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成都市中西医结合医院预约电话锦江区人流多少钱Doting owners are often blamed when pets put on a few pounds.当家里的爱宠增重了,人们往往归咎于溺爱它的主人喂食太多。But experts say that in many cases obese dogs and cats are #39;emotional eaters#39;.然而专家们说,在很多情况下,超重的喵星人和汪星人都是在“借食消愁”。They also consume more than they need simply to cope with boredom or stress, research has found.研究表明,它们过量贪食的目的也许仅仅是为了应对烦恼和压力等不良情绪。That means, if they have gained weight, it could be because they have been through a traumatic or emotional event.这意味着,如果宠物们增重了,有可能是因为它们正在经历心理创伤或情感事件。New claims have also suggested that putting an overweight cat or dog on a diet could make them unhappy, because the owner is taking away their #39;coping mechanism#39;.新的研究结果也表明,如果主人要让超重的宠物节食,很可能会使影响它们的心情,因为如此它们应对不良情绪的机制就被扰乱了。The study claims the obesity rate is as much as 25 per cent in cats, and 45 per cent in dogs.研究表示,喵星人的肥胖率高达25%,而汪星人的肥胖率更高达45%。The problem has been likened to that of Bridget Jones, the singleton who hides away from her troubled love life by eating, with vets believing some pets use food to cope with sadness, according to The Sunday Telegraph.这一问题自然让人联想到电影《BJ单身日记》中的女主角布里吉特·琼斯这个典型范例,这位大龄剩女也是通过吃喝来逃避感情生活中的烦恼。根据《周日电讯报》相关报道,兽医相信宠物会通过吃食来排忧解闷。Comfort eating in humans tends to involve high calorie foods which the individual chooses, including ice cream, and chocolate.“借食消愁”的人往往会选择个人喜欢的高热量食物,如冰淇淋、巧克力等等。But research shows animals are less fussy, and will go on a comfort binge even if the only food on offer is their usual dog or cat food.而研究结果显示,动物们不会像人那样挑剔,即使主人给的仅是它们通常吃的粮或猫粮,它们也可以借用饕餮一番来缓解压力。The claims are made in research contained in the latest edition of the Journal of Veterinary Behavior by Dr Franklin McMillan, a vet and former clinical professor of medicine at the Western University of Health Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine, in California.这项研究是由位于加州的卫生科学西部大学兽医学院前任临床医学教授、兽医富兰克林·麦克米兰指导研究的,相关文章发表于最新一期的《宠物行为杂志》上。He said #39;emotional eating#39; in pets, could be triggered by feelings including boredom, anxiety and depression.富兰克林·麦克米兰教授表示,宠物“借食消愁”的行为可能有多种引发原因,如厌烦、焦虑、抑郁等。But the research has also suggested overeating could also be a sign of pleasurable emotional state, as well as a psychological state of turmoil.但此项研究也表示,贪食可以作为两种截然相反的情绪状态的表征:它既可能表示宠物心情良好,也可能表示宠物心情极为糟糕。 /201309/258627四川省骨科医院能做人流吗 2. Taslima Akhter. Savar Dhaka, Bangladesh. April 24, 2013.2013年4月24日,孟加拉国首都达卡郊区,摄影:塔斯利马·阿赫特尔April 24, 2013, still remains fresh in my memory. At 9 AM when I got the news, I rushed to Rana Plaza. That morning I did not understand what a brutal thing had happened, but within hours I grasped the enormity and horror of it. The day passed with many people helping survivors and taking photos. At midnight there were still many people. I saw the frightened eyes of the relatives. Some were crying. Some were looking for their loved ones.2013年4月24日这一天在我记忆里鲜活依旧。上午九点钟, 我得到消息,便冲到里那广场(Rana Plaza)。那天早上我并不知道这一事故的严重性,但后来一个小时里我才了解到其恐怖之极。那天是在和众人帮助幸存者和拍照中度过的。直至半夜,现场仍有很多人。我看到受害者亲人眼中的恐惧。有的在哭泣,有的在寻找亲人。 Around 2 AM among the many dead bodies inside the collapse, I found a couple at the back of the building, embracing each other in the rubble. The lower parts of their bodies were stuck under the concrete. A drop of blood from the man’s eye ran like a tear. Since then, this couple remains firmly in my heart. So many questions rose in my mind. What were they thinking at the last moment of their lives? Did they remember their family members? Did they to try to save themselves?约凌晨两点钟,大楼后边被废墟掩埋的尸体中,我看到一对拥抱的夫妇。他们的下半身被压在石块下。男子眼中落下的一滴血如泪般落下。从那以后,这对夫妇的形象便刻在我心上。我脑海里涌出很多问题:他们在生命最后一刻想的是什么?他们还记得家人吗?他们想要挽救自己吗?I keep asking myself whether the dreams of these people do not matter at all. Are they not worthy of our attention because they are the cheapest labor in the world? I have received many letters from different corners of the world, expressing solidarity with the workers. Those letters inspired me so much, while this incident raised questions about my responsibility as a photographer. My photography is my protest.我一直思考这些人的梦想是否重要。因为他们从事世上最廉价的劳动便不值得引起我们的关注吗?我收到世界各地的来信,信中表达对工人的鼓励持。我被深深地震撼了,这次事故也向我提出了有关摄影师责任感的问题。我的摄影作品就是我的抗议。 /201312/2694491. The warm sunny weather always give me a sense of well-being。  温暖阳光的天气一直都给我幸福安宁的感觉。  2. We didn#39;t have the picnic because the weather was unsettled。  我们没有出去野餐,因为天气变幻莫测。  3. The spell of rainy weather has broken。  持续的雨天突然放晴了。  4. The weather was lazy。  这天气使人无精打采。  5. Severe weather immobilized the rescue team。  恶劣的天气给救援队的工作增加了难度。  6. As often as not the buses are late on foggy day。  每逢多雾天气,公车往往误点。  7. We had glorious weather for our cruise, sunshine all day and every day。  我们这次巡航天气实在太好了,一连几天阳光普照。  8. The cold weather froze the lake 。  寒冷的天气使湖水结冰了。  9. The air was frosty。  空气凛冽。  10. You need cool, moist weather for these plants to germinate。  这些植物在清凉潮湿的天气中才能发芽。  11. Rainy weather always depresses me。  雨天总会使我心情抑郁。  12. The wet weather extended into September。  潮湿阴雨的天气一直延续到了九月份。 /201312/269604成都市锦江区第二人民医院地址

四川妇幼保健院是三甲医院吗简阳市中医医院咨询 Sir Elton John once sang that listening to Sad Songs was the perfect way to recover from a relationship breakdown.埃尔顿·约翰爵士曾经唱过一首《Sad Songs》,里面唱到听忧伤的歌曲是从失恋中走出来的最好的方式。But now psychologists appear to have uncovered evidence to support the pop star’s conclusions that they really do “say so much”.不过现在心理学家们似乎发现了据,持这位歌手的这一结论,悲伤的歌曲确实“讲述了很多”。A new international study has found listening to sad music was the best way to recover from a relationship break-up as it had the same soothing effect as a sympathetic friend.一项新的国际研究发现,听悲伤的歌曲是从失恋中恢复的最好方式,因为它就像一名富有同情心的朋友,能起到舒缓的作用。Researchers concluded that when consumers experienced serious emotional distress they turned to a surrogate to replace a lost personal bond and lift their mood.研究人员认为当用户经历了严重的情绪困扰时,他们会寻找替代品来代替所失去的个人联系来提升自己的心情。Their findings appear to contradict popular opinion that upbeat music or humorous movies were a better way to beat distress.他们的发现似乎与流行的观点相悖,流行的观点认为欢快的音乐和幽默的电影能更好地打败抑郁。;Emotional experiences of aesthetic products are important to our happiness and well-being,” said co-author Dr Stephen Palmer, from the University of California at Berkeley.“美学产品的情感体验对我们的开心和幸福来说至关重要,” 合著者斯蒂芬·帕尔默士这样表示,他来自美国加州大学伯克利分校。;Like a sympathetic friend, music, movies, paintings, or novels that are compatible with our current mood and feelings are more appreciated when we experience broken or failing relationships.;“当我们经历情感上的破裂时,和我们当前心情和感觉相容的音乐、电影、绘画或小说就像是富有同情心的朋友一样,能更好地发挥作用。”In the study, consumers were presented with various frustrating situations and asked to rate angry music, compared to joyful or relaxing music. Other volunteers were separately asked to recall experiences involving loss.在研究中,研究者给了受试者各种令人沮丧的情况,让他们把愤怒的音乐与欢快或轻松的音乐进行比较,给愤怒的音乐评分。其他志愿者则被要求回想失败的经历。The authors found people experiencing relationship problems were more likely to prefer “sad music” or “tear-jerking dramas” that reflected their negative mood.作者们发现,经历情感问题的人们更可能喜欢“悲伤的音乐”或“催人泪下的电视剧”,这些反映了他们的负面情绪。Participants said they liked angry music more when they were frustrated by interpersonal violations such as being interrupted or when someone was late than by “impersonal” problems such as lack of internet connection or a natural disaster.参与者说,与断网或自然灾害这样的“客观”原因相比,当他们的人际关系受到侵犯时,如说话时被打断或某人迟到时,他们更喜欢听愤怒的音乐。Preference for sad music was significantly higher when they had experienced the break-up of a personal relationship, compared to an impersonal loss such as losing a competition.与客观的损失如在竞争中失利相比,当人们经历分手这样的问题时,人们更喜欢忧伤的音乐。The study was published in the Journal of Consumer Research.研究发表在《消费者研究杂志》上。 /201305/240672遂宁市妇幼保健院的营业时间

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