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本资料是由经华英语(englishexpress.cn)授权发布! http:[00:.]Websites which show user-generated clips[00:37.78]have had phenomenal success[00:0.]on the Internet in .[00:.77]The most successful of these sites[00:5.1]is undoubtedly YouTube,[00:7.63]which has become one of the world’s[00:9.39]most popular websites[00:50.79]in a matter of months.[00:5.98]YouTube is a free website[00:55.5]that allows users to upload,[00:57.66]view and share clips.[01:00.18]More than 0 million clips[01:.]are viewed daily with additional 65,000[01:.5]new s uploaded each day.[01:.56]However, YouTube has run into problems[01:.96]regarding copyright infringement[01:.]as many of the clips uploaded to the site[01:.59]have been ripped from television or DVD.[01:1.9][语言点][01:31.99]Websites which show user-generated clips[01:.8]have had phenomenal success[01:36.8]on the Internet in .[01:9.37]The most successful of these sites[01:5.53]is undoubtedly YouTube,[01:55.]which has become one of the world’s[01:58.35]most popular websites in a matter of months.[:.]user-generated clips[:.]用户自制的视频片段[:.38]clip[:18.85]视频剪辑[:.36]phenomenal[:.96]很不一般的,非凡的[:7.]phenomenon[:.]现象[:3.]undoubtedly[:33.88]勿庸置疑地,毫无疑问地[:36.6]Undoubtedly, Russia is the vastest country in the world.[:0.]毫无疑问,俄罗斯的国土面积是全世界最大的[:50.38]YouTube is a free website[:5.5]that allows users to upload,[:5.57]view and share clips.[:56.67]More than 0 million clips[:58.18]are viewed daily with[:59.31]additional 65,000 new s[:01.51]uploaded each day.[:19.93]upload[:.68]上传[:3.]download[:33.3]下载[:.6]additional[:35.99]额外的,另增加的[:53.7]However, YouTube has run into problems[:56.1]regarding copyright infringement[:58.]as many of the clips uploaded to the site[:01.5]have been ripped from television or DVD.[:.63]run into sth.[:30.71]进入...状态、境地[:36.93]After a promising start, the company ran into trouble.[:1.37]那个公司开始时很有生气,但之后便陷入了困境[:7.35]regarding[:8.]关于[:9.31]copyright[:51.]版权,著作权[:5.8]infringement[:5.50](法律或权利的)违反,侵害[:.81]user-generated[:.5]用户自制的[:.95] clips[:.35]视频剪辑[:.33]phenomenal[:.77]很不一般的,非凡的[:.85]undoubtedly[:.98]勿庸置疑地,毫无疑问地[:19.]upload[:19.69]上传[:.]download[:1.]下载[:1.86]additional[:.70]额外的,另增加的[:5.30]run into sth.[:6.9]进入...状态、境地[:9.]regarding[:30.18]关于[:30.97]copyright[:3.]版权,著作权[:.36]infringement[:35.5](法律或权利的)违反,侵害 6335Hello and welcome to Music Map, I am Zhong Qiu and standing in Damin. This week we've been covering some neo-pop punk bands, and I think we'll carry on doing that. So, today's featured artist is Avril Lavigne, and what you've just heard was her hit single "Girlfriend". Avril was born in Belleville, Canada, where she first showed off her talents belting out tunes as part of her local church choir. When she was , she won a competition to sing backup on stage fellow Canadian and country-pop star Shania Twain. She was then spotted by folk singer Steve Medd and asked to sing backup vocals his studio albums. And thus Avril's profile in the professional music industry began to rise.00年的时候,艾薇儿和一家叫做Arista Records的唱片公司签了歌手合约,但她在公司接到的已经为她写好的歌曲都难以让她满意,于是她执意自己创作她第一张专辑里的歌曲.在年的时候她的第一张专辑"LET GO" 发行了,众多的以我们现在听到的"complicated"为首的单曲在专辑上市后便风靡了全球的流行音乐市场.那张大卖的专辑同时也让年仅岁的艾薇儿成为了历史上最年轻的达到英国流行音乐排行版第一的歌手.After that, Avril released her second and third albums in and , receiving positive reviews from mainstream media, but her debut album "let go" is still considered her most legendary work. It had sold over 00 thousand copies within its first week of release in the US and sold nearly million copies world wide. The album made her the youngest but also the best selling female artist in . 3

Brown Spots棕色小点He cut open the lettuce. The lettuce had brown spots in it. He cut open the avocado. The avocado had brown spots in it. He cut open the apple. The apple had brown spots in it. He cut open the banana. The banana had brown spots in it. Everything had brown spots! Where did these brown spots come from? He hated these brown spots. He cut the brown spots out of the lettuce. He cut the brown spots out of the avocado. He cut the brown spots out of the apple. He cut the brown spots out of the banana. He threw all the brown spots into the trash. He said, “Goodbye, brown spots! I got rid of you. I got rid of all of you. Stay out of my fresh food.” The brown spots said, “You got rid of us this time. But we will be back!”他切开生菜生菜上有棕色斑点他切开鳄梨里面也有棕色小点他又切开了苹果里面也是一样他又剥开了香蕉里面同样如此所有果蔬里面都有棕色小点!它是从哪来的?他讨厌这些小点他将生菜中的小点去除又将鳄梨中的去除之后是苹果还有香蕉并将切除部分扔进垃圾堆他称:“再见了,棕色小点!我终于摆脱你了远离我的新鲜食物”小点说:“你这次摆脱我,可我还会回来的!”译文属原创,,不得转载 06

Famous Americans: Frank Gehry, Memorial Day, odd one out, as good as it gets. film versus movieWords:architecticonicblueprintsmodel (of a building)to observe (a holiday)to commemoratemilitary servicecemeterygravepicnicrace tracklap (around a track)odd one outas good as it getsfilmmovie 3318D.B. Cooper; the Underground Railroad; extend versus expand; God bid; brown-bag lunchWords:to hijackthreatunsolved mysteryflight attendantbombparachutein exchange frayedunconvincedslaveto escapeto be sympathetic towardto extendto expandGod bidbrown-bag lunch 3537

38  Space Voyage the Average Joe and Mary  ty-one years after the original space race began with the launch of the Russian Sputnik, the world first satellite, a new race has emerged. Its goal is to make space flight accessible to the average Joe or Mary -- by offering a $ million cash prize to the first person to design a spaceship that can take three passengers into space and back. It will do space flight what PCs did computers -- take it out of the control of governments and very big companies and put it in the hands of average people.  ;The biggest obstacle to opening up space flight is money,; says the CEO of the X Prize Foundation, a non-profit organization that putting up the X Prize money.  Since the beginning of the space age, the cost of space flight hasnt changed much, and that because there hasnt been enough flights to ce the cost down. So, in an eft to stimulate less expensive spaceship designs, the Foundation has organized a competition: Ten million dollars will go to the first person or team that designs a spaceship capable of launching three passengers to an altitude of 0 km. At that altitude, passengers would get to experience about four minutes of weightlessness and get a view of the Earth.  The emphasis of the competition is on the spaceship reusability, an ideal that was not quite reached by the current NASA apace shuttle, whose fuel tanks are tossed in midflight as are its rocket boosters which are partly reusable. The reusability of this next wave of spacecraft will help develop commercial markets, which is believed to be space tourism.  The competition itself is actually modeled on the Orteig International Prize of 197, which promoted Charles Lindbergh famous non-stop flight from New York to Paris 71 years ago on the Spirit of St. Louis. The ,000 cash prize stimulated nine attempts to cross the Atlantic and the investment of <牛人_句子>,000 in aeronautic design. The prize was one of over 0 aviation prizes offered between 19 and 1935, which created today billion aeronautics industry. In an eft to repeat history, after the X Prize is awarded to individuals who have make the greatest contributions to commercial human space flight.  Once the cost of putting something into space goes down, the number of things you can afd to do goes up greatly. It a new ear of spacecraft design, in which spaceships can be treated more like aircraft and the passengers wont be professional astronauts, but adventure seekers or space enthusiasts. 1835

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