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false start -------- 失败的开端(非正式)英文释义 (INFORMAL) A wrong beginning; a temporary failure in starting to do something.例句 I had to write a speech last night, and after several false starts, I finally found exactly the right words to express what I wanted to say.我昨晚必须要写一篇演讲稿,开头写了好几回都没写好,最终,我找到了恰当的词语来表达我想说的内容。 /201504/366219襄樊市中心医院预约1. you look great today.(你今天看上去很棒。)【每天都可以用!】 2. you did a good job. (你干得非常好。)【国际最通用的表扬!】 3. we’re so proud of you.(我们十分为你骄傲。)【最高级的表扬!】 4. i’m very pleased with your work.(我对你的工作非常满意。)【正式、真诚的赞扬!】 5. this is really a nice place.(这真是个好地方!)【随口就说、但效果很好的表扬!】 6. you’re looking sharp!(你看上去真精神/真棒/真漂亮。)【与众不同的表扬!】 7. you always know the right thing to say. 8. you’re very eloquent.(你总是说话得体。)【高层次的表扬!】 9. nice going! you did a good job.(干得好!)【极其地道的表扬!】 10. the food is delicious.(好吃!)【最普通、但非常重要的表扬!】 11. everything tastes great.(每样东西都很美味!) 12. your son/daughter is so cute.(你的孩子很可爱。)【外国人绝对喜欢听的表扬!】 13. what an adorable baby!(多么可爱的孩子。)【只管大胆用!】 14. i admire your work. 15. i respect your work.(我对你的工作表示敬意。)【世界通用!】 16. you’ve got a great personality.(你的个性很好。)【一个非常安全的表扬!】 17. you have a good sense of humor.(你真幽默。)【美国人极其喜欢的表扬!】 18. your chinese is really surprising.(你的中文令人惊讶。)【绝对和其他人不一样的表扬!】 19. your english is incredible.(我真不敢相信你的英语。)【用了六星级形容词!】 20. you have a very successful business.(你的事业很成功。)【现代人非常喜欢听!】 21. you’re very professional.(你非常专业。)【专业化的表扬!】 22. your company is very impressive.(你的公司给我留下深刻印象。) 23. you’re so smart.(你非常聪明。) 24. i envy you very much.(我非常羡慕你。) 25. your wife is very charming.(你的妻子很有魅力!) 26. you two make a lovely couple.(你们真是天生的一对!) 27. you’re really talented.(你很有天赋。) 28. you look nice in that color.(你穿那种颜色很好看。) 29. you have a good taste.(你很有品位。) 30. you look like a million dollars. you look outstanding.you look like a movie star.(你看上去帅呆了。) /05/69313襄阳市粉刺医院比较好,。,。。,。,。。,。, /200804/35136Bob向一家软件公司订购的软件没按时到,Bob要求赔偿,但是对方热线Gloria却坚持说是Bob一方取消了订单。Bob生气地说:B: Look...if you review our file youll find that we are long-term loyal customers who have bought a significant amount of software from your company. Are you really telling me that youre just going to ignore a major mistake? I dont think your attitude is very professional.G: Im sorry, sir...but I am not authorized to offer any compensation at this time.B: Then who would be authorized to do so?G: You would have to speak with my supervisor.B: Okay then, is your supervisor currently available?Bob所在公司是Global Com的老客户了,这次订单出现差错,Bob觉得客户务Gloria的态度很不专业not very professional. Gloria表示道歉,告诉Bob说,她无权向客户承诺任何补偿,Im not authorized to offer any compensation at this time. not authorized to do something意思是没有权力做某事。Bob要求跟Gloria的上司说话,G: I believe he is...please hold ...J: Hello, this is supervisor JIM Bradley. Gloria told me your items did not arrive on time. Were very sorry for the inconvenience.B: I appreciate your apology, but because we did not cancel the order I believe Im within my rights to ask for some sort of compensation.J: Let me look over your file one more time...do you mind holding again?B: No, thats fine.Gloria的上司JIM初步了解情况后,对订货没有按时抵达给Bob公司造成的不便感到抱歉,Were sorry for the inconvenience. Bob解释说,订单不是他们取消的,作为客户,他们有权得到某种形式的赔偿。Its within our rights to do something... 意思是我们有权做某事。JIM听了以后,让Bob在电话上稍候,等她仔细查查是怎么回事。J: Mr. Johnson, I believe I know what the problems is. It seems one of our staff confused your order with another clients canceled order. We deeply regret this error and I will have your items shipped out to you today by express mail at no added charge to you. You should receive your software within 24 hours.B: Well, thank you. I appreciate your prompt service.J: Also in accordance with our compensation policy, we will only charge you for half of the original order. I hope these measures are satisfactory.B: Yes, absolutely. Thank you very much Ms. Bradley. youve been very helpful.J: Youre very welcome, and I hope youll continue working with Global Com.B: We definitely will. Thank you again.J: Not at all. Goodbye, Mr. Johnson.查询结果明,确实是JIM公司员工的失误造成订单被取消,Bob的公司没有责任。作为补救,JIM表示,第一,马上把Bob订购的软件用特快转递寄出,by express mail,不收取任何额外费用 at no added cost. 保货物24小时内送达,第二,根据公司的赔偿政策,这次订单费用只收取百分之五十。Bob对这种解决方式感到非常满意。 /201302/223738襄阳第四人民医院看效果怎么样

襄阳治疗性传播疾病大概得多少钱襄城区妇幼保健中医院网上预约to conk out 1.失灵(非正式)2.突然睡着(非正式)英文释义1. (INFORMAL) To fail and to stop functioning. (NOTE: used in reference to machinery)2. (INFORMAL) To fall asleep suddenly and deeply.例句1.The bus I usually take conked out this morning, and so I had to walk to work, which made me late.今天早上,我乘坐的公交车突然发生故障,我只得走着上班,结果迟到了。2.I was so tired when I got home from work last night that I went to bed and conked out without ing or watching TV.我昨夜下班回来实在太累了,以至于既没看书也没看电视,躺在床上就睡着了。 /201405/298888(一):The Chines? market is opening wider while the competition i also getting tougher.中国市场日益开放,同时竞争也更加激烈。A: The Chinese market is opening wider while the competition is also getting tougher.甲:中国市场日益开放,同时竞争也更加激烈。B: Yes, we are y for it. How about you?乙:是的,我们已经做好准备了。你们呢?激烈的市场竞争:In this competitive climate, no rules are set in stone.在这个竞争激烈的环境下,没有什么规则是一成不变的。Nobody can claim China’s mobile-phone market lacks competition.但是没人会否认中国的移动通信市场竞争激烈。(二):In the market with so intense competition, how do you show yourself?在竞争如此激烈的市场中,贵公司是如何脱颖而出的呢?A: Do you have any other questions?甲:还有什么疑问吗?B: Yes. In the market with so intense competition, how do you show yourself?乙:在竞争如此激烈的市场中,贵公司是如何脱颖而出的呢?何脱颖而出呢:How to stand out in such a competitive market?How will we be heard above the crowd?How do you differentiate yourself? /201408/324762宜城市妇幼保健中医院耳鼻喉科职场社交英语 Lesson 8:我受不了电脑怪胎?SCENE③ B 吉娜一早进公司【我受不了电脑怪胎】Dave: Whoa. Now I'm awake! Zina has a secret admirer.戴夫: 哇。这会我可醒了!吉娜有暗恋者了。Zina: I really do not have time to deal with some 1) lovesick computer 2) geek.吉娜: 我真的没时间去应付爱昏了头的电脑怪胎。Dave: I know what you mean. I can't stand computer geeks.戴夫: 我知道你的意思。我也受不了电脑怪胎。Zina: Sorry, Dave, I didn't mean you. I am just not 3) in the mood for this. I have work to do.吉娜: 抱歉,戴夫,我不是说你。我只是没心情搞这玩意儿。我还有工作要做。Dave: Who do you think it is?戴夫: 你觉得是谁?语言详解A: Your friend seems to be in a better mood. 你朋友的心情看起来好多了。B: I gave her a pep talk. 我给她来了段精神讲话。【I can't stand... 我无法忍受……】stand这个字大家一定都知道,但它除了“站”这个意思之外,最常用的就是指“忍受”,可以用在人身上:A: Allison is my best friend. 爱丽森是我最好的朋友。B: I can't stand her. She is so fake! 我受不了她。她好假喔! 也可以用在事物身上:A: It must be 45 degrees in here. 这里一定有四十五度。B: I can't stand it anymore. It's too hot! 我再也受不了了。有够热的!用来表示动作也行:A: Let's go have a beer at Tom's. 我们去"汤姆的店"喝啤酒。B: I can't stand to go there. It reminds me of my ex-girlfriend. 我不能忍受去那里。那会让我想起我的前女友。1) lovesick (a.) 因爱而分神迷乱的2) geek (n.) 怪胎3) be in the mood for有心情去... /200602/4224襄阳市襄州区人民医院泌尿外科

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