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哈尔滨第三医院网上预约通河县人工受孕多少钱黑龙江省妇女医院主治医生 Just days before its product launch event in Spain, China#39;s Huawei is teasing its upcoming wearable device.就在华为(Huawei)的西班牙产品发布会之前几天,该公司管理人士在微晒出了即将面世的可穿戴设备。Zheng Xiao Yun, who works in one of Huawei#39;s business units, posted two photos of a wristband-like device this week on her page on Sina Weibo, a Twitter-like Chinese microblog site. The light-blue device, worn around the wrist, looks more like Nike#39;s FuelBand, Fitbit and Jawbone Up -- rather than what we would call a smartwatch, like Samsung Electronics#39; Galaxy Gear.在华为一个业务部门工作的张晓云(音译)本周在新浪微上晒出了一款智能手环设备的两张照片。这款浅蓝色设备可佩带在手腕上,看起来更像耐克(Nike)的FuelBand、Fitbit和Jawbone Up,而不是我们所称的智能手表,如三星电子(Samsung Electronics)的Galaxy Gear。Earlier this month, Huawei told The Wall Street Journal that it was planning to unveil a #39;smartwatch#39; at the annual Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, set for Feb. 24-27. Huawei also said that it planned to unveil a new smartphone and two new tablets at the event.本月早些时候,华为告诉《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal),称其计划在巴塞罗那的世界移动通讯大会(Mobile World Congress)上发布一款智能手表。此次移动通讯大会定于2月24-27日召开。华为还说,计划在此次大会上发布一款新的智能手机和两款新的平板电脑。On the Weibo page, the caption for the first photo : #39;My new toy. Do you like the color?#39; The next post suggested that the device may have exercise and fitness-monitoring features, like Fitbit and other health-related wearable devices. The device in the photo displayed some numbers, and the caption said: #39;This is my best record this week. Sporty people may laugh at me.#39;张晓云微中第一幅照片的附加文字写道:“我的新玩具,这个颜色亲们喜欢吗?”另外一张照片则显示,此款设备可能具有锻炼和健康监测功能,就像Fitbit和其他健康类可穿戴设备。照片中的此款设备显示了一些数字,附加文字是这样写的:“本周的最高纪录了,让运动大咖们见笑了。”A Huawei spokeswoman declined to confirm whether the device in the photos posted by the executive is what the company is planning to showcase in Barcelona.华为的一名发言人没有实照片中的设备是否就是公司计划在巴塞罗那发布的产品。Huawei#39;s push into wearable devices comes at a time when the fledgling market is just starting to take off. Other than smartwatches from Samsung, Sony, Pebble and others, there is an increasing number of wristband-like devices that focus on features that allow users to keep track of their physical fitness and health conditions.华为推进可穿戴设备的开发正值这个市场方兴未艾之时。除了三星、索尼(Sony)和Pebble等公司的智能手表之外,还有越来越多类似腕带的设备问世,这种设备主要功能是跟踪并记录用户的身体健康状况。Despite the buzz, most consumers still don#39;t see any urgent need to buy another smart device to wear around their wrist, when smartphones apps aly offer a broad range of services and content.尽管商家的宣传热闹非凡,但在智能手机应用可提供各种务和内容的情况下,多数消费者仍没有再购买一个智能腕带设备的迫切需要。 /201402/277070黑龙江省医院道外分院预约电话

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黑龙江省中医院看妇科好不好 A California teen has attracted the attention of tech giants Google for her potentially revolutionary invention which charges a phone in 20 seconds flat.美国加州的一个少女由于她革命性的潜在发明而吸引了科技巨头谷歌的关注,这项发明有可能会让手机在20秒内充满电。The super-fast charging device has been dubbed a supercapacitor by 18-year-old Esha Khare, of Saratoga - as she took home ,000 from the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, which took place in Phoenix this week.发明这种快速手机充电器的是来自美国萨拉托加的18岁少女伊莎-卡瑞,她将其称为超级电容器。本周,她因为此项发明在菲尼克斯获得了由英特尔国际科学工程大奖赛授予的5万美金奖励。The device will make waiting hours for a phone to charge a thing of the past and the gizmo packs more energy into a smaller space than traditional phone batteries and holds the charge for longer.该设备有可能让数小时的手机充电成为过去,并且这项发明比传统手机电池能够在更小空间存储更多的电量,并使被充电的设备能使用更长时间。So far, Khare has only used her supercapacitor to power a light-emitting diode or LED - but she sees a bright future that one day will see her invention powering cellphones, cars and any gadget that requires a rechargeable battery.到目前为止,卡瑞只有她的超级电容器给发光二极管充电尝试过——但她的这项发明前景非常光明:有一天这一发明将可以用于手机、汽车或任何使用充电式电池的设备。Heading to Harvard, Khare told CBS San Francisco that this is only the start and that she will #39;be setting the world on fire#39; from here.即将前往哈佛大学就读的的卡瑞告诉哥伦比亚广播公司,这只是开始,而且她将从此“令全世界疯狂”。#39;My cellphone battery always dies,#39; she told N News when asked what inspired her to work on the energy-storage technology.“我的手机电源总是用光,” 当被问及什么激发了她从事于储能科技研究时,她这样告诉全美广播公司。Specializing in nanochemistry allowed Khare to reduve the size of her invention. #39; Really working at the nanoscale to make significant advances in many different fields.#39;纳米化学系出身的卡瑞在这一发明上充分运用了纳米技术。“使用纳米技术可以在许多领域做出巨大成就。”The supercapacitor is flexible and tiny, and is able to handle 10,000 recharge cycles, more than normal batteries by a factor of 10.这种超级电容器非常灵活,体型迷你,且能够处理1万个充电回数,比普通电池多了10倍。How an 18-year-old girl has managed to figure out something that multi-national corporations have not has led to her being flooded with offers for her amazing leap forward.一个18岁的女孩如何能想出这么多跨国公司都没想到的东西,她的神奇发明已经已经吸引了很多公司找上门。Google have been in contact with Khare to explore how she plans to change the makeup of cell phone battery life.目前谷歌公司已与卡瑞取得联系,试图探索她对于新发明改变手机电池寿命的计划。 /201305/240923哈尔滨治宫颈糜烂医院那个较好黑龙江省哈尔滨三院怎么走



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