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With U.S. e-commerce activity approaching 10% of all retail sales, more merchants are shopping around for easy-to-use platforms that get them selling online quickly.随着美国电子商务交易接近零售总额的10%,越来越多的商家开始寻找既好用又能帮他们快速卖出商品的电商平台。Plenty of technology companies are angling for a piece of the action, from established players such eBay’s Magento , IBM , and NetSuite to smaller developers including Shopify and Volusion. But relative underdog Bigcommerce is stealing mindshare and market share, fueled by more than million in venture capital, including million from entrepreneur Steve Case’s Revolution Growth firm.从eBay的Magento电子商务系统、IBM和NetSuite等知名企业到规模较小的Shopify和Volusion等,很多科技公司都希望从中分一杯羹。但相对冷门的Bigcommerce正在悄悄引发关注并窃取市场份额。它吸引了超过7,500万美元的风投资本,其中4,000万美元来自企业家史蒂夫o凯斯的Revolution Growth公司。In the past six months alone, the Australian-born company fortified its senior executive ranks with high-profile hires from Amazon, PayPal, Google, and Twitter. It brokered a high-profile deal with Magento, the market leader, that promises to bring thousands of new customers to it. And it broke the lease on its new San Francisco office because it is hiring so quickly that it now needs triple the space it originally anticipated.仅过去6个月,这家诞生于澳大利亚的公司不断从亚马逊(Amazon)、贝宝(PayPal)、谷歌(Google)和Twitter挖角,其高管团队的实力由此大大增强。同时,它还与行业领导者Magento公司签署了一项备受关注的协议,后者承诺将为该公司引入数以千计的新客户。它最近撤销了旧金山新办公室的租约,由于人员扩张非常快,如今公司需要的办公空间已是当初预期的3倍。“It’s eerie how similar this space is to CRM when Marc Benioff launched Salesforce.com,” said Mitch Harper, who co-founded the company in 2009 with co-CEO Eddie Machaalani. “The parallels are uncanny.”“有些诡异的是,这跟马克o贝尼奥夫创立Salesforce.com时的情形非常相似,这点地方根本不够从事客户关系管理(CRM)使用,”米奇o哈珀表示。他与联席CEO艾迪o马查拉尼在2009年创立了这家公司。This year, online storefronts will generate an estimated 4 billion, or approximately 9% of all U.S. retail sales, according to forecasts by Forrester Research. By 2018, e-commerce will account for more than 11% of the total, or approximately 4 billion, with transactions made with tablets and smartphones accounting for about 20% of the online total, Forrester projects.根据弗雷斯特研究公司(Forrester Research)的预测,今年美国网络商店的销售额将达到2,940亿美元,约为全国零售总额的9%。据弗雷斯特预计,到2018年,电子商务将占到全美零售总额的11%,约4,140亿美元,其中通过平板电脑和智能手机进行的交易约占线上销售额的20%。Until now, the appeal of Bigcommerce’s eponymous technology has been simplicity and its ability to scale along with merchants as they grow. “To some, this will mean the difference between success and failure,” said Steve Case, who as a board member advises Bigcommerce on U.S. entrepreneurial trends. “Even just five years ago, if you wanted to create a compelling offering, it could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now, you can get up and running in hours for less than 0 per month.”迄今为止,Bigcommerce同名技术的吸引力就在于其简单性,以及与商户同步成长的能力。史蒂夫o凯斯说,“对于一些人来说,成败即系于此。”凯斯以公司董事的身份为Bigcommerce提供美国创业趋势方面的建议。“就在五年前,如果要打造一家有吸引力的网店,你需要花费几十万美元。如今,几个小时就可以搞定,每月成本还不到100美元。”Bigcommerce does particularly well among small retailers generating million to million in annual revenue, although its following with those in the million to million range is growing quickly. Roughly 70% of its existing customer base also runs a bricks-and-mortar store. For the past year, the developer has worked hard on responsive storefront templates that work equally well on mobile platforms and desktops—design is the number-one consideration for small e-commerce merchants, it says—and on relationships with partners of “adjacent” cloud services from the accounting, payments, customer relationship management, and payroll management worlds.Bigcommerce在年销售额100万到200万美元的小零售商中大受欢迎。如今年销售额2,000万到3,000万美元的零售商群体也在迅速加入Bigcommerce。它大约70%的现有客户同时拥有线下实体店。过去一年,Bigcommerce大力开发可同时应用于移动平台和桌面电脑的自适应店铺模板(Bigcommerce认为,设计是小型电子商户的头等考量),并积极拓展“相邻”云务的合作伙伴关系,比如会计、付、客户关系管理和薪酬管理领域。“It comes down to answering these questions: how do you continue to iterate the platform, how do you continue to augment the team, and how do you build a tapestry of alliances with partners that will accelerate your growth?” Case said.“这可以归结为3个问题:怎样推动平台不断升级,怎样继续强化团队,怎样打造与合作伙伴的一系列联盟,以加速自身成长?”凯斯表示。As of mid-July, there were about 50,000 stores running on Bigcommerce, which have collectively sold close to billon using the platform. The developer has typically added new customers one-by-one. However, a deal it struck in early July with eBay positions its service as the preferred migration path for two Magento products that will be discontinued in February 2015, Go and ProStores. Bigcommerce previously migrated more than 5,000 merchants off ProStores, and the deal could potentially bring up to 10,000 more.截至7月中旬,约有50,000家商店在Bigcommerce上运营,平台累计销售额近40亿美元。Bigcommerce的客户通常是一个一个累积起来的。但7月初,它与eBay签署了一项协议,eBay从2015年2月将停用的两款Magento产品Go和ProStores优先迁移至Bigcommerce。在此之前,ProStores已有5,000多家商户迁移至Bigcommerce。此项协议可能再带来多达10,000家商户。Although the timing is purely a coincidence, it can’t hurt that Magento’s first product manager, Tim Schulz, just joined Bigcommerce as senior vice president of product management. Most recently a strategic partnership and business development executive for Google for services such as Shopping Express and Wallet, Schulz will be sharply focused on ensuring Bigcommerce offers an integrated experience that better straddles the e-commerce and physical retail worlds. “Consumers just want a seamless experience,” he said.或许纯粹是巧合,但Magento首位产品经理蒂姆o舒尔茨也刚刚加入Bigcommerce,出任产品管理高级副总裁。舒尔茨近年来担任谷歌Shopping Express、Wallet等务的战略合伙和商业发展高管,未来将专注于Bigcommerce的一站式体验,将电子商务和实体零售更好地结合起来。“消费者想要无缝化体验,”他说。For co-founder Harper, a top priority for the next 12 months is shoring up Bigcommerce’s internal technical talent and creating services that help merchants build closer customer relationships. One example is offering data that helps store managers track “abandoned carts” and offer deals that help turn browsers into buyers. This can help merchants quickly add 15% to their monthly sales, he said.对于共同创始人哈勃,未来12个月的第一要务是强化Bigcommerce的内部科技人才队伍,提供能够帮助商户构建更紧密客户关系的务。一个例子是提供数据,帮助店铺经理追踪“被丢弃的购物篮”,以及提供能够将浏览者转变为买家的交易。这能推动商户的月销售额迅速增加15%,他说。“If we can identify someone who buys in both places, there is huge value there. You know who they are, what they bought, what they spent,” Harper added. “You can give them a more personalized experience.”“如果我们能找到在两个地方都购物的人,那就非常有价值。你知道他们是谁,他们买什么,他们哪些方面花钱,”哈勃补充说。“你可以给他们更加个人化的体验。”Entrepreneur Pat Crowley, the hydrologist who invented the Chapul cricket protein bar, used Bigcommerce to validate early interest in his products and build the momentum to negotiate deals with health food stores and supermarkets. The team recently recommitted toBigcommerce, despite a compelling opportunity to switch to the Shopify platform for far less money. “We don’t think we will outgrow them anytime soon,” he said.曾发明Chapul蟋蟀蛋白棒的创业家帕特o克劳雷通过Bigcommerce来验产品的早期市场兴趣,积攒市场人气,并且与健康食品商店和超市协商达成交易。虽然该团队有机会能以低得多的价格转至Shopify平台,但最近选择又一次与Bigcommerce续签。“我们认为,短期内我们的增长速度不会超过Bigcommerce,”他说。 /201408/323628

From Georgia to New Jersey, states have attacked Tesla’s direct sales model, in some cases banning sales of the company’s electric vehicles entirely. Through it all, founder Elon Musk has stayed committed to the dogma that franchising would destroy its business model.从乔治亚州到新泽西州,美国的不少州都打击了特斯拉的直销模式,有些州甚至完全禁止特斯拉(Tesla)电动汽车的销售。但尽管如此,特斯拉的创始人埃隆#8226;马斯克仍然坚持认为,开放特许经营将损害特斯拉的业务模式。Soon, that may change.但是这种情况可能很快就会发生变化。In an interview with Autoline Daily last month, Musk implied that the company might be easing up on the anti-franchising policy. The industry publication es him saying, as the company grows, “we may need a hybrid system, with a combination of our own stores and some dealer franchises.”马斯克上个月在接受《汽车日报》(Autoline Daily)采访时暗示,特斯拉或许会放松其一贯反对特许经营的政策。该刊物引述马斯克的话称,随着公司的发展,“我们可能需要一个混合型体系,其中既有我们自己的门店,也有一些特许经营的经销商。”Coming from the CEO of the company that has referred to the direct sales model as “vital, ” this is a big deal. Tesla has faced off against auto dealers associations across the country who have argued that the company’s direct sales model violates state laws. Since every state has slightly different laws to deal with auto franchises, every time a new state takes up the cause, the issue can seem more convoluted.这番话出自于一位视直销为“命根子”的CEO之口,可谓是一件大事。之前全美各地的汽车经销商协会都指责特斯拉的直销模式违反了各州法律。由于美国各州有关汽车业特许经营权的法律稍有不同,每次有新的州参与进来,问题都会变得更复杂一些。In October, Michigan became the fifth sate to ban direct sales of Tesla vehicles, as all new-car dealers are required to provide a franchise agreement. Auto dealers in states including Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Missouri have argued that Tesla’s direct sales model undercuts the franchise model and threatens consumers’ ability to utilize dealers as advocates separate from manufacturers. As Tesla is forced to tangle with more and more state, it looks like Musk may have to temper his dedication to direct sales.今年10月,密歇根成为第5个禁止特斯拉电动汽车直销的州,理由是该州所有的新车经销商都要递交特许经营协议。乔治亚州、纽约州、宾西法尼亚州、俄亥俄州和密苏里州等地的汽车经销商也纷纷指责特斯拉的直销模式对特许经营模式造成了损害。随着特斯拉要应对的州越来越多,马斯克似乎也只得稍稍放松他对直销的执著。“I think eventually they will have to [franchise], ” says Lou Chronowski, a Chicago-based attorney with Dykema who has worked on automotive and franchise industry cases. “I think that the powers of the dealers and the dealer bodies are so strong, they can keep them at bay for a while, but eventually, they will need to have franchise dealers.”位于芝加哥的Dykema律师事务所的律师卢#8226;克鲁诺瓦斯基曾经接手过一些汽车业和特许经营行业的案例,他表示:“我认为最终他们必须走(特许经营)这条路。我觉得经销商的力量和经销商网络是很强大的,他们可以一时令他们没有办法,但最终他们还是需要特许经营经销商的。”Chronowski says that dealers are worried that Tesla and other potential entrants in the auto industry using a direct sales model could provide major competition, with the ability to sell cars at lower prices than the competition. Plus, some dealers would like the opportunity to own a Tesla franchise themselves.克鲁诺瓦斯基表示,广大经销商们担心,特斯拉和其他可能杀入汽车行业的“黑马”,会凭借直销模式造成极为激烈的竞争,因为直销模式下的汽车售价能够显著低于竞品。此外,有些经销商自己也乐于拥有一家特斯拉的经销门店。“I think that this has always been just a timing issue. I think the reality is that Tesla did it the way they had to do it, being in the startup mode, ” he says. “They really couldn’t start a dealer network and then start selling cars. There just isn’t enough money in the world to do that.”克鲁诺瓦斯基说:“我认为这就是个时间问题。我认为特斯拉以往的做法是因为他们不得不这样做,因为它一直处于创业模式。所以他们不可能一开始就通过建立一个经销商网络来卖车,因为他们没有足够的资金。”A Tesla spokesperson emphatically denies any franchising rumors (“There are no plans to franchise in any capacity”), but says the car maker may be open to a different, “hybrid” model.特斯拉公司的一位发言人坚决否认了任何有关特许经营的传闻(“目前没有任何特许经营计划”),不过同时他也表示,特斯拉可能会推行一种所谓的“混合型”模式。 /201411/343920

3. Walk everywhere.到处走动I’m a big fan of walking, and I try to take a walk whenever possible. Besides the fact that it’s so healthy for your body and your mind, walking allows me to focus on the world around me instead of looking at my phone. One of the reasons I like walking is that it’s the only time I have to myself. I put some music on, and just walk. I can’t text or send emails because not only is it not comfortable, but it’s impossible to think properly while on the move. Walking allows me to concentrate on my thoughts and relax.我热衷于散步,任何时间只要可行我就会去走动一会。散步除了能强健你的身心这一事实外,还能把你的精力从手机转移到周围的世界里。我喜欢散步的原因之一就是只有在散步时,时间才真正属于我自己。我会带上耳机,朝前走。我不发短信,不发邮件不仅仅是因为那不舒自在,还出于走动时不能恰当地思考。散步让我沉浸于思虑中,能够使我放松。4. Meditate.冥想There is much to say about the effect meditation has on your body and soul. Sitting quietly and slowly breathing in and out gives you time to focus on your inner self. Taking just a bit of time from your daily schedule to perform mediation will allow you to stop everything at once and focus on yourself with no other distractions. Dedicating even 5 minutes a day to meditate can provide you with quiet relief from all the distractions out there such as your phone and computer.冥想对你的身体和灵魂有太多的帮助。静坐下来,慢慢地呼吸吐纳,此时你就可以专注于内在的修炼。从日常行程中抽一丁点时间做个冥想,这能帮你瞬间停止忙碌,一心一意地专注在自我身上。每天花5分钟冥想可以让你从各种琐事中解脱出来,比如电话和电脑。The good thing about push notifications is that they ensure that you won’t miss anything happening right now. The downside is that you can never know when the next distraction is coming. To be fair, I understand the importance of enabling push notifications from your email client, so let’s focus on other apps. Do you really need instant notification about every ‘like’ you get on Instagram, or every time someone invites you to an event on Facebook?关掉推送消息5. Turn off (most of) your push notifications.推送消息的优势在于它可以确保你不会错过任何新鲜实事。劣势就是你永远无法知道下一条新闻什么时候跳出来。客观来讲,我理解推送报告对邮件用户的重要性,所以我们可以尝试其他的应用软件。对于Instagram上每件你喜欢的事物,还有Facebook上的别人的邀请,你真就那么需要及时通知吗?Think about how much you can reduce the noise and distraction if you turned off the push notifications in most of your news/social apps. As I said, push notifications can help us to not miss important things that come into our phone, but too many push notifications from less important sources and apps can prevent us to see the real things that we will came across in our real life.想想一旦你关掉了大多数的新闻/社交软件,就会减少多少噪音和干扰。如我所说,推送报告可以帮助我们获得电话能接受到的重要信息,但有太多的报告来自无关痛痒的资源和鸡肋般的应用软件,它们只会妨碍我们看见真实生活中的真实事物。Technology, sometimes we can’t live with it but we certainly can’t live without it. but once we know how to find the balance between our constant need to be fed with information to the human need of interacting with others—we will stop being digital slaves.科技,近了恼人,失之却无法生存。可一旦我们在连续的信息需求和与人交往的需求中找到平衡---我们就不再是数码奴隶了。 /201307/247961

Playing the piano may seem like nothing special to you, but what about playing it on apple instead of piano keys? Lin Hai, a 24-year-old graduate from Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, did exactly that with his homemade electronic board.也许对你而言,弹钢琴没什么特别的,可如果让苹果化身为琴键,你会怎么想?毕业于浙江科技学院、24岁的林海(音译)就用一款自制电路板令这一想法变成现实。Geek boy技术狂人Wearing thick glasses and a simple T-shirt, Lin looks no different to other engineering students. But under his plain appearance lies a true geek heart.厚厚的眼镜加上简单的T恤,林海看上去和其他工科生没什么两样。但在他朴素的外表下,却跳动着一颗技术狂人的心。When Lin was little, he loved disassembling things to look at how they work. Even though he often failed at putting them back together, his curiosity was never satisfied and he laid hands on everything, except computers.林海从小就喜欢将东西“大卸八块”,来观察它们工作原理。尽管他常常无法将它们复原,但他的好奇心一直很旺盛。除了电脑,他什么都拆过。“My parents told me not to disassemble computers because they’re expensive, so I researched the software instead,” says Lin. When he went to university, Lin chose a subject that was related to engineering and programming: automation.林海说:“父母告诉我电脑太贵,不要对它们下手,所以我便开始研究起软件。”上大学时,林海选了一个与工程和编程有关的专业:自动化。Lin is a typical geek who often spends days in the laboratory inventing new things.作为一个典型的极客,林海经常会花费几天的时间埋头在实验室里研发新东西。“I have a lot of ideas in my head. My biggest interest is realizing them,” says Lin. His inventions include a guide robot, an earthquake alarm and an electronic door lock. But his most successful invention is an electronic board he calls “Crazyer”, the one that turns bananas into piano keys.林海说:“我脑袋里有很多想法。我最大的爱好就是去实现它们。”他的发明包括一个导盲机器人、一台地震报警器和一把电子门锁。但他最成功的发明是一个叫做“酷乐宅”的电路板,它可以让香蕉变身为钢琴琴键。Learn from Makey Makey灵感来自神奇电路板“Makey Makey”Lin Hai’s Crazyer electronic board was inspired by a similar device built by two PhD students at MIT. Their device is called Makey Makey, which turns everyday objects into touchpads.林海发明的“酷乐宅”电路板,其灵感来自于麻省理工两名士研发的“Makey Makey”,这个同“酷乐宅”很像的装置可以将日常物件变成触屏设备。Having seen a , Lin was so impressed by the device that he searched for its website in the hope of buying one. It turned out to be a prototype, and Lin would have needed to wait for six months for the real product.在看过一段介绍视频后,Makey Makey给林海留下了深刻印象,他搜寻官网想要入手一个。结果Makey Makey只是一台样机,林海要等上六个月才能买到真正的产品。For most people, the story would have ended there. But for Lin, it was about to begin: “Why not make my own Makey Makey?” he thought. So he studied the and website, trying to figure out how it worked.对于许多人来说,可能故事到这就没有然后了。但对于林海而言,故事才刚刚开始,他心想:“为何不自己做一个Makey Makey出来呢?”为此他研究了视频以及网站上的内容,试图弄清楚它的工作原理。“I found that the mechanism Makey Makey is based on was similar to that of the electronic lock I built before. The only difference was that the Makey Makey had an extra wire,” says Lin. With this vital clue and his automation expertise, it didn’t take long for Lin to understand how Makey Makey worked.林海说:“我发现Makey Makey的工作原理和我以前发明的一个电子锁很相似。唯一区别就是Makey Makey多了一根线。” 凭借这一重要线索再加上他本身的自动化专业知识,很快林海就弄清了Makey Makey的工作原理From watching the to building an electronic board and writing a program for it, Lin spent an entire month bringing Crazyer to life. His hard work paid off.从看视频到做电路板,再到给它写程序,林海花了整整一个月的时间,最终发明出“酷乐宅”。他的努力没有白费。Social responsibility社会责任With the money he earns from selling Crazyer, Lin can give back to society. “Crazyer can help those who have lost their fingers or limbs,” says Lin. “With Crazyer, some people can use their feet or arms to use a computer.” Lin has helped many disabled people by building customized Crazyer boards for them.林海用销售“酷乐宅”所赚来的钱回报社会。林海说:“‘酷乐宅’可以帮助那些失去手指或肢体的残障人士。有了它,人们可以用脚或胳膊来操控电脑。”通过制作特制的“酷乐宅”电路板,林海已经帮助了许多残疾人。Another benefit is that the money he earns can support Lin in inventing new things. “I’m thinking of adding new functions to Crazyer. I’m also working on a 3-D printer,” he says. Lin’s geek spirit is always striving toward new goals.还有一个好处是,有了资金持,林海就可以研究新发明了。林海说:“我想给‘酷乐宅’添加一些新功能。同时,我还在研发3D打印机。”极客精神总是推动林海朝着新目标前进。 /201408/318022

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