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宝山区治疗狐臭多少钱上海微创丰胸的价格徐汇区治疗粉刺多少钱 Sweden’s hunt for a foreign submarine presumed to be Russian entered its fourth day in a chase outside Stockholm that has evoked memories of the cold war and further heightened tensions in the Baltic sea.瑞典对外国潜艇的搜索进入第四天,这一对斯德哥尔的搜寻行动引发了人们对冷战的记忆,进一步加剧了波罗的海的紧张局势。Sweden’s armed forces on Sunday released a picture of what is believed to be the submarine and said there had been three sightings of it, two on Friday and one on Sunday, as it appeared to move south.周日,瑞典军方披露了一张据信是潜艇的照片,并表示曾有三次发现这艘潜艇,其中两次是在周五,还有一次是在周日。依据照片显示,这艘潜艇似乎在向南移动。The operation, involving hundreds of military personnel in minesweepers, helicopters, boats and aircraft, has sparked flashbacks to a series of hunts of Soviet submarines in the 1980s, most notably when one ran aground off the southern Swedish town of Karlskrona.这次军事行动中,瑞典出动了多艘扫雷舰、直升机、其他类型舰艇和飞机,参与的军方人员达数百名。这令人感觉仿佛是上世纪80年代对苏联潜艇的一系列搜寻活动再次出现。当时最著名的是一艘苏联潜艇曾搁浅在瑞典南部城镇卡尔斯克鲁纳。Concern is growing across the Baltic area about Russia’s intentions after numerous incidents, from incursions into the airspace of Sweden and Finland the only countries in the region aside from Russia not in Nato to the abduction of an Estonian intelligence agent.此前,俄罗斯还曾侵犯过瑞典和芬兰两国(这两国是波罗的海除俄罗斯以外仅有的两个非北Nato)国家)领空,并曾绑架过爱沙尼亚的情报人员。在经历这一系列事件之后,人们对波罗的海安全局势的担忧与日俱增。The drama began on Friday when Sweden’s military said a credible source had informed it of “foreign underwater activityin the large archipelago outside Stockholm. The armed forces have refused to comment on the nationality of the craft they are seeking, which could be a mini-submarine, underwater vessel or full-sized submarine.这一戏剧性的事件始于上周五。当时,瑞典军方曾表示,可靠情报来源显示,斯德哥尔郊外的大规模群岛中存在“外国舰艇的水下活动”。瑞典军方搜寻的这艘舰艇可能是微型潜艇、水下船只或全尺寸潜艇,但他们对舰艇的国籍拒绝置评。But Svenska Dagbladet, a Swedish newspaper that last year revealed that Russia had simulated a bombing raid on Stockholm, said on Saturday that intelligence officials had picked up a distress call on a frequency used by Russians.不过,《瑞典日报Svenska Dagbladet)周六表示,情报官员用俄罗斯人常用的频率截听到了求救信号。去年《瑞典日报》曾披露,俄罗斯曾演练过针对斯德哥尔的空袭。This led to speculation that a damaged Russian submarine was somewhere in Swedish waters, further fuelled by the sighting of a Russian oil tanker in international waters off Stockholm that could be used in a rescue, according to defence experts.该报道令人不禁猜测,有一艘损坏的俄罗斯潜艇正潜伏在瑞典海域的某处,斯德哥尔附近公海海域出现的一个俄罗斯油箱又加深了这一猜测。根据防务专家的说法,这只油箱是营救行动中可能会用到的。Russia’s defence ministry on Sunday denied that any of its submarines were in an emergency or irregular situation anywhere in the world.周日,俄罗斯国防部否认了这种说法,称俄罗斯没有任何潜艇处于紧急状态或位于全球非常规地区。But later the Swedish armed forces said it was “probablethat there was foreign submarine activity in the archipelago, the highest risk assessment except verification.不过,瑞典军方随后表示,波罗的海群岛水域“很可能”存在外国潜艇活动,这是仅次于“确认”的最高风险评级。The hunt for the submarine provides an early test for Sweden’s new centre-left government, which is more hostile to the idea of Nato membership than its centre-right predecessor.Concern has been raised over the ability of the Swedish armed forces to defend the country for more than a few days, especially the strategically important island of Gotland in the Baltic.瑞典此次军事行动受到该地区广泛关注。拉脱维亚外交部长埃德加#8226;林克维奇Edgars Rinkevics)周末曾在Twitter上发消息称:“密切关注瑞典领海的事件,它们很可能改变整个波罗的海地区安全事务的游戏规则。”来 /201410/337023Syria is a long way from Australia and the 12,000 refugees who will make their way south over the next 12 months will be likely to measure the distance in more than kilometres.叙利亚距离澳大利亚很远,1.2万难民将在未来一年南下,这段路程可不止数公里。In a surprising policy change, the Australian government recently said it would accept 12,000 Syrian refugees from camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.澳大利亚政策出现意外转变,澳政府近期宣布,澳大利亚将从约旦、黎巴嫩和土耳其的难民营接收1.2万名叙利亚难民。In what will be Australias biggest refugee intake in decades, the government is rushing to find accommodation and extra services to help resettle people fleeing trauma and persecution in their home country.这将是十年来澳大利亚接收难民最多的一年,政府正紧锣密鼓地为难民安排住宿,提供额外务,帮助安置这些逃离在家乡遭受的痛苦和迫害的难民。It wont be easy moving to a strange, new country but the government has a helpful explainer for new arrivals.到一个陌生的国度定居并不是件容易的事,不过,澳大利亚政府已经为这些新来的难民准备了有用的生活指南。The ;Life in Australia; booklet, published by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, offers handy tips and explanations about the ways down under.澳洲移民与公民事务局出版了这本名为《澳大利亚生活》(Life in Australia)的小册子,为在澳生活的难民提供有用的提示和说明。There are facts and figures about the country, an explanation of national symbols and a potted history of this ;wide, brown land;.小册子介绍了澳大利亚的相关信息和数据,阐释了这片“广袤棕土地”的民族象征和国家简史。More intriguingly, the faceless bureaucrats have offered a cultural snapshot that may bemuse rather than reassure new arrivals, complete with definitions for time-honoured phrases such as ;drop by this arvo for a cuppa; (please visit this afternoon for a cup of tea or coffee) and ;no worries;, which of course means ;the task or request will be carried out without fuss or bother;.更有趣的是,千人一面的政府官员却提供了不少文化背景介绍。但对这些初来乍到的难民而言,有些内容不仅不能让他们消除疑虑,反而更加困惑。小册子中阐释了一些历史悠久的澳式短语的定义,;drop by this arvo for a cuppa;(意为“今天下午请过来喝杯茶或咖啡”)和“no worries”(意为“这项工作或请求可以不受干扰或影响地开展”)等。The booklet also points out that although locals may often strip off on hot days at the beach, that does not mean wearing little clothing translates to having ;low moral standards;.小册子还指出,尽管当地人天热的时候在海滩会脱光衣,但这并不意味着穿很少的衣就是“道德败坏”。It describes the concepts of ;mateship; (a friend but also a total stranger), a ;fair go;, and the much-loved ritual of having a ;barbie;.小册子还描述了“同伴关系”(是朋友,同时也是完全的陌生人)、“公平对待”的概念和澳大利亚人喜欢“烧烤”的传统。It claims another defining feature of Australian society is its egalitarian nature and Australians informal relationship with work colleagues.小册子还点出了澳大利亚社会另一个典型特征——本质上的平等主义,同事间的关系比较随便,不那么正式;However, this informality does not extend to physical contact. When meeting someone for the first time, it is usual to shake the persons right hand with your right hand. People who do not know each other generally do not kiss or hug when meeting.;“但是,这种不正式并不适用于肢体接触。初次见面时,通常是用右手去握对方的右手。不熟悉的人见面通常不会亲吻或拥抱。”The importance of good manners and good hygiene are also explained. Not blowing your nose on the street gets a mention, as does washing your hands before eating and after going to the toilet, and saying ;thank you; or ;please; when dealing with others.小册子也阐明了举止得体和 良好卫生习惯的重要性。比如,不要在街上擤鼻涕,饭前便后要洗手,跟人打交道时要说“谢谢”和“请”;Australians also queue or line up when waiting to be served in a shop, a bank, a government department, a cinema or anywhere a number of people are all seeking a service at the same time.;“澳大利亚人去商店、、政府部门、电影院或任何同时有多人寻求务的场所时,都会排队等候。”The peak eating times of the day are spelt out:进餐时间也有详细解释;The midday meal is called lunch, and the evening meal is usually called dinner. Some Australians also refer to the evening meal as tea and can use the term to mean either dinner or, literally, a cup of tea or cuppa. If invited for tea, the time of the event is a good sign of whether your host means dinner or just a cup of tea. An invitation to tea, any time after 6 pm (1800 hours) usually means dinner.;“中午那顿饭叫‘午餐’,晚上那顿饭通常叫‘晚餐’。有些澳大利亚人也把晚餐叫做‘茶’,这个词可以指晚餐,也可以指字面意义上的茶。如果被人邀请喝茶,可以通过时间来确定主人是请吃晚饭还是只请喝茶。一般来说,邀请在下午6点之后喝茶,意味着是请吃晚饭。”Is there a typical Australian, asks the booklet?小册子中提出一个问题:有没有典型的澳大利亚人呢?Well, what with the ocker, the digger and his mate, it can all be a bit confusing.嗯,粗鲁的澳大利亚人、澳大利亚士兵和他的同伴,这些都让人有点困惑。Just remember:只要记住;Australians are egalitarian, irreverent people with a deep suspicion of authority - yet they are mostly law-abiding and conformist.;“澳大利亚人信奉平等、不畏权贵,对当局深怀疑虑,但他们大都遵纪守法,尊奉习俗。”Oh, and we all love the bush but most of us live in cities on the coast.哦,我们都热爱丛林,但大部分人都住在沿海的城市里。Bonza!太棒了! /201510/404402奉贤处女膜修复多少钱

上海玫瑰整形美容医院减肥手术价格嘉定区去咖啡斑多少钱 President Barack Obama’s Syria refugee policy has suffered a blow after the US House of Representatives passed a measure that would make it harder for people fleeing the war-torn country to come to the US.美国众议院表决通过了一项法案,将使那些逃离战火纷飞祖国的叙利亚人更加难以进入美囀?这对美国总统巴拉克攠巴马(Barack Obama)的叙利亚难民政策是一个打击。The House on Thursday voted 289-137 to impose stringent vetting requirements for Syrian and Iraqi refugees, with nearly 50 Democrats breaking ranks with the president.周四,美国众议院89票对137票的表决结果,通过了对叙利亚和伊拉克难民实施严格审查规定的法案,近50名民主党众议员站到了奥巴马的对立面。Mr Obama, who has vowed to veto the measure if it also receives the necessary Senate approval, has accused Republicans of “shamefulbehaviour over their response to the Syrian humanitarian crisis.这项法案若想成为法律须在参议院也获得通过。奥巴马已发誓,如果它在参议院也获得通过,他将否决该法案。他批评共和党在应对叙利亚人道主义危机方面的所作所为是“可耻的”。In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, Republican governors, presidential candidates and others have lambasted the administration over its plan to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees to the US over the coming year, citing concerns that members of Isis or other militant groups could pose as refugees to gain entry to the US and launch attacks on American soil.巴黎发生恐怖袭击后,共和党籍州长、总统候选人和其他人士对奥巴马政府在接下来一年里万名叙利亚难民进入美国的计划予以了猛烈抨击。他们给出的理由是,担心伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰ISIS)或其他激进组织的成员可能会装扮成难民进入美国、并在美国国土上发动袭击。Paul Ryan, the new House speaker, said on Wednesday: “We cannot allow terrorists to take advantage of our compassion.”美国众议院新任议长保罗帠襴(Paul Ryan,见文首图)周三表示:“我们不能允许恐怖分子利用我们的同情心。”The White House in September said it would boost the number of Syrian refugees admitted to America from 1,500 in the preceding 12 months to 10,000 over the course of 2016. Its decision followed growing pressure from European officials as hundreds of thousands of Syrians and refugees from other war zones flee to nations across Europe.今年9月美国政府表示,将在2016年全年准万名叙利亚难民进入美国,而之2个月这个数字仅为1500人。美国政府是在受到欧洲官员越来越大压力的情况下做出这一决定的,目前,数十万叙利亚人以及来自其他战乱地区的难民正逃往欧洲各国。The policy was facing scrutiny before the attacks, but the massacres in the French capital have elevated the criticism to a new level. The White House says that all Syrian refugees undergo a rigorous screening process, but critics have called for at least a temporary halt in the programme to test that claim.巴黎发生恐怖袭击前,美国的叙利亚难民政策已受到严密的审视,这场袭击更是令美国国内对该政策的批评上升到一个新水平。美国政府表示,所有叙利亚难民都会经过严格的审查程序,但批评者呼吁至少应该暂时中止该计划,以测试一下这种严格审查是否真能做到。The measure passed by the House would require officials leading several agencies the FBI, the Director of National Intelligence and the Homeland Security department to certify personally that any given refugee does not pose a security threat to the US.美国众议院通过的这项法案要求几家机构——联邦调查局(FBI)、国家情报总监办公ODNI)以及国土安全Homeland Security department)——的主管官员亲自担保任一给定的难民都不会对美国的安全构成威胁。The White House has described the approach as “untenableand warned it would complicate efforts to resolve the refugee crisis in Europe.美国政府称这种做法“站不住脚”,并警告此举将令化解欧洲难民危机的努力复杂化。During his trip to Asia this week, Mr Obama has lashed out at critics, including those such as Ted Cruz, the Texas senator running for the Republican presidential nomination, who say the US should only take Christian refugees.在本周访问亚洲期间,奥巴马抨击了一些批评人士,包括德克萨斯州参议员、竞选共和党总统提名的特德克鲁兹(Ted Cruz)。这些批评人士称,美国应当只接纳信仰基督教的难民。The debate comes as immigration has surfaced as a polarising issue in the presidential campaign thanks to Donald Trump.由于唐纳德礠朗普(Donald Trump)的关系,移民问题已成为美国总统选举中一个容易引起尖锐对立的问题。Earlier this week, David Miliband, the former British foreign secretary who now heads the International Rescue Committee, warned that the US risked abandoning its leadership role as a recipient of refugees because of the backlash since the Paris attacks. “It could increase the pressure everywhere else and could give all sorts of people an excuse to say that even America was stepping back,he told the Financial Times in an interview.本周早些时候,前英国外交大臣戴维猠利班David Miliband)警告称,由于巴黎发生恐怖袭击以来民众出现了强烈的反移民情绪,美国可能会放弃其在接收难民方面的领导地位。他在接受采访时告诉英国《金融时报》:“这可能会让其他所有国家面临更大的压力,而且可能会让所有人都有借口说,连美国都在打退堂鼓。”米利班德现任国际救援委员会(International Rescue Committee)主席。来 /201511/411974上海有那些整形医院

闵行区中医医院开双眼皮手术价格费用 The UK financial watchdog has dropped its investigation of Bruno Iksil, the former JPMorgan英国金融监管机构放弃了对根大JPMorgan)前交易员、被称为“伦敦鲸”的布鲁#8226;伊克希尔(Bruno Iksil)的调查,使他摆脱了为年的调查,他的交易曾导致62亿美元亏损。trader known as the “London Whalewhose trades led to .2bn in losses, clearing him in the three-year probe.英国金融市场行为监管局(Financial Conduct Authority,FCA)执法部门曾试图对伊克希尔提起民事诉讼,罪名是未能防范或发现根大通首席投资办公室内部的错误。The Financial Conduct Authority’s enforcement division sought to bring a civil action against Mr Iksil for failing to prevent or detect mismarking within JPMorgan’s chief investment office.但FCA内部的独立专家小组——监管决定委员会(Regulatory Decisions Committee)裁决称,该监管机构没有提出有足够说力的理由,难以诉讼成功。But its internal panel of independent experts, the Regulatory Decisions Committee, ruled that the watchdog did not have a strong enough case to proceed.英国金融市场行为监管局表示:“我们可以实,FCA不会采取任何进一步的措施。”“We can confirm that the FCA will not be taking any further action,the authority said.伊克希尔现居住在法国,他通过与美国司法部合作,获得一份豁免协议,避免了面对美国的刑事诉讼。Mr Iksil, who lives in France, has avoided criminal charges in the US by striking an immunity deal there in exchange for his co-operation. “It is rare for the RDC to dismiss an FCA enforcement case at this very initial stage of the disciplinary process,Mr Iksil’s lawyer, Michael Potts at Byrne and Partners, said. “Mr Iksil has fully co-operated throughout the FCA investigation and will continue to co-operate as a witness in the ongoing criminal and civil proceedings in the USA.”“监管决定委员会很少在纪律程序的初期否决FCA的执法案件,”伊克希尔的律师、Byrne and Partners律所的迈克尔#8226;波茨(Michael Potts)表示,“在FCA的整个调查中,伊克希尔一直全力合作,他将继续作为美国正在进行的刑事和民事诉讼的人展开合作。”Julien Grout, a junior derivatives trader on the desk, and Javier Martin-Artajo, Mr Iksil’s former boss who was a managing director at the bank, are both being prosecuted in the US for their roles in the affair. They deny wrong-doing. The FCA is not seeking to bring a case against either man.根大通初级衍生品交易员朱利安#8226;格劳Julien Grout)和伊克希尔前老板、当时担任该行董事总经理的哈维#8226;马丁-阿塔Javier Martin-Artajo)都因他们在此次事件中的角色而在美国被起诉。两人均否认有不当行为。FCA并不寻求对这两人提起诉讼。The only person still being investigated by UK authorities in connection with the 2011 losses is Achilles Macris, who ran the London office of the bank’s chief investment office and oversaw its synthetic credit portfolio team. It was in that division where trades in credit derivatives ultimately led to the trading losses in 2012.如今011年亏损事件而仍受到英国当局调查的只有阿基利#8226;马克里斯(Achilles Macris),他曾执掌根大通首席投资办公室的伦敦办公室,并负责合成信贷资产组合团队。正是这个部门的信用衍生品交易最终导致了2012年的交易亏损。来 /201507/385283浦东新激光治疗红血丝价格上海玫瑰整形脱毛多少钱




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