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After being saved from kidnapping, you discover you#39;re the daughter of the prime minister and your life is in imminent danger. You are introduced to a handful of handsome bodyguards, and must decide who you want to protect you 24 hours a day.在被从绑匪手中救出来后,你发现你居然是首相的女儿,而你的生命岌岌可危。你经介绍认识了几个英俊的保镖,你必须决定自己想让谁一天24小时保护你。That#39;s the scenario for one of several role-playing ;love games; currently popular in Japan, allowing women to safely spend time with their choice of Mr. Right without actually dealing with a live person - even as marriage rates in Japan fall.这是日本当前流行的角色扮演“爱情游戏”设定的其中一个情境。该游戏让女性能和自己选择的白马王子安全地共度时光,而不用和活生生的真人打交道。尽管日本结婚率一直在下降,但是这一游戏却很受欢迎。;In the game, you#39;re the lone woman, and the attention of all the guys is on you,; said ;han-kura,; a 37-year-old office worker who uses that alias on a blog dedicated to these games.一位在游戏客中化名为han-kura的37岁的办公室职员说:“在游戏中,你是唯一一个女人,所有男人的目光都在你身上。”The role-playing games are based on characters typical of Japanese manga comics, with all the men slender and elegant. The player becomes the heroine and chooses an ideal mate from several ;knight in shining armor; characters, developing a relationship through the choices they make in the storyline.这种角色扮演游戏基于日本漫画典型人物,所有的男人都身材修长、风度翩翩。玩家成为女主角,从几个“身穿闪亮盔甲的骑士”中选择一个理想对象,然后按自己选择的故事情节发展出一段感情关系。The games, which can be played on smart phones, are especially popular with working single women in their 30s who feel they don#39;t have the time or energy for a real relationship due to their demanding work schedule, said Kana Shimada, a novelist who writes about modern women and relationships.一位以现代女性和情感关系为题材的小说家岛田加奈说,这个游戏可以在智能手机上玩,在那些因为工作日程紧张觉得自己没有时间或精力谈一场真正恋爱的三十多岁的单身职业女性当中特别受欢迎。;It may be virtual, but if it#39;s ‘a boyfriend from a game,#39; then you can enjoy it whenever you want,; said Shimada. ;The games that make you feel the ups and downs of a real relationship have all the elements to get women hooked.;岛田说:“这也许是虚拟的,但如果是‘游戏里的男友’,那么你随时都可以让他陪你谈恋爱。这个游戏会让你感受到一段真实的恋爱关系中的起起伏伏,拥有所有让女人着迷的恋爱要素。”The game industry has always had a strong male following, but it seems to have found a way to finally capitalize on female users. The sector based on such love simulation games grew by 30.4% with 14.6 billion yen (7.3 million) in sales in 2011, according to Yano Research Institute.产业总是有强大的男性粉丝群,但它似乎终于找到了从女用户身上吸金的方法。根据矢野经济研究所的数据,基于这种爱情模拟游戏的产业领域2011年的销售额增加了30.4%,即146亿日元(合1.773亿美元)。The games come in several episodes, each costing around 500 yen (.98).这种游戏有几个系列,每个系列价格约为500日元(合5.98美元)。The growth of smart phones has had a hand in this popularity through their portability and privacy, said Nozomi Wada, an editor at AppBank, a website that reviews apps.给应用程序作的AppBank网站的编辑和田希说,日益普及的智能手机因其便携性和隐私性也助长了这种的流行。;The biggest reason for its popularity is that users like myself can play it secretly in the palm of our hands without other people noticing it,; said ;han-kura.;Han-kura说:“这种流行的最大原因是像我这样的用户可以偷偷地在我们的掌心玩,不让其他人注意到。” /201212/215493According to the Daily Mail on February 17, a gadget made by an American company could sterilize shoes' bacteria which cause odors by UV light.美国一家公司生产出来的紫外线“小物件”可以把鞋里引发臭味的的细菌给清除干净。The device called SteriShoe, which looks like a shoe tree, can be inserted into your footwear and a simple press of a button starts a 45-minute treatment cycle.这个叫SteriShoe的“小物件”看起来像是一个鞋掌子,把它插到鞋里,轻轻按下按钮,只需45分钟后就完成一个清理过程。 /201102/126015Apple Inc. AAPL -2.28% introduced two newiPhones on Tuesday in an effort to expand the company#39;s reach into new marketswhile solidifying its foothold in high-end smartphones.苹果公司周二发布两款新iPhone手机,试图将影响力扩大到新的市场,同时巩固其在高端智能手机市场的地位。Apple#39;s handset lineup will include aless-expensive model, called the iPhone 5C, at for 16 gigabytes with atwo-year wireless-service contract, as well as with a new high-end phone calledthe iPhone 5S, at 9 for 16 GB with a contract. Both phones can be purchasedSept. 20 in the U.S. and other countries, including China. Customers can orderthe 5C starting Friday.苹果的手机系列将包括一个较便宜的机型,即iPhone 5C,16G版售价99美元,需签订两年无线务合同,此外还将包括一款新高端手机iPhone5S,16G内存带合同售价199美元。这两款手机将于9月20日在美国和包括中国在内的其他国家上市销售。消费者可以从本周五开始预订iPhone 5C。The iPhone 5S-in luxury-styled gold, silverand dark gray-will include a fingerprint scanner called Touch ID that allowsusers to unlock their phones or make purchases from Apple#39;s iTunes store bytouching the home button.iPhone 5S有华丽的金色、银色和深灰色可以选择,这款手机将包括一个名为Touch ID的指纹识别器,用户可以通过触摸主页按钮来解锁手机或者在苹果的iTunes商店购物。#39;This is our most-forward thinking phoneyet,#39; said Phil Schiller, Apple#39;s head of world-wide marketing at aninvitation-only event at the company#39;s Cupertino, Calif., headquarters.苹果全球营销部门负责人席勒(PhilSchiller)在发布会上说,这是迄今为止我们最超前的产品。此次发布会在位于加州库比蒂诺的苹果总部召开,仅限受邀请的人参加。The new smartphone lineup, while largelyexpected, is one of Apple#39;s most important product refreshes in years. Thoughthe smartphone industry is booming, Apple has continued to lose market share torivals such as Samsung Electronics Co. 005930.SE +1.16% and Lenovo Group Ltd.,0992.HK +3.88% each of which have released myriad products to attract an arrayof customers.这两款新产品虽然已在外界普遍预料之中,但是苹果多年来最重要的升级产品。尽管智能手机市场正在繁荣发展,苹果的市场份额却持续流向包括三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)和联想集团有限公司(Lenovo Group Ltd., 简称:联想集团)等竞争对手,这两家公司都已发布了众多吸引大量消费者的产品。The less-expensive iPhone 5C, whichfeatures a new polycarbonate casing but few other improvements over Apple#39;sprevious iPhone 5 model, is #39;made with all the incredible technology thatcustomers love,#39; said Mr. Schiller. The 5C will come in five colors-green,white, blue, red and yellow-and have a 4-inch retina display and A6 chip.席勒说,较便宜的iPhone 5C是由消费者喜爱的所有令人惊叹的技术制造而成。这款手机采用了新的聚碳酸酯外壳,但与苹果此前的iPhone 5相比改进不多。iPhone 5C将有绿色、白色、蓝色、红色和黄色五种颜色可以选择,这款手机配备了一个4英寸视网膜显示屏和A6芯片。Apple has traditionally discountedprevious-generation phones to with new releases, but this time is droppingthe older iPhone 5 from the lineup.苹果通常在发布新产品时都会将前一代的手机降价至99美元,但此次该公司选择让旧版iPhone5下线。 /201309/256180

An ingenious but slightly ominous #39;laser death test#39; has been developed by scientists that can tell you how long you have left to live.这是一个了不起的发明,但对很多人来说却也很避讳——测试你什么时候去世。是的,科学家发明了激光测试死亡日期的方法,可以算出你能活多久。A simple and painless laser pulse applied to the skin analyses endothelial cell that lines the capillaries, reports the Sunday Times.《星期日时报》报道,一种简单无痛的激光脉冲发可以通过皮肤的毛细血管去分析内皮细胞。Oscillations in these cells are used to determine the a person#39;s time of imminent death as well as testing for diseases such as cancer and dementia.通过细胞的震荡周律推测出人的寿命,同时,也能测试出是否有风险患癌症和痴呆等疾病。The research has been conducted by Aneta Stefanovska and Peter McClintock, physics professors from Lancaster University and is funded by government grants.这个科研项目由政府出资,其执行人是英国兰卡斯特大学的教授Aneta Stefanovska 和 Peter McClintock,The laser is applied through a wristwatch-style device and a working version is expected to be in use within three years.这种激光设备像手表,这项设备希望在两年内投入使用。There have been a number of advances in predicting ageing in recent years.近年来,关于人类老龄化的研究已经取得了许多的成果。A blood test has aly been developed that can determine how quickly you will age and help stave off diseases associated with older life.血液测验已经达到了可以测验出你什么时候开始衰老,从而可以预防和解决很多进入老龄后会患的疾病。Professor Tim Spector, from King#39;s College London, told the Daily Mail: ;Scientists have known for a long time that a person#39;s weight at the time of birth is an important determinant of health in middle and old age, and that people with low birth weight are more susceptible to age related diseases.英国伦敦国王学院的教授Tim Spector告诉报社记者“科学家们都知道,一个人出生时的体重是中年和老年健康评估的一个重要参数。出生体重过低的人会更容易在年老的时候患病。;So far the molecular mechanisms that link low birth weight to health or disease in old age had remained elusive, but this discovery has revealed one of the molecular pathways involved.;“到目前为止,出生体重过低和年老健康问题的分子机理任然不是很清晰,但这个研究揭示了分子的路径参对未来健康是有影响的 /201308/252267

Tricked-out jet combats Calif. blazeTanker 979" pressed into service by deadly fires in Southern California The biggest fire-fighting jet on the planet started duty Monday combating the deadly fires around Los Angeles. It is a converted Boeing 747, dubbed Tanker 979. If it performs as well as expected over the next few days, it could not only mean less destruction of buildings and lives, but big business for the plane’s owner, McMinnville, Oregon-based Evergreen International Aviation. Fighting fires from helicopters and planes is not new, but nothing comes close to the fire-snuffing capacity of this former freight jet. After a design and conversion process that cost million, according to the private company’s chairman Timothy Wahlberg, the supertanker can spray 20,000 gallons of flame retardant from four-16-inch nozzles mounted on the fuselage in a pattern that amounts to a rain shower the width of a football field and three miles long. To put that in perspective, a converted DC-10 that was used to fight fires in California a few years back had about half the capacity, and the typical fire-fighting plane used in forest fires, the P-3 Orion (developed in the ‘60s by the U.S. Navy for ship and submarine reconnaissance), has a capacity of about 3,000 gallons. Brawn doesn't come cheap: million tab? Unlike other fire-fighting planes in use, which use gravity to dump their liquid cargo all at once from a fairly low altitude of a few hundred feet, Tanker 979’s payload is released under pressure from onboard compressed air tanks. That means that the jet can fly at a relatively high 600 to 800 feet spraying its payload as it goes, making it safer in theory, even suitable for firefighting at night. The fire-fighting muscle of Tanker 979 does not come cheap. One report, has it costing about million each time the plane is activated for a drop from its current home at McClellan Air Force Base near Sacramento, Calif. Wahlberg would not say what the State of California is paying his firm to prep, load and fly the jet, which is under contract until Friday. “We’ve been paid for three drops so far,” Wahlberg says. “Look, we grub-staked the development of this plane on our own because we thought the firefighting business needed it. Every bit of revenue helps, and we think inside of three years we’ll recover all our research and development money and be on our way.” Last year California alone spent almost 0 million fighting emergency fires. The global price tag to combat fire runs into the tens of billions. Wahlberg envisions a fleet of 10 supertankers operated by Evergreen in spots around the world, and even more operated by government agencies built with conversion kits sold by Evergreen. The company recently demonstrated its plane in Europe and is talking to agencies in Australia and Indonesia, Wahlberg says. After years of testing and demonstrations, this is the supertanker’s first paying gig, and Wahlberg is aware of all the eyes on his plane. So far, it’s doing the job by all accounts, laying down fire lines to protect homes near San Bernardino. “Everybody waits to see what’s going to happen when the plane is working on a real fire,” Wahlberg says. “We’ve got one now, a huge one, and aly the calls are coming in.” /200909/83338

小编物语:马可;波罗,13世纪来自意大利的世界著名的旅行家和商人。17岁时跟随父亲和叔叔,途经中东,历时四年多到达蒙古帝国。他在中国游历了17年,曾访问当时中国的许多古城,到过西南部的云南和东南地区。回到之后,写下著名的《马可;波罗游记》记述了他在东方最富有的国家;;中国的见闻,激起了欧洲人对东方的热烈向往,对以后新航路的开辟产生了巨大的影响。One of history#39;s greatest explorers, may in fact have been a conman, it was claimed yesterday.昨日有消息称,历史上最伟大的探险家之一可能事实上是个大骗子。Far from being a trader who spent years in China and the Far East, he probably never went further east than the Black Sea, according to a team of archaeologists.据一个考古队称,马可bull;波罗可能根本不是在中国和远东行走多年的商人,很可能都没到过比黑海更远的地方。They suspect the Venetian adventurer picked up stories about the mysterious lands of the Orient from fellow traders around the Black Sea who related tales of China, Japan and the Mongol Empire in the 13th century.他们怀疑这位探险家从一些黑海地区的商人伙伴那里听来了很多关于那片神秘的东方大地的故事。他们向他讲述了很多13世纪中国、日本和蒙古帝国的传说。He then put the stories together in a book commonly called The Travels of Marco Polo, hailed as one of the first travel books; it purports to be his account of his journeys through Persia, Asia and the Far East between 1271 and 1291.后来他将这些故事集成一本书,也就是为世人所熟知的《马可bull;波罗游记》,这本书号称是最早的旅游书籍之一,并包含他1271年到1291年间游历波斯、亚洲和远东的记录。It details his relations with Kublai Khan, the Mongol ruler who became Emperor of China.书中详细讲述了他和蒙古统治者忽必烈的交情,忽必烈后来成为了中国的一代帝王。But now an Italian team of archaeologists studying in Japan have cast doubts about one of Italy#39;s great national heroes ; although there have been competing claims to him from Croatia, which argues he was born there.但如今一个在日本开展研究的意大利考古队对这位意大利民族大英雄产生了质疑。不过关于马克bull;波罗的国籍,克罗地亚坚称他是克罗地亚人,说他出生在那里。The doubters told Italian history magazine Focus Storia that there were numerous inconsistencies and inaccuracies in Marco Polorsquo;s description of Kublai Khan#39;s attempted invasions of Japan in 1274 and 1281.怀疑者们告诉意大利历史杂志《聚焦历史》说,马可bull;波罗关于忽必烈1274年和1281年两次试图入侵日本的描述中,存在诸多不一致和不准确的地方。He confuses the two, mixing up details about the first expedition with those of the second.;他将忽必烈第一次和第二次远征的细节弄混了。;;In his account of the first invasion, he describes the fleet leaving Korea and being hit by a typhoon before it reached the Japanese coast,; said Professor Daniele Petrella of the University of Naples, the leader of the archaeology team.;在描述第一次入侵日本时,他说舰队刚离开高丽(今天的朝鲜、韩国)就遭遇了台风,没能抵达日本海岸。;这考古队的领队、那不勒斯大学教授丹尼尔bull;彼得雷拉说道。But that happened in 1281 ; is it really possible that a supposed eye witness could confuse events which were seven years apart?;但那其实是1281年时候的事;;如果是亲眼所见,怎么可能将相隔七年之久的两个事件搞混?;He said that Polo#39;s description of the Mongol fleet did not square with the remains of ships that the team had excavated in Japan, as he had written of ships with five masts, while those which had been found had only three.他还说,马可bull;波罗关于蒙古舰队的描述也与考古队在日本挖掘出来的船舶遗骸不相符,他所记录的舰船有5桅杆,而所发掘出的舰船只有3桅杆。;When he describes Kublai Khan#39;s fleet he talks about the pitch that was used to make ships#39; hulls watertight. He used the word #39;chunam#39;, which in Chinese and Mongol means nothing.;;当他写到忽必烈的舰队时,他提到用沥青做船体防水,他用的词是#39;chunam#39;,而在中文和蒙文中并没有这个词。In fact, it is the Persian word for pitch. It#39;s also odd that instead of using, as he does in most instances, local names to describe places, he used Persian terms for Mongol and Chinese place names.;实际上,这是个用来表示沥青的波斯文词语。而且,大多数时候他都会使用当地的地名,但是这次他却用波斯文词语来指称蒙古和中国的地方,这也很奇怪。;The explorer claimed to have worked as an emissary to the court of Kublai Khan, but his name does not crop up in any of the surviving Mongol or Chinese records.这位探险家自称曾作为使节去朝见忽必烈,但现存的蒙古或中国史料记载中都找不到他的名字。 /201112/163842

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