Co., whose phones are sold under its K-Touch brand, and major home appliances maker Haier Electronics Group Co. 该公司预计,今年年底前,搭载基于Linux的阿里云的智能手机生产商数量将从目前的两家增至五家。目前的两家是:生产天语(K-Touch)手机的北京天宇朗通通信设备股份有限公司(Beijing Tianyu Communication Equipment Co.)和主要家电生产商海尔电器集团有限公司(Haier Electronics Group Co.)。 #39;We want to be as strong as Android in China,#39; Mr. Zeng said on the sidelines of a conference. #39;We have quite a few [new handset partners] lined up,#39; he said, declining to provide the names of the handset makers. 曾鸣在一个会议的间歇说,我们希望在中国能和安卓一样有影响力,有很多新手机合作伙伴将与我们进行合作。他拒绝透露这些手机生产商的名字。 Unlike Apple#39;s iOS or Google#39;s Android, on which apps are installed on the device, Aliyun runs Web-based apps that are stored on remote servers. The system also comes with its own mapping and email applications. 在苹果的iOS和谷歌的安卓操作系统中,应用程序是安装在手机上的。与此不同的是,阿里云运行的是存储在远程务器上的基于网络的应用程序。此外,阿里云还有自己的地图和电子邮件应用。 As Apple#39;s patent litigation against rival handset makers are widely viewed as an attack on Android, its U.S. court victory last month against Samsung Electronics Co. has fueled discussions about possible alternatives to Google#39;s software. 由于苹果针对竞争对手手机生产商的专利战被普遍视为是对安卓发起的一次攻击,苹果上个月在美国法院对三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)的胜诉引发外界围绕可能替代安卓的其他软件展开了讨论。 While Microsoft Corp.#39;s Windows Phone is the most obvious candidate, other lesser-known platforms such as Aliyun are also drawing more attention than ever. 尽管微软(Microsoft Corp.)的Windows Phone操作系统是最显而易见的可能替代者,阿里云等其他不那么为人所知的平台也开始吸引比以往更多的关注。 #39;If I were a handset maker and if the only option is Android, I would be scared,#39; Mr. Zeng said. #39;Any company would like to have at least two suppliers.#39; 曾鸣说,假如我是一家手机生产商,而且唯一的选择只有安卓,我会被吓坏的;任何公司都希望至少有两家供应商。 It took Alibaba about three years to develop the Aliyun operating system, which the company unveiled in July 2011. The project involved more than 1,600 engineers, the company said. 阿里巴巴集团用了约三年的时间开发出阿里云操作系统,该系统于2011年7月发布。该公司说,有1,600多名工程师参与了这个项目。 With one billion mobile phone users, the Chinese market has room for a broad range of handset vendors, from high-end players like Apple, to those selling inexpensive smartphones that cost less than 0-a category that has seen explosive growth in the past year. Given the market#39;s diversity, Alibaba sees room for more mobile operating systems beyond Android and Microsoft#39;s Windows Phone. 中国市场有10亿手机用户,在这里各类手机厂商都有生存发展的空间,从苹果等高端品牌厂商,到销售不到200美元低价智能手机的公司。低价手机市场过去一年出现了爆炸性增长。鉴于市场的多样性,阿里巴巴集团认为,除安卓和微软Windows Phone移动操作系统外,市场还有其他操作系统的生存空间。 China is also set to overtake the U.S. this year as the world#39;s largest smartphone market. According to market-research firm IDC, China will account for 26.5% of global smartphone shipments in 2012, compared with 17.8% for the U.S. 中国今年将超过美国,成为世界上最大的智能手机市场。据市场研究公司国际数据公司(IDC)的数据,2012年中国将占全球智能手机发货量的26.5%,美国则占17.8%。 Mr. Zeng said Android faces challenges in China because Google#39;s search, Google Maps and Gmail functions are unavailable or limited in the country. 曾鸣说,安卓在中国面临挑战,因为谷歌搜索、谷歌地图和Gmail功能在中国不是无法使用就是受到限制。 In 2010, Google rerouted its search engine from mainland China to Hong Kong due to censorship concerns. While Android is still available in China, Google has steadily lost market share in search and other online services to Chinese rivals. 010年,由于对审查制度的担心,谷歌将搜索引擎务器从中国内地请迁至香港。虽然在中国安卓系统能够正常使用,但在搜索以及其它在线务上,谷歌的市场份额正在逐渐被其竞争对手蚕食。 #39;Android is not able to provide good user experience in the Chinese market…. but we can,#39; Mr. Zeng said. 曾鸣说,安卓无法在中国市场提供良好的用户体验,但我们可以。 Still, some handset makers say it won#39;t be easy for any mobile operating system, even for Windows Phone, to replace Android, which has aly built a strong ecosystem with handset makers and app developers around the world. 不过一些手机制造商说,任何一款手机操作系统(甚至包括Windows Phone系统在内)想要取代安卓都不容易。安卓已经同全球手机厂商和应用程序开发人员构筑了一个强大的生态系统。 According to IDC, 68.1% of smartphones shipped world-wide in the second quarter used Android, while 16.9% were Apple products running on iOS. Windows Phone accounted for only 3.5%. IDC的数据显示,今年全球二季度出货的智能手机中,68.1%搭载的是安卓系统,16.9%是苹果iOS系统,Windows Phone系统占据的市场份额仅为3.5%。 Luo Zhongsheng, the head of the handset business at ZTE Corp., the fifth-largest smartphone vendor in China in the second quarter, said in a recent interview that he expects Android to remain dominant because it would take a long time for new app ecosystems to develop around other software platforms. #39;Nobody can challenge Android for the time being,#39; Mr. Luo said. 中兴通讯股份有限公司(ZTE Corp.)手机事业部负责人罗忠生在最近一次采访中表示,预计安卓仍将占据主导地位,因为围绕其它软件平台研发一个新的应用程序生态系统需要很长时间。他说,目前无人能够挑战安卓。今年二季度中兴通讯是全国第五大智能手机厂商。 Alibaba#39;s Mr. Zeng acknowledged that it will take time for Aliyun to become a major smartphone operating system. But the company remains hopeful and continues to bet on the business. Recently, Alibaba announced its first major update to Aliyun, including an upgraded search-engine function and more efficient management of data traffic. 曾鸣承认,阿里云想要成为一款主流智能手机操作系统还需要一点时间。但该公司仍然对此寄予希望并继续押注这项业务。近日,阿里巴巴宣布阿里云的首次重大升级,其中包括升级搜索引擎并提高数据流量管理的效率。 The advantages for Aliyun include, for example, the integration of the online payment services provided by Alipay, an Alibaba affiliate, into the operating system to make mobile transactions easier and more secure, Mr. Zeng said. 曾鸣说,阿里云的优势包括融合了阿里巴巴子公司付宝提供的在线付务,这可令移动交易更便捷、更安全。 For Alibaba, which operates popular shopping websites Taobao and Tmall, part of the incentive for developing its own mobile operating system came from the expected migration of online shopping and other Internet activities from personal computers to mobile gadgets, Mr. Zeng said, adding that Aliyun could help generate more mobile transactions for shopping sites. 曾鸣说,对阿里巴巴而言,促使其开发自有操作系统的部分原因是网购以及其它互联网活动预计将从个人计算机向移动设备迁移的趋势。他还说阿里云会给购物网站带来更多移动交易。阿里巴巴目前运营着人气颇高的购物网站淘宝和天猫。 #39;E-commerce is one of few bright spots in China#39;s economy now,#39; said Mr. Zeng, who expects Taobao and Tmall to host one trillion yuan (7.6 billion) in transactions this year-more than double the 400 billion yuan posted in 2010. 曾鸣说,电子商务是眼下中国经济为数不多的亮点之一。他预计淘宝和天猫今年的交易规模能达到人民币1万亿元(约合1,576亿美元),是2010年4,000亿元交易规模的两倍多。 Mr. Zeng said the e-commerce sector isn#39;t seeing the slowdown many other sectors in China are experiencing. Demand for online shopping continues to grow fast, and the market is becoming more competitive as many companies are focusing increasingly on e-commerce to seek new growth opportunities, he said. 曾鸣说,电子商务领域没有出现中国其它很多行业正在经历的增长放缓的局面。他说,网络购物需求仍在继续快速增长,随着很多企业越来越重视电子商务以寻求新的增长机会,这个市场的竞争也越来越激烈。 Online retail sales in China are projected to triple to more than 0 billion by 2015, and the country is also expected to overtake the U.S. as the world#39;s largest market around that time, according to a report by the Boston Consulting Group. China aly has 193 million online shoppers, more than 170 million in the U.S., the report said. 波士顿咨询公司(Boston Consulting Group)的一份报告显示,到2015年中国网络零售规模预计将增加两倍,超过3,600亿美元。届时中国预计也将超过美国成为全球最大的市场。这份报告说,中国目前已有1.93亿网购者,这一数字大于美国的1.7亿人。 /201209/198889彭山县人民医院妇科炎症 Apple sold 9m of its latest iPhones over the launch weekend, up from 5m last year and a higher number than analysts had expected. 苹果(Apple)在新款iPhone发布后的首个周末共售出900万部这种智能手机,高于去年的500万部,也高于分析师早前的预期。 The figures, boosted by the inclusion of China in the launch, may ease investors’ concerns over the pricing of the cheaper iPhone and customer response to iOS 7, the most radical makeover of Apple’s mobile operating system in years. 这一数据受中国被纳入首发市场推动,它可能有助于缓解投资者对于廉价版iPhone定价策略以及顾客对iOS 7(苹果移动操作系统多年来最重大的一次改变)反应的担忧。 The figures came as Microsoft prepared to launch its latest iPad rival, the Surface 2, and UK retailer Tesco announced its own tablet, the Hudl. Apple is rumoured to be releasing a new iPad next month. 这些数据公布之际,正值微软(Microsoft)准备推出与iPad竞争的最新产品Surface 2,英国零售商特易购(Tesco)也宣布了自己的平板电脑Hudl。有传言称,苹果将于下月发布新一代iPad产品。 Strong smartphone sales prompted Apple to upgrade its financial guidance for the fourth quarter. It said sales would be “near the high end” of its guidance range of bn-bn, compared with consensus estimates of .1bn, with gross margin at the upper end of its 36 per cent to 37 per cent forecast, which analysts said implied higher than consensus earnings. 智能手机的强劲销售数据促使苹果上调了第四季度的财务预期。该公司表示,销售额将接近其340亿至370亿美元预测区间的“高端”,而市场的共识预测值为361亿美元;毛利率也将处于该公司给出的36%至37%预测区间的高端,分析师表示这意味着苹果的利润将高于市场共识预期。 More than 200m people had upgraded their existing iPhones to iOS 7, Apple said. That is twice as many as downloaded its predecessor in its first few days a year ago, when Apple suffered a backlash against its new Maps app. 苹果表示,超过2亿人将自己现有的iPhone升级到了iOS 7操作系统。这相当于一年前iOS 6新推出后几天内下载量的两倍,当时苹果的新地图应用大受批评。 Tim Cook, Apple chief executive, hailed the company’s “best iPhone launch yet” with “a new record for first weekend sales”. 苹果首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)欢呼称,这是该公司“迄今最棒的iPhone新品发布”,并刷新了“发布后首个周末的销售纪录”。 Analysts at Barclays said that Apple rarely, if ever, updated its sales guidance before the end of a quarter, sending a confident signal and implying that its forecast of 29m iPhone sales for the period may be conservative. 巴克莱(Barclays)的分析师表示,苹果很少在季末之前上调销售指引,因此此举发出一个充满信心的信号,并表明该公司给出的第四季度销售2900万台iPhone的预测或许过于保守。 Barclays said in a note to #173;clients yesterday: “We had thought the iPhone number would be smaller given the bth of the rollout to new geographies and the limited supply stemming from difficulty in assembling the phone with the fingerprint sensor – but this doesn’t seem to be the case.” 巴克莱在昨日发给客户的一份备忘录中写道:“我们曾认为,iPhone的销售数据将低于当前水平,因为纳入首发的新市场数量较少,而组装带有指纹识别器的手机难度较大,进而导致供应受限——但实际情况似乎并非如此。” The iPhone 5s, which includes a fingerprint er and new gold colour, has been in short supply since Friday’s launch, while the plastic 5c is still available for a cheaper , with a contract in the US. iPhone 5s内含指纹识别装置,并有一款金色的新机型。金色款自上周五首发以来一直缺货。而塑料机身的5c仍然有货,其在美国的合约价相对较低,为99美元。 Analysts had been concerned after the 5c’s unveiling this month that its unsubsidised price of 0 in the US, and 0 in China, would be too expensive to win over new customers in emerging markets. Apple sold 2m iPhone 5 units in China on the first day there. 分析师们在5c本月面世之后一直担心,其无合约版在美国高达550美元、在中国高达700美元的定价,对于在新兴市场争取新顾客来说或许过于昂贵。苹果的iPhone 5在中国上市首日共售出了200万台。 Apple shares were 3.8 per cent higher at 5.06 in afternoon New York trading. 苹果股价在纽约股市午盘交易时段上涨了3.8%,至485.06美元。 /201309/258042德阳的不孕不育医院在哪

成都市哪家医院做输卵管复通Mossberg's MailboxQ: My wife and I each use a different Windows laptop, so we end up having documents scattered between them. We back up data using a wired external hard drive, not knowing what has been saved where. Is there a solution that can allow file sharing and keep my files, my wife's files, and the backup files synced up?A: There are networked hard drives from several manufacturers that can back up both laptops wirelessly and allow sharing. One I reviewed recently is the My Book World Edition from Western Digital. Another approach would be to use a Web-based synchronization service. My favorite of these is called SugarSync, from a company called Sharpcast.SugarSync can automatically, and almost instantly, synchronize files in folders you select among multiple computers, while also backing them up to a password-protected Web account. SugarSync starts at a month or a year for 30 gigabytes of files, and goes up in price based on the amount you use. The company offers a free two-gigabyte account and a free trial of larger accounts for 30 days. More information is at sharpcast.com.Q: I have been a Windows user for may years but have wanted to change to Mac. Yet every article I says that Quicken, which I depend upon heavily, will not run -- at least reliably -- on a Mac, even with the Windows-compatible software. Is this true?A: The native Quicken version for the Mac is a less capable program than the Windows version, and doesn't use the same file format, which makes importing Windows Quicken files a tedious and imperfect process for many users. Intuit, the maker of Quicken, is promising a new, much better native Mac version early next year that it claims will solve these problems, but I haven't tested it, so I can't verify that pledge.However, in tests I have run periodically, Quicken for Windows ran just fine on a Mac equipped to run Windows and Windows programs. This was true when I used either Parallels or Fusion, which allow you to run Windows programs on a Mac simultaneously with Mac programs; or when I used Boot Camp, which converts the Mac into a full-fledged Windows machine, with Apple's operating system turned off.Q: I plan to get a new computer after Windows 7 is released in October, to replace my old Compaq running Windows XP. Will I have difficulty moving my files to the new one?A: You shouldn't have much difficulty with your personal data files. Microsoft is building in an Easy Transfer program to move personal files to a new Windows 7 PC. But the Microsoft program won't move over your programs. You will have to reinstall all your programs, which means finding your installation disks or installer files and re-installing all the updates from that have occurred over the years. A company called LapLink is promising to sell software it says will automate the entire process, including moving programs, to spare you this re-installation burden. But it isn't out yet, and I haven't tested it with Windows 7. /200909/84059 成都市第六人民医院在哪儿成都去哪家医院妇科



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