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The Zingl thought l found a lovebut she was just a flingAnd then l met a girland felt a different thinglt like youre hit in the ringLike youre pulled by a stringCant breathelike youre choking on a chicken winglt was a thing called a Zingand l wanted to singAnd Iisten to baIIadsof the man named StingLady looks in your eyesand it suddenly springLike when NaIa Iooked at Simbain The Lion KingZinging in the airand I dont have a carelm winging from the Zingthat we sharedZinging in the rainNow lm feeling no painlt a real time celebratingCause youre my ZingSo Iisten aII you Zingersfrom here to BeijingYou better crash the box springGet y to cIingCause if Iove was moneyyoud be yelling cha-chingNext to a ZingCupid arrow a IittIe bee stinglt was a Zing and a zangand a zingidy-deeAnd there was only one ladyin the Zing meCause when youre dingedby the ZingYou better know one thingThe only bling you gonna slingls a wedding ringZinging in the airNow I dont have a carelm winging from the Zingthat we sharedZinging in the rainNow lm feeling no painlt a real time celebratingCause youre my ZingFeel the Zing, yallBa-da-bing, yallGonna knock youright out of that ring, yallBetter bring, yallHappening, yall 3695。

  • Harry Potter unbelievably it about years since we celebrate love of with the boy visit and society is phenomena,自从我们为哈利波特这个小男孩庆祝难以置信的已经有大约年的历史而且这成了一种社会现象,now after million books sold and the most successful movie child ever, author JK Rowing has a exclusive message about that book, that start it at all.现在销售已经超过.亿册,而且对孩子们而言是最成功的电影,作者JK·罗琳有关于那本书的独家消息,让我们马上开始It been years since author JK Rowing change the phase of book publishing ever, with the US release of the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone, and now, on the book anniversary,自从作者JK·罗琳改变图书出版已经有个年头, 现在是美国公布《哈利波特与魔法石这本书的周年纪念,Rowing is speaking now exclusively to GMA, looking back on creating one of the most beloved characters from the series, professor Dumbledore, Harry Harvards head master.罗琳现在接受GMA的独家采访,回顾创建系列最受欢迎的角色之一, 哈利的校长邓布利多教授I used to that I feel like I wrote Dumbledore from the back of my head, it sometimes he said things, and told Harry things, that I mean I knew or believed, when I saw but I realize it Dumbledore.我总是感觉邓布利多这个人物本身存在我的脑中,有时他说并告诉哈利的事情,我的意思是我知道或相信,当我看到我意识到这就是邓布利多So I thought he was the character which hardest to leave me.所以我认为他是那种我很难割舍的角色Her injecting terrible visitor with Harry Potter immediately caster sp ers young and old,她的哈利波特最新著作即刻在青年和老年读者中广泛相传,becoming a lately fast once a life time literarely phenomena, the book along with it six were translated into a wording 7 languages worldwide, more than 50 million copies of this year is in print,并且成为最近一次的文学现象,这本书连同它的六个“兄弟”被译成全世界7种语言,今年出版.5亿多册,it also launched of billion dollar business empire from blood baster movies.它还带动了0亿美元的电影票房watching and theatre parks making JK Rowing a mota millionaire.丛书和电影使得罗琳摇身一变成为百万富翁You have to faced begain.你必须再次面对Rowing muses that if Dumbledore was a real person, she is not long and hard about who she liked had a chat with. The answer, surprising.罗琳沉思着如果邓布利多是一个真实的人,她希望和他的谈天不会很长而且不会很突兀然而却出人意料Ive consider grow leaders who may benefit come viston,我认为让领导人成长可能会让后面的系列受益,but, finally decided that was only one person, I think suited me,但是,最后决定,只有一个人,我觉得很适合我,Dumbledore, and that me,邓布利多,这就是我,because above all of the other characters in the Harry Potter series, he in the one I miss most.因为在哈利波特系列中所有其他角色中,他是我最为怀念的Lucky fans, they dont have to miss out of reconnecting with their favorite Characters, recently release the fantasy books with redesigned covers.对于粉丝而言幸运的是,他们没有错过与他们最喜欢的角色重新见面的机会,最近公布了重新设计封面的幻想书刊And we do have the new series,and who here and glass, ok?而且我们有新的系列,请敬候佳音,好吗? 55530。
  • Road Trip第单元 开车旅行Tired and frustrated of working as a waitress, Mary decided to take a road trip. She loaded up her VW van and headed south. She didn’t know where she was going. She was just going to go until her money ran out.玛丽是一名女侍,因为工作上带来的疲累和挫败,她决定开车旅行她把要带的东西装进她那台VW 货车上,然后往南开她不知道自己要去哪里,目的只是想旅行到钱花光为止On her way out of town, she stopped at a corner store to pick up some road maps, chocolate, and dried dog food her dog. One day in a restaurant, a strange-looking man approached Mary. He seemed familiar, but she didn’t know from where.她出城的路上,在街头小店买了些公路图、巧克力和她的要吃的干食有一天在一家餐厅里,有个陌生面孔向玛丽这边走过来;他看起来有点面熟,但就是想不起来在哪里见过He invited her to sit at his table. “I have a message you,” he said. He handed Mary an envelope. She took the envelope. Inside was a note. It , “You aly have everything you are searching . Go home.”他邀请她坐到他那一桌,然后说∶“我有信息要给你”他交给玛丽一个信封,于是玛丽打开信封,里面是一张纸条,上面写着∶“你想寻找的一切都已经有了,回家吧”Mary was confused by the letter, but had an idea about what it meant. Mary always got in her van and ran away when life was tough. She was always searching a better place, and of course never found it. That same day, Mary turned around and went home. He was right; she aly had everything she was searching .玛丽被那封信弄糊涂了,但她知道纸条写的是什么意思玛丽碰到生活不如意时总是会开着她的货车离家她一直在寻找一个更好的地方,不过当然啰,她从来没有找到过于是那一天,玛丽便掉头打道回府了他说得对,所有她想找的东西她都已经有了 Tara McAteer 著 黄惟郁 译上海交通大学出版社出版。
  • Singer Robin Thicke on a mission to win back mission-impossible actress and wife-of eight-years Paula Patton.歌手罗宾西克正在上演不可能完成的任务,他期望和分手长达8年的妻子女演员 保拉巴顿复合He is only counting on a love song resconciliation.他将唯一的期望寄托在一首复合情歌上I mustnt without you.它的名字叫做《我不能没有你During his Atlantic city concert Sunday night,在周日晚间大西洋城他的音乐会期间,Thicke broke into outgrowing tip Let Stay Together,西克突然演唱了插入曲《让我们永远在一起,a direct message to the mother of their 3-year-old son.这是给他们3岁儿子母亲传达的直接信息Someone yelled out I love Paula and he said I do too.有人喊我爱宝拉而且他表示自己也是这样Right after that he was sort of singing outgrowing Let Stay Together, which was quite romantic.之后,他唱着《让我们永远在一起,这太浪漫了Thicke began his public begging last Thursday at his first concert,上周四西克开始在自己的第一场演唱会上向公众请求,since his high school sweetheart announced their split last Monday.因为他自高中时代起就在一起的佳人于上周一宣布分手Im trying to get my girl back.我想老婆回来Then breaking into his hit Lost Without You which he says he wrote Patton.然后在年演唱会中的单曲《没有你,他表示是为巴顿所创作But while Thickes continued to scruttle away his lost love Sunday night still wearing his wedding band,虽然周日晚上西克仍然戴着结婚戒指试图挽救这段恋情,Patton was sparkling on the vanity fair Oscar party red carpet songs ring.而巴顿已经在奥斯卡红地毯上星光闪耀Last night actress hasnt tweeted since Valentines Day when she wrote I love my boys!!!自从在情人节当天她在推特上写道我爱老公后昨晚这位女演员还没有在上面写过只言片语sending this picture presumably of her 3-year-old son robe hanging next to Thicke.她做的只是发了这张在西克旁边大概三岁大儿子的照片But the descriptions of who she is on tweeter still describes her as wife of the amazing, briliiant, genious @Robin Thicke.但在推特上她的描述自己仍然是作为令人吃惊,很棒,很有才西克的妻子Perhaps there is still hope we can see and wait back into our life after all.也许我们还有希望可以看到二人复合 Good Morning America, A News. New York.这里是A新闻的早安美国,纽约为您发回的报道 86。
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