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成都治疗女子不孕医院绵阳市不孕不育专科医院哪正规A dramatic plan to transport humans beyond the solar system within 100 years today received the backing of former President Bill Clinton。美国正在开展一项名为“百年星舰”的宇宙探索计划,希望在百年内能够让人类冲出太阳系,抵达其他遥远的星球。该计划获得了美国前总统比尔#8226;克林顿的持。The 100-year Starship project, which was set up with US military seed funding, plans to develop huge #39;starships#39; to send humans far into space。“百年星舰”计划是用美军的种子基金创立的,将建造大型“星际飞船”,把人类送往太空。It has aly received large amounts of funding, and former President Bill Clinton has even stepped in to serve as the symposium#39;s Honorary Chair。该计划已得到大批资金资助,美国前总统克林顿还作为名誉主席出席了研讨会。In a statement, Clinton said: #39;This important effort helps advance the knowledge and technologies required to explore space, all while generating the necessary tools that enhance our quality of life on earth.#39;克林顿在声明中说:“这项重要研究能帮助我们增进探索太空的知识和技术,还能让我们生产出提高地球上人们生活质量的必需工具。”The astronaut who became the first black woman in space in 1992 has been chosen to skipper the #39;100 Year Starship#39; project。在1992年进入太空的首位黑人女宇航员梅#8226;杰米森被选为“百年星舰”计划的首任机长。#39;The 100 Year Starship will make the capability of human travel beyond our solar system to another star a reality over the next 100 years,#39; she said。她说:“在未来一百年内,‘百年星舰’计划会让人类冲出太阳系,飞往其他星球的梦想成真。”#39;We will embark on a journey across time and space. If my language is dramatic, it is because this project is monumental。“我们将开启跨越时空的星际之旅。如果我说得太夸张的话,那是因为这项计划本身就很有纪念意义。”And our team is both invigorated and sobered by the confidence DARPA has in us to make interstellar flight a reality.#39;“我们的团队充满活力,美国国防高级研究计划署对我们也很有信心,星际飞行的梦想终将成真。” /201212/211756成都检查封闭抗体大概多少钱 Ex-factor: One in four men still dreams about past girlfriends.英1/4男性常梦见前女友The battle against the green-eyed monster is hard enough at the best of times.平日里风平浪静的时候和嫉妒作斗争就已经够艰难了。Now though, jealous women have even more to worry about. A new study has revealed that one in four men regularly dream about their ex-girlfriends.但如今,爱嫉妒的女人们有更多需要担心的了。一项新调查揭示,四分之一的英国男性经常会梦见自己的前女友。And the results, released today, revealed that the men in question were not necessarily pining for their exes by day. In fact, the majority reported high levels of satisfaction with their current relationship.今日发布的这一调查结果显示,会做这种梦的男人不一定白天会想念前女友。事实上,他们中的大多数人报告说对现在的恋情很满意。It is not just ex-partners that British men are dreaming about either.出现在英国男性梦中的也不是只有他们的前女友。While romantic-minded girlfriends might allow themselves to believe they are the subject of their man#39;s dreams, they are likely to be usurped during nighttime hours by their partner#39;s colleagues or boss - with 26 percent saying they dream of workmates - or even their mother-in-law.浪漫的女人们也许会让自己相信她们是男友梦中的主角,但在男友的梦中,她们的位置很可能会被男友的同事或上司取代。26%的男性说他们会梦见同事,甚至会梦见丈母娘。Conversely, over a third of British women say they spend their nights dreaming about their current partner, followed closely by dreams about their parents and their children.与此相反的是,超过三分之一的英国女性说她们晚上通常会梦见自己的现任男友或老公,其次是梦见她们的父母和小孩。The Dream Study, carried out by Premier Inn, asked 2,000 Brits about their dream patterns to come up with the findings.英国酒店Premier Inn开展的这一梦境调查询问了2000名英国人的梦的类型,从而得出了这些结果。It found the close friendships women tend to hold also impact on their dreams, with a third of women claiming their dreams frequently feature their friends.调查发现,亲密的友情也会对女性的梦产生影响,三分之一女性称自己的好友常会在梦中出现。However, it seems women are just as capable of fantasy, as 20 percent say they frequently dream about people they have never met.然而,女性似乎也善于幻想,20%的女性说她们经常会梦见自己从未见过的人。The stresses and strains of everyday life also affect the way we dream, with 31 percent of people saying they dream about important things that are playing on their mind.日常生活的压力和负担也会影响我们做的梦,31%的人说他们会梦见心头大事。Given the current economic climate, it#39;s unsurprising that 20 percent of Brits dream more if they are under pressure, demonstrating that it is increasingly difficult to forget about work.在当前的经济环境下,有20%的英国人在压力下更多地会梦见和工作相关的事,这并不奇怪。这表明英国人要想把工作抛在脑后将会更难。 /201112/164182Earlier this week China Real Time asked whether Apple Inc. could launch a new product without incident. The answer Friday morning was a quiet ;yes.; 本周早些时候,;中国实时报;栏目曾提出这样的问题,苹果(Apple Inc.)能否在发售新产品时不出现任何闪失?周五早上,我们得到了一个肯定的。 Apple#39;s latest iPad model went on sale quietly on Friday at a retail location in Beijing where unruly buyers and sullen crowds had marred past releases. Roughly 40 customers quietly lined up Friday morning outside the Apple Store in Beijing#39;s high-end Sanlitun shopping and restaurant district. They waited within a cordon surrounded security personnel and reporters. Store doors opened at 8 a.m. without disturbances. 周五,北京的一家苹果零售店在安静的气氛中开始发售最新款iPad。这家店过去每次开始发售新产品时,都会被不守规则的购买者和愤怒的人群搞得一团糟。周五上午,大约40名顾客在位于北京三里屯高端购物和餐饮区的苹果店外安静地排队。他们站在警戒线之内,警戒线之外是安保人员和记者。苹果店8点准时开门,没有出现任何混乱场面。 The first customer, 34-year old Ye Huafei, said that he had come to get the new iPad because his mother had appropriated his to watch television shows. He said he was busy over the weekend, so he decided to get it on the first day of release. 排在第一位的顾客名叫叶华飞(音),今年34岁。他说,因为他的母亲 看视频霸占了他的iPad,所以他才来买个新的。他说,自己周末很忙,所以决定在发售第一天就来购买。 Sales at Apple#39;s other four company-branded retail stores in Chinaalso appeared to go smoothly. 苹果在华另外四家官方零售店的发售工作似乎也进行得十分顺利。 The orderly opening was a far cry from previous new product releases at the Sanlitun store. In January, the company briefly stopped selling its new iPhone 4S at its China Apple Stores after unruly customers led police to seal off part of the mall at the location. 这个井然有序的发售日与苹果三里屯店之前的新产品发售场面形成了鲜明对比。今年1月,由于顾客排队的秩序陷入混乱,警察不得不封锁了购物中心的部分区域,苹果也被迫立即停止了新的iPhone 4S的销售。 In May 2011, customers who lined up for new white iPhones scuffled with employees, leading managers to lock the doors. 2011年5月,排队购买新的白色iPhone的顾客与苹果店员工发生扭打,苹果店不得不暂时关闭。 For the launch of the new iPad, Apple instituted a system new to the location in which buyers were required to take reservations beginning on Thursday, the day before the launch. Customers were then given a set time to pick up their devices. 这次发售新iPad之前,苹果店启用了一个新的系统,购买者必须从发售日前一天(也就是周四)开始在系统中提前预定。消费者可以在指定的时间内取货。 Wang Qin, the chief executive of application development company Xia Yi Zhan, said while waiting in line for his new iPad that he thought the new system helped make the situation at the store smoother. 应用程序开发公司Xia Yi Zhan的首席执行长王勤(音)在排队等待购买新iPad时说,他认为新的系统让苹果店的秩序好了很多。 ;But from what I I didn#39;t expect it to be as crowded,; he said. ;IPad launches haven#39;t been as bad as iPhone launches.; 他说,根据我掌握的信息,我预计今天不会有很多人。iPad的发售场面不像iPhone那样可怕。 He also complained about the how long it has taken for the new iPad to come out in China. The new iPad, which has improved screen resolution and faster data-connection capabilities, was unveiled in March in the U.S. 他还抱怨了等待新iPad在中国发售的时间太长。新iPad今年3月份就在美国发布了,这款设备的屏幕分辨率更高,数据连接速度也更快。 Though it debuted late in China compared with many other nations, the product has been available in China#39;s gray markets, where vendors have them shipped in from places like the U.S. and Hong Kong. 尽管新iPad在中国发售的时间晚于其他国家,但在中国的灰色市场早就可以买到这款产品了。那里的新iPad是从美国和香港等地运来的。 Mr. Wang blamed the delay on a recently settled lawsuit between Apple and a Chinese company over the iPad trademark, but wasn#39;t overly downbeat. 王勤认为新iPad在中国迟迟不发售的原因是苹果与中国企业的iPad商标权诉讼案。此案最近刚刚了结。但他并未对在中国迟迟拿不到新iPad感到过分不满。 ;I wasn#39;t expecting to get the iPad, but I got an email at 8 pm,; he said, explaining that users had to wait to find out if they had secured a time. 他说,我并没指望自己能买到新iPad,但是昨天晚上八点收到了邮件。他解释说,用户在预定后需要等待确认信。 Wu Xinfang, a 43-year old stay-at-home mother of two, said her sister called her excitedly at 4 p.m. Thursday once she got confirmation she could purchase an iPad. From Datong in Shanxi province but visiting Beijing for the summer with her children, Ms. Wu said that she would pick up the iPad for her sister and bring it back to Datong in August. 吴新芳(音)是一名43岁的全职主妇,有两个孩子。她说,她的周四下午四点就兴奋地打电话给她,告诉她自己收到了购买确认。吴新芳的家在山西大同,这个夏天,她是带着孩子们来北京旅游的。吴新芳说,她来帮她买iPad,八月份时会将买到的iPad带回大同。 Ms. Wu said she arrived early because she was worried about the crowds. Still, it was more out of duty to her sister than love for the product that she came out. 吴新芳说,由于担心人多,她早早地就到了。她来到这只是想给帮忙,并不是因为自己对iPad有多么热衷。 ;I like things that are more practical,; she said, flashing her old-style keypad phone. ;The iPad is for playing, watching TV and playing games, but I don#39;t like to spend more than a few hundred yuan on products.; 她说,我喜欢更实用的东西,并向记者展示了自己的老式全键盘手机。她说,iPad是用来、看电视和玩游戏的,但我不喜欢花上千块钱买数码产品。 /201207/191365成都不孕不育去哪家医院好

石柱土家族自治县人民医院打胎输卵管复通再通手术成都做无痛流产费用多少 Let me hazard a wild guess: the system of passwords you use on the internet – for accessing online banking, email, shopping sites, Twitter and Facebook accounts – is a mess.让我大胆猜测一下:你在互联网上使用的,用于访问网上、电子邮件、购物网站、Twitter和Facebook账户的密码系统是一团糟。You know perfectly well what you ought to be doing: for each site you visit, you should be choosing a different, complex sequence of letters, numbers and symbols, and then memorising it. (That#39;s rule number one of the conventional wisdom on passwords: never, ever write them down.) But you don#39;t do this, because you weren#39;t blessed with a brain that#39;s capable of such feats.你完全知道自己应该怎么做:你所访问的每个网站,你都应该选择一个由字母、数字和符号组成的不同且复杂的序列,然后记住它。(这是关于密码常规智慧的第一原则:永远不要把它们写下来。)但你不会这样做,因为你无福拥有具备此类技能的大脑。So instead you use the same familiar words for every site – your dog#39;s name, the name of your street – with occasional ingenious permutations, such as adding ;123; at the end. Or maybe you do try to follow the rules, in which case you#39;re probably constantly getting locked out of your bank account or trying to remember the answers to various absurd security questions. (;What was your favourite sport as a child?;) And things are getting worse: these days, you find yourself forced to choose passwords with both upper- and lower-case letters, and what normal human being can remember multiple combinations of those? Not you, that#39;s for sure.因此,你每一个网站都使用同样熟悉的单词——你家的名字、你家街道的名字 ——偶尔巧妙的排列一下,如结尾加个“123”。或者,也许你的确尝试了遵循这样的规则,某些情况下,你可能总是进不了你的帐户或试图记住各种荒谬的安全问题的。 (“你小时候最喜欢的运动是什么?”)事情变得越来越糟糕:这些天,你会发现自己要被迫选择大写和小写字母组成的密码,哪个正常人可以记住这样的多个组合?不是你,这是肯定的。One reason not to feel too guilty about your bad password behaviour is that it seems to be almost universal. Last month, an analysis of leaked pin numbers revealed that about one in 10 of us uses ;1234;; a recent security breach at Yahoo showed that thousands of users#39; passwords were either ;password;, ;welcome;, ;123456; or ;ninja;. People choose terrible passwords even when more is at stake than their savings对于自己的糟糕密码行为不用感到太内疚的一个原因是它好像是几乎普遍的。上个月,泄漏的密码分析显示,我们中大约有十分之一的人使用“1234”,雅虎最近的安全漏洞表明,成千上万的用户密码不是;password;、 ;welcome;、;123456; 就是;ninja;.即使他们的财产会面临更多的风险,人们还是选择糟糕的密码。Password hacking takes many different forms, but one crucial thing to understand is that it#39;s often not a matter of devilish cunning but of bludgeoning with brute force.密码黑客会采取多种不同的形式,但要明白关键的一件事是,它通常不是恶魔般的狡猾,而是蛮力的使用。This is where the length of your password makes an almost unbelievable difference. For a hacker with the computing power to make 1,000 guesses per second, a five-letter, purely random, all-lower-case password, such as ;fpqzy;, would take three and three-quarter hours to crack. Increase the number of letters to 20, though, and the cracking time increases, just a little bit: it#39;s 6.5 thousand trillion centuries.你密码的长度可以产生几乎令人难以置信的差异。对于黑客的计算能力,每秒1000次猜测, 5个字母、完全随机、全小写的密码,如“fpqzy”,只要花费3小时45分钟来破解。把字母数增加到20,只是一点点,但破解的时间增加:这将是6500万亿个世纪。Then there#39;s the question of predictability. Nobody thinks up passwords by combining truly random sequences of letters and numbers; instead they follow rules, like using real words and replacing the letter O with a zero, or using first names followed by a year. Hackers know this, so their software can incorporate these rules when generating guesses, vastly reducing the time it takes to hit on a correct one. If you think you#39;ve got a clever system for coming up with passwords, the chances are that hackers are aly familiar with it.这样就有可预测性的问题。没有人想出密码是由字母和数字真正随机组合的序列;相反,他们遵守规则,像使用真正的单词和用“zero”替换字母“O”,或在名字后面加上年份。黑客们知道这一点,所以他们的软件在进行猜测时可以兼容这些规则,大大减少了猜中正确所花费的时间。如果你认为你已经有了一个想出密码的聪明方法,很有可能黑客们早已熟悉它了。The least hackable password, then, would be a long string of completely random letters, numbers, spaces and symbols – but you#39;d never remember it. However, because length matters so much, the surprising truth is that a longish string of random English words, all in lower case – say, ;awoken wheels angling ostrich; – is actually much more secure than a shorter password that follows your bank#39;s annoying rules, such as ;M@nch3st3r;. And easier to remember: you#39;ve aly formed a memorable image of some noisy wheels waking up an ostrich fishing by a riverbank, haven#39;t you?那么最不容易被破解的密码,将是由完全随机的字母、数字、空格和符号组成的一串很长的字符- 但你永远记不住它。然而,因为长度那么重要,令人惊喜的真相是,一串随机英语单词组成的长长的字符,全是小写字母——写着“苏醒车轮钓鱼避世者”——其实比你遵循恼人的规则设置的短密码更加安全,如“M @ nch3st3r”。而且更容易记住:你已经形成了一个难忘的印象,一些吵闹的车轮吵醒避世的人在河边钓鱼,是不是?One day, we may not have to worry about any of this: there are innovations in development that might replace passwords entirely. Touchscreens could be configured to detect subtle aspects of your interactions with your computer – the distances between your fingers, the speeds at which you tap and scroll.有一天,我们可能不用再担心这些:发展的创新可能会完全取代密码。触屏可以配置得发现你和你电脑之间微妙的互动——通过你手指之间的距离、你打字和滚动的速度。 /201210/202665四川省中医药研究院中医医院社保卡

阿坝藏族芜族妇幼保健院怎么样 A Danish study has revealed that redheads are more sensitive to the cold and are more likely to suffer from toothaches. However the findings also indicate that gingers are less susceptible to skin pain and can handle hot food, Daily Mail reported.据英国《每日邮报》报道,丹麦科学家的研究显示,红头发的人对于寒冷更加敏感,也更容易牙疼。但他们还发现,红头发的人对于皮肤上的疼痛不怎么敏感,且不怕食物烫手。Professor Lars Arendt-Nielsen, one of the researchers, said: ;Our tests showed that redheads are less sensitive to this particular type of pain. They react less to pressure close to the injected area, or to a pinprick. They seem to be a bit better protected, and that is a really interesting finding.;研究人员拉斯;阿里蒂逖说:;测试显示,红头发的人对于这种特别的疼痛不太敏感。他们对于注射处近旁的压力或者针刺的反应不太强烈,就好像他们被保护的很好一样。这个发现真是太有意思了。;It is estimated that 2 percent of the world#39;s population is redheaded. 据估计,全世界有2%的人拥有红色的头发。 /201203/174247四川成都市妇女医院诊所都江堰市妇幼保健院预约是不是真的




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