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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201609/463935The mainland too, of course, had its burial chambers,like the long barrow at West Kennet.当然 在大陆上同样建有墓穴 诸如西坎奈特长墓There were also the great stone circles,the largest at Avebury.其他地方同样也有巨石圈 其中最大的在埃夫伯里But the most spectacular of all at Stonehenge.而最为壮丽的 当数史前巨石阵By 1,000 ,things were changing fast.公元前1000年前后 这里发生着天翻地覆的变化All over the British landscape,a protracted struggle for good land was taking place.不列颠全境 进行着一场良田之争Forests were cleared so that Iron Age Britain was not,森林被夷为耕地 所以铁器时代的不列颠as was once romantically imagined, an unbroken forest kingdom stretching from Cornwall to Inverness.已并非曾经那个坚不可摧的森林帝国 领土自康奈尔绵延至因弗内斯It was rather a patchwork of open fields,更多的 是一片片广阔的田野dotted here and there with woodland copses giving cover for game, especially wild pigs.星罗棋布的丛林穿插其间 为像野猪一样的动物们提供了一片乐土And it was a crowded island.这还是一个拥挤的岛国We now think that as many people lived on this land现今普遍认为 当时这片土地上的人口as during the reign of Elizabeth I, 2500 years later.与2500年后伊丽莎白一世时期一样多Some archaeologists believe that almost as much land was being farmed in the Iron Age as in 1914.部分考古学家认为 铁器时代的耕地面积几乎与1914年一样多So it#39;s no surprise to see one spectacular difference from the little world of Skara Brae.因此也就不必惊异于 斯卡拉布雷的这一奇特之处Great windowless towers.巨大的无窗石塔They were built in the centuries before the Roman invasions,罗马入侵数世纪前 它们就被筑造于此when population pressure was most intense and farmers had growing need of protection,因为当时正是人口压力最重之时 而农民也日益需要加强自我保护first from the elements, but later from each other.之前是为对抗自然 后来则是互相防范 /201606/451023There are remains of Stone Age life doted all over Britain and Ireland.石器时代的遗迹遍布于不列颠与爱尔兰But nowhere as abundantly as Orkney,with its mounds, graves尤以奥克尼群岛为最 大量鼓起的坟堆and bavol its great circles of standing stones like here at Brodgar.以及像布罗德盖石圈一样耸立着的巨石阵Vast, imposing and utterly unknowable.雄伟壮观 并散发着不可知的神秘气息But Orkney boasts another Neolithic site,而岛上有一处新石器时代的遗址there is, in its way, even more impressive than Brodgar,甚至比布罗德盖 更令人惊叹the last thing you would expect from the Stone Age,你永远想象不到 遥远的石器时代a shockingly familiar glimpse of ancient domestic life.远古的家庭生活 竟在这里揭开了神秘面纱Perched on the western coast of Orkney#39;s main island,a village called Skara Brae.这处遗址就在 位于奥克尼主岛西岸 一个叫做斯卡拉布雷的村庄Here, beneath an area no bigger than the 18th grade of a golf course在这不足一个十八洞高尔夫球场大的地下lies Europe#39;s most complete Neolithic community,静静沉睡着欧洲最完整的新石器时代部落miraculously preserved for 5,000 years under a blanket of sand and grass在草与沙之下 奇迹般地保留着五千年前的风貌until uncovered in 1850 by a ferocious sea storm.This is a recognisable village.直到1850年的一次巨大海上风暴 揭开了她的真实面目 村落的面貌清晰可见Neatly fitted into its landscape between pasture and sea,intimate, domestic and self-sufficient.完美地镶嵌在牧场与海洋之间 联系紧密 以家庭为单位 自给自足And although they were technically still the Stone Age and Neolithic period,虽然这一时期仍被划分在新石器时代these dwellings are not huts,they#39;re true houses,这些寓所却已不再是临时的窝棚 而是真正的房屋built from sandstone slabs that lie all around the island由遍布岛上的砂石板材筑造and which gave stout protection to villagers here at Skara Brae,from their biting Orcadian winds.坚实地保护着斯卡拉布雷的村民们 免受奥克尼凶猛海风的侵袭 /201606/450162

In England, families were more and more becoming a kind of business.在英格兰 家族已经趋向作为一种筹码In the Highlands of Scotland,kinship was much more a matter of blood.而在苏格兰高地 王统也不过是一种血缘关系Clan loyalty was built around the idea,部落的忠诚往往建立在一种even when it was a mythical idea,of a common ancestor.有时甚至只是虚构的信念基础上 即源于共同祖先这一信念The grandest landlords in the Highlands,like their Lowlands counterparts,高地的大地主 和低地的大地主们一样were becoming connoisseurs of fine claret and chamber music.逐步成为品酒家与室内乐的鉴赏师But as far as the local laird was consumed would have a lot in common with his crofters.但当地地主则和他们的佃农有诸多相同点They both spoke Gaelic,they wore tartan plaid and sporran,他们都操着盖尔语 身着花格呢裙和裙前毛皮袋and they both made ensured they had broadswords and daggers y when the chief called.并且备好阔剑与匕首 随时待命 便要一剑刺下Buoyed by the prince#39;s claim that the French were behind the rebellion美王子宣称法国人正暗地里策划叛变and planned an imminent invasion,Bonnie Prince Charlie and his army moved swiftly,战争已经迫在眉睫 于是他的部队迅速集结catching the wolfly inadequate Hanoverian forces in Scotland completely unprepared.迅速拿下苏格兰土地上立足未稳的 汉诺威王朝军队 打了他们一个措手不及But when the prince finally took what was the big prize, Edinburgh,然而 当王子最终 拿下爱丁堡这个头时he hadn#39;t won over the whole of Scotland.却尚未赢得整个苏格兰The Lowlands were overwhelmingly loyal to King George.低地人民对国王乔治忠心耿耿In fact it#39;s quite possible that more Scots fought against Bonnie Prince Charlie than for him.事实上更多的苏格兰人 对于美王子查理是持反对而非拥戴态度 /201706/512404

新东方英语900句 Lesson 15:TimeCore Sentences1. Excuse me, what time do you have? I want set my watch.2. It's two o'clock Britsh summer time.3. My brother is aly seven years old, but he can't tell time yet.4. You watch is fast, and my watch is big slow.5. The clock keeps very good time.6. It's a few minutes after seven.7. You must have reset your watch.8. Excuse me, but do you have the correct time, please?9. Sure thing, it is nearly seven thirty.10. It is very important to be .11. I was late for school because my watch was broken yesterday.12. You need an alarm clock to wake you up tomorrow.13. ed fly number 7076 will take off at ten ten AM.14. The Cafe is open from ten AM to eleven PM.15. Come on, the train will leave in fifteen minutes.Dialog ExercisesNumber one What time is it?A. I'm hungery, it must super time.B. I could eat a horse. What time is it? I don't have a watch with me.A. It is only half past five.B. Is your watch slow?A. Oh, my watch stopped. I must have forgotten to it last night.B. Check you mobile phone.A. Ok, mine, it's aly six thirty.B. Is this the correct time?A. I think so, I set it by the radio last night.Number two Waiting for the bus.A. Have you a watch?B. Yes, it's six forty.A. Mine is six forty, too.B. Both watches are correct.A. I'm glad I'm early today. I don't want to be late again.B. We won't be late today, the bus will come in fifteen minutes.A. Our bus will be late.B. Why?A. His watch is twenty minutes late, I set it. /200604/5860

The adrenaline from Sean#39;s river crossing is driving him down the rope.肖恩因跨越河流而产生的肾上腺素 使他顺利索降Are we done rappelling now?我们索降完了吗Well, we#39;re kind of 3/4 of the way down.差不多完成四分之三了Still got to get down there.还得下去Let#39;s just get this rope back.Then we#39;ll figure out the next stage.我们把绳子收回来 然后想想下一步怎么做I hate to say it, but I feel really off right now.虽不愿这样说 但此刻我真想退出I#39;m trying to figure out why I signed up for this whole thing.我在想当初为什么要报名参加这玩意I can#39;t risk another rappel.I#39;ve managed to lower Sean.我不能再冒险索降了 我让肖恩先下去了Now I need to get Joe down, and fast.现在要让乔尽快着陆Poor Joe really is in kind of zombie land now.可怜的乔吓得真不轻He#39;s been so cold and wet all night, all morning.从昨晚到今晨 他一直受着寒冷与潮湿的折磨He hasn#39;t really eaten anything. He#39;s drained.他基本上没吃什么东西 有点虚脱了You see he#39;s really kind of stumbling around.你看他都有点跌跌绊绊了The rocks are still really slippery.And Joe is losing it.石面依然很滑 乔失足滑下了Sean, go and check he#39;s all right!肖恩 去看看他怎么了Almost snapped my knee in half.I came down bad on my knee.我中途差点撞断了膝盖 我一直用膝盖顶着石头下来的This is not a good place to be when something goes wrong.如果出问题了 我不能在此地久留I need to get down to them.Are you all right?得下去找他们 你还好吗Just tired, hungry, cold,pain, my knee.只是疲倦 饥饿 寒冷 痛苦 膝盖受伤Those are all called mountain emotions.这些都叫做高山症 Article/201707/516046

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