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黑龙江哈市妇儿医院靠谱吗?黑龙江省邮电医院专家预约Sweden says it preparing to deport about 80,000 asylum seekers who entered the country in record waves last year.瑞典说,准备将去年潮水般涌入瑞典的难民里的大约八万人递解出境。The numbers represent half of the 163,000 people who crossed into Sweden escaping wars in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Interior Minister Anders Ygeman told a Swedish newspaper Thursday the refugees will be expelled because the applications for asylum were being rejected. The rejected applicants will be able to leave voluntarily, or forcibly sent back home.这个数字占为逃离叙利亚、伊拉克和阿富汗战争而进入瑞典的16千人的一半。瑞典内政部长安德斯·耶格曼星期四告诉一家瑞典报纸说,庇护申请被拒绝后,这些人将被递解出境。申请被拒者可自愿离境,否则将被强制遣送出境。Sweden was a top destination for refugees because of its long-standing open borders policy. But the sheer numbers of refugees have forced Stockholm to impose border controls and identification checks on new arrivals.瑞典长期实行边境开放政策,因而成为难民首选目的地之一。但是数量庞大的难民潮迫使瑞典重新实行边界控制,并对新来的人进行身份检查。Meanwhile, the bodies of at least 18 migrants who drowned when their boat capsized were recovered Thursday off the coast of the Greek island of Samos. Authorities say 10 people were rescued. Most of the fatalities were children.与此同时,希腊萨斯岛星期四发现至少18具难民尸体。他们所乘船只翻覆后溺水而亡。当局说,0人获救,大部分死者是儿童。The bodies of seven migrants -- two of them children -- were recovered Wednesday after their boat capsized off the island of Kos.希腊科斯岛沿海翻船事件后,星期三发现七具移民尸体,其中包括两名儿童。More than one million people from war-torn nations flooded into Europe last year, making it the continents worst migration crisis since World War II. Many of those arrived in Greece after making a dangerous voyage from Turkey across the Aegean Sea.去年一百多万来自战乱国的人涌入欧洲,导致二战以来欧洲大陆最严重的移民危机。很多移民都是从土耳其出发,冒险乘船驶过爱琴海后抵达希腊的。来 /201602/424986大庆怀孕检测哪家医院最好的 Hillary Clinton was deemed the winner in opinion polls and financial markets following her debate matchup with Donald Trump on Monday night, after she scored hits over the property developer’s tax payments, business practices and claims that Barack Obama was born overseas.民意调查和金融市场行情显示,希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)在周一晚与唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)的辩论中成为赢家,她在身为房地产开发商的特朗普的纳税记录、商业做法以及宣称巴拉克#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)出生在海外等问题上得分。Mr Trump’s camp sought to minimise the damage on Tuesday, claiming he had outperformed the former secretary of state, even as a CNN poll showed that 62 per cent of viewers said Mrs Clinton prevailed in the debate, compared with 27 per cent for Mr Trump.特朗普阵营周二试图尽量减少损失,声称他在辩论中胜过前国务卿,即便CNN的一项民调显示,62%的观众认为希拉里在辩论中占了上风,相比之下只7%的观众认为特朗普更胜一筹。A focus group by pollster Frank Luntz also suggested Mrs Clinton had prevailed, while the Mexican peso which is heavily affected by speculation over the US election surged against the dollar.民意调查专家弗兰#8226;伦茨(Frank Luntz)追踪的一个焦点小组也表示希拉里占了上风,而在很大程度上受到美国大选预测影响的墨西哥比索兑美元汇率飙升。Pollsters cautioned that a perceived win by Mrs Clinton was by no means certain to transform the dynamics of a race that has become increasingly tight in recent weeks. 民调专家告诫称,希拉里赢得辩论的印象并无把握从根本上转变近几周变得越来越紧张的选情。This year Mr Trump was frequently declared to have performed poorly by commentators during the Republican presidential debates, only to surge further in the primaries as his unconventional campaign wrong footed opponents.在今年的共和党初选期间,特朗普在辩论中的表现经常被员打出低分,但他却在党内初选中异军突起,他的非常规竞选让对手措手不及。It was kind of a wash it is unlikely to move the needle a great deal for either candidate, said Julia Clark, a pollster at Ipsos, who argued that both candidates had scored wins over the course of the evening. 这有点像是一个平手——不太可能对两位候选人中的任何一位产生太大影响,益普Ipsos)民调专家朱莉#8226;克拉Julia Clark)表示。她指出,两位候选人在辩论过程中都有斩获。Historically debates don’t actually impact election outcome very much#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;It will come down to a game of inches.从历史上看,辩论实际上并不在很大程度上影响选举结果……这将是一场几乎没有出错余地的游戏。Speaking on Fox amp; Friends on Tuesday morning, Mr Trump claimed he outperformed Mrs Clinton while complaining that Lester Holt, the debate moderator, had not challenged her about her scandals including her use of a personal email server. 特朗普周二上午在福克斯新闻频道的Fox amp; Friends节目上声称,他的表现强于希拉里,同时抱怨辩论主持人莱斯#8226;霍尔Lester Holt)没有质疑她的丑闻,包括她在担任国务卿期间使用私人电子邮件务器。Mr Trump said he had been hit at the end by very unfair questions and complained about a faulty microphone.特朗普表示,他在辩论尾声阶段被问到一些非常不公平的问题,并抱怨他的麦克风有故障。He also pushed back against criticism during the debate from Mrs Clinton of his treatment of Alicia Machado, a former Miss Universe, in words that risk further alienating female voters with whom his campaign needs to build bridges. 他还驳斥了辩论期间希拉里在他对待前环球艾丽西#8226;马查Alicia Machado)的问题上对他的批评。他的措辞可能进一步得罪他需要争取的女性选民。The contestant, he said, gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem.他说,那个选美者体重大幅增加,那是一个真正的问题。John Hudak, a senior fellow at the Brookings think-tank, said Mr Trump’s criticism of the beauty pageant contestant and his repeated interruptions of Mrs Clinton during the course of the debate could damage his standing with female voters. 智库布鲁金斯学会的资深研究员约翰#8226;胡达John Hudak)表示,特朗普对选美者说三道四,而且在辩论过程中多次打断希拉里,都可能损害他在女性选民眼中的形象。I don’t think he helped himself with anyone, particularly with women, he said.我不认为他在任何人,尤其是女性选民人群那里争取了好感,他说。来 /201609/468939U.S.-led coalition aircraft waged a series of deadly strikes against Islamic State around the city of Falluja last Wednesday, U.S. officials told Reuters, with one citing a preliminary estimate of at least 250 suspected fighters killed and at least 40 vehicles destroyed.美国官员上周三接受《路透社》采访时表示,以美国为首的联军用飞机轰炸了被伊斯兰国占领的城市费卢杰,初步估计至少有250名武装分子被杀,至0辆汽车被毁。If the figures are confirmed, the strikes would be among the most deadly ever against the jihadist group. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to describe the operation and noted preliminary estimates can change.如果该数字属实,那么这将是针对极端分子有史以来最有效的一次打击。这位官员在不透漏姓名的前提下,描述了这次行动,并指出初步的估计可能会发生变化。The strikes, which the officials said took place south of the city, where civilians have also been displaced, are just the latest battlefield setback suffered by Islamic State in its self-proclaimed ;caliphate; of Iraq and Syria.该官员表示,这次进攻发生在城市的南部,那里的平民已经被转移。这次是伊斯兰国在伊拉克和叙利亚自行宣布成立;哈里;的最新打击。The groups territorial losses are not diminishing concerns about its intent and ability to strike abroad though. Turkey pointed the finger at Islamic State on Wednesday for a triple suicide bombing and gun attack that killed 41 people at Istanbuls main airport.该恐怖组织的领地损失并不能使我们降低警惕,它仍有意图和能力在国外展开恐怖活动。日前,伊斯坦布尔最大的机场就发生了一起造成42人死亡的三重自杀式炸弹击袭击,土耳其政府将矛头指向伊斯兰囀?CIA chief John Brennan told a forum in Washington the attack bore the hallmarks of Islamic State ;depravity; and acknowledged there was a long road ahead battling the group, particularly its ability to incite attacks.中情局局长约翰·布伦南接受华盛顿当地一家论坛采访时表示,本次打击表明了伊斯兰国;堕落;,并承认打败这个组织的路还很长,特别是它有着煽动攻击的能力;Weve made, I think, some significant progress, along with our coalition partners, in Syria and Iraq, where most of the ISIS members are resident right now,; Brennan said. ;But ISIS ability to continue to propagate its narrative, as well as to incite and carry out these attacks I think we still have a ways to go before were able to say that we have made some significant progress against them.;;在叙利亚和伊拉克有很多ISIS成员,但我认为,我们已经与盟友取得了一些显著的进展;布伦南说;但是ISIS仍有继续宣传其事迹的能力,还有它煽动和发动袭击的能力。我想在达到我们所说的显著进展前,我们可能还有一段路要走; /201607/453906呼兰区妇女儿童医院简介

哈尔滨三精女子医院四维彩超预约哈尔滨医大一院无痛人流要多少钱 哈市妇儿周末上班吗

哈尔滨市一院在哪里This should be India’s moment. The country has the highest growth rate among major economies. The International Monetary Fund describes it as a bright spot in an otherwise mostly dismal world economy. Narendra Modi, prime minister, basks in the resounding mandate he received at the polls two years ago from a population desperate for a sign of economic revival. 如今应该是印度的风云时刻。它是各大经济体中经济增速最快的国家。国际货币基金组IMF)形容它是愁云惨淡的世界经济中的一个亮点。印度总理纳伦德拉#8226;莫迪(Narendra Modi)仍然享受着两年前从渴望经济振兴的选民手中得到的明确授权Yet two years into Mr Modi’s tenure, his government continues to avoid many hard choices. India could come to rue a missed opportunity to implement a more ambitious reform agenda. 不过,莫迪上任已经两年,他的政府继续回避着很多艰难抉择。印度可能会后悔错过了推行更具雄心的改革议程的良机Sceptics question whether the economy is really growing at the official pace of 7.5 per cent. Even government officials agree that newly revised data collection procedures present a picture at odds with other figures. 持怀疑态度的人对经济是否真的在.5%的官方速度增长提出质疑。甚至政府官员也承认,新近修订后的数据采集程序所呈现的景象与其他数据不符Still, India has good growth momentum. The fall in world oil prices has been a boon, reducing the budget and current account deficits. India is not likely to be hit hard by either a growth slowdown in China or a US interest rate increase. Domestic and external circumstances could not be more favourable. 话虽如此,印度拥有良好的增长势头。全球油价下跌是一大利好,有利于印度降低预算并减少经常账户赤字。印度不太可能受到中国经济增速放缓以及美国加息的重创。印度国内和外部环境不可能比现在更有利了To be fair, his government has accomplished a lot. Macroeconomic stability is at hand. Mr Modi has supported the Reserve Bank of India’s struggle against inflation. He has largely maintained budget discipline and made progress on financial inclusion. 公平地说,莫迪政府已经实现了很多成就。宏观经济稳定近在咫尺。莫迪持了印度央行对抗通胀。他基本上守住了预算纪律,在金融包容性上也取得了进展Access to the formal financial system gives the poor the feeling that they have a shot at sharing in the benefits of reforms, rather than merely bearing any costs of dislocation. The government has emphasised better public governance as well, although the fight against corruption is not being executed with any great vigour. 能够利用正规的金融体系,让穷人们感觉自己有望分享改革的成果,而不只是承担经济混乱的代价。印度政府还强调改善公共治理,尽管反腐运动的力度并不大However, unless Mr Modi builds quickly on these foundations, India’s moment of glory could be shortlived. For all the positive economic data, private investment remains tepid as businesses are not convinced that the economy is on the right path. 然而,除非莫迪迅速在这些基础之上继续推进,否则印度的辉煌时刻可能转瞬即逝。尽管所有的经济数据都令人乐观,但是私人投资热情仍然不高,企业并未确信印度经济已进入正轨What India really needs are bold reforms to make growth more durable. The list of such reforms is long and includes reducing labour market -regulations, unshackling businesses from red tape, fixing the banks, developing capital markets and improving infrastructure. 印度真正需要的是大胆改革,使经济增长更加持久。此类改革的清单很长,包括减少劳动力市场的规章制度、让企业摆脱官僚主义的枷锁、修补系统、发展资本市场,以及改善基础设施Given the size of his mandate, Mr Modi ought to lay out a vision of where he wants to take the country and use his rapport with voters to build broad support for a reform agenda. He has argued that he would rather accomplish things than set out a grand vision that he may not be able to deliver. But words as well as ideas have power and he needs to use his political capital to push for economic reforms, rather than using it to advance his party’s social agenda. 考虑到莫迪获得的民意授权之大,他应该勾勒出他对印度未来发展的愿景,利用他在选民中的人气为改革议程争取广泛持。他曾争辩道,他宁愿脚踏实地地实现目标,也不愿兜售他可能无法实现的宏伟蓝图。但是,话语和想法是具有力量的,他需要利用自己的政治资本去推动经济改革,而不是推进其政党的社会议程He could learn a lesson or two from Beijing. Although China is hardly a paragon in this area, its government has created effective narratives that rally public support for reform and break down opposition. The plan to reduce inequality and the attempt to make the renminbi an international currency are examples. The concrete measures encompassed by these plans, including reform of state enterprises, financial market development, capital market reforms and liberalisation of the services sector, would all be good for the economy, even if the grand objectives are not achieved. 他可以从北京方面借鉴一点经验。尽管中国算不上是该领域的模范,但是中国政府掌握了有效的话语权,凝聚公众对改革的持并克反对。减少不平等的计划和推动人民币国际化的尝试就是例子。这些计划所包含的具体措施包括国企改革、发展金融市场、资本市场改革以及推动务业自由化,这一切都将有助于经济发展——即使无法实现那些宏伟目标Rather than gloating about Indian growth, Mr Modi needs to make an aggressive push to reform the economy when the going is good. No one expects an overnight transformation. But a clear sense of where he wants to take the country and a willingness to expend political capital would go a long way in building momentum for the reforms that India desperately needs. 莫迪不应该沾沾自喜于印度的经济增长,而是需要在形势较好时锐意推动经济改革。没人指望一夜间发生翻天覆地的变化。但是,只要他明确印度的发展方向,并愿意动用政治资本,将大大有利于为印度迫切需要的经济改革积攒势头。来 /201604/437132 Rising protectionist sentiment in the West and a dramatic decline in global trade since 2011 have led many to speculate that Asia’s era of export-led growth will end soon. This speculation is overdone. While the slowdown in trade does demand responses, Asia is well positioned to be a bulwark against protectionism. In fact, it can lead global trade in the years to come.西方的保护主义情绪不断上升,加上011年以来全球贸易大幅下降,导致许多人猜测,亚洲出口导向型增长的时代将很快结束。这个猜测言过其实了。虽然贸易放缓需要作出回应,但亚洲处于有利地位,能够成为抵制保护主义的堡垒。事实上,亚洲可以在未来多年引领全球贸易。But, getting the responses right will require a clear understanding of the causes. Policy makers need to ask first what explains the export slowdown, and what this means for Asian economies. The story starts with the great recession in 2008, which left advanced countries stuck in low growth, low demand environments that have weighed heavily on Asia’s export-dominated economies.但是,做出正确回应将需要清楚地了解贸易放缓的原因。政策制定者需要首先问一下,什么因素解释了出口增长放缓,以及这对亚洲经济体意味着什么?事情始于2008年的大衰退,那场衰退导致发达国家陷入低增长、低需求的环境,严重拖累了亚洲的出口主导型经济体。In recent years, the problems of developed world economies have become entangled with China’s structural transformation, which has meant slower growth for Asia’s largest economy. Two trends accompanying China’s structural transformation have implications for Asian trade. One is its shift away from an export and investment-driven growth model toward domestic consumption and services. The other is China’s moving up the global value chain as wages rise.近年来,发达经济体的问题又与中国的结构转型结合在一起,后者已导致亚洲最大经济体增长放缓。伴随中国结构转型的两个趋势对亚洲贸易产生影响。一是中国增长模式从出口和投资驱动转向国内消费和务驱动。另一个是随着工资的上涨,中国正向全球价值链(GVC)的高端攀升。These trends have reduced demand for imports from the rest of Asia. Fueled by expanding middle class consumers, China continues to import consumables from across Asia. But, imports of capital goods and raw materials have declined. Accordingly, the annual average growth of China’s total imports from developing Asia fell from 18.2 per cent in 2001-2010 to 4.7 per cent in 2011-2015.这些趋势减少了中国对亚洲其他国家的进口需求。在日益扩大的中产阶层消费者的推动下,中国继续从亚洲各经济体进口消费品。但是,资本货物和原材料的进口减少了。相应地,中国从亚洲发展中国家的总进口的年均增长率由2001010年的18.2%,降到了2011015年的4.7%。They have also reduced trade in parts and components, which contain higher value addition than simply assembling products. The ratio of China’s intermediate goods imports to manufactured exports fell from 63 per cent to about 38 per cent between 2000 and 2015.这些趋势还减少了零部件的贸易,零部件相比简单装配产品具有更高的附加值。从2000015年,中国中间产品进口与制成品出口之比3%降至8%。The good news is that these factors are either temporary, such as weak import demand from advanced markets, or can be overcome through smart policymaking that takes advantage of the region’s strengths.好消息是,这些因素要么是暂时的——比如说发达市场的进口需求疲软——要么是可以通过发挥地区优势的明智政策来克的。Here are three ways Asia can take the lead in global trade.亚洲可以通过三条途径引领全球贸易。First, China’s economic rebalancing and moving up global value chains (GVCs) is opening up new trading opportunities for China itself. China’s production data confirm that the country is following the model of higher value added and building innovation capability seen first in Japan and subsequently in South Korea.首先,中国的经济再平衡和在全球价值链中向高端攀升,为中国本身开启了新的贸易机会。中国的生产数据实,该国正在追随首先在日本、后来在韩国见到的那种提高附加值和打造创新能力的模式。This implies the development of more technologically sophisticated regional value chains and related services in East Asia that can propel a new phase of regional and global trade growth. The sp of robotics, advances in miniaturisation, developments in internet connectivity, process-centered research and development, and various organisational innovations are increasingly likely to feature in GVCs in this new phase of trade growth.这暗示着,在东亚发展技术含量更高的区域价值链及相关务,可以推动区域乃至全球贸易进入一个新的增长阶段。在这个新的贸易增长阶段,机器人的普及、微型化的进展、互联网连接的发展、以流程为中心的研发以及各种组织创新,越来越有可能在全球价值链上发挥重要作用。Second, many developing economies are well positioned to benefit from China’s rebalancing. Bangladesh, India, Vietnam and other members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) face the prospect of replacing China in labor-intensive segments of GVCs, from clothing to consumer electronics. These Asian economies are increasingly open to export-oriented foreign direct investment and offer relatively low wages with reasonably good labor productivity.其次,许多发展中经济体处于受益于中国再平衡的有利地位。从装到消费电子产品,孟加拉国、印度、越南以及东ASEAN)其他成员国面临着在全球价值链的劳动密集型环节取代中国的前景。这些亚洲经济体对出口导向的外商直接投资(FDI)越来越开放,并提供相对低廉的工资和相当高的劳动生产率。Third, trade in services offers a new opportunity for many middle income countries in the region. Services constitute the largest sector in most economies in developing Asia, but they are rarely traded because of trade restrictions, skills gaps, and problems with internet connectivity.第三,务贸易为亚洲许多中等收入国家提供了新机遇。务业是亚洲多数发展中经济体内最大的行业,但由于贸易限制、技能差距和互联网连接问题,目前务贸易额很低。Digital trade, professional and financial services, and GVC-related services are areas with potential for trade growth. Both China and India are likely to further expand their roles as exporters and importers of services. Asean and South Asian economies have opportunities to further develop tourism, including from markets in other regional economies, and other commercial services exports.数字化贸易、专业及金融务以及全球价值链相关务是具有贸易增长潜力的领域。中国和印度都有可能进一步扩大它们作为务出口国和进口国的角色。东盟和南亚经济体有机会进一步发展旅游业——包括针对其他区域经济体的市场——和其他商务务的出口。To capitalise on these opportunities, it is important that Asian countries continue to implement structural reform to upgrade skills, enhance finance for small and medium-sized enterprises, invest in seaports and other trade-related and digital infrastructure and reduce behind-the-border barriers such as cumbersome local government regulations and labor laws.为了利用这些机会,重要的是亚洲国家要继续实施结构改革以升级技能,为中小企业拓宽融资渠道,投资海港和其他与贸易有关的、数字化的基础设施,并减少境内障碍,比如繁琐的地方政府法规和劳动法律。Policy makers should resist protectionist pressures. Instead, they should liberalize goods and services trade by reducing import tariffs where possible and instituting better surveillance of non-tariff measures. The World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement, which 19 economies in developing Asia have ratified to date, promises to reduce the region’s trade costs.政策制定者应该抵制保护主义压力。相反,他们应该通过尽可能降低进口关税并加强监督非关税措施,实现商品和务贸易的自由化。世界贸易组WTO)的《贸易便利化协定Trade Facilitation Agreement)——迄今已9个亚洲发展中经济体批准了该协定——有望降低亚洲的贸易成本。Large trade agreements such as the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership can help generate market access for services and sp good regulatory practices.Asia has benefited greatly from trade in recent years. It should continue to implement the kinds of policies that will make it the leader in global trade.《区域全面经济伙伴关系协定Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership)等大型贸易协定,可以帮助达成务的市场准入和推广优良的监管做法。近年亚洲从贸易受益匪浅。亚洲应继续实施各项明智政策,使其成为全球贸易的引领者。Mr. Wignaraja is an adviser in ADB’s Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department. Mr. Zhuang is ADB’s Deputy Chief Economist.加内维格纳拉杰是亚开ADB)经济研究与地区合作部顾问,庄巨忠是亚开行副首席经济学家 /201701/488896哈市二院费用哈尔滨阳光妇科医院电话号码是多少




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