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吉林大学第一医院上班时间吉林长春三院生殖中心In Chinese medicine,在中医里its believed that rhino horn can reduce fever犀牛角能减缓发热症状and some Vietnamese sell it as a cure for everything,一些越南人则把它当做万能药在卖from cancer to hangovers.包治癌症或宿醉Its made of keratin,犀牛角由角蛋白构成 the same substance as hair and nail,与头发 指甲的成分一致and it has no clinically proven medicinal value.尚未有临床实验能明此物的药用价值But it has made every black rhino in Africa a target.但那已使得非洲的黑犀牛成为偷猎目标Theyve all been killed in Uganda and Rwanda,乌干达和卢旺达的黑犀牛都被杀光了and there are only around 600 left here in Kenya.在肯尼亚也只有约600头幸存But these are not poachers.但这些人不是偷猎者These are protectors.他们是保护者And that protection is overseen那种保护是在犀牛专家by rhino expert Dr Matthew Mutinda,马修·穆廷达医生的监管之下进行的one of the Kenya Wildlife Services top vets.他是肯尼亚野生动物务部门的最优秀兽医之一201405/301395吉林大学中日联谊医院做全身检查要多少钱 How can we put this in a way youll understand? Sending LOLs to your BFFs on company time is not KEWL.应该以怎样的方式表达才更容易理解呢?工作时间给你的好朋友发送英雄联盟信息并不是那么酷。You Will Need你需要A job一份工作An email account一个电子邮件帐户A phone with voice mail有语音信箱的电话Some common sense一些常识Steps步骤STEP 1 Remember youre at work1.记住你是在工作First and foremost, remember youre at work. Now is not the time to call or email your long lost frat brothers, ex-girlfriends, or bookie.首先,记住你是在工作。现在不是打电话或发电子邮件给你长时间没联系的兄弟,前女友或赛马的时候。STEP 2 Dont use speakerphone2.不要用扬声器Dont use your speakerphone unless its completely necessary. Otherwise, its just obnoxious.不要使用扬声器,除非完全有必要。否则,是非常令人讨厌的事情。Remember: background noise can be heard when youre on a conference call from home—and that includes toast popping, kettles whistling, and toilets flushing.记住:当你在家中进行商务电话会议时是可以听到背景音乐的——包括烘烤,水壶烧水的声音和厕所的冲水声。STEP 3 Keep voice mail short3.语音信箱留言简短When leaving a voice mail, keep it short—you are not auditioning for Hamlet. Just provide the essentials: your name, your number, and a BRIEF reason for calling.当你在语音信箱留言时,一定要简短——你不是在为哈姆雷特试音。只说出精髓的内容就可以了:你的姓名,电话号码,和打电话的简洁原因。Have your message y before you call. Nothing is more annoying than listening to someone stammer while they try to formulate a coherent thought. And remember to enunciate so the person doesnt have to replay your message 25 times.打电话前先准备好信息。没有什么比接电话的时候要努力抓住中心思想更令人讨厌的了。记住发音要明晰,免得对方要把你的留言多次重播。STEP 4 Include simple subject line4.简单的主题Always include a simple, straightforward description in your email subject line so its recipient can quickly assess if its important, and easily relocate it later.在邮件主题栏一定要列明一个简单,直截了当的描述,这样收件人就能迅速评估邮件是否重要,随后就能更方便地处理。STEP 5 Be careful with email5.发送邮件要小心Remember that an email doesnt convey a context the way your gestures, expressions, and tone of voice would. What you write in a playful way may come across as harsh or insulting to your er.要记住,电子邮件并不能表达你的肢体语言,面部表情和语音语调所能表达的内容。你以开玩笑的语气写的邮件在收件人看来可能是严厉的或侮辱性的。Always spell-check your email before hitting send; Its easy, and may just save you a lot of embarrassment.点击“发送”按钮之前一定要检查一下邮件的单词拼写是否正确。这是很简单的工作,可以为你避免很多尴尬的场景。STEP 6 Include explanation when forwarding6.转发邮件时附带解释Forwarding an email to a co-worker? Always include a brief explanation so theyre not left to ponder what you may want from them. If youre totally swamped, at least include ;FYI;.向一位同事转发邮件?一定要附带简洁的解释,这样他们就不需考虑你想让他们做什么。如果你实在是非常繁忙,至少要注明“请大家注意看一下”。Eighty-two percent of what you communicate on the phone is non-verbal—in other words, what you say is far less important than how you say it.电话中沟通的82%的内容是非语言的——换句话说,你说的内容远远不如说的方式重要。视频听力译文由。201407/309452If you suspect your partners cheating, youre probably right. But youll still want proof.如果你怀疑你的伴侣背叛了你,或许你是正确的。但是你仍然想要一些据。You Will Need你需要A nagging suspicion挥之不去的疑虑Access to their computer能够打开他们的电脑And sleuthing skills侦查技巧Steps步骤STEP 1 Notice clues1.注意线索Notice clues like more ;late nights at the office,; time on the computer (especially at night, when chat rooms get going), interest in appearance, mysterious phone calls, and abrupt hang-ups or computer shutdowns when you walk in.注意观察一些线索,比如更经常“深夜加班”,总是在电脑前(尤其是晚上,这种时候聊天室是开放的),越来越注重外表,神秘的电话,当你走进来时突然防备或关闭电脑。Less sex is not necessarily a sign of cheating. In fact, the excitement of an affair often triggers more sex at home.性生活减少不一定是出轨的迹象。实际上,婚外情的刺激经常会促进在家中更频繁的性生活。STEP 2 Prick partners conscience2.唤起伴侣的良知Try to prick your partners conscience by saying how proud you are to have an honest relationship where you can tell each other anything. How do they respond—are they nervous or comfortable?努力唤起伴侣的良知,对他们说,能够拥有一段诚实的恋情让你感到非常自豪,你们可以畅所欲言。看他们如何反应,紧张还是坦然?STEP 3 Use partners computer3.使用伴侣的电脑Tell your significant other you need to use their computer because yours is broken. Check the users browsing history, which usually appears as a pull-down option onscreen, to see what websites theyve been on. If the cache has been wiped completely clean, that could be the biggest sign of all. What are they hiding?告诉对方,你的电脑坏了,要借用一下TA的。查看用户的浏览历史,通常会有一个下拉菜单,查看他们曾经浏览过的网站。如果缓存区全部被清空,这可能是对方出轨最大的信号。他们在隐藏什么呢?STEP 4 Look up lover on social networking sites4.在社交网站上调查你的伴侣Look up your lover on social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. See if theyve listed themselves as ;single,; and check out comments and ;friends.;在MySpace和Facebook等社交媒体网站上调查你的伴侣。看一下他们是否把自己的资料标注为“单身”,查看一下和他们的好友。STEP 5 Conduct a sting operation5.设置圈套Conduct a sting operation. Using an alias, contact your partner through a free email account. Act like youve aly met and say youd like to hook up in person. If they say yes, theyve probably done it before.设置圈套。用马甲通过免费邮件帐户联系你的伴侣。假装你们已经聊过,想要亲自见面。如果他们说可以,可能已经有前科。STEP 6 Create fake identity6.制造虚假身份If they use a social networking site, create a fake identity that would appeal to them and then make contact. Flirt shamelessly and dig for information. Do they admit that you, their significant other, exist?如果他们是社交网站用户,制造一个能够吸引他们的虚假身份,然后和他们联系。无下限地调情,挖掘信息。他们是否承认你的存在?STEP 7 Install spy program7.安装间谍软件Install a key logging or spy program on their computer. Such programs can record keystrokes, take periodic screenshots, and even discover their passwords.在他们的电脑上安装一个键盘事件记录程序或间谍软件。这种软件可以记录下击键,周期性视频截图,甚至发现他们的密码。Research shows that 25% of wives and 44% of husbands have been unfaithful.研究发现,25%的妻子和44%的丈夫曾经不忠。视频听力译文由。201410/338259长春妇女医院官网

通辽妇幼保健妇保医院网上挂号UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for the ;Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!Which term best describes someone whos chose to help settle a dispute? If you think you know it, shout it out! 哪个术语最好的描述了被选来调解纠纷的人?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it: auditor, arbitrator, appraiser or assessor? Youve got three seconds, go!是审计员、仲裁员、鉴定者还是技术顾问?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!When theres a disagreement between two people or groups, an arbitrator can be brought in to settle it. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.当两人之间或两组之间有分歧的时候,可以由仲裁人来调解这一纠纷。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: An arbitrator has ruled in a case concerning baseball star Alex Rodriguez, and that ruling will keep him off the field for the upcoming 2014 season. All of it.棒球球星阿莱克斯·罗德里格兹的事件就有仲裁员的介入,这一裁决会让他缺席2014年接下来的比赛。所有比赛。Rodriguez is one of Major League Baseballs top five all-time home run hitters. 罗德里格兹是美国职棒大联盟五大全职全垒球手之一。Hes one of its highest paid players, rocking up hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts. 他是收入最高的运动员之一,他的合同收入高达几亿美元。The third basement admitted to using illegal performance-enhancing drugs from 2001 to 2003. 这个三垒手承认他曾在2001年到2003年间使用非法提高表现的药物。But he is now fighting accusations that he used them again as recently as 2012. 但他现在不承认就在最近,也就是2012年又再次使用了这些药物的指控。The 38-year old player for the New York Yankees is appealing the arbitrators decision.这个38岁的纽约扬基队选手正寻求仲裁的决定。 /201401/273404吉林长春儿童医院门诊部怎么样 马克.肖(Mark Shaw)为我們演示了“极度干燥”,一种可以非常有效的防水和水性材料的涂层。在纳米级上,这个涂层会在表面形成一层空气保护伞防止水的渗入。来看看这激动人心的两分钟吧!201401/271167长春市吉大第二医院做输卵管通液多少钱

辽源妇幼保健医院看妇科好不好Theres a compelling showbiz mythology of the modern big city-the energy and the abundance, the proximity to culture and power, the streets that just might be paved with gold. Weve seen it and weve loved it, on stage and on screen. But we all know that in reality big cities are noisy, potentially violent and alarmingly anonymous. We sometimes just cant cope with the sheer mass of people.现代大城市简直是创造了一种嚎头十足的圈神话—能量充沛、物欲横流,文化与权力高度集中,仿佛街道都可以是黄金铺成的。舞台上、屏幕上那一切的一切,我们对其“所见即所爱”。然而我们也深知,在现实中,大城市也充斥着嘈杂、潜在暴力和惊人匿名性。有时,我们简直就是无法应付这样庞大、高度集中的人群。Apparently, if you look at how many numbers were likely to store in our mobile phone, or how many names were likely to list on a social networking site, its very rare even for city dwellers to exceed a couple of hundred.显而易见的,假如你看一下通常我们手机上可能储存的电话号码,或者我们在社交网站上添加的好友名单,就会发现经常一个城市居民的社交圈人群很少会有超过几百。Social anthropologists delightedly point out that this is the size of the social group wed have had to handle in a large Stone Age village. According to them, were all still trying to cope with modern city life with a Stone Age social brain.于是乎,社会学家得意洋洋地指出,早在石器时代的大村落里,几百这个数字我们恰好可以应付得来,这就是当时一个社会群体的合理大小。So how do you lead and control a city or a state where most people dont know each other, and you can only personally persuade a very small percentage of the inhabitants? Its the central theme of this weeks programmes, and its been the key political question for over five thousand years, since the growth of the worlds first cities and states.那么,你应该如何领导和控制一个城市与国家呢?绝大多数人都不认识彼比,你自己也只能亲身说比例非常小的居民。这是我们本周节日的中心主题;而且在超过五千年的人类历史上,自从世界上第一座城市、第一个国家的出现,这也是一个关键的政治问题。These grew up in the worlds great fertile river valleys, the Euphrates, the Tigris and the Indus, but I want to start with the most famous river of them all, the Nile.最早期的城市与国家崛起于世界上伟大的肥沃河谷里,幼发拉底河、底格里斯河、印度河等等,然而我想从这所有河流中最著名的尼罗河开始。;Theres no doubt that warfare and the coercive power of the king is very much at the heart of the regime from an early period.; (Toby Wilkinson)“毫无疑问,国王的战争力与威摄力自古以来就是制权的心脏要素。”托比#8226;威尔金森说道。201405/299892 As the freshwater of Greenlands ice sheet gradually seeps into the salt water of the oceans, low-lying lands around the globe are threatened.当格陵兰的冰原淡水慢慢渗入海洋的咸水。地球各处低洼地区将受到威胁。Sea levels are rising.海平面正在上升。Water expanding as it gets warmer caused,in the 20th century alone, a rise of 20 centimeters.单是上世纪因海水暖化膨胀,海水升高了二十毫米。Everything becomes unstable.一切变得不稳定。Coral reefs, for example, are extremely sensitive to the slightest change in water temperature.例如 珊瑚礁对海水温度的,轻微变化非常敏感。Thirty percent have disappeared.三成已消失。They are an essential link in the chain of species.它们是生物链中重要一环。In the atmosphere, the major wind streams are changing direction.在大气层主要的季风已改变方向。Rain cycles are altered.雨水循环被改变。The geography of climates is modified.气候地理也被更改。The inhabitants of low-lying islands here in the Maldives,for example, are on the front line.住在像马尔代夫这样的低洼岛屿的居民处于最前沿。They are increasingly concerned.他们越来越感到忧虑。Some are aly looking for new, more hospitable lands.有些开始寻找新的 更适宜居住的土地。If sea levels continue to rise faster and faster,what will major cities like Tokyo,the worlds most populous city, do?如果海水上升越来越快,像东京这样人口最多的大城市会怎样做?Every year, scientists predictions become more and more alarming.每一年 科学家的预测越来越令人担忧。Seventy percent of the worlds population lives on coastal plains.全球70%的人口住在沿海平原。Eleven of the 15 biggest cities stand on a coastline or river estuary.十五个最大城市有十一个位于海岸线或河口。As the seas rise, salt will invade the water table, depriving inhabitants of drinking water.如果海水上升咸水会侵入地下水令居民失去饮用水。Migratory phenomena are inevitable.人口迁徙已无可避免。The only uncertainty concerns their scale.唯一不能肯定的只是其规模。In Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro is unrecognizable.在非洲 乞力马扎罗山已面目全非。Eighty percent of its glaciers have disappeared.它的80%冰川已经消失。In summer, the rivers no longer flow.在夏天 江河已断流。Local peoples are affected by the lack of water.当地人受缺水影响。Even on the worlds highest peaks, in the heart of the Himalayas,eternal snows and glaciers are receding.即使在喜马拉雅山的世界最高峰终年积雪和冰川也在减少。Yet these glaciers play an essential role in the water cycle.这些冰川在水循环中扮演重要角色。201411/341636吉林大学第二医院门诊部预约长春宽城区治疗妇科炎症多少钱



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