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青岛黄岛开发区祛斑美容医院青岛韩国仿生隆鼻Says who? Err, Me?谁说的? 我?Anna. You’ll have to do better than that.安娜,你应该做得比刚才更好才对。Be polite, but be firm too.礼貌点,但是也要态度坚定。Try saying, ‘would you mind not doing that please?’试着说,“请你不要这么做,好吗?”I’ll try. Mr Ingle, would you mind not doing that please?我试试。英格尔先生,请你不要这么做,好吗?Why’s that then?怎么了?He’s not being very nice is he?他并不是很友好,是吧?You need to give your reasons. Say, ‘I’m afraid it’s against company policy’.你要给出原因。比如,“恐怕这违反了公司政策”。Go on you can do it.加油,你能做到。Mr Ingle… I’m afraid it’s against company policy.英格尔先生,恐怕这违反了公司政策。And… it is actually against the law to smoke here… and… it’s not a nice smell, is it?在这里抽烟违反了法律,而且味道也不好闻,不是吗?Well, smells OK to me.我没觉得不好闻。Well, I’m sorry to have to ask you this but you need to put it out.抱歉我必须这么说,但是你得熄灭它。Put what out – the cat? !放什么出去,猫?!No. You need to extinguish your cigarette… please.不是,请你要熄灭你的烟。Says who?谁说的?Well, I’m sure your team wouldn’t like to see you breaking the law and besides, it could cause a fire. That would be awful.我想你的团队成员可不想看到你违反法律,还有可能引发火灾。这样就坏了。Yeah, I suppose it would.是,可能会吧。 /201702/490901青岛整容美容 Literally when I was watching you onstage, I thought to myself, that you put everything you have into that performance, so there is nothing left in your side. Yes, this is true. I had pushed myself till there's nothing left. What is inside to you that says "I still have to put every ounce of what I have on the stage? Well, I mean the fact that my...my record is number one in 29 countries is, er, it means that,er, I'm connecting to people so when I go to that city and I do a show. I wanna give them my all, 'coz they are giving me their all by buying my record. Since I've had the opportunity in the last year or two that these little windows, to (moments)kind of come and see you,(huh huh) you strike me as a person who leaves nothing to chance, who lives every day as if it's her last day on Earth. Well, that's the way I should be living in my life. I would love to get to the end of every one of my days and think did I do everything I meant to achieve. Am I happy this is. . . if this were the last day of my life on Earth , would I be happy about it? I'd say 75% of the time, I'm um, it's YES , but 25% no. Where's that come from? Being aware, being more conscious of the way I am with people, being more responsible for myself. And how I interact with people, being more grateful. I think that's the main thing - being more grateful and appreciative. What are you most grateful for? My family, yeah, 'coz my family keeps me grounded and keeps it all at real. It is said you are also grateful for this response to this record? Oh, yes, I'm grateful for that, too. Yes. Because of the the award. . . That's ephemeral, I mean. Right, yeah. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, but from the standpoint that you are an artist, you work, you clearly put everything you have (Yeah. ) into what you do (Yeah. ) sometimes it's widely successful? And sometimes it's not. And I'm grateful for the ability to be able to write that because, you know, there is, there is another side to success and that's, well, that's perceived as, as a failure. But I don't perceive it that way. I think. . . . . Like your last, like the previous CD. Yeah, which, which is the worst selling album of my career, but one of my favourite records ever. But I, what I am grateful for is the ablility to just keep, keep doing what I do, and just you know, okay, people were, you know, people didn't accept that, fine, pick my crown of buffa flower, put it back on my head and keep going. ha ha ha. . . It's all all right? Madonna says there is a very good possibility she will tour next summer. 200808/46258US Near Decision on North Korea Food Aid美官员:美将宣布对北韩粮食援助 U.S officials say the Bush administration is nearing a decision on providing new food aid to North Korea. U.S.-North Korean talks on the issue, separate from discussions on Pyongyang's nuclear program, have made progress. 美国官员说,布什政府即将就向北韩提供新粮食援助的问题做出决定。两国在这个问题上的谈判取得了进展。提供新粮食援助的谈判和有关平壤核问题的谈判是分开的。State Department officials say the ed States and North Korea are "on the verge" of finalizing an agreement governing the distribution of food aid to that country, and that an announcement of a new U.S. aid commitment is imminent. 国务院官员说,美国和北韩在向北韩运送粮食援助的问题上“即将”达成协议,美国将很快宣布对北韩援助的承诺。Despite political differences with Pyongyang, the ed States has been the biggest single provider of food aid to North Korea. 尽管美国同北韩存在政治分歧,美国一直是向北韩提供粮食援助最多的一个国家。It provided hundreds of millions of dollars worth of food to the communist state beginning with the country's flood-related famine in the mid-1990s. 自从北韩1990年代因洪水开始闹饥荒以来,美国已经向这个共产党国家提供了价值数亿美元的粮食。But the aid diminished amid U.S. concerns about diversion of food to the country's military and political elite and none has been provided since 2005. 但是,因为美国担心给北韩的粮食援助都让军队和北韩政治精英所享用,因此美国对北韩的粮食援助逐渐减少,并且从2005年中断了粮食援助。At a news briefing, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said a U.S. aid team that went to North Korea earlier this month had a good set of talks on the distribution issue, and that administration officials are now working on a specific aid plan. 国务院发言人麦科马克在新闻记者会上说,本月早些时候访问北韩的一个美国援助小组就粮食分发问题同北韩方面举行了一系列很好的会谈,目前政府官员正在制定一个具体的援助方案。"The team that went to North Korea had some good conversations about what North Korea believed it needs in terms of humanitarian assistance, and how we might go about improving the monitoring mechanism for the distribution of that food, that was really the biggest hang-up that we had in the past," McCormack said. "We have to a large degree been able to come up with what we believe could be a better monitoring mechanism." 他说:“访问北韩的援助小组就北韩在人道主义援助方面的具体需要同对方进行了良好的会谈,会谈还涉及到我们将如何改善对粮食发放的监督机制。这才是我们过去的最大障碍。在很大程度上,我们能够提出我们认为是更好的监督机制。”McCormack would not confirm a Financial Times report Tuesday that the Bush administration will provide 500,000 tons of food aid, to be distributed by the U.N.'s World Food Program and other non-governmental organizations. 麦科马克不愿实金融时报星期二发表的一篇报导。报导说,布什政府将向北韩提供50万吨粮食援助,由联合国世界粮食计划署和其它非政府组织分发。A senior official who spoke to reporters on terms of anonymity said an aid announcement could come as early as Wednesday. 一位不愿透露姓名的高级官员对记者们说,有关粮食援助的决定最快将于星期三对外宣布。The Bush administration has said decisions on food aid to North Korea are separate from the six-party negotiations on the country's nuclear program and based on its actual needs, competing needs elsewhere, and the ability to monitor distribution. 布什政府说,对北韩提供粮食援助的决定跟有关北韩核项目的六方会谈是两码事。提供粮食援助是基于北韩的实际需要、其它地方与之竞争的需要,以及监督粮食的分发能力。White House Press Secretary Dana Perino said Tuesday President Bush believes North Korea has diverted food aid to its military, but that he has deep concern about hunger in that country, especially among school-age children. 白宫发言人佩里诺说,布什总统认为北韩将粮食援助分发给北韩军队,但是他对忍受饥饿的北韩人民,特别是学龄儿童,深表关切。The World Food Program said last month North Korea faces its worst food shortage in several years caused by flooding and a poor harvest in 2007 - and complicated by this year's big run-up in commodity prices. 世界粮食计划署说,北韩2007年的洪灾和粮食欠收,导致北韩上个月出现了几年来最严重的粮食短缺。再加上今年商品价格的飙升,更使北韩雪上加霜。 200805/38959青岛整形医院排行榜

青岛美容祛雀斑多少钱Mugabe Spokesman to Western Critics: Go Hang穆加贝发言人反驳国际社会批评   A spokesman for Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe has rejected criticism of the country's presidential election, saying those who call the vote illegitimate can 'go hang'. Mr. Mugabe is attending an African Union summit. 津巴布韦总统穆加贝的发言人反驳了外界对津巴布韦总统选举的批评。他说,那些说这次选举是非法选举的人“见鬼去吧”。津巴布韦总统穆加贝目前正在埃及沙姆沙伊赫出席非洲联盟首脑会议。Zimbabwe's presidential spokesman George Charamba told reporters Tuesday the West has no right to judge the legitimacy of the election that returned Mr. Mugabe to power.  津巴布韦总统发言人乔治.查拉姆巴星期二对记者说,西方国家无权裁决让穆加贝再次当选总统的选举是否合法。Many Western governments have described the election Friday as a sham because of widesp intimidation and because Mr. Mugabe's challenger had withdrawn. The ed States has called Mr. Mugabe's inauguration illegitimate. But Charamba had harsh words for those critics, suggesting outsiders should mind their own business. 许多西方国家政府表示,津巴布韦星期五的总统选举决选之前选民普遍受到恐吓,而且穆加贝的竞选对手退出了选举,因此决选是个骗局。美国称穆加贝的就职是非法的。查拉姆巴用严厉的语言回敬了这些指责,表示局外人应该管好自己的事情。"They can go and hang. They can go and hang, a thousand times. They've no claim on Zimbabwe at all, and that's exactly the issue," he said. 查拉姆巴说:“他们见鬼去吧,见鬼一千次去吧。他们完全无权对津巴布韦指手划脚,这才是问题的关键。”Charamba was speaking on the sidelines of the African Union summit, where Mr. Mugabe was warmly received by many heads of state. The spokesman laughed off suggestions that his summit colleagues might try to persuade Mr. Mugabe to accept a Kenya-style power sharing agreement with his political rival Morgan Tsvangirai. 这是查拉姆巴在非洲联盟首脑会议期间对记者的谈话,穆加贝在这次首脑会议上受到许多国家首脑的热情欢迎。有建议说,出席这次非盟首脑会议的其它国家的首脑可能会争取说穆加贝接受肯尼亚模式,跟政治对手茨万吉拉伊组成权力分享政府。穆加贝的发言人查拉姆巴这种建议一笑置之。"He has come here as president of Zimbabwe. He will go home as president of Zimbabwe, and when you visit Zimbabwe, he will be there to see you as president of the people of Zimbabwe," said Charamba. 查拉姆巴说:“他作为津巴布韦总统来这里开会,也将作为津巴布韦总统回到津巴布韦。如果你们访问津巴布韦,他还将以津巴布韦人民总统的身份会晤各位。”Zimbabwe's main opposition party, the MDC, has denied reports that any talks are under way with Mr. Mugabe's ZANU-PF party to form a government of national unity. The statement said "nothing can be as malicious or further from the truth." 有报导说,津巴布韦主要反对党“争取民主与变革运动”正在跟穆加贝的“非洲民族联盟”举行谈判,以组成全国联合政府。“争取民主与变革运动”驳斥了这些说法。该组织发表声明说:“再也没有比这种说法更恶毒、更偏离事实的了。”Zimbabwe's political turmoil, and Mr. Mugabe's presence has completely overshadowed the business of this Red Sea resort summit. Discussions about meeting anti-poverty and development goals went virtually ignored. Seats were empty at a news conference to discuss the summit theme, providing Africa with clean water and sanitation. 津巴布韦政治动乱以及穆加贝的出席完全主导了这次在红海度假地举行的本届非盟首脑会议。有关实现脱贫和发展目标等议题的讨论几乎形同虚设。有关向非洲提供洁净水和卫生设备等本届首脑会议主题的记者会无人问津。An estimated 30 African heads of state and government attended the two-day summit. 据估计,30个非洲国家和政府首脑出席了这次为期两天的首脑会议。200807/43204山东省青岛济宁祛痣医院推荐 青岛纳米无痕双眼皮

山东省青岛黄岛开发区医院激光去痣多少钱探索世界奥秘之The Ghost In Your Genes(基因外遗传现象) 01We are on the brink of uncovering a hidden world, a world that connects past and future generations in ways we never imagined possible. What this means is an environmental exposure that your grandmother had could cause a disease in you even though you've never been exposed to the toxin. And you are gonna pass it onto your great-grand kids. These extraordinary discoveries have the potential to affect every aspect of our lives. It's not just the genes, but also the environment in the early life of your ancestors. It's not so much you're what you eat as something you are what your mother ate, and maybe you are what your grandmother ate. And if you take our data, you're what's stress your grandmother or grandfather had. It would change the way we think about our relationship with every generation. (it) Makes me feel closer to my children. What I experienced, in terms of environment will have some type of legacy in my children and my grandchildren. The science of inheritance is being turned on its head. We're changing the view of what inheritance is. This small Swedish town may hold the evidence to launch a medical revolution. Ouml;verkalix lies huddled on the edge of the Arctic Circle. Inaccessible and remote, it was cut off from the rest of the world for most of its history. Marcus Pembrey has traveled here to meet his colleague, Olov Bygren. They believe that the story lying buried in these graveyards may hold the proof to their radical ideas. Here we have at least 2 generations.In the same grave.In the same ...This group of people could contribute to really a sea change in the way we think about inheritance. They have come to this churchyard to find grandmothers and granddaughters, grandfathers and grandsons, connecting people who lived almost a hundred years apart in entirely new ways, uncovering links that confound scientific thinking. Up to now, inheritance is just the genes, the DNA sequence. I suspect that we're gonna be able to demonstrate that the inheritance is more than that. This is a grandson, as it were, in our study. It is the culmination of more than twenty years' work and for the first time, Pembrey is confronting the magnitude of their discovery. It really has come alive for me, coming here more than I had expected. It's really quite so, I'm, sure about it, wonderful.words and expressionson the brink of:濒于toxin:毒素sea change :A marked transformation:巨变, 突变,突发性彻底转变culmination:巅峰;最高点magnitude:重要,重要性200807/44828 青岛诺德整形在那山东省青岛烟台祛痘医院



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