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广州市无痛人流医院有哪些广州白云无痛人流共要多少钱With a majority of Americans now in favor marijuana legalization, President Barack Obama is now saying weed is no more dangerous to individuals health than alcohol.据美国媒9日报道,日前,美国总统奥巴马接受《纽约客》杂志专访,坦然提起自己年轻时曾吸食大麻的过往,并现身说法称“吸食大麻不会比喝酒更危险”。In an interview with the New Yorkers David Remnick published Sunday, Obama said while he believes marijuana is ;not very healthy,; the drug isnt as harmful as some insist.“众所周知,我年少时曾吸食大麻。在我看来,这是一个不良习惯或者说恶习,但与我成年后吸了很长时间的香烟相比,没有迥然不同之处。”奥巴马说,“我不认为它比酒精危险。甚至就对个体消费者的影响而言,大麻的危险性比酒精更小。”“As has been well documented, I smoked pot as a kid, and I view it as a bad habit and a vice, not very different from the cigarettes that I smoked as a young person up through a big chunk of my adult life. I don’t think it is more dangerous than alcohol,; Obama told Remnick.不过,奥巴马强调他不是在鼓励吸食大麻,“我已经告诫女儿们,我认为抽大麻是个坏主意,是在浪费时间而且不太健康”。When asked if he believes marijuana is less harmful than alcohol, Obama said it is less damaging ;in terms of its impact on the individual consumer.;在美国,大麻合法化的呼声日益强烈。然而,奥巴马更为关注美国法律处理大麻相关指控时暴露出的不公平现象,即处罚大多落在少数族裔身上;It’s not something I encourage, and I’ve told my daughters I think it’s a bad idea, a waste of time, not very healthy,; he added.“中产阶级的孩子不会因为吸食大麻被捕,但穷苦人家的孩子就会。而且,非洲裔和拉美裔美国人往往更为贫穷、不太可能获得资源和持以避免过分严厉的惩罚。”奥巴马认为,吸食大麻的青少年和个体消费者不应面临过长刑期,“毕竟某些制定法律的人也做过同样的事情”。Marijuana is currently classified by the Drug Enforcement Administration as aSchedule 1 substance, which the DEA considers ;the most dangerous class of drugs with a high potential for abuse and potentially severe psychological and/or physical dependence.; Other Schedule 1 drugs include heroin, ecstasy and LSD.奥巴马还表示,科罗拉多州和华盛顿州通过法律允许休闲用大麻合法化是重要的实验,“因为,对一个社会而言,大部分人偶尔违法但仅有少数人受罚的现象不复存在,这很重要”。与此同时,他还指出合法化不是解决社会问题的“灵丹妙药”,这两个州将会面临挑战。Obama said his focus on reforming laws that punish drug users, noting the racial disparity in drug arrests.一份最新民调结果显示,超过半数的美国民众持将休闲用的大麻合法化。专家学者认为,奥巴马的表态凸显了美国政府应顺应民意、重新考量大麻禁令的必要性;We should not be locking up kids or individual users for long stretches of jail time when some of the folks who are writing those laws have probably done the same thing,; he said. In August, the Obama administration announced it would not stop Washington and Colorado from legalizing recreational marijuana use, marking a major step away from the administrations war on drugs.“改善我国大麻政策的第一步,就是承认大麻的危害比酒精小。既然总统意识到把吸食大麻的成年人关入监牢不合适,就是时候修正错误、采用更基于事实的大麻政策了。”美国非营利性组织“大麻政策项目”负责人梅森?特维特表示。In the New Yorker interview, Obama said he believes these new laws are ;important.; “Its important for it to go forward because it’s important for society not to have a situation in which a large portion of people have at one time or another broken the law and only a select few get punished,; he said.伊桑纳德尔曼是致力于实现大麻合法化的组织“药物政策联盟”的负责人,他对奥巴马的言论表示赞许,认为总统针对科罗拉多州和华盛顿州立法行动的评价很重要,“这相当于把风注满风帆,结束大麻禁令运动真正动起来了。”来 /201401/274064广州输卵管结扎复通正规医院 天河人民医院医生在线咨询

从化治疗多囊卵巢医院Not Washable衣不耐洗May l help you?我能帮您忙吗?Yes,I am looking a coat.是的,我在找件衣Do you have any style in your mind?想好要买什么样式的了吗?I have no idea.我没想好I recommend you this one. It a very popular kind of coat-the most recent thing.我向您推荐这件这是非常时髦的衣—新进的货Well, It good in style, but I am afraid it doesnt wash well.嗯,样式很好看,我担心这衣不好洗 6351广州黄埔哪家人流比较好 With China increasingly demanding to be seen as an equal to the ed States, the White House has selected the next steward of its most important, most complicated bilateral relationship. According to media reports, Max Baucus, the influential Democratic senator from Montana, is set to become the next US ambassador to China.中国日益要求和美国平起平坐,在这个形势下,白宫提名下一任驻华大使以处理最重要、最复杂的双边关系——中美关系。媒体报道称马克斯·鲍卡斯(Max Baucus)将会成为下一任驻华大使。鲍卡斯来自来自蒙大拿州,是一名有影响力的民主党参议员。While the implications of Baucus selection are still unclear, here are three potential consequences of a Baucus ambassadorship:虽然提名鲍卡斯出任驻华大使的影响尚未可知,但是下文列出了鲍卡斯接任驻华大使后三个可能的好处. It could enable the White House to take more control of the US-China relationship:1. 白宫对中美关系将拥有更多控制权In his new role as ambassador, Baucus will replace former Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, who will step down in early 2014 and who was preceded by former Utah Governor and presidential candidate John Huntsman. A respected Democratic voice, Baucus is not necessarily a lower profile pick than his predecessors, and he has aly met with Chinese President Xi Jinping several times. Where he does differ, especially from Huntsman, is his near total lack of experience in security issues. ;Its an interesting [pick] in the sense that security competition with China is heating up and he doesnt have much of a record; on security issues, said Dan Blumenthal, director of Asian studies at the American Enterprise Institute. While Baucus will certainly get up to speed, hes probably less likely than his predecessors to interfere with the White House and the Pentagon on military or political issues.骆家辉(Gary Locke)接替前犹他州州长、总统候选人乔恩·亨茨曼(John Huntsman,中文名为洪培)出任驻华大使至今,他将014年年初离任,届时鲍卡斯将接替前商务部长骆家辉出任驻华大使。鲍卡斯是一名受人尊敬的民主党要员,和前几任驻华大使相比,他并不是默默无闻,他已经多次会见中国国家主席习近平;鲍卡斯真正不同于前几任驻华大使,尤其是亨茨曼的地方在于,他几乎完全没有处理安全问题的经验。美国企业研究所亚洲研究(Asian studies at the American Enterprise Institute)主管丹·布卢门撒尔(Dan Blumenthal)称“提名鲍卡斯是个有趣的(选择),毕竟中美安全竞赛愈演愈烈,而鲍卡斯在安全问题上并没有什么经验”。虽然鲍卡斯肯定会恶补安全事务,但是他很有可能不会像前几任那样经常干预白宫和五角大楼对军事和政治问题的处理. It could improve Beijings relationship with Congress:2. 北京与美国国会的关系会有所改善Chinese leaders have always been more comfortable dealing with US presidents -- who have a job thats roughly analogous to their own -- than with members of Congress. ;They dont really know what to make of Congress, because its this cacophony of people with many of them influential on different things,; said Patrick Chovanec, chief strategist with Silvercrest Asset Management, who formerly taught economics at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Baucus, whos been in the Senate for 35 years, could help smooth over concerns in Congress about Chinese investment in the ed States and unfair trade practices against US companies in China. ;Having someone who understands that side of the US government and is influential and has those connections,; is probably a good thing for the economic side of the relationship, Chovanec said.中国领导人和美国总统打交道总是比和国会更自在,因为美国总统的职能和他们的差不多。“中国领导人真的不知道该怎么看待国会,因为国会内部充满分歧,很多人能够影响着不同的事件。”帕特里克·邱伐内克(Patrick Chovanec,中文名为程致宇)说道,他是Silvercrest资产管理集团首席战略官,曾在北京清华大学教经济学。鲍卡斯担任参议院长5年,他可以减轻国会对中国在美投资和对中国境内针对美国公司的不公平贸易行为的担忧。邱伐内克称“找个了解国会,并且在国会具备影响力、人脉广泛的人当驻华大使”,很有可能促进中美关系经济层面的发展. Its an uncontroversial and unsexy choice for China:3. 中国对此或无争议Trade is always an easier bilateral issue for Beijing to deal with than military and security matters or questions of human rights. An October 2010 press release from his Senate office titled ;Baucus Presses Top Chinese Officials to Address Trade Concerns, Open Market to Montana Beef; was likely not an issue of concern for Chinese officials. Baucus is a soft-spoken Senate dealmaker who was instrumental in ushering President Obamas signature healthcare overhaul through Congress. An introvert rather than a show man, he is less likely to anger Beijing by building a personal relationship with the Chinese people -- which his predecessors made a point of doing. Photos of Locke flying to Beijing coach class, carrying his own luggage, and waiting in line at a Starbucks went viral in China, because of the contrast they highlighted with corrupt Chinese officials. Huntsman famously rode his motorcycle through the streets of Shanghai and would occasionally ride a bicycle to meetings at the Chinese foreign ministry. Baucus will probably keep a lower profile.相比军事安全、人权问题,北京处理贸易这个双边问题时总是更为得心应手0120月鲍卡斯参议院办公室发布题为《鲍卡斯敦促中国高官处理贸易问题,开放市场接纳蒙大拿州牛肉》的新闻稿,这一事件并未引起中国官员的不安。鲍卡斯善于言辞,一直致力于促进参议院达成协议,奥巴马总统标志性医改措施得以在国会通过,他功不可没。鲍卡斯沉稳内敛,不喜出风头,他如果像前几任驻华大使强调的那样,和中国人民建立亲切关系,北京将会更乐于接受他。骆家辉坐经济舱、手提行李和在星巴克排队照片在中国走红,是因为他和某些腐败的中国官员形成了鲜明的对比。众所周知,洪培托车穿梭于上海的街道,有时还会骑自行车去中国外交部开会。鲍卡斯可能会更低调些。The news Wednesday night hit Chinas Internet as most of the country was waking up -- its 13 hours ahead -- and Chinese news sites are so far just reporting the story without offering any additional commentary. The small number of Chinese netizens who have commented on the appointment have focused largely on Baucus age. In China, the unofficial retirement age for top politicians is 70, and none of the members of Chinas Politburo Standing Committee, the seven-member body that rules the country, is over the age of 68.鲍卡斯或将出任驻华大使的新闻28日,3小时前出现在中国互联网上,当时中国大部分地区的人刚刚起床,而中国新闻网站到目前为止除了报道这一事件外并未多加。那些为数不多此事的网民关注的大多是鲍卡斯的年龄。中国高官非官方的退休年龄为70岁,中国共产党中央政治局常务委员会七名常委的年龄都未超过68岁;How has he not retired at 72?; wondered one user of Sina Weibo, Chinas Twitter. ;Why dont they let him rest?; asked another Weibo user. ;What will they do if he keels over?;“鲍卡斯2岁了怎么还没退休?”一名新浪微用户说道。“为什么不让他退休呢?”另一名微用户问道,“要是他倒下了怎么办?”来 /201312/270081广州女性急性尿道炎治疗

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