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能用一辈子!这些日用品终身保修 -- ::7 来源:sohu 如果某双鞋子或某套刀具可以永不损坏,你是不是觉得能用一辈子的东西花多少钱去买都值得?或者,即使它们不是永不破损,但它们的制造商会免费提供维修务或是直接更换新的给你,是不是几乎等于可以用一辈子了?快来看看哪些日常生活上的产品终身保修! It's worth it to splurge on a new pair of shoes or a set of good knives if you know they'll last ever—or if they don't, that their maker will repair or replace them free. Here's a round-up of four useful everyday items that come with a manufacturer's lifetime guarantee. 1.杰斯伯背包 JANSPORT BACKPACK 如果你在高中时期买的杰斯伯背包,或是该品牌旗下的小包包、行李包开始有点破旧的话,你可以直接把它寄到位于美国加利福尼亚州阿拉米达的保修中心(对国人来说邮费有点小贵)维修人员会跟据损坏程度安排维修、更换或是退款的务一般维修时间为四至六个星期,因季节情况而定邮去的费用消费者承担,杰斯伯会付回寄的费用但并不会承担任何因直接、附带或间接损害的责任,例如被行李输送带撕破的损坏 If the JanSport backpack you purchased in high school is starting to look a little thbare, you can send it—or that matter, any one of the brand’s packs, bags, or luggage items—back to its warranty center in Alameda, Calinia. Depending on the damage, JanSport willrepair it, replace it, or refund it.Repairs will take anywhere from to 6 weeks, depending on the season, and while you pay the initial shipping charges, JanSport absorbs the bag's return costs. However, JanSport doesn't claim responsibility ;direct, incidental or consequential damages;, say, it got shredded by a luggage carousel. .芝宝牌打火机 ZIPPO LIGHTERS 不管你用了它多久、或是损坏的程度多大,你的芝宝都可以送回厂家保修他们会尽快进行维修工作或安排替换但谨记,保修务只限正品的芝宝牌打火机,伪造品一概不受理! No matter how old or damaged your lighter, you can ship it to Zippo. They'll promptly repair or replace it—but keep in mind that this warranty only extends to real Zippos, and not toward counterfeits. 3.里昂比恩的靴子 L.L. BEAN BOOTS 这个品牌耐用的靴子是由橡胶和皮革制成,并以手工缝制而成靴子的设计主要是针对露营、雨天或远足等用途如果鞋子出了问题的话,里昂比恩会问都不问地为你以旧换新事实上,此政策已扩展到每一间分店你没有保留收据?没问题!只要你是直接从门店购买的,无论时隔多久里昂比恩仍会给你替换新鞋,或者退还购鞋费用 The durable rubber-and-leather shoes are hand-stitched in the company’s Brunswick, Maine factory. They're designed to survive every single camping trip, rainy day, or hiking excursion—but if they don't, L.L. Bean will let you trade them in a new pair, no questions asked. In fact, this policy is extended to every single store purchase. No receipt? No problem. L.L. Bean will still replace the item or reimburse you its cost, so long as you made the purchase directly from them. .向量刀具 CUTCO KNIVES 向量出品的刀具有终身保修的务,客人可把刀寄到他们在奥利安的总部免费磨刀或维修如果在修理后你还是不满意的话, 向量甚至不需要你提供收据或登记就帮你换新的但如果你是因为误用或滥用刀具而造成了损坏, 你还是可以用目前销售价的一半(含销售税)替换新的 Cutco knives have a“ever Guarantee,”which allows owners to send their blades to the company's headquarters in Olean, New York, free sharpening or repair. If you're still not satisfied with your knife, Cutco will replace it—no receipt or registration required. And if you do damage your Cutco through misuse or abuse . Cutco will still replace the item half of its current sales price, along with sales tax. English Source: mental_floss。

台湾客车起火 名大陆游客全部遇难 -- 18:: 来源: 台湾一辆客车发生起火燃烧事故,车上名大陆游客、台湾司机以及导游共计6人全部遇难 Twenty-four tourists from China killed, plus Taiwanese driver and tour guide after bus caught fire on busy road.台湾一辆客车发生起火燃烧事故,车上名大陆游客、台湾司机以及导游共计6人全部遇难A tour bus carrying visitors from China has caught fire on a busy highway near Taiwan’s capital, killing all 6 people on board, officials said.据官方报道,7月19日,一辆旅游客车在台北附近一处繁忙路段发生烧车事故,车上6人全数罹难The accident took place on the No national highway in Taoyuan county, south of Taipei, where the island’s international airport is located, the county’s fire and rescue service said.台湾桃园县的消防部门表示,该起事故发生在台北南部桃园机场联络道“国道号”附近It said of those on board were visitors from Liaoning province who had been scheduled to fly home on Tuesday afternoon. The others killed were the driver and a tour guide, both Taiwanese.据悉,车上的名乘客来自辽宁旅游团,这些人原本计划在本周二下午返程剩下两位遇难人员分别是客车司机和导游,两人都来自台湾Lai Chi-chong, Taoyuan fire chief, said all of the victims died inside the bus. “There was not enough time them to escape,” he told reporters.桃园县的消防部长赖驰冲表示所有人悉数死在了车内,并无一人生还他告诉记者:“或许当时并没有时间逃生”Video from the scene showed both of the bus’s doors were pressed up against the highway’s guard rail, making them impossible to open.据现场拍摄的视频来看,由于客车两边的门都被公路的护栏卡住,导致车上人员无法逃生Many of the bodies were badly charred, some of them piled in front of the unopened emergency exit, Taiwan’s official Central News Agency and other media reported.台湾官方通讯社媒体以及其他媒体报道,车上许多具尸体都已被烧焦,其中一些尸体堆积在客车应急通道的出口处,显然是事故发生时未能逃离成功There was no official word on the cause of the fire, although Taiwan’s official CNA and others reported that the bus apparently burst into flames after spinning out of control and smashing into the highway’s guard rail.尽管台湾官方媒体中央通讯社以及其他媒体纷纷报道表示该客车是由于车辆失控自身撞上高速公路的护栏导致车内突然起火,但目前为止关于事故发生的原因还没有官方说明CNA cited eyewitnesses as saying the bus had been giving off smoke and swerving from lane to lane prior to crashing and bursting into flames.中央通讯社表示,有现场目击者目睹该车辆失控不断在路中转弯,并伴随有烟雾从车中冒出,随即车辆撞上护栏并起火燃烧The drivers of other vehicles pulled over and attempted to put out the flames with fire extinguishers, but the fire had grown too large them to put out, CNA said.中央通讯社报道,其他车辆的司机纷纷停车并赶来灭火,然而由于火势太过凶猛,最终还是未能灭火成功Photos from the scene showed flames and thick black smoke pouring from the front of the bus after the crash.从现场拍摄的照片可以看到,车辆撞上护栏之后,有火焰和浓密的黑烟从车辆前部冒出Thirteen firefighting vehicles and 30 firefighters were sent to the scene but the fire apparently sp too rapidly, and once the flames were extinguished, the vehicle was heavily blackened.事故发生之后,十三辆消防车和三十名消防员迅速赶到现场然而,由于火势蔓延迅速,当火焰完全被扑灭之后,该车已经被烧得面目全非The latest accident is likely to revive safety concerns surrounding the treatment of Chinese tourists, most of whom come on cheap group tours.这场事故也引起了人们对游客旅游安全方面的关注,其中大部分都是价格低廉的团体旅游。

脸书克隆网站在朝鲜昙花一现 -- :51: 来源: 朝鲜克隆脸书的社交媒体网站在短暂出现后又迅速下线 A clone of the Facebook social media site has briefly appeared in North Korea bee quickly going offline.一个克隆脸书的社交媒体网站在朝鲜短暂出现后迅速下线Hosted on the StarCon.net.kp address in North Korea it had many of the features of other social networks.托管在朝鲜网站StarCon.net.kp地址下,这个网站拥有许多其他社交网络的功能It is not clear who created StarCon but it is thought to be a test project a future service to be offered by the nation’s telecoms operator.还不清楚谁开发了StarCon,但人们认为这是一个由国家电信运营商提供的未来务的一个测试项目Soon after being discovered, the site was hacked and it is now not accessible.被发现不久后,这个网站就被黑客黑了,现在已无法登陆The site was spotted by Doug Madory, a researcher at network management firm Dyn, who said it was rare to see any websites hosted in the secretive nation.该网站被网络管理公司Dyn的研究员Doug Madory发现,他说任何网站托管在这个诡秘的国家都是很少见的The site’s name suggested it was linked to North Korea’s Star telecom service, he said.该网站的名字显示其和朝鲜的Star电信务相关,他说StarCon was built around a commercial software package called phpDolphin and had many of the features, including newsfeeds, messaging systems and personal spaces, seen on other social sites.StarCon是由一系列被称为phpDolphin的商业软件包组成的,拥有许多功能,包括其他社交网站所拥有的新闻订阅,短信系统和个人空间However, many of the site’s pages were unfinished and were filled with placeholder text.然而,该网站的许多页面都未完成,还有许多占位符文本"I don’t believe it was intended to be accessible from outside North Korea," Mr Madory told the B.“我认为这个网站本不打算在朝鲜以外被登陆的,”Madory先生告诉BHowever, he said, Dyn’s mention of StarCon on its Twitter feed led people to set up personal pages on the site and start using it to swap messages.他说,然而,Dyn公司对StarCon在推特上的提及导致人们在该网站上创立了个人页面并开始互换信息One of the first s created parodied North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.最先创立的账号之一是嘲弄朝鲜领导人金正恩的账号Outsiders created about 300 s on StarCon during its brief existence.在其短暂出现的一段时间内,国外的人在StarCon上创建了大约300个账号"There were a lot of people signing up that, based on their comments, appeared to genuinely think they could reach the North Korean people through the website," he said.“许多人注册了该网站,根据他们的,他们真的认为能够通过该网站与朝鲜人民沟通,”他说"I’m quite sure that no North Koreans ever really used it a social network website despite the fact that it was hosted in North Korea."“我很肯定朝鲜人并没有真正地把它作为社交网站使用,虽然这是在朝鲜国内托管的”A day after being discovered, the site was hacked to re-direct every visitor to a YouTube . Soon after, it went offline completely.在其被发现一天后,该网站被黑客攻击并跳转到一个Youtube视频其后,又很快地完全下线了。

双语新闻:险酿事故 空管睡着致东航MU5复飞 -- 3:33:3 来源: A Chinese aircraft was ced to delay its landing after two air traffic controllers nodded off, reports said Tuesday, sparking a wave of online anger about airline safety.  本周二消息,两名空管打瞌睡导致一架中国飞机被迫延迟降落,此事引起网上对航空安全的愤慨  The Boeing 737 was preparing to land at Wuhan airport in central China but had no response from the air traffic control tower minutes, reports said.  报道称,这架波音737客机预备在武汉机场降落时,连续分钟无法从空管塔台收到任何回应  Contact was eventually made and China Eastern Airlines flight MU5 from Sanya landed safely, the Sina.com news portal said.  新浪新闻称双方最后恢复联络,这架从三亚出发的东方航空MU5航班终于安全降落  "Because air traffic control was asleep on duty, (the plane) called many times," civil aviation authorities said in a statement,"but there was no reply, and no contact could be made with the control tower."  民航在声明中指出,“因塔台管制员在岗位上睡着,多次呼叫无人应答,未能与塔台建立联系”  The incident happened on July 8 and the statement was dated July 9.  这一事件发生在7月8日,声明于7月9日发布。

双语:伊斯兰国威胁普京 俄罗斯霸气回应"去死" -- :59:55 来源: Islamic State jihadists in Syria have made a threatening to bring the Russian republic of Chechnya into their self-proclaimed caliphate, after capturing Russian-made planes in Syria. The viral drew an angry response from the Chechen leader.  在缴获叙利亚的俄制战机后,伊斯兰国圣战者拍摄了一个视频,威胁要让车臣成为伊斯兰国家车臣领导人对此作出愤怒回应  “This message is addressed to you, oh Vladimir Putin. These are your aircraft which you sent to Bashar, and with the help of Allah we will send them back to you,” says a militant in Arabic, though accented Russian voices can be heard off-camera.“  普京,听着这些是你送给巴沙尔(叙利亚总统)的飞机,在真主的帮助下,我们要用它们还击你们”武装分子用阿拉伯语说到,视频还带有俄语配音  “Remember this. And with the permission of Allah we will liberate Chechnya and all the Caucasus. The Islamic State exists and it will exist and it will expand with the help of Allah. Your throne is aly shaking. It is in danger and it will collapse when we get to you. We are on the way with Allah's permission,” says a second Islamic State fighter.  “记住,在真主的允许下,我们将解放车臣和整个高加索伊斯兰国存在并将永远存在,它将在真主的帮助下扩张你的统治已经摇摇欲坠,我们到俄罗斯的那天就是它结束的时刻在真主的允许下,我们就要来了”  Ramzan Kadyrov, the flamboyant President of the Chechen Republic, which is a highly-autonomous part of Russia, reacted angrily to the .  车臣是俄罗斯的加盟共和国,高度自治作风高调的车臣总统卡德罗夫愤怒回击了这一视频  “Those bastards have nothing to do with Islam. They are enemies of Muslims everywhere,” he wrote on his Facebook page.  他在脸书上写到:“这群杂种对伊斯兰一点好处都没有,他们是全世界穆斯林的敌人”  “Whoever dares to threaten Russia and say out loud the name of our President Vladimir Putin will be destroyed right where he is… These people will end their days under the hot sun of Syria and Iraq and moments after death they will be greeted by the flames of eternal hell.”  “胆敢威胁俄罗斯的人,胆敢大声说我们总统普京名字的人,将被就地摧毁他们将在叙利亚和伊拉克的烈日下死去,等着他们的将是永恒的地狱之火”。

《如果你忘记我(双语) --30 18:: 来源:sohu 巴勃罗;聂鲁达(Pablo Neruda,19-1973)智利当代著名诗人岁开始发表诗作,193年发表第一部诗集《黄昏,19年发表成名作《二十首情诗和一绝望的歌,自此在智利诗坛名声鹊起聂鲁达一生的作品主要有两大主题:一是政治,二是爱情这首诗究竟是献给爱人的,还是写给祖国的?让我们一起感受下吧 If You get Me 如果你忘记我 ◇ ——by Pablo Neruda ——董继平 译 I want you to know one thing. 我要你知道 一件事 You know how this is: if I look at the crystal moon, at the red branch of the slow autumn at my window, if I touch near the fire the impalpable ash or the wrinkled body of the log, everything carries me to you, as if everything that exists, aromas, light, metals, were all little boats that sail toward those isles of yours that wait me. 要你知道这是怎样的: 如果我看着 水晶的月亮,看着我窗前 缓慢的秋天的红色树枝, 如果我在 火堆旁触摸 那难以感触的灰烬 或者木头那布满皱纹的躯体, 万物都把我带到你那里, 仿佛那存在的万物, 芳香,光芒,金属, 都是小船 驶向 你的那些等待我的小岛 Well, now, if little by little you stop loving me I shall stop loving you little by little. 那么,现在, 如果你渐渐停止爱我 我就会渐渐停止爱你 If suddenly you get me do not look me, I shall aly have gotten you. 如果你突然 忘记我 就别寻找我, 因为我将已经忘记了你 If you think it long and mad, the wind of banners that passes through my life, and you decide to leave me at the shore of the heart where I have roots, remember that on that day, at that hour, I shall lift my arms and my roots will set off to seek another land. 如果你认为那穿过我的生活 而吹拂旗帜的风 漫长而疯狂 如果你决定 把我留在那 我扎根的心灵海岸上, 记住 在那一天, 在那个时刻, 我将抬起我的手臂 我的根将出发 去寻找另一片土地 But if each day, each hour, you feel that you are destined me with implacable sweetness, if each day a flower climbs up to your lips to seek me, ah my love, ah my own, in me all that fire is repeated, in me nothing is extinguished or gotten, my love feeds on your love, beloved, and as long as you live it will be in your arms without leaving mine. 可是 如果在每一天 在每个一时刻 你都感到你注定要以 那种不可替代的美妙来想着我, 如果每一天都有一朵花 爬到你的嘴唇上来寻找我, 我的爱,我自己的爱, 那么所有的火焰就在我内心重复, 在我内心没有什么熄灭或被遗忘, 我的爱以你的爱为生,爱人, 只要你活着,它就会在你的怀抱中 不离开我的怀抱 作为一名坚定的智利共产党人,《如果你忘记我这首诗是聂鲁达避难时在异国他乡完成的家们认为这首诗具有双重含义,既可以看做是写给爱人的,也可以看做是写给祖国的但无论如何解读这首诗,它都当之无愧成为广为流传的爱情经典 小编很喜欢这一句,“on that day, at that hour, I shall lift my arms and my roots will set off to seek another land.” 你呢?。

伦敦将开3D打印餐厅:花00元吃一堆浆糊 --18 :: 来源: 一家全3D打印餐厅将在伦敦开业,新奇的料理方式吸引了大批吃货的注意 It sounds like the future — a restaurant where the food you eat is printed, and even the utensils you eat with are too.这听起来似乎是在未来才会发生的事情--你可以在一家餐厅里吃到打印出来的食物,甚至你使用的餐具也是打印的Well, now it’s happening. Food Ink, the world’s first 3D-printing restaurant, opens in Shoreditch this month.而现在,这就是事实全球首家3D打印餐厅Food Ink本月将在伦敦肖尔迪奇开业During the day there’ll be chance to taste 3D-printed snacks, you can try using 3D printers and pens, and lounge on 3D-printed furniture.白天,顾客们将有机会品尝到3D打印出来的小吃,也能够试着用一用3D打印机和3D笔,还可以在3D打印的家具上休息一番In the evening, (if you can k out 50 pound) there’s a multi-sensory nine-course taster made using the printers by Joel Castanye of Michelin-starred El Bulli and La Boscana.到了晚上,(如果你愿意付50英镑的话)这家餐厅将会提供一个多感官的品尝菜单,一共九道菜,所有菜式全都是由米其林星级厨师布里和波斯卡纳用3D打印机做出来的There’s only tickets available each night and demand is expected to be very high.这家餐厅每天晚上只招待名顾客,据估计需求将会非常大The restaurant -- which claims to be the first of its kind worldwide -- started life in Venlo, in the Netherlands, back in April. Rather than seeking gastronomic heights, the concept aims above all to give food fans a glimpse into the future of food and cookery. The pop-up’s founders will be touring their concept throughout the world over the coming months, heading to Berlin, Dubai, Seoul, Rome, Tel-Aviv, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Toronto, New York, Taipei, Las Vegas, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Austin, Texas, USA, Singapore, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Sydney and Reykjavik.虽然号称是全球首家3D打印餐厅,单其实早在月份荷兰芬洛就有了一家类似的饭店这家餐厅的目的不是为了追求美食的新高度,它的理念是要给吃货们展示一下未来食物和烹饪的样子这家餐厅的创始人们将在接下来的几个月里把他们的理念传遍全世界,渗入柏林、迪拜、汉城、罗马、特拉维夫、巴萨罗那、巴黎、阿姆斯特丹、多伦多、纽约、台北、、圣保罗、东京、奥斯丁、德克萨斯、美国、新加坡、洛杉矶、开普敦、悉尼和雷克雅未克。

阿根廷失美洲杯,梅西宣布退出国家队 --7 :: 来源: 梅西罚失点球,宣布退出阿根廷国家队 "It’s not meant me. me the national team is over. I’ve done all I can, it hurts not to be a champion," the 9-year-old said after defeat by Chile at the Copa America.在美洲杯赛场上阿根廷失利于智力后,9岁的梅西说道:“我也不想这样我的国家队生涯到头了我做了所有我能够做的事,不能拿冠军真的很让人伤心”With Barcelona, Messi has won eight La Liga titles and four Champions Leagues.在巴塞罗那,梅西赢得了8次西甲冠军、次欧冠冠军But his only major international honour is Olympic gold.但是他只有一项大型国际赛事荣誉,那就是年奥运会金牌Argentina were beaten 1-0 in the World Cup final by Germany bee two Copa America final defeats by Chile on penalties. Messi was also on the losing side against Brazil in the Copa America final.年世界杯决赛阿根廷被德国队以1-0击败,在那之后阿根廷国家队又两次在美洲杯赛场上被智利以点球击败在年美洲杯决赛对阵巴西的时候,梅西所在的阿根廷国家队也是输球的一方"It’s been four finals, I tried. It was the thing I wanted the most, but I couldn’t get it, so I think it’s over," he added.梅西说道:“已经有四次决赛都是这样了,我尽力了冠军是我最渴望的东西,但是我却不能得到,所以我认为我应该退队了”"I think this is best everyone. First of all me, and then everyone. I think there’s a lot of people who want this, who obviously are not satisfied, as we are not satisfied reaching a final and not winning it.“我认为这对所有人来说都是最好的首先对我来说是一件好事,然后对其他所有人都是一件好事我认为很多人都希望看到我退队,很明显这些人很不满,就像我们进入决赛却没有赢得冠军那样不满”"It’s very hard, but the decision is taken. Now I will not try more and there will be no going back."“做出这个决定很难,但我还是下定了决心现在我不会再做更多的尝试了,我也不会再归队”Messi had scored five times at the tournament, including a superb free-kick in the semi-final against hosts the USA to become his country’s record scorer with 55 goals.梅西在本场比赛中打进了5粒进球,包括在半决赛中对阵东道主美国队时的那一记高超的任意球,他也以国家队55个进球的成绩成为阿根廷的创纪录进球手Argentina and Manchester ed goalkeeper Sergio Romero said he hoped Messi would "reflect" on his decision and reconsider, adding: "I think he spoke while he was heated, because a beautiful opporty escaped us. I can’t imagine a national team without Messi."阿根廷和曼联门将塞尔吉奥·罗梅罗表示说,他希望梅西能够在他的决定上“慎重”、并重新考虑一下,他说道:“我认为他是在失去理智的情况下说出这番话的,因为如果他退队的话,我们就失去了一个极大的机会我难以想象没有梅西的国家队会是什么样子”Manchester City ward Sergio Aguero described the mood in the Argentina dressing room as "the worst I’ve ever been in", and was ed by South American media as saying: "There are several players who are evaluating not continuing with the national team."曼彻斯特前锋阿奎罗将阿根廷队更衣室的气氛描述为“我待过的最糟糕的”,拉美媒体引述他的话报道说:“有几个球员根本没资格继续留在国家队里”After Sunday’s match finished 0-0 in 0 minutes, Chile won - on penalties.在周日的比赛中,双方踢满了0分钟,但是比分却定格在了0-0,后来智利在点球大战中以-击败阿根廷Messi’s miss was Argentina’s first attempt in the shootout and it ballooned over the bar after Romero had denied Chile’s Arturo Vidal.点球大战中,阿根廷守门员罗梅罗扑出了智利球员阿图罗的射门,而随后梅西的点球击却中了横梁,这是阿根廷队第一次失球Lucas Biglia also missed from yards, with Chilean substitute Francisco Silva scoring the decisive spot-kick in the final in East Rutherd, New Jersey.阿根廷球员比格利亚也罚丢了球,智利替补球员佛朗西斯科·席尔瓦打进了决定性的一球,智利队在美国新泽西东卢瑟福球场卫冕了美洲杯冠军Messi made his debut Argentina in , going on to make 1 appearances.梅西年在阿根廷队首次亮相,自那以后共出场1从 Barca he has scored 53 times in 531 games, including a La Liga record 3 goals. He has won the Ballon d’Or award the world’s best player five times.在巴塞罗那,梅西参加了531场比赛,进球53次,他还在西甲联赛中保持着3粒进球的记录梅西还曾五次获得世界足球先生金球奖的殊荣In he was named as the best player at the World Cup, with then-Fifa president Sepp Blatter saying he was "a little bit surprised" and Argentina legend Diego Maradona calling the decision "unfair".年梅西被评为世界杯最佳球员,时任国际足联主席的布拉特说他“有点吃惊”,而阿根廷传奇人物马拉多纳则说这“不公平”Argentina are aly six games into their qualification campaign the 18 World Cup. They are third in the table, two points behind leaders Uruguay.阿根廷队已经18世界杯资格踢了6场比赛目前他们排在积分榜中第三名,落后第一名乌拉圭分The top four teams progress automatically to the finals in Russia, while the team finishing fifth qualifies a two-legged play-off against the best team from Oceania.积分榜中前四名自动获得资格,可以前往俄罗斯参加18年世界杯,而排名第五的球队则要和大洋洲最佳球队再进行一场比赛、并取得胜利后才能获得资格。

在英国的百丽岛有一对夫妇约会年 终结婚 -- :33:55 来源:   在英国的百丽岛,Sally 和Colin Dunn这对夫妇在约会了长达年后终于步入了婚姻的殿堂,他们向我们明童话般的结局是要经得起时间考验的,美丽的结局值得我们用心等待He put a ring on it  他为她带上了婚戒  To all the ladies out there waiting him to put a ring on it, take heart. A British couple is proof that fairytale endings can take time, but theyrsquo;re well worth the wait.  所有在场耐心等待他为她戴上婚戒的单身女士们,要振作起来这对英国的夫妻已经向你们明,童话般的结局是要经得起时间考验的但是美丽的结局值得我们用心等待  Sally and Colin Dunn, of Belle Isle, UK, have finally walked down the aisle ... after a whopping years of dating.  在英国的百丽岛,Sally 和Colin Dunn这对夫妇在约会了长达年后终于步入了婚姻的殿堂.....  While most couples wouldnrsquo;t wait that long, Sally and Colin, both in their 80s, say itrsquo;s never too late.  虽然大多数夫妻都无法忍受如此长时间的等待,而且Sally 和 Colin也都80岁高龄了,但他们还认为永远都为时不晚  They met in 197 at Colinrsquo;s local social club where Sally worked behind the bar. It wasnrsquo;t long bee they started dating and their relationship flourished. But with previous relationships and children, the lovebirds got swept up in lifersquo;s responsibilities and never got around to tying the knot.  197年,二人在Colin经营的当地一家社交俱乐部相遇,当时Sally在这家俱乐部的柜台工作他们很快就开始约会,关系发展迅速但是考虑到双方上一段恋情和自己的孩子,这对有情人肩负起生活的责任,一直没有结婚  ;We lived as man and wife but we were always so busy looking after the children,; Colin, 8, told the Yorkshire Evening Post.?;We were happy as we were.;  ;我们以家庭的模式生活在一起,但是通常都是各自忙着照顾孩子,;8岁的Colin告诉约克郡晚报,;我们当时过的非常快乐;  But after becoming empty nesters and experiencing the difficult loss of his brother, Colin decided would be the year.  但是在成为空巢老人并经历了丧失兄弟的痛苦后,Colin决定年应该有所进展了  So over the weekend, Sally and Sally finally became man and wife. The couple married at a local church with friends and family all around. Sally wore a beautiful blue dress and matching hat and they later went to have a meal at the same social club where they first met.  在周末,Sally和 Colin正式结为夫妻在亲戚朋友的见下,这对夫妇在当地一座教堂完成了婚礼Sally身着一条精美的蓝色裙子,头戴与之相配的帽子随后,他们去第一次邂逅的那家社会俱乐部共用晚餐  As the timing of it all? Well, it seems to have worked out.  为何一切都结合的如此巧妙?嗯,一切似乎早已注定  ;It was worth the wait,; Sally, 8, said.  ;这场等待是值得的,;8岁的Sally说到  Add Sally and Colin to the long list of couples who prove itrsquo;s never too late to fall in love.?  现在,Sally和Colin已经成为模范夫妻之一,这些夫妻实了爱永远不会嫌晚。

越南边检在中国护照上爆粗口 中国谴责:无耻懦夫 --9 :58: 来源: 之前曾有报道说,越南边检在一名入境中国公民的护照上写下了两页的下流话,对此中国谴责为“懦夫”,要求越南进行调查 Pictures show a four-letter word written on the pages that contain a map including China’s "nine-dash line".从图片可以看出,印有“九段线”的中国护照上被写下了“F*CK”的字样The line marks China’s claim to territories in the South China Sea.“九段线”标识了中国在南海声称拥有主权的范围Those claims, which overlap with Vietnam’s, were recently rejected by an international tribunal.在中国声称拥有主权的范围里,部分地方和越南声称拥有主权的地方重叠了而且最近国际仲裁法庭的一份裁决驳斥了中国在南海的主权声明The tourist, surnamed Zhong and from China’s Guangdong province was entering Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City. She told local media that she was "very disappointed at the personal qualities of Vietnamese officials".这名游客姓钟,来自广东,正要前往胡志明市她对当地媒体表示说,他对“越南办事人员的素质感到很失望”The Chinese consulate in Ho Chi Minh City said in a statement the act was "shameless and cowardly", adding that it had "stained the dignity of both China and its nationals".在一份声明中,中国驻胡志明市大使馆指出此举是“无耻懦夫行为”,并补充说此举“玷污了中国和中国国民的尊严”China has asked Vietnam to investigate the incident and "seriously punish" those responsible it, the statement said. An investigation is to be conducted, according to Vietnamese officials.在这份声明中,中国已经要求越南对此事件进行调查, 并且“严厉处罚”对此事件负责的人据越南官员表示,越方将进行一场调查Why is this an issue now?现在为什么这是一个问题?New passports were issued by Beijing in with revised maps to include the "nine-dash line", which China uses to demarcate its territorial claims.年,中国发行了新的护照,修订了中国地图,印上了“九段线”“九段线”是中国用来划定南海领土范围的标识China claims almost all of the South China Sea, including reefs and islands that are also claimed by other countries, and has controversially been engaging in island-building and naval patrols.中国声称对几乎整个南海都拥有主权,包括其他国家也声称拥有主权的珊瑚礁和岛屿,并且有争议地在该地区从事岛屿建设和海军巡逻It has said it does not recognise an international tribunal ruling in July that said its claims had no legal basis.今年7月国际仲裁法庭一份裁决表示中国在该地区的主权声明没有法律依据,对此中国表示不认可Vietnamese border officials announced earlier this month that they were refusing to stamp the new passports, saying Chinese visitors would be issued with a separate on-arrival visa instead.本月上旬,越南边境官员曾宣布他们将拒绝在中国的新护照上盖章,表示说中国游客将被签发一个单独的入境签"By issuing separate visas, Vietnamese authorities can avoid directly stamping the passport, thus demonstrating Vietnam’s stance of not recognising the nine-dash line in any m," the vice-chairman of Quang Ning province’s People’s Council, Mr Nguyen Xuan Ky told news outlet Tuoi Tre.越南广宁省人民委员会副主席Nguyen Xuan Ky对越南《青年报说道:“通过发行一个单独的入境签,越南官员们可以避免直接在中国护照上盖章,从而可以表明越南不承认任何形式‘九段线’的立场”Customs officers at Vietnam’s Da Nang airport have reportedly also confiscated maps featuring the nine-dash line from Chinese passengers.据报道,越南岘港机场的海关官员也没收了中国乘客手中标有“九段线”的地图Is this the only case of anti-Chinese sentiment in Vietnam?这是越南唯一的反华情绪吗?A provincial Vietnamese television station stopped airing Shanghai Bund, a Chinese remake of a Hong Kong series after the show’s lead actor voiced his support Beijing’s claims in the South China Sea.越南一家省级电视台停止播放《新上海滩(这是中国重拍香港电影而成的一部电视剧),其原因是这部电视剧的主演表明持中国在南海的主权声明Some people were also detained in Hanoi in July while protesting against China’s rejection of the tribunal decision.7月份,越南河内有人被拘留,当时他们正在抗议中国拒绝国际仲裁庭裁决。