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Key Southeast Asian markets have seen a marked drop in Chinese tourists, a growth sector across much of the globe, as air crashes and geopolitical tensions take their toll.前往东南亚主要旅游目的地的中国游客显著减少,这在一定程度上是不止一起空难和地缘政治紧张的结果。对于全球很多地方,接待出境游的中国人是一个成长型行业。While China spends more on outbound travel than any other nation, up 28 per cent to 5bn last year, the reversal of fortunes for some of Southeast Asia’s main tourism destinations underlines the risks that countries face as they look to China for growth.尽管中国人在出境游期间的出多于其他任何国家(去年增长28%,至1650亿美元),但东南亚一些主要旅游目的地的命运逆转,突显了目的地国家寄望中国实现增长的风险。The trend is particularly concerning for countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia, which were banking on Chinese tourists to help boost their slowing economies.这一趋势尤其让马来西亚和印尼等国担忧,这些国家此前寄望中国游客帮助提振不断放缓的经济。“These Asian markets have been the early recipients of the largest Chinese outbound flows and have quickly adapted to a recognition that the China market will progressively swamp all others,” said Will Horton, an analyst at the Centre for Aviation, a research company, in Hong Kong.“这些亚洲市场是中国人出境游高潮时期的早期目的地,它们很快适应了一种认识,即中国人将逐步挤掉其他所有客源,”研究公司——航空中心(Centre for Aviation)的分析师威尔霍顿(Will Horton)在香港表示。“Chinese media and shifts in political winds can abruptly — but often temporarily — turn off traffic flows. Excessive reliance on any one tourism source inevitably creates this problem.”“中国的媒体和政治风向变化可能突然——但往往是暂时地——中断客流。过度依赖任何一个旅游客源,都不可避免会产生这个问题。”Excluding Thailand, which has seen a rebound in Chinese tourists since its military coup last year, the number of Chinese visitors to Southeast Asia fell in the first three months of this year to 1.5m from 1.9m a year earlier, according to the Centre for Aviation.航空中心的数据显示,若剔除泰国(该国在去年发生军事政变后,已迎来中国游客人数反弹),前往东南亚的中国游客在今年头三个月降至150万,而去年同期达到190万。That signals a continuing trend, with Chinese arrivals in Southeast Asia, excluding Thailand, falling to 6.2m last year from 6.4m in 2013.这标志着一个持续的趋势,去年,前往东南亚(除泰国外)的中国游客从2013年的640万降至620万。By contrast, Japan, helped by its weakening currency, and the rest of north Asia have seen a jump in Chinese tourists, up 38 per cent to 3.3m in the first quarter of this year, compared with a year earlier.相比之下,前往日本(得益于日元疲软)以及北亚其他国家的中国游客人数出现跃升,今年首季同比增长38%,至330万。Michael Beer, an aviation analyst at Citigroup in Hong Kong, said that the deadly crashes last year involving Malaysia Airlines’ flights MH370 and MH17 and AirAsia Indonesia’s QZ8501 had shaken Chinese tourists’ confidence in travelling to the region.花旗集团(Citigroup)常驻香港的航空业分析师迈克尔贝尔(Michael Beer)表示,去年发生的几起致命空难——马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines)的MH370航班和MH17航班,以及亚航印尼(AirAsia Indonesia)的QZ8501航班——使中国游客有点不敢前往东南亚。Malaysia’s much-criticised handling of the loss of MH370, which disappeared en route to Beijing, has added to the reluctance to travel there.马航的MH370航班在飞往北京途中失联,马来西亚对这起事件的处理受到大量批评,使中国游客更不愿意前往该国。Vietnam and the Philippines have suffered because of rising political tensions connected to their maritime disputes with Beijing in the South China Sea.越南和菲律宾受到影响,则是因为两国与中国政府在南中国海的海上纠纷导致政治紧张不断升温。Mr Horton argues that countries and airlines need to take a more nuanced approach to the Chinese market.航空中心的霍顿认为,旅游目的地国家和航空公司需要对中国游客市场采取更细腻的战略。“There is little doubt that in the long term Chinese tourists will change the face of global tourism,” he said. “But managing the short- and medium-term blips will be a big part of a China tourism strategy.”“毫无疑问,长期而言中国游客将改变全球旅游业格局,”他说。“但是,管理中短期的起伏将是对华旅游战略的一个重要组成部分。” /201507/388811

A nongovernmental organization that had run a rural library project with as many as 22 libraries across China has announced that it is closing down, citing “tremendous pressure” from the local authorities.一间曾运营一个乡村图书馆项目的非政府机构宣布关停,表示不堪来自地方当局的“巨大的压力”。该项目曾在全中国拥有多达22个图书馆。Since 2007, Liren — which means helping someone find his way — had devoted itself to providing children in underprivileged areas with free access to books and fostering independent thinking. Its founder, Li Yingqiang, who studied economics at Peking University, had started by building a library in his own former school in Hubei Province. From there, the group formed partnerships with other primary and secondary schools, donating books and sending volunteers to help run libraries and organize ing sessions for students. Some Liren libraries that did not have partnerships with local schools were run by volunteers from private premises.自2007年,立人一直致力于为相对贫困地区的孩子们提供可供免费阅读的书籍及培养独立思考能力。曾在北京大学读经济学的机构创始人李英强从在湖北省的母校成立一所图书馆为起点,启动了这个项目。自此,这个组织与其他小学及中学建立合作关系、捐赠书籍,并派志愿者协助图书馆运营并为学生组织读书会。一些没有和当地学校合作的立人图书馆则由志愿者在私人住宅运营。In an open letter posted last week on its social media accounts, the group said it had ceased operations at nine libraries in early September, in most cases after rural schools terminated their partnerships. In one case, a library run by a volunteer from his home in Huaibin County, Henan Province was shut down by the local civil affairs department, which the group said did not give a reason for its actions.在一封上周发布在社交媒体账户的公开信中,该组织表示,自9月初,九家图书馆的运营已经终止——其中多数情况是乡村学校终止了与立人的合作关系。在一例关停事件中,一个由河南省淮滨县一名志愿者用自家房屋运营的图书馆,被当地民政局取缔。该组织表示,民政局没有给出取缔理由。An official who gave only his surname, Jian, at the Huaibin civil affairs department said such matters were handled by the cultural affairs department, but the person who answered the telephone there said he knew nothing about it. Calls to the county’s education department went unanswered.淮滨县民政局一位只透露了自己姓简的官员表示,这种事件由文化局处理。但是文化局一名接听电话的职员表示他不知道这个事件。淮滨县教育局的电话无人接听。The nine libraries whose relationship with Liren has just ended bring to 19 the number that have left the group’s network since 2011. In August, several schools told Liren they were ending the partnership, and by September, all Liren libraries had undergone inspections by officials from the local cultural affairs and education departments or public security bureaus. However, volunteers said the officials did not find any illegal publications or activity.已从该机构乡村图书馆网络中消失的图书馆增至了19个。8月,几所学校向立人表示它们要终止合作。至9月,所有立人图书馆都经历了来自当地文化局、教育局官员或公安局的检查。然而,志愿者说,官员们没有发现任何违法出版物或不法活动。In their online letter, which was posted Thursday night, the group said: “We condemn the authorities for putting tremendous pressure on Liren, shutting down our branches, illegally seizing books, and threatening or even sending away our staffers and volunteers,” the letter . The organization had 28 staff members and volunteers before it shut down.在周四晚间发布的公开信中,该组织说道:我们向“逼迫立人图书馆,关停分馆,非法扣留图书,威胁甚至遣返员工志愿者的有关当局发出我们的抗议和谴责”。该机构在停止运营前有28名员工及志愿者。The letter, which was on Sina Weibo and the messaging app WeChat, had been deleted by Friday morning. The group said it did not delete the posts.Liren’s board members said they are confused by the inspections and the schools’ decisions to end partnerships, saying neither the schools nor the authorities had provided a satisfying explanation. “Honestly, I have no idea why so many of our branches were shut down,” Mr. Li said in a telephone interview.这封发布于微和微信上的公开信于周五早上被删除,该组织说其并未删除发文。立人理事会成员表示,他们对检查和学校终止合作的决定很是困惑,无论是学校还是官方都未给出一个令人满意的解释。“实话说,我不知道为什么我们那么多分馆都被关了,”李英强在电话采访中说。“We have been very careful. We never solicited foreign donations,” he said, although the group had received small donations from abroad, mostly from overseas Chinese. Chinese nongovernmental organizations with funding from overseas are often subject to close government scrutiny.“我们一向非常谨慎。我们从来没有主动寻求过境外捐赠,”他说,尽管该机构曾接受小笔境外捐赠,但捐赠都来自海外华人。接受海外资助的中国非政府组织通常会受到政府的严密监控。Mr. Li said the fact that he is a Christian might have caused some sensitivity, but he said he never used the organization to preach to students. The Chinese authorities have shown diminishing tolerance for Christianity in recent years.李英强说,他基督徒的身份或许制造了一些敏感性,但他说他从未利用该机构向学生传教。中国当局对基督教的忍耐度在近几年一直在走下坡路。Mr. Li said it was possible that the group’s stated goal — “helping rural teenagers grow into healthy, normal modern citizens” — might have raised some concern. “The word ‘citizen’ might have worried some people,” he said. “Citizen” is a sensitive word in China because of its association with citizens’ rights, including freedom of speech.李英强说,该组织公开设立的目标——“帮助乡村青少年成长为健康、正常的现代公民”——可能引发了一定担忧。“‘公民’这个词可能比较让人担心,”他说。“公民”一词因其与公民权利的联系在中国成为敏感词。公民权利包括言论自由。He estimated that around 40,000 ers, mainly rural primary and secondary school students, were affected by Liren’s shutdown.他估计立人的关停会影响约4万名读者,主要是小学和初中生。Zhai Meng, who ran a Liren library in Zezhou County, Shanxi Province, said officials from the local cultural affairs department conducted two inspections of the library in August, both “appearing to be targeting foreign publications.”山西省泽州县一家立人图书馆的负责人翟猛说,当地文化局官员8月对该图书馆实施了两次检查,都“像是冲着境外读物来的”。The officials singled out a Japanese comic book, an issue of Time magazine given by a donor in Nanjing and several copies of the Hong Kong magazine Phoenix Weekly, Mr. Zhai said. He said the officials also asked Liren to change the name of its publication, Liren Weekly, or Liren Zhoukan, saying the character “kan,” meaning “publication,” should not be used. Private publications are tightly regulated in China.官员们挑出了一本日本漫画、一本由一位南京捐赠者捐赠的《时代周刊》及几期香港杂志《凤凰周刊》,翟猛说。他说官员们还让立人更改其刊物《立人周刊》的名字,说“刊”这个字不应该使用。在中国,私人出版物被严格管制。Mr. Zhai said the officials also wanted to know whether the library had received foreign donations, which it hadn’t.翟猛说,官员们想知道该图书馆是否接受过境外捐赠——他们并未接受过境外捐赠。Calls to Zezhou County’s education and cultural affairs departments were not answered.泽州县教育局及文化局的电话无人接听。Zhang Yang, principal of the Xiabamiao Middle School in Xiabamiao township, Sichuan Province, which recently ended its partnership with Liren, said the termination was simply a staffing adjustment.四川省下巴庙镇下巴庙中学的校长张扬说,终止合作不过是一次职员调整。下巴庙中学近期终止了与立人的合作。“We now have more teachers,” he said in a telephone interview. “Before we didn’t have enough teachers to manage the library, so we asked volunteers from Liren to do it. Now we can have our own teachers do it.” He denied any government pressure.“我们现在老师多了,”他在电话采访中说。“以前我们没有足够的老师来管理图书馆,所以我们让立人的志愿者去管理。现在我们可以让我们自己的老师去管理了。”他否认政府施压。However, Peng Xiong, who ran the school library when it was affiliated with Liren, said he was sure the decision did not originate with the school.然而,与该校合作的立人图书馆的负责人彭雄则说,他确信终止合作的决定并非来源于校方。“I could tell by the way the school talked about this, that it was not they themselves who wanted to end the partnership,” even though, he said, the principal never explicitly mentioned orders from government departments.“从学校谈起这个事请的方式,我就能看出来,不是他们想终止合作的,”他说,尽管校长从未明确谈及来自政府部门的指令。Hong Huating, who ran Liren’s Zhuoying Library in Guangdong Province, said the school told him the library building was slated for renovations. “Basically they meant we wouldn’t be welcome back in when the renovation was done,” he said in a telephone interview.位于广东省的立人卓英图书馆负责人洪华挺说,学校告诉他,图书馆所在大楼将被装修。“基本上他们的意思也就是装修以后也不欢迎我们回来了,”他在电话采访中说。Some Liren libraries will leave their books with the local schools, while others are removing them, volunteers said.一些立人图书馆将把书籍留给当地学校,其他一些将把书籍带走,志愿者们说。The group has started an online protest on Weibo under the hashtag “Liren has been shut down, I have something to say,” in which board members and Weibo users upload photos of themselves holding signs.该组织在微上用话题“立人图书馆被关,我有话说”发起了一个网上抗议活动——理事会成员和微网友纷纷上传了他们手举标语的照片。“Building one more library is better than constructing hundreds of real estate developments,” wrote a Weibo user who participated in the protest.“多建一座图书馆,胜过建百座房地产,”一位参加网上抗议的网友写道。 /201409/331771

The ed Nations has launched an appeal for 1 million to help a vast portion of North Korea#39;s population now facing a food crisis.联合国呼吁为面临粮食危机的众多朝鲜人提供1亿1100万美元援助。U.N. Humanitarian Coordinator for North Korea Ghulam Isaczai told VOA#39;s Margaret Besheer the funding will help five U.N. aid agencies working on the ground to continue providing North Koreans with food, clean water and other basics in 2015.联合国朝鲜人道事务协调员伊萨克扎伊对美国之音记者贝希尔说,这笔款项将帮助在当地工作的五个联合国救援机构2015年继续为朝鲜人提供食品、洁净水和其他基本生活用品。The ed Nations says 70 percent of the population, or 18 million North Koreans, are food insecure and lack nutritional diversity.联合国说,70%的朝鲜人口,也就是1800万朝鲜人面临粮食短缺,而且缺乏多样化营养。But Isaczai said of those, nearly 2 million, mostly children, pregnant and lactating women and the elderly, are in dire need of food assistance, and another 350,000 women and children need vaccines and health supplies.伊萨克扎伊表示,在这些人当中,将近200万人亟需食品救援,其中大多数是儿童、妇、哺乳期妇女和老年人,此外还有35万妇女和儿童需要疫苗和保健用品。 /201504/369112One night last month, Lesley King received a Facebook message that reflected what she considers one of the finest qualities of Old Greenwich: a connected community.上个月的一天晚上,莱斯利·金(Lesley King)收到一条Facebook讯息,这件事体现出老格林威治(Old Greenwich)在她看来最好的一面:这是个很团结的社区。Her new business, Back 40 Mercantile, an upscale general store for the eco-conscious, had opened that day in the small commercial center called ;the village.; (Ms. King is an owner with family members.) She had closed up shop only a few hours before. The Facebook message arrived around 9: A man she barely knew wanted her to know that he had spotted a candle still burning in the shop.她新开的Back 40 Mercantile是一家高级杂货店,客户多为有环保意识的人群。这家商店那天刚刚在一个名为the village的小型商业中心开业(店主是金和她的家人)。她在几个小时前才刚刚结束营业,收到这条Facebook讯息的时候大约是9点:那是一个她不大认识的人。他就是想让她知道,他看见她的店里还点着一只蜡烛。A resident of Old Greenwich since 2001, Ms. King says that sort of neighborly outreach is the custom in a community where people#39;s yards don#39;t extend much beyond their houses.金从2001年起就成了老格林威治的居民。她说,在这样一个各家的屋外庭院都伸不出多远的社区里,那种从邻里间延伸出来的相互关照,已经成了一种风俗。At the home she shares with her husband, Bill, and their four children, the swing set sits in the front yard, an open invitation to youngsters walking by. That might not pass muster in the parts of Greenwich that take pride in pristine, gated isolation, but the culture of Old Greenwich is better expressed by the prevalence of front porches.在她与丈夫比尔(Bill)及四个孩子共同居住的家里,前院安装了一副秋千,这对于路过的孩子们来说就是个公开的邀请。那样的设施在格林威治一些以古朴守旧、门禁森严为傲的地方,可能是不合要求的;但在这里,随处可见的前院门廊却更好地体现了老格林威治的文化。;The best thing about Old Greenwich,; Ms. King said, ;is that everybody lives in houses close to each other.;“老格林威治最好的地方,”金说,“就是大家都住得很近。”A census-designated place with its own ZIP code, Old Greenwich occupies the southeastern edge of the town of Greenwich, bordering Stamford and extending into Long Island Sound. A summer beach resort in the 19th century, it takes in a large peninsula that tapers into a spit prized townwide as a public recreation area. Officially, the 147-acre site is called Greenwich Point Park; unofficially, it is known as Tod#39;s Point, after a banker who once had an estate there.老格林威治社区位于格林威治镇的西北部边缘,与斯坦福德(Stamford)交界,并伸入长岛湾(Long Island Sound),是一个有单独邮政编码的普查指定居民区。这里作为19世纪的夏季海滨度假地,下辖一座渐成细长岬角的大半岛,是全镇居民都钟爱有加的一处公共场所。这片占地147英亩(约60公顷)的地方,正式的名称是“格林威治岬角公园”(Greenwich Point Park);而私下里,人们则称之为“托德岬角”(Tod#39;s Point),名称取自一位曾在此地置业的家。If Old Greenwich feels less guarded than some other areas of town, it is hardly bohemian. Single-family homes in decent shape start at around million, with the occasional exception; new construction can run millions more. Private neighborhood associations maintain their own beach areas and put fence sections in their roads to slow traffic. Local tastes are reflected in the wares at Back 40 Mercantile like Himalayan pink salt and flip-flops.老格林威治虽然感觉上没有该镇其它区域那么戒备森严,但也不是很波西米亚。那些独门独户、打理得非常体面的房屋,起价大约为100万美元(约合人民币614万元),偶有例外;而新建的房屋则有可能高达数百万美元。一些民间社区协会维护着他们自己的海滩区域,并在道路上设置了一些路障来减慢车速。当地人的品味反映在诸如Back 40 Mercantile这样的小店里,比如喜马拉雅粉红岩盐,和价格64美元(约合人民币393元)的人字拖。The housing market is just now emerging from a nearly two-year slump induced by Hurricane Sandy. Flooding in low-lying areas and a wind-driven fire that destroyed three waterfront mansions ;left a bit of a scar,; said Gary Cunningham, a former stockbroker who now develops single-family homes in Old Greenwich and is the managing partner of Core Properties.这里的房地产市场经历了飓风桑迪(Hurricane Sandy)造成的将近两年的疲软,现在正慢慢复苏。低洼地带的洪涝灾害,与一场摧毁了三栋海滨豪宅的借风起势的大火,“给这里留下了一点伤疤,”曾担任股票经纪人、如今在老格林威治开发独栋房屋并担任Core Properties地产公司执行合伙人的盖里·坎宁安(Gary Cunningham)说。Uncertainty around the Federal Emergency Management Agency#39;s flood zone remapping and new insurance rates also caused buyers to temporarily back off. These fears appear to be easing, however, Mr. Cunningham said. And he is further encouraged by recent revisions to the town#39;s building regulations for flood zones.联邦紧急事务(Federal Emergency Management Agency)的洪水区域重新勘测工作仍未确定,而新的保险费率也导致买家们暂时退避三舍。然而,这些担忧似乎正在减轻,坎宁安说。而且该镇最近为洪水区修改的建筑规程,也让他愈发受到鼓舞。If the last three months are any indication, buyer confidence is back in a big way. Since June, at least four waterfront properties have traded above million; the most expensive, a 7,700-square-foot colonial on Greenwich Cove, closed at .05 million.如果最近三个月的情况是一种预兆的话,那么可以说,买家的信心正在大幅提升。自6月份起,至少有四栋海滨房产的交易金额超过600万美元(约合人民币3686万元);其中售价最贵的是一栋位于格林威治湾(Greenwich Cove)、面积7700平方英尺(约715平方米)的殖民地风格住宅,成交金额为1305万美元(约合人民币8017万元)。What You#39;ll Find这里有什么?The heart of Old Greenwich (population 6,600) is its business district on Sound Beach Avenue, the main thoroughfare. The look is small-town America: rows of shops beneath colorful awnings, benches for sitting, plentiful flowerpots. Most of the businesses are independently owned.老格林威治(人口6600人)的中心地带,是位于主干道桑德海滩大道(Sound Beach Avenue)的一片商业区。那里看上去是典型美国小镇的样子:一排排商店挂着五颜六色的雨棚,到处都是长椅可供坐下休息,还有大量的盆栽花卉。那些店面大多数是独立经营的。;People get very upset when they get a hint of national chains coming in,; said David Rafferty, the president of the Old Greenwich Association. The district has seen its share of empty storefronts over the years; maintaining enough support to keep businesses going is a challenge, Mr. Rafferty said. These days, however, more residents are opening businesses themselves. In addition to Back 40, the district has gained a dog groomer and a bakery and cafe, Sweet Pea#39;s Baking Company.“人们一旦得知有哪个全国连锁店要进驻,就会变得很不满,”老格林威治委员会(Old Greenwich Association)的主席戴维·拉弗蒂(David Rafferty)说。该区域这些年来一直存在一定比例的空置店面;维持足够的消费水平以保这些店面的运营是一项挑战,拉弗蒂说。但是近来,有更多居民开始自己营业了。除了那家Back 40商店之外,该区域还新增了一家爱犬美容店和一家烘焙食品与咖啡店Sweet Pea#39;s Baking Company。The area also has its own train station, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and the privately run Perrot Memorial Library. Nearby is 32-acre Binney Park, a green oasis with a duck pond and footbridges.这个区域还有一座自己的火车站,已被列入国家史迹名录(National Register of Historic Places),另有一座私人运营的佩洛特纪念图书馆(Perrot Memorial Library)。附近还有一座面积32英亩(约13公顷)的宾尼公园(Binney Park),那里是一片绿洲,有一座鸭子池塘和几座人行小桥。Interstate 95 and Route 1 slice through Old Greenwich. Properties above Route 1 are generally less grand and less expensive than those below, which are closer to both shopping and the water.95号州际公路(Interstate 95)和1号线(Route 1)都贯穿了老格林威治。1号线下游的房产一般比上游的更贵、更豪华,因为那里更靠近购物区,离海边也更近。What You#39;ll Pay要花多少钱?Of the 2,260 housing units in Old Greenwich, about 2,000 are single-family detached houses, according to ed States census data. As of the end of July, 78 sales had closed year to date, down slightly from the same period last year, according to data provided by Charles Nedder, an agent with Coldwell Banker. The median sales price was up about 3 percent over the same period last year, at .379 million.据美国的普查数据,在老格林威治的2260栋房屋之中,大约有2000栋是单户式的独立住宅。而据科威国际不动产(Coldwell Banker)的一位经纪人查尔斯·内德(Charles Nedder)提供的数据,至7月底,今年上半年已经成交了78笔交易,比去年同期略有下降。而房屋销售的中间价格为137.9万美元(约合人民币847.2万元),比去年同期上涨了大约3%。North of Route 1, the postwar subdivision of Havemeyer Park retains many of its original Capes and colonials, though teardowns are increasing. Older homes start in the high 0,000s, Mr. Nedder said. Below Route 1, million is the more likely entry point for the four- or five-bedroom homes commonly sought by young families, said Rob Johnson, an agent with Halstead Property.在1号线上游路段的哈夫迈耶公园(Havemeyer Park)战后住宅区,虽然遭到拆除的房屋数量还在不断增加,但也保留了许多原来的科德角(Capes)风格与殖民地风格的房屋。老式住宅的起售价接近80万美元(约合人民币491.5万元),内德说。而在1号线的下游路段,通常适合年轻家庭的那些四居室或五居室住宅,更有可能以200万美元(约合人民币1228.7万元)的价格起售,哈尔斯泰德地产公司(Halstead Property)的一位经纪人罗伯·约翰逊(Rob Johnson)说。New construction is another story. A quarter-acre lot with a teardown property goes for .2 million to .5 million, which means builders must price their properties at upward of million, Mr. Cunningham said.新开发的住宅则是另一种情况。一块四分之一英亩(约合1012平方米)的土地带一栋拆迁房,售价在120万美元(约合人民币737.2万元)至150万美元(约合人民币921.5万元)之间。这意味着承建商们必须将他们的房产价格抬高至300万美元(约合人民币1843万元),坎宁安说。Condominiums at Old Greenwich Gables range from one-bedrooms, generally priced in the 0,000s, to three-bedrooms in the 0,000s, according to Mr. Johnson. At the Common, a ‘70s-era complex, unrenovated alcove studios go for as low as 0,000, and renovated two-bedrooms go up to the high 0s, according to Peter Hoyt, an agent with William Raveis.在老格林威治的盖大厦(Old Greenwich Gables),共管公寓的一般价格从单卧室的50万美元(约合人民币307万元),至三卧室的90万美元(约合人民币553万元)不等,据约翰逊说。而在Common这栋70年代的综合大楼中,壁龛大小的未翻修单间公寓,售价可低至27万美元(约合人民币165.9万元),而翻修过的两居室公寓的售价要将近50万美元(约合人民币307.2万元),据William Raveis房地产公司的一位经纪人彼得·霍伊特(Peter Hoyt)说。What to Do可以做什么?Greenwich Point is the hub for outdoor activity. With panoramic views of the Sound, the park is used for swimming, fishing, sailing, picnicking, hiking and cycling. Seasonal park passes are available to town residents for ; for those without passes or for nonresidents, daily entry is a vehicle plus a person.格林威治岬角(Greenwich Point)是户外运动的集散地。这座公园拥有海湾的全景,被用于游泳、钓鱼、出海、野炊、徒步和骑行。镇上居民购买公园季票的价格为31美元(约合人民币190.5元);对于非本地居民或没有季票的人,一日的门票是25美元(约合人民币153.6元)/车,6美元(约合人民币36.9元)/人。格林威治岬角公园的海滩上。A seasonal farmers market is held Wednesday afternoons in the parking lot of the Presbyterian Church.每周三下午,在基督教长老会教堂(Presbyterian Church)的停车场会有当季的农贸市场。The private Innis Arden Golf Club has an 18-hole golf course, swimming pools and tennis. The Rocky Point Club, also members-only, offers swimming and sailing.私营的高尔夫俱乐部Innis Arden Golf Club,有一座18洞的高尔夫球场,还有几座游泳池和网球场。同样是会员制的“岩石岬角俱乐部”(Rocky Point Club)可供游泳与航海。The Commute通勤方式The Metro-North train ride to Grand Central Terminal takes about an hour. A monthly pass is 6 at the station. Parking permits at Old Greenwich station cost 7 annually. It takes two to three years for applicants to get to the top of the waiting list, according to a spokesman for the town#39;s department of parking services.地铁北线(Metro-North)的列车大约1小时可到达中央车站(Grand Central Terminal)。北线车站的月票售价为276美元(约合人民币1695.6元)。老格林威治车站的停车许可年费为407美元(约合人民币2500.4元),但据该镇停车务办的一位发言人说,申请者要花2至3年时间才能排入候选者清单的前列。The SchoolsAbout 370 students in kindergarten to Grade 5 attend the Old Greenwich School. Eastern Middle School, with about 780 students, serves Grades 6 through 8. Greenwich High School, with an enrollment of about 2,600, offers more than 300 courses, including 25 advanced placement classes, and fields 42 varsity teams.老格林威治学校(Old Greenwich School)从幼儿园至五年级有大约370名学生。中东学校(Eastern Middle School)提供6至8年级的教育,约有780名在校生。格林威治高中的在校生约为2600名,该校提供了超过300门课程,包括25个进阶选修课程,并成立了42校队。Mean SAT scores for the class of 2013 (the most recent year available) were 559 for ing, 585 for math, and 571 for writing, compared with the state means of 499, 503 and 504. Ninety percent of the class of 2013 went on to attend college, according to a spokesman for the school district.2013届学生的平均SAT成绩(目前可查的最新数据)是阅读559分,数学585分,写作571分,而这几项成绩的州平均分为499,503和504。据该校区的一位发言人说,2013届的学生有90%都进入了大学。The History历史沿革Old Greenwich, which was the original town of Greenwich, as it was the first area settled by Europeans, has undergone several name changes. According to the town historical society, in the mid-1800s, Greenwich was used to designate the central part of town, and the original Greenwich was renamed Greenwich, Old Town.老格林威治经历了几次名称变更,此地就是最初的格林威治镇,因为这里是第一处欧洲人定居地。据该镇历史协会(town historical society)的资料,在19世纪中期,“格林威治”常指的是小镇的中心地带,于是最早的格林威治就更名为了“格林威治老城区”(Greenwich, Old Town)。In 1872, to draw summer tourists to the shoreline inns, the area was called Sound Beach. But public access to the shoreline gradually diminished, and in 1931 the beach moniker was dropped in favor of Old Greenwich.到了1872年,为将夏季游客吸引到海边旅馆来,该地区被称为桑德海滩(Sound Beach)。但后来,公共海滩的面积逐渐减少,于是到了1931年,海滩的称号逐渐被“老格林威治”取代了。 /201409/325535

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